• August 15, 2022

Thoughts On The Juan Castillo Decision and Hiring Of Todd Bowles

On Monday, reports stated that the Eagles will retain Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator, and hire former Dolphins interim coach Todd Bowles as Secondary coach.

This may not be the answer that some Eagles fans were looking for, but keeping Castillo maintains continuity, which I believe is very important. Last year, as we all know, the Eagles made a lot of changes. They hired their longtime offensive line coach, Castillo to be their DC, and went out and threw money at a  number of free agents. These changes really set the Eagles back in a year where they had a shortened off-season, and no real time to implement the new scheme on defense.

Now Juan has a chance this off-season with most of the core defense in place to fine-tune the scheme, and have a head start on game-planning for next season. I know that he seemed to be over his head at times during the season, but towards the end he got better. Lets give him a fair chance to improve.

On Bowles: He is a very well respected secondary coach around the league and is definitely an upgrade over former cornerback’s coach Johnnie Lynn.  The report also said that he would be the coach of the entire secondary, and that safeties coach Mike Zordich would answer to Bowles. Bowles was the interim coach after the Dolphins fired head coach Tony Sparano in the middle of the season, and the Dolphins improved down the stretch.

He was even reported to be one of the top three finalists for the Dolphins head coaching  job, but the Dolphins decided to hire Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. He also interviewed for the Raiders head coaching job that was ulimately given to Broncos DC Dennis Allen.Its also worth noting that he played football at Temple.

Bowles brings experience on the defensive staff, and can help out Castillo with game planning, and adjustments at halftime. I really believe that Bowles isn’t just our secondary coach, but also an assistant defensive coordinator that will help Juan. The Eagles tried to interview Bowles last year for their defensive coordinator job, but the Dolphins blocked the Eagles from doing so.

The Eagles also have a proven assistant on their staff in case Juan doesn’t work out this season. Bowles has the potential to be a future head coach someday, and could succeed Reid if necessary.

I really like the move of hiring Todd Bowles as secondary coach, and he has the potential to be a defensive coordinator or a head coach someday. As for Castillo, I’m still skeptical but I believe that the Eagles didn’t want to make the change unless there was a clear upgrade (Spags, Del-Rio, or Nolan). Usually teams that make minimal changes in their staff are the most successful, and Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up of the Giants and Patriots backs this up. Time will tell if Reid’s decision to bring back Castillo works out.


Matt McCool

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  • Maintaining continuity on a crap team is important? Seriously?!

    Where the hell does G find these people that write such rubbish.

  • Maintaing continuity is another way to say, content with the status quo, which means, continue to be Super Bowl less. The delusions never cease to amaze me, with some people.

  • Yeah DCar, I believe in that status quo statement, but I think that AR had few good choices. He basically blew up all of the life rafts last year when he named Castillo as the DC…now it is time for the Captain and his little buddy to chart a new course for the USS Minnow….or they sink together.

  • Andy is being very very forthcoming at his press conference.. he even admited that they were going to bring in spags but it didnt work out.. he also said something that stood out and he repeated this a few times that the eagles will attack free agency aggressively and that him and howie are getting to know each player like the back of there hands and that they plan on attacking FA..and he said that we heard jeffrey lurie mention that there is a huge FA pool that we plan to take advantage of and andy said we plan on evaluatiing and looking to bring in new talent… Wow.. lets get this going..

  • ‘The status quo’ would be not changing the secondary coach, keeping Page, Asante, adding 0 players to the defense in FA or the draft, having no practices, no mini camps, no training camp, and Juan making no adjustments to his strategies or making no changes to his playbook.

    You guys think that’s what’s going to happen?

    If not, then why can’t you acknowledge that the defense can and will change, even though the DC is the same? Go beyond the surface level folks.

  • @schill……yes things will change…it is a law of nature; see entropy…but I believe that it is fair to question whether or not that change will be in the positive or negative direction…things can also get worse schill….

    I tend to believe that Castillo will do a better job next season, but there are no guarentees…..I think Bowles is an upgrade, but still question the job that Mike Caldwell did with the LB’s…yeah, in theory we as eagles fans would believe that the defense would play better with some problem areas addressed, but to say that there isn’t a doubt here, or other teams won’t improve also is short sighted

  • greenfan – I agree with 100% of the things you just posted there. Question – did I say that there isn’t a doubt here or other teams won’t improve? Did anyone?

    And if you agree that things will change, then where were you saying “status quo”? Status quo is the polar opposite of change….

  • The staus quo statment was in reference to Castillo staying as DC….please re-read DCar’s statement.

  • green fan – no you didn’t – you whipped out entropy – haven’t heard that one since i studied Navy propulsion systems! entropy and his close cousin enthalpy –

    but as entropy in its realtion to thermodynamics typically talks about the efficiency ( the amount of work ‘not available’) in a closed sytem – not sure how you are using it – but thank you – the old secratary of the navy commented that in his entire career after the Naval Academy he never actually used his knowledge of entropy – neither had I – who would have thunk after taking EN 300 – I finally got to use the word! on a football blog

    i think you are looking for inertia – a body at rest (Eagles during the off season) tends to stay at rest ((the status quo) unless acted on by an outside force (draft, free agancy, practices, change in coaches) this outside force may be positive and the team get better (push up the hill) or it may be negative (down the hill)

    But I agree with Schill (big shock there) – the crowd seems to think (along with the lame references to definition of insanity) that the ONLY way to not be status quo is in the result – winning the SB – the whole skew3ed expectation – if we don’t get X result (and ONLY X result) status quo (or we are insane cause we repeated the same thing over and over since 1960) doesn’t matter how many player/coaching owner changes – it will all be status quo – – you agree green fan –

  • bottom line for me is this… with all that talent…. we should have been in the dance. 31 other NFL teams had no…ota”s….. short camp…. bla bla bla. And as far as coaching changes. look at the 49ers.

  • Green – I reread dcar’s statement. I still interpret his ‘status quo’ as meaning that the team will remain the same. Not only does he not mention 1 human being, let alone Juan Castillo, but he specifically references the concept of ‘maintaining continuity’ being akin to ‘content with the status quo’. That’s like saying that the Miami heat should’ve signed another big name free agent this year, or they’re ok with not winning an NBA championship. OR, they’re going to regroup and give it another shot (reality).

  • stevo – so you’re still dwelling in the past? Reids the HC this year. Juan’s the DC. That aint changing for this season. So….

  • Actually, I was leaning towards the thought that the amount of entropy is equal to the amount of disorder in a system….that there is a certain amount of change that is present in every team, regardless of whether they finished 0-16 or won the SB….that statement that we are not considering change on this team when someone calls keeping Castilo as DC as “status quo” does not discount the fact that there will be a certain amount of “change” next year..it is a given

  • agreed Rev..all of those excuses were the same for all other teams….worse for the 49ers as you pointed out with a new staff….excuses are for losers…winners overcome

  • schill- the past? LOL…. that was what.. a week and a half ago that the 49ers were playing?

    im not stuck in the past. I said it yesterday…. Juan is my guy. He has my support until he blows 5 4th quater leads again. we are in the off season now. i look to the future so we dont REPEAT the past.

    they brag about how hard Juan works… ok… get to it. No excuses this year. They have the $ and picks to fix the player problems. They have to go “all in” again this year or this is for nothing.

    The last 4 games were “fool’s gold” you can be sure of that. I hope the players and coaches are pissed about that comment from their owner. maybe they will be pissed enough to tackle something.

  • Stevo.
    Why do you keep referring about all this “talent” the EAgles have…
    Very mediocre WR and TE Group, 3 new players on the OL,
    College Level LB adn SAfety play…. Where is all this talent you keep talking about …
    And please throw the 49er’s Coaching Job out the window already..I have stated numerous time the HC HArbaugh brought his entire Staff from Stanford to the 49ers with him who have all worked with him for 3-4-5 yeaears back to his days as a Coach with San Diego State.. The Fact that his staff had a proven track of success with prven schemes was light years ahead of th eEAgles staff who had 6 new Coaches from different backgrounds and schemes and 3 of which were 1st Time COaches (DC,LB & Safety)
    I will repeat this for the final time, Coach AR , the media and many fans severley underestimated the importance and how much time it was goign to take to have a Cohesive Coaching staffs that Coaches from the same page and the trusts one another, Clearly the EAgles Staff were not on the same page in the 1st half of the Season as they were still learning one another, the players and their opponents and it showed.. But there is no comparision about the 49ers having the same staff from 3-4-5 years with proven success versus the Eagles hodge-podge of different coaches with different backgrounds… no comparison…

  • Another 1st round bust ..it’s a shame because this organization have even destroed draft anticipation with their boneheaded drafting of defensve players in the Early Rounds.

  • @Pman..you know that I tend to agree with your 49er -Full Staff- example…but we should really differ more talk on that until next year. This is the staff that we are stuck with…I will follow the lead of Rev Stevo and throw my full support behind them ..and keep my fingers crossed

  • Paul, your joy of saying shit to get a rise ouf ot philly fans aside, you are on an island by saying that the Eagles WRs, and TEs are very mediocre. And when you ignore Nnamdi, Asante, DRC, Babin, Cole, Jenkins, Djax, Maclin, Vick and LESEAN MCCOY in a conversation about talent, you’re just being stupid.

  • Pman-
    jason peters is in my opinion one of the top 5 tackles in the game.
    Shady is a solid solid RB and i believe he made a so-so line look very good. I give him most of the cred.
    Nnamdi’s resume speaks for itself. He was poorly coached and poorly used this year.
    Trent Cole has played well on some very poor eagles Dlines. I have always felt that he needs plays off to be strong throughout the year.
    I was very wrong about babbin. he is a great pass rusher. The trick is getting the DT’s and Lb’s to bail him out on the run’s.
    In todays NFL Speed kills and Djax has the speed. He had a bad year. if he were to take the time to work on his hands his talent would skyrocket.
    I also believe guys like Mathis, Jenkins, Macklin also have talent.

    um…. thats the talent i speak of. I did not mention Vick because i dont want to hurt vinnie today.

    the birds are LOADED with talent. the question is… how should this talent be used? i argue its been used poorly…. and i stand behind Andy and Juan as they begin to rework this and turn this titanic… i mean ship around.

  • about coaching…… ok pman ill follow your logic……. if Andy felt that it would take time to learn a new scheme and what not…. and if he knew (as we all did) that there would be a long lockout….. and if they knew they were going “all in” (and they said they knew they were back in 2008)… he should have stayed with sean (i would have blown a gasket).

    my point remains…. they.. like 31 other teams….. knew how this was going to go. And Andy….as always… bet that he was smarter… and that his qb was more talented….. than they really are. and THATS what drives me nuts.

    ok… honestly… im trying to stand behind my coaches…. i really am. But you are making it harder Pman. you are digging up old wounds.

    LETS GO ANDY… LETS GO JUAN. im behind you.

  • @songs- you know i tend to agree with you about D things. I will however disagree that theyve all been busts. I think Nate allen will be fine if he is pared with a Vet. I think Graham will show us something this year. Im excited to see how he will be used. They have for sure missed on the CB’s. and i think when Asam is gone we will really know if any of them are worth anything.

    i…like you… dont like the style they are trying to play… but im not ready to call these guys busts yet.

  • All NFL Players are talented Stevo and Schiller
    I just thnk too many in PHilly overrate their home Team too often and some players too much… Vick ranked what 19th in WB Ratings last Year and barely has over a .500 Record in the NFL CAreer
    Th Eagles Secondary for all the hoopla and previous Pro-Bowl Status have very few In’ts, gave up a ton of TD Passes, do yes, I tdon’t think they are an elite Group.. Peters is awesome and I think is the Top LT in all of Football
    TE Celek had a bounce back season, no doubt, but is not the playmaker or big play TE than many of the Top teams have now due to his limited Athelticism.. McCoy is a top #3 RB, no douch…
    The Remainder of the OL is medicore, Avant,Copper & HAll would struggle to make many NFL Rosters, The LB Corp collectively would struggle to make NFL Rosters, the Safeties are young, improving, but not a tthe level of Top Defenses.. Is some of it coaching, I am sure it is, but to me, many of these players just don’t make big plays or are game changers no mater who the Coaches are…
    Teams with Betters WR Corps (Packers,Saints,Cowboys,Giants,Falcons,Steelers,Bengals,Texans,Chargers,Seahawks,DOlphins,Lions)
    Teams with Better TE Corps

    So I stand by my statement that the Eagles are mediocre/middle of the pack at these 2 Positions

  • pman- “All NFL players are talented”- yo clearly have not watched the 2011 Vikes. They would KILL to have ANY of our CB’s.

    clearly they are not elite Pman…. i dont think anyone is saying that. But they are talented enough to have been a better team than they were. Dont give me this Pman predicted crap either. We all knew there were holes. I said i didnt they would go deep with these LB’s. but i wasnt a friggin genious for saying it. But we hoped the strenghts could out weigh it. but this fact remains…. they are talented.

  • Interesting take on the current state of the birds.

    See the following article from Dave Stoessel on Bleacher Report:

    On the surface, the hiring of Todd Bowles appears to be a good move by Andy Reid. Bowles has a good reputation and has done well wherever he has coached. However, when you look at this situation and the circumstances surrounding it, this move could ultimately create more unnecessary problems for the defense.

    Andy Reid has always been the man with a plan. That was his reputation from the day he interviewed with Jeff Lurie about the Eagles’ vacant head coaching position in 1999.

    When Reid was hired, he followed through with his plan by bringing in Jim Johnson to run the defense while he rebuilt the offense. Reid drafted Donovan McNabb, signed Jon Runyan, utilized some leftover talent from Ray Rhodes, had a great draft in 2002 and the team ultimately made a Super Bowl appearance in 2004.

    Every move he ever made was calculated. The players and coaches he brought in and the players he let walk away from Philadelphia were very good decisions through the first half of Reid’s tenure.

    However, either Reid is losing his touch, losing his mind or running out of luck. For whatever reason, his grand plan never seems to work out anymore.

    Let’s go back to the offseason following the 2009 season in which they lost back-to-back games against Dallas to end the year. That was the year Joe Banner gave his infamous statement about the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results).

    This is where I think Reid’s master planning skills started to deteriorate. He decided to trade McNabb and anoint Kevin Kolb as the starter for 2010. But wait, even though Michael Vick was on the team, there would be no open competition—Kevin Kolb was the man.

    Then, after exactly one half of football in the 2010 season opener, Michael Vick became the starter and Kolb was ultimately traded away.

    And without Jim Johnson, the Eagles defense took steps backwards under the guidance of Sean McDermott. So, McDermott is fired after the 2010 season.

    This is where Reid completely lost it.

    He apparently had a list of candidates he wanted to choose from to replace McDermott, but for various reasons, none of them could work out. Therefore, he “settled” for Juan Castillo.

    To be clear, Castillo was like a 4-year-old kid tugging on his daddy’s pant leg begging him to buy the new G.I. Joe action figure he saw at the toy store. After a while, and with all other options exhausted, Reid gave in to the pleading Castillo and gave him a shot.

    Reid, realizing his completely moronic decision, decided that maybe he could spray enough perfume on a flaming pile of horse manure so that nobody would notice that it was, in fact, a decision that really “stunk.”

    That’s why he and the Eagles went on the biggest free-agent spending spree in franchise history. The hope was that he could bring in so much defensive talent that it would overcome Castillo’s inexperience.

    Basically, if said talent played well despite Castillo, it wouldn’t make Reid look like such an idiot for hiring him in the first place.

    However, that didn’t exactly work out like he had hoped, as we’re all well aware. This offseason, Reid was left with the decision to either own up to his mistake with Castillo or lie in the bed he made for himself for one more season.

    So it appears that, unlike Francesco Schettino, Reid has decided to go down with the ship.

    He is retaining Juan Castillo as the defensive coordinator and has hired Todd Bowles to be the secondary coach. But again, was this Reid’s initial plan? I don’t think it was, and that’s why this situation could lead to more disaster for the team.

    Let’s think about this for a minute: Jeff Lurie had made it known during his end-of-the-year press conference that Reid had a list of coaches he wanted for the coordinator position last year.

    By doing that, Lurie openly inferred that Castillo got the job by default. Then, there were players who admitted things weren’t really clicking for most of the year and that they weren’t buying into Castillo’s scheme.

    That’s two slaps in the face of Castillo. For a man trying to establish himself and gain the respect of his players, that’s not a good thing.

    Then, with fans and media heavily speculating that Castillo would be fired after this season, Reid remained quiet on the situation for just about an entire month. And during that time, the Eagles were talking to Steve Spagnuolo about the defensive coordinator job.

    Plus, there were also several players who admitted that they had no idea whether or not Castillo would be back again. If the players at least thought he should be, they most likely would have given him a vote of confidence.

    But those votes of confidence never really came. So again, more slaps to the face of Castillo.

    Now, they have hired Todd Bowles to take over as secondary coach. Bowles was confirmed to be on Reid’s list of candidates last year, but was denied permission to interview him.

    Therefore, the Eagles now have a guy they ranked lower on their wish list in charge of a guy they may have hired over him last year if given the chance.

    Talk about awkward.

    The problem is, if the players think that the Eagles preferred Bowles initially, they could naturally gravitate towards him next season. After all, Bowles was looking for a head coaching position, so I’m sure he has the mindset of a coach who is looking to work his way up the ranks.

    If Bowles and/or the players see Castillo as being “weak” and the players start to follow him, it could make for a very uncomfortable dynamic on the defense.

    The Eagles defense struggled mightily for the first half of last season and much of that was due to confusion and incohesiveness between Castillo and the players. For a team to function at its best, there can be no question about who’s in charge and what they’re supposed to do.

    There has to be a single plan and everyone has to buy into that plan.

    If the players still don’t believe in Castillo but start believing in Bowles, there will again be cohesion problems and dissension on the defense. The end result will be just the same as last season.

    You might think that the easy answer, if this were the case, would be to just fire Castillo (during the season) and promote Bowles. While that could be a possible solution to such a problem, how long would it take before that actually happened?

    And how much damage would have already been done? I’m not a fan of making big changes to the coaching staff in midseason unless the season is already over as far as playoff aspirations.

    If Andy Reid gives any indication that Bowles could take over if Castillo struggles, he’ll be creating an unstable situation. The players will get mixed messages and again play without cohesion.

    And to be clear, I’m talking about if Reid creates such an environment internally, regardless of what he tells the media. I’m sure when he addresses the media about this move, he’ll reinforce Castillo as the DC and probably try to indicate that this was the plan all along.

    I’m sure that Bowles is not coming in here with an evil plan to overthrow Castillo. However, he could be entering a situation where he is viewed as the man in charge. People naturally gravitate towards leaders and those who obviously know more about what you’re doing than someone who doesn’t.

    For example, say you have a supervisor and a person who acts as a team leader in your department at work. The person who is the team leader knows exactly what you’re doing and can answer any question with confidence.

    The supervisor is a good guy but he doesn’t really understand how to do your job because he didn’t come up through the ranks and gain that experience. Who are you more likely going to follow or go to for the majority of your issues?

    That’s the kind of scenario I wonder about here. Granted, Bowles hasn’t been a defensive coordinator yet, but he is a well-respected coach who did a three-week stint as an interim head coach. He then interviewed for the head coaching job in Miami as well as the one in Oakland.

    Therefore, he obviously wants to be more of a leader and most likely will have that air about him. If players detect uncertainty in Juan Castillo, they could easily—even if subconsciously—look to Bowles for direction.

    I think it’s safe to say that Andy Reid has completely mishandled his defensive coordinator situation since the death of the great Jim Johnson in the summer of 2009. Ever since then, he seems to be flailing around like a fish out of water.

    He has completely disrespected Castillo by allowing it to get out to the media (even though it was Lurie) about him being plan B (or plan C, D, E…whatever) at defensive coordinator. Then, he remained agonizingly silent about Castillo’s job status while trying to convince Spagnuolo to take the job.

    So again, Castillo is the fallback guy. That does not instill confidence and it clearly indicates Reid is grasping at straws again.

    While I like the hiring of Todd Bowles, it may only further complicate things for the 2012 season. The only way this will work is if Castillo becomes the “Alpha Dog” on the defensive side of the team and commands the respect of the players.


  • I thnk Castillo is so laid back and without an ego, that he won’t feel threatened by the arrival of Todd Bowles.. Castillo appears to be the type that he will take and receive help from anyone he can to get the job done.. so I think your scenario that this could be awkward would normally apply to most coaches,but not Juan Castillo.. He’s just happy to be alive and have a job in th NFL..
    This is probably one of the reasons Coach AR hired Castillo in the first place.. Not many DC’s are willing ot want to work with the Headstrong,Type A Personality DL Coach Jim Washburn.. Coach Ar’s 1st Mistake was hiring DL Coach Washburn first.. HE should have hired a DC first who would then hire his own Staff, but Coach AR is so enamored with pass-rush with bullets that he didn’t really care about the LB play of Safety play figuring if he has a Good Pass Rush and Good CB’s that the Eagles Defense would be good enough.. This I believe was the scope and depth of AR’s plan far as the Eagles Defense goes..

  • pman- i’m not sure i would say akward… just silly. todays press conf andy made it sound like they will be DC by commitee…. seems crazy. seems like the reason Spags didnt want to come…. seems like lack of a plan. just saying.


  • I agree with the poor planning aspect of the entire Defensive side of the ball
    I just hope this Front-Office doesn’t screw up this very important Draft for if they do, this Eagles willl be a basement club for a while before becoming good again.. This Draft is about the 2013/2014 Seasons and beyond because I think all these Clowns from GM Roseman, Coach AR/MM CAstillo are all gone after the 2012 Season as are Vick and other prominent players

  • pman- for funs sake i will disagree with you on how long these guys stay. You say this every year and are wrong every year so… history is on my side.

    I honestly think Vick will be fine. That said- i wonder who he will be throwing to. Im hoping TE’s will be meeting with him daily from now till camp. Id love to see the style of O change. I want the power rushing AT TIMES.

    about the draft- yes- agree agree agree. They need a first round stud. 2nd round needs 1 too. I swear they need some size on this team. Imagine if anyone on this D could tackle. just 1 lb… imagine that.

  • Don’t be surprised if Albert Haynesworth suits up in midnight green this season. I think there may have been an expectation that he was going to be released, last year, the Eagles would have picked him up on the cheap and he would have taken a significant amount of pressure off the LBs. Don’t know if that whole scenario would pan out, but I suspect Haynesworth will be in midnight green in 2012.

  • butch- i wouldnt- then again… i wouldnt be surprised if he had the green BP uni on as he pumps our gas or if he had the orange jumpsuit on when he changes his number from 92 or whatever to inmate #92467345.

  • Butch I know that he has a relationship with Washburn, but I think Haynesworth has played himself out of the league. I am hoping that Dixon will return from the injury and give us some spark like he did in 2010, becuase combined with Jenkins, we can get a nice push from the middle with those 2. I heard AR say today that Mike Pattersons surgery went well.

  • I don’t expect Albert Hayneworth to be in any NFL Uniform next Season..
    Unless he didates himself 100 % to lose 20-30 lbs and get back into a professional condition to beable to play football, but he’s already make and pocketed that $40-$50 Million Deal from the Redksins he signed a few years back.. He lost his will to play ball or to give a hoot 3-4 years ago and has played something like 25-30 games the last 4 years… and only a rotational player in many of these games since he didn’t have the stamina or conditioning to be an everydown player anymore.. What a waste if you ask me..

  • Listening to Reids 11:00 report now. So JC is the D coor as you all prolly know…CRAP!!! – well we’ll see. Anyhow we might as well sign haynesworth. with all this AR news today. Bring in Big Al, what could it hurt at this point.

  • Since Samuel prolly won’t be back does anyone know of any possible FA corners who could play the dime and play on the outside if needed?

    The last thing I want to see is Hanson playing outside again if Nnamdi or DRC were to get hurt.

  • Some Starting type of CB’s out there who could play well in the slot also
    Richard Marshall – Cardinals
    Brett Grimes – Falcons
    Tracey Porter – Saints (would probably be excellent in this role)
    Marcus Trufant – Seahawks
    Eric Wright – Lions
    Donald Strickland – NY Jets
    Reggie Smith – 49ers
    Phil Buchannon – Redskins
    Jarrett Bush – Packers
    Kyle Arrington – Patriots

  • Paulman nice info….I would love to see Tracey Porter here but I think that would just cause the same issues as this past season where we had 3 corners who will want to start…same with grimes…

    I do like Arrington and Bush out of that list. I think its essential that they sign somebody in FA. I still think Marsh and Hughes need more time before their ready to play some serious time if needed if one of our starters were to go down…Further, Im curious to see what the Eagles will do for the slot after this season is over. I think Hanson only has one year left and I cannot seeing him coming back here again.

  • Remember that Trevor Lindley is back on the Squad too and I am probably one of the few who actually think the SLot CB position is probably his best position. He’s quick but not a burner, he has some Size & Strength behind him and isn’t afraid to mix it up.. I really think he can be groomed to take over the slot CB Spot.. I do not think Lindley has too much potential covering out on the Outside, but in the slot, I think he can get the job done and be effective..

  • Im going to say this, Andy reid doesnt have any concept on the defensive side of the ball.. Have you ever wondered why andy had no answers for the defensive problems this year? Hes a offensive coach who relies heavily on the guys he hires on the defensive side of the ball because he does not understand defense. This is why we have not been able to solve the issues weve had on that side. When JJ was here all defensive responsibility belonged to him, andy did not involve himself on that side at all.. and now that they were having issues on that side he couldnt do anything to correct it..so he needs to stop promoting guys like mcdermott and castilo that dont have the years of experience and success on that side, so it was good they got a guy like Todd Bowles in here to help out and possibly take over as the DC or even HC for he was the assistant HC in miami just last year so he has the ability to run an entire team…

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