• May 19, 2022

NBC10’s John Clark Asks Commissioner About Super Bowl Coming To Philly

John Clark of NBC-10 has been in Indianapolis all week for the Super Bowl.  Today near the end of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s State of the NFL news conference, Clark got up and asked him if the Super Bowl Committee would ever seriously consider bringing the game to Philadelphia.

Goodell immediately brought up how the NFL has shown that it’s open to the Super Bowl being played in cold weather cities.  He cited the 2014 Super Bowl to be played in North Jersey at the home of the New York Giants and Jets.   He never really got around to answering the question about bringing the Super Bowl to Philly.

Bottom line, we’ve got some major work to do in order have the Super Bowl come our way because he never answered the question.


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  • and here is the deal. The SB is exactly what this city needs. Imagine the pride philly would take in the things that it has that are great. AND….. this would help clean the streets. It will never happen… but it should.

  • My Sources stated that Commish Goodell, simply chuckled, and replied
    “When your Eagles Win a Championship, then we’ll worry about Philiadelphia getting a Super Bowl” to the stunned reporter, John Clark, who sheepishsly sank in his chair and was not heard from again for the remainder of the Press Conference..

  • Bring the SB to Philly for its 50th anniversary, then Lurie can claim his organization is the “diamond standard.” Perhaps by then he will have sold the team being that its value has started to decline.

  • Eagles value decline? Haaaaaa get real, I seen you guys sitting in a freezing cold staduim jam packed when the Eagles team years ago could not win a game, now that this team consistantly puts out winning regular seasons, think they are going to decline huh? Yea right. You fans are passionate, fanatical, loyal, and win or lose the EAGLES will live for ever.

    We all want a superbowl, but the bottom line is truth is that the NFL is played one week to the next, and as long as the Eagles ot any other team can string more regular season wins than loses and make the playoffs us fans will keep coming back for more.

  • Philadelphia??? A SuperBowl.

    The two should not even be mentioned in the same sentence.

    As long as we have “Bozo the clown” coaching our defense, “Yesman Marty” coaching the offense, and “One Ton of Passing fun” running the show, the superbowl is a sad and painful joke.

    Even if the NFL awarded Philadelphia the game, Andy would trade out of the 1st round of hosting the superbowl, for 2 late round college bowl games. And stockpile some mediocre bowl games like the florida citris and the balonie and chess bowl.

  • The Eagles love to talk about their record, how many games they won and how many times they have been to the playoffs. In their media guide, there is a chart that shows since 2000 only three teams – New England, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis – have won more games than the Eagles (131-79-1). The Giants aren’t even in the top seven.

    But how much does that matter, really, when the Giants have been to three Super Bowls in that time, won one and now have a chance to win another Sunday? The Eagles have numbers, but the Giants have trophies. Given the choice, I’ll take the trophies.

  • the SB will never come to Philly simply because of the fans who are scumbags and beat people up etc……you can’t even enjoy an Eagles game as an opposing fan without being called names or bullied…..i’m not talking about all fans but everyone knows 20% of the fans at each game are alcoholic scumbag degenerate pieces of garbage!

  • Why does Philadephia have the label of the “City of Losers” …

  • I don’t know Paul why don’t you tell us!

    Or would you like to tally up all the major cities in this country that have played in or won a championship in almost every major sport in this country. “City of Loser” That title came from Philadelphia sports fans themselves, now they have to live with it.

    Cry me a river poor philly fans, New York, LA, Boston, Dallas, maybe the only cities that win more multi sports, Maybe Pittsburgh ties us. We have a boxing history, track and field history, baseball when you add A’s and Phillies, how about Hockey, etc.

    Get off your damn soap box, freaking only losers in philly is its bipolar fans who on one hand are passionate, loyal, and on the other cannabalistic eating their team and stars when they show any trace of being human, or less than the imaginary status the fans create.

    What person set in reality makes a stupid statement like Superbowl or bust. The reality is just do your best and pray. Now if you don’t do your best like this past season then we fans can and are just in our anger.

    Where not the best, but we are better than damn near everyone else!!!!!

  • Chicago!

  • Black Hawks beat Flyers in Stanly Cup a couple years back, the White Sox a World Series win and of course the Bulls who won multiple Championships with MJ and the Bears have a Super Bowl too.. No comparison Monolith.

  • No comparison why, becasue you are on a negative bent? The point is the city has its wins, and its history, and we have had as many stars both sports and entertainment as any damn city outside of NY, LA and Chi-town.

    No comparison my arse. I guess there is one city in Carolina that wins more…Hell No. Who did we beat in the Cup? Is that city losers then? Who did we beat in the World Series so that city is losers.

    So all those wins to the conf. Champs don’t figure in to the matrix? Yep those poor losers that loss to us losers.

    Get off this crap dude stop your lip bleeding about all things negative in philly sports. An get a clue brother!

  • Paul your right about Chicago and they were on my original list, outside that get a clue we are a great sports town.

  • I asked the question on “why” the label still persists Mono, I didn’t say the City was a Loser.. Philly is a great Sports town indeed with many passionate and knowledegable fans, you will get no argument from me about that.It’s just that many fans and local media tend to “Overrate & Overhype” their own Players and Teams a bit too much, which eventually leads to greater disappointment when they fall short…
    I think the Carolina Hurricanes (Hockey Team) won a Stanley Cup a few years back and they play in Raleigh to sell out crowds all the time , Raleigh has no other Pro Teams, but has very succesfull College Basketball Teams in Duke and North Coralina Tar Heels who have won many Championships between them in the NCAA and have many other successful College Athletic Teams and Programs in Soccer,Baseball,Golf,Lacrosse, etc,etc..

  • Paul, and others – what in hell are you talking about “label”, “city of losers”.

    Um, and that exsits WHERE? Other than in pauls head and now on this website, I’ve never seen it.

    Do those meds you speak of Paul, are they prescribed for delusional behavior?

  • Paul – why did you just stir up a conversation about the origin of something that doesn’t exist? Oh I know, to piss off Eagles fans. See, that’s why you suck and you’re a jerk.

  • I think WC Fields labeled Philly the “City of Loses” Schill
    Why do so many Philadelphians have such a low-esteem, inferiority complex and gets so defensive mind-set about them.. Maybe being in the shadow, and kind of like the “little lost brother” to New York City, feeds into this complex of many in Philly in a subliminal way.. The City of Gloom and Doom it has become.. The Linc has to be one of lamest Stadiums to watch a game on TV ,as far as the noise feed, you hardly ever hear the crowd, it appears the noise just dissapates up out into the open areas above the stadium where at the old Vet, to noice would circulate in the old cement cylandir and echjo and reverbeate and was almost kept in by the arches/eves atop the old Vet making it a difficult place for opponents to play.. That home field advantage and weapon is long gone playing at the sterile LInc which is probably great for the Wine & Cheese crowd, but I think the design to keep noise inside the stadium and closer to the field stinks.. Teams are not intimidated coming into PHilly to play the Eagles at the LInc one bit anymore which is obvious to the Eagles below .500 home record over the last couple of Seasons…

  • Schill, maybe Paul should send you some of those meds, that you speak of. Because you are the biggest delusional, wacky, hot mess, on here.

  • Oh Paul, got you paul, you are correct that W.C. Fields did have a famous quote about Philly.

    Um, see, though….you got 0% of the words correct. And to beat that, 0% of the meaning. He made a comment about his personal preference for resting place, in a different milenium from now mind you, with no comment at all about the city itself.

    DCcar – suck it

  • And Paul, just for once i’d like for you to use your brain. The eagles went to the superbowl in ’04. They had great homefield advantage with plenty of crowd noise that year – “T.O. T.O T.O” Ring a bell? And which stadium was that in? So its clearly about the team being very good (clearly not the case last year) and nothing that you spoke of.

    See these are great examples of what Navy spoke of “opinions” spoken on here, that are really just utter bullshit.

  • Schiller, I was at that 04 game game and don’t get me wrong the noise was there, easily best game of my life….But Paulman does have a point when it comes to the Linc. I go to almost every home game a year and the noise is nowhere near what one outsider would prolly expect to experience in going to an EAgles game in Philly where the games are sold out week in and week out. I’ve heard more noise at an away game by eagles fans such as Washington when i went. I’ve been told on numerous times to sit down on a 3rd down when our defense needs a stop and everyone in the stadium should be standing up making noise. I think this team right now and its coach just doesn’t connect with the majority of the fan base. For instance, we have major deficiencies when it comes to something so fundamental like tackling..a philly eagles team that cant tackle is shameful. On top of that its not really a surprise anymore due to the style of guys Reid and the FO like to draft and bring in FA, the smaller faster guys with high motors instead of the big physical types that don’t shy away from contact. And then you have the underachieving players who weren’t capable of getting the jobs done that they are paid millions to do because simply their not good enough in their own ability to just talk smack to the fans in the media like were the ones that get paid under the eagles. Its a joke. Obviously, you know my stance on Reid. I’m very curious to see who comes in here next and what direction they go with this team because the direction we have right now is simply not working which is evident by our regressing record for the past 3 years.

  • BTW, Jott they are scumbags everywhere. Just look at what happened at Candlestick during the 49ers game…look it up i think there were about 30 arrests and over 100 people were kicked out of the place, just complete total chaos and this was after they had to bring in more security for the game…However Espn just blows it off because its not Philly. Hell the fans sent multiple death threats to their own player…I know we got on BG on twitter and Mathews got booed but give me a break…we didn’t want the guys dead. 50 years from now you won’t hear references on how a cowboys fan brought a weapon like a taser into the Jets game and used it on another fan but you will still hear how we used weapons (snowballs) on some jerkoff dressed as Santa.

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