• January 21, 2022

Overconfidence Will Cost The Giants Versus The Patriots

When the Giants qualified for the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago by beating the Niners on a Sunday night after the Patriots had got the win over the Ravens, I was of the belief that New York was on their way to being Super Bowl Champions.

With the game just hours away now, I’ve changed my mind and now believe it will be the Patriots who will be standing in the end.  In the previous game,

The Giants website prematurely recognized them as Super Bowl Champions.  That’s no big deal because somebody on their staff made a mistake and put up a banner which should not have been put up.

But I have heard the comments of New York players like defensive lineman Chris Canty who said that Giants fans need to get ready for a parade later this week.  Safety Antrel Rolle telling everybody that “we’re going to win this thing”.  Second-year defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul has come forward to say the New York pass rush is already in future Hall of Famer Tom Brady’s head.

Despite these comments Canty and running back Brandon Jacobs don’t believe the Giants are overconfident.

“I think Coach has a good feel for our football team and the pulse of our locker room,” Canty said. “I think he knows when to step in and say ‘Enough is enough.’ I don’t think guys have crossed those lines.”

“This team is confident and not overconfident”, Jacobs said. “Cocky is nowhere near the equation. Guys are confident. Our coaches are confident. There’s no reason why we should’ve got on the bus if we’re not going to be confident. And for the guys who are not confident, they should send them back to Jersey.”

I disagree with these guys.  I do think Giants are overconfident.  Being ready and being overconfident are slightly different.  I think it’s better to go into a game with a little concern.

It seems to me that the Giants have no concern.  On the other hand, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady have been living with that Super Bowl loss to New York for a few years.  You can believe that they’re going into this game concerned and that’s a good thing.

Belichick and Brady have been thinking about that loss to the Giants for quite a while now.  You can believe Belichick has been thinking about adjustments they could have made against the New York pass rush since that loss.  They’ll have a game plan to attack the Giants.

I still believe the Giants have an advantage in personnel matchups.  I believe they are the better team, but their overconfidence has pushed me to pick the Patriots to win it all.


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  • G has picked the real “GOLD STANDARD” to win it all.

  • I expect to see alot of twin TEs from the patriots to help calm that pass rush town so you ll see Hernandez and Gronk in to block alot. The pats will run the ball more than we think this game.. And yes the giants are waay too overconfident, waay more than back in 08′ the year they beat the pats. Brady wont allow them to ruin his legacy. This giants team is not as great as they appear and no longer can they play the underdog card. I like brady with his back against the wall and as an underdog.. 38-17 patriots

  • 31-27 Pats

  • This has always been the story of the NY Giants, they get to playing good ball for a few weeks, then they start pounding their chest, making stupid comments and being in the largest media market, every comment gets blown up..I sense a confidence with the Giants where the PAtriots are simply going about their business which is how these teams just operates.. Belicheck puts a lid on his players and Coughlin lets his say what they want… I have called the Giants for 2 weeks and am staying with it ..
    GIants 27 – Patriots 23 for 2 main reasons

    #1) Giants D/Line will harrass Pats QB T Brady a lot more than the Patriots getting to Giants QB Manning which evevntually will take a toll

    #2) Giants Trio of WR’s (Nicks,Cruz & Manningham) can all make big plays down the field and in the Red-Zone.. PAtriots will need someone to step up if TE Gronk is limited coming off a high-ankle sprain..

    Couple of Surprises
    #1) Patriots will run the ball by committee, throw screens and run the hurry- up Offense a bit in the 1st Half to slow the Giants Pass-Rush down and make the Giants Front 7 have to play sideline to sideline (watch for RB S Ridley)
    #2) Watch for Patriots WR Ochocinco to actually see a lot of ball his way and have his best game as a Patriot (he’s been almost non-existent for them all Season) and if Gronk is not healthy and able to play much, the Pats will need another target outside of slot WR Welker
    #3) Giants will attack the Pats Secondary early and often as they go deep a couple of times and then try to soften the Pats D with Bradswaw/Jacobs

  • Looks like the NFC east will now be home to 12 super bowl championships, but don’t worry songs, et. al, we have 20 wing bowls and counting

  • Paulman, I totally agree about the hurry up…I think it will be the Pats best weapon to counter against NYG defense..

    .it would be nice if the Eagles could run a hurry up offense every once in a while…obviously the players and coaches are not capable of doing it tho. I mean we get delay of games after coming out of timeouts

  • it doesnt matter if the Pats run the hurry-up, the Pats defense will not stop the Giants offense….. The Pats secondary is mediocre and they have no pass rush

  • Eagles will never be able to run the hurry up until they get a legit QB who can read a defense

  • LOL haters. Care to delete this post too Gary Cobb? your pretty good at that you know. I know the truth hurts. Truth is these are all very young players and to be this high on the biggest stage of their career has made these players excited and pumped. As a fan I love these comments. This aint no pansy sport here fellas. These players deserve to talk cause no one thought they would be in the position that they are. GOOOOOOO GGGGGGG GGGGG GGGGGG-MEN!!!!!!. Prediction 35-36 Giants and a hugeeeeee game for Victor Cruz at least 2 salas dances tonight.

  • Yep Eagles suck, and 2 twists to go along with that salsa shake of Cruz! the pats cheated on us in 04 and I can’t stand them. I like Coughlin too, he’s a good coach especially when his backs against the wall. I’d just rather the Giants than the Pats. isn’t it funny that after 4 nfc Champs and 1 loss in the Sb in 13 years, that the Giants in 8 years have superceded all that we have accomplished in a short amount of time?

  • Lurie needs to see the Giants win so that he can release his grip in that knot of money he’s holding on to so tight.

  • Hard game to predict, i will go with the team with the most points at the end of the game….Actually, most teams that go to SB are usually ranked top 3 in DEF or OFF except the Giants in the last 2 SBs. Last SB matchup between these guys, Pats were #1 in a ton of areas, but Giants won. Most SB champions QB throw the least INT, but not in that game!!! Eli through a pick. Big diff. Giants ran the ball 29 times , PAts 15…..Today, if a team rushes 30 times and another (andy reid like) 11-15 then u know the balanced one usually wins….if both coaches drop the pass happy nonsense and go balance to give their team a better chance, i say Giants 31-pats 27

  • G-men got brady and the pats lookin like rookies!

  • run,throw,run,throw,run throw,,,,good job Giants…..oh and the throws are 8-12 yd passes not Andy’s (let’s pray ,hope our 30 yd big play passing does the trick)

  • Wonder if Belicheck will be on the Hot-Seat by their Owner and demanding fans in New England.. Also maybe they release QB Tom Brady after the game too..

  • won 3 SB almost won 4th one , playing in one now , probally not

  • Was just being facetious Tonto5

    That big hit on NiIcks by Pats Chung seems like it’s fired up the Pats and got the GIants on their heels a little bit…
    Big stop by the GIants D on 3rd Down with sack on Brady to force a Punt

  • Terrible decision by Brady, poor throw and it was up for grabs and then took a big shopt at the end of it, should have continued scrambling to his right to the sideline and could have a gotten a few years..He looks rattled

  • Red zone WR are crap; it don’t matter because woodhead, welker and branch all 5’9 and leading redzone scorers for the pats. Their play calling is superb and ours suck; point blank! We could have the best offensive team in the league with a better coach.



  • dammit I hate the Giants…

    I gotta give them their credit though.. When they go on a playoff run, they finish the job unlike the philadelphia Eagles.

    they barely squeeked in and they made it count..

    f them…

    but I also have to give them credit for getting it done

  • Exactly Sheed, I feel ya buddy.

  • This is rough to watch being that iam a die hard Eagles fan.. Brady needs better wrs, better rbs and a defensive pass rush, all they have is vince wilfork. I cant believe im watching the giants and strange face eli win another one.. Give me a break, the pats werent a good defensive team all year long and it really showed in this last game.. This is disappointing, im not going to hear the last of this one.. How is the eagles organization feeling now? Will they now remain patient with andy like the giants have been with coughlin? I think its alot different being that coughlin already won a sb and now he has a 2nd so he will most likely be a giant for life, andy has not won anything yet has a pass. I think watching this the eagles front office really have a sour taste in there mouth being that they beat the giants and they reside in the same division as them. This sucks pretty bad…

  • For anybody who thinks the Eagles are going to abandon the organizational philosophy that making the playoffs is the most important thing, it is never going to happen now. Three of the last four SB champs made it into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. Being hot at the right time is what matters, as long as you make it to the second season. It may or may not be the right way, but this season will confirm what they believe.

  • Yep and I hope the sour taste taste’s real bad in our FO’s mouth for a good while. Coughlin 8 years and 2 SB to Andy’s 13 year and 0 SB. Andy Sucks and a new coach would win us a SB in a quick minute. We’re garbage until we get some new leadership in here. As much as I hate to say it, the giants are the beasts of the east (dang that hurt to say that) – also, we’re the only NFC east team with no lombardi trophy (and I ain’t talking bout no stinking 1960’s crappy trophy either.)

  • Don’t worry guys….With Juan Castillo as our defensive coordinator you can bet the Eagles will win it all next year.

    We as Eagles just need to continue to do what have made us successful. Let’s sign Andy to another 5 year contract, Let our pro bowler at wide receiver sign with another team so we can focus on ways not to pay McCoy a top 3 running back salary. Maybe we can just say it’s the scheme and claim DJax opened the field for him to get all those yards..Better yet Let McCoy go into next year knowing his numbers will go do with no Djax and use that down year as leverage in negotiation. Let’s win the illustrious “Salary Bowl” while the Giants continue to be the class of the NFC East.

    Reid Sucks

    Fans go to your “GREEN VOMIT”


  • Haha lolol! @ songs… Hilarious bro

  • Good call on that one G. NOT!!! Game gave me nausea.

  • Patriots are 0-2 in their Last Super Bowl Contests (both losses to the GIants)
    If it wasn’t for having Tom Brady, this Team would not even be a Playoff Team (just like the Colts were without Manning last Season)
    Patriots need a Center, WR, DE, and Secondary Help..and WB Brady is not getting any younger, I think he has about 2 years left.. He was not sharp in
    the 4th Quarter after getting hit a few times and was throwing behind his receivers on a couple critical plays down the stretch.

    Giants should be good again next Season and of course, they will have higher expectaions, contract issues and the usual distractions that come when winning a SUper Bowl.. I am not sure of who their Free-Agents are, but I do know they need a Center , and OT help along the OL, need a TE
    and some LB’s on Defense

  • yeah i was right

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