• July 7, 2022

Poor Tackling Of Eagles Cornerbacks Not New, But Very Revealing

The judgement that the Eagles cornerbacks didn’t tackle well last year, which was pointed out by Pro Football Focus and highlighted on Philly.com isn’t new.   The fact that it was researched by a third party, monitored game by game and proven statistically is significant.

Andy Reid and his coaches are well aware that the play of their three Pro Bowl cornerbacks was abysmal.  It’s the reason that defensive backs coach Johnny Lynn is no longer a member of the staff.   It’s the reason Todd Bowles was hire to replace him.

They know that you’re not going to be able to play good defense regardless of whomever your defensive coordinator is, if you don’t tackle well.

That’s especially true when you’ve got cornerbacks missing tackles repeatedly and letting receivers take short throws and turn them into long touchdown plays.

Throughout the year, defensive coordinator Juan Castillo pointed out that his defensive players weren’t playing fundamentally sound football.  Castillo talked about improvement in the team’s tackling due to their daily tackling drills during the season.

Reid pointed out that he has to take a close look at how he worked the football team in their abbreviated training camp.  He focused on finding a reason for their 1-4 start.

We talked more about Castillo’s problems from a strategic standpoint, but his lack of experience in getting a defense ready to tackle effectively could be focused on as well.   It doesn’t matter whether you’re not getting the job done because of poor schemes or poor tackling.  In the end losing for either reason is losing.

The Eagles three Pro Bowl cornerbacks were the most talented and highest paid group on the defense, yet it’s poorest tacklers. I think the reason for it was partially attitude, lack familiarity with the coverages and lack of size.

Nmandi Asomugha has the size and athletic ability to be a very good tackler.  He was very apprehensive early in the season because of lack of familiarity with the Eagles defensive system.

Asomugha came in here as a supposed tremendous all-around player, but he didn’t play like it.  Victor Cruz made him look like a joke by running through his tackles and turning short throws into long touchdowns.

It the same game which was a comeback win for the Giants, Cruz, who is listed at 6′ foot, went up over the taller Asomugha and took the ball away from him on a jump ball.

As the season continued, Asomugha’s tackling improved.

Asante Samuel has never been fond of tackling.  He brags openly about the fact that it isn’t something he likes to do. It’s one fo the reason he may not be wearing midnight green this year.  The coaching staff is concerned about Samuel’s attitude being adopted by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and the other young Eagles cornerbacks.

He’s been capable of delivering a serious blow to a ball carrier, when gets a shot a runner who is unprepared for the hit.  Samuel doesn’t have enough muscle in his upper and lower body to be a great tackler, but he needs to be more committed to being a better tackler.

Rodgers-Cromartie doesn’t seem to be focused, committed and smart football player.  I see some of the Samuel attitude in him when he approaches a ball carrier to make a tackle.  Rather than attacking the runner he seems to be passive.

They’ve got to change his mentality, when it comes to tackling.  DRC must first of all want to become a better tackler.  He needs to get in the weight room and get stronger because he’s lacks sufficient upper body muscle but has the frame to carry much more.

DRC could be a great cornerback and I think the hiring of Bowles was made with him in mind.  His potential is through the roof.  Consider this, he may be faster than DeSean Jackson, plus he’s got great size, but he makes far too many mistakes in coverages and doesn’t anticipate routes.

Too many times, he makes the receivers’ jobs easier because he doesn’t seem to have a thorough knowledge of what offenses are trying to do to him.  DRC is also terrible at coming down with interception opportunities.  He could learn a thing or two from Samuel in that department.

In much the same way that Castillo and this defense will be a focal point, Bowles and his pupils will be especially under the spotlight during the season.  From what I’ve heard through, an NFL source, Bowles took this job knowing that success here in the spotlight could mean a legitimate shot at a defensive coordinator position and future head coaching spot.



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  • They haven’t had a good tackling CB since Sheldon Brown was in Philly
    Lito Shepard was not a good tackler either, but I look at the softness off the overall Secondary starting when CB Samuel joined the Team and when Dawkins left, it’s that simple…
    Youi have to go back to VIncent/Taylor Days since the EAgles had a good tackling tandem at CB
    Safety Postion is no better.. N Allen is really a cover Safety and not a contract guy, Coleman likes to hit,but he puts his head down way too often and misses tackles due not seeing his target & poor technique trying to tackle too high on a player…. Jarrett is too small at 5’10” & 190lbs to me, and looks overpowered at the point of attack on most tackling situaitions ..

  • Good article by G and agree with paulman
    I guess G doesn’t think much of Joselio Hanson to not even mention him
    I don’t trust DRC or Nate Allen to physically hold up for 16 games — I think both are too fragile for the NFL

  • Your right Zero Superbowls,
    J Hanson is probably the best tacker out of the Eagles Secondary and he goes what about 5-9 190lbs…

  • safety Jaiquawn Jarrett has a temple alum and brethren in new coach Todd Bowles on board he will have every advantage to be named a starter and if he cannot beat out Allen and Coleman he is a bust

  • He is a bust,
    He was listed by most rankings last Pre-Draft as a 6-0 212lbs SS , then at last years Senior Week he’s measured at 5’10 1/2″ and about 194lbs.. He will not last in the NFL at his size and to make matters worse, he does not have big time speed, his weakness is in pass coverage and if he’s not big,strong enough to play down in the box, then he’s a career back-up/special teamer (which I think he is) but is not somethimg you want from a 2nd Round Draft Pick (the overall 55th Pick in last Years draft). He was a 2-3 Round Reach for Jarrett by most obseverors who had him as a 4th/5th Graded Prospect,,,

  • Take a look at the Carousel of Coaches for the Eagles Secondary…

    2006-2008 Sean McDermott
    2009 – Bill Stewart
    2010 – Dick Jauron
    2011 – Johnny Lynne and Mike Zordich

    Not to make excuses, but some questionable coaches Stewart and Lynne in my opinion with young players is a recipe of what we have as a Unit

  • Todd Bowles is a very good hire and I do think the Secondary will improve schematically,positioning and technique wise, the tackling can be worked on, but players either like and enjoy tackling or they don’t, and to be honest the trio of Samuel,Asmo,& DCR are just not “Physical Football” players and it’s a real stretch to think that at this point in their career’s that either of these 3 will become a “physcial force” to be reckon with or even become very good, tacklers..Hopefully they will improve and be at least competent tacklers.
    This is why I wanted the Eagles to Pursue a Carlos Rodgers or Richard Marshall last off-season knowing the Eagles already had the soft hitting Samuel and DCR on their team. The Eagles Secondary is the softest in the NFL and has been for about 2-3 Seasons which really shows up in Red-Zone Defense… Put an inexperienced,overmatched LB Corp together with a Soft Secondary and it’s no wonder that the Eagles Defense has struggled over the last 2-3 Seasons and especially in th Red-Zone where it’s a matter of physical football playing tough in small spaces and in my opinon, no matter how good the D/Line is, the Defense as a Unit Fails with an overmatched/soft back end of the Defense…

  • “Couple people upstairs might not want me, but who cares. They’ve probably never played football,” Asante Samuel said. “It’s a business and they run it like a business and they’re going to do what they need to do. They’re playing with a lot of money, playing fantasy football, doing their thing.” ——————-

    thank you Asante I’ll never forget that quote it was priceless.

  • their poor tackling has little to do with coacing, they are puny ass divas, looking for pics, not to paste, it goes back to personnel decisions

  • I wonder if GCobb will ever write anything positive about the Eagles???…………

  • peace112 – great question, but you must be very careful with that “P” word around these parts. Tred lightly, and watch your back.

    Or you could try a different source, perhaps one more balanced. Not saying I know that one exists (save for the team website which we all know is just as inbalanced, in the opposite direction).

  • Maybe if they did something positive, something positive would be written. It’s that simple my dudes. BTW guys, G was just pointing an article that was written on Philly.com, that was independently recorded by Pro Football Focus. Learn how to read guys, he didn’t make the $#!t up. If you can’t handle the truth, DON’T READ IT! If you guys want all kittens, puppy dogs & happy endings, go watch the Disney channels.

  • Dcar – are you Garry? I know the answer is no because he’s posted directly in the comment section, clearly using his name. But you seem to get very defensive for/about him/this site.

  • “They know that you’re not going to be able to play good defense regardless of whomever your defensive coordinator is, if you don’t tackle well”.

    they do? are you sure g? i mean…… they didnt seem to care when they broought in Asam. Look at the guys they have brought in since then…. not many have been known for anything other than being a “ball hawk”.

    Its what they do G. and its exactly y they are where they are. And its not just the CB’s. its the Lb’s too. Look at what the “shark in the water” was known for. Look at what the have been looking for. speed, speed, great hands, speed.

    I have said it almost daily on here…… it started back when JJ was here…. they wanted turnovers…. it was like 2 or 3 years before JJ passed…… gone were the guys that could hit…. enter guys that had speed.

  • For all of those who are still infatuated with Burfict:

    Per draftinsider.net

    “The buzz around Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict unfortunately continues to be negative. I was told at the Senior Bowl when he showed up for combine training in January, Burfict looked soft and out of shape. Latest word has him completing less than 15 reps on the bench recently and Burfict has been slowed by a leg (hamstring) issue. All that we’ve talked with say the biggest issue surrounding the often times dominant linebacker is work ethic.”

  • Schill, because you guys are clueless, @$$clowns, & blame everything on the media & give unwarranted criticism. Hey, I agree that there are too many media hacks around here, but I respect GCobb’s opinions because he’s played the game, & most of the time he is right on the $$$. You just want to correct & criticise everyone, just to criticise & get your jollies off. Go get a life & learn something, please!

  • 15 reps would have placed him 2nd to last in last years group of LBs at the combine. (ahead of only our own Mr. Matthews who put up 13).

  • Schill- btw…. i am often positive about the eagles but lets be real…. lots of question marks for this team this year.

  • Dcar – “Schill, why is it when you don’t agree with someone on here, you blast them?” – Dcar

    insert laugh track

  • Stevo – I agree with 100% of what you just said. You sir, are a unique anomoly on this website – you’re fairly balanced I’d say. Garry himself, and the majority of posters (we all know who I’m talking about) are almost always negative except for obvious support for guys playing great ala McCoy, Djax at times, Vick at times…etc..

  • Schill, you are an @$$clown. Grow up, you act like a teenage girl. Enough said.

  • Stevo, it’s also known as the “let’s throw fastballs at them” defense; they gave up some beef/toughness/skills for guys who could run “the flyin’ mile.”

  • Dcar – I hear you. And first, by no means do I blame EVERYTHING on the media. I blame a portion of the negativity in the Philly sports environment on the media – and I stand by that – negativity sells, it’s business 101 for their field, and they know it, and they’re good at it. I also believe it effects the atheletes and their performance negatively – they’ve said it themselves. But never ever have I blamed anything in totality on the media.

    And I agree that Garry is an excellent resource on sports because of his experience. But that doesn’t make him perfect or warrant blind 100% support like you seem to attribute. A lot of ex-atheletes have 0 media training, yet get jobs. And a lot of ex-atheletes say some very very stupid things. There’s a difference between having done something and being good at covering it from a media perspective. I love this forum that he created for us fans – duh.

    But I do NOT think he’s immune to criticism.

    I particularly value his perspective on being a defnsive player, and LBs.

  • Dcar – also, deep breaths, water, punching a pillow, therapy? Whatever you need man – I suggest getting it

  • Schiller,,do you realize football is played, for the most part, by alpha type men, who don’t or shouldn’t give a rats ass what you, me gcobb,says about them, and to the extent they do, then maybe that’s the problem with these players, maybe you can counsel them with all your touchy feely bullshit

  • Schiller, that’s funny. LMFBO!!! Dude I agree with you about negatively in the media. That’s why I only turn the news on when it’s time for the weather & sports. I don’t agree with everything he says, nor do I give blind faith to ANYONE! But you go overboard & way over the top with your blatant, obvious hate for the media. That’s the point I’m making.

  • Good work mryan,
    I jumped off the Burfict Train back in December.. He’s Dropped quite a bit over the last 2 months.. He will most likley fall to a Mid/Late 2nd Round and possibly even into the early 3rd Round after being a Top 20 Pick back in November..He had a poor Senior Season,fights with Coaches and Teammates, has issues off the field with school officals nad even law enforcement , He had poor workouts and nbascially has become deemed “uncoachable” by many NFL Draft/Prospect Guru’s.. There are lots of very good LB’s I would take over him in th 2nd Round (B Wagner, L David,S Spence,S McClellin, Nigel Bradham and even Ronnel Lewis or Travis Lewis)

  • BTW, Schill, I weight train & MMA workout 4-6 days a week to ease my anger & stay in shape. But clueless @$$clowns, like you nauseate me & irritate me, with your condescending, corrective attitudes. You can bite a pillow, oops I mean punch a pillow if you want. That’s all you brother.

  • Mryan and Paulman you sold me on Burfict being too much trouble for this team to handle but if the birds select Kuechly and the Giants select Burfict it might cause me to my laptop throught the TV on draft day since the answer will be a foregone conclusion if past history is any indication that the Birds just made a huge mistake.

  • Giants need OL help and talent more so than LB help , Zero Superbowls
    I could see them Drafting LB Hightower if he is still there at the end of the 1st but the Giants will probably concentrate along the OL with their 1st Pick
    I couldsee Burfict going to a disciplined team with real leadership on Defense already in place like the Steelers/Ravens but late in the 2nd Round if he’s still there..

  • All of the reports/rumors mean nothing until the combine. That being said, when when the game tape flags a poor ability to stack and shed blockers and you show up to the combine soft in the core and fail to put up 18+ reps on bp you only reinforce the character / work ethic concerns. You become a project player, and GMs rarely have the luxury (or built up goodwill) of taking a project player before Rd 3.

  • Paulman…..agreed on all accounts and one comment to add. Steelers, Ravens and Giants will all have cap issues going into FA and immediate O-line holes to fill going into the draft so I think your sanity is safe for now eagles0superbowls.

    I could possibly see the Steelers/Ravens taking a flyer on Burfict in the 2nd as both should be looking to get younger and free up some cap space at LB.

  • Jakedog – I agree that most ofthe atheletes seem to be ‘alpha type men’. “hard types’.

    Tell me then, why 22,10, 5, 81, Moss, Mathis, Herramans, 7, Iverson, Jroll, and sooooooooooo many others let us know their feelings about fans’ perspectives?

    That ‘alpha’ and ‘hard’ stuff is bullshit. Every male cares about their image and social acceptance/respect. It’s a scientific fact.

  • Is Joselio Hanson coming back for 2012. I believe he was released and then resigned or contract was reduced in the mini training camp this last year. Is he signed as an Eagle for 2012.

  • Dcar – great to hear you have some healthy outlets. Now lay off the roids and you’ll be on track

  • ill go further than Schill- i blame MOST of what happens on the media. The TO mess was almost all on them. They fanned the flame of stupidity and we suffered because of it. Lots of writters came on board during that time to squeeze out the crap. Since then….. its 400 guys trying to cover 2 stories.

    secondly ill add the young pups. The drunk idiots who grew up watching NFC champ after NCF champ games. They dont know the history.

    third- we are pissed because its been since NEVER that we have won a SB. im not gunna lie….its getting to me. I dont enjoy football anymore and most on here dont either.

  • stevo – to #3 – that’s a DAMN SHAME. I still enjoy the sport, a lot.

  • i do schill…. its just…. The giants man… the flipping Giants

  • Nmandi will improve and is actually a very good tackler.Good point about DRC,he has the frame for 15 pounds of rip and it wont effect his top end.

    Paul…you called Bobby Taylor a part of a good tackling corner tandem. Is this the same Bobby Taylor that let Brad Johnson slip though his fingers in the NFC-Ship that we shoulda won? Same Bobby Taylor who go bulled over by every big wide out and rb we played in those days?

  • I love football…every part of it. If the Eagles wina SB it will be a great feeling and will make for some great chest pumping. We’ll be able to tell Giants,Skins,Boy,and whomever fans we got one now. And will put some much deserved hardware in the Philly trophy case.

    If they dont..which is every year of my life…it makes no difference to me….its a sports team that in the end wants it just as much as i do. My opinion. So let them deal with the loss and the backlash. I’ll root for em next year. My life goes on and in the end only one team is the champ. If you lose the bowl your sense of pride is high cause your team gave you a great run.80′ and 04’…but once thats over,your just the best loser.We’ll get one.

    Get some nasty defenders in here!!i dont care if hes got an attitude!! He’ll make more plays then baby Thor.

  • Erock- i was also thinking that about taylor. He was lucky to have dawk roaming behind him.

  • ok- cue all the football lovers that will jump on my comments the philly fan way. my bad- i misspoke. My point was/is…. im pissed at football again.

  • Nmandi and DRC are very good press corners and thats what we need. Asante still has tread on the tires and that LCB position will work itself out. Todd Bowles will bring some toughness and tackling to this defense. He expressed that as his #1 priority along with making sure everybody’s in their correct position when attacking offenses.

    Glad we will franchise djax with the possibility of a long term deal. I believe he’s going to play the best he’s ever played this year and I’m looking forward to it.

    Though I like Moss, i would prolly take Plax because he’s in shape, is an ex giant (who’s prolly looking to burn them) and he scored a respectable 8 TD’s last year with a mediocre Qb in Sanchez.

  • Not tryna bash your angle Stevo. I agree…pro football after the Birds are done is pretty whacked. Compared to when our squad is in the mix. I feel you on that. I think im somewhat with you though. I just tend to keep myself into the p-offs because it helps me nitpick the crap out of the Birds.

    How many of us sat around with our buds during this p-off run comparing our Birds to these teams in the p-offs. Hate that,but we do it. And to think all we hadda do is have Jeremy hold the ball on the rocket screen…bozo.Come on!!!

    Rocko….good points on Plax!!Feelin the 8 td’s with a mediocre q.Our q was mediaocre last year too and is 5 trimes as talented.Give em a year with us and he’ll fix the red-zone.

  • Rocko – I’d just as happily take Burress. That Jets offense was god awful all around – you’re being to kind. Their run game was ATROCIOUS as was their OL. (I’m not defending Sanchez though, don’t get me wrong there).

    But in terms of Moss – I don’t think we know that he’s not in shape. He could be in great shape for all we know…

  • Really Castillo had too many personnel fires to put out, basically by himself to be trying to put together defensive schemes on top of that. Jeremiah Trotter seems to be getting a lot of support to stick around here from the local media and businesses I’d really like to see him get added to the coaching staff. I’d also like to see Brian Dawkins come back as a player/coach, retire as an Eagle and move right into coaching here. Dawk, even in small doses on the field will get a lot of DBs in the correct state of mind to play physical football. WE ALL SHOULD KNOW THAT “WEAPON X” AINT COMIN BACK UNLESS DONOVAN IS BACK SINCE HE’S A THE BIGGEST MCNABB FAN AROUND, SO THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN TOO.

  • Ill take either. Partner them with the guys we have right now. Id lean towards buress slightly but whatever.

    I love what im hearing about Bowles getting these guys working on bringing people down. Perhaps PapaJuan will let him play with his LB’s once in a while.

    btw- Im trademarking “PapaJuans”.

  • Butch- one thing to think about…. Trott did poorly in Washington because he was left out there to think. In philly he was told to smash the gaps. Im all for Gap smashing- you all know that- but I think we need more than that from the LB coach.

  • @Dcar, check this out dude, I don’t care if Cobb is point out something that he read somewhere else, he’s a negative a@@ when it comes to the Eagles, even when there is something positve to write, he tends to find something negative to say. I’m not clueless and I for dam sure not a clown…………alright. You’re right he played the game, but guess what he didn’t win a Superbowl either when playing with the Eagles but he whines like a bitch about this team not winning. only in his writing, but he also does it when he’s on WIP, but will flip the scipt when he wants an interview from one of the players. I find it real hard to respect someone who can see the faults in others but can’t see there own…………..meaning GCobb didn’t win a Superbowl either, I am just wondering what’s his excuse.

  • GCobb for next HC of the Eagles…

    You guys are right about B Taylor not being a grea tackler,but he still was better and more physical that the EAgles CB’s
    Jeselio Hanson after being released last off-season, then he signed a new 2 year Deal so technically, he is under Contract for the 2012 Season for Eagles to answer for ZeroSuperBowls..

  • peace, to be fair, Garry is great about spelling, grammar, and anti-virus protection on his website.

  • Butch Dawk has been very very clear about staying in Denver.

    BUT – what about Westy? He made some appearances on the media front and was nothing short of excellent. Remember the falling down on the 1 yard line play? (of course you do). And many others – he’d be a HEADY coach of sorts – that’s my pipedream ex-player coaching idea right there…

  • Schiller – Glad we agree on something; you’re right, we don’t know if moss is in shape or not, but we do plax; and I believe that’s the safer bet.

    Stevo – “PapaJuan” like! That’s a good one. To bad i didn’t think of that one first (chuckle)!

    I don’t know if Kuechly is NFL material at 237 lbs. He was decent in college, but 237 lbs at this level with B Jacobs and 245-50 TE’s blocking you will be tough on the NFL level. I don’t know, but imo that seems kinda like a gamble. The Giants have Lb’s who are 250 plus like we did when we had “Trotter and his crew” here when we had a 5 year run. We need some beef here and I don’t know if these “high motor” (per Andy) guys are what we need to make a run at it.

  • @schiller……………..Ok

  • peace112 – Just FYI, i could not have possibly have been more sarcastic with that last comment to you. I’d have SO much more respect for Garry if he conducted this website as if it mattered to him….

  • Is Peace112 related to Meta World Peace of the Lakers..

  • Let’s forget about Burfict…we’ll get a bum and maybe the Giants get a hard nosed assassin to haunt us for the next decade.

    burfict would do better with a team with a superior coaching staff who know what to do with talent..

    Who need a smasher anyway?

    We have Character…

    “green vomit”

  • LB Victor Burfict is this version of Safety Taylor Mays from 2 years ago..
    Remember everyone was so ga-ga for him and he hasn’t done shit in 2 NFL Seasons.. He has bad attitude, poor technique and uncoachable.. screw him

  • Paulman, you know Burfict will be drafted regardless of where he falls right? So, some team is going to get raw top 10 talent if we’re just examining talent.

    Teams picked over Djax because of Character issues yet he have 2 pro bowls under his belt and about to pocket 9 mill.

    We picked garbage ass Trevor Laws before Djax…So, I don’t want to hear it.

    An NFL team will draft Burfict …so why can’t that team be the Eagles?

    It’s not like the NFL will ignore him because of these issues. He’s mean and intimidates. That’s what the Eagles need. We don’t need just another role guy…Trot had fire in his prime and even he said Burfict have “it”.

  • Because the Eagles don’t draft those type of Players with that many character flaws, that’s why Songs.. You have overstated this Burfict’s ability for 3 months now.. have you seen any games that Arizona State played this year, his performance on the field and the sideline leaves a lot to be desired.. Hes no Team leader that I saw and a marginal tackler who will make some big hits but take lots of poor angles on others. Give me Donte Hightower, Bobby Wagner,Audi Cole, Sean Spence,Nigel Bradham or Shea McClellin over Burfict any day..

  • Give me Burfict over any linebacker you’ve named ..Paulman.

    He will be a beast in the NFL and one of many players the Eagles have the audacity to pass over for absolutely nothing.

    I was hearing the character label on Sapp…and we answered with a high Character guy by the name of Mike Mamula.

    Coaches are paid to coach players with different personalities. A real coach could teach Burfict to harness those rough edges but cut them loose when needed.

    That alone may exclude the Eagles.

  • JEagles just don’t go afer those type of guys like CB Jimmy Smith last year and Safety Taylor Mays before that, that’s the way it is… there are 100’s of players in this Draft and many good LB’s to choose from…
    Warren Sapp failed a Pot Test during teh combine workouts which was a stupid mistake on his part and the biggest reason why 3/4 of the NFL stayed away from him, the fact that he ended up turning into a great player is a credit to him and the work he put in and to the excellent Coaches he had in Tampa (DL Coach R Marinelli, DC Monte Kiffen and HC Tony Dungy) know how to put Defenses together (Simeon RIce, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch)

  • So called character issues guys are good for defense, I agree with songs, remember Jerome brown, so called character issues, ray Lewis, character issues, that beast from the lions, mean, nasty, character issues, but that’s what you want, defense is all about character issues, mean, nasty characters

  • Songs and Jakedog – I like what you guys are saying about character issue guys with mean attitudes. Sounds like my kinda guy. Burfict is 6’3 250lbs and that my friends is big, mean and nasty, Sounds like a young Trot to me. Thats the kind of nastiness we need around here. Character issue guys win championships. Go ask James Harrison and Ray lewis, The Giants have some very nasty Lb’s as well. Screw small character issues and get some nastiness around here. I believe Bowles will come in here and help straighten some of that out. Greg lloyd was also nasty. Nastiness is the name of this draft, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We can sit and debate whether it’s good to hae a coupld of loose cannons on your Defense, I am just stating that the Eagles hae a history of staying away from these type of players and I would expect them to continue that trend
    Draft Prospects who have had Coachability issues, Drug Issues and run-ins with the Law don’t get Drafted by the EAgles and that’s the way it is, so for players who have these issues, yuo may as well cross them off your Mock Drafts for the Eagles do not bring these type of guys into ther Organization

  • peace112, you have a right to your opinion. My @$$clown comment was really a jab at Schiller, not you. He has a history of unfounded Gary & media bashing, on here, & is a very unlikeable nitwit. No offense intended to you.

  • Schiller, it’s comments like this-
    February 14, 2012 – 3:14 pm
    Dcar – great to hear you have some healthy outlets. Now lay off the roids and you’ll be on track.
    THAT MAKE YOU A CLUELESS DICK HEAD! Never used, nor ever will use a drug. Been an athlete my entire life. I don’t need PED’s or any other type of physical altering drugs. By the sounds of it you may need some Viagra. Because you need help in the get a girl department. Don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know anything about. See I could do it too, by my comments above. Get a life brother, & worry about yourself, instead of criticizing everyone else on here.

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