• June 27, 2022

The Eagles, The Salary Cap And NFL Free Agency

The Philadelphia Eagles have added even more room to their salary cap number for 2012 after the restructuring of standout defensive linemen Cullen Jenkins’ contract.  The Eagles are currently around $23 million below the salary cap limit, which in and of itself should allow them to make another “splash” in free agency.

In addition, if they cut cornerback Asante Samuel, as most expect they will, they could add approximately $9.5 million of cap room, giving them $32.5 million to play with in 2012.

Trading Samuel, who is 31 years of age and has a hefty contract isn’t going to be easy, which is why the team may have to end up simply releasing him.  It’s going to be interesting to see if the Eagles brass decides to go “fantasy football style” again this offseason, or if they look for more depth in free agency as opposed to a few big named additions.

The club is sure to look to the offensive side of the ball with some of their cap dollars, as the DeSean Jackson situation remains unresolved, even though the Eagles are expected to franchise him for approximately $9.4 million in 2012.  What happens after they franchise him is anyone’s guess, but according to General Manager Howie Roseman, he wants to continue to see Jackson in a Philadelphia uniform.

However, I anticipate Jackson being traded and the Eagles pursuing someone like Marques Colston to fill the void left by DeSean’s departure at wide receiver.  They also need to decide what they are going to do about locking up Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy long term (which SHOULD be a no-brainer).

As I mentioned in a previous article, rumors have been swirling regarding the Eagles possible addition of linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who, in reality fits the depth category as well as the big name category.  Tulloch is player that could make an immediate impact on an Eagles defense that has been struggling for years to solidify the linebacker position.

Curtis Lofton is arguably the best middle linebacker available, but I think Tulloch’s history in the wide 9 scheme makes him a better option for an Eagles team that needs immediate help at the position.  While Brian Rolle seems to have the weakside linebacker spot locked up, the other two spots are up in the air.

With the scouting combine taking place this week and the draft soon to follow, there’s a good possibility we will soon get a better idea of how things are going to play out with the 2012 Eagles roster.

Carl Conrad

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  • Lofton would be a stud for years and Tulloch would come in and floss from day one…either or fixes the defense.

    Who was talking up Mario Williams?I like that p-u now….he would make the defense a lil more rugged against the run.

    Trading Jackson isnt gonna happen,a team isnt gonna give up a high pick for him. Specially after they franchise him…whats the sense.Keep the O goin.

  • Falcons are going to Franchise MLB Lofton so he won’t be available
    Tulloch will be on the market since the Lions have Cap issues and probably can’t afford him and sitting with the #23 Pick, they could be in line for a Donta Hightower/Vontaeze Burfict if they want to replace Tulloch…
    I think the Eagles will talk to MLB London Fletcher, who per sources would love to fiinish career playing in Philly for a chance for a Super Bowl
    As far as Mario Williams, absolutely not going to happen, DE Trent COle would have to be traded for that to happen so don’t get your hopes up too high
    (one potential Scenario would be Eagles to Trade Trent Cole to the Patriots who Belecheck just loves) and then open up a Roster Spot for Mario WIlliams, but remember Williams is an everydown type of player, you are not going to pay him $15 Million per season to be a rotational player…

  • Tulloch will due. Feel you on Williams. Not a good idea.Wonder what Hoodie would think of you stating such manlove for Trent Cole?

  • Nice article Carl

    Last week the Availaible Salary Cap Figure that I sw and read about was approx $15 Million .
    Where did you get this $23 Million of available Cap space figure that you mentioned in article…Do you have a source/web-site you can share for this is a pretty big difference on what was reported last week…

  • I think Mario Williams will end up with the Falcons/Panthers/Jags/Dolphins and quite possibly the Cowboys … He’s a good old Southern boy from NC and very unlikely he wants to relocate up North per those close to him…
    Remember the JAgs have a new Owner with deep pockets, lots of Cap Space and a real need to get some big name players to help keep them in Jacksonville as their fan base keeps declining… (and probably a little push from NFC Commisoner Goodell as well who wants JAcksonville to remarin a viable franchise.)

  • I dont really seeing them having to spend too much in-house anyway, u HAVE to resign Mathis, after that who else is there? They can do Mc coy in the middle of the season like they always do with their young guys, I hear you Paulman on Fletcher but at this stage of the game we might be better of with Tulloch only because he knows the wide-9 and he can slip right in, plus the guy can still flat out play, i think he had over a 150 tackles last year, n who knows how many plays he assisted on, thats someone who has a nose for the ball.

  • @paul….The site Carl got the cap info from is eaglescap.com. They estimated this years cap space in addition to cap space adjusted from last year. It’s based on a $122 million cap. Currently, they estimate the Eagles cap space will be $28 million

  • paulman why in the hell would the eagles have to trade trent cole just to get super mario if they will end up having like 30million under the cap.The eagles coluld trade babin or tapp why would you get rid of cole the eagles d-line will look this next season super mario,jenkins,fat albert,cole thats your first line the 2nd team d-line will be graham,patterson,dixon,babin write it down the eagles front office loves the o-line and d-line they belive you win with those two things now if you had 2 d-lines look like that every qb should be scared to death. and paulman just incase you ask how they get the 30mill the asante trade or release

  • Tulloch seems to me to be a no-brainer and then draft a young LB with their first pick. Lock up McCoy and pay Mathis. Either sign D-Jax or go after Colston/V-Jax. I hope they take a good strong look at Plax too. He is killer in the red zone. Would like to see them sign/draft a big fat DE to put next to Jenkins for when Dixon gets hurt again.

  • Tulloch had 111 Tackles last Season 3 Sacks and 2 Int’s
    He just turned 27 this past January and really hasn’t had any injury issues that I am aware of… He is in his prime and will probably command a pretty big Contract
    I would lke to see the Eagles Trade or Release CB Samuel & DE D Tapp and OT W Justice which frees up approx $14 MIllion of Salary, then add a
    LB Tulloch, a Big Target WR and SS and FB, then Draft at DL,OLB,OL,WR,RB,CB,QB Depth

  • Howie Roseman left alot of sour mouths in the NFL front offices the last two years trying to trade Kolb and McNabb — and then that team would have to pay Desean 9.4 million and lose a high draft choice then deal with Drew Rosenhaus —— Why do so many reporters believe all that is going to happen? only QB’s can make that happen but Howie is going to accomplish what no other team has ever done with a WR. C’mon

  • Steve Spagnola did not want to come to the Eagles and all these “Dream Team” free agents last season did not shine — the Eagles are not an attractive destination for Defensive Free Agents this off season– The Eagles would have to overpay up front which is not Joe Banner’s Gold Standard way — If Steve Spagnola sees a sinking ship why would Player Agents not also see it

  • Paulman you are incorrect. the Falcons will NOT franchise Lofton because the word on the street is they will tag their CB Brent Grimes instead. They (atlanta) also think he is a liability in the pass and during this past season, That is what is being reported on Atlanta sportstalk radio. They always took him out on their passing 3rd downs.

  • sorry for the fragmented sentences fellas…

  • Nice article – Navy’s off-season plan –

    1) resign Mathis and Landri – tender Dixon
    2) McCoy can be extended mid-year
    3) trade/cut whatever with Asant Samuel – go with Asmo, DRC and Hansen – and we have drafted a couple CBs the last two years –
    4) Fix LB –
    direction A – Bring in Fletcher and use early pick on LB
    direction B – Bring in younger FA (Tolluch) and early-mid round on LB
    5) Fix Safety – could we get BArron from ‘Bama at 15? –
    6) Find back up QB, #3 RB
    7) Get a full time, dedicated kick returner – get rid of Chad HAll if you need to – but someone who knows his purpose in life is to return kicks
    8) Depth on O Line (J Jackson gone – some someone else who can be a center)

    Not as hard over on having D JAx back as many – would be nice but Wallace from Pittsburg – couple other add the ‘speed’ factor……

    Will be very interested in seeing how they combine the draft?FA market to strengthen safety and LB –

  • you whats crazy if you look at tullock stats they look the same as chaney’s stats so is he really a up grade ?

  • Thanks Haran
    I didn’t realize Teams Cap were going to up $122 Million
    I was thinking it was $115 Last Season, but maybe it was $120 Million.

  • @ reed.. you are accurate on the Falcons & Lofton. But I have to agree with Paulman as Tulloch is the better fit, IMO

  • To Gloomy,
    Babin is 31 and has less Trade Value than Trent Cole which is younger and playes a better all arounf DE… Babin has a bigger Contract and most are probably not sure how he would perform under a “non-Wide 9 Scheme”..
    Cole would have to go to make room for Williams..

  • Spags did not want to come to Philly because he is not a believer in the Wide-9 Scheme that DL Coach Washburn will only Coach, I went thru this a 100 times
    As long as Washburn is the DL Coach, Spags was not coming to Philly, plain and simple.. Spags wants to run his own schemes and Wide 9 is not part of his packages..

  • To Reed
    My Sources tell me they are close to signing CB B Grimes to a long-term Deal
    (It’s Costs a lot more to “Franchise-Tag” a CB position than a MLB position which is a more demanding,high profile position)

  • Paulman —Daryll Tapp is better than Hunt, Parker and Graham —- why do you want to remove him and create a weakness behind Trent Cole

  • ***Trade Rumor****

    Eagles Trade CB Samuel (who agrees to re-structure his contract) to the Dallas Cowboys for their 4th Round Pick and RB Felix Jones…

  • the only team considering paying Desean Jackson 9.4 million in 2012 is the Eagles — I don’t think he gets that on the open market which means he has no trade value not even a 7th round pick

  • **Another Trade Rumor**

    Eagles Trade DE Trent Cole, WR Jasan Avant, CB Joselio Hanson and their #15 Overall Pick to the Cleveland Browns for their 1st Round Pick (#4th Overall)

    – The Eagles then take this #4 Pick and trade it to the Oakland Raiders for WR/Returnman Jacoby Ford, and OLB Aaron Curry and the Raiders #1 Pick in 2013
    – The Eagles then Trade D-Jax to the to the Arizona Cardinals for Back-up QB K Kolb and their 2nd Round PIck in 2013

    The Eagles Front Office states they are ready to reload in 2013 ..

  • To Eagles0Superbowls
    The Eagles are not going to pay Tapp $3.6 Million to be a 20 snaps a game Rotational Player..

  • paulman that would be a good trade with the brown only if the eagles sign super mario,and only had to give up a 2nd and 3rd pick

  • and if the eagles signed plax

  • I think after the Combine week when Coach AR.MM and GM Roseman see all the Speed that will be on display at the WR position (Kendall Wright, Jarius Wright, Joe Adams) that there is no way the Eagles place a “franchise Tag” on D-Jax.. I think they will make hiim a final offer this Weekend and he will have to Monday 2/27 to accept/decline their Offer.. They will not jeopardize a $9.5 Million Salary on a player they really don’t want long term.. and this is regardless of Eagles HC AR’s future status post 2012..

  • That’s what I mean Gloomy,
    The only way to Eagles sign a M Williams is by moving Trent COle, but the problem is the Free-agency is coming up with the Draft not for another 6 Weeks down the road so signing a Free-Agent where you forcing a trade for Draft time but not be as easy to do and then what happens if the trade falls through.. now yo have too many DE’s and not enough snaps to go around..

  • I think Trent Cole makes half as much as Babin — if M Williams comes to Philly Babin is gone before Trent Cole

  • why would the eagles want mario williams? Pass rush is their strenght, no need to spend big to enhance your strength when you have weaknesses. You guys are dreaming with your man crushes, use your brain a bit

  • Exactly Schiller whch is why the “Super Mario” to the Eagles is pie in the sky, wishful thinking and not going to happen..
    To Eagles0Superbowls, Babin has very little Trade Value where many teams would love to have a a Trent Cole (Patriots,Panthes,Falcons,Browns,Titans,Jags to name a few)
    Jon Hart has been clamoring for Mario WIlliams for about a month now and I am trying to point out how ridiculous that notion really is..albeit in a confusing way… ha ha

  • If the Eagles somehow managed to get the #4 pick they would probably have access to either Griffin or Blackmon…they wouldn’t turn their nose up to either.

    I like Tulloch for his experience, but I think the Gary Brackett could be unhinged from the Colts for a 4th or a 3rd. Brackett would be more of an impact player and might improve the D’s turnover rate. If the Eagles could successfully pull that off Dont’a Hightower would be my guy at #15 for SAM. If Vontaze Burfict was still floating around in the 2nd round I’d pick him up too.

  • Even having said all of that I would still consider taking Burfict with the #15. That dude is just a freak of nature and made for an aggressive “Down Hill” game.

  • RGIII is listed 6-2 220lbs
    Anyone want to bet he comes in at 5-11 1/2″ at tops… he may end up dropping a a few spots for there are some legitimate issues about his lack of height..

  • Burftict will fall to the mid/late 2nd Round
    LB’s Upsahw,Kuechley,Hightower, Wagner will all be chosen before him

  • Paulman..you’re right.Burfict will fall.

    But he’ll end up being better than every other linebacker drafted ahead of him..So, what would that tell us about the experts?

  • The Eagles will be making a huge mistake to franchise Desean. They can get a better player for 9.5 M. It looks like the Steelers are not going to be able to sign Mike Wallace, so a team has the option of going after him if they want to give up a first round pick. A no brainer for someone like the 49ers who would be giving up the 30th pick. So you have to wonder what trade market there is for Desean if you can get Colston, Bowe or V Jackson for nothing and Wallace who is better all around player for a first rounder. The answer is you are going to risk paying 9.5 M for a third round pick. The last thing the Eagles got with the third round pick was Stewart Bradley in 2007. So how valuable is a third round pick around here? They need to just let him walk and draft a WR in the first round. In the meantime they can pick up a Robert Meachem or a Burress without breaking the bank. There are just better ways to spend 9.5 M. For that money they could get a MLB, a veteran WR and pay their first round pick all for the price of a guy that will give you 60 catches and 5 or 6 TDs. Oh but lets not forget how he stretches the field. Seriously? You D Jack lovers need to wake up and look at reality. He is not going to get big bucks and then “ball out” with 80 catches and 10 TDs. People who believe this are dellusional. The kid has no work ethic and he has peaked.

  • As GM Wanna-Be, my first NFL Draft for the Eagles for the first 3 Rounds goes something like this

    1st Rd (#15) If LB’s Upshaw,Kuechley and Hightower are all on the board,
    I take C Upshaw and pencil him in as my starting MLB…
    (If Upshaw is gone, then I trade down a few spots and select MLB Hightower and gain an extra pick in the draft)
    2nd (# 47) Take the best DT on the Board (B Thompson or Kendall Reyes)
    2nd (# 51) Take the best DE on the Board (Vinny Curry,Chandler Jones or Cam Johnson)
    3rd (#79) Take the best WR on the Board (Nick Toon, J Criner, B Quick,D Jones)

  • MLB watch….Tulloch is not going anywhere but Detroit. Hawthorne will not get out of Seattle. Lofton may be available but its doubtful. So now we look to Dan Conner (always seems to get hurt). DeAndre Leavy is a stiff that was so good that Detroit signed Tulloch last year. But don’t be surprised if he winds up here. He was weak at WILL for Detroit last year but he would be cheap and the Eagles like that. So would Conner because he has been a back up. Larry Grant is restricted so forget that one. He will cost a 2nd round pick most likely. But given SF won’t match the offer, I would take him if they tender him at a third round level. Lofa Tatupou is a scary thought. You could get him for a song which is all he’s worth because he’s finished and damaged goods. Not a great FA MLB market unless you can get Lofton. I would go after a good two down SAM like Manny Lawson and just stick with Chaney before I bothered with Conner, Leavy or Lofa. And I wouldn’t draft Kuechly with the 15th pick. He would be terrific if the Steelers drafted him for the 3-4, but he will be a minor bust here. He would be slightly better than Chaney because I think he is smarter and more instinctive, but I don’t know if that is worth the 15th pick. I would rather take a WR and ditch Desean and his bad attitude as well as put some pressure on Maclin to step it up.

  • Jbird, the Eagles like cheap? Please provide proof, that myth has been long dispelled. Why didn’t you get the memo?

  • If we let go of Asante, I would like for Desean to be re-signed.

    I don’t want to lose TWO big playmakers on both sides of the ball in one offseason.

  • paulman…a smart guy like you should know Upshaw is a 3-4 rush LB. Bad pick. I’m going WR and letting Desean walk. Of course that all depends on what I can get in FA at MLB. I would seriously sign Lawson and Fat Albert and just stick with Chaney. If Fat Al decides to play some, you won’t even notice that Chaney is mediocre and Lawson covers his ass some as well. Give me Lawson, Fat Al and Robert Meachem for the same price as Desean’s franchise tag for all three. Then draft a WR and a MLB prospect in the second round. If Chaney can’t get it done, you send the kid out there later on a la Omar Gaither (when we benched McCoy) or Akeem Jordan (when we benched Gaither).

  • schill….thanks for reminding me. But I would rather have some feedback on the post than a defense of the FO. Lets see what they pay Shady in the next few months (or if they pay him) before you release that memo. Now…I would love your feedback on the MLB market as I laid it out.

  • Birdo…I get your logic but they are both poor locker room guys and not worth anymore than half what they would cost.

  • Fletcher Cox…..Hmmm. I see visions of Corey Simon, Broderick Bunkley, Trevor Laws, Mike Patterson. None of which would be worth the 15th pick. Another Eagles DL bust. WR has the best value here. MLB and DT are both very risky here. But lets not forget DRC and Cole are both in the last year of their contracts and the Eagles like to look ahead. DE/CB is not out of the question and neither is trading down. We could get two nothings in the third round if we trade down. AR’s third round picks: Westbrook, Burgess, Bradley, and then all absolute trash. Third round is a killer for this FO.

  • You guys work too much. I have a work ethic like Desean Jackson. Thats why I can blog like this.

  • JBird — Corey Simon was an all-pro defensive tackle….wtf are you talking about?

  • Upshaw played MLB in HIgh School and was moved to OLB at Alabama because of Donta Hightower, If you watch nay of the Babam Games, Upshaw played Inside quite a bit and especially against Passing teams and passing downs sice he has better lateral quickness than Hightower.. Upshaw is 6-4 265lbs and can play all 3 LB spots and probably get down in a 3 Point Stance and rush the pass as a DE if needed.. He provides the most versaitility and athletic upside than either Hightower,Kuechely or Burfict in my opinion which is why I draft him at #15 if he is still there..

  • Birdo…what are you talking about? You sound like Dave Spadaro. The officially accepted NFL definition of an “ALL-PRO” is someone who has been voted to the FIRST TEAM AP ALL PRO team. Not second team or elected to the PB. So never ever use the term all pro to refer to anything other than that. Corey Somon made THE PRO BOWL once in 2003. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SimoCo00.htm. There is your link. Now never refer to Corey Simon as AP ever again. Thanks!

  • And for all to be informed. AP Trent Cole is inappropriate usage as well. That would be like using Sir at the beginning of my name when I was never knighted. Trent Cole was SECOND TEAM AP ALL PRO once. That does not make him AP.

  • Andy Reid has drafted four APs. Westbrook, Shawn Andrews, Lito Shepperd and Shady. They all made AP once.

  • Corey Simon was one of the best DT’s in the game when he played here. That makes him an All-Pro in MY book.

    Don’t compare him to bums like Bunkley and Patterson — that’s just unfair.

  • Birdo….I accept your point and you are right. He was better than Bunkley and Patterson. And I guess a player of his caliber might be worth the 15th pick. Just please don’t call him AP. That irks me. That is a distinction of high honor which should be used appropriately. When you call Trent Cole or Corey Simon AP it cheapens the term which should be used to refer to a HOF player like Dawkins (where it is accurate). Not the same class.

  • Birdo..Corey Simon was drafted when Marc Ross was over our scouting dept. he’s responsible for the picks that lead to 2 superbowls with the Giants and could be the key ingredient that catapulted the Gmen over our losing organization.

  • Corey Simon was not a bust. That was a quality pick.

  • I’m all for drafting Courtney Upshaw to play MLB but does he want to play MLB? The eagles have 6 WILL linebackers on the roster and 5 Free Safeties — they need at least one real Strong Safety, one real MLB, and one real SAM Backer before first the OTA/ Mini camp

  • Simon was a good selection, everyone in town that year wanted Peter Warrick even the birds second round pick that year was better than Warrick ( Todd Pinkston)

  • eagles0….good point. OLB in a 3-4 is a better paying gig and the kid would prefer that. Just like people use to always say, “Sheldon Brown can tackle. Make him a safety.” And I agreed. Problem is Sheldon wanted CB scale which is much higher. If the Browns cut him by the way he stated he is open to safety now and we could use him for starter/back up/roatation and veteran leadership.

  • Simon was decent but I’m not sure one PB and seven years is value for a top ten pick. You are kind of looking for perennial AP with that high of a pick.

  • jbird Corey Simon was the best DT in that draft even looking at it today and probably the 2nd or 3rd best DL in the draft behind John Abraham and maybe Sean Ellis — he was a solid pick —————–only Tom Brady, Brian Waters, Sebastion Janikowski, Shawn Alexander, and Abraham would qualify under your demands for a top ten pick that year — it wasn’t a great overall draft

  • Simon was a fine pick at the time. We would do the same thing again today and i would again support it. Dont focus too much on the probowl- its not that big a deal.

  • Jbird, I would be happy with any of the top FA mlbs.

  • I do think the Eagles pick-up a Veteran Free-Agent MLB and then Draft OLB at in the 2nd and 4th or 5th Rounds
    Do remember that it is no given that Chaney is 100% helathy after having a procedure on his neck area as well as DT Mike Patterson being 100% either after his Brain Procedure… If I were Eagles, plan to replace this Draft/Free-Agnecy and if thy return back to 100%, then so mo much the better depth…but it would be foolinsh to count on them being 100% and able to produce like they have in the past.. same with Special Teams Ace Colt Anderson, major Knee injury/surgery at the end of December, I would not count on his return at all for 2012 ..

  • JBird — you obviously just became a birds fan recently…..or you would know that putting Simon with the likes of Bunkley is simply absurd.

    Eagle fans that have been through the thick and thin with this team know that Corey Simon was a quality pick and was one of the best at his position during the time that he was in PHILADELPHIA……as you can see by the responses you received above.

  • he was Sean Andrews on the D side. How it all went wrong will go down as a Great Eagles mystery never to be solved.

  • Corey SMith was a very good player his 1st 3 Seasons in Philly and then put on a little too much weight and also had some type of medical condtion which I can’t remember the specifics, but he was a very good player when healthy

    Rumor Mill a blazing in Indy…
    Eagles to Send CB Samuel, WR D-Jax and their 1st Round Pick (#15) and their 2nd Round Pick (#51 Overall) to the SL Rams for the #2 Overall Pick and select QB RGIII

  • Make that Corey Simon..

  • Boo Trent Edwards and Howie and Andy for bringing in a never was

  • I have no problem with Trent Edwards, a full minicamp n OTAs with AR n MM will make him a good backup for us, way better than VY.

  • pman- no more drugs for you.

  • agree Andrew. I would also like to see if campbell becomes free or Tjack.

  • Continue the Runor Mill
    Meanwhile the Eagles Trade QB M Vick & OT W Justice to the Seahawks for their 1st & 3rd Round Pick in 2012 and a 3rd Round Pick in 2013
    Eagles also Trade OT W Justice and DE T Cole to the Vikings for their
    2nd Round Pick in 2012 and 3rd Round in 2013
    Eagles also trade DT D Tapp to the Panthers for their 4th Round Pick in 2012
    Eagles also trade WR J Avant to the Browns for their 5th Round Pick
    Eagles also trade CB J Hanson to the Colts for their 5th Round Pick
    Eagles also trade OLB M Fokou to the Falcons for their 6th Round Pick

    Lots of moving parts..

  • J Campbell is a free-agent, the issue will be his shoulder that he injured last season and had subsequent surgery on… I am not certain if it’s his throwing shoulder or not.. I would like to the see the EAgles bring in Chad Henne or Dennis Dixon for workouts and see how they look..

  • The biggest problem I keep mentioning with more and more people wanting the Eagles to release Samuel as that neither Nnamdi nor DRC are ball hawks. What does losing Samuel do to a defense that already didn’t get enough turnovers last year to be competitive?

  • Paulman, what are u talking about? We just signed Trent Edwards! Their not bringing in no Campbell or Henne, its over! we have out 3 QBs for 2012.

  • Most likley Free-Agent SIgnings by the Eagles

    Back-up QB – Trent Richards
    Back-up RB – Clinton Portis
    Back-up WR – Jabar Gaffney
    MLB – Joe Mays
    SS – Sean Considine

    Is everyone excited for the 2012 Season

  • Trent Frikkin’ Edwards.

    Vick and Edwards. Gdamn depressing.

    Are they trying to set some sort of 2 year % intercepted record?? First young, now Edwards……..We could pick better QBs throwing darts.

    Hopefully he’s just a body. Please let that be the case.

  • Official salary cap figures-

    $13.9 million, QB, Michael Vick
    $11 million, CB, Nnamdi Asomugha
    {$10.5 million, CB, Asante Samuel}—
    $8.542 million, OL, Jason Peters
    $6.05 million, DE, Jason Babin
    {$4.256 million, OL, Winston Justice}—
    {$4.052 million, DT, Mike Patterson}—
    $4 million, DE, Trent Cole
    $3.787 million, TE, Brent Celek
    $2.6333 million, OL, Todd Herremans
    {$2.575 million, DE, Darryl Tapp}—
    $2.535 million, DE, Brandon Graham
    $2.34325 million, WR, Jeremy Maclin
    $2.21 million, WR Jason Avant
    $2.06375 million, CB, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    {$1.875 million, OL, Jamaal Jackson}—
    $1.866 million, S, Nate Allen
    $1.80363 million, OL, Danny Watkins
    $1.05 million, CB, Joselio Hanson
    $957,533, RB, LeSean McCoy
    $908,335, LS, Jon Dorenbos
    $817,898, S, Jaiquawn Jarrett
    {$700,000, LB, Akeem Jordan}—
    $656,696, LB, Keenan Clayton
    $656,696, QB, Mike Kafka
    $653,225, TE Clay Harbor
    $637,500, CB, Dominique Johnson
    $635,880, CB, Curtis Marsh
    {$627,439, LB, Moise Fokou}—
    $615,000, S, Tom Nelson
    $582,869, WR, Riley Cooper
    $573,716, LB, Casey Matthews
    $570,027, PK, Alex Henery
    $555,062, LB, Jamar Chaney
    $550,842, S, Kurt Coleman
    $540,000, S, Colt Anderson
    $540,000, WR, Chad Hall
    $540,000, CB, Brandon Hughes
    $512,220, RB, Dion Lewis
    $506,200, OL, Julian Vandervelde
    $489,358, OL, Jason Kelce
    $489,150, LB, Brian Rolle
    $486,666, LB, Phillip Hunt
    $470,833, P, Charles Henry
    $465,000, WR, Mardy Gilyard
    $465,000, CB, Trevard Lindley
    $465,000, LB, Greg Lloyd
    $465,000, DT, Cedric Thornton
    $396,666, TE, Brett Brackett
    $390,000, RB, Graig Cooper
    $390,000, DE, Greg Fountain
    $390,000, WR, Jamel Hamler
    $390,000, FB, Stanley Havili
    $390,000, WR, Ronald Johnson
    $390,000, OL, Dallas Reynolds
    $390,000, OL, Zane Taylor
    With the already $23M, & the extra $24.58M with my above savings in quotations, they will have no problems, nor excuses to sign whoever they need, to upgrade this sad defense, & back-ups. Get it done Rosebuds & Reid, you incompetent morons!

  • Can we get Upshaw & Hightower? PLEASE!!! LMAO!!! How cool, yet a pipe dream, would that be!?

  • Dcar nice post, Going off on that there is no reason SHady should enter this year without a new deal…you cannot be cheap when it comes to the best player on the team. I also think Shady is a straight up competitor that hates to lose so the big money won’t change him or the way he plays like it wold for others.

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