• June 25, 2022

Michael Vick Isn’t Bothered At All About Bounties

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick didn’t seem to be bothered by the bounty system which the New Orleans Saints were involved in during the last three years.  If anything Vick seemed to telling the NFL that he doesn’t want them to stop it.

“It’s a part of the game now”, Vick told 3News in Virginia. “To sit here and try to make light of the situation whether it was right or wrong, I won’t try to justify that. I just think, what a team does is there own personal business, that goes on in-house. I don’t think it’s anything personal towards certain players”.

“It’s a compliment if anything, they don’t want you out there, you’re too good, if you stay out there they’re going to beat you. And I think for the most part it never really happens. You put a bounty on a player, you may hit him once or twice, he’ll bounce back up and nine times out of ten he’ll finish the game. Because the things that I seen that happened to Brett Favre, if (Brett) Favre was able to get up, he’ll finish the game and I think for the most part he did. So, I won’t touch on it, but, don’t take the fun out of the game”.

“I’ve been told plenty of times that there’s been bounties out on me. I won’t say what teams because it’s not important and there will be probably 13 bounties out on me out of the 16 games that we play this year, so, it’s all fun. It’s all a part of the game and I just have to dodge those guys and make them play harder”.


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  • Whatever happened to that Kevin Kolb kid and all of his supporters?

  • Bounties don’t matter when you have the fastest most athletically dynamic QB to ever play the game as your starting QB. But still there are some, especially on this site (and you know who you are) who think the Eagles should get some one like Brady, Brees, or Manning so that this team can have a “real” QB. The lack of mobility and athleticism of these guys is what have cost their teams in recent years (that is until the league started protecting them with “Brady Rules”,a more forgiving intentional grounding rule, and ridiculous roughing the passer calls. I truly hope Vick doesn’t listen to his idiot detractors who say he needs to stay in the pocket more so he can play like a “real” QB. When the play breaks down and the receivers aren’t open and the line isn’t holding up I want to see him break the pocket and burn the opposing teams defense for 20+ yds. I want to see Vick do what only he can do. After all how many 32 yr old QB’s can run a sub 4.4 40yd dash? Oh… and yes I’d like to see him slide more so he can keep frustrating defenses for 16 games.

  • To Lionsden
    QB is about Passing Proficiency, Ball security and reading,knowing Defense’s in order to take addvantage of mis-matches that favor your Recievers, this is the Key Area the Vick is nowhere in the same league as the QB’s you mentioned up above.. The last 6 Super Bowl Winning QB’s (Eli, Rodgers,Brees,Eli,Big Ben,Peyton,Big Ben) are not what you call running QB’s..but they can move and buy time and still see down the field and still make plays…
    Running QB’s like Vick do not win in the NFL and at least haven’t up to this point and VIck injuries, age and his poor decision making skills make it very unlikley that he will be the 1st one to do so….

  • Lionsden

    “The lack of mobility and athleticism of these guys is what have cost their teams in recent years……(until the league started protecting them)”

    Such a ridiculous statement.

    Last 12 SBs
    Dilfer vs Collins – two statues
    Brady vs Warner – 2 statues
    Brad Johnson vs Gannon – A statue and a 37 yr old guy sho could move a bit – (won by the statue)
    Brady vs Delhomme – see comment above – statue still wins
    Brady vs Mcnabb – statue vs mobile QB
    rothless vs Hassle – 2 pocket passers (rothless moves but doesn’t run)
    peyton/Grossman – statues
    Eli vs Brady statues
    rothless vs Warner – wow pocket passers again….this is getting very weird
    Brees vs Peyton statues
    Rodgers vs Roth…ahhhh….finally someone who actually leaves the pocket occasionally and wins! Nothing to do with his 70+% accuracy though
    Eli vs Brady – back to pocket passers again

    So in the last 12 years….there have really only been two “athletic” QBs in the damn game….(according to you only because of the “Brady” rule – would you like me to go back further??) and one of them spent his whole career trying to improve in the pocket and stop scrambling (McNabb) because he knew that was the way to go. Neither McNabb nor Rodgers was/is a running QB like Vick is.

    Vick bails on a higher % of plays than anyone else in the league. And its of course always because of his shitty olines, or the weather, or what he had for brekfast….apologists like you never admit the real reason. He’s not that bright, and the moment one little thing gets off kilter he gets confused, panics and starts scrambling.

    Face it Lions. Running QBs do not win in the NFL. Don’t. Won’t. Vick is a running QB.

  • BTW – I have no problem with the bounties.

  • Running or not running Vick is a great qb, and yes he can read defenses. He didn’t do it in Atlanta, but he has here in Philly.

    @Marcus, I was wondering the same thing. I have noticed how they have gotten real quiet when it comes to Kolb, last year this time all you could hear was how great he was, and people were saying they should trade Vick and keep Kolb. I bet right now Arizona wishes the Eagles had kept Kolb.

  • vinnie with another fact filled post. He just sumed up todays NFL.

  • Peace112
    Vick is not a “Great QB’, for what has he won… He’s one of the most Athletic and Exciting QB to play the game, who can make some great plays, but he is far down the list as being a “Great QB” .. Too many are getting delusional for a phenomenal 5-6 Week Period for which he played in Oct/November of 2010 as he came back to the game and took the NFL by surprise.. Now foast forward and the smart and good DC’s and Coaches have reviewed much tape on how best to contain him and how to keep Vick in the pocket and make Vick beat you with his decision making abilitiy and he has yet to prove that he can do this on any type of consistent basis…
    Vick will never play like he did over that 5-6 week period back in 2010, and will be more reminicent of last year’s performance (with some less Int’s) and be closer to his career averages and simply put, is not good enough to be an elite Team.. Vick is not a Championship QB in my opinion and neither is Coach AR or GM Roseman for that matter.. I am just happy the Eagles still play football in Philadelphia…

  • The Best way to contain Vick is to put your DE’s out a little wider, and rush about 5-7 yards deep and hold containment of the edges.. Watch the Smart Coaches, they do not neccessarity rush to sack him, they rush to keep VIck in the pocket andforce him into mistakes with poor decision making..
    The smarter teams have had more success rushing/blitzing up the gut and forcing him to his right…

  • Steve Young was extremely mobile qb

  • vinnietheevictor-“BTW – I have no problem with the bounties.”

    Finally something we can agree on..lol

  • I thought Steve Young was White…

  • All you sickos who can’t get past race and have no real clue about football and reading defenses or even being a QB just shut up and leave it to experts like Andy Reid, and staff owners like Jeff Lurie, who know what they are doing. Your opinion is just that an opinion, it is not the gospel and it is not something the Eagles have to do or listen to. Just a bunch of armchair QB who have watched a few games and think they have the answers and you don’t. Mike has played in this league for years and I have been at games every since he came into the league where someone either went at his knees, his head or hit him late. You morons could not take a legitamate hit and get up. It takes a special person to play and succeed at football and no one who is commenting is that. Keep doing what you are doing Mike.,

  • Just keep doing what you’re doing! If it doesn’t work…just keep at it! That your motto JMT?

  • Football isnt about numbers and everyone wants to make it about that.The Eagles defense ranked 8th in the NFL last season but watching obviously told another story.Winning SB’s is a TEAM effort not if you have a QB.Peyton Manning is a top 5 qb in NFL history and won 1 time.Its not because hes a choker its because they didnt have a complete team and didnt catch the breaks that his inferior brother has gotten.Brett Favre 1 in 20 tries;if hes so great why didnt he win 10,because its a team game.If the Eagles turn the defense around,they improve in the KR game,the oline takes it to the next level, they cut on the turnovers and they catch a coulpe of breaks during a playoff run Vick can lead them to the title.He has the talent to do so.You guys bring out numbers in football,I just think thats kind of irrelevant.

  • In my opinion in todays NFL on offense there needs to be a balance between sustaining drives and the quick strike,the problem with the Eagles was that they would have the quick strike but when it came to sustaining drives they would end in either turnovers in the redzone or fgs which kept teams with in striking distance of us and with the lousy defense missing assignments all over which i dont think Ive ever seen so many in the 20 plus years of Eagle football.we lost 5 forth quater leads.All that said they still nearly made the postseason.

  • jmt8251, lionsden and peace112 – good stuff guys. I agree with you all wholeheartedly. once Vick brings the Sb trophy here, we’ll see how much these “Vck haters” will be swinging on his sack. He’s still a top notch Qb who frustrates defenses, and with a happy Djax and co, we should be flying to the top. Keep doin ya thang Vick.

  • To Phillylifers..
    The thin line between winning and losing is simply this

    #1) Offensively Score TD’s when in the Red-Zone
    #2) Defensivley – Prevent TD’s once in a while and hold teams to FG’s..
    #3) Win the Tunover Battle and or least be even…

    All the other Stats, like rushing yards, how many recptions, total yards, total 1st downs really means little.. If you have a good 3rd Down Conversion Rate (offensively & defensively) then you usually have good Red-Zone Efficiency #’s too…

    The Eagles Defense does not and has not created many Turnovers the last few Seasons .. They will create negative plays with the Sacks, but the Secondary players need to play much better on the ball and get some Int’s..
    Having Safety Kurt Coleman leading your Defense with only 4 Int’s is not a very good sign at all… Where’s the ball hawks..(maybe Samuel had 4 too)

  • Rocko….the entire problem is that Mike Vick is “still doing his thang”

    Because his “thang” is bailing on plays, being inaccurate, throwing ints over 3% of the time, fumbling the ball, doinkin’ the ball off Dlinemen’s facemasks, spinning right into rushing DEs, getting hurt, all the while finding time to point at the scoreboard.

    Its precisely because Vick is “still doin’ ya thang” that the Birds aren’t going anywhere with him at the helm.

  • Yo completely off topic, Kevin Kolb is the man. He got great guaranteed money from two teams, and he can’t play worth a dam. Kevin is laughing all the way to the bank. Man good for him.

  • The hell with vick give me PEYTON DAMMIT.

  • Well here we go again guess what, if it’s Vick or Manning the defense still has to tackle and Andy Reid still will coach ….. The defense is to small and cant tackle and the y got one more light in the ass LB. So no matter what its reid coaching.

  • Nice scram z, where the hell have you been, keep posting bro less the caps

  • paulman,agree with you on that 100%.

  • I still think the reason the Eagles havent won under Reid is because they havent put together the complete defense.As much as ppl love talking about the QB play,to me defense in the nfl more than any other sport wins its just that its harder to get defensive talent than offensive.

  • jmt , in the words of erock slice out of the convo race we who think Vick can’t lead eagles to bowl ,I am one of them base our opinion on his extensive record, I am tired of the race card being played, agenda here, I never experienced it as a life long eagles fan until I visited this site, we would embrace Vick no matter his color like we do every other athlete who is a champion, gets Philly, we booed mike Schmidt, I still would boo his ass, wake up, get a clue, this fan base is not about color, maybe it’s you and your breathers here, but please, just stifle the race bullshit

  • Question: How do I begin to respond to the two biggest idiots posing as Eagles fans??!!

    Answer: I don’t.

    Moral of the story: Hatred and bigotry cloud an individuals judgement… hatred and bigotry run rampant on this site.

    Andy Reid “turnovers have never been a part of Michael’s game in the past. But you have to remember that turnovers are not just because of the quarterback.”

    Fact: Jason Peter’s (the Eagles best OLineman) missed multiple games this season forcing Herrimans to play out of position and the shuffling of Olineman.
    Fact: There were 2 rookie OLinemen starting for the Eagles one of which was the center.
    Fact: There was a new OLine coach and a new OLine scheme implemented with a severely shortened offseason.

    Marty Morningwig “You’ve gotta remember, Vick was pretty hot early in the season… and then got hot again at the end of the season… he was on pace to throw for 4,000 yds and run for 1,000… that’s unique. It just didn’t show because we were losing games”

    Howie Roseman “Having a QB like Mike Vick is a huge marketing tool. There are alot of players who want to play with a QB like Mike Vick”

    Now… the response I’m expecting from the bigots is “what the hell are they supposed to say” or “you’ll believe anything they say… that’s what they get paid for…”

    You know what they are not bigot’s… I apologize for being so kind… they are Giants Fans causing trouble on an Eagles site.

    The Giants fans on this site posing as Eagles fans want you to believe their CONJECTURE over the expertise of our HC who has the best record in the team’s history and one of the best records in he history of the league as well as the word of our highly respected OC. But you know how I really know they’re Giant’s fans??? Because they praise Brady, Belichick and the Patriots… the same Patriots who cheated the Eagles out of the SB… the same team that was fined $250,000 and a HC that was fined $500,000 for cheating. Giants fans would praise these guys to make their SB wins look that much better.

    Here’s what I know… the game is evolving and a heavy emphasis is being placed on the pass rush. Excuses are being made for the big three even though it is a glaring reality that their games are diminishing because they can’t escape the pass rush. I recently read an article that point blank tried to blame Peyton’s injury on the “bounty” that the Saints put out on players…. Incredible! The big three in all of their time with their teams have a collective 5 SB rings (3 come with an asterisk because they were won by cheating).

    I am looking forward to 2012.. we have a great returning team and will probably get a big target possession WR in FA. We’ve got tons of all pro players that will be fully adjusted to the system and ready to right the ship from last season. Fortunately, contrary to what was predicted by the Giants fans on this site, DJax will be back in Green and Cullin Jenkins will be back as well. And fortunately we have #7 at the helm leading a young and talented team. I look forward to the day after the Eagles win the SB because by then the heads of the two Giants fans on this site posing as Eagles fans will have collectively exploded and we will all no longer have to be burdened by them.

  • Eagles have a 8-8 Team Returning with lots of Question Marks at DT, at all 3 LB positions, Strong Safety, an open FB position and quality Depth needed at WR,TE,OL and back-up RB & QB and no return game to speak of…
    Bunch of All-Pro’s , Give me some wins and a trip to playoffs and you can keep your All-Pro labels for your scrap book for they absolutley mean zilch
    I can’t stand the Giants myself but this Eagle team has many holes to fill in my opinion and needs to add 3-4 quality Free-Agents and Draft a good 4-5 Players who can contribute right away even if it’s on a rotational-basis/special team capacity

  • I think Chaney can play weakside linebacker,middle through free agency(Curtis Lofton)stongside through the draft;I like Landri,Jenkins,Dixon,adding Fletcher Cox and maybe a veteran through free agency.SS through free agency and I think that they should be ok.All the rest that you list can be filled through the draft and development of the current roster.So theyre not that far away.This is the NFL;Not For Long being bad and Not For Long being great! LOL

  • The game is evolving….a heavy emphasis on the pass rush…

    Really? The pass rush is something new? Guess you never watched the purple peep eaters, or the steel curtain, or gang green, or deacon jones, laurence taylor, bruce smith, reggie. STFU that the pass rush is something new.

    So explain how Aikman won SBs in the face of the Eagles insane rush of the late 80’s and 90s?

    To say a NFL teams needs a putz running around like an idiot as the only way to beat a pass rush is one of the most juvenile things I’ve read on here. Comeon’ back when you’ve taken dwon the Vick poster and reached puberty Lionsden.

    Know how many times this year’s SB MVP ran over a 4 game playoff run? 4x bucko. 4. He knelt down another 5x.

    You keep defending Vick who takes off about once every 4 dropbacks. Balck, white, purple…I don;t give a shit. Run that much….and get used to either the golf course, or the trainers room. But not the SB trophy.

    If you really think running around like an idiot leads to NFL success, then why did the best QB in Birds history spedt his entire career teying to avoid i?. I applaud his tenacity….fan after fan screaming weekly for him to “just run!!” But he didn’t, because he knew in the long run it wouldn’t be successful.

    And STFU about the oline. I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions how the Falcons oline suddenly doubled the sacks against when Vick became QB, then they were suddenly cut in half when he left.

    Eagles’ Oline the same, notice sacks increased 50% the moment he became the starter. Must be the oline

    I feel bad for you Lions. The worst combination possible. Naive, blind and unwaveringly loyal.

    But hey…week 6, we’re 2-4 with 6 ints, 3 fumbles and Vick nursing another separated shoulder, you might start changing your mind….doubtful….but maybe….

    BTW….those coaches do get paid. Morningwheg, “Mike started off hot early in the season….”

    Vicks opening game he threw for 43% in one of the worst QB performances I’ve seen in years. 14 completions? That’s David Carr bad. Or “hot” You decide. Keep believing the pablum they’re shovelling.

  • You right about that Lifer033.. Every season there are 1-2 Teams from each Conference that surprise and play well and gel together and make the Playoffs that many did not see coming (49ers,Lions, & Bengals) come to mind last Season just like there are a coupld of teams each Season that are not as good or play as a team or incur injuries and underachieve… (Eagles,Jets, & Bears)
    One think that really pisses me off about the 2011 Season is that the Eagles were probably the healthiest Team in the entire NFL all Season long and really incurred very few injuries when you think about it (A Dixon,Vick out a couple games, Maclin a couple of games, Samuel at the end) and that’s about it which is really unheard of in today’s NFL .. Just a blown, lost opportunity of good fortune in the health and injury department that will probably never happen again in my lifetime .

  • Youre right paulman,the blown assignments on the defensive side of the ball were absolutely inexcusable and to me that was a coaching issue;on the offensive side of the ball bad playcalling in my opinion at critical times unlucky bounces that turned into turnovers and just flat out stupid play especially the first half of the season.Complete and utter embarassment and if they were to get off to a similar start this upcoming season to me I would fire Reids ass mid-season!That being said I have faith that theyre going to do well this offseason and If i were in Vegas I would place a wager on the Eagles to win it all.Go Eagles!!

  • @Paulman, I can understand that you believe you know it all (because you sit here all day and make comments), don’t have a problem with that because I know that you don’t. In my opinion Vick is an excellant qb, whether or not you want to agree with that its up to you, but don’t attempt to pawn your opinion off on me. I don’t care about what stats say, so keep them to yourself. Had Vick had players around him in Atlanta, and a coach like Reid, or Marty, he would have passed some of the best. I don’t think there is a qb out there that can be out of the league for three years and come back and do the things Vick has done, NOT ONE. I can recall when he was reinstated into the league, people like yourself and a lot of the analyst were saying he would never get his speed back or his arm strength, they said those things because they knew that it was a very difficult thing to do, in fact they said it was impossible, but he proved you and them wrong………didn’t he. Do you think Brady, Manning, Brees could be out of the league that long and come back and do what Mike has done, without any training in three years………..I don’t. Not to mention when he signed with the Eagles he was a backup to McNabb, no training with the first group, in 2010 he was the back up to Kolb again no training with the first group. Kolb had all those reps, Kolb who people such as yourself were saying should be the starter, he was going to take you to the promise land, hell he couldn’t even get past the 2nd quarter, so Vick steps in and does all the things that Kolb was suppose to do without having the training. Don’t want to hear the bull about Kolb not having the protection, he had the same thing as Vick but he totally screwed it up. Because he (Kolb) is not worth the money he was paid. Which is another thing, you folks complain about Vick getting paid, even though he is on the field earning his money, you didn’t have a word to say about Kolb being paid more than Vick, for doing nothing but walking up and down the sideline drinking gatorade and chewing bubble gum, hell he was to sorry to even hold the clipboard.

    Now Paul you know what you can do with your stats. And one more thing Paul, don’t ever tell me how I am suppose to feel about a player, just like you have the right to believe that he’s not great, I have the same right to feel like he is.

  • I can see that the hall of mercer mental hospital let out early today. First off, who the hell ever said on here, that Kolb was great? I’ve been reading & coming on here since the blog started, & I don’t ever remember anyone saying that. I thought at the time that we raped Arz in that trade. Vick is NOT a great QB. He’s an exciting QB & for anyone to compare Vick to & say Vick is better that Brady (arguably the best ever), Brees (FHOF), Manning (FHOF), is a clueless idiot. BTW, I agree, STOP WITH THE RACE CARD GARBAGE, EVERYONE!

  • To Each his own PeacePipe
    I take emotion out of my analysis of players and go by the Stats..
    I have seen nothing from Vick over his 9 Year Career where he has proven to be consistent enough in his play, his leadership, and his decision making ability to ever be considered an “Elite QB’… A dyanmic and exciting QB, absolutely, but not an Elite..
    As far as ranting about Kolb, who cares, he’s yesterday’s old news and can’t even beat out a 6th Pick from Hofstra named John Skelton, enough said about him…

  • Peace, there’s no doubt Vick can do things that brees Brady, the manning bros can’t do, like run 4.4 forty, come back after being iced in fed. Pen., but there are things that Vick can’t do that the others do, play smart football, protect the football, slide, run out of bounds, the idea of a running quarterback has proven to be novel but largely unsuccessful

  • @Paulman, first of all where in my comment did I mention that people (such as yourself) said Kolb was “great”, I never said anything about him being great however I did say folks (such as yourself) wanted him to start over Vick, which is true a lot of you did, sure Kolb is old news now because he has proven to be a big bust, I don’t care how long you have been posting on these blogs (as if that is something to brag about), doesn’t mean you own it nor does it make you right. As far as Vick being a “great” qb, he may NOT BE A GREAT QB TO YOU , but he is to me. Vick hasn’t been in the league for 9yrs, I guess you forgot he was out of the league 3yrs prior to signing with the Eagles. You’re dam right to each his own, which was exactly my point, also was PeacePipe suppose to be funny, grow the f’up dude, try not to call names, really isn’t neccessary.

    @jakedog, didn’t I say had Vick had coaches like Reid and Marty around him, he could have passed some of the best, what that meant his teaching him to play the position, as he is being taught now.

    @Dcar, if you are referring to my comment, I never accused anyone of saying Kolb was great, and I certainly didn’t mention anything about race. And yeah Vick is great to me, I hope its alright for me to have my opinion just like you and others have yours.

  • @Lionsden – good work, with that post! It really struck a nerve with a few cats on here. I think you hurt some feelings.

    @Vinnie – Aikman was able to win against the Eagles pass rush, because he had work horse in the backfield, do you remember who that is? probably not, you only see the QB, teams don’t win championships…The fact that Dallas had a solid O Line and Emmit in the backfield, that had nothing to do with calming the pass rush…right? or winning championships? right?

    What so many of you are overlooking about last season….Lockouts Impact! the teams that were in contention were the teams that did not make many moves at skilled positions. Teams that didn’t make many moves at coaching spots. The team that won the SB, was not really much different from the team the year prior. Eagles had too many parts to try and put together in a single season with no training camp…I can’t fathom how so many of you fail to think just a little logically.

  • 2 Years ago was 2 years ago Ganghi-man…
    Since Coach AR already had named KOlb as the Starter for 2010 after trading away McNabb, that was the natural progression of things since Kolb has been groomed for 3 Seasons.. If your going to sit here that in the baco of early summer of 2010 that you knew Mike had his game back, your lying… None of us deed and especially the Coaches..
    The only reason why I even brought up Kolb is because you mentioned him
    in you above posts after starting your post to @Paulman, so yes, I took your post as directed to me and I responded..
    You a good fan Peace Brother, so no harm intended or done on my end and you are right, I cannot tell you what or how to think for that would be 100% wrong…

  • @RealTalk777, I agree with you 100% a lot of people are overlooking the lockout and its impact on teams last season. The Eagles had a lot going on last season with new players coaches etc. I believe with the full offseason the Eagles will be an entirely different team this coming season of course I could be wrong however that is my belief. I heard Aaron Rogers say once, that all the teams that have gone on to win Superbowls are teams that have been together for some time, that is something I do believe. The Eagles will be much better this year GO EAGLES.

  • @Paulman, I just don’t like being attacked because you or someone else doesn’t agree with my opinion, I will always respect your opinion whether I agree with it or not, I will not call you names, refer to you as an idiot, simply because I don’t agree with you. My initial post was not directed to you in any way, you actually responded to a comment I made to someone else, but hey its ok, we are all fans and that is what matters.

  • @Peace – no, you aren’t wrong and you won’t be wrong…Those people that say Vick will never win a SB, could be wrong…The Eagles will be a better team and I have a feeling that our QB will stay healthy. AR and MM are probably in his ear every day about getting out of bounds or getting down (honestly we seen much more of that from him at the end of this season) Not to mention the O Line started to really progress as well, they will be a better group…But if he can manage to get down or out of bounds like he did, there will be many people on here who guaranteed he’ll miss 2-4 games, that will be wrong!

  • is it somebody’s time of the month? quite sensitve fellow

  • Vick is not a great Qb – he has ahad some great games – but I do not think he needs to be ‘great’ to win the SB – he needs to be smart –

    D’s have figured him out – keep him in the pocket (rush wide – force him right) – and stay in zone – all you folks that talk about DJAX forcing Ds 20 yards deep – uh… nope – teams want to be deep and play in zones so they can also watch Vick and cover without having to turn their backs – they will give up the 5-7-10 yard play to make the Eagles do 8 -9 10 play drives and last year – how many of those drives ended up in TOs int he red zone – be smart – throw the ball away, be smart – run OOB or slide – one great trait Vick can learn from Manning – if you are standing int he pocket – nothing open don field – do not spin and run outside the OTs into the waiting arms of the DE – throw the ball to the 2nd row – TUCK THE BALL WHEN RUNNING!

    We should have a solid OL this year (RESIGN MATHIS!) McCoy back and Harbor and Celek at the TEs spot (Harbor really started to come on as both a blocker and rcvr last year ) Vick plays ‘smart’ – O will be just fine

  • @greenfan – women love sensitivity, you didnt know that…but there’s a difference between sensitivity and just being a major puss, like yourself…you didn’t know that, did you?

  • aww now RT, was that supposed to hurt my feelings? I’m not the one who is practically crying because Paulman disagree’s with me….go talk with your pussy friend RT, not me

  • @greenfan – you want to talk trash to someone, but won’t state who you are referring too…that type of transparency can’t be respected and is why you are a puss….

  • I think that anyone…even those of simple intelligence…would understand that I was referring to the peaceful one who was having an insecure moment….it is good to see that he has a friend in RT…..get over yourself RT, looks like it is your own nerve that has been touched here

  • Navy, about the most rational assessment of Vick in a long time, I hope you are right

  • @navy…I also want Mathis resigned but I read that the FO cannot re-sign him yet because he was signed to a league minimum deal last year and thus cannot re-sign until FA opens. That being said, I want him signed right away and give this team the stability on the OL that we haven’t had since Tra Thomas and John Runyon left.

  • @greenfan, are you directing that comment to me. If so make no mistake about it, I have no insecure moments on a blog with people I don’t even know, now you may have had those types of experiences, but I don’t have them.

  • True GF – something about paying him (and I think Landri) the Vet minimum last year – can’t do anything until FA starts – does anyone know if they are allowed to negotiate with him? Is it tampering if someone else chats with him? but get it on the list of got to get done things to do –

  • @navy…I do not believe that can “officially” negotiate with him…I saw where he said that he would like to stay, and when asked about a “hometown discount” said he would stay for “$20 and a pizza”, but also know that this is probably his last chance at a decent payday, so he can’t turn away a huge offer if it comes his way.

  • OK peace, if that is what you believe.

  • Yeah, Navy, they are officially not allowed to negotiate with regular free agents. That’s why guys like Tulloch, guys like Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, etc… haven’t done any ‘visits’ yet – they’re regular free agents. Same with Burress. Peyton and Randy Moss are different because they played 0 snaps last year.

  • peace, go read your comments above at March 7-11:23am. Did you, or did you not say “This time last year was how great everyone was saying Kolb was & how everyone wanted to keep him & trade Vick”, or was I having a hallucination & don’t know what I’m reading? I wasn’t refering to you about the race thing, the culprits know who they are. BTW, you have all the rights in the world, to your opinion about Vicks greatness, but stats, success & the majority of the football world disagrees.

  • DCar, didn’t realize you had directed a comment to me, but I thought I would answer. Yes in the comment I made to Marcus, I did use the word “great” in referring to Kolb, however in that comment I was really being sarcastic. In the comments I made with the other poster you will I didn’t use the term, wasn’t being sarcastic. I did however say in both comments that people were wanting Kolb to start over Vick, which is true. Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. And thank you so much for letting me know that I have rights to my opinion, majority doesn’t mean all, so I guess I am just part of the minority, which is fine with me. Thanks again.

  • It’s all good my man. Water under the bridge, or over the dam, whatever the heck that saying is. 😀

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