• June 27, 2022

Could Donovan McNabb Return to the Eagles?

Believe it or not, the question in the above title was posed earlier today to Eagles head coach Andy Reid at the NFL owners meetings.

Here’s how Reid responded:

“I’m surprised by the fact that he didn’t have the success after leaving Philly. I wasn’t there. I’m not sure how that worked. I still felt when he left here that he had 2 or 3 years of great football. It didn’t work out that way for him. I haven’t entertained that last part of the question. I haven’t gone there. I think it’s tough for a guy that’s been the guy for that long to come back.”

Whether or not Reid was surprised by McNabb’s poor play is irrelevant. In fact, I’d be willing to bet Reid wasn’t all that shocked, you know, considering he traded the franchise quarterback to division rival Washington. But I digress.

The most revealing part of Reid’s reply was the last part about it being tough for someone who’s been the guy for so long to come back in a lesser role. Translation: Donovan is cooked and even if he isn’t, there’s no way his ego would allow him to return here in a backup role.

I’ve previously considered a possible McNabb homecoming given the Eagles’ need for a legitimate backup quarterback (sorry, I’m not bullish on Mike Kafa or Trent Edwards), but I’m not sure McNabb himself is a legitimate backup quarterback at this point. But let’s suppose for a moment that he can still get it done…

The Eagles are looking to get younger at the position and multiple reports indicate they could spend an early-round draft pick on the position, so brining in the 35-year-old McNabb would seem conterproductive. What’s more, McNabb has always been a bit of a controversial figure in Philadelphia, and I’m not sure Reid wants to deal with McNabb’s mopey personality or the controversey his return would almost certainly bring.

Yeah, the perception of some fans is that McNabb failed in Philadelphia, but that’s not true. The six-time Pro Bowl quarterback led the Eagles to five NFC Championship Game appearances, reaching the Super Bowl once. He started 142 games and threw for 32,873 yards and 216 touchdowns. At his peak he was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s certainly one of best quaterbacks in franchise history.

So while there’s a vocal minority that doesn’t care for McNabb, he’s beloved by many. In the event Michael Vick struggles or goes down for two or three weeks the Eagles don’t need the headache of the quarterback controversey that would ensue.

A McNabb homecoming? An interesting thought, but it’s not going to happen.

Bob Wankel

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  • Donovan McNabb was an excellent player for the Eagles. Perhaps the 2nd best QB the team has ever seen.

    But he’s done. Hasn’t has a productive season in 3 years. Legs shot. QBs who rely on legs die young (and yes that’s an allusion to our current QB) Reid (and many others) knew this years ago.

    Let’s move on.

  • NO!

    reid knew he was done but wont admit it.

  • I’ll take “Dirt ball Donnie” over the garbage we got behind Vick.

  • Another Good article Bob Wankel.

  • I’m not sure Desean, Jeremy, Jason, Lesean, and Brett remember how to catch with their feet

  • No,
    The only way D McNabb returns is to work in Philly is maybe in the Booth as an Announcer on the Radio like Ike Reese/Mike Quick have done. His playing days are over and have been for a while now and only Donovan, Mike SHannahan and Leslie Frazier were not aware..

  • Dmac did a great job with what he had. But those days are over. I look forward to him signing that 1 day contract and getting the respect he earned here. thanks Dmac for your effort, its someones’ turn now.

  • I haven’t been a fan of Mcnabb for several years. I still think that its because of his inconsistency that we don’t have several Super Bowls. But I digress.

    If McNabb were to come back and KNOW HIS ROLE as a backup, I would be all for it.

    After all, he WOULD play and start at least 2-3 games.

    Wouldn’t it be some ish if we got to the Super Bowl and Vick got hurt in the 4th quarter with 2 min left and we had the ball and McNabb marched us down the field and won the game for us? How crazy would that be?

    I would be all for the move if, like I said, McNabb knew that he was the backup now.

    But I doubt his ego would let it happen.

  • Could McNabb at his stage of ability do any better in 2-3 games than an Trent Edwards or Kafka… Do you really think so.. .. Is it even worth the potential Locker Room and Media Frenzy to have him around … Time to move on fans..

  • mcnabb qb raiting was 12 points higher then christian ponders… its all about the system if your a quarterback… and your demands to get a great system around you .. mcnabb can still play ,, andy reid is no quarterback guru .. he has a pretty good system though .. he need to leave the mechanics alone

  • also titans interested in asante samuel ..lost courtland finnigen.. eagles want a 3rd round pick

  • larrwd – I agree buddy.

  • At the end of the day McNabb getting traded was all on Roseman, Lurie and Banner as they all wanted to trade him…Looking at what the Eagles have done since and looking at Kolb’s lack of progression it’s clear they made the wrong decision at the wrong time. I personally would love to see McNabb back. While Vick is a much improved QB I think he needs some help in the lockerroom with his leadership duties and McNabb could provide that even as a back-up. Hopefully Big Red gives him a call in a few days

    @Vinnietheprick McNabb wasn’t the 2nd best…He’s the best to have ever Donned (pun intended) Eagles green at QB. Statistically there’s no leverage in denying it.

  • **Rumor Mill from Charlotte**
    Eagles Trade CB Samuel to Panthers for QB Jimmy Claussen and RB J Stewart

    Eagles then trade QB M Vick to the Miami Dolphins for thier 1st (8th Overall) and their 3rd Round Pick (#72nd overall) and a 1st Round pick in 2013

    Eagles then have the following Draft Selections

    1st (#8th Pick) DE Quinton Coples (UNC 6-6 285lbs-)
    1st(#15th Pick) Is traded along with DE Brandon Graham to the NE Pats for their #27 and #31 Selections in the 1st Round and 3rd Round Pick in 2013 Draft
    1st (27th Pick) OLB Cortney Upsahw (6-2 260lbs – SAM LB Starter from Day 1)
    1st (31st Pick) SS Mark Barron (6-1 220lbs – Starting SS from Day 1)
    2nd (46th Pick) QB Brandon Weeden (6-4 221lbs)
    2nd (51st Pick) DT Brandon Thompson (6-2 315lbs)
    3rd (72nd PIck) WR Brian Quick (6-4 224lbs)
    3rd (89th Pick) CB Trumain Johnson (6-2 204lbs)
    4th (115th Pick) TE Michael Egnew (6-5 252lbs)
    5th (143rd Pick) OT Nate Potter (6-5 305lbs)
    6th (161st Pick) FB Emil Igwenagu (6-1 250lbs)

    That’s it for now
    Edwards and Weeden duke it out for the Starting QB Job,
    Claussen/Kafka battle it out for 3rd String while the other gets coached up and then traded/released


  • McNabb is Done! Has been for sometime now. As for the mock draft above… What are the Eagles gonna have the all Rookie Team or something??? There is no way New England would trade both 1st rd picks for #15 and Brandon Graham! Only Oakland is that dumb but unfortunately for us the Raiders don’t have any picks.

  • *Eagles News*

    Asante Samuel could be traded to the Tennessee Titans sometime this week for as high as a 3rd round pick or a 2nd round pick next year.

    My Thoughts– Just as a mentioned last week and keep telling you guys. I said Asante would be traded during owners meetings week or draft weekend or days leading up. Roseman said theyd have a deal done sometime during owners meeting week. We may see Asante gone tmr, friday or over the weekend. Looks like the titans are the team but some other teams could jump in at any time and offer more for his services, but like i have been saying they have to trade Asante in order to free up cap and unload the enigma that is Asante Samuel and so that Demeco Ryans can be the unquestioned leader on this defense and this entire team without any interjection from samuel, he has to be dealt..

  • No Teams are going to be jumping in line, SAauels stats of the last 2 Seasons are mediocre at best, He’s 31 and plays on knees that swell up by Thanksgiving evrey season and had a big contract amd is a very poor tackler who shy’s away from Contact.. A 2nd Rounder in return straight-up for him is very unlikley ..

  • Paul– ur not all knowing man, your always wrong so why even make a comment like this that noone else will be in line for asante?.. you dont know that. What do you actually know? For you keep mentioning a ridiculous deal between the panthers and eagles involving asante and jstewart that will not happen.. your living in lala land, oops i mean the boones, even worst.. sheesh..

    You have a better chance of QBing for the Birds, Bob Wanker!! You are a funny man. The players would need to put Kevlar on their feet & he would cost the FO too much money, to replace those divots in the grass turf. Come on dude, he’s baked! NON-STORY! XD

  • JH, you told everyone something we already knew. You didn’t create a cure for cancer, or AIDS. It wasn’t rocket science, everybody in the free world, knew Samuel was a goner, & Rosebuds mentioned all last week, that something was going to go down, at this weeks meetings. You came up with nothing inventive. Get a hobby. Stop with the Paulman bashing & jealousy. At least he is sarcastic, funny, & comes up some occasional stuff that he hits on. Stop with the I told you so BS, & trying to take credit for $#!t that you pilfer from other sites & writers!!! We all can read & research too, numb-nuts! Don’t take yourself so seriously, it only makes you even more stupid, than you already look.

  • It hurts everytime I agree with dcar, but when a man is right, a man is right.

  • Lmao @ dcar, brilliant bro, and spot on. Jon hart just got owned

  • I think JH has become worse than Paulman..

  • Why is JH always right though? Did I not make mention of numerous deals that were going to happen? How can you ignore greatness? You cant, this is why the top 4 haters made a comment, Dcar Schiller Birdo Paul.. Dont be upset because im right 99% of the time.. just embrace my brilliance and great insider information, i give the big news before it even happens… #showyaluv

  • jon hart, you’ve given the big news before it happens a couple of times, because as you’ve said, you work in the Novacare complex. But then you’ve let it go to that ginormous head of yours, and see yourself in the role of reporter for this site. And often, you’ve reported things AFTER they happen. You mosey on down to the internet when you get a chance, discover something that was news, then come post it here as if it’s breaking news, because TO YOU (again, you’re ego is center here…) it IS breaking.

    I can do that too…. “BREAKING NEWS – America elects a black president.” “BREAKING NEWS – Eagles resign Evan Mathis!”. “Guys, you’re going to hear shortly that the Eagles and Desan Jackson agreed to a long term deal!”.

  • and refering to yourself in the third person only ever serves 1 purpose – make you look bad.

  • Brett “The Hitman” Schiller– JH can’t help that he gets the news before you guys, If you were in his position what would you do? Hes a insider.. Hes giving the breaking news out of the kindness of his heart because hes a fan just like you…

  • ha, ‘kindness of his heart’…. more like ‘ego starvation’.

    Why ‘brett’? Please explain that reference, or tell your alter ego with the same name to respond. Which ever of your personalities wants to field this one, I’m fine. I’m just curious why you call me brett.

  • Whos watching Mcnabb on First Take?

  • Jon’s sources….the janitor in his building,the kid at the bus stop he walks by while walking his dog,the internet,and Scot La Rocks ghost.

  • Only Shaq made refering to yourself in the 3rd person seem cool.

    What about when he called himself the Big Shamrock?Classic.

  • DCar, schiller–read the story. Do I say McNabb is coming back? Do I suggest I want him back? The dude is cooked. Read the story.

  • I want to know what Jon Hart “predicted” to come true that actually became fact.

    I vividly remember Jon Hart having a hard-on for Lebron James and “predicting” how he and the Heat were going to sweep the Mavs in the Finals.

    How did that work out?

  • Bob – I think you are a bit confused. No disrespect from me to you or the content of your article intended at all.

    My comment supporting Dcar’s was in reference to his bashing of JH/JonHart the “I’m so cool because I predicted a few things and now cut and paste news stories because it makes me feel cool’. It had nothing to do with your article or McNabb or even the Eagles for that matter.

    Still, Dcar did bash your article earlier on.

  • birdo – very good question.

  • @Jon hart good stiff about asante samuels. @pualman u said no other teams would jump in on the asante trade but pft is reporting that the lions have jumped in on the possibility of getting his services.

  • I didn’t say no team would jump in, but JH posted as if there will be a line of teams wanting Smauel’s Services which is very unlikely..
    Panthers,TB Bucs,Vikings.Lions,Titans, all have a need for a CB, It get’s down would kind of re-structuring deal they can do with Samuel first before any team pulls the trigger.. I hope they can get a deal done with someone

    Other NFL News

    – PAckers sign DT Anthony Hargorve from Seahawks to help sure up DT
    (Eagles should have kept Hargrove last Season over J Parker or T Laws)
    – Bears sign WR Devin White who has done very little since being a 2nd Round Draft pick from Michigan State a few years back and has played with Redskins,Panthers & NY Giants in his 4 year Career, maybe he clicks..

  • My bad Andy has to share schill with Bob Wankel(Go to Bob Wankel could donovan return article). Oh Bob I didn’t talk about you it was Dcar. Schill you pussy.

  • Bob, I didn’t bash your article, I was just stating a fact, that the article is a non-story. In reality, it shouldn’t have been written at all, because of it’s silliness. BTW, I did read it & it’s 3 minutes of my life that I can’t ever retrieve. If you can’t take a little criticism, don’t write articles. Isn’t that your Modus operandi of writing an article, to get responses, negative, or positive. My bad by misspelling your name. It was unintentional. Don’t be so thin skinned.

  • JH, you are the most hopeless, useless, egotistical dope, biggest joke, that I’ve ever encountered, in my 43 years walk in life. You have even surpassed Schill’s nauseousness. Dude you are a JOKE! I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU! You’re now talking in the third person, really? REALLY!?!? Very sad, that we have crackpots like you on the street. It’s ashame that the Byberry mental hospital isn’t still open, because you would fit right in. As I said before ” JH, you told everyone something we already knew. You didn’t create a cure for cancer, or AIDS. It wasn’t rocket science, everybody in the free world, knew Samuel was a goner, & Rosebuds mentioned all last week, that something was going to go down, at this weeks meetings. You came up with nothing inventive. Get a hobby. Stop with the Paulman bashing & jealousy. At least he is sarcastic, funny, & comes up some occasional stuff that he hits on. Stop with the I told you so BS, & trying to take credit for $#!t that you pilfer from other sites & writers!!! We all can read & research too, numb-nuts! Don’t take yourself so seriously, it only makes you even more stupid, than you already look.”

  • Just to put something in on this again. Wankel is a little ridiculous in blindly confirming public opinion that McNabb was horrible or played poorly after Philly, because frankly he didn’t. Statistically McNabb threw for 3,719 yards I believe…3,719…wait a second let me add that again so it’s clear…the guy threw fro 3,719 yards with the Washington Redskins in the one season he was there.

    McNabb generally speaking averaged around 230 yards a game and he was benched for the last 4 games of the season basically because he sided with the players over the coach, particularly with Albert Haynesworth. Lets do some quick math: If he averaged 230 yards a game for the last four games that means 230 + 230 + 230 + 230 = 920 YARDS + his 3,719 for the rest of the season would be 4,639 yards…EVEN if he had TWO BAD GAMES HE WOULD THROWN FOR ATLEAST 4K and I don’t think any other QB in the league cracked 4K that year atleast I know Tom Brady didn’t. God forbid had thrown for over 350 yards in a coule of those which isn’t uncommon for him.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone that’s said McNabb was washed up after Philly really are just venting their personal dislike for the guy since what they’re saying has no actual basis in reality. Usually people that are critical this never want to go back and check actual stat book to back up what they’re saying, but if you ask them whether they think McNabb is snooty they’ll say yeah without thinking twice about it.

  • Stop Already Butch, McNabb is done ..
    Who cares how many yards he threw for 2 years ago on a Team that won 5 games.. Bottom line, he lost his job in Washington to Rex Grossman,
    then last year loses his Starters job to a Rookie WB who had very little Camp Time in what Week #6.. Enough Said, C’Mon Man…

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