• May 27, 2022

Report: Eagles Interested In Moving Up To Fourth Spot In The Draft

According to the Cleveland Plains Dealer, the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the teams that has called the Browns, who will draft fourth in this year’s process and looked into what it would take to move up to the four spot in the draft to possibly draft Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

The Eagles have two picks in the second round.  They robbed the Arizona Cardinals who eager to secure the services of Kevin Kolb, now they’re not sure that he’s better than mediocre backup John Skelton.  The Birds are definitely smiling about that deal.

The word on the street is that the Birds maybe interested in moving up in this year’s draft and selecting Tannehill, so that they have a young developing quarterback on the roster.  As you’ve seen with Kolb, Donovan McNabb and A.J. Feeley, the Eagles have been able to use their quarterbacks to make very beneficial trades for themselves.

I think this would be a good move for their future, but it’s not going to make them a better football team this year.  I’ll bet you Michael Vick would like to see them use that first pick to make the 2012 team a better squad.  If the Birds use two of their first three picks on a player who won’t help them this year, it says that “they’re not really all in this year”.


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  • I never thought I would say this, but I hope they can’t make the deal with the browns. If they are moving up for that reason then I hope it falls thru. Good article G.

  • I’ve been waiting for this type of story to break. On the mock draft article and the Coples/Poe article I mentioned that the Eagles would be trading up to get Tannehill. You know Andy always likes to have his QB situation settled and we all know Lurie is lying when he says this is Reid’s “make or break” year. Reid was clearly in love with RG3 and I am sure he made an offer to STL but nobody could’ve beat the offer from Washington. Start reading up on Tannehill guys, he will be playing a minimum of 4 games this year as we all know Vick can’t play a full 16…

  • Ya I hope this is really one of those “Smoke & Mirrors” moves! All I keep hearing about Tannehill is that he is not ready yet… Only other player I could see the Eagles even thinking about at 4 would be CB Morris Claiborne and Id rather see the Eagles stay put and take Dre KirkPatrick or Stephon Gilmor if CB is the position they are looking at. I wouldn’t mind them moving up to 12 or so to snatch up Flecther Cox if he is still there but moving up to 4 to select a back up QB for this year just doesn’t make a hole lot of sense.

  • If they move up to the #4 spot it looks like Tannehill. Didn’t they bring him in for a visit? Not sure if Morris Claibourne was brought in yet…I just don’t get the Eagles logic. Still looks as if Reid is still in control. You know Howie wants a defensive player. Needs to make up for the REACH of a pick when they moved up to snag Brandon Graham. Let the fireworks begin!

  • Dman, so its that easy to get you to believe something is true?

  • Oh my b, I didn’t realize others were taking the bait too. You guys don’t even hesitate to discern fact from low risk speculation just a little? Not at all?

  • Look at these damn losers!!!!!!

    Why would you want to get in the top 10 to draft a player that will not start this year?

    You think getting a damn Safety would help this team?

    How about a starting SAM?

    This is why this team will never go anywhere.

    they’ll stockpile rotational players along the line….overstock or corners….but ignore top talent for Safeties.


  • Get em songs top ten to get a fucking project quarterback oh boy.

  • you want a quarterback that’s a project get kirk cousins in the 3rd or 4th.

  • honestly i like russell wilson depending upon where he is drafted.. its said he has had ” one of the best prodays ever.”. – chris weinke who trained cam newton ,christian ponder, kirk cousins and ryan tanehill all for their prodays



  • i dont think we need a young 2nd string quarterback… if we want to replace kafka ok.. my pick is russell wilson becuase of value… all this talk about quarterbacks is depressing me .. i had high hopes for this draft with 3 picks in the first 2 rounds..i was excited ill be disappointed if they trade the picks away

  • really – the Cleveland Plain Dealer – wow – what a bunch of idiots – the National Inquirer reported Brittney Spears had a sex change, Obama is a radical muslim and was born in another country, a Barbara Bush is really Jennifer Aniston in a fat suit…. of course the Eagles asked about moving up to number 4 – they better have asked about moving up to number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,and 14 and they better have found out what every team would be willing to give up to move up to 15 – called doing your homework – being thorough, attention to detail….

    damn – bad enough when you dipweeds jump all over the team when they don’t say anything – now we are going to jump all over them becuase of what a rag out of Cleveland says?

    First 3 picks will be DT/DE and LB –

    the last three years the eagles did not bring the guy they drafted in for a visit..

  • What makes it realistic navy is we deal with cleveland .. they are one of the few teams we have delt with in the past.. i think its 50 50

  • This would be a bad move to give away all your picks for a overrated QB when you got other needs on this team I don’t understand the logic stay at 15 and draft the best player available. I don’t mind moving up a few spots but to 4 nah not buying it.

  • turk – exactly – but if Couples and/or Kuelchy are not there I can see them dropping back even – but I think one of those two are the targets –

    larrws – 99.994 not going to happen .006 will –

    we deal with Cleveland becuase the GM was involved in bringing some of the folks to the Birds and is now taking them there – that’s it…

    Guys breath – the Eagles ALWAYS try to get the best deal possible – Reid LOVES draft picks – he is not going to give away his draft picks, he is not going to move up to #4 – if anything – he will trade BACK and get more picks..

    in other news the national enquirer is reporting the Bee Gees Robin Gibb is in a coma – Brad and Angelina are engaged and a bunch of other hogwash on par with the article from Cleveland – and speaking of Cleveland for all you Philly whiners –

    The city’s failure to win a trophy in any major professional sport since 1964 has earned it a reputation of being a cursed sports city, which ESPN validated by proclaiming Cleveland as its “most tortured sports city”

  • Big Navy, You and I are on the same page – except for the Kuechly thing – this is the time everybody in the NFL lies, to maneuver draft position to attempt to get their guy.

    The Eagles know they are going to be rumored with interest in any

  • interest in any QB within reach, because people assume Michael Vick is on his way out, with Reid. They’re just taking advantage of that, and using their aggressive assumptions to their advantage.

    Listen to Charlie Casserley talk about how he would pump up a player he didn’t plan on drafting, but had knowledge of another team being interested in that player, and he would talk him p so that team would sell high to get who he really wanted. It’s caled posturing gentleman, dont sweat it.

  • Who do we have evaluating defensive players for he early rounds?

    That’s the question we need answered ….

    If I’m Lurie I’m paying Modrak as an consultant to choose the best defensive prospects in position and have his alignment stand. period.

    This team have sucked ass on defense in the early rounds every since Modrak and Marc Ross left.

    Marc Ross went the the Giants and have totally proved the Eagles brass have no damn idea what they wee doing letting him walk.

    Now look. We suck choosing defensive players.

  • Their not interested or are they gong to draft a WR, or a QB in the first round. Bank on it, unless Reid sincerely, doesn’t want his job. They need impact in this draft immediately. There is no immediate impact at those positions in this draft, outside Luck, and Griffin.

  • I’m on the record saying I want the Eagles to Draft Coples,Cox, Barron or Floyd.

  • Shitler,

    Instead of rebutting everyone else s comments like usual, tell us all mighty one, what should the Eagles do? give us YOUR opinion .

  • Hahahaha ^^^^^^^ Hilarious Ozzman, thats all that guy does is criticize any and everything people post. He rarely if ever gives his on opinion.

  • You guys are hilarious. This is a SB year for the Eagles and if they are moving up to #4 then IMO it is to get an impact defensive player they think won’t be there at 15. This FO has made some pretty decent moves in the past 2 seasons so I’m willing to sit back and see what they do before I get up in arms because of rumors from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I don’t think Tannehill will be sporting Eagles green unless he falls to the 3rd or 4th round. The fact that the Eagles went to his pro day instead of inviting him to the Novacare Complex tells me all I need to know about the potential for this deal.

    GCobb for once you and I agree:

    “If the Birds use two of their first three picks on a player who won’t help them this year, it says that “they’re not really all in this year”.

  • GM – hey – I concede I do not know every guy in college coming out – perhaps instead of Kuelchy I should use the phrase – best DE/LB on theboard –

    I bust enough chops for people pulling stuff out there butts – I haven’t seen enough college LBs this year to say which one plays that uch better then the other –

    but we are on the same page – Defense will be the focus

  • Ozz, do you have any comment about the specific content in my posts or just how I post?

    I think (and I’ve posted all this before by the way) they should draft any of the following players (in no particular order):

    Keuchly, Cox, Worthy, Brockers, Wolfe, Hill, Wagner, Couples, Claiborne, Fitzpatrick, Gilmore, Boykin…..Fleener, Kendricks, maybe Poe, maybe Ewing….

    I think they should sign Bell, but if they don’t, I get that too – I don’t think that our safties will be that bad if they sure up the LBs. I think our DL was already very good. And I think the CBs will improve if they move Samuel. So I think with much improved play in front and next the Safeties, it will be ok.

  • Agreed Navy

  • “You guys are hilarious. This is a SB year for the Eagles…..”

    Ummm…no. To win the SB you need a SB capapable QB, That we do not have.

    Last 12 sb qbs:
    Manning II
    Manning II
    Manning I

    All but 2 are well beyond Vick in terms of Qb ability. Deny it all you want. Its true,

    And yes, there were Johnson (who I’d still take over Vick) and Dilfer (the outlier) but he led a team with perhaps the greatest D of all time….Eagles don’t have that.

    Without a SB QB, there will be no SB, Done and done. Deny it all you want. But it is what it is.

  • ha, maybe to make Jon Hart like me more I should stop discussing content of the conversation and instead post news from days pasts that has been widely REPORTED by REPUTABLE NEWS SOURCES, and title it REPORT so that I look cool. Or post general knowledge concepts about where the team might be leaning, and post it as if I made it up and am posting it for the same time…

  • Songs –

    here is a link so you can look it up yourself:


    now you can stop asking everyone else your stupid questions –

    question for you – are you that lazy or that stupid you can’t find any info out for yourself – Modrak is not getting paid by anyone – he is out of work since his complete and total failure in Buffalo – please feel free to correct me if Modrack has since found employment in the NFL – a tidbit from Buffalo:

    Bills fire scouting director after decade of incompetence
    Tom Modrak was the definition of the “Peter Principle” in the NFL, not anymore. For a decade Modrak was the Buffalo Bills director of scouting, he recommended what players the team should select in the draft. The ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE points out during his time in Buffalo the team failed to make the postseason and drafted turds like J.P. Losman, Mike Williams and John McCargo. The “Peter Principle” states that employees rise to their level of incompetence and stay there.


  • Songs –

    here is a link so you can look it up yourself:

    go to philadelphiaeagles dot comm and look under staff

    now you can stop asking everyone else your stupid questions –

    question for you – are you that lazy or that stupid you can’t find any info out for yourself – Modrak is not getting paid by anyone – he is out of work since his complete and total failure in Buffalo – please feel free to correct me if Modrack has since found employment in the NFL – a tidbit from Buffalo:

    Bills fire scouting director after decade of incompetence
    Tom Modrak was the definition of the “Peter Principle” in the NFL, not anymore. For a decade Modrak was the Buffalo Bills director of scouting, he recommended what players the team should select in the draft. The ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE points out during his time in Buffalo the team failed to make the postseason and drafted turds like J.P. Losman, Mike Williams and John McCargo. The “Peter Principle” states that employees rise to their level of incompetence and stay there.


  • but Ozzman, in all seriousness – I DONT BELIEVE THAT I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. I’m NOT a professional scout, I’m not an NFL employee, I’m NOT an employee of an NFL team. So I don’t sit here and tell you that I know the answers – neither about what they SHOULD do or what they WILL do. That certainly is a contrast to most on here, but that should give you an idea about why I often post in discussion about what others post as opposed to matching their level of arrogance.

  • navy?

    you think Modrak could have done any worse picking defensive players in the early rounds compared to the Eagles the last 5 years?

  • Brett Schiller- Brett is your real name. Im an insider, dont be upset bc you have to wait until espn tells you whats going on… All joking aside, your an arrogant guy whos claim to gcobb.com fame is being overly critical of any and everyones post. Dont hate on me because i actually post my honest opinions of the team and dont jump down guys throats for there feelings about the team or piggy back on what others comments. Your not creative unless its to attack someone for there opinions. You have a new born baby for goodness sakes you should be happier and loving life guy.. haha

  • The Eagles really need a pocket passer that makes good decisions.

    I like Vick but hes too erratic.

    If they lack trust in Vick then why didn’t they tank for better picks??

    I think Lurie keeps Reid regardless Shady holds out and the Eagles are .500

  • @Giants Fan…

    Crawl back in your hole… no one was talking to you besides I don’t have the time to slap you around like usual. You consistently troll around Eagles websites trying to undermine this team but it’s ok… you will fail in your efforts.

    “To win the SB you need a SB capapable QB, That we do not have.” – Says who… You??? Last I checked you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Last I checked you don’t know squat about football. But hey… Keep saying we won’t make it to the SB with Vick. Every time you make one of those hate filled predictions it works out great for the team.

    You say DJax is a punk and thug and is gone…
    Front office says DJax has a bright future and is signed to a long term deal.

    You say Cullen Jenkins is old and Gone
    Front office say Cullen Jenkins is a valuable part of the defense and is signed to finish his career in Philly.

    Please keep saying this team will not win with Vick. I am begging you please!!! You have the midas touch… every thing you hate turns to gold.

    Hey I got a list for you…

    QB’s that have had better help (players and coaches) around them for most of their career than Michael Vick:

    Last 12 sb qbs:
    Manning II
    Manning II
    Manning I

    I want you to understand something Giants fan, you don’t know football. Not even a little bit. By the way where are your stats? Normally you’d post a half-assed arguments with a bunch of stats without any context and give a highly jaded incomplete analysis of anyone you don’t like. I love it when you post stats because they show how truly ignorant you are to the game and it’s components. Hey and when you post them please site your source because no one is taking your analysis of anything football related seriously.

  • vick had 4 -5 tipped INTs and desean dropped 4-5 touchdowns .. that really effected vicks stats last year

  • Full honesty, Jon Hart, I have never personally known a guy named Brett, including myself. And I by no means am a father. I REALLY hope you don’t think im someone you know that actually is a new father and accuse him… couldn’t be more truthful

  • If i were the Eagles i would do whatever i can to get DE Michael Brockers from LSU. This guy is 6’5 and weighs 300 + pounds. He’s the next Julius Peppers. Look at what the Giants did in the 2010 draft by selecting DE Jason Pierre-Paul. Some felf it was a reach to draft JPP so early, and that he only started 1 yr as a starter in college.Some NFL experts even called him a bust. Looks like he has proved everyone wrong so far? Anyways, i just hope the birds go defense. But i’m sure the FO will find away to f**k it up

  • brockers at this point is nothing like peppers hes fat slow and week .. if you want a pass rusher you got get whitney mercilus .. the guy had 22.5 tackles for loss and 16 sacks led the nation.. hes 6’4 261 4.68 but could run a 4.5 i belive … coples is much more like peppers 6’6 285 4.78 speed

  • I think I posted this on another thread that there is no defensive player in the entire Draft worth mocing up to the #4 Spot, there just isn’t… QB’s Luck/RGIII are about the only 2 players that would be worth giving up a bunch up picks to move up and they will b eloaded in at #1 & #2
    Much of the next 20 Selections will all be players with rewards but risks, there are only a few players who will probably be consistent and contributors from Day 1 and become steady NFL players and that’s RB Richardson & LB Kuechley.. Many of the DL, Secondary & WR Players have lots of upside but also some risk to them too ..
    I stay away from the following players all together in the 1st Round
    DT’s Poe, Brockers,Still, LB Upshaw, OT J Martin, WR K Wright an potential later 1st Rounders like TE O Charles, DE N Perry, CB A Denard

  • Brockers is DT and not DE so any comparison with to DE Peppers or JPP is not valid and makes no sense.
    Brockers is a 6-6 330 lbs run stuffing, space eating DT who is probably better suited for a NT position in the 3-4 Scheme..
    I expect Brockers to go anywhere from #9 (Panthers) to #14 (Cowboys)

  • Pman I agree with your last post, but I believe blackmon could be there target also. I believe he will be excellent.

  • Paulman..come on man…What about Morris Claiborne?

    Are you saying he’s not a top 10 pick and have risks?

    I’ll dump DRC at a drop of the dime for Claiborne.
    teams have completed near 70% of their 1st downs on 3rd downs throwing to the receiver DRC was playing while with Arizona.

    When Asante is gone I think teams will do the same. Arizona knew what they were doing dumping him here.

  • Another player to say away from at all costs in the 1st Round is CB J Jenkins who has too many off-the field issues (usually involving marijuana) and just cannot be trusted that he will be able to stay clean in the NFL and not get suspended
    I think Eagles and Browns may be talking about Browns getting Eagles #15 for their #22 and early 2nd Rounder more than the Eagles moving up to #4
    Let’s face it, Browns President Holmgrem needs to make a splash this Draft, they need playmakers at RB,WR, & DE and maybe another QB to make any moves just to be competitice in the very difficult AFC North Division where you are playing the Steelers,Ravens and the improved Bengals twice a year and you have to beat them just to have a shgot at ever making the playoffs..

  • You get soooo pissy there Lionsden. And I still love the way you try to set yourself up as the great arbitrator and evaluator of all things stats related.

    “Bring your stats to the alter of the Great Lionsden, where he, and he alone will rule and decide whether they are worthy of discussion. But of course if they suggest the idea that Vick is not a great QB, then they will immediately be dismissed, as having no validity, for here in the all-knowing mind of the one Great Wizard Lionsden, the quarterbacking supremacy of the amazing VIck cannot be questioned!

    Buddy, I’ve played more, coached more, and watched more football than you could dream of. I’ve forgotten more about the game than you have seen.

    As for your inaccuracies (of which there are many)

    1 – I said Desean was a punk. (I may have said “wannabe thug) He is. A whiny punk. Who quit last year. But go ahead, keep defending a guy who quit. I disagree with the FOs decision to keep him, but at least they got him relatively cheaply.

    2 – I like Cullen Jenkins. A lot. However I did point our he is over 31 and has had an injury plagued career. (is this incorrect oh great wise one?) I said this because I think the Eagles will select a DT early this upcoming draft – and thet would be a good idea. Sorry for “undermining the team” by saying this.

    Listen buddy, stop getting your panties in a knot every time I….. Check that….its too much fun reading your your predictable “(as you un screaming from your Vick postered room) “Mommy, Mommy the bad man is making fun of Mike Vick again – he’s Undermining the Team!!” posts.

    Oh….bty….You know how you’re always saying we’ve got to listen to the FO, coaches, players and take them at their word? (so Naive) ANd you’re always harping on how I ignore what coaches and expert say and blah de blah blah…

    VInce Young last week:

    “I asked Andy, ‘could I be part of the team again?’ He was like ‘I would love for you to stay here but you’re not a backup quarterback’ so when I heard the big guy, big red, say that it showed me more confidence and more respect that he had for me when he said he wanted to see me somewhere playing,”

    “I can truly understand that and they wanted to give Mike Kafka a little more of a chance to go out and compete and backup up Mike Vick but basically he didn’t see me backing up again. He felt like I should be starting somewhere and playing so that’s just the respect he had for me and saw the hard work that I put in to get better as quarterback last year with those guys.”

    Andy Reid saying that Young is a NFL starting QB….highest of high comedy…..so keep on keeping on lionsden…keep putting your faith in what players and coaches say publicly.

  • Are you talking about Morris Claiborne who scored a 4 on his Wonderlic, still has that wrist injury and is a non-tackler too.Is he bright enough to pick-up NFL Defensive Schemes .. He’s a strong cover guy no doubt about it but I think you could draft a CB S Gilmore at #15 who will be a better all around and much more physcial CB as a Pro than Morris Claiborne which is what the Eagles need in their Secondary..I think Claiborne is a lot like DCR, tall, rangy, makes plays on the ball but not very bright and shys away from being Physcial..

  • Paulman, I’m hoping J. Jenkins drops enough to us for our 1st pick in the 2nd round. Don’t get me wrong the guy has some issues in his personal life but the dude can ball. I watched his video against A.j Green and Julio Jones when he was at Florida and he shut both of them down. If I’m Reid and the FO and this dude is sitting there for the taking with that 1st pick in the 2nd round Im taking Jenkins and crossing my fingers. I think with Asmo and Ryans there is some leadership here that could put him in place.

  • The Blackmon report is intriguing but it would probably piss me off just as much if they traded for Tannehill. There are still MAJOR holes on this defense that need to be improved big time. The 1st 3 picks in this draft should be defense period. You can find another WR in the later rounds. (Jeffrey,TY Hilton, Adams, Quick)…

    I also think we get better play from both MAclin (will come in much healthier hopefully) and Djax (who can maybe just play with a free will again now that he has some financial security).

  • On the other hand, if they use their 1st couple of picks on offense (esp their 1st overall) i might be able to deal with it solely on the basis that Reid has been terrible in drafting defense recently. Beyond terrible the past 5-6 years is an understatement. This guy could have Coples, Barron, Kluechy staring him in the face at 15 and he would find a way to screw it up just so that he could go against the common consensus in trying to be smarter than everyone else. And then it will just blow up in his face again. I GOOFED!…yea no shit

  • I have a hard time buying this report. Moving up to #4 to get a guy with little time and film is ludicrous. If Reid has, in fact, fallen in love with this kid and is intent on getting him then at least wait and let him slip past Cleveland and then trade up to #7 (before Miami) to reduce the cost. Let someone else ridiculously overpay. I believe Pman’s theory more about moving back with Cleveland vs. forward if this story’s contact with Cleveland is credible. I’m for keeping 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. Better chance of them hitting on at least 1 player (dare I say 2).

  • Props to lionsden… great post fam..

  • Vick is better than Eli Manning. Manning= the most overrated qb. Plus he has downs syndrome

  • Here lots of bs here about drafting a player who will make an immediate impact next year, first its rare , even more rare for birds, especially on defense, if this Tannenhill is legit then draft him, its obvious the eagles need a quarterback moving forward, any quarterback pick as the franchise pick is risky, see ryan leaf, and there are no gurantees that luck or griffin will pan out, so go for the qb if he’s the guy you want

  • If they draft Tannehill, you can pretty much book 5 -10 years of 7 or less wins fellas. Either trade up for one of the 2 studs, tank for barkley, or pick a guy inthe 3rd rounds. If you think otherwise, please don’t post on this board.

  • **Trade Rumor Alert started by Paulman***
    Eagles Trade CB A Samuel, DE Darryl Tapp and their 3rd Round (#88th Pick) to the Carolina Panthers for RB Jonathon Stewart and QB Jimmy Claussen and the Panthers 2nd Round Pick (#42 Overall)
    The Eagles now have the #15, #42, #46 & 51st Selections to beef up their Defense and have a back-up quality RB in Stewart and a developmental QB in Claussen who could be groomed by the supposed QB Guru’s of MM & AR and has at least has 2 year NFL Experience..
    The Panthers get rid of players who they don’t really need and add a starting CB in Samuel who rejoins DC McDermott and a quality rotational DE in Tapp which they do need… A Win-Win for everyone

  • @Rasheed1 Thanks…

    This team’s got work to do but we are in a great position to win it all next season. Haters are going to hate… but it doesn’t matter because this team is headed in the right direction. The 9-7 Giants won it all last year but we are better than them as a team. In spite of everything that happened last year we were one game from the playoffs. We could have beaten every team the Giants beat to get the SB ring. Their pass rush is what gives the patriots and Brady fits and if we draft correctly we’ll have a better combination of pass rush and secondary than they do. Our defensive front line is full of all pro players and bringing in an additional impact run stopper/pass rusher will have people changing their tune about this teams chances.

    I like how things are shaping up and am looking forward to draft and then the season.

  • You forgot a couple of huge things Lionsden.
    The Giants Overall Coaching is superior than the Eagles and their QB’s Decision making ability is also much better than the Eagles QB , yes, besides this, the EAgles are more talented that the GIants which means very little since games are not won or lost by talent alone, You need excellent Coaching, very good and flexible game plans and you need to be able to make adjustments during the game which has always been AR and his Staff’s biggest weakness dure his entire tenure as a HC in my opinion
    Also the GIants have a much better GM in Jerry Reese than the Eagles have in Howie Roseman

  • nooooooo! dont draft this dude or waist recources in moving up to do so it makes no sense. We are trying to win our “first” superbowl. After that then you can move up and select all the bum project qb”s you want.

  • vick is better at passing. Vick is better at making highlight plays. Vick is better at running. Manning is far better at the thing that actually matters – doing the right things that make his team win football games.

  • New Mock Eagles Draft with trade from above with the Panthers
    (and remember the Eagles picked up back up RB J Stewart and a developmental QB in J Claussen from the Panthers meaning the Eagles will not have to select players at these positions in this Draft and can focus on Defense)

    1st #15 – CB Stephon Gilmore (South Carolina 6-1 195lbs)
    2nd #41 – DE Vinny Curry (Marshall 6-3 266lbs)
    2nd #46 – LB Zach Brown (UNC 6-1 245lbs)
    2nd #51 – DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson 6-2 314lbs)
    4th #114 – LB Demario Davis (Arkansas St 6-2 235lbs)
    5th #153 – WR Junior Hemingway (Michigan 6-1 225lbs)
    6th #174 – SS Duke Ihenacho (Fresno State 6-0 215lbs)
    6th #194 – OT Andrew Datko (Florida State 6-6 315lbs)
    6th #200 – FB Emil Igwenagu (Mass 6-1 249lbs)

    I expect the Top 5 Players to all be contributors in 2012 on the Eagles Defense and probably CB Gilmore and the LB’s can compete for Starters Spot’s by 2013
    WR Junior Hemingway could be a real sleeper in the this Draft and push Cooper for the 4th Spot in the WR Corps. He’s players quicker that he speed #’s induicate, is a very good route runner and can block and catch the ball in traffic..
    SS Duke Inhenacho is a thumper with some size and strength and can contribute on Special Teams right away (remember the Eagles probably will not have Colt Anderson available early in the Season due to him having a late season injury Inhenacho could use some work and reps to improve his pass-coverage skills, but he loves to hit, always is around the ball and played both LB and Safety during his 4 Year COllege Career at San Jose State

    OT Andrew Datko is a long-term player who woudl have been a Top 6-8 OT taken in the this Draft outside of hjis knee injury he suffered early in his Senior Season, he’s a smart,athletic player and could be a real find here late in the 6th Round and will probably be IR all of 2012 but the Eagles could work with him in-house and groom him for a back-up spot for 2013 with the goal of eventually replacing RT Herremans down the road
    FB Emil Igwenagu is a physical player whose athleticism is off the charts,
    He’s a strong blocker, can catch the ball and play Special Teams and remember that the FB position is wide open and he’s a very bright kid also..

  • @lionsden

    Yeah you are right that we are the better team between and the Giants. The Giants cant even live when handle our business. Ive seen plenty of NY fans that are scared to death of the Eagles because they know they cant win a super bowl unless we falter.

    It irks me though that the Giants are smart enough to parlay sneaking in the back door of the playoffs into super bowls.. It says something great about their determination once they get into the dance, and it also says something about our coaching that we fold up before we can hoist the trophy, unlike the Giants…

    Andy and his guys seem to recognize this, and it looks like they are tweeking the way they handle the off season. Now we just need Andy and his guys to be more flexible in games and in the clutch.

    For example…NY won the super bowl vs. NE at the end when Coughlin managed the clock beautifully against Brady and the Pats offense.. They didnt have enough time…. even for Brady it wasnt enough.

    NY made the catches in the clutch and pulled it off like they did a few years ago… I give them their credit

    but I KNOW we own them and our staff needs to continue as they have been doing this off season and make sure not to delude themselves into thinking they dont have more work to do before we can be champs.

    If they draft a couple of players in the draft that can help us out this year? we should be fine

  • from Paulman

    “I think Eagles and Browns may be talking about Browns getting Eagles #15 for their #22 and early 2nd Rounder more than the Eagles moving up to #4”
    I was kinda thinking the same thing here. It seems as though the Eagles wouldn’t mind sliding back a few spots and picking up a an extra 2nd rd pick. The Eagles love 2nd rd picks and they will still be able to get a solid player at #22.

    I could be wrong but it seems as though they want to draft DT, CB, QB and LB with their 1st 4 picks and trading back a few spots would allow them to get 4 picks in the 1st 2 rds.

  • Sliding back to #22 with the Browns could give them a draft that looks like this…

    1st Rd # 22 – Stephon Gilmore CB S Car or Jerel Worthy DT Mich St
    2nd Rd # 37 – Harrison Smith SS ND or Kendall Reyes DT UConn
    2nd Rd # 46 Devon Still DT Penn St or Brandon Weeden QB Okla St
    2nd Rd # 51 Bobby Wagner OLB Utah St or Kirk Cousins QB Mich St
    3rd Rd # 88 Nigel Bradham OLB Fla St or Cam Johnson DE Va

  • Historically, 2nd round picks are no better than a 50/50 bet!

  • *****Breaking News*******

    High-level source: Eagles won’t trade for Browns’ No. 4 pick

    www dot nfl dot com/draft/story/09000d5d828530c3/article/highlevel-source-eagles-wont-trade-for-browns-no-4-pick?module=HP11_headline_stack

    …A “high-level source” told Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia that the Friday report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer was “just another draft rumor.” The source said there is little chance the Eagles will move up to No. 4 in a trade with the Browns.

    The Plain Dealer reported Friday that the Eagles were among four teams interested in trading for the first of the Browns’ two picks in the first round. The Browns also own the 22nd overall pick in this month’s NFL draft.

    The Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia report notes that Eagles general manager Howie Roseman and Browns general manager Tom Heckert are close friends who worked together with the Eagles from 2001 through 2010.

    The Eagles own the 15th pick in the first round and No. 46 and No. 51 in the second round.

  • @paulman… I hear what you’re saying (Coughlin is better than Reid and Eli is better than Vick). Head to head (As the starter) Vick 3-0 against the Giants (Eli Manning at QB) and Reid is 9-7 against Coughlin since Coughlin has been the Giant’s HC. As the starter, with Vick at QB the Eagles are 7-1 in the division. So I’m questioning your take on the Giant’s superiority over the Eagles Coaching and QB. But I respect your opinion I just disagree.

    @Schiller… I hear your (Vick is more talented than Eli but Eli is smarter than Vick.)

    “vick is better at passing. Vick is better at making highlight plays. Vick is better at running.” What else does he need to be better at?

    “Manning is far better at the thing that actually matters – doing the right things that make his team win football games.” What are these things?

    Head to head as an Eagle neither Peyton nor Eli has beaten Vick… so how does this make them better? And this is after Vick being out of the league for 2 seasons and only being the designated starter for 1.

    I respect Eli… I think he’s clutch (although I think more of this has to do with his lack of self awareness than moxie). But, he is one David Tyree drop and one Lawrence Tynes fumble recovery away from NYC asking for his head on a platter.

    Again, Schiller I respect your opinion, I just disagree.

  • Sorry… I said **Lawrence Tynes** I meant Kyle Williams.

  • Eagles w/ Mike Vick as starting QB 7 Eli as starting QB lost to NYG week 3 of 2011…
    NYG 29 PHI 16
    Vick 16 of 23 for 176 yds 0 td’s

    Manning 16 of 23 for 254 yds 4 td’s

    This is the game that Vick hit his hand on some one’s helmet at the end of the game. Vince Young was the starter when Eagles beat the Giants later in the year. Not jumping on anyone’s band wagon here, I’m a Mike Vick fan myself but just stating the facts…

  • Pman no disrespect but who in the hell wants d tapp nobody but the eagles.

  • Look I can’t stand the giants but for people to get on here and disrepect Eli when he is one of the main reasons they won both superbowls is crazy. I mean he had to make huge plays in both superbowls to win. That head to head number stuff is cute but who has the rings period enough said.

  • And coughlin is better than Andy Reid, I don’t see how you guys question that in big games they come up big(Couglin and Eli). And I hate the giants but if you can’t respect what they have done and put the eagles above them you don’t know football.

  • You know what we are the only fan base in the nfc east that always brag on the head to head matchups. If you really want to look up head to head matchups we have losing records all time against all the nfc east teams. And we are the only team without the superbowl trophy. We have nothing to boast about in football when it comes to our Nfc east rivals. Even the redskins who have stunk for ever is a better organization than us. Until we win we our second rate. But I love my second rate ass squad lol.

  • @sully… from 2010 to 2011 the Eagles have had 12 division games. Vick started (and finished) 8 of those games. If you want to count games where Vick was knocked out due to injury then the Eagles are 8-2 in the division with Vick as the starter. In the game against the Giants I still think he was still slightly concussed from the Falcons game. When they pulled him out we were up by 2pts. But an L is an L so that was an oversight on my part. I also didn’t include the 1st Washington game of 2010.

    Actually, I’m glad you pointed out my error because when Vick has started and finished a game as the starter, the Eagles are undefeated in the division. Of the 8 division games Vick has started and finished the Eagles have not lost.

    I think we’re going to be just fine this up coming season.

    Thanks Sully…

  • http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/04/15/burfict-gets-the-cold-shoulder/

    Great article on how much Vontaze Burfict is falling. Actually I feel bad for this kid. Needless to say he will not be an eagle.

    Pman- jimmy clauses is the biggest peace of trash in the NFL.. Nobody would trade for the kid. Hate to be harsh against another person but this kid is a complete tool

  • @pdiddy… Yes, the Giants have the rings. Can’t take that away from them. Won’t try, but they have been fortunate to face the same team in the SB twice. The same team who’s weakness plays to the Giants strength. They have beaten the Patriots almost the exact same way twice in the SB. They have the Patriots #. But we have their number. During the Andy Reid era the NFC East has been in the SB four times. Reid has gotten the Eagles there once (2004 which was his 7th season). His team hasn’t gotten it done yet but I’m confident with the moves being made and the pieces in place that it will happen very soon.

    Trent Dilfer has a ring but he’s not better than Marino. Brand Johnson has a ring but he’s not better than Esiason. Kenny Stabler wasn’t better than Dan Fouts. I respect the ring but it’s not complete measure of who’s better than who by position. Who here thinks that Emmitt Smith would be who he is if he and Barry Sanders switched teams? Emmitt Smith is the all time rushing leader but I don’t think many will contend that he was a better RB than Sanders. Behind the Eagles O-line Eli would be carted off the field every other week.

    This conversation will be speculative until the Eagles win a ring, but when they do… this conversation is going to change dramatically.

    Oh… disclaimer: I am not making any case for the Eagles pre-Andy Reid.

  • You make good points lionsden you do I give credit where credit is do. My point to you is this the bigger the game the bigger Eli plays. Man it’s some games he sucks, but when the pressure is on he flourishes every time. I don’t know if Vick has that. Also lionsden sometimes not all the time but sometimes Vick has to get rid of the dam ball faster. Sometimes he makes an o-line look shitty. You can’t hold the ball five or six seconds man and he does it way too much. He has to get better with his pre snap reads.

  • Eli has gotten a lot better with getting rid of the ball quickly, he use to struggle with that a little too. alright that’s enough eli praise I am going to be sick dude.lol

  • One more thing to lionsden the giants played all the best teams in football to get to that superbowl. green bay, san fran that’s saying a lot then they capped it off by beating New England. Dude they play big boy ball man those teams tough as hell man.

  • @pdiddy… LoL..yes we agree eli praise can lead to severe illness in an Eagles fan. That’s why I want the birds to kick the Giants’ @#$ next year and make them a thing of the past.

  • Good news on that non trade good lets get some young good defensive players in here.

  • Agreed lionsden

  • @pdiddy.. I agree they do play up to the level of competition and often come up big. I give them a large amount of credit for what they’ve accomplished. If I have one criticism of AR it’s that I think some times he’s too close to his players and not enough of a disciplinarian. Coughlin is tough and gritty and his team has taken on that persona. I think that is why they come up big when it counts. But having said that they backed into the SB with a 9-7 record. They struggled to beat SF in the playoffs. It’s not a stretch to say we would have beat SF in the playoffs. Vick eviscerated SF’s defense and if Maclin doesn’t fumble we are in the SB and not the Giants. We finished with on of the best pass rushes in the league and the 9th best passing attack in the league… it’s not a stretch to say we would have beaten the Pats in the SB. In fact, if Brady throws a better pass to Welker we aren’t having this conversation.

    But again, this is all speculation and like you’ve said its all about wins, losses, and SB rings. And right now we have none.

  • When was the last Eagle Playoff Victory.. 3-4 years ago…
    The Giants have 2 Super Bowls Championsips during that time, I am not very impressed about head-to head match-ups in regualr season play. it’s about winning games when it matters and that means the Playoffs and the Giants have 4 Super Bolws since the Parcell Days which the Eagles have Zero so I think there is no room to talk as an Eagle Fan about which team is better.. Now the Giants did lose some players (WR Manningham, RB Jacobs and a couple of O/Lineman but did add LB Keith Rivers who I have always liked and think he’s a very good player (when healthy) ..

  • From the National Football Post:

    *A buzz is building in NFL front offices that the Eagles are going to take a quarterback fairly high. If they don’t make a move for Ryan Tannehill in round one, the Eagles could wait until the second round and go after Kirk Cousins or Brandon Weeden. Such a move could indicate the Eagles have concerns about Michael Vick’s ability to stay healthy and how he fits in Andy Reid’s offense.

  • It’s really called “Coaching Security” by AR to buy himself another contract extension… If Eagles and Vick struggle, he will throw Vick under the bus and claim he has found the ‘one” in Weeden, Cousines, Tannehill or whomever it is and sell Lurie hook and sink that he needs 3-4 years to fully develop this Diamond in the rough to take the Eagles to the SUper Bowl.. Of course the fans and local media drink the kool-aid in massive quantities and but the new $100 Game Jerseis before the new QB even starts his First NFL Game and we go for another 4-5 Years of a pretty good Team that can’t get over the hump and into the Elite of the NFL and compete for Super Bowl Championships…

  • Pman you on fire today dam, I don’t even have to respond enough said.

  • Article from the National Football Post which was posted on 4/15/12 at 6am sites a “buzz”…

    Article from the National Football LEAGUE… sites a high level source that spoke on 4/14/12 and published its article on 4/15/12 at 9:57am. This source spoke with comcast Sportsnet directly as reported on CSNphilly dot com:

    “The Eagles source said the team has spoken several times about numerous eventualities with the Browns as well as virtually every other team above and below them in the first round but said there isn’t a likely scenario that would have the Eagles moving up 11 spots in the first round into the No. 4 spot.”

    The article from the National Football LEAGUE’S website quotes a source from within the Eagles organization.

    The “buzz” from National Football Post is reported by a respected columnist who writes for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE much like the writer of the original RUMOR reported for the CLEVELAND Plain dealer.

    More news to come.

  • I respect the argument regarding the Giant’s having more SB rings. It can’t be refuted. But as an Eagles Fan if it comes down to the Eagles vs. the Giants or any other team in the division with the playoffs on the line… I am very confident we will win. In the Andy Reid era this is justified. We just need to get over the hump. We will.

  • I WONT WINNNERS !…. I WNAT PEOPLE WHO WANNA WIN .. DT and LB please ..first 2 picks …………3 pick DE Whitney mercilus but rusher in draft .. watch the tape hes a black jason babin already at this young age

  • Lionsden I feel where you coming from man I do and I don’t even want to go back an forth with you cause I am an eagle fan too. But I just learned thru the years that man until we win the ring we will not be looked at in the same light as the other teams. Not even the stinking redskins and they sucked for a long time. But we still have not closed that superbowl gap. It’s embarrassing man to have 12 superbowls in one division and we don’t have one dammit. The more I think about it man it’s just crazy 12 dam.

  • I heard a report on espn a while back that when Magic,Michael and Charles would hang out and talk basketball. They would tell Charles to shut up because he has no rings. And that’s what it’s all about man the ring period. NO it was the year the first dream team represented the country in basketball and those guys along with bird and scottie would tell charles to shut his mouth no ring having bastard. Just like the birds 🙁

  • I mean Superbowls not he certificates from 48 and 60.

  • My last post tonight I promise but I think I am going to start some mess with this one. But please remember I am an eagle fan. My ranking for NFC EAST quarterbacks.

    Tony Romo
    Mike Vick
    RG3(only because he will be a rookie obviously)

  • The differense is When vick is on he is elite.. when romo is on he’ll lose in the fourth .. when eli is one he’ll throw an interception in the end zone( except last year eli played well all year).. rg3 yet to be seen

  • I see how the Giants organization have leaped frogged us in the first 10 years of the decade winning to SB in 5 years while we win nothing, and now see The Skins get RG3. It wouldn’t surprise me if Skins build from scratch after being a doormat and win it while our accountants play general managers.

  • @ Lionsden, I HAVE BEEN READING AND ENJOYING YOUR POST BROTHER!!! I am impressed, and almost at awe, at your reasonable logic man. Thank you, for posting. I will pay more attention to your opinions. You have my humble respect brother.

  • A few reports which come as to suprise that players Drew Brees, Matt Forte and
    Ray Rice will not be attending Team workouts this week.. All 3 players were placed by teh Franchised Tag by their Teams though each player has failed to sign the Tender and have stated publicly, that they do not intend to unless they get a long-term deal that want.. Cound get interesting and especially for th eSaints who had had all kinds of issues this off-season with bountry-gate, saleary cap issues and losing some kep players to free-agency and also adding some players in free-agency.. but who is coaching these guys..

  • Paul, this news would have been a big/bigger deal in year’s past. New NFL rules now make these workouts basically meaningless.

    Players can really only participate in conditioning workouts and cannot meet with coaches. Plays cannot be installed. They can’t wear helmets. QBs can throw to Wrs, but D cannot be on the field…other than that…teams can’t even bring footballs on the field.

    I fear these ridiculous restrictions will have a detrimental effect on offensive production in the furute.

    Oh…and for all the “well now Vick has an offseason so he’ll be good….” chanters. Pay attention to what the NFL offeseason has recently/now become…a series of glorified weightlifting sessions. I’m sure this will change everything as far as Super 7 is concerned.

  • Is it reasonable to think that perhaps the Eagles are talking to the Browns, about trading Asante Samuels, Brandon Graham, and their #1 next year for the #22 pick in the first round of this year, and use that pick to get another piece. I say its a way to get their hands on Poe, and take Quentin Coples at #15, or- vice versa-………..Coples for some reason is droppoing fast; there are rumblings that he failed a drug test at the combine- nothing has been confirmed- He did look high on his interview on NFL Network though- that may be the reason. So Poe could be their guy at #15, but if Coples drops to #22, I wouldn’t hesitate to draft him at that spot.

    Somebody is going to drop, and if the Eagles do their homework, they can put themselves in a position to get the most out of this draft.

  • Whitney Mercilus if he drops into the second round he should be the pick.. he had 22.5 tackles for loss and 16 sacks led the nation .. 6’4 261 ran a 4.66 4.68 but look slike he could run low 4.5s

  • @gmcliff…. Thanks for the compliments and respect. Like wise I appreciate the information you contribute to the various topics here on GCobb. And btw I like your take on how the Birds might be angling to get two picks in the first round by using their roster as leverage. It makes total sense and is consistent with the FO’s approach to upgrading the roster while minimizing cap casualty.

  • @lionsden – we are here brother- one

    I hope they are smart enough to see what could be useful in this system. The only way that would be possible is to make a deal to get back in the first round; and their #1 next year must be given up along with some big names. Then trade down a little to get 2 more 2nd rounders. This is my updated mock wish for the Eagles.

    1a. Quentin Coples DE
    1b. Dontari Poe DT

    2a. Vinny Curry DE
    2b. Bobby Wagner OLB
    2c. Kelechi Osemele OG
    2d. Trumaine Johnson CB/S

    3a.Bobbie Massie OT
    3b Brian Quick WR
    3c Nigel Bradham OLB
    3d Brandon Brooks OG

    4a Sean Spence SS
    4b.TY Hilton/ Joe Adams/ Devon Wylie KR/PR/WR
    4c. Christian Thompson FS

    5a Vontaze Burfict MLB
    5b Demarrio Davis OLB/MLB/ST

    6a. Akiem Hicks DT
    6b. Kelcie McCray FS/SS/ST
    6c. Brock Osweiler QB

    7. Joe Long OT

  • Eagles are trying to trade up for DT Cox… they LOVE him….washburn loves him….. they will deal up to #7 and grab him

  • jott – you’re that easy? You take rumors for solid truth? Really man?

    I think they do like Cox. I also think that you’re jumping to conclusions and not thinking straight – Cox might drop to 15. Cox might drop past 15. Anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit – humans suck at predicting the draft. As for the Eagles trying to trade up now – uh, I haven’t even seen any reports that said that. There are reports that they MIGHT CONSIDER trading up for Cox, but you’re taking the bait and running with it here.

    Its also possible they’re really into Keuchley or a CB or aiming for Couples. There’s so many possibilities. Don’t let the media lead you on. It’s well excepted that ‘news’ around this time before the draft is fools gold. Take everything with a pinch (yep, more than a grain) of salt.

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