• August 14, 2022

Sixers To Face Elimination On Wednesday

When the 76ers return to Philadelphia on Wednesday night, they could very well be playing their last game of the season. The Sixers started out strong in Monday’s Game 5 against the Boston Celtics, leading 50-47 at halftime, but Doug Collins’ group ran out of gas in the second half, managing to score just 35 points in the final 24 minutes.

During the first half, it looked as though the Sixers had a chance to steal another game on the road. They were playing the Celtics evenly, and were anchored by a strong performance by Elton Brand. The power forward played just over 15 minutes in Game 4, but turned in his best effort of the playoffs last night, scoring 19 points on 13 shots.

However, in the third quarter, the Celtics decided it was time to flip the proverbial switch to “on”.

When the Celtics have been at their best, they’ve been far superior to the Sixers. Boston took their defensive play up a notch in the third quarter, allowing Philadelphia to score just 16 points. And while the Sixers were still able to limit the damage from Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce, they were unable to come up with an answer for Brandon Bass.

Bass played one of the best games of his career on Monday. He lit up the Sixers for 27 points on 13 shots, and sunk nine of his 10 free throws. He also collected six rebounds, two steals, and two blocks. The forward took over the game in the third quarter, scoring 18 points (two more than the entire Sixer team managed in the quarter), and went on a run where scored 12 of Boston’s 14 points.

The Sixers had a lot of heroes in their Game 4 victory, but none of those guys were able to repeat their performances last night. Thaddeus Young and Lavoy Allen combined for 10 offensive rebounds on Friday, but only had six total rebounds between the two of them last night. Lou Williams lost his scoring touch as quickly as he found it, connecting on just three of his 10 shots, and only had two assists after dishing out eight the game before.

Andre Iguodala showed yesterday why my opinion of him hasn’t changed despite his success during this playoff run. Even though he’s had an excellent postseason, he just can’t by relied on to perform that way consistently, and he can’t always find a way to take over a game when his team needs a lift. He shot just three of 10 from the floor, and missed two critical free throws he earned on a clear path foul in the third quarter. Those two misses were the turning point in the game, and swung the momentum in Boston’s favor.

Though this loss was disappointing, its no reason to be discouraged about the team or what they’ve accomplished to this point. Everything the Sixers have given the city in the last few weeks hasn’t been expected, and has been an enjoyable surprise. They’re now facing a very tall order to win two in a row against a much better Celtics team, but I think they have a chance to push the series to a Game 7.

Denny Basens

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  • Sayonara, Ciao, adios, aloha. na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye. Start anew, go young, & add talent that fits, not a team full of fraudulent, carbon copy, tweeners & Mr Softy big men.

  • This 76ers Team is just not mature enough as Players, Coaches.. Go out with a fight and play the best you can is all a fan can ask.. This Series has gone pretty close to script in my opinion, when the Celts get focused and serious, the 76ers are no match for them.. the Celts experiences, Coaching and overall hacviugn more clutch players has risent to the Top while the 76er young guns have melted under the pressure… (Holliday,Turner, WIlliams have all struggled this Series and have that ‘Deer in the Headlights” look about them where they have become very defensive,too tight in their play and lack the Confidence to play loose and fast like they need to be.. All young teams go thru this.. but some of the 76ers have been around for a while now (Iggy,Thadd,Lou WIlliams are all 3-4 Year Players in the NBA and should be beyond nervous… Lavoy Allen/S Hawes are the only players who seem relaxed and just playing their game out there.. everyone else is time-bomb with the ball and afraid to make a mistake which in turn,makes them too tight..

  • Paul, Stinkadala, is in his 8th season.

  • Use the amnesty on Brand and package Iggy with Holiday or someone else for a potential playmaker.

  • I keep 4 Players from this Team,
    Hawes, Allen, WIlliams, and build around Sam Young

  • Paul, LOL! That’s the best post of the week. THE IMMORTAL SAM YOUNG! Schill has just spackled his panties. BWAHAHAHA!!!

  • I knew you would like that Sam Young Comment.. Ha

  • Looks like Kevin Garnett has been reading posts from JH because he just said that Philly has “Fair weather fans” The same wording i used a week ago to describe you guys who are on the bandwagon when were winning, but once we lose a game you want to say “this team isnt talented enough” or “they need to get rid of brand and iggy” among other things. Fair weather fans. Now you have someone from a different team and state calling you fair weather, and its so true. Paul aka charlie sheen who lives in Boones carolina and way out of touch, and dcar aka freddie mitchell among many many many more who make it a point to stick it to this team when they lose but if they win dont say a word or they ll come on here congratulating them in a round about way. Fair Weather Fans who should have there fan card revoked. Your not true fans.

  • I think I stated a week ago the 76ers would win game #4 and the Celtics would put their serious game faces on and win games #5 & 6 putting the Series away.. All in all, a very good 76er Season with some nice building blocks for the future

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