• May 19, 2022

DeMeco Ryans Will Show This Young Defense How To Take Care Of The Details

It was fitting that DeMeco Ryans was wearing number 59 yesterday, which was the number former Eagles linebacker Seth Joyner wore back when the Eagles had a defense that made opponents fear coming to Philadelphia.

Ryans has been acquired by the Eagles to help build a new defense which has that type of reputation.  I could tell from what he had to say after the workout that he knows what it takes to make that happen.

The Eagles linebackers got their first workout together on Tuesday, and as you would expect everybody’s eyes were on the guy in the middle.  It was a day for feeling things out for him, and he got his first taste of playing with his new teammates in a new system.

“It was fun,” said Ryans to a group of media members. “I’ve just been waiting for a long time to put the Eagles gear on and step up out there. It was fun being able to come together as a team and get a little practice in. I enjoyed it. Things start moving kind of fast out there the first day, but it was a good start for us.”

“I was comfortable. It’s similar to things I’ve done in the past,” he said. “I was very comfortable with what we were doing today … things happen a lot faster than they do on film.”

“Having the spring practices is important because you get to detail your defense,” Ryans said. “You get to really hit all the details. Last year, defense was starting over new, you had to kind of learn it over new, learn it on the fly, and there wasn’t the detail to go into it. This time around, we get to detail our defense, take our time, install and really master what we’re doing.

“Right now, I think we’re working well together, communicating. It’s all about communicating and right now we’re doing a good job of communicating with one another and it just gets better from here on out.”

Understandably, it’s going to take him some time to get as comfortable with the system as he was in Houston, but  I love the fact that he mentioned “detail” when talking about the defense.  He also talked about “mastering” their own defenses and coverages.

The key is the word “detail” regarding both the new defenses and coverages which he must learn.  He also mentioned “mastering what we’re doing”.

I loved the fact that he stressed these points.  Detailing their work and mastering what they’re doing has been missing from the Eagles linebacker play.  The linebackers are supposed to know their defenses and coverages like the back of their hands.  They should be directed everybody else about where they’re supposed to be and what to expect.

In addition, they’re supposed to have studied the other team to the point where they’re recognizing formations and correctly predicting the plays which are run against them.  It takes studying hours upon hours of tape and paying attention to the details in order to figure what opposing defenses are going to do against you.

When you do your homework and are on top of everything, it establishes you as a leader.  The linebackers are supposed to be the leaders of the defense but they haven’t been the last few years because they haven’t been on top of everything.

I expect Ryans to change that.  Like Joyner years ago, he’ll be able to teach young linebackers like Mychal Kendricks, Jamar Chaney, Brian Rolle, Casey Matthews, and Keenan Clayton how to study and prepare for an opponent.  Having an experienced leader like him at the helm will help every player on this defense.

“It doesn’t take long; it just takes time to learn the guys, learn the locker room and get comfortable around everyone”, Ryans told the media group surrounding him. “Being here over the past month, working out with the guys, you get more and more comfortable,” he said.

I feel like we’re finally going in the right direction.


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  • According to that picture above, my man Kendricks needs to start doing some curls & push-ups. LOL!!! Could be an optical illusion, but am I the only one, that finds it funny, that the water-boy in the background, is bigger than everyone in the picture. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • In all seriousness, barring injury, this LB corp will be much improved this year. Ryans was a great pickup & Kendricks, if he picks up the DF quickly, will be a very good LB. I still wish we had some big thumpers in there, but hey, can’t get everything. Still wish we got Lavonte David, dude is going to be a pro-bowler, wait & see.

  • Thats Big Reds son so yeah he is bigger (atleast taller)than every LB on the team. lol

  • dagg, that explains it then. I just got a kick out of it. LMFBO!

  • is his name Bobby Boucher….

  • Intense, instinctive, intellegent, intimidating. These are the words that come to mind describing DeMecco Ryans. If you look at the great defenses of the NFL, they have a guy like DeMecco in the middle. Ravens-Ray Lewis 49ers-Patrick Willis among others but if you look at the overall defenses, they take on the disposition/character of the MLB. The great teams have that. And i believe thats what the eagles want to build here. An intense, instinctive, intellegent, intimidating defense, causing turnovers/fumbles/ints left and right, having teams scared to play them at home or away. We havent had that here in a long time but i get the feeling we wont have to wait long for the emergence of that defense with DRyans as the unquestioned leader, soon to be captain of this defense.

  • As long as he can stay healthy, this is a GREAT addition, and on that the Eagles badly needed. Ryans will raise the level of the entire defense, and with the strong DL in front of him, and less drama in the defensive backfield I look for a defense that will be in the top 5 in most catagories. GO BIRDS!!

  • Demo might be damaged goods…..do we have an adequate backup?

    quality depth is what’s needed instead of depending on guys we know can’t play….like matthews

  • Songs, I think your the funniest poster on here. Seriously I laugh every time you post a comment haha Remind me of Debbie Downer from SNL.. But in all seriousness, DRyans at the age of 27 is by no means damaged goods. He played all last year while still recovering from his injury he got in 2010. The reason why they traded him was because they have a plethora of capable impactful LBs, and most importantly they switched from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 and Ryans is a 4-3 LB all the way so thats why they traded him. His injury had no bearing on him being traded at all. His teammates spoke glowingly of him and how much they’d miss him and were dissappointed he was traded. Because of Ryans departure, that houston defense may take a few steps back but we’ll see.. But the eagles made an asserted effort to add depth to the LB position, and JChaney, Kendicks and Matthews can all play MLB if asked to. To say Casey cant play is far from the truth. He was a rookie last year playing out of position. You cant expect him to look like ray lewis his first year if ever.. He’ll be much better this year though, im banking on it

  • I do enjoy some of his outlandish posts too. I don’t know if he truly feels that way or he is just trying toget a rise out of certian people?

  • Songs – who is this magical we you always wrte about – take your hand out of your pocket and off your little pecker – unless you got a mouse in that pocket – you pretty much stand along with your stupid comments. Now you are complaining (what else is new) about the back up middle linebacker – when you don;t even know who the back up middle linebacker is… does being a dumb fuck come natural – or do you have to work at it?

  • @frank, songs is the Reverend, or Rev. Songs, man of great wisdom, restraint, is incessantly badgered here by the so-called knowledgeable posters, called every name in the book, yet rev. songs stays above the frey, never retaliates in kind, butconinues with his pursuit of finding, sharing knowledge

  • Tony Alamo, Shoko Asahara, Wayne Bent (aka: Michael Travesser) – Graham Capill Jim Jones, Matthew F. Hale, Warren Jeffs Jim Bakker – Hogen Fukunaga Kent Hovind (Dr. Dino) -,L. Ron Hubbard Luc Jouret

    just a few names of other ‘not so bright nor correct’ reverands – they too had unique ‘interpretations’ they tried to impart on others – always funny they managed to find followers… and yet even here Songs has one!

    of course he can;t retaliate Jake – when you are stupid and wrong – how do you retaliate – is MAtthews really the Eagle back up MLB – how do you know they won;t put Chaney back in there if Ryans goes down – or Shift Kendrick over (he was an MLB at CAL –

    see Songs is just a bitch – he states ‘they don;t need a pro bowler at every position’ to which I reply – you bitch about the positions we do have pro bowlers (we were talking about CBs at the time) and then he turns around and does the same thing at MLB –

    but really Jake – at this point – I worry for you… clearly, being the least favorite son and growing up in your brother’s considerable shadow has cuased you to doubt yourself….

  • Good memory there navy about my brother , he was a tough act to follow , one time visiting after deployment took out a quarter of my frat following bender, you navy guys can have anger management , I now choose a more serene , peaceful existence ,like the rev would admonish

  • I need you to really listen..Navy..

    I predicted a few off seasons back that Kolb should not have been given the starting job and that he was on a 2 game minimum probation, and he’ll be jetted the hell outta town after the season…


    You guys toasted me for saying it.

    I’m also the guy who was shouting for them to get Asmo last year while you guys blasting me claiming he’s too expensive and if they sign him there will be no money to sign Djax…..Remember?

    I also said in the same offseason that Matthews was garbage and they needed to get a real MLB ASAP!!!

    You guys blasted me saying Chaney can always move back if he struggles…….Remember?

    We started off 1-4

    See, Navy…..while yo u guys try to spin the company line there’s actually merit to my evaluations of the team..while it might not be “Ra Ra” …..it should be noted that there are fans like myself who point out issues that will have us holding our head in our hands after another disappointing season.

    If I see these things, I know someone in the organization must see them.

    The question that need to be answered is, WHY?

    Why the Eagles create these issues thinking everything will just work out?

    you can’t move the failed offensive line coach to coach the defense and expect to win a championship that year….and if winning it all is the purpose, that move as well as countless others just should not be.

    I do think they’re finally listening to the fans like myself and have made a consorted effort to sign their players which brings a positive to the locker room..

    I do think they attacked the draft right this off season, but the Safety position, along with DRC downgrading the position will a be thorn in this defense’s side all season and will prevent the Eagles from advancing beyond the wild card round…and if Vick gets hurt…fogetaboutit.

    No legitimate back up behind a QB with serious consistent injury track record.

    I know you love to hate Navy, but you can’t deny the truth and that’s what make you hate me even more….

    Because I’m right.

    There will be no pie in the face or eating of crow.

    rest assure..Reid will verify my comments….He always do.

    “Time’s your’s”

  • Well put songs, if Vick gets hurt for an extended period all these other upgrades are worthless ,there is not a legitimate back up on this team at the most critical position

  • jake – and who would you sign to solve that?

  • @Songs – There’s not a legitimate backup on many NFL rosters…now you are just looking for reasons to bitch…The Eagles haven’t had an legitimate backup since Jeff Garcia…First you complained, boo hoo the Eagles need to strengthen their pass defense…The Eagles signed Jenkins, Babin not in that order, then the Eagles sign Nnamdi, I think you probably busted a nut when that was revealed. Instead of signing a top LB last season, as I would of preferred (but you dont see my crying over spilled milk, we got a solid player in Nnamdi so I’m happy about it) Now the Eagles sign Demeco Ryans, former pro bowler..played every game last season, but somehow you still want to find the negative and say he may be damaged goods…
    Songs, I would love to live in your world for just one day…women must walk around completely nude, all your food must be free, everyone gets their way, no restrictions, no complications…Add a little reality to your world, son understand that every player can not be signed because of contract limits, clauses, rules etc… not Burger King you can’t have it your way

  • And how many other teams are not going to suffer if their starting QB goes down?

    Songs- who is your choice for a legit back-up?

  • What are you talking about Songs? the only minus in the CB group is Asante…I recall last season you said you would rather have Nnamdi than Asante, so now your upset the Eagles got rid of Asante?

  • Good work Bugsy and Real. The onus of responsibility of challenging Songs’ insanity needs to be shared.

    Jakedog? That kid is a lost cause. All we have to do is wait and some sort of parasite will eat away at the few pockets of brain cells that still remain in his head…

  • Songs- I listen to your constant non stop bitching about everything all the time – we have had this discussion – you – like a broken watch – are right twice a day – the other 23 hours and 58 minutes – you are just fucked up –

    If I listed EVERYTHING you proclaimed, the list woul dbe long a distinguished – like my johnson –

    first off – you have a shitty memory and you tap dance like a bitch – example #1

    songs said – I’m also the guy who was shouting for them to get Asmo last year while you guys blasting me claiming he’s too expensive and if they sign him there will be no money to sign Djax…..Remember?

    no songs – what I remember is three seconds into free agaency you started bitching moaning griping complaing insulting calling names rinse repeat fro the time FA started until they signed him – at every single step you called the front office names, constantly bragged about every other front office (I think you were real big on the kick about Belicheck and how smart he was to sign Haynesworth and Ocho Conco) – and basically for three days anything that happened you were your typical asshole self with your stupid ‘shekels and nickels’ comments – you remebering all this asshole?

    I specifically remember that Joe Banner said the eagles were going to be aggressive – and for three(or was it 4) days you posted every tem minutes about how Joe said that.. you remember now douchbag?

    I remember several people, including myself telling you to STFU and chill out and let the situation play out.. that good things would happen –

    then when they signed Asmo – I remember you taking credit for it – talking about how you had multiple log ins on multiple sites where you posted….

    so that’s how I remember it – a bit different from you – you didn;t say ‘let’s get him’ and the rest say ‘too expensive’ you bitched loudly the eagles were too cheap and not aggressive enough.. but hey = that’s you throw enough shit at the wall something will stick.

    #2 Chaney verse Matthews at MLB – they started 1-4 – you have NO Freaking clue if they had a different MLB things would have been any different – none-

    they went 1-4 with mathews and 3 -4 the next seven – then 4-0 to finish

    remembering the last 4 games were ‘meaningless’ it should be pointed out that 2 of the teams we beat going 3-4 were two of the teams we beat going 4-0 that were meaningless… so now you get to be a botch and tap dance around that…

    spin the compnay line – really – like some old union/management labor relations thing – really – like reach in your ass and pull out a stupid cliche?

    I am just waiting for the rest of the GCOBB world to get as sick of your lame ass bullshit as I am –

  • I saw video of Coach Washburn coaching the LBs, yikes… isnt that Juan’s job?

  • JH – where did you see that video – the video of the LBs on the PFE.com website it is clearly Castillo….

  • Navy- through my sources haha.. not pe.com.. but i ll check out what my guys have up there

  • Been holding out? Hook a brother up.. interesting watching the films – on the DL drill looks like they were doing a lot of the DTs moving outside and the DEs rushing from a 2 pt stance like they did a bunch in the last 4 games…

  • I usually can at least partially agree with songs and understand where he is coming from.. But I think DeMeco will be the answer here. I agree about DRC being a needless downgrade, but Songs even admitted himself that the Eagles have changed some of their ways this offseason… And we have to face the fact that we are in for at least one more ride with Andy Reid. So, I pulling for him… I hope he’s right…

    Its been an overall positive offseason for these guys…. mostly because they seem to have straightened up their act (even getting Joe Banner outta our sight.. outta sight = outta mind) maybe this new attitude will translate to a title. I hope so

  • Playing the Wide 9 Scheme across the DL effects the LB’s positioning so Washy is probably going over proper alignments for where some of the Young LB’s need to line up…

  • Jeff Garcia is available and wants to come back to eagles

  • Even McNabb would be better than what we have

  • Any other questions from the educated derelict aka schiller

  • Jake – both valid alternatives and as QBs I like them both – I think Garcia left after his nice season in Philly because 1) he didn;t want to go back to being a back-up and wanted to be paid like a starter….

    In an ideal world where money, ego and everything else didn’t matter – sure – bring McNabb back – but 1) McNabb wants to start 2) McNabb wants to get paid and (and this is the most important) 3) he would be a HUGE distraction.. every time something didn;t go well there would be 50 questions about ‘going to McNabb’ Could Mcnabb have gotten it done.. etc.

    while I persoannly would not be upset if they signed him, and I do not think it is a bad idea, and I am making no statement as to who is better amongst the QBs – I don;t think it will happen.. mostly for reason 3

  • Jake, theoretically I would love Garcia playing QB for the eagles, when was the comment you refer to made? I bet Garcia said that under the premise of him being the starter. He made it clear he does not want to be a backup. So please understand that my question was implicitly including only viable options that would actually sign a contract to be a backup. If we are playing theoretical games like yours, shit let’s make Joe Montana Vick’s backup.

  • wrong again schiller, Garcia is 42 years old was recently interviewed on 94 wip, I listened intently, he is not looking to start at his age, talked about how much he loved his time here, “merry christmas philadelpia”, specifically said he’s waiting for howie roseman to call, said he is ready as he was in 2006, so stop assuming anything, learn up, listen, be quiet sometimes,

  • Jake I hadn’t heard that. I wonder why he hasn’t gotten a job if he’s so eager to play football now. That’s odd. Hey, I’d be happy if he came back but I doubt it.

  • our backups are ass…..Vick better stay healthy or we can think about the next season.

  • songs – wait – as you repeatedly say we have no chance – does it really matter if vick is healthy or not? According to you our safeties – back up linebakcers – chad hall, riley cooper, and DCR are all ass and will be toast? If that is the case – why does it matter about vick –

    I haven’t even started on all the juan castillo and andy ried comments – but if the only common relationship for you to us being toast is vick – I am sure vinnie will give you a quick rundown on how we do with Vick as the QB –

    you are nothing if not consistent – constistent ass – I think that is why you always call players that…

  • The best path forward is to develop the young QB on the EAgles Roster
    that they have (Edwards,Kafka and FOles), VIck is the Franchise QB just like the Brees,Brady,Mannings,Rodgers,Riviers,Flacco, Ryan,Newton Romo,Big Ben, PAlmer,DAlton,Culter are for their respective Teams.. Take any of these Starting QB from these Playoff Teams and see what you end up with

  • Was that a request? Because if so…….

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