• August 14, 2022

Sixers Trade For Dorell Wright; Lou Williams Signs With Atlanta

The Philadelphia 76ers continued their busy off-season with another move on Monday, completing a trade with the Golden State Warriors to acquire swingman Dorell Wright. In exchange for the former first-round draft pick of the Miami Heat, the Sixers gave up the rights to a player currently playing in Europe (reportedly Edin Bavcic, who the team acquired from Toronto back in 2006).

Wright fell out of favor in Golden State after having a career-best season in 2010-11. During that season, he averaged 16.4 points a game, along with five rebounds and three assists. He’s a fan of three point shots, and attempted over 500 of them two years ago.

The trade for Wright is a little curious, because it gives the Sixers yet another speedy, athletic player that can play either the shooting guard or small forward position. They now have six potential small forwards with Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Nick Young, Thaddeus Young, rookie first-round pick Maurice Harkless, and now Wright.

It’s difficult to imagine Doug Collins finding enough playing time to spread between all of six of these players. Each of them are very talented, and will command certain amounts of minutes. The addition of Wright to an already crowded position makes me wonder how much more likely it is that the team could trade one of these players to help another area of the team (namely the power forward and center positions).

Lou Williams Signs With Atlanta

Lou Williams has officially become an ex-Sixer, agreeing to terms on a contract with the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. An Atlanta native, Williams will get the opportunity to play in his hometown, and help fill the scoring void in Atlanta left by Joe Johnson, who was recently traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

Denny Basens

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  • Nice player, but something has to give here..
    At the small/shooting Forward Position they now have have Iggy, Thadd Young, Nick Young, M Harkless & now Dorell Wright
    Who is there to play Defense and Rebound…besides Lavoy Allen, Hawes,Vucevic and Draft Pick Moultrie
    Who handles the point behind Hrue Holliday.. Evan Turner is a Shooting Guard and not a Point Guard..

  • Young guys all on short trade friendly very movable contracts? These moves scream major trade down the pike.

  • Pullen will be the backup PG… Brewski you are right. They have to make a move because they have a lot of the same player.

  • This organization has no plan

    All these SF’s and not enough PT

    Should have drafted Perry Jones from Baylor or Sullinger from OSU

  • jott- if the organization DID have a plan, would they call you and let you know? Just curious. Because otherwise, you’re wrong because you’re confidently stating something you do not know. Come on man. NBA Season 12-13 does not tip off tonight.

  • obviously they are working on something. No, Jon Hart, it is not Dwight Howard! It is new ownsership and they want to rid themselves of the reputation that the old ownership had.

    Pman – ET might best be suited to play point. He def cant shoot well enough to play SG

  • He’s more of an Off-guard who can penetrate and shoot, but I don’t believe he’s a good enough Pure Shooter from the outside or a godo enough ball handler to play an effective Point Guard at this stage of his Career.. He would be much more effective playing the #2 Spot with a True Point Guard feeding him the ball of the Wings where he can work down low and isolate against a more likley smaller defender guarding him and with the 76ers having some better outside Shooters in NIck Young and Dorelle Wright, they may pose more advatageous match-ups for the 76ers depending how Teams play them.. ..

  • For the record, 76ers Owner Aron called and asked me if I wanted to know what their plans were, I said “Hell no, and surprise me instead” so here we are..

  • It just seemed that last year he played his best basketball with the ball in his hand, running the floor.

    If he dosent have a good enough jumper to play PG , why would he make a good SG?

    He flat out cant shoot….

  • JH is very angry that you got the call before he did!

  • The #2 Spot for ET and the 76ers scheme is not neccessarily played as a “nornal” Shooting Guard would be if you know what I mean.. I like ET with the Ball in his hands too, but only when he’s down low and not when he’s 15-18 feet away from the Basket.. The way the 76ers Roster is looking right now I envision
    both ET and Iggy playing more of a #3 Position while players like Nick Young and Dorrell Wright play more of a #2 Position if that makes any sense..

  • Clearly, they are setting up for more moves. I know Dwight Howard says he doesn’t want to come to Philly, but if I owned the team, I would trade for him anyway if I could. You would have a year for him to accept Philly. A lot of athletes hate Philly until they come here and then they learn to love it. In the NBA you need a superstar and there are maybe 10 of them. Do whatever you need to get one and then build from there. If Howard walks after a year, you would have loads of cap room next year to try something else.

  • Or maybe, the Sixers have just decided to play 5 swingmen for most of the game and run like crazy šŸ˜‰

  • Want to know how hard it is to get a superstar in the NBA? The Sixers have had 2 superstars in the last 25 years. Barkley and Iverson and fans wanted to run one of them {Iverson} out of town. So enjoy the team playing the right way. lol

  • They have NO plan! They have ZERO big moves in the works! They are being run by, a lame duck, incompetent, senile GM, & a coach that is being given, WAAAY too much say, in decision making. They have a roster full of tweener swingmen, with ZERO offensive prowess. They still have the same soft, non-talented, non-rebounding, bigmen. Still NO starting, scoring, SG, & Stinkadala is still bogging down this team! We drafted 2 INJURIED 1st rounders! This organization will forever be a black hole, non-championship caliber team, unless they get lucky & draft a stud! ZERO great/ big name players, will ever come here! Unless the NBA restructures this current economic structure, there will NEVER AGAIN, be any parity, & there will NEVER be a chance for any teams, but the top tier teams, to compete, on a consistent basis. Us being consistently drafting in the mid-late teens, does NOTHING, to build us a good team, especially when we have idiots running the team, like we have, since the late 80’s. SICKENING!!!!

  • BTW, anyone who is still thinking, with their heads in La La land, of getting Howard, are stupid, morons! 1st OFF, if we are lucky enough to get him, we would have to gut the team! 2nd, who wants our garbage?!? Stinkadalas contract/ play, makes him un-tradeable, unless we take back equall garbage! Thadd can’t be traded for 2 more years. ET is a bust. Jrue is our only PG, & everyone else have ZERO, trade value! 3rd, if he does get traded here, WHY the F^#@ would he re-sign here, with a team that is worse off now, than the Magic, let alone how bad we would be after gutting the team, to get him! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR @$$E$, & GET OVER YOUR DELUSIONS, & FANTASIES! WE HAVE ZERO SHOT, UNLESS THEY GET LUCKY BEYOND BELIEF!!!! Ain’t happening.

  • Well said DCar!!!………..GMCliff seconds your statements.

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