• July 3, 2022

Eagles’ Coaches Anxious To See Bryce Brown-Dion Lewis Competition

Eagles backup running back Dion Lewis had plenty of reason to apologize quickly for pulling a fire alarm in his hometown of Albany, New York  and getting arrested.  Pulling the fire alarm was a foolish thing to do, especially when he knows the type of battle he’ll be facing for his job when he gets to camp.

Lewis has the quickness which Andy Reid likes in his running backs, but his size may make him a casualty.  He’s listed at only 5’8″ 195 pounds, which might not be big enough to be successful in the NFL as a running back.

The former Pittsburgh star can make tacklers miss in the run and passing game, which means he fits

The diminutive running back must prove he can pick up the blitz.  Any NFL linebacker who lets somebody as small as Lewis block them doesn’t belong in the league.

Rookie draft pick Bryce Brown is listed at 6’0″ 223 pounds with big-time speed.  He may have the fastest straight-ahead speed of any back on the roster  It’s easy to see why he was considered the number one running back in the nation when he came out of high school three years ago.

The youngster is big and strong with tremendous speed.  His combination of size and speed is eye-catching when you add that to his smooth cuts.  Brown is one those backs who doesn’t look like he’s running fast until you see him running away from linebackers and other defenders.

Surprisingly, I was also impressed by Brown’s ability to catch the football out of the backfield.  He caught everything that touched his hands as well as doing a nice job of running routes out of the backfield.

Brown’s got the Eagles coaches salivating to find out how he runs the football and if he can pick up the west coast offense.

Free-agent running back Chris Polk has the ability to be a NFL running back and there’s a chance that he winds up being the backup for LeSean McCoy.  Polk has the advantage of having played in a pro style Washington Huskies offense in college.  He’ll probably be able to grasp the system and blocking assignments rather quickly, but his upside isn’t what Brown’s could be.

Keep an eye on this one, it should be fun to watch.


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  • I cannot WAIT for camp to begin!!! GO BIRDS!!

  • Seriously G, this could turn into a major strength for the birds. I’m really hoping Brown pans out because that upside could make a ridiculous tandem of him and Shady. It’s even possible that between Lews Brown and Polk, 2 turn out to really become complete NFL RBs in Reids system. That would be awesome for the brids. We have reason to believe the OL is going to get even better. And despite the ‘they don’t run enough” (blame Reid, Marty or both), they DID have a 3 headed monster one year, granted with Ritchie the best blockng fullback in a while, it CAN happen. I’m not saying we’re going to be a power team, but to have a serious threat at RB, AND SHADY…….wow

  • I agree Schiller…except the fact of the o-line being better than last year. Peters will be sorely missed, which is stating the obvious.

    Now, what Dion Lewis did was stupid, however, he is 21 or 22 yrs old, got drunk and pulled a fire alarm. Not a big deal in my book but I never had as much to lose as this guy does.

  • Frank, can’t disagree about Peters, but how Bell plays this year is an unkown, so saying last year was better is bogus. You can’t compare a known to an unknown. If Watkins Kelce and Mathis have significantly better years, and Bell gives 85% of what Peters did, that could mean a better overal OL performance.

  • It will be great for the 3 people that bought #34 Ronnie Brown jerseys last year, they can actually wear them again without being harassed. The jersey must have been put on the shelf after that ridiculous goal line pass that is probably the dumbest play in Eagles history.

  • who is dion lewis anyeway? Ryan Moats Jr?

    Who cares….the question should be….What will be the new excuse for failure now we’re officially in a regular offseason?

    The failed offensive line coach turned Defensive Coordinator?

    No adequate backup when Vick go down for a few games?

    or the proverbial “a few balls bounced the wrong way?

    What will be the excuse this year fellas?

  • No excuses songs they have a fulll offseason. NO excuses

  • The only position I am worried about is QB
    No way Vick makes it through the season

    Hope Kafka or new guy progress real fast

  • sage rcp, sage, the quarterback is the biggest question on this team even if healthy

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