• July 4, 2022

Numerous Eagles Rookies Could Contribute Immediately

This could be a very good rookie class for the Birds.  They’v got a number of these rookies who are likely to make contributions to this football team this year.

Fletcher Cox – He didn’t dominate consistently at training camp, but he still shows potential that are off the charts.  I’ve seen him dominate in the one-on-one drills with his strength, speed and quickness.  Right now, he’s still getting comfortable with the mental part of the game.  He’s learning that you can’t just manhandle the big offensive guards in the league.  You have to get them moving, then use your power on them.  Cox will probably be a starter become a starter before or during the regular season.

Mychal Kendricks – Kendricks was a tackling machine all training camp and he’s always around the football.  It didn’t take long for him to show his tremendous speed and explosiveness.  He may be the first big play linebacker the Birds have had in a long time.  Kendricks will cause some fumbles with his hits and over time should be able to get his hands on some passes.  Kendricks plays with the passion that Philadelphia Eagles fans have been wanting.

Vinny Curry – This young man was what he was billed as, a very active pass rusher.  Curry has been coming around the corner and getting to the quarterback throughout the training camp.  He’s tenacious and gets to the football.  I don’t know how much he’s going to play, but when he does he’ll be rushing at 100 miles an hour.  You can see the quality of the talent at the defensive end position by the fact that Curry could have such an outstanding camp but still be unlikely to get many snaps during the season.

Nick Foles – We knew Foles had a big arm, but we didn’t know about his feel for the game.  Foles sees the field very well and doesn’t panic when he’s under pressure.  The rookie has picked up the offense fairly quickly and is putting pressure on Mike Kafka for the backup quarterback job.  As far as I’m concerned it’s just a matter of time until he takes the number two job from Foles.

Brandon Boykin – This young man is a very, good all-around football player, who can cover man-to-man, read the quarterback in zone defenses and make open field tackles like a safety.  Boykin will be the team’s number one kickoff returner.

I think they should make him a safety because he does everything well.  He’s too good of a football player to not be on the field on third down.

Bryce Brown – We knew he had a great combination of size and speed, but he’s shown that he can run the football effectively on the NFL level.  Brown is getting more comfortable with the pass routes and pass blocking necessary on the NFL level.

I could see him getting a few carries each week because he’s got the big time break away speed.

Damaris Johnson – He’s the number one punt returner and will also be a considerable part of the Eagles offensive attack.  He’s one of the quickest football players in the league with a tremendous ability to make tacklers miss in the open field.  He’ll likely replace Chad Hall, who doesn’t have the speed which Johnson has.

Johnson was impossible for any of the Eagles defensive backs to cover one-on-one during the training camp.  That’s why he’s getting reps with the number one unit while Jeremy Maclin recovers from hamstring problems.


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  • Fantastic Draft….You could also consider Myckal Kendricks at the SS Position, and I’d like to see Boykins at the FS. I my opinion G, they still need Linebackers.

  • Eagles need to Trade WR Maclin and a CB to make room for these Youngsters to play and help address other areas of need..
    I agree that LB is still the missing link
    MLB Ryans has disappointed me a little bit, LB Cheney is more injured than the team is letting on and probably returned too quickly from off-season Neck Surgery.. LB Rolle has regressed, CLayton has Disappeared and LB MAtthews has improved as well the usual reliable Akeem Jordan..
    Eagles should have moved Clayton to SS after the end of last season where he could have prepared physically for the Changes in Positon.. Clayton is not an NFL LB just like JArrett is not an NFL Safety..

  • GMC – look at the last two years worth of rookies right now –

    2011 — Danny Watkins starts, Jason Kelce starts, Brian Rolle starts and Alex Henery. RB Lewis – Havili is starting now at fullback (will they keep a FB). Casey Matthews and Curtis Marsh backups on D. Vandervelde is a back up on O.

    2012 rookies Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry, Foles, Brandon Boykin and Bryce Brown Damaris Johnson.

    two very nice draft/UFA years….

  • Trade Maclin? Why would you trade a player with such a huge upside and whom you took in the first round afew years ago?To make room for rookies?

    Every team has needs.The defending SB champs have a shakey backfield and o-line.The runner ups have reciever questions and a suspect qb. Pats have a suspect o-line. No team is a complete slam dunk hands down dominate at every unit on the field. What needs to be remembered is the areas of concern for the Birds were looked at and addressed in themanner they saw fit. Lets see it in regular seaosn action.

    Im banking on a strong start…i was at camp and saw the intenstiy they platyed with durign practice. And media people and scouts comment all the time on how the Birds practice crisp and intense…maybe not crisp everyday…but who hasnt had a crappy day of practice after a good one. Specially in the heat.Injuries mount…nicks and bruised musles.

  • I think igwenagu might win out @ the fullback position over havilli.I’m concerned about the tackle spots,inside pass rushing,linebacker and safety positions.the Birds could use some depth there

  • That’s a pretty impressive group of young talent, it sounds like Johnson will see a lot reps, good stuff

  • so a nick foles is going to beat out another nick foles for the #2 quarterback job amazing? hey g maybe we can keep both nick foles and get rid of kafka

  • Cowbys TE Jason Whitten ouTr with Spleen Injury suffered in Monday’s Game versus the Raiders.. Appears he may be out 4-5 weeks which is a pretty big blow to the Cowboy Offense with their inconsistent WR’s Bryant and Austin and with a pretty poor and unproven OL. Romo losing his Security blanket..

  • Fletcher Cox was pancaked by David Decastro for a 33 yard run by J Dwyer to the 3 yard line — I’ll trade Danny Watkins and Fletcher Cox for Pittsburgh’s OG David Decastro and throw in a couple of smurfs in Kendricks and Jarrett and a couple chronic IR list players in Graham and Allen to make it happen.

  • Did anyone see MLB Demeco Ryans make any plays last week.

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