• June 24, 2022

Eagles Offensive Line Must Give Vick Better Protection

I was down in Atlantic City this past weekend for a Fantasy Football Convention with a bunch of former New York Giants players, so we watched the Giants versus the Jets game. The guys in blue looked good and have added new talent.  Somebody tell the Eagles offensive line that the Giants defensive line may be better this year than they were a year ago.  Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora looked like they were in midseason form.

It’s a good thing they were playing the Giants last night because the Eagles offensive line has been getting outplayed for most of the training camp by the team’s defensive line and they started out the game on that note. Despite the poor decision making by Michael Vick on the play which he got hurt on, poor pass blocking played a major role on that play.  A good offensive line doesn’t give up quick inside pass pressure like that because no quarterback can operate with immediately pass rush pressure in his face.

Center Jason Kelce said the poor blocking on that play was due to poor communication on the offensive line.  This can’t continue to happen.  I thought Kelce had a good game blocking.  He did a better job versus defensive tackle penetration.

Again, they didn’t start out the game well, but they did start taking over the longer they were in there.  Overall it was a good game for the offensive line because they gave Nick Foles plenty of time to throw the football.  A number of times, Foles could have eaten his lunch back there and not been disturbed.

Both of the Eagles guards were beaten badly at the start of the game.  Danny Watkins was beaten early during a play and Evan Mathis got beat on the play which Michael Vick got hurt on.  Both of these guys must do a better job of moving their feet.  Defensive tackles are no longer going to just run straight into the blockers and they must expect it.

Right tackle Todd Herrremans continued his solid play.  He doesn’t an excellent job of getting to the second level on running plays, which means he blocks the defensive line then get to the linebackers as well.  I like his draw set, then comes out to pick up the backers.  All the years he spent pulling on outside running plays from the guard position have helped him in blocking out in space.

Herremans didn’t do the best of job on the play where Vick got hurt, but the main reason Vick had rolled to his side was because of the poor job done by Mathis.

Big King Dunlap did a nice job at the left tackle position.  He’s gotten stronger every year in his arms and that allows him to use them to prevent pass rushers from running him over.   Unfortunately he’s a big drop off from Jason Peters in the run blocking department.

Demetress Bell didn’t play as long as Dunlap and he didn’t play as well.   Bell was called for holding during his time in the game. He doesn’t have a lot of time to make a move on that starting job.  Bell may end up starting the season on the bench until he learns to use the “attack pass block” technique which offensive line coach Howard Mudd teaches.




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  • “Herremans didn’t do the best of job on the play where Vick got hurt, but the main reason Vick had rolled to his side was because of the poor job done by Mathis”

    Really? Mathis I gree with, bt that DE hit vick 16 yards behind the LOS. What is the QB doing there?

    I’ve stated any times before, Vic loves to keep going backwards untill he gets right to where the DEs are converging

    You can’t fault Heremans when a DE is sacking a QB 16 yrs back. The QB should be there in the first place.

  • shouldn’t

  • Anyone that blames Vick getting hit on Heremans doesnt know football. He did exactly what he is supposed to do, if the DE wants to go wide, then take him wide. That is what creates the pocket. He was 10+ yards back with the DE and Vick shouldnt have been anywhere near there.
    That injury is 100% on Mathis and Vick. Mathis got beat badly and vick needs to go down.

  • Todd Herremans did not have his best game last evenign and was beat a few times and all game long but the issue with Vick is that he scoots deep and to the outsdie which is where the OT’s are blocking,pushign their Defenders to..
    Until Vick learns how to Stpe up in the Pocket, these hits will continue.. Vick is an exciting player who plays QB, but he is not remotely a Top/Elite QB.. He’s average at best who will make some unbelievable,athletic plays, but can’t make the easy plays consistently, he just can’t.. It’s time for Foles who made at least 8-10 Passes in tgiht windows and coverages rigth onto the receivers hands while in stride that Vick has never been able to do
    Foles needs to really work on his selling the Screen play, but outside of that, I think he will be the Starter come 2013 as the Eagles move on from the MV7 Experience ..

    • I just baldinger file his report after breaking down game film . he states that both mathis & watkins have not played well. on the play vick got hurt, MATHIS WHIFFED ON HIS BLOCK. and kelce ( who in my opinion is on the job training ) was helping watkins on the play.

  • great points by paul, vin, and wild agree with everything you said. nothing to add. spot on

  • I thought Mike Vick caught a break when ESPN announced Vince Wilfork wasn’t playing. I knew Danny Watkins couldn’t block Vince Wilfork and expected Vick to get crunched because of the Watkins/Wilfork matchup. Wilfork didn’t play and Vick still got hurt.

  • Apparently we delete comments here now that are in no way offensive to anyone. What a joke.
    All I said was that Herremans did his job by forcing the rusher to go to the outside and take himself out of the play. He created his part of the pocket and Vick should have been no where near him. This is 100% Mathis and Vicks fault. If you think otherwise then you dont understand how a pocket works and need to brush up on your football knowledge.

  • wild ur comment wasnt deleted.

  • they got to small they need to beef up some . those guys either need to bang the weights or eat something.. six pack abs dont help on the O Line baby..lol just kidding but seriously I THINK THEY DIDNT WANT TO BLOCK FOR VICK. THE O LINE WANTS FOLES IN HE IS A TRUE POCKET PASSER. See Foles relies on his football IQ not his legs so he will see the play first not RUN first. DID YOU HEAR WHAT KELCE SAID DURNING HIS INTERVIEW??? HE SAID,”WHEN vick gets hurt”;. and he said it like he didnt believe himself that Vick is smartenough to saty healthy. Thats not a good sign when you center saysYOUR GOING TO GET HURT.

  • Paulman which was is it bail or step up? He stepped up last week and what happened?

  • Another thing since when does being smart equate with not being injured? On what planet does that work, why is Peyton on the Broncos and he’s the smartest qb ever right?

  • G. Cobb is right. O-line must do a better job of protecting Vick. No way an inside rusher “comes clean” direct to your quarterback. Mathis admits it was a hundred % his fault. It was a miracle the Vick actually got the ball off in the general direction of a wide open D Jackson. Step up in the pocket? On this play there was no pocket. Cunningham ” came free” on the inside. Any on who suggests that “they didn’t want to block for Vick” knows absolutely minus zero knowledge about football. This type of thinking is totally unprofessional and would not be tolerated on any team in the NFL. This is a “loser” mentality observation.

  • To Deepthreat
    I am tired of everyone making excuses for VIck
    On this particular play, there was no pocket late in the play becuase Vick had already scrambles out to his right and then did a 180 and ran back into the pockety by which this time had pursuit running to that direction… The Point is, the play browke downm, he initially rolled out to his left and should have just gotten rid of the ball.. plain and simple, when he turns back around and heads in another opposite dfirect, how does anyone expect the “POcket” to be clear.. These OL or anyone else’s are not going to maintain blocks on defenders for 7-8-9-10 Seconds…
    If you need a clearer picture, wtch the replay and then watch how Foles operated in the Pocket, Besides the cheap,late hit he took, did Foles get hit often.. Did the Eagles change blocking schemes or plays, I don’t beleive so.. So in a nutshell, a Rookie QB who has played in a Spread, Shotgun Offense in his College Career, manages to understand how a NFL QB needs to move in the Pocket and when to get rid of the Ball in 1/2 of Summer Camp being a Pro where Vick is a 10 Year NFL Veteran and still doesn’t know how to manage or sustain a “Pocket” and that my friends is never going to change..
    So keep making excuses for QB Vick, but his days are numbered as a Starter for the Eagles.. You cannot play “Street Ball” at the NFL Level and Win Consistently, Vick is a “Street Ball QB”, plain and simple..

  • Should have stated, play broke down when Vick rolled out to his Left and then did the 180 turn and ran right back into the pocket where Cunningham was in pursuit..
    Last year when he was hurt in the Falcon game was more of a fluke play, bu bottome line, the Problem with Vick is that he holds onto the “Ball Too Long” to play consistently at the NFL Level..

    • P-man you don’t like vick anyway..you, like most alike thay stayed in the background until sensing a weak moment or another QB prospect. CAN WE JUST ALL GET ALONG ! as birds fans lets just be thankful if our starter goes ,NEXT MAN UP at least we all know that the next man up has some potential. when vick went down vs atlanta last yr the backup has gotta step in and win that game PERIOD. as I read the comments concerning Kafka’s performance , I read a bunch of garbage

  • Deepthreat – you are missing the point – there is NO WAY this team and this O Line are going to block perfectly all season – at some point and some time, a break down will occur, an assignment will be missed, someone will get beat – Peyton Manning knows this, Tom Brady knows this, Drew Brees knows this – every NFL QB knows this… what do they do – 1) they throw the damn ball away, they live to fight another day – it does not matter whose fault it was, Vick should have taken one more step left – gone – shit MAthis F’d that up and threw it away..

    Pman – outstanding point about Foles – I asked the question after the game – when did Foles get hit (other then the 15 yard cheap shot) touached or sacked?????

    DCar – yeah refs sucked – I would rap with you more but this website sucks anymore and you never know if you can post, or if the post will stay up!

    • Had to clean 2 computers, because of this f^#@ed up site. I don’t even comment as much, anymore. It’s a joke.

  • Hey NAvy, next thing you know is that “Songs” will be on here posting that the “white OL” of the Eagle block better and try harder for their white homeboy QB Foles as opposed to the black QB Vick, who they want to see scramble and get hit around…. How much you wnat to bet he will post something stupid along these lines…

  • Don’t want to block for Vick? That is complete garbage. They broke down, but Vick gotten on the ground instead of opening himself up to take a huge hit by lofting a duck down the field.

    The whole play stunk, but there are going to be times when there are going to be guys coming at him, and he needs to start thinking about self preservation.

  • i love the posts on here but you can so easily see the bias everyone rolls out. All that play did (as does every play for most of you) is prove whatever point you came in with. Nothing of substance to see here…. as always.

  • Stevo your a fuckin idiot

  • I did say multiple times, on this site, last year that the interior of the O-Line was suspect. and there was far too much pressure up the middle. The big problem right now is if the undersized O-Line philosophy again isn’t effective through the first couple of games is there a point where a lot of you idiots that want to defend the O-Line players to the end of the world will accept that they probably just aren’t good enough, or are you going to wait until after they get shipped out and suck at the next stop like Kevin Kolb?

  • More importantly…this offense’s most potent weapon is it’s deep passing game PERIOD. If the WRs need 4 seconds to get 35+ yards up the field and the O-Line only gives the QB 2 seconds of protection consistently there’s no way for the offensive team to capitalize on it’s most valuable asset. It’s pretty simple math.

  • Meanwhile, NickFoles seems to have little difficulty is releasing the ball wuickly and completing 12-18 yard routes up and down the field.. It’s the QB stupid..

  • Butch it’s easier to blame it on Vick, everyone is missing the point on that play llike G Cobb tried to explain Desean was wide open for 6 and Vick wanted to get it there now you can fault him for retreating so far out of the pocket but his focus was on six points and don’t give me it was a meaningless preseason game every time they strap it up it means something, if it didn’t why is everyone saying ditch Kafka and bring on Foles?

  • This is frustrating.

    Biglion, it was a meaningless game for Vick because it is not auditioning for anything. I highly doubt that anyone in the Eagles organization is ready to roll with Foles this year, so Vick’s performance means nothing. Do you disagree with that?

    In contrast to what these games mean for Vick is what it means to players fighting for spots or a place on the depth chart. It is really important for Kafka, because dude is in danger of getting cut. See the difference there?

    My point is that every QB in the game no matter who they are is going to face broken plays, terrible blocking and great pass rushers. In those situations falling to the ground to avoid a shot to the ribs is the best option.

    Butch, Is the O-line suspect? Absolutely. McCoy and Vick made a ton of plays last year without any help, but in my mind that doesn’t excuse the fact that Vick should have just laid down on that play to live to play another day.

  • Thank you bugsyhawk you are on the money with all your points, you bring level headed reason the a forum that needs it.

  • From Foles:
    “I trust my o-linemen and, like I said, they did a great job. And sometimes those things do happen and guys get in, but very few times last night. It’s easy to stand in there and deliver and keep moving the chains. And our receivers were doing a great job running routes, so as a quarterback you gotta stand in there and deliver the ball to them, because they’re working their butt off to get open.”


  • Two things: Vick can”t see the field and get the quick release, and try blocking for a QB who is apt to be anywhere but in the pocket. It is really tough to do.With a guy like Foles you have a pretty good idea of where you want route the guy you are blocking

    • the same could be said for when Kolb was here….. and what happened ??

  • Umm…I can find plenty of quotes where Vick say’s he trusts his linemen too…

    Fact, Andy Reid, the O Line themselves, stated they did not do a good job early in the game (when Vick was in there) In fact they said they couldn’t even run the ball…They got better as the game went on

  • And what about the ‘stand in there’ part? Usually Vick just rolling with his usual ‘I’m just trying to make a play’ business.

    I think there is something to the ‘who the oline likes to block for’ but it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with consistency.

    Vick,by his very nature is the antithesis of consistency. This cannot be argued. But football is based upon repetition and consistent execution.

    Besides, what do you really think is going thru Herrenam’s thoughts Tuesday. He runs the DE 16 yards behind the LOS – exactly like he is supposed to – and yet reads the next day how he ‘let his man thru untouched’ etc? You don’t consider the possibility he might be thinking ‘well if our QB was where he was supposed to be…….’

    Funny Also how the Atlanta oline got worse when Vick arrived and worse when he left, the same thing happened here. And the oline amazingly got better in the game once Vick left .

    Oh, btw… I brought up this very topic – how olines improve the moment vick leaves- 12 months ago.

  • Better when he left

  • For all you dopes that want to learn something reread paulmans analysis above about the pocket, how a quarterback is supposed to maneuver in it and Vicks failure to play the position of an NFL quarterback

    • gee.. lets see jake dog u or p-man ever played football ?? Butch is absolutely right THE O-LINE IS SUSPECT, espically up the middle, I saw Kelce get manhandled by NT Jay Ratliff last yr

  • Some of you guys are so one sided it’s ridiculous.

    Vinnie you said, “Besides, what do you really think is going thru Herreman’s thoughts Tuesday. He runs the DE 16 yards behind the LOS – exactly like he is supposed to – and yet reads the next day how he ‘let his man thru untouched’ etc? You don’t consider the possibility he might be thinking ‘well if our QB was where he was supposed to be…….”

    How about Herremanns on occasions when he is beat and Vick loses his man with his ability you complain about, Herremanns must be thinking damn I’m glad I have a mobile QB in there, didn’t make me look as bad as I was on that play…

    (which Herremans did get badly beat on a play when Foles was in the game, so don’t make it about what QB the O line prefers blocking for)

    Also as far as the ATL O line getting worst…you are making shit up! Vick had an average passing attempt per game in ATL at about 17 or so. ATL was strictly smash mouth football, running team and led the league in rushing and not just because of Vick scrambles, they had work horses in the backfield…stop making shit up, just to try and support your gibberish!

    Did you guys see Rodgers going 12-22…damn seems even the best QB in the league, isn’t as sharp as expected in preseason…

    Yes a QB should move up in the pocket..and don’t act like Vick doesn’t do this…
    Proof – youtube Eagles vs Steelers preseason week 1 highlights…You’ll see Vick moved up the pocket on the sack play…He also stepped up in the pocket on the play he injured his hand…Soooo….if you want to knock him on his decision making fine, if you want to knock him on getting injured frequently fine, but don’t knock him for something he does!

    I swear you guys really sound like you know what the hell your talking about, but seem not to watch any of the games!

  • When vick first came back he was better . I think andy reid and marty have made things to complicated.. vick used to get rid of the ball or run it would be like 1 2 or 1 2 3 .. now hes so busy trying not to run its messing up his game.. i think the do too much with the quarterbacks .. leave him alone and let him do his own thing.. same with foles .. leave foles alone .. before they ruin him too

  • Mr1Charlton
    Whether I like Vick or not makes no difference to me on how I judge his abilities
    and the reality is, that Vick cannot slide up in the pocket for he is too small to do so..He has to drop an extra couple of yards back to see over the OL and it’s always been that way with him.. If he does the quick 3-5 Stpr Drops, he gets pases batted down at the line of scrommage, if he drops back 7-9-11 Stepes, its those couple of extra seconds that the OL has to hold their blocks.. It is what it is.. I liked D McNabb personally when he was an Eagle, but I always thought his inaccuracy would never lead the Eagles to a Championship.. He got close, but never the ring for he was not a enough of a High % Completion Passer
    I repsect and applaud for what Vick has done to turn to his life around, it’s really a remarkable story, but I still belive that his deficiencies in reading Defenses and getting rid of the ball quickly outweigh his atheticism/big play capability.. I sad this when he joining the Eagles and I say the same thing now 3 years later.. remember, when he came back and played great in 2009 for the 5-6 week span, no Teams were really that prepared for him, he had fresh legs, Eagles dumbed down the offense where if his 1st option was not there ,then he would take off.. Playing Street ball in the NFL is exciting for th highlight films , but it’s not going to win many games and especially games versus the good Teams.. Check out Vicks and the Eagles record versus quality Teams the last 2 Seasons… It stinks

  • p-man Im glad that you responded ,lets see speaking of Vicks abilities, Coaching should make the adjustments fofr his lack of height, I DONT HEAR YOU MAKE MENTION OF DREW BREES, WHO IS THE SAME SIZE AS VICK. I also don’t hear you mention that we have a suspect o-line, espically up the middle. Vick getting hurt was 2 fold , mathis whiffed on a his block, ( he claims he didn’t hear the o-line call by kelce who was unable to make the o-line calls last yr, giving vick that added responsibility ) and yes vick shoulda taken the sack. AND YES, O-LINEMAN ON A CONTENDING TEAM IF THEIR ANY GOOD SHOULD BE ABLE TO HOLD THEIR BLOCKS.
    Now we will get to mcnabb, in 2008 mcnabb did all anyone could ask a QB to do. WITH 2-3 LEFT IN AN NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME VS THE CARDS, HE CAME OFF THE FIELD AFTER PUTTING HIS TEAM IN THE LEAD. at the end of the day he did what was asked of him. and what happened after that, Coaching-coaching coaching ( play selection ) 1st down at midfield FOUR STRAIT PASS PLAYS
    basket drops a 6 yd pass with room to run , 4TH DOWN CURTIS DROPS A PASS RIGHT IN HIS HANDS, at the end of the day don’t blame mcnabb.
    now with this current situation in which no one would have said a damn thing if foles was just had an average preseason. AS an eagles fan I just want to win. and at least we know if Vick goes down, we have A BACK UP who can step in and play. last yr when vick went down vs atlanta ( I think we were in the lead ) the back up has to step in and win that game, NO EXCEPTIONS
    Kafka didn’t get it done and thats the bottom line. WE ALSO DONT KNOW WHAT FOLES HAS BECAUSE NO REAL GOOD TEAMS HAVE NOT HAD THE CHANCE TO GAME PLAN AGAINST HIM. he’s still an unknown. so before you dump totally dump on vick you better include Andy, who made all the decisions

  • Dree Brees has a enitrely different release point, he throws over his shoulder and has a nice arc to his ball (like RGIII seems to have) . but Vick throws a flat-ball and from almost a 3/4 arm angle which makes his balls lower to the ground ..

  • All I am saying with Vick the Eagles are a 8-9 Win Team with no chance to go deep in the playoffs for he is too reckless with the ball and his body, end of story and no, I am not going to Blame AR, Coach MM for this is how Vick’s entire Career has been and it’s not going to change now at the Age of 32.. It’s the way he plays.. Now if you have a Team with Great Defense and Special Teams and want to take your chances with Vick at the helm, thenfine, but the Eagles don’t have a great Defense or Great Special Teams so the need thheir Offfense to Score 28-30 Pts a Game in order to Win 10 Games and make the Playoffs.. but with Vick’s Carelessness with the ball and the maount of negative plays he makes. he put the Eagles D behind the 8-Ball too often and kills too many Offensive Drives with poor decision making.. Look over the last 1 1/2 Seasons and you will see that his 2nd Half Performances and Stats of these Games and epsecially the 4th Quarter have been terrible (outside that Miracle game vs the Giants in 2010)
    I just don’t think Vick is going to take the Team very far in the Playoffs/Championship level, He’s too inconsistent..

  • Interesting, you mentioned Mcnabb earlier, and when i answered, you left out the mcnabb part because you had no answer ! TO JUST FOCUS ON VICK . and reguardless of the vick- brees throwing comparison, they are the SAME SIZE ! . well buddy , I don’t know what profession that your in, but in mine when there’s a problem the first thing we find out is.. WHOS IN CHARGE HERE ! Andy reid is in charge, including all the decisions. p-man the focus is not on 3 yrs of vick, who i admit has some flaws. the focus is on the OTHER 11 YEARS OF ANDY REID, whom you conviently left out of the conversation. what about the other 8-9 yrs of great defense that Andy had at his disposal ?? p-man you cannot avoid not making Andy accountable. Listen, Im impressed with foles, If our starter goes down, at least I know that foles can do the job, FOLES IS NOT PROVEN . no decent team has had to game plan for him.

  • I have met Drew Brees, and I have stood beside Mike Vick…..they are not the same size.

  • vinnie what maybe a half inch difference ?? P-man tried to give me a physics lesson between brees & vick ( E$E%%%) to no avail. let me sum all this QB stuff up.. lets see and go back in eagles QB history.. hmmm you had ron jaworski ( who was ran outta town after the 86 season ) lets see over the next 26 yrs you had 9 yrs of cunningham , a few yrs of rodney peete, the great hope of Bobby Hoying, and 10yrs of Mcnabb, during the Mcnabb era , you had chants of Garcia & aj Feeley, and the miserable failure of Kolb (who fooled all of us with his two 300 yd passing games as backup., when macnabb was traded and Kolb came in as the starter along with the expectations. THE MOMENT WAS TOO BIG FOR HIM TO HANDLE !
    and now with the vick era ( and foles has the appearence of a good QB )
    I don’t care who plays the position. WHETHER HE’S BLACK OR WHITE !
    don’t give me someone who can’t play Hoying , Feeley, Kolb. kafka. If vick goes down , NEXT MAN UP. Kafka had his chance, last yr vs the falcons when vick went down, Kafka stepped in and shoulda won that gm ( we were ahead when he appeared ) If Foles ( who hasn’t really been tested) can play HIS TIME WILL COME

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