• January 23, 2022

Reid On His Eagles Squad: “There’s a toughness about them”

Andy Reid just finished his Monday post game news conference and here the major points that he made.

It wasn’t a dominating win for the Birds, but so what, “I’d like to win by more than one or two points, but I like winning.” – Andy Reid said.  As for his football team, Reid feels good about this group, which has won three very close football games.  “They’re tough”, Reid said. “There’s a toughness about them”.

Reid said Michael Vick did the right thing at the end of the game when he slid on the ground rather than put the ball in the air and run the risk of getting it picked off.  Unfortunately the coach told us this afternoon that Vick hurt his knee on that play.  The quarterback has a knee contusion, which shouldn’t stop him from playing next week.

RB LeSean McCoy has some swelling on his knee.  Defensive tackle Derek Landri has knee inflammation, but will practice on Wednesday. Long snapper Jon Dorenbos went into the game with a high ankle sprain, but made it through fine and should be able to practice on Wednesday.

With regard to the defense, he started at the top by giving plenty of credit to Juan Castillo for his game plan. “Juan had a good game plan for the Giants”, Reid said. “If they weren’t the hottest offensive team in the league, surely they were among them.”

The head coach then singled out defensive tackles Fletcher Cox and Cullen Jenkins for the job they did getting pressure on Eli Manning

Reid described the play in the secondary: “in the secondary i thought we challenged them. Made Eli throw into small windows. That’s a tough thing to do.”

Reid tried to give cornerback Nmandi Asomugha some cover at his news conference.  He said the cornerback has things to work on, but he gave us the impression that he was supposed to have help in the coverage on the play.  Asomugha had his eye scratched  and will be reevaluated after having some eye drops.

Big Red says the offensive line is coming along with Demetress Bell at left tackle and Dallas Reynolds at center.  The coached talked about Bell getting beaten around the corner a couple of times because he was expecting help.   As for who’s going to be starting at left tackle going forward, your guess is as good as mine, Bell or King Dunlap.  Reid said Dunlap will back at practice this week.

“There’s no reason to be playing the way we are”, Reid said when asked about the play of the special teams.  “Special teams wise, we’ve got some work to do on kickoff coverage.”

The truth of the matter is that the Birds kickoff team was atrocious in their coverage against the Giants.  The Special teams will greatly benefit from the return of Colt Anderson to the lineup.

Reid started out the news conference by sending out prayers to Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia.


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  • I really wish then Philly fans would stop dogging Andy, Marty and Vick. It’s ok to criticize but trying to run them out of town is just stupid. The Eagles haven’t played nowhere near their potential including last night(Redzone) but the are 3-1 and leading the division after 4 games. Andy Reid teams historically turn it on in Nov and Dec so I think we are in really good shape. Andy had brought a winning attitude to a organization that gave us Rich Kotite, Ray Rhodes, Marion Swampfox…even Buddy Ryan wasn’t as great as he thought. I lived in Miami for 7 years and they would loved to have our coaches, QB and team. We need to get excited about these Eagles because they can special. This is the most talent we have had position to position since the Montgomery and Carmichael days, including the most recent Superbowl team and yet we still are so negative . Lets just enjoy the ride and let this . I see the unity and toughness and fight in this team. It’s special and I think by Jan we are going to be loving everything they do as they fight for Andy’s 2nd Superbowl appearance .

  • The Eagles are 3-1 out of sheer luck not Andy Reid and his stupid playcalling, poor draft choices and ridiculous game decisions i.e. calling a timeout to ice the Giants field Goal kicker…imagine this what if he made that field goal? If you think the Eagles will win a SB under AR and his refusal to run the football and keep this offense balanced, I cant wait to see what you think after the season is over and AR and his staff have accomplished what they always accomplish….Nothing

  • A couple of positives that I take after the first 1/4 of the Season
    1) They are 3-1 and who cares how they won, but many Teams would love to be 3-1 after 4 GMes
    2) Look at the Defenses they have played so far Ravens,Cards,Giants and heck even the Browns have a decent Defense, so ehen they get past the Steelers next week, they would have played wont of the top Defenses in all the NFL so they should be primed for a strong finish as the Vick, rebuilt OL get in psych Along with a healthy Maclin , Cooper & Dunlap back

  • “A couple of positives” is something you say after a loss pman. But… you did say they would get rocked so… it is a loss for you.

  • if 24 drops to the ground after getting poked in the eye its a 15 yard penalty against the giants

  • this is definitely the toughest they’ve been in 4-5 years… the rest of the eagles schedule is brutal.. face pittsburg away.. then lions .. falcons ..saints.. redskins panthers.. least we get to see vick head to head with rg3 and cam newton… this will either make him great or fall off i belive..

  • talongrip, i call bullshit on you! there is NO SUCH thing as ‘ifs’, ‘would ofs’, ‘could ofs’ or LUCK! you make your own luck! they are 3-1 in the NFL having beat the SB champs and a team many pick for SB this year. they went west and got hammered…its the NFL
    as for the AR stuff-just about any coach ices a kicker late in the game, if he is so freaking terrible why is his winning percentage higher than everyones man crush on here Jon Gruden? its a couple points below Cowher who took forever to win the SB– he has to have done something right

  • A loss for me , Stevo, How is this, my life is not impacted either way ???
    After the first 4 Games, I take the following “Positives” from what I stated above..
    Yes they are 3-1, but can play better football and a more complete Team game which every other Team can strive for also.. The Giants game was a point in the right directions where the Eagles in the 2nd-Half controlled the Line of Scrimmage which was great to see..

  • I am with talon grip , the eagles are lucky,not good, especially on offense, the quarterback is near the bottom of the heap, the coach still can’t manage a game, clock, timeouts, freezing the kicker on a 54 yard bomb, what if that backfired, if joe flaccid was as good as advertised the eagles lose to ravens as well, this is a ruse , time will tell

    • Jake, Herm Edwards was inargulably correct – YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.

      You don’t play to appease obnoxious ‘fans’ like you.

      The Eagles are solely in first place, have a nasty D, and an offense that just beat the champs. Stop whining and bitching.

  • Skill plays a part into staying into the game.
    Production does its part as well.
    Never quit attitude.
    Execute when required has happened.
    Yes, some things may have gone in the Eagles favor, some things have gone in many teams favor this season. Remember last year, how many games came down to the wire and the Eagles couldn’t finish, due to turnovers. This year they have been able to finish regardless of the obstacles (which is expected in football) throughout the course of the game. Appreciate your team sits a top the NFC East and have not even played their best football yet.

    One thing we all forget is, there were other teams involved in all of the Eagles victories. Are these teams unlucky? Or did the Eagles just step up at crucial moments and get it done? Life is full of what “ifs”, I have a few myself, but the reality is life is good and the Eagles are 3-1!

  • Is it possible that despite all of the turnovers, all of the questionable plays, that the Eagles may just be pretty good!

  • If is not in an athletes or coaches vocabulary…. ‘if the queen had balls she’d be king’
    it is absurd thats like saying ‘if the birds didn’t have those turnovers last year they would have gone to playoffs’
    i am a vick NON-SUPPORTER but have said many times he will make some spectacular plays that help you win games– i believe he commits too many mistakes but ….-
    Jake you are a monday morning QB-‘what if it backfired’?– what? it didn’t did it? or did i watch a different game? and yes time will tell but the only thing you can judge this on is their current record.. 3-1 and on top of the division.
    For a coach that can’t manage a clock, pick talent, make game day adjustments (which you all don’t know shit about) he sure does have a crapload of wins… like i said better winning percentage than the poster boy jon gruden… he has to do something correct.

  • no way real – you no better then that – this is nega – we – r – a bunch of whiney – douches – delphia – 3-1!

    Look above – you have that little snot booger Jake – here we beat a team that has been in the playoffs the las 4 years – went to the AFCC game last year – and we beat them (Baltimore) and someone on here posts – ‘if Flacco was as good’ so even though our record for the last 4 games last year was 4-0 (we went 4-0 in preseason) and now we are 3-1.. folks STILL need to find reasons to bitch – we have the #5 PAss D in the NFL and our CB sucks?

    Luck is nothing more then the intersection of preparation ond opportunity – the Eagles prepared, had the opportunity, and won the game.

    YEah – if last year we stated we were ‘unlucky’ you were a Reid apologist, a front office asskiss, you were not a ‘real’ or demanding fan.. go through the list –

    can’t beat teams with winning records, can;t win at home, can;t hold a lead..

    now for every game you are going to here ‘run the ball’ as if it is a magical panacea — no – when the other team has 8 or 9 guys in the box, you expect your QB to read that and pass.. but I digress into football talk and most on here can;t handle that – you have to keep it simple – appeal to the common low IQ – so just post something lile – we are the worst ever 3-1 team amnd everyone can go – yeah – we are really bad cause Reid is fat – then the little Philly ‘think they are smart’ fans can be happy cause they love to be miserable

  • Eagles released Rolle and acitvated Moten to active roster

  • agree realtalk…

    sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good! this team is pretty good too.

    yesterday should be a blue print to how the eagles should model their gameplans. Steady dose of Shady and ask Vick too make the smart reads while limiting his ability to turn it over.

    You get teams to play Vick honest, back to playing some zone coverages, they will be lethal.

  • When will Polk get a look?

    • Why? We’re good at RB. We haven’t had issues running the ball (when the calls are made) so the answer is probably no time soon. You just curious? It’s not about sharing the load if we have a stud….

  • Realtalk I am with you . You always positive on this board. There are about 25 other 25 to 28 other cities that wish their team at the problems we have and are still 3 and 1. Yes the Eagles have been very lucky, maybe Andy is getting a little help from his son upstairs, who knows. But anyone who plays sports at any level will tell you that often a little luck is necessary to win it all. This is the NFL and every one can coach, play, etc. I am going to run with these Eagles because if we are 3 and 1, atop the division and out coaching staff stinks, Nnamdi is overrated and Vick should be benched for a rookie in Nick Foles, I wonder what will happenif all these so called morons can get it together as they usually do in Nov and Dec. Right now I wouldn’t change a thing are a person. I will just wait for them to get better .

  • Eagles have a break catching Lions,Falcons & Panthers all at home who traditionally have struggled big-time on the road.. 3 Road Games with the Steelers,Saints & TB Bucs and if they can win 2 of these 3 Road games which is doable, then protect home turf, then they are in excellent shape as far as making Playoffs go..

  • curosity…..

    I wouldnt expect anyone to take touches away from Shady. Just see if he could provide a push for Bryce Brown.

  • Fraud it is not a break that the next three teams they play all will be coming off their byes. That is a major disadvantages you can have… Going to be a tough run

  • meh,
    I wonder if people will still be saying that after the Eagles get into the playoffs.

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