• September 27, 2022

Evaluating The Eagles Offensive Players

With the Eagles on their bye week, let’s take a look the roster and evaluate some of their performances so far.

Michael Vick

Vick has been wildly inconsistent and unpredictable.

The quarterback has been one of the most disappointing players of this team, and his erratic play has been of the major issues of this team through the first six weeks.

No matter what the status of your offensive line or the quality of your coach’s plays are, there is no excuse for thirteen turnovers in six games. On a larger scale, Vick has 40 turnovers in his last 28 games. I don’t know how even the most diehard of Michael Vick fans can look at numbers like that and still try to claim that he’s a great quarterback.

An elite quarterback overcomes his team’s issues and makes the players around him better. Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is missing a couple of starters on his offensive line, but he still managed to throw six touchdown passes against the Houston Texans, one of the best defenses in the league.

A non-elite quarterback in similar circumstances going to struggle like Vick has. It’s true that the coaching staff and offensive line haven’t done him many favors, but Vick’s performances this year are confirming the fact that he is not (and never was) a top quarterback in this league.

Even Andy Reid can’t give his quarterback a full endorsement at this point in the year. When asked if he was committed to starting Vick against the Falcons, Reid replied last week “Today I am.”

The bottom line is that Vick’s game is getting old fast. He’s done little to inspire confidence, and he may be one more horrendous performance away from being benched.

Running Backs

LeSean McCoy

Through six weeks, McCoy has rushed for 459 yards on 111 carries. He’s put together two 100-yard performances, but has only found the endzone three times.

McCoy has played just fine when he’s been given the opportunity. The poor play of the offensive line has limited how the Eagles can run him (typically the team has run McCoy to outside, and rarely up the middle), but Shady still finds ways to make guys miss and pick up some tough yards.

Andy Reid and Marty Morhinweg have also impacted McCoy’s impact on this team simply by refusing to make a serious effort to consistently put the ball in the hands of their best player. No one in the league does a better job of gameplanning against McCoy and taking his impact out of a game than Andy and Marty.

If there’s anything McCoy needs to improve on, its his blitz pickup. There have been several instances this year that he’s struggled in pass protection, and its the last element of his game that needs to grow and mature.

Bryce Brown

Brown has been the primary backup in the first six games, and has ran the ball 19 times for 51 yards.

Brown hasn’t done anything to wow anyone yet, and he still looks very raw. Every now and then he’ll rip off a nice run, but he just hasn’t looked completely comfortable playing in the NFL yet.

Dion Lewis

The second-year running back has gone completely MIA. He’s been inactive for all but one game, and you have to wonder what happened that caused him to fall out of favor with the coaching staff.

Before the season, Lewis was expected to be the primary backup for McCoy, but the coaches seem to trust rookie Bryce Brown before Lewis.

If he can’t beat out a pair of rookie running backs, why is he still on the roster?

Chris Polk

Polk has played exclusively on special teams, and has yet to get an opportunity to play with the offense. His presence on special teams hasn’t done anything to help the Eagles’ dreadful kick coverage units.

Stanley Havili

There haven’t been many guys on offense that have exceeded expectations, but Havili is one of them. I think he’s done a fine job as a blocker, and he’s even cut out a bit of role for himself as a ball carrier. He’s got 21 yards on five carries, and has given the team a nice extra punch from the fullback position.

Offensive Line

Demetress Bell

Bell was supposed to be a more than serviceable fill-in for the injured Jason Peters, but he hasn’t worked out at all. He’s struggled to learn Howard Mudd’s blocking techniques, and is only starting right now simply because the Eagles don’t have any better options. The hope is that he’ll improve as the year goes along, but so far there hasn’t been a lot of reason for optimism.

Evan Mathis

A year ago, Mathis was playing very well with Jason Peters to his left and Jason Kelce to his right. He solidified the left guard position and looked like a Pro Bowl caliber guard.The Eagles rewarded him with a big contract in the off-season.

Now, Mathis is struggling. He doesn’t even remotely resemble a quality starting offensive lineman, and instead looks like a mediocre journeyman. It’s clear that number 69 will only be as good as the players around him.

Dallas Reynolds

Jason Kelce’s replacement has really struggled in his four starts. Against the Lions, he was tossed around like a rag doll by Detroit defensive tackles Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley. He also was responsible for a turnover against the Lions when he snapped a ball early.

There’s a reason that Reynolds hasn’t been anything more than a practice squad for the first several years of his career. He shouldn’t be a starting NFL center, and the drop-off from Kelce to Reynolds has been very noticeable.

Danny Watkins

The 2011 first-round draft pick has been a disaster. Right now he looks just as lost as he was during the preseason of his rookie year. He isn’t dominating anybody, and is regularly overpowered by opponents. If the Eagles had a legitimate alternative at right guard right now, there isn’t any way that they would continue to roll Watkins out there. Unfortunately, he’s the best they’ve got, and they have to hope that he can find himself, and find himself quickly.

Todd Herremans

Even the Eagles’ most reliable offensive lineman hasn’t had a good season. Herremans hasn’t been bad, but he just hasn’t performed at the high level that we’re used to seeing from him.

Even though he hasn’t been at his best, he’s the only lineman the Eagles can even pretend to feel good about.

King Dunlap

Dunlap started the first two games of the season before going down with an injury. I don’t think he necessarily did a bad job while he was out there, but obviously the Eagles saw enough that they decided to go with Demetress Bell over him even after Dunlap recovered from his injury.

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

DeSean Jackson

Jackson hasn’t been impressive, but he hasn’t been bad either. He just hasn’t made much of an impact on this team in the first six games. He’s only had one 100-yard game, and he’s only found the endzone once.

The issues with offensive line and the quarterback have really hurt Jackson’s value. The offensive line has rarely given Michael Vick enough protection to allow a deep route to develop, and even on the rare occasion that they do, Michael Vick hasn’t thrown the long pass very well.

I think teams also have a much better idea of how to defend Jackson than they did in his first few seasons. Defenses know he wants to stretch the field, and that his size prevents him from running a lot of routes over the middle. Andy and Marty need to find a way to get the ball in Jackson’s hands and make sure he’s always a factor in games.

Jeremy Maclin

When healthy, Maclin is showing more and more that he is this team’s true number-one receiver. He’s had a couple of big games for this offense, including a seven-catch, 96-yard performance (with a touchdown) on Opening Day against the Browns. He’s played through a painful hip injury, and has still made some big plays.

When he was out of the lineup against the Cardinals, the offense really missed his presence. The other receivers had a hard time getting open without Maclin around to draw some extra attention.

Maclin’s final performance before the bye was a six-catch, 130-yard effort.

Jason Avant

Just 16 catches for 183 yards for Avant so far. Again, chaos on the offensive line and erratic quarterback play hurt his numbers a bit, but the Eagles need to get him more involved.

Riley Cooper

Inactive for five of the first six games while he recovered from a broken collerbone, and has just two catches for 18 yards. Why didn’t the Eagles just start him on the physically unable to perform list?

Damaris Johnson

The rookie wideout showed some great quickness and some explosive qualities in the preseason, but they haven’t carried over to the regular season. The team has taken away his duties as the punt returner, and he’s now buried on the depth chart.

Brent Celek

Celek is enjoying another solid season. He’s got 25 catches for 357 yards and one touchdown.

It’s a shame that the offensive line is such a disaster, or Celek may have a much larger role in the passing attack. Instead he’s often asked to stay behind as an additional blocker.

Clay Harbor

Caught the game-winning touchdown against the Browns, but has been pretty quiet since Week 1. He’s got just eight catches for 59 yards on the year.


This is an offense that has dramatically underachieved so far.

Something has got to be done about the quarterback’s turnovers. Michael Vick has produced 13 turnovers, and that number on its own is greater than the total amount of turnovers for many teams in the league. Andy Reid knows Vick’s mistakes are taking points off of the board for the Eagles, and opening the door for other teams to get more scoring opportunities. That’s why he’s refused to give the former Atlanta Falcon a full endorsement as his starter.

The offensive line’s problems are also a major issue, and their struggles trickle down and impact the success of the rest of the players. I don’t think Howard Mudd has done a good enough job this year. He’s supposed to be a Hall-of-Fame offensive line coach, and yet he hasn’t been able to get the most out of these players. You can give him a pass for the performances of guys like Dallas Reynolds and Demetress Bell (since those two are only in the lineup because of injuries to other players), but he’s done a terrible job with Danny Watkins.

Right now, this offense doesn’t scare anyone. They’re at the bottom of the league in scoring, and at the top of the league in turnovers. What opposing defense wouldn’t want a crack at the Eagles right now?

I don’t think this offense is a lost cause, and I believe that it’s still possible for Reid and his staff to get this group playing much better. However, they’re running out of time. The Eagles need their offense to be capable of scoring more than 21 points a game every week. The talent is there to make that happen, but the coaches need to do a better job and start finding ways to consistently bring the best out of their players.

 Denny Basens is the editor of GCobb.com. Email him at dbasens@ycp.edu, or follow him on Twitter.

Denny Basens

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October 22, 2012 12:02 am

Once Again another blunder from AR bringing in HM…when the eagles and AR made this decision to go to a smaller line they have been ovepowered from day one. AR should have kept JC as his offensive line coach and stuck to the massive offensive line they had in past years. To make that type of change especially when your

October 22, 2012 12:04 am

Once Again another blunder from AR bringing in HM…when the eagles and AR made this decision to go to a smaller line they have been ovepowered from day one. AR should have kept JC as his offensive line coach and stuck to the massive offensive line they had in past years. To make that type of change especially when your QB cannot read blitz or coverages was a huge mistake that is hurting the Eagles severly right now. Blow this coaching staff up!!! and get some new leadership in Philadelphia ASAP.

October 22, 2012 9:52 am
Reply to  Talongrip

– This is truth – I’ve never heard anyone complain about Andy hiring Mudd when it happened! Never! Especially on this site! Its easy to sit back and make a decision on a decision once you’ve had time to see things unfold! In a perfect world, every decision that Andy makes would be a great one. But for those that live in the “real” world we know somethings don’t always work out, there are bumps and bruises, there are failures! Wake up!

As for the QB and the blitz…..Really you should know what your talking about before opening your trap! If you want to knock the QB for his turnover issues, then so be it, it is a fair complaint! But if you want to talk about him not reading blitz that is bull ish…

Last 3 games – Eagles QB vs the Blitz
Giants – 8 – 12 125 yds TD
Steelers – 11-15 123 yds 2TD’s
Lions – 9 – 15 142 yds TD

Maybe watch the game?

October 22, 2012 8:35 am


Juan Castillo is a better than Howard Mudd at coaching offensive lines!

While Juan Castillo lines sucked due to personnel issues with Heckert and Reid, Juan did coach up the line when Andy was handed Tra Thomas from the Rhodes days, along with the addition of Runyan in Reid’s first few years here.

Mudd’s lines with Indy would get beat early in the playoffs every freakin year against big defenses, with the exception one year….and Peyton camoflaged the deficiencies of the line by using 3-5 steps drops and getting the ball out quick, and changed blocking schemes on the field so running backs could get yards when defenses into cover packages.

What did Andy see in his QB’s that made him believe Mudd’s small line would be better?

Playing in the NFC East?

Get round hole square peg Andy outta here right damn now!

If we had big imposing linemen from end to end with Herreman as the smallest guy, this team would be a top 5 offense.

Hell, with this finesse shit!

It’s like putting a little guy in a steel cage with a massive imposing killer.

This line is pathetic.

And the person who scouted, along with the coaches that thought Watkins was a top prospect need to get fired right now.

By the way guys…..

Winston Justice is the best LT in the league now!

Is that a coincidence or a glaring indictment against our pathetic coaching staff.

Juan sucked but he was a better offensive line coach than Howard Mudd.

When I think of Mormon Andy’s early years….

I imagine an over sized “red” in the face toddler staring at his blocks for hours…. thinking somehow this square peg will get into this round hole.

When the rest of the kids have showed him for days where each shape goes.


October 22, 2012 9:56 am
Reply to  SONGSRME2

Songs you also didn’t have a complaint when Andy hired Mudd. So you should also shut your trap!

October 22, 2012 8:41 am

Another thing…our safety positions have sucked every since Dawk and “Q” was let go……

We need to target Eric Reid in this coming draft and get a veteran safety to pair with him next season and cut Nate Allen and put Coleman on special teams.

October 22, 2012 9:57 am
Reply to  SONGSRME2

Nate Allen is having a very solid year! you can’t be serious!

October 22, 2012 9:44 am

Andy’s issue is he can’t adjust.. That is probably one of the most important things you can do as a head football coach. Look at the hoodie! This summer he calls Chip Kelly and wants to find out more about the hurry up/spread offense. Could you in a million years Andy seeking advise about offense.. His offense hasn’t seemed to change much in the last 8-9 years.. In all that’s why I think he is going to loose his job!

Btw- cutting Nate Allen is idiotic

Gotta Luv It
Gotta Luv It
October 22, 2012 9:58 am

LMAO..Yall dudes are now claiming Winston Justice..LOL..ridiculous…

October 22, 2012 10:29 am

Safety is definitely a weak spot on the Eagles..
This 2013 Draft Class is pretty deep at Safety and has 7-8 really good Prospects
that will be availalbe within the Top 3 Rounds (Top 100 Picks or so)
Here is the current Rankings of the Safety Positon by NFL Draft Scout.com
Overall Rankings in 2013 Draft

#18) Eric Reid (LSU 6-1 218lbs) Best Overall Safety in this Draft and can do it all, he can run,cover and tackle and has NFL Pro-Bowl Ability
#34) TJ McDonald (USC 6-2 205lbs) Sure Tackler and very agressive
#52) Kenny Vacarro (Texas 6-1 218lbs) Very athletic, and packs a punch
#70) Robert Lester (Alabama 6-2 212lbs) Smart, sure tackler, great leadership
#71) Tony Jefferson (Oklahoma 5-11 212lbs) A Natural Strong Safey, Ball Hawk
#73) Matt Elam (Florida 5-10 210 lbs) Another Natural Strong Safety
#91) Baccari Rambo (Georgia 6-0 210lbs) Have to take a look at him for his name, if nothing else.. Imagine a “Rambo” on the LInc Field, fans would go nuts
#102) Shawn Williams (Georgia 6-1 218lbs) Very Athletic and a Ball Hawk

Eagles need to Draft one of these Players to Updgrade their Safety Position

October 22, 2012 10:37 am

Makes me so angry that we are talking Draft (then again… Pman always talks draft).

October 22, 2012 10:41 am

Remember Everyone giving me a hard time for the last 2 Years about me stating that this Eagles WR Corp is average as compared to the rest of the NFL..They have no True #1 WR for I consider D-Jax & Maclin as #2 at best and the remainder of WR Corp (Avant,Cooper,Danrius Johnson,M Gilyard) would have difficult times making most NFL Rosters in my opinion.

All I kept reading over the last 2-3 Seasons is how GReat and Elite this Eagles WR Corps is and I am not buying it for one moment and in fact, now believe the Eagles WR Corp is a glaring weakness and in the bottom 1/3rd in the NFC Conference

I would take Packers,Saints,Falcons,Giants,Cowboys,Lions,Bears,Cardinals and even teams like the TB Bucs, 49ers,Redksins,Seahawks have all caught up and improved…

TE is another position needing an upgrade.. All the Top Teams have multiple TE’s who can create mismatches and headaches for opposing Defenses..
EAgles have Reliable Celek, but he’s no threat to run past anyone and still gets covered by LB’s most of the time.. Eagles need another TE to go along with Celek to stretch out the Defenses and to create mis-matches..

October 22, 2012 10:54 am

Draft will be a real challange next year to Predict bases on who is Coaching the Eagles.. I hae to believe they will hire a Defensive minded HC who believes in having a Physical LIne of Scrimmage and possibly be a Coack who is not built on passing the ball 50 times a game.. The Downside of this is that the Eagles Offsense is built this way, so many players along OL and WR Positions would have to be replaced for Howard Mudd’s PHilosohpy on Lean and quick on their feet to pass protect will probably not suit the next HC’s PHilosophy… Same with the Eagles DL where the small but fast bulletts may not fit in with the Next HC Schemes nad PHilosophy..
I see lots of Changes over the next 2 Off-Seasons to re-build this Pass- Happy, Gadget play offense that relies strictly on Speed and not Strength,Power and Toungness.. Also look at the DE’s on the Rosters.. Many other Coaches and Schmes don’t want to have DE’s at 6’2″ and smaller like the Eagles Roster… Time to Clean house all around
Most t

October 22, 2012 10:58 am

Players I expect to be gone next Season once a new HC is named

QB M Vick, RB D Lewis, WR’s J Avant, R Cooler, D Johnson, TE C Harbor
OL D Bell, and throw a Dart at any others

DE Jason Babin, DT D Landri, LB Chaney & Matthews, CB Asmo,

October 22, 2012 11:18 am

From Peter King this am (and now even the national media is turning – must realy be bad…)

The Deep End
Each week, thanks to play-by-play game dissection by ProFootballFocus.com, I’ll look at one important matchup or individual performance metric from one of the Sunday games.

This week, with the Eagles having their bye week, I asked PFF founder Neil Hornsby to examine the ball-control issues of Michael Vick, who has 13 turnovers in six games. PFF assigns blame to each fumble and interception in their game tape dissection. This season, Vick has eight interceptions and nine fumbles, five of which have been recovered by the opposition. But because who recovers a fumble is most often luck of the draw, I asked Hornsby to assign blame to the 17 times Vick either fumbled or threw an interception.

Of the nine fumbles, PFF assigned Vick the blame on eight. On the eight interceptions, Vick gets the blame for six. The 14 major quarterback errors were by far the most among NFL quarterbacks through the first six weeks of the season.

On the eight fumbles where Vick was at fault, three came while scrambling, two came on botched snaps, one was on a designed run, one was on a strip-sack, and one when he didn’t secure the ball in the pocket and it was knocked away.

Of the six interceptions where PFF faulted Vick, he had more than enough time to throw on every one: 3.4 seconds or more. Four of the throws PFF had as forced throws to unopen receivers, with two coming because of inaccuracy.

Interestingly, PFF has only 15 percent of Vicks’s passes as negative throws or poor decisions. That’s the same as Drew Brees, and only 1 percent worse than Tom Brady. The inference is that Vick is not consistently careless, but when he is, it’s often a doozy.

The bottom line, and you probably already know this, is that ball-security remains a constant concern with Vick. He knows that, the Eagles know that, and it’s something Andy Reid won’t be able to stand much longer if it continues.

October 22, 2012 11:33 am

I see you guys getting up in arms about Mudd but reality is for the most part everyone was impressed with him last year, myself included. I can’t give Mudd a bad grade considering he didn’t choose his personnel and considering he lost his all world tackle and a stud center he gets a pass from me.

Paulman you should add the fireman Watkins to that list he is awful.

October 22, 2012 12:07 pm

Songs, priceless stuff there….

October 22, 2012 2:20 pm

I think the Eagles should Trade Watkins to the Flyers for Winger Simmons and then convert Simmons to a Safety.LB or TE postions.. This is my story and I am approved this message Both Players are playing in the wrong sport..

October 22, 2012 2:57 pm

Are your serious Denny?? Desean has been the most consistent WR and healthy. You must have a issue with confident cocky black athletes. That’s the only way I can figure out your distaste for Vick and Desean. Maclin is soft as tissue has missed games and sometimes looks like he flat out dont give a damn when blocking or ball is in the air. I’m sorry but your article was way off on Desean. The dude has been balling his route tree has improved and he puts the fear of god in Cornerbacks!!

October 22, 2012 5:15 pm

Move dunlap to rt and herremans to rg

Watkins to center and see if he can play

Reynolds blows

October 22, 2012 10:08 pm

Just trying to keep it real…

Unfortunately, other than all our hopes that the offense will get it together and belief that they can’t be that bad; strictly based on their play through the past 6 games, there is nothing promising about this offense that suggests they’ll even manage to have a winning season. I will be very pleasantly surprised if they do and amazed if they make the playoffs.

The only upside to a losing season is that we may be able to finally say good bye to years of a maddeningly frustrating offense and defensive fast-balls.

Also keeping it real with Reid’s possible replacement; it could be a disaster but I’ll just hold out as much hope for the Eagles Offense to turn it around this season as Reid’s possible replacement like striking a gold mine.

October 23, 2012 6:48 am

Denny, too bad the color you see is midnight green and not Kelly or hunter green, these new fangled eagles of the Lurie era are a joke

October 23, 2012 7:03 am

When reid is canned they should change the uniform to wash away the fillth and stains he left

Black helmet with a mean looking eagle on the side…..add some more black to the uniform and change it up

Look at boise states new helmet…..that type

October 23, 2012 12:58 pm

Calling me Ignorant Denny?? I will give your response the old out of context try. I was string that to say Desean was not balling would only mean that putting your analysis on the edge of insanity. Now I bleed green,red white and blue and whatever colors you wanna suggest. I’m far from ignorant. But I can tell you I had lost some brain cells when reading some of the racist post in the comment section. So to say race is never in the equation you sir are off base. And as a black man you can’t tell me how to feel or what to question. You probably have never had to question whether race was involved with a decision you had made. For the record I really enjoy all your articles. Just the Desean comment was off base.

October 23, 2012 1:31 pm

armyprince you’re a certified fucking idiot

October 23, 2012 7:17 pm

Denny and I appreciate you answering my comment and not going junior high like mhenski. I will deal with you sir right now. I am I father,man,former soldier and now Police Officer. Idiot is not in anyone of those. Your the exact kind of idiot and jerk that haunts forums and give my current job a reason to patrol.

October 24, 2012 11:23 am

I am also a father, have a college education, 2 degrees and a job also. And my wisdom I have acquired throughout the course of my life has helped me arrive at the conclusion that you calling Denny a racist makes you a certified fucking idiot.

More to life than race officer, probably 98 out of 100 times you think something is racist it is not. Wake up it is 2012 not 1962.

October 24, 2012 11:41 am

All I know is that the Eagles are not a very good Team from Coaching to their Offense,Defense and SPecial Teams and I believe they will struggle to even finish at .500 This Year and will be fortunate to end up with 7 or 8 Wins
Poor QB Play dooms any Team and VIck is not even producing average results from the QB Position.. You can’t win with poor QB Play and I don’t care if the QB is Blue,Green,White,Black or Yellow.. You keep turning over the ball, making miss-reads on the Defense, hold onto the ball to long, you are not goign to Win Games in the NFL.. Vick has flat out, been a disaster this Season, can he turn it around, possibly, but can he play a consistent,productive level over the next 10 Games of the Season, I think not. This Season is over in my opinion and I can’t wait until they make some of the neccessary changes that have been long overdue like the firing of Coach AR, the change at QB Position, the removal of SPecial Teams Coach, etc,etc..

October 24, 2012 12:22 pm

@Paulman – All you know is nothing! I’m tired of your negative talk over and over! You have no faith in this team, so why even comment. You Panther’s fan! Vick is turning the ball over which is taking points of the scoreboard for the team. We all know that! Duh! But saying he isn’t producing average results is just completely false. Look at all the numbers, besides turnovers. Also look at all the contributing factors, IE, play calling, O Line, defense, Special teams….all help determine the outcome of a game!

I know when it comes to Vick its always a double standard. Everyone blames Vick for getting the ball batted down in the Lions game..Peyton Manning for example, against the Chargers has a 4 point lead, Peyton on 3rd down and long audibles into a run play, doesn’t get the first down. No one questions his decision…Broncos punt. Broncos defense gets a interception and seals the game. Is this considered a “what if” moment…what if the defense couldnt make the stop, and the Broncos lost. Would people be pointing out the audible by Peyton? On top of that, Peyton is credited for bringing his team back despite the Broncos defense scoring 14 points in that game. Now I’d love to see the Eagles defense get more take aways, score defensive points. Shit I’d even take a batted ball on a 3rd down! Considering Vick takes the blame on everything, maybe Eagles should throw him on defense so that all of the blame would be 100% true!

How about you stand behind the line or any other QB stand behind this line and be brave! Vick is being pressured on 49.5% of his drop backs and is being hit on 45.5 % of his drop backs, thats a lot for any QB to produce fantastic results!

Again, if the coaches call the game plan, where it takes pressure of the O Line, provide Vick with options and we’ll all be happy with the result. How about we talk about Vick’s production against the blitz, production when plays are called with options, short and underneath. How you can mention Vick and not mention play calling or the O Line, is absurd!

O Line that has the best RB in the game, and every carry is a battle. Shit can’t even execute a screen pass with this O Line! Eagles couldn’t even run the ball against the Lions when they were up 10 to run the clock down…yeah, also don’t hear anyone mention the play where Shady ran out of bounds, had that been Vick, oh yes, someone would of made a point of it! another double standard!

October 24, 2012 12:40 pm

I will keep being negative on the EAgles until the play and prove otherwise..
They are not a good Team RT777 and not sure why you can’t get this thru your head..If you want to pin your hopes and support of a loser organization that’s going down the tubes, then go right ahead and then I can call you a
“Passionate Fan” , but I am done with the medicocrity that has hit this Franchise for the last 4-5 Years and I’ve stated this before and will again
Those Back to Back Beatings and Humiliating Performancs to the hated
hands of the Dallas Coboys to end the 2009 Season did it for me…
Coach AR, MM and this Entire Eagle Franchise has not been the same since no matter what BS the local Media,David Spadaro or any other Kool-Aid Drinking Fool wants to say… Fire all their asses and re-build with a new Philosophy centering around Physical,Smart and Smash-Mouth Football..
You don’t win in the NFC East in NOv/December and against Playoff Teams playing a Pass-Happy, West-Coast, Bombs away, DInk & Dink Offense.. You just can’t do it… Coach AR & MM Offensive Schemes nad Philosophy are made for warm weather Cities or Domes, but not Philly and not in the Northeast Coler Climate..

October 24, 2012 12:54 pm
Reply to  paulman

@Paulman – ok cool, continue being negative…I won’t be able to control my responses as I guarantee I won’t be polite!!! as I stated, talk about the performance of the team as a whole, and stop singling out an individual player…Who by the way, won the games when he turned the ball over the most! If the Eagles eliminate the turnovers and penalties at times, there is no question that they can compete with any team in the NFL….Thats what my head tells me!

October 24, 2012 12:45 pm

Hey Denny where you at????? come out, come out…wherever you are!!!
Its not race, but its definitely got something to do with a personal feeling or an agenda toward Vick, right Denny??

Denny, your whole little rant about Vick…how they hell you can’t attribute horrendous O Line play to the success of a QB or bad play calling to the success of a QB baffles me…you totally dismiss those facts when evaluating Vick’s production….

However, you do make mention when referring to McCoy that the O Line is bad and not giving him running lanes…But not mention about the O Line holding up on the 7 step drops play calls or even the 3-5 step drops, Vick takes gets the ball out quickly, but still gets hit!

Also no mention of Celek, who has to lead the team in dropped passes! one drop that could of decided the Lions game in the endzone….but yes, its easier to talk about Vick and his turnovers!

In regards to DJAX, you state Andy and Marty need to do a better job of getting the balls in his hands…ummmm, is that not a double standard? doesnt Andy and Marty have to do a better job with calling plays that gives the QB options, and plays that are equipped to produce behind this O Line?

So let me get this straight, everyone on this team needs a little help from the coaches offensive line, excluding Vick?

October 24, 2012 1:24 pm

I love how everyone feels the need to attack people/stroke their own ego…. it makes me smile….

Bottom line….. Mike Vick stinks. Play calling Stinks even more…. This Oline…. Stinks the worst.

IF…… Andy could help his qb…. his oline….. his team…… by changing a few things… they would be fine.

I expect a good game sunday. The birds can win it. Vick CAN turn it around. This team is loaded with talent. Time for the coaches to help em out. BTW…. has anyone seen our Dline? I know it was here somewhere….. have you seen where i put it?

October 24, 2012 1:37 pm

unreal there is only one agenda…. your QB should play like a franchise QB– when he cashes his check it cashes like a franchise check– other franchise QB’s play behind a line that struggles and figure out how to get it done.
some of the hits ( a fairly high percentage) aren’t his fault– but the incredibley high numbers are due to his inability to get rid of the ball — that may be him trying to make a superman play — but thats neither here nor there– read the blitz and use it against the other team–

October 24, 2012 2:10 pm

– the blitz has not been the issue, especially over the last 3 games…28 for 46 4TD’s and about 400 yds, NO TURNOVERS! Vick has a one of the best QBR rating out of every NFL QB against the blitz the last 3 games…That is Real! Vick holding onto the ball, has to deal with the deep routes and letting them develop, do you not get that? When Vick has options, short, intermediate throws he gets the ball out, and still gets hit!
Bottom line, Denny nor yourself understand the game well enough to understand that the offensive line and play calling has a something to do with QB success…Bottom line! if your getting hit on half of your drop backs, even on the passes that you get rid of the ball quickly, how would you respond…in fact how would any NFL QB respond. Yes, Vick and the turnovers is a problem, but all this other ish that you speak of like getting rid of the ball, reading the blitz, is not! How about put your franchise QB in position where he is not getting hit on half his drop backs? how about giving him options to deliver the ball? yea blame Vick all you want, but being the fan I am, I know there is way more involved than a single player….

October 24, 2012 2:27 pm

nobody questions peyton because his body of work and nobody would think to question him in that chargers game because if memory serves me right he led his team to victory after being down 24-0

October 24, 2012 2:41 pm
Reply to  mhenski

@Mhenski – thats exactly my point…Peyton contributed in the win, and put the pressure on the defense to win the game, by going audible on a run play…I have no problem with this, I believe a defense should make that type of stand at the end of the game…I am just using this as a comparison metric to Vick and the Lions game…Broncos defense held, Eagles defense did not…

Also if memory serves you correctly, you would also know that the Broncos defense scored 14 points in the second half, Peyton nor the Broncos offense had to touch the ball….see a difference?

October 24, 2012 2:28 pm

then there is the fact that he is not our qb also

October 24, 2012 2:32 pm

I agree with Real Talk Michael Vick is one of the best QB’s in the game but has been surrounding by idiot coaches his whole careeer. haaaaaaaa

October 24, 2012 2:47 pm

@Mhenski – not sure if you were really trying to be funny or not…but if you want to, take a look at his coaches…Reeves (I think he should of never been fired as ATL coach, but where is he now? where has he been?) Mora (where is he now?), Reid (remember, this is Vick’s first “full season” under Reid, so the verdict really isn’t in) more on this in February!

Gotta Luv It
Gotta Luv It
October 24, 2012 3:40 pm

The word “objective” doesn’t exist in most philly fans vocab… I know because I am one and have lived amongst them for a long time…

October 24, 2012 3:49 pm

Stop making excuses RT777,
Good QB’s make the Coaching..not the other way around..
VIck’s a bum as a NFL QB, always has been, always will be …

October 24, 2012 3:52 pm

I am only negative RT77, because of the same old bullshit on how the Eagles Operate,Coach and Play.. and until I see ‘positive’ steps where they are actually improving as a Team and Franchise, then the Negative which is actually a “realistic football analysis” will be made by me and others..

October 24, 2012 4:53 pm
Reply to  paulman

I love it….a few comments from Real Talk, and all of the negative bit**** come out of the wood work….I’m making excuses, because I see the whole picture?…I’m making excuses because I understand that if a QB is getting hit damn near 50% of the time it will impact his game, not an excuse its reality! …

@Paulman First of lets get this straight, I’m not making excuses, there is no excusing Vick and his turnovers……But all this other nonsense, thats been said of Vick, he can’t read the blitz, he can lead the Eagles on a game winning drive, he doesn’t get the ball out quickly, IS FALSE! if you want to trash him for the turnovers then so be it!

@Vinniethesister – My man love? now see I left you alone about having “sugar in your tank” sister! if anything you are the one that only comments on Vick’s articles and can only hold a discussion about Vick….thats what I call man love! But I’ll entertain your selectively ignorant ass…. Packers O line is nowhere near as bad as the Eagles O Line..who has lost two starters and one of the best offensive linemen in the entire league…The fact that Vick gets hit on short passes, when he gets the ball out quickly has nothing to do with the offensive line? The fact the RB can’t get running lanes, has nothing to do with the offensive line?

Also Vinniethesister – A QB being sacked doesn’t equate to “hits”….Rodgers is sacked more than Vick, however he is not hit more…and Vick being hit doesn’t always revolve around him holding the ball too long as you suggest…THAT IS FACT!

– Bleep Whittlock…how about you read Baldinger, in fact go to the Eagles.com or listen to there is an interesting upload about Vick against the blitz.what Kurt Warner has to say about the play calling and the O Line…. Also take a look at the Andy Reid press conference, where he pretty much states the same thing I have been saying about the play calling helping the QB….

you cats are a bunch of negative nancies, and I honestly wouldn’t expect anything more. It is what it is. you choose to talk negative about the QB and the Eagles, I choose the positive route! kiss my ass!

October 24, 2012 3:56 pm

The primer qb’s all have had times when they have terrible off lines. Big ben’s is terrible now, Eli has had awful lines. Vick is terrible and btw Dan reeves is old and retired. Unreal I’ve told you befor I’ve spent more time coaching and in film rooms in the last 30 years… Vick is terrible. Read jason Whitlock… You are in the bubble

October 24, 2012 4:21 pm

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October 24, 2012 4:31 pm

God Realtalk, your manlove and excuses for Vick know no bounds.

QBs make coaches (Paulman said this earlier). Is Harbaugh in Balt a good coach…I dunno. But I do know they aren’t going to win a SB anytime soon with Flaccid at the helm. You know this too. How was Bellichek in Cleveland? How is he now with a 36 yr old and fading Brady? How was Parcells in Dallas with Kitna, and a young Romo? A good coach can elevate a team, and can win with a competent QB (see NYG – Simms) Vince Lombardi would be unsuccessful with Mike Vick at the Helm.

Vick is a coach killer. And just like a mistake was made moving the Oline coach to D, so too was a mistake made in hoping that this erratic, occasional big play, fumble machine could somehow transform into a functional (even elite) NFL QB. The admin admitted one mistake, now time to admit the other. Its time for the Birds to cut bait.

Now this won’t happen till after the Monday night game for obvious reasons (though I expect we’ll see a Foles sighting for a quarter or 2 over the next couple of weeks)NFL QB.

Oh and…”the offensive line and play calling has a something to do with QB success”

There are 2 problems with this statement….
1) The flip side to this is QB play has something to do with OL success….a lot to do with it. Vick’s olines have amazingly been terrible in all 3 of his “eras” Reeves, Nolan, and Reid. Now….if the Vickpologists are to be believed, its because all the coaches, and all the linemen he’s ever had have all sucked. Each and every one. And only through the grace of Vick’s God-given talent has he been able to rise above all the mediocrity he’s been surrounded by. What a joke.

2) I absolutely love all the “playcalling” business. You watch one highlight on NFL.com where some guys go deep and assume that all Reid and MM call are “all go!” plays or something.

The way Realtalk paints it, the Birds have a 1 page offensive playbook with 4 red arrows running straight from the LOS to the top of the page. No football team is coached this way. None. Ever. Teams attack levels. Short, Med, long…route trees. Just ’cause Vick drops back 7 steps and takes 3.5 seconds (longest in the league) for a “play to develop” does not mean he has to. For the most part he’s choosing to pick that deep WR himself.

BTW Bingo Cigar. Hasn’t Rodgers just gone for 75% 9tds and 0 ints over his last 2 despite being the most sacked QB in the league?

Vick stinks.

October 24, 2012 5:11 pm

@Vinniethesister – can you read? can you comprehend words that form a sentence or a paragraph? I don’t think so…I’ve never implied the Eagles only go “go routes’…in fact I am stating I want to see more short, intermediate, underneath type of plays providing Vick with more options on a more consistent basis…this O line will not give Vick enough time unless its a play action or max protection, for a deep route!

You said “Just cause Vick drops back 7 steps and takes 3.5 seconds (longest in the league) for a “play to develop” does not mean he has to”

This is bullshit, before it was Vick won’t stand in the pocket and wait for a WR…not the bullshit is he is holding the ball too long…GTFO with this nonsense…

October 24, 2012 4:48 pm

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October 24, 2012 5:15 pm

Paulman List of Legitimate NFC PLayoff Teams

Falcons,Bears,Giants,49ers & Packers
(and I would still not count out the Saints though they have a deep hole to climb out of and little room for error)

Other NFC Teams like the Eagles,Cowboys,Redksins,Vikings,Lions,Cardinals,Seahawks are all about .500 Teams give a take a game and way are too inconsistent and have poor QB play to really be a legitimate contendor and then Teams like the Panthers,Bucs,Rams are rebuilding just trying to learn how to Win…

Another Season lost by the Eagles by Halloween time just like last Season… This Franchise is becoming a Joke again around the NFL.

October 25, 2012 10:49 am
Reply to  Denny Basens

@Denny – No sh**, you could of been more thorough! you also need to keep it real, with Real Talk! you are not keeping it real, I read a few of your articles and anytime you spoke of Vick, I never saw you give him his due without throwing some salt on his game in some way. Meaning every positive comment you made, sure to have two negative comments there after….

Is it unreasonable to criticize a player who…

1. Plays a position that’s more critical to the success of the team than any other. NO PROBLEM CRITICIZING BUT WHEN YOU SIMPLY DISMISS ALL OTHER ISSUES THAT IMPACT THE SUCCESS OF A PLAYER PLAYING THAT POSITION, ITS ABSURD! proof is in what you wrote in this article, and you clearly stated you were giving the O Line and play calling a pass in regards to Vicks production or lack there of….

2. Promised to work hard on eliminating the flaws in his game in the off-season, and yet those same issues seem unchanged from a year ago.
you’re here to inform the masses and to be objective, do your job! yes turnovers are bad, QB number 1 job is to take care of the ball…imagine how much worst it could be, if Vick wasn’t improving against the blitz, wasn’t moving the ball, was taking unnecessary hits, was scrambling not allowing his WR’s to have a chance, did not lead his team on 3 4th quarter game winning drives……..

Vick has made bad decisions which has led to turnovers, has nothing to do with work ethic or “promise to work on his flaws” as a person who is seeing the whole I notice there have been improvements in other areas!


October 25, 2012 11:46 am
Reply to  Denny Basens

OK Denny…I’ll give you that….on previous articles you may have been a bit objective…although i’m sure what you are showing me are not full articles…”who knows what else was said” copy and paste is a wonderful thing….however, I do see some objectiveness I’ll give you that! ..

But speaking in regards to this article and this article alone, you weren’t that objective, you basically gave the play calling and O line a pass, stated in the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph, and this is what I’m speaking of….

Also, you praised Celek, who had a dropped TD pass, the last game, a dropped 3rd down pass, and an offensive penalty on a TD pass (although that call was BS) is it not fair to criticize Celek? then you said he should get more involved, stop keeping him into block etc…who’s in charge of this, the coach, play calling…

But then you went on about DJAX not playing well…but then said the coaches have to get him the ball. who’s in charge of that the coaches, play calling…

Then in regards to Shady, you say the poor play of the offensive line has limited his performance….

So again, how can you attribute the play calling and the O line to the success to every other player, but Vick???

Also you stated is it ok to criticize a player when:

Promised to work hard on eliminating the flaws in his game in the off-season, and yet those same issues seem unchanged from a year ago.

I’d really like you to elaborate out on this….and explain how Vick has not worked hard, due to not playing well against the blitz, not taking unnecessary hits, executing game winning drives, getting the ball out quickly, but still getting hit..so other than his turnovers, what have you seen from his play that would make you say he hasn’t worked hard to take care of his flaws………

October 25, 2012 8:59 am

Excellent Post Denny,
I simply evaluate VIck for his play on the field and could care less about his past issues.. I never thought of him as an “Elite QB” in the NFL while he was with the Falcons for most of the same issues he has now with the Eagles
Too slow to read Defenses, Ball Security, Accuracy and Leadership and now as we all sit here in his 4th Season as an Eagle in 2012, I see no change in his game.. Perhaps he has worked harder and studied the nuances of the Position more during his Time with Philly, but I don’t see where this has elevated his game and production anywhere near a “Franchise QB” at the NFL Level.. He’s simpley average, high-risk, high-reward which makes for some great highlight plays and games on occastion, but lots of downside,negative plays and of course Turnovers which kills a Team chances to win at the NFL Level..How many Playoff Teams year after year do you see in the Post-Season with a negative Turnover Ratio, that’s right, very few and I expect the same to continue for 2012 which means another .500 Season at Best.. Eagle Nation Fans deserve Better that schoolyard football from their QB..