• December 4, 2021

Reid’s 14-Year Era May Finally Be Coming To An End

Ever have that feeling that something bad is about to happen, something beyond your control? A feeling like… well, when you start to notice that special someone becoming distant, less attentive. And then they start to become evasive. You know something’s wrong but when you ask you’re told that everything’s okay when you know it’s not. You hope that things will get better but it doesn’t. You hope that things will change but… you know they won’t.

I can always tell when the end is near, the end of an era as it were. I can tell when there’s an end of an era in Philadelphia Eagles football as well. I’ve seen many an era come and go in my 44 years of Fanship to this team. I’ve lived through them, from Joe Kuharich to Jerry Williams to Eddie Khayat. From Mike McCormack to Dick Vermeil. From Marion Campbell (Fred Bruney) to Buddy Ryan to Rich Kottite to Ray Rhodes and lastly, to Andy Reid. A lot of these “era’s” were “errors” but you never know right?

The end can mean progress and improvement. It can also mean a steady and cold decline; a gradual departure from all you know to be good. My friends, I think we are nearing that place in time. We are nearing the end of an era in Eagles history, the Andy Reid era. We had a long relationship together didn’t we? But its fine, I’m fine… I think. If you’ve been an Eagles fan for any serious length of time, I think you can relate. If this were a love relationship, maybe it would go something like this…

Andy, I’ve been in this (relationship) with you for fourteen years now. I feel lied to, used and abused, made to believe that I (as a fan) was special, important or of some value to you (the organization).  If you don’t have love for me anymore just say so instead of the usual “I take full responsibility…” Yeah, the old “It’s not you it’s me” routine. I’m so tired of hearing that. You can tell me. Besides, your actions already show it.

Is there something more that you’re not telling me? Is there something that… (as a fan) I should know? You get together with the fellas (coaches) behind closed doors and you shut me out and that hurts. Somehow you don’t realize it, but I have so much invested in this relationship emotionally and intellectually. My confidence in you along with my faith has been lost and you’ve destroyed my trust. Sadly, I don’t think there’s anything you can do to fix it. I know you won’t change.

I don’t want to be so hurt that I lose hope in love (The Philadelphia Eagles organization). I don’t believe that you love me anymore Andy, not the way I need to be loved. But I’m not going to lose hope in love, just in this relationship. I’m not giving up on the opportunity to love again; it’s just not going to work out between you and me. Love don’t live here anymore Andy.

You used to spoil me, buy me nice, shiny new things (Donovan McNabb, Sheldon Brown, Brian Westbrook) but recently you just get me second hand merchandise (Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins) that only worked for a little while if at all (Ronnie Brown, Vince Young, Nnamdi Asomugha).  A few nice gifts here and there (Jason Kelse, Mychal Kendricks and Fletcher Cox) won’t cut it anymore Andy.

You spoiled me by taking me dancing all the time at all the finest balls (5 NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl). I used to feel special just to be there, but then we always had to leave early and not once was I ever the “Bell of the Ball”! I guess I should just be glad to have been there at all huh? Lately you haven’t taken me out anywhere. Every one of my acquaintances back East (Eastern Division) have been the bell of the ball but me, and more times than one! How do you think that makes me feel Andy? You’ve had enough time and plenty of chances and I can’t live like this anymore!

As far as your employees (the players) are concerned, are you giving up on them or are they giving up on you? Do they even trust you anymore? And just the other day one of them had the audacity to question my loyalty. Seriously? Prove to me that you care Andy! Fight for me! Fight for our love!

I defend you constantly to all of my friends about all the really nice, expensive tools you have at work (weapons, talent at the skill positions). They want to know why you won’t use them. They say it’s like having a gun (LeSean McCoy) in a lock box but you don’t have the key (common sense) to open it. What good are weapons if you can’t… won’t get to them to use them? And all that hype about being an elite company for years (dynasty). I believed it too. I’m sorry Andy but this is no longer acceptable, being average when there is so much potential, below average even.

The bottom line is you have to cover your own butt. I understand, but at the expense of your longtime friend? I know all of your friends (coaches) and which one of them would have done for you what Juan did? He took a bullet for you, remember? You should have never let a fisherman try and teach your guys how to hunt, get my meaning? Now he’s gone.

Who’s next Andy, your “bestie” Marty (Mornhinweg)? No, he’s too much like you so… And what’s so “special” about Bobby (April)? Nothing! I guess now you’re going to get that new kid to run the business, the big one… Nick. Yeah, you think he can cover that big butt of yours? I know you think Michael is the obvious choice to fall on the sword next but, Nick isn’t ready to handle things yet so that was a good call telling Mr. Vick, uh… the media, that he still has a job.

I’m looking for a new love since you left this vacancy in my heart. There’s this guy from Pittsburgh I kind of like. Everyone’s talking about him; he makes my heart skip a beat Andy. And there’s this other guy who lived in Tampa Bay and Oakland, he kind of does it for me too. Both of them have been to the Dance and both went home with crowns on their heads. And there’re one or two others that strike my fancy too.

Oh, now you’re asking me if you can stay, if we can start all over? (regroup, retool) If I had the slightest belief that you would change your attitude Andy, your  philosophy on how to run the company, I would say “yes” but I know that we would only end up right back here… having this conversation… again. Anyone can change… but I know you won’t.

I’ll tell you what; I’ll give you to the end of this current campaign. If you take me to that Big Dance, you know… the one in February, and make me the Bell of the Ball. Then… you can stay! In fact, I’ll love you forever. Otherwise, you’ve got go. It’s not me, it’s you.

It’s not been all bad Andy, we’ve had some really good times, memories that will last forever… but it’s over. It’s time to move on. I wish you well and I know you’ll be okay. But I’m not getting any younger Andy so, for me… it’s simple, you’ve got to go cause love don’t live here anymore.




Mylow Young

Originally from Philadelphia Mylow now lives in Statesville, NC about 40 miles north of Charlotte. Mylow once aspired to play with the Eagles a bit after coming out of high school but was sidetrack by street activity and later drugs. He did however play Semi-Pro ball in the Tri-State Football Conference in 1978. He has have been clean and free from an addiction to crack cocaine for almost ten years now thanks to the mercy and grace of the God who loves him! Mylow is the author of two books, his first novel "Against the Gates of Hell: A Crack House Exodus" was released 9-1-11. Visit him at www.mylowyoung.com

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  • Ugh! I’ve been through this longer than you, and I certainly wouldn’t invest my time in such a narrative. I remember a time of Eagle NFL championships, most clearly the last in 1960. Personally, I wouldn’t have kept any coach if he hadn’t produced a championship by his 6th year. Time for Mr. Lurie to cock his Smith & Wesson and put this long-dying regime out of its misery!!

  • The eagles were a top team when Reid was coach and didnt have any say in drafting or signing players…

    Ever since he has been given more power, the team dwindled…now that he calls the shots, they blow….

    Reid isnt a bad coach, he just sucks at everything else….

  • WTF

  • It ain’t over. Why can’t you people and the media here be positive about anything?

    Have some fuckin faith. If they don’t get it done, get on with your life.

    • Chill out George Michael! Faith can’t even help this $#!T team, & inept coaching staff & FO!

  • What a stupid article
    Comparing a love relationship to being a football fan

  • Mylow, you sound like a scorned, broken heart, chick, on the rag, that got cheated on & dumped! WTF!!!! Come on dude! You officially get your man-card revoked! I’m disgusted, pissed & organizationally fatigued myself, by man, this was like a tear jerker, chick flick, article! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *BUT MAN*

  • I wi stage this for the final time as a lifelong Eagles Fan as I approach my 50th Birthday this Summer. The end was clear to me after the debacle of the end of the 2009 Season with back to back losses to end the regular season and wild card games to our hated rivals, the Dallas Cowboys
    Remember how ill-prepared. Lack of energy and passion the Entire Eagles Coaching Staff looked and the Players were sleepwalking thru 2 embarrassing games.. I do which is why I have become more negative with each passing Season for it was over right then and there for Coach AR and his pass-happy philosophy, the fact that the Eagles have been a .500 Team ever since and an appalling team with a losing record at home in the Lincoln is just proof of my suspicions from 3 Years ago. I have no remorse or any real surprise about this Clubs performance since thenfor to be honest, I gave up on Coach AR and this Frranchise then and there and have been clamoribg ever since about changes having to be made, so in the end, it’s been a slow death for Coach AR but he is the one responsible, so I gave no emotional energy invested in them any longer and I don’t want to hear that they are only 3-4 with 9 games left this season which 5 are against NFCRivals, the bottom line is that this season and the Andy Reid Era is over, coach knows it, the Players know it and realistic fans know it and I also believe Owner Jeff Lurie knows it.. Now what Lurie is going to do about it is the big question to me.. He lost his security blanket with Banner gone, he’sdivorced after being married for a good while so the person to watch closely and listen to over these next 2-3 months is Owner Lurie for the decision he makes or doesn’t make will affect the next 5 years of the Eagles Franchise

  • Faith – the substance of things hoped for, the evidence not seen.
    Hebrew 11:1

    That’s exactly what you will need if you are going to keep rooting for Andy Reid.

    As Terri Clark sang…”I’ve got better things to do”

    Like buying a case of champainge and putting it on ice to celebrate an end of the sissy offense and sissy defense that BYU product andy “fat air” reid bought to philadelphia.

    The Juan Castillio move is the Apex of stupidity in a long line of arrogant moves. Then drafting the 62 year old offensive lineman in the first round.
    Refusing to run the ball with a 4th quarter lead. Not giving McCoy at least 20 carries a game when the team is undefeated this year when he gets 20 carries….

    on and on with this moron.

    Jeffery Loser, I got smack for you too….(entourage season 2, sundance episode)

  • Bill Simmons just wrote a pretty fantastic opinion piece on Vick called “the polarizing quarterback”

    Its good.

    My fave part:

    Delhomme: 96 career starts, 56-40 record, 81.3 QB rating, 20,975 passing yards, 126 TDs, 101 INTs, 5-3 playoff record, 1 Super Bowl appearance.

    Vick: 99 starts, 56-41-1 record, 80.7 QB rating, 19,375 passing yards, 120 passing TDs, 80 INTs, 2-3 playoff record, 0 Super Bowl appearances.

    A good read.

  • WTF!!!

    Ok, people writing articles really need to keep as much of their personal lives out of the articles as possible from now on. What I will say is that it is starting to feel like the end of Ray Rhodes’ tenure where once he lost Gruden everything fell apart. He couldn’t/wouldn’t call the defensive plays anymore and he just couldn’t pull it together.

  • payton is coming home to chester co, BREAKING NEWS:::: Using a tax shelter called a CRUT (charitable remainder unitrust) that was held by the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Mitt Romney was able to pay zero taxes (legally) every single year from 1996 to 2009. Why did he stop in 2009? Because he would make public his 2010 tax return, that is why.

  • Watching the Andrew Luck post game interview. SIgh. We’re going to sit and watch him on the Colts tearing the league apart for the next 15 years.

    I want one.

    As for the Romney thing…..If that’s true…why be upset with someone samrt enough to use the ridiculously complicated tax code to their advantage?

  • VV why would you want a tough, pocket, intelligent QB? I don’t get it? Wouldn’t you rather have a dumb guy that is electric and get on the highlight real? Luck has CHARACTER, but character is very boring! He will win three superbowls before he is done but superbowls are way over rated. It’s more fun to turn the ball over but make a few great plays!

  • Haha but the brothers love the hood aspect of dumb ass vick, if he were white he would have been long gone, that’s the straight truth, a dumb ass black qb can survive for years because of the effects od affirmative action, the fact that the nfl thrives on black support, you will see this again, a dumb ass black man who sucks

  • And who has the damn guts to speak the the freaking truth, mcnabb was another in the long list of dumb overrated black athletes trying to play quarterback, it is sad when color is promoted overtalent

  • I disagree with this shit

  • LMFAO….you guys are incredible…
    Cobb thus is exactly why you have one 12
    People who visit this site… The racial overtones
    are prevalent in these posts
    Cobb, Denny , Mylow and whoever the administrators are
    stand up and do something or watch this site go down the toilet…

  • Why bring race to this conversation
    I could care less if the Eagles next QB is blue, green, yellow, purple, black or white, but I do want the Eagles QB to be smart, read and anticipate coverages and deliver a pass to a WR in stride and not hold onto the ball
    Not play street/schoolyard ball and make poor decisions week in and week out which lead to turnovers.. Colts QB Luck is the real deal and will make his own path with the Colts and have fans get over the loss of Peyton Manning which are big shoes to have to follow but the kid has leadership and winner written all over him
    On a side note, Panthers Defense and DC McDermott did a very good job of bottling up RG3 pretty well today. And we’re in his face most if the game
    The Eagles will have their hands full with Redskins RB Alferd Morris and TE Paulson who look like NFL up and comers from what I saw today

  • Hope you don’t include me gotta because I was and still am a huge 5 fan! He was a pocket guy that could extend plays and he had character… The passive aggressive stuff got on my nerves but he was a team first guy!
    It’s the individual not the color. 7 is not a character guy, and he’s a terrible qb

  • just heard his comments about the media…wow i guess thats CHECK MATE!
    babin blames the fans, vick blames the media, namdi blames castillo– my assumption is that there are no MIRRORS in their locker room!

  • First of all, I appreciate Gotta and paulman and others who have separated yourselves from the racial aspect of sports and particulary the Eagles black qb’s. Your comments do not express your football expertise but is an immediate exposure of what the world still has to deal with, unfortunately. Secondly, it has no place on this site. I have enjoyed you guys and your opinions on articles, especially those that you don’t agree with. For me? I like
    to write stuff that’s outside the box. I try to get you to think of things outside of the ordinary aspects of football. You guys are some of the most knowledgeable football fans there is. But again, lets keep the comments to the sport and anything else you can share outside of this site. God bless…

  • jake must have been drunk as a skunk!

  • I think Gasoline Prices will Top $4 a gallon next May around Memorial Day Fyi..

  • Paulman’s Presidential Election Prediction

    Obama 299 – Romney – 239

    The Key 2 States are Virgiania/Ohio..whose polls close early since they are in the Eastern Time Zone.. If Obama wins both of these, you can turn the TV off for Romney will have no path to 270..
    If Romeny does win both Va & Ohio, then be prepared for a long,drawn out Voting Counts & Recounts s across the Country which will take days,maybe even weeks to determine a Winner and will bring Western States like Colorado,New Mexico and Nevada into play..

    • Prediction whoever win the Presidency will spend the next 4 years fund raising for TV commercials and being a prostitute for TV by working hard collecting campaign money and handing over to their pimps ( ABC,CBS,NBC, and FOX)

  • wow now we’re kicking the race tires (AGAIN) and Pman’s presidential predictions.. man this site has officially “jumped the shark”.. G, I hope this isn’t the case! someone please help!!!

  • 4 Articles on the Eagles in the last 3 Days and only 1 about it’s upcoming gane with the Saints which is the Eagle Biggest Game of this Season and probably for the Franchise as far as the Future if Coach AR, His Staff and QB M VIck go..
    Instead we keep getting the same regurgegated crap about Benching Vick, limiting the Turnovers, Running the Ball More, More blitzing on Defense… etc.etc ..

  • @Paulman GCobb lives in Cherry Hill, NJ– and I believe they unfortunately have been without electricity since Monday’s storm Sandy

  • Yes I am aware of Storm Sandy that came thru..
    Does G-Man work in an Office or out of his House… Does G-Man write every article on here or have other contibutors .. Point is, a good part of this SIte, it’s followers nad Fans around Town have simpley lost interest and faith in the GOrup of Eagles and its Leaders Coach AR.. a lack of interested means little or nothing to talk about and I think that’s where G-Man and others are are this point and time with this Franchise..

    • well true Philly fans get just as much enjoyment kicking the Eagles while they are down as we do cheering a playoff win —

  • Most of us, or probably all of us, are just so damn frustrated by the dysfunctionalble Team that it get’s the best of us.. It’s just been a ‘broken record”, the proverbial “treading water”, “spinning in mud”, going “nowhere fast” and all the rest of the cliche’s we like to toss around…

  • This is the gayest article I’ve ever read.

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