• August 15, 2022

Reid And Mornhinweg Finally Put Together A Good Game Plan

I loved the game plan the Birds put together for Nick Foles and the Eagles offense.  This used to be a strength of the Andy Reid and his staff, but it hasn’t been nearly as much this year.  It seems that they stressed the passing game this year despite factors which made the running seem to make much more sense.

Reid and Marty Mornhinweg did a great job of tailoring the game plan to their talent, which should be the first rule of putting together a game plan.  Initially, they got Bryce Brown  going, then they let Foles start going deeper down the field.  He throws the slant route very accurately, they give him the chance to throw it.

Reid and Mornhinweg let him get the football out of his hands and complement the running game.  He threw some screens to slow down the pass rush.  They got Brent Celek involved, so that Foles would be able to get rid of the ball sooner than waiting for the wide receivers to get open.  It’s a shame they didn’t do this earlier in the year.

There were times earlier in the season when Michael Vick was struggling, the pass rush was pounding him and they could have taken the heat off of him by letting the passing game be the complement to the running game rather than vice versa.

The same is true during Donovan McNabb’s time here.  For some reason Reid and Mornhinweg refuse to take the pressure of their number one quarterback if he’s getting his brains beat in, by running the football and keeping the pass rush at bay.  This is a stubborness which hurt Reid and his staff.


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  • I was afraid this would be your take on things G. That somehow the coaches call a different game plan for Foles than for Vick or Mcnabb. Mcnabb never knew how to throw a fade pattern. And Vick can’t throw slants because they get batted down all the time. Due to his lack of height, Vick had to take deeper drops than Foles does. Bryce Brown also wasn’t running the ball. The game planning changes due to a QB’s strength and weaknesses, and Vick is not strong in the short passing game.

  • @kevinkolb – if you dont think the game was called differently, you must watch the game with blinders on…The run game alone is the key….forgot about the passing attempts…you mix up run to pass the way the Eagles have done the last two weeks, good things happen…do you know how to read? or do you watch the games?…There were plenty of times this year where 7 did not take 7 step drops, took 3-5 step drops and completed passes… G Cobb mentions that the Eagles should of ran the ball early in the season to take the pressure (blitz) off of 7…that’s all that was said…with a screen name like yours, we already know one reason why you are salty, no doubt

  • 100% agree G. Always amazed me at how he does this. We started the year with a great RB and yet he still threw it down field. Amazing RB goes down and its run run run.

    This, for me will always be how I remember Andy…. the guy who hires Oline coaches to run his D, the guy who threw with no WR’s (old andy), the guy who didnt need FB’s and LB’s and return men.

    Completely different game plan last night. The kind we’ve been asking for for years,

  • Maybe it’s really Kevin kolb posting being that he’s injured and has lots of time on his hands

  • “Reid And Mornhinweg Finally Put Together A Good Game Plan”

    Only took them, what, 6-7 years?

    Maybe Michael Vick gave them some advice on ‘how not to get a QB killed’ and they listened.

    • Unlike Cobb, I don’t give them credit for anything. I attribute any credit for changes made to the Eagles offensive approach to pressure from the fans and the media who have been begging, pleading, cajoling, and threatening them for YEARS to have a more balanced approach and to play to the teams strengths, not their obvious weaknesses. Moronweg (and Reid by association) is just that…A MORON. Every time the fans holler, they change…temporarily. And then, the first chance they get, they go back to their old ways. Pass deep, pass medium, pass short, PUNT!! The sooner these clowns are outta here, the better off this team will be that is, if the idiot owner has the guts to fire them and hire a coach who will resurrect the Eagles and I believe Gruden would be the perfect coach to accomplish that objective.

  • Andy Reid certified quarterback killer, ask kolb, Vick

  • Foles will start for the remainder of the year.. thats good news…we need to see what we have. I expect a solid balanced attack like the one we had last night.

  • Riley Cooper has as many TD’s as DJax TWO
    someone please explain how Marty still has a job?
    Riley Cooper should have been on every red zone play this year and DJax should have been on the bench for every red zone play also

  • Frustrating as hell, that you wait so long to decide to balance the offense… a bunch of arrogant SOBs… a run game has always been a QB’s best friend whether it’s the #1 or #2 QB… He did it to McNabb and he did it to Vick…pass pass pass…Big Red destroyed this franchise with his arrogance… and now we have to sit back and wonder if Foles is the guy, I guess we will see. Good riddance to the Washburn 9… I’m pissed that you run the ball NOW like you couldve been doing for years. 4 more games of Andy… can’t wait.

  • Chuck, I don’t think the run/pass ratio has changed that drastically…Reid let a rookie QB drafted in the 3rd round drop back to throw 35 times. More times than they called the run…

    And sure they are calling shorter routes and pass plays now because you actually have a QB that can see over the LOS. That obviously would make a difference and help the play calling. Vick needs to take the 7 step drops to see.

    I do agree with you tho about Reid/Washburn destroying the franchise. We are a laughing stock right now. Probably more of a joke than the JEts which I didn’t think was possible. It will take years and years to fix Reid’s mess.
    That wide 9 crap was a fucking joke. Can win Superbowls which crap like that. Yet, cant really blame Washburn too much even if his was an asshole. Reid brought that asshole and his wide 9 BS here

  • REaltalk, obviously there will be somewhat of a change in game plan when you actually have a QB that can see over the LOS. They are 2 completely different QBS…Only an idiot would think they would call the same exact plays they did with Vick

    • pheags…you are the dumb ass to the highest power…you run around here throwing your hissy fits and temper tantrums…

      Now from a knowledgeable football fan to an ignorantly selective one…the pass plays that were called were the same pass plays we’ve seen with Vick…But the mix up of run and pass was quite different…it kept the defense off balance did not let them load up and blitz…Cowboys don’t blitz much as it is…then when the run game was grooving like it was with Brown breaking 30 yard runs, the blitz came less…Seeing over the LOS, has absolutely nothing to do with anything…in fact the height of M Vick isn’t the issue…Vick had success this season with 3-5 step drops…you still don’t see many over the middle passes even with the 6;6 Foles in at QB…you can take your hostility elsewhere bitch, it may work for those that don’t know the game, don’t work on me!

    • That makes no sense. You’d think they would call more pass plays for the guy that can see over the LOS (Foles) and more runs for the guy that can’t (Vick).

  • You also don’t have your number 1 WR/Deep threat playing either…What are you going to do, call a 7 step drop back for Avant or Cooper to go deep?

    • Ummm, you have Maclin you can still go deep. Cooper isn’t the fastest but with some protection you can still go deep…in fact with his “height” he’s probably the best player to go deep too…I guess calling a 7 step drop behind a terrible O Line is fine…Possibly the coaches now realize how they have to adjust the game plan for the O Line and the rookie QB…which is why you don’t see 7 step drops…too much pressure on this line to hold for those type of plays..was too much pressure for this O Line from day 1. take your blinders off and watch the games with a broader view…you stupid fuck!

      • You just can’t take it can you? You can’t stop making excuses for Vick. Unreal, Vick will be lucky to be a backup next year. Stop making excuses,

        • This aint about Vick…this is about the game planning/play calling the offensive coaches made yesterday, that put the players in good positions…This is what its about…so shut your dumb ass up…I’m making excuses because I’m pointing out the obvious? really? I swear I wish I met some of you guys in person, that talk so tough behind the keyboard…

  • I was waiting for this… thank you phag… its not about gameplan…. the birds are running more because the starting qb is short. Muahahaha. Im going to be writting a book.

  • Since we are looking to the future I don’t think we are YEARS away. They need a new attitude and a couple defensive playmakers. Don’t draft a high motor tweener. Take a solid stud or two

  • You know I have to comment on this one:

    1 – Foles said today the TD to Cooper was an audible at the line. Said they entered a formation and he expected a different D. That he liked the matchup with Cooper so signaled him and td.

    May have been the best thing I’ve read this year.

    2 – One of the absolute best signs we saw last night was that the Cowboys were not blitzing Foles very much. This is a very positive sign. Why weren’t they blitzing? What were they afraid of? Remember, good QBs want teams to blitz.

    3 – Foles had another solid day executing the gameplan. He was asked to throw the ball 35x, and managed to actually throw the ball 34X. 97% of called passes were actually thrown. He’s now at 93% on the year. That’s above NFL average.

    4 – Another encouraging sign is Foles had his highest yards/att, at 7.4y/att. (a number Vick was only able to beat 2x this year – Balt and NYG) Foles average now 6y/att on the season….almost a yard lower than Vick’s average of 6.9. Foles is lower than most of his contemporaries at this point…RGIII 8.2, Wilson 7.4, Luck 7.1, Tannehil 7, Wheedon 6.5…but they all started off low and improved…hopefully Foles does the same…was encouraging to see him well over 7 yrds/att vs the Boys.

    5 – No ints. Foles with a second game with no ints. His int % down to 2.3%. Our former starting QB was at 2.8%. 2.3% is very low for a rookie…..RGIII 1.3%, Luck 3.2%, Tannehil 3.3%, Wheeden 3.5%, Wilson 2.5%….I actually am expecting a Foles 4 int stinker at some point to push him back up around 3%….but for now….$$

    5 – Only 1 sack and 0 scrambles. Hit 4x after throwing. What was that about my saying Oline would instantly improving after the former superstar left? Foles has been sacked on 5.7% of his dropbacks (and falling). Vick was at 8% of his dropbacks. This is no suprise as it happened every time the former superstar got hurt in Atl, it happened after he left Atl, and its happening again.

    6 – High comp %. Came in at 65% this game and his average on the year is now at 61%. Higher than our former starter, and in very good stead against his contemporaries…RGIII 67%, Wildon 63%, Tannehil 58%, Luck 56%, Wheedon 57%…..

    7 – Led offense to its highest point total of the year. Now 2 str8 games over 20 pts. Something Eagles only able to do 2 other times this year.

    ALl-in-all, very encouraging. WIll he have a setback??….I could see it….often happens. But right now….encouraging…..

    • Cowboys were afraid of the run, Sis…they weren’t afraid of the QB…C’mon be serious! The Eagles were pulling off 20+ runs every other play for a while, against the blitz…which definitely helps…Then on top of it, the cowboys are one of the least blitzing teams in the NFL…

      Nice try trying to spin it

      • Stop smoking the chronic dude. Yor drawin man

        • haha…you are one stupid mtf….
          Fact the Cowboys are one of the least blitzing teams in the NFL…look it up…
          Fact, the run game can neutralize the blitz…which it did last night…

          I’mma keep smoking the cronic…but I suggest you lay off the crack!

          • pass dat shyt this way playboy…always babysittin

          • I’m sure the commissioner of the AAU league and the parents of the kids that you ‘coach’. Would like to know about that. You really are unreal

            • jokes that all it was, havenobrain! you stupid mtf! you don’t know me…you said for me to stop smoking cronic…as if I need to explain myself to you, you can think what you want to think, but since you said I’m smoking cronic from my comment, then obviously from your comments you must be on crack…thats the point I was making…you are about as dumb as a person can be.

            • hahaha…just to point out…I coach inner city youth who parents drug of choice is the same as yours…crack! you dumb fuck!

              • I worked with inner city kids for 32 years. Not all parents are on crack. Your drawin’

              • Duh, of course it doesn’t apply to all parents.

  • it took till the first cowboys game to throw a fade to cooper, it took half the year to run more than pass inside the 10, it took 14 years to draft a decent linebacker. ive seen enough of this guy. Oh and the first play from scrimmage was….. wait for it….. PLAY ACTION DEEP BALL!!!! get these stale clowns out of my city

  • Stat man is back, Vinnie we all saw that Foles looked terrific last night. I guess Damaris Johnson turned the corner last night and our special teams are going to be better too right. You guys are funny.

    • But he says he doesn’t have an agenda

  • good point Lion…very good point! These cats are very funny, only see what they want to see..only hear what they want to hear.

  • Paulman actually E-Mailed Coach AR and MM Sunday’s Offensive Game Plan
    about 20 minutes before Kickoff in case anyone was wondering ..

  • Obviously you cant read Stevo. On top of it your full of shit. At least Realtalk doesn’t bounce around in his posts the way you do even if I think he is wrong most of the time. I don’t know how many times you say Vick was never your guy but then your follow up posts contradict that. Just admit it at least.

    “the birds are running more because the starting qb is short” Nope never said that retard. I said they call less 7 step drop backs because they have a QB now who is much taller than the previous one. Don’t need to step back that much when he cleary has an advantage of seeing over the LOS. So Keep making shit up dumbass. And again, they called 35 pass plays to like 25 runs…still were passing more. You guys talk as if we ran the ball every play. MAybe they ran a little bit more because we were actually winning the game. We haven’t exactly had many leads this year like we did yesterday.

  • so a person with down syndrome cant read? what is wrong with you? that may be the worst thing written here….. I dont have downs.. although I work with some kids that do and they are kind.

    anyway…… Im not sure ive ever said anything that would lead anyone to believe im a fan of him. However, i dont just make crap up and pretend that its real. For example…… Vick has not done that many 7 step drops this year….. BUT….. even the ones he has done are CALLED PLAYS. Thats the part you guys dont get….. every play has a set number of steps attached to them. So…. the idea that Vick drops back 7 steps because he wants to is silly…. stupid even. This isnt backyard football…. but anyway…. im done with Vick. He’s done.

    • as far as them CALLING less & step drops (hurrah for you for knowing they are CALLED… thats more than some of these guys) did you notice the WR’s have been doing quick curl routes these last few weeks? Did you notice the flats being used? The play calling has been changed. They arent trying to “air it out” or “let her fly” anymore. PLUS….. a friggin draw play actually keeps the OLB and DE’s out of the backfield. Who would have thought…. a draw play. Like we havent been screaming for flats and draw plays for months.

  • “&” means 7 in my world. sorry.

  • Disagree with you G. Andy has never emphasized the run even if It the opposing D was last in the league in defending the run. It has always been pass with him. Even when he did not have the receivers he believed passing was the way to go. Remember the “are receivers are fine” dialogue. You know when it was Thrash and Pinkston and Smalls. Then he goes and gets TO. Then you would have to listen to his post game comments where he would say”we thought we saw something there that we could take advantage of”. Just so he could make an excuse of throwing 40-45 times.

  • Philly…. his first year. we had duce. It lasted a very short time but there was a time when he would focus on a balanced attack and even get the TE’s going early.

    • Your right Stevo, but you know what I remember from the Duce/AR years? A 7-0 lead against TB and he stopped giving the ball to Duce and the passing era began in Philly. Heartbreaking.. just heartbreaking.

  • Vikings have made progress this season with Ponder
    After a lot of off-field issue with Boat-Gate, CB Cook and other player with Character issues, it’s very unlikely for them to go out an Sign Vick
    They need some WR weapons to go along with Ponder, Petersen
    And Percy Harvin and their TE’s
    WR J Simpson gas been a Free-Agent Bust

  • paulman do you watch the games or just type stuff? Ponder is playing terrible if anything he’s regressing damn. I hate typing that because I love the Seminoles but really my man he is stinking it up.

  • They would go with Joe Webb before they even thought about Michael Vick.

  • Joe Webb beat Vick onthat dreadful Tuesday evening game due to a snow storm if anyone recalls
    And we a remember the lack of pocket prescience Vichy had and never saw, felt a blitzing CB from 10 yards away to take a crucial sack and then make matters worse. Allowed the blitzing CN to PU the ball and run it back for a TD just before halftime which gave the Vikes the lead and momentum to go on and upset the Eagles
    Vick and the MV7 eagles Offense have still never gotten on track after the play the cganged the area chose in my opinion
    Just Brutal to even Type or think about

  • That was the beginning of the end of the Andy Reid era we just didn’t know it then.

  • Ponder? lol

    Try Adrian “Im not Human” Peterson. He s unbelievable 1446 yards in only 12 games, off a tore ACL ,averaging over 6 yards per carry, with an 82 yard td run and a 200 yard game..

  • Paulman… i live here… i watch the games… ponder sucks. They are begging for vick here. Begging. He WONT throw down field. Weak arm… pick after pick. They have an oline and a rb.

    • They might be begging for a new QB, but they aren’t begging for Vick.

      • They are. Not saying they should be but.. they are.

  • Id like to retain vick at a lower cost but this year is the best year for free agent quarterbacks because the draft is so weak.

    • What you’d like isn’t going to happen.

  • Their Owner (Wolfman or whatever his name is) is not going to approve bringing in a Player with a Checkered past like QB Vick has.. Sorry Stevo, It’s not happening, They will continue to build with Ponder and look to add some WR and Def Secondary help as they move forward to remain competitive in a tough
    NFC North Division..

  • Sorry Pman… their owner brought in Favre…. pics of junk….. ego bigger than yours…… affairs the entire NFL knew about. Their owner kept some players after the love boat scandal…. their owner doesnt care. He waived last year to the cameras while smiling when his team was getting blown out. Please Pman… talk about the Panthers… leave the other teams to us.

    • for the record… i dont think it will get done BUT….. the fans here are begging to get Vick. These fans are clueless tho so it does not surprise me.

  • You think the Wolfman gives a shit what the Vikings Fans care about..
    C’Mon Stevo, Your getting funny on us now.. Maybe it’s that Minnesota Water or something..

    • Pman…. spin away as always…..

      U said Vick out of football because noone wants him

      I said…. wrong….. Viking fans want him

      U said….. wrong.. Christian Ponder.

      I said… Ponder blows

      U said…. Owner wouldnt want him because he has ponder and vick has off the field issues.

      I said… owner is clueless and knows nothing. also… He doesnt care about the team… or what they do…. he cares ONLY about money.

      My point is simple….. I could see Vick being here next year because they need a QB and he would fill the stadium(although i dont care and if he did come Id hope he got pounded).

      My overall point…. you were wrong…. and ARE wrong many times…. although your ego wont allow such talk.

  • Stevo,
    Mike Vick will receive little to no interest by people who actually make the decisions in the NFL and not by the Fans..
    \ Your basically saying that the Vickings are goign to scrap and 1st Round Drafr Pick after his 1st Full Season and sign the 33 Year old VIck since the Vikings are close to contenting for the SUper Bowl.. That’s Assanine
    in fact the Vikings have over-achieved this Season and are at least competitive.. They definitely need more weapons Offensively besides Adrian Peterson which is waht they will focus on in the Off-Season not Mike Vick.. What other Franchise do you want to talk about or discuss Off-Season plans.. ..

    • There could be interest from a few teams…like Chiefs, Raiders, Bills, Arizona, Jets….

      There are quite a few teams who would look at him in a backup QB role…or hell maybe even a team decides to let Vick be Vick and run some options.
      Teams will focus on making their roster better Paulman! If they believe Vick makes them better they will roll the dice…Not all teams are in rebuilding mode, like the Chiefs (they have pieces, to be a very solid team) even the Bills.

      I find the Jets an interesting situation…Sanchez has had trouble moving the team between the 20’s…That hasn’t been Vick’s issue. Rex Ryan needs to win now, he will be on the hot seat in 2013, or even now. Obviously he doesn’t have much faith in Tebow…

      • And if we start talking about NFL backups, the number of teams interest would probably triple.

  • ” Your basically saying that the Vickings are goign to scrap and 1st Round Drafr Pick after his 1st Full Season and sign the 33 Year old VIck since the Vikings are close to contenting for the SUper Bowl.. That’s Assanine”

    Close…. what Im saying is that Ponder was a reach…. everyone knew that. What im saying is that…. just like they did with Favre…. the Viking KNOW they need more from the QB position than they are getting. They have a good line… GREAT RB and a few pieces on D. They NEED a QB… to win,.. to save the HC’s job…. to compete. Its pretty clear Ponder is not the guy.

    about the Vikes being better than expected. Agreed. BUT….. they had one of the softest early schedules out there. The beat a San Fran team though and that was not expected. They have free fallen since AND… its only going to get worse. Its pretty clear that a decent QB would really change things here. In fact… they would have beaten the Pack on Sunday if they had that.

    They DOOOOO have more weapons than A.P. They’ve got good TE’s and they’ve got Harvin who is like Djax except they use him better.

    In the end…. I think they make a play for Alex Smith or Flynn. If those guys dont shake lose, I wouldnt be surprised to see Vick land there.

  • NFL QB Rankings per Espn (For Stevo)

    #25 C Ponder QB Ratind 79.4% 248-385 for 63% 2300yds-14 Td’s-11 Int and 27 Sacks

    #26 M Vick QB Rating 79.2% 185-316 for 59% 2165 yds 11 Tds- 9 Int
    and 27 Sacks …

    I really can see the OWner and new GM of th VIkings going for Mike VIck…
    Wake up Stevo, it’s about to be 2013 ..Vick is yesterday’s news and will gone like V Young, D McNabb,and soon to be Kevin Kolb, Mark Sanchez..

    • tha’s my job.

      • Paulman that’s Vinnie’s job what are you doing?

    • Im not biting. I stand by what I said. All i said is that THE PEOPLE HERE WANT HIM.

  • To think we spent all that time arguing kolb v. Vick and both soon to be chucked to the iron heap, all is vanity

  • Whatever happened to NavyEaglesFan? Did he ever come eat his crow from Songs??

  • Paulman is negoitiating with MTV for a new Reality Show featuring down an out NFL Players

    1st Episode are the return of Terrell Owens/Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson
    2nd Episode is D McNabb/K Kolb/M Vick in a cheap re-make of “Tres Amigo’s”
    3rd Episode will focus on ex-Return Players like Via Sikahema,Vince Papale,
    Reno Mahe and the very funny and unnderrated Greg Lewis
    4th Episode will have some ex-WR’s and will have Freddie Mitchell, Hank Baskett, Reggie Brown, and Jeremy Bloom

  • I think Chad and Donovan are living pretty good, wouldn’t exactly what call them down and out.

  • Good try though I get your premise.

  • o silly people, seeing what they want to see.

    they have ran the ball NO more than they have any other week really… maybe a couple carries, but its insignificant. What they are doing better is actually running the ball with consistant success.

    People think that keep feeding the ball to mccoy when he is gettin 2 yards a carry is going to help anything, the bottom line is they have ran the ball much better these last 2 weeks… that allows the play actions to work better, and opponents to respect the run more, and defenses to play a little softer… I dont think anything else happened differently

  • Zoltek, they have made the run a FOCAL point in the offense. WTF are you talking about? Are you watching the games?

  • Zoltek has not clue what he is talking about…just because the total carries may be similar to those before Brown/Foles does not mean they are running the ball the same…
    The game plan is totally different. The Eagles are running earlier and much more often…They are mixing up the run/pass much more, keeping the defense guessing…The offense has not been that predictable over the last few weeks…

  • Ochocino is doing pretty good
    Go ask his Kayleyers and financial advisors how he’s doing
    I do like the job that McNabb is doing on the NFL Network
    He’s a bright. Articulate and has a good feel in explaining the Game
    He has a bright future in working with media

    • I live in Florida I have sources that tell me Chad is living well.

  • Vikings is best landing spot for Vick. Ad there are more than a few fans calling for him on sites like ESPN and NFL.com.

    It’s a good fit. Peterson is going to be their centerpiece. Harvin is there. That Kalil (sp) will be watching his blind side. It’s a match made in football heaven. Vick can move the ball up and down the field. Peterson is well Peterson. It would work and work well.

    Do I think it’s gonna happen? I think it’s doubtful…but I see the lobbying and the stories already popping up online. It would be a good place for him to land.

    STEVO you may not be a fan of Vick but you give honest, realistic commentary unlike other folk here. That I can respect. Not liking a player doesn’t’ mean one should lose their critically thinking abilities.

    • Thank you. I try to keep my head.

      Btw… im not sold that vick would be a good fit in mn… but they do have a good line and they use the run.

  • “critical thinking abilities”

  • After watching RG3 the rook and Andrew Luck the rook I am really trying to warm up to Foles but it just doesnt even out. I mean I see Ponder, Tannehill, Gabbert etc. Then I watch RG3 and Luck and its just another level. They have the IT factor. I dont think their teams were saying lets see how they look after 6-7 weeks. Thats the difference between a franchise QB and a team having to look at a QB 6 weeks to see if he can even play. SMH

    • good points daggolden

    • Agreed….. but…. we dont have a luck or rg3 ro chose from. We have what we have. At least we got rid of kolb.

  • Right in South Philly is the best place ts but I think that ship may be sailing. The Vikings wouldn’t be a bad landing spot though.

  • 1 – RGIII is the exception, not the rule. There is often the odd exception.

    2 – I am very worried about what Shanahan is doing to RGIII. This college read option – triple option is going to get the kid killed….not to mention derail his long term development.

    This gimmick is going to fade when film study catches up…pure speed only works for a while….everyone is fast…….He was hammered 4 or 5x last night and already has had one concussion in the NFL….bad omens…..I read he weighs 215 lbs, but I don’t believe that for a second. Mike Shanahan is sacrificing long term development for instant success. Bad move.

    BTW – its still funny how some of you, despite mountains of evidence, actually believe that a team adding the former superstar moves that team closer to a playoff appearance.

    • Who said that? Who said playoffs?

    • Worried? How worried are you? I think its crazy that u are more worried about the health of the skins qb than u were wheb our starter was getting killed by the playcalling and line.

  • Just like Vick is listed at 6-1 205lbs..
    Vick is about 5-11 & 1/2 and 195lbs at best

  • What evidence Vinnie, that he can’t will a team with a pop warner defense and a pop warner o- line to the playoffs? Name me one QB in the entire NFL that would have won this year down in South Philly

  • Rodney Peete

  • Brad Goebel

  • So what your saying Vinnie is you would take Foles over RGIII? Say it. Say it.

    • He will say no….. but rg3 is being used wrong…lol. heres a really good q for stat girl…. what % of rg3 drop backs end in passes.

  • Fuck, you guys still have these definite reading comp difficulties.

    All I said is that what Shanahan is doing with RGIII is selfish and will hurt RGIII’s development moving forward. ANd will probably get him killed in the process.

    I think that’s a shame because he’s an unfinished prospect with what looks like huge potential. I could have cared less about the VIcksperiment because anyone who knows anything about the game knew that it was going to end in disaster and the quicker it was going to end the better for the Eagles moving forward.

    I would not take Foles over RGIII. But I would take Luck over RGIII.

    As for your stupid question Biglion….well…seeing that the Oline is suddenly making pretty drastic improvements, and the team is scoring more points, and a guy in his 4th star is putting up better numbers than your hero….well….I figure we would have won a lot more games with Roethless, Brady, Manning 1, Rodgers, probably Eli, Dalton, Luck, RGIII, Ryan, probably Stafford, Schaub,……..

    • Vinnie, they still lost talking about reading comp I listed a bunch of factors, everyone of these guys would have a losing record they way this team is performing 33 points Sunday night wasn’t enough. It’s a team game sir that was my point.Maybe your answer was stupid not my question.

  • LMAO!!!

    Vinnie you like to cherry pick you don’t you? The line looked OKAY for ONE game. ONE. Why – well Reid and crew all of a sudden decided to commit to the run. They decided throwing bombs down the field was a bad idea. Oh…and hey 7 step drops anyone? But no – it’s Foles who’s making the line look good. The same guy who looked so shitty behind the line his first 2 and 3/4 starts. Okay.

  • How many touchdowns did Foles throw? How many did Brown score? Oh. okay. But Foles is lighting it up.

    • I didn;t say he was lighting it up. I said he’s putting up better numbers (in almose every category) over the former superstar.

      That being said, it wasn’t a high hurdle to surpass.

  • BTW RGIII is at 71% of his dropbacks result in throws….20% below league average.

    But seeing he’s not runing an NFL offense, the number is obviously lower than it culd be…….I do nt know how many are dsigned runs….way too many for my taste though…..this is precisely what I’m talking aoubt….Shananan has abadoned deveoping RIII this year for the lure of instant success….choosing short term over long term. Its a mistake.

    It will hinder RGIIIs development and it expose him to muliple unnecessry hits on running plays that ould be beter seved y a disposable RB, instead of an indispenible QB.

    RBs like Alfred Morris area dime a dozen….QBs like Griffin come around once a decade. Shannah is being an idiot having him run play after play.

    BTW – what sShannahan isoing…having RGII run and get hit…on purpose….is very different than what you guysthink Reid was doing with Vick. Reid was asking Vick to do what about 3/4 of NFL coaches now do…pass 65% of the time. Vick could not handle it because he sucks.

  • 7 sep drops…all bombs….the plays changed!!!!!
    Such garbage.

    Have any of you actually ever seen a playbook? YOu make it sound that when vick was in it was “all go!” all the time. That Vick had a 1 page book with 4 straight lines heading up the page.

    Such garbage. The fack that Foles now takes what is given, hits Celek 7x doesn’t mean he wasn’t there for Vick too you twits.

    Every single play has a route tree. Short, medium, deep levels. WRs , TEs and RBs attacking all of them….

    • How many weeks in a row did i SCREAM for anything to the flats? How many weeks did i call for draw plays? Are u kidding me? Go ahead…. say it…. play calls where the same. And dont give me this crap about not hating vick… it is what it is.

      Vinnie… your bias is crazy. I dont even like the guy yet ive spend months defending him because you hate him so much.

      • I agree Stevo I find myself arguing with these guys just because of the blind hate they have for that man.

  • Vinnie I actually agree with you on RGIII, that offense will not make him a better QB in the long run but I understand why Shanahan is using him this way. On Vick, Foles or whoever if this o-line cannot allow 5 to 7 step drops then in the long run they won’t be successful. Foles played a terrific game with a healthy dose of Bryce Brown. The Cowboys were getting gashed run after run so they couldn’t tee off with the pass rush. Any good QB wiuld have thrived Sunday night.

  • What is with your hatred for Vick? You call us Vick backers and pit Vick vs Foles or any QB for that matter. I want the Eagles to win and I don’t care which QB they use. I don’t think Foles is the answer in the long run but if he is and the team wins I’m happy as hell.

  • I do not hate Vick.

    I hate that Vick was on the Eagles as a starter because I knew how it was going to end.

    They were never ever going to win with Vick. No team can win with a unintelligent QB who enjoys giving the ball to the other team. (Neither will any team that he goes to if they make the same mistake of making him the starter.)

    3 wasted years.

    I hate that. and am happy as a pig in shit that he’ll be rotting on the Raiders next year, and I’d like to thank the Cowboys for expediting the process.

    As for the newfound comittment to the run…..what about the possibility that the Eagles Brass now feel they have a more effective runner than they did before…blasphemous I know….but Lesean was near the league RB leaders for runs for loss or no gain the last 2 yeas I believe……just stirring the pot…..

  • I would love to see that stat you love… the 90% stat for drop backs…. what does that look like for steve young? Rg3? Elway?

  • Different styles Vinnie, if Bryce Brown learns how to hold onto the football I could actually see him being the feature back with Lesean complementing him but the money wouldn’t work Lesean makes feature back money. Also Brown needs to stop trying to bounce everything outside.

  • “I hate that. and am happy as a pig in shit that he’ll be rotting on the Raiders next year, and I’d like to thank the Cowboys for expediting the process.”

    Thought you said no one would pick him up. And anyway if the Raiders hold true to form he will get paid exceedingly well to rot on the Raiders.

    But you further prove your hate for the guy. Even Stevo who doesn’t like the guy can have a discussion about what’s a good fit for the guy (I say Jets or Vikings) without gleefully rooting for his misery.

    • I was rooting for more Raiders misery…….because its just plain funny at this point.

      • Thought you said no one would pick him up.

        The raiders are no one.

  • Sources state that Vick will traded to to the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL for
    Safety Jarrett and DL Ricky Sapp

  • Argos don’t need a QB. Just won the Grey Cup with Ricky Ray at the helm

    I guarantee you that Vick will flame out next year on some NFL deam and then will join the expansion Ottawa ______________ the following year, just to spite me.

  • Ricky Sapp must be a hellava player to be able to play with the Argos and the Jets at the same time. Vinnie, Vick will never step one foot in Canada whether he flames out in the NFL or not. Wait I shouldn’t say that he may wind up in Buffalo.

  • I know what you’re looking for Stevo…proof that a “running” QB can win the SB. They can’t.

    Remember that today, the NFL average is the QB getting the ball off 90
    % of called dropbacks. I have no idea what the % was 20 years ago, but I would suggest the average was lower due to the fact that DBs could murder the Wrs, and DLs could also take more liberties. Every other passing stat has increased over the past 20 years, so I suspect that one has to….but that’s just an assumption

    Anyway….to answer the question…..

    Aleady said RGIII was at 70%, but he runs a college option offense. Designed running plays are different than scrambles because the entire offense knows they’re going to occur and have assigned responsibilities.

    As for the other two…they both demolish Vick on the stat.

    Young was at 79% for his career….(HA! – that’s close to Vick you see a QB can win if……) Nope…..

    During his 5 year run (1992-1996) with SF that number increased to 84%.

    During his SB winning year he was even higher at 86%.

    To win the SB a QB must pass the ball, not run the ball. I would suggest to you that he was probably at league average at 86% that year.

    Elway’s career average waws higher than Young. He threw the ball on 85% of his dropbacks.

    But again, for his SB years, he did even better, at 86 and 87% respectively.

    I would hazard a guess he was at or above league average.

    To win the SB a quarterback must pass the ball, not run it.

    Football is about consistency. The entire offense benefits when they know what the QB is going to actually do as much as possible.

    No one has ever won with Vick’s pretty pathetic 75% career average. 20% below league average….I understand that this is always everyone else’s fault, never his of course….but its still pathetic nonetheless.

  • @Vinnieoursister – you should be slapped and then back handed for the ish that you’ve been talking on this thread…Wishing another man misfortune? really? karma is a mtf!

    “No one has ever won with Vick’s pretty pathetic 75% career average”

    Your stats are again, flawed.

    Vick being the type of QB he was/is, was especially… In ATL a team in rebuild mode, built the team on what Vick could do then! Playbook full of designed runs/options. If you believe that Vick is the same type of QB, looking to run first, pass second, then you don’t watch the games…

    But your stats are extremely flawed based on the following point. Vick’s ability to pick up a first down with his feet instead of taking a sack/throwing the ball out of bounds…You are not counting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th down conversions he’s picked up with his feet or the 20, 30, 40 even 50+ yard runs ….He has rushed for more yards than any QB in history, your stat does not include that, nor does it include the critical situations when those runs took place…all were not designed runs Vinnie…he’s broke teams back, escaping the rush and running instead of throwing…

    But you also fail to recognize the fact that there are fewer running QB’s than your typical QB. The type QB you believe can only win the SB..So again any stat that you have based on running QB’s comparisons to the typical QB would be flawed as well. Some stats are what they are and are true, but some stats simple just don’t tell the whole story….

    • unreal…. why do you insist on trying to settle differences with violence. that is not how men who KEEP IT REAL solve differences!

      • yea and wishing negativity on another man is acceptable? Mind your business!

        • ‘slapped and back handed’ and in early posts you were fixated (sorry another big word) on your ‘balls in peoples face’ etc-
          violence is not the proper way to solve things in a civilized society.

          • what did you just get to the letter “F” in Websters? Some folk deserve to be slapped and the way Vinnie and you run your mouths you both should be. As far as the “balls” talk, never stated anything about “mine” why is your mind on my balls? clown!

            • you sure did

  • “all were not designed runs Vinnie…”

    exactly my point. Vick scrambling around…no consistency.

    You are the guys who are always arguing about “team game!”. How can the offense function as a team when the QB is making shit up 25% of the time??

  • as for the war between vv and the vick people, let me say it is ridiculous. the bias on both sides makes it laughable and you aren’t going to change the other guy. one side is trying to prove the obvious that vick is a marginal at best qb and spending an inordinate amount of time trying to prove it. and the other side is spending an inordinate amount of time trying to disprove it.
    spend some time with a bottle of red and a hot chick…. takes your mind off of this stuff for awhile.

    • @havenobrain – you’re are on the same team as our sister Vinnie….take some of your own advice…pretty sure you won’t be able to get “hot chick” but get that bottle of red, watch a nice adult flick and choke your chicken!

      • a sophisticated argument from someone who advocates (sorry for the big word) keeping it real. you are a classless aau coach- trash! utter trash!

        • and your opinion of me? means what? nada damn thing…shut your dumb ass up! you are a fake…on the same side as Vinnie, then having the nerve to act like you don’t share the same opinions…

          • i share many of his opinions yes but not all. I just know better than try to convert a bunch of ignorant violent a$$holes. conversely for the violent a.holes to try to convert an opinionated, maybe racist a..hole is just as crazy.

            • you dumb ass, no one is trying to convert anyone, its an argument based on his dumb ass stat, its that simple…he wan’ts folks to believe the shit he is talking, and I’m giving the other side of the coin, so some aren’t misguided…like yourself! racist? you implying I’m racist? because I dont agree with you? because I don’t like your punk ass?

              • no your the violent a.hole he is possibley the racist one!
                hey as far as sometimes people need to be slapped. is that how you teach (great term) the children you influence on the courts? nice!

  • Sis – Vick takes off because of protection break down…Vick is not a run first QB any longer, he’s stayed in the pocket and has taken vicious hits behind this O Line, again you don’t make sense! …The O Line either knows he’s making a pass or running, two things (instead of looking to take a sack or throw the ball out of bounds)…so you’re saying its too difficult for the O Line to understand that, what is the O Line worries about when he takes off up the field? …your stat is ass and you are reaching!

  • “But you also fail to recognize the fact that there are fewer running QB’s than your typical QB.”

    But not in the CFL…where the wider and longer field are beneficial to the trunning QB?

    Who do you think won the GC this year? The pocket QB Ray or the running QB Burris?
    Or last year Pocket Lulay or running Pierce?
    Or the 2 years before with 40+ yr old statue Calvillo…

    Even in a league that give every benefit to running QBs, they can’t win when the games amp up….

    Com-on buddy….I remember being in the parking lot before the 4th NCF champ game and everyone depressed/down because it was try #4 and we were 0-3 at that point…but I wasn’t depressed….and not nervous. We were playing Vick. SO obvious how that game was going to end.

    BTW – who did the eagles lose to in all those playoff years? Statue warner, statue Johnson, statue Delhomme, Statue Brady, statue Warner again.

    The only game we won? Against running Vick. Running QBs are easier to defend in the playoffs when everyone is jacked. Everything is faster. And everyone is faster.

    You know what’s faster than legs?


    • Again, this is just another pointless comment supported by utter gibberish…see my response above again for response…

    • CFL? are you kidding me? CFL?

      • Pro football is pro football. Up untill the 1960s Canadian teams would regularily trounce US teams in exhibition games. Current talent differential is not as great as you would be led to believe. Cfl has produced great NFLers from Moon, to Flutie, to Garcia, to Wake.

        One constant? Running QBs fail in both leagues.

        • i’m with the other guys. you are an idiot!

        • joe theisman had more rushing attempts at ND than vick did at VT. i’m not going to go into the dropbacks etc. i’m not a vick guy either i think he is terrible but you are going above and beyond. to say that the qb position never evolves and that it takes this or that because history says this is ridiculous.
          people said it about steve young, people say it about newton, rg3 etc– there is more than one way to skin a cat. but my hope is we have found a traditional guy in foles– THE JURY IS STILL OUT– and i’ve said before i’ll take him IF he is flacco

          • Theisman…you mean the guy who, after ND, went to the CFL to learn how to play QB, then returned tot he NFL and won a SB? That guy?

            • he still had a lot of rushes- you are taking it too far. he had a lot of rushes in hte nfl.

    • LOL.. Funny thing about that game..
      Mcnabb ran more times than Vick

  • Realtalk.

    You keep calling me sister and saying you want to slap me around.

    To each his own I guess.

    But I feel pretty sorry for whatever dress wearing dude you’re dating.

  • Vinnie – you still talking to strange men from Cleveland on the telephone? lets not forget this is where the “sis” began…you should of never let me know your secret..

    Also I said you should be slapped and backhanded…never said I was going to do it…again, you and your butt buddy HaveNoBrain lack comprehension skills

    Again your stat is ass…don’t get mad or try to change the subject…you have your butt buddy HaveNoBrain to do that! But he’s not doing a very good job of being a distraction!

    • so much anger. sure hope those needy kids aren’t learning any of this from you.

      • HaveNoBrain – I’ve seen you on this site, cursing, talking stupid ish left and right…should I hold you to a standard as well considering, you also have stated you worked with inner city youth for over 30 years? What I do or say here has no impact on the kids I work with. So lay off bringing my “kids” up in conversation!

        • i don’t curse much and vever advocate violence. i just keep it real.
          and you have brought your kids up or i wouldn’t know about them!

          • hahaha you keep it real? nah son, you are one of the most fraudulent cats on this site…I don’t have to say I keep it real…I let my talk do that for me…thats the difference between me and you…what you say, isn’t realtalk! its backwards talks, double talking yada yada yada…Everything I said on this site today, is real talk!

            • so the slapping and back handing was REAL– ok enough said. i still say you are drawin’

  • Now now Realtalk,

    Stevo asked me a question about Young and Elway. I answered it….

    ….and then you went on a rage filled rant during which all your violent, cross dressing fantasies come to the fore…..

    But don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

  • I understand Vinnie, I proved how dumb your stat was and now you’re staggering…you’ve been KO’d just relax, live to fight another round!

  • I”ve been in the ring quite a few times, and have had my bell rung a few times, though always byu better men than you.

    You”re constant repetition of how my poiunt has no merit only makes it so in your deluded mind. 25% of the time the team lines up, they have no idea what is going to happen. They don’t know if he will follow assigned blocking schemes, they don’t know if they should run their routes, they don’t know if he is going to drop to the proper release point. One out of every 4 plays they’re wondering what is going to happen and where Vick will be.

    recipe for inconsistent, ineffective football….exactly what the Eagles’ offense has been the past 3 years.

    Now go back to slapping sisters around, its obviously what you do best.

    • OK sis…do you actually understand what you type? can’t follow assigned blocking schemes when the protections fails sis…so now your saying that 7 doesn’t follow the playbook? he drops 3-7 steps whenever he feels like it?
      you don’t know anything about football! you sounds ridiculous! protections breaks down, QB either gets sacked, throws the ball out of bounds, or runs…Those are the options…don’t think there are any others…

      • No, you’re the one who doesn’t understand. The QB must know that the protection will break down before the snap opf the bal, not rely on his skills after the protection breaks down. It is only the QBs who develop the ability to recognize w3hat is going to happen before the play that are successful in the NFL.

        Foles is already doing a better job of this than the former superstar.

        And yes, I am saying he doesn’t follow the book…and one of the complaints of his coaches is his dropbacks are wildy inconsistent.

        • How is he doing a better job of this? Because he gets rid of the ball? Because he is winning the games? Because he didnt throw a pick this week?

          Listen, he did a good job this past week…. no pics… but dont get it twisted….. he’s not ready to lead anyone anywhere yet. It was a simple.. easy plan… using the running game to keep teams honest. Curl routes, throws to the flats…. nothing deep down field outside of 1 or 2 times. You yourself said this wont win in the NFL. Now….he’s running the show… calling these plays? You flip flop more than Jon Kerry.

        • one the complaints of his coaches is his dropbacks?
          When was this stated? when did they ever say he was inconsistent in regards to drop backs..again making shit up.

        • also what does the QB do when the protection breaks down…how will you know the protection will break down..QBs are supposed to have faith in the protection not breaking down, but be able to adjust in situations it does. you sound ridiculous!

          what happens when the protection breaks down for most QB’s? they throw the ball out of bounds, take a sack, possibly make a play to a receiver (of course the WR has to be open or doing their job as well) So your saying the ability Vick has to break a 30+ yard run when protection breaks down is a bad thing? again you show how ignorantly selective you are

  • No other factors involved in those games just the QB right? Vinnie come on man

  • @realtalk, they will never get it too focused on the negative.

  • Hey Guys, I thought I was the only “Fraud” on this Site..

  • Andy Reid is sabotaging the eagles. Foles starting cut Babin Fired Castillo Fired Washburn.. He going to coach Dallas net year and he already knows it.

    • Coach AR is simply following his Superiors Orders at this point

  • “Senior Advisor” Tom Donahoe is calling the Shots and advising OWner Jeff Lurie/Roseman on what to instruct Coach AR on who to play,fire,change as
    Donahoe will be named teh VP of Football Operations once AR is officially
    Terminated on Monday 12/31/2012 (after their final Season game)
    for playing the Good Soldier, Coach Andy Receives his complete 2013 Compensation Package which is worth Approx $7 Million..
    Would you mind following orders for 6 Weeks to receive $7 Million and go out the right way..

  • Bench old, unproductive QB – sabotaging
    Cut old underperforming malcontent DE – sabotaging
    Fire ancient, unproductive malcontent DL coach – sabotaging
    IRing underperforming, non-TD scoring, malcontent WR who quit on team last year and had 2 catches in previous 2 games, – sabotaging

    And on top of all that sabotaging…..in the final 6 meaningless games….

    Playing young QB to determine if good moving forward – sabotaging
    Showcasing new rookie runner – sabotaging
    Playing young DEs like Graham, Hunt, Curry to see what they have – sabotaging
    Focusing on young Wrs like Cooper and Johnson (McNutt soon) to see if they part of team moving forward – sabotaging

    I really see where you’re going with this.

    Too bad Reid didn’t “sabotage” the team 2 years alo.

  • You guys are nutz…. Andy is doing the right thing. He is leading this team AS IN IF he would be here next year. This is the right thing to do. I dont like the coach but as a person… he is spot on.

  • Should of benched McCoy because apparently he sucks to. Amazing how Bryce Brown is ripping it up. would definelty have to ask Shady if he felt removing Bell and Watkins and bringing in Scott and Renolds developing has had anything to do with Browns production. hmmmmm. Cant have it both ways. If it was Vicks fault he couldnt perform behind that oline than its McCoys fault he couldnt run for shit. He should be released. I dont want to hear nothing about no blocking for him.

  • Um…Reid is doing what’s best for the team. They were out of playoff contention and it isn’t likely Vick would be back. No need to start him. Same with Washburn and Babin firings – good decisions based on the current landscape.

    This right here:

    “Should of benched McCoy because apparently he sucks to. Amazing how Bryce Brown is ripping it up. would definelty have to ask Shady if he felt removing Bell and Watkins and bringing in Scott and Renolds developing has had anything to do with Browns production. hmmmmm. Cant have it both ways. If it was Vicks fault he couldnt perform behind that oline than its McCoys fault he couldnt run for shit. He should be released. I dont want to hear nothing about no blocking for him.”

    Says it all. That’s how you can tell real Eagles fans from Vick haters. You can’t have it both ways. This configuration of the line is MUCH better. Scott is probably the best lineman we have right now. Mathis is back to playing where he is most comfortable. Overall they are decent and Foles and brown are the beneficiaries of this much improved line.

  • Scott has solidifed the RG spot and has helped with Center Rynolds improvement having both Veterans Mathis & Scott beside him
    Dennis Kelly is playing his Natural Position which he played in COllege which is RT.. He is not athletic enough to the play the Left Side and is a fish out of water playing the Guard Spot..
    If RB Brown doesn’t improve his ball security, he will not see the field much regardless of who the Coach is ..Right now he will continue to play since McCoy is out. Maybe Next Season, they can rotate them complete series
    HAve McCoy play 2 Series then put in Brown for a complete Series
    Shuttling RB’s every 3rd play usually doesn’t work were a RB and his OL need to get into a rhthym, to get into the flow of a game..

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