• December 4, 2021

Was The Absence Of Joe Banner The Reason For The Improved Eagles Draft?

According to a person close to the Eagles, there’s a big difference between the Eagles brain trust which orchestrated the Birds 2012 draft, as compared to the group which navigated the 2010 and 2011 draft.  Yes, Andy Reid was the Eagles head coach during all of those drafts and he had final say on the picks.  Yes, Howie Roseman was the guy evaluating the players prior to those three drafts, but there was still a major difference.

The difference was the presence of current Brown President Joe Banner.   The life long friend of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was the team’s President, and he was there for the 2010 and 2011 drafts.  He wasn’t around for the 2012 draft and I’m told it made a big difference.  Banner pressed the decision makers about getting position players who would meet their needs.

I’m told that the Eagles feel they will continue to draft better if they focus on getting the best player available rather than drafting to meet position needs.  They believe teams who try to get the best player rather than trying to meet needs tend to be more consistent in the selection process.

Let’s take a quick look back at the last three Eagles drafts.

In the 2010 draft with Banner driving the idea to draft for needs, the Eagles struggled in the early rounds.  I don’t know that you say  that is the reason they chose Brandon Graham over Jason Pierre Paul, but drafting Daniel Te’o Nesheim in the third round could have been done as a way to address position needs.

1. DE Brandon Graham

2. S Nate Allen

3. DE Daniel Te’o Nesheim

4. CB Trevard Lindley

LB Keenan Clayton

QB Mike Kafka

5.  DE Ricky Sapp

WR Riley Cooper

6. RB Charles Scott

LB Jamar Chaney

7. DT Jeff Owens

S Kurt Coleman

Amazingly the Eagles did better at the end of the draft than they did at the start of it.  Fifth round pick Riley Cooper, sixth round pick Jamar Chaney and seventh round pick Kurt Coleman have contributed more than the players in the first, second, third and fourth rounds.  This could be attributed to stressing meeting needs in the top rounds and trying to get the best player available in the latter rounds.

In the 2011 draft

1. G Danny Watkins

2. S Jaiquawn Jarrett

3. CB Curtis Marsh

4. LB Casey Matthews

K Alex Henery

5. RB Dion Lewis

G Julian Vandervelde

6. C Jason Kelce

7. LB Greg Lloyd

FB Stanley Havili

Look at the production of the first four rounds in the 2011 draft and it could make you throw up.  Watkins, Jarrett, Marsh and Matthews are all either sitting the bench or not on a roster in the NFL.  It looks like the Eagles missed on their first five picks of the 2011 draft.

The Birds decision to draft a player in the first round who would be 27 in his rookie year was a major mistake and I don’t think they can blame all of it on over-emphasizing addressing team needs.  Watkins has been benched in favor of Jake Scott, who was sitting at home a month ago.

The most disturbing thing I’ve heard about Watkins is that he doesn’t love playing football.  Amazingly this guy may want to be a fireman more than a NFL player.

Jarrett was definitely a reach because he played the safety position.  He wasn’t fast enough to play safety in the NFL.  Here you have a second round pick who is available, but no other teams have touched him since the Eagles released him.

Marsh has the size and speed needed to play, but he hasn’t shown the quickness or ball skills needed to play the corner in this league.  He continues to be an Oak Ridge Boy (bench warmer).

Matthews started at the beginning of his career a year ago, but wasn’t able to keep his starting position.  It was the best of situations to be middle linebacker in the “Wide Nine” during your rookie year in the NFL.  He lost his starting job and hasn’t been able to regain it.

The Eagles second pick in the fourth round has been very good.  I’m talking about kicker Alex Henery, who will probably be the Eagles MVP.  He’s had a very good year and may have been the best pick in the 2011 draft.

Their first pick in the fifth round, Pittsburgh running back Dion Lewis was supposed to be backing up LeSean McCoy, but he was beaten out by this year’s  seventh round pick, Bryce Brown.  Lewis hasn’t done much since he was drafted.

The Eagles second pick in the fifth round was guard , Julian Vandervelde, who has done absolutely nothing for the Birds during his short career.  They’ve cut him a couple of times and brought him back, but they’ve never really considered starting him.

In the sixth round the Birds selected Cincinnati center Jason Kelce, who is probably their best pick on the 2011 draft.  Prior to sustaining a season-ending knee-injury earlier this season, he was on his way to being one of the best centers in the NFL.

In the seventh round, they selected linebacker Greg Lloyd.  He didn’t have NFL talent.

Their final seventh round pick was USC fullback Stanley Havili and he’s been a pleasant surprise.  After spending a year on injured reserve, Havili has been the starter at fullback this year, but hasn’t been asked to do much.

It’s still early, but it looks like the Eagles have done a much better job in the 2012 draft, than they did in 2010 and 2011.

1. DT Fletcher Cox

2. LB Mychal Kendricks

DE Vinny Curry

3. QB Nick Foles

4. CB Brandon Boykin

5. OT Dennis Kelly

6. WR Marvin  McNutt

OG Brandon Washington

7.  RB Bryce Brown

Clearly the Eagles did a much better job at the top of the 2012 draft than they did in 2010 and 2011.  Was the absence of  Eagles President Joe Banner and his emphasis on meeting position needs the reason for the improvement?  I can’t say but something made a difference.

Cox looks like he’s headed to being one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL.  We knew he had the size, quickness and speed, but he plays hard and has the ability to take over a game.

Kendricks started out strong, but ran into the rookie wall.  He was moved to his true position, WILL linebacker, where speed, quickness and instincts are a priority.  They turned him loose on a couple of blitzes and looks like he belong there and may be an impact player.

Curry has showed some fire when he got the chance to play. but he’s got a lot to prove.

Foles has shown us that he has the smarts, size and demeanor to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.  Can he be a franchise quarterback?  I don’t kno He showed he can take the hits and handle the pressure.  The young man has a lot more to prove, but I think he has shown potential.

Boykin has showed us his potential at the nickel back position, in what has been an up and down year.  His small size could limit his ability to be a starting cornerback.

Kelly has shown that he can be a starter at the right tackle position.  The youngster struggled early on, but he has recovered and is playing better.

McNutt got very little playing time, so nobody knows whether he can do anything on the professional level.

Washington was released.

Brown showed us he has the ability to be a star running back.  He had tremendous games in his first two starts, but he’s got to learn to avoid fumbles.




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  • Hogwash G-Man
    It’s all about developing Draft Talent and Coach AR and Statf
    Have done a terrible job for a while now
    We look at contributions from this 2012 Class and yes there are
    Lromising pkayer’s no doubt, but maybe because this team has only 4 Wins abd Mis vad vad a d banged up that many of these youngsters were pressed into action due to no alternative
    Would WR D Honson see his snaps if D-Hax were healthy or RB Brown if NcCoy were Gealthy or OT Dennis Kelly if Herrenabs was playing
    Or QB Foles if Vick stayed healthy..

    • Jeesh guy put down the bottle time to call it a night

    • Paul, where you having astroke, when writing your comments? You OK bro?!?

      • “Paulman-Phonics” .. Good Grief… ha

        • ROFLMFAO!!!!

  • Please stop talking about the Graham or Jpp nobody was talking about JPP before the draft Earl Thomas was the pick everybody wanted and the DE everyone was talking about was Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech. Graham has played a lot better being out of that wide nine and JPP had a off season it’s so hard to judge any of these Eagles players because of the horrible coaching decisions the last couple of seasons.

    • Not on here Turk. Most of us all where disappointed, when they traded up, & picked Graham, instead of Thomas & JPP. I, myself, never liked Morgan. I always listen to Mayock, Didinger, & Baldinger, opinions, because, they are IMHO, the best at evaluating talent, not in any front office. All 3 loved JPP & Thomas, & where kind of stunned with the Graham pick.

  • I look at what everyone say about the picks before the draft for example every draft guru said the Eagles had a good draft in 2012 most of the players they chose were very good players in college but if you don’t have the coaches to take your players to another level your not gonna win period point blank the Eagles are to soft because the coach is to much of a nice guy and that’s the way the Eagles play.

  • If the Eagles choose Chip Kelley to be there new Head Coach there gonna choose Geno Smith with there first round draft pick he’s athletic and a very accurate passer completing 70 percent of his passes and with the 2nd round pick I would select TE Tyler Eifert or WR Terrance Williams from Baylor.

    • Eagles wont hire kelly….its going to be 1999 all over again…,they will hire some young nfl qb coach then draft Geno Smith with their first pick and once again its reid/mcnabb for another 14 seasons…,,enjoy

  • I would address the defensive needs thru free agency they should sign Jake Long to play tackle and put Herramans back at guard. Change to a 3-4 defense sign Brian Urlacher to play the middle with Ryans and at Safety sign Dashon Goldson.

  • Its being reported that the 2012 draft was all Howie Roesmans.

  • 1- dont buy the banner bs……dumb excuses for poor drafting by howie and reid

    2- kelly is not an nfl caliber starting player….enough!!! He is slow and sucks

  • I was very pleased with the 2012 draft. I don’t see Geno Smith being drafted by the eagles. Too many other pressing needs. We need a big WR. We should have never resigned Djax. I want them to sign Bowe and a safety in FA. Draft Joeckel first round. A good coach can definitely get this team to the playoffs next year.

  • Build your defense. Im not drafting Joeckell lol. By all reports Peters is doing fine. Im not spending a top 5 pick on a RT. Im not worried about Joeckell moving to LT in 3 years when Peters is gone. Thats a luxury right now. Draft a LT next year or the following year. Who the hell is gonna play CB? DRC is gone and Nnamdi stinks, I dont care if he takes a pay cut or not. Dee Milliner out of Alabama should be Eagles target. Big physical corner. Compared to Charles Tillman out of Chicago. Build your defense.

    • I try to sign Ryan Clady to play RT, and move him to LT, if Peters can’t play.
      I’ll say it again your O-Lineman are in the 2nd, and 3rd Rounds:

      Star Lotululei 1st Round
      Eric Fisher OT 2nd Round
      DJ Fluker OG/OT 2nd Round
      Larry Warford OG 3rd Round
      Oday Abushay OT 2nd/3rd Round
      Travis Fredrick OG/C 3rd Round

      • Agreed 100%. Peters can not be counted on, at all.
        Alot of moving parts, but this is my plan If we get #4 pick-
        Hire Vic Fangio as HC. Change DF from 4-3 to 3-4.
        FA> 1- Jarius Byrd is A MUST/ TOP PRIORITY. Sign 1 of OT’s Long/ Clady/ Albert/ Vollmer/ & Sign OG Levitre. NT Terrance Knighton. I say Levitre & Clady. Move Herremans to RG & Mathis to C, Kelly/ DP at RT. Clady-Levitre-Mathis/Kelce-Herremans-Kelly/ DP.
        Draft> Star Lotulelei/ Te’o/ Joeckel in 1st. Lane Johnson/ DJ Fluker/ Barrett Jones/ Dallas Thomas/ Matt Elam/ Eric Reid/ Xavier Rhodes/ in the 2nd. Kyle Long/ Chris Faulk/ Chase Thomas in the 3rd.
        My preference- Trade 4th pick to Rams for 17, 20 & 79. 1st OT Taylor Lewan & DT Jonathan Hankins/ WR Justin Hunter- 2nd S Matt Elam/ CB Xavier Rhodes- 3rd OLB Chase Thomas & CB Desmond Trufant/ CB Terry Hawthorne- 4th OT Kyle Long (bloodlines/ genes). Gotta come outta this draft with contributions from O-lineman, S, CB & a big WR.

        3-4 DF- CB’s Asomugha (pay cut), Trufant, Boykin. Marsh. S’s Byrd & Elam. LB’s Thomas, Kendricks, Ryans, Graham. DE’s Cox, Jenkins (pay cut), Curry, Thornton. NT’s Knighton, Hankins, Dixon.

        OF- WR’s DJax, Hunter, Maclin, Cooper, Johnson. RB’s Shady, Brown, Polk, Havili. QB Foles & ?. TE’s Celek, Harbor. OL Clady-Levitre-Mathis/ Kelce-Herremans/Scott- Kelly/Long.

        ST’s- Anderson, Coleman, Johnson, Hennery, McBriar???

        Gonners- Vick, Avant, Bell, Peters, DunCRAP, Cole, Chaney, DRC, Hughes, Hunt, Jordan, Landri, Lewis, McNutt, Moore, Rau, Reynolds, Salas, Sims, Tapp, Watkins.

        • O-lineman- Clady/Long- Levitre/Mathis- Mathis/Kelce- Herremans- Lewan/Kelly/Long.

        • Love the Plan DCar
          But there’s now way the Rams and Fisher are going to Trade
          17th/20th & 79th to move up to 4th
          Fisher and Co have a 3 year plan were they stockpiled lots of early Round Picks and they are going to continue to add to their young Talent
          They are a OT/ Big play WR and a Safety away from a Playoff Team
          With the 17th & 20th Picks they can address 2 of the needs, so why give up 3 picks to move up dozen spots for them, it just doesn’t make sense
          A potential trade with the Rams would probably take the Eagles also trading WR Maclin to his home town, then the Rams may think about it which if I am the Eaglez would jump on it in a heartbeat

          • Paul, they need a std LT, & Joeckel would be perfect for them. They have struggled for years, at finding O-linemen. Also to trade up that far, will cost their 2 1’s & a 3rd. No way you give Maclin too. If they include another pick, like a 4th maybe, but you don’t just give away, a top 5 pick. Also, I think this year, is the perfect opportunity, for us to trade back. We have entirely too many holes. We have to fill an entire secondary, if we stay at 4-3 a SAM, DT. If 3-4, we need 2 NT, & a rush, or cover OLB. We need a big playmaking WR & at least 2 starting O-linemen. We have to nuke this roster.

            • I agree DCar that Rams need an OT but they will beable to get
              A very good one at #17 or #20 without giving up picks to do so
              There’s Joeckel, Matthews,Lewan, Fisher & Flucker at OT that project as Potential Starters from Day 1 in the NFL
              I expect that Joeckel/Matthews to be gone early but that Lean and the other 2 will be there for them at #17

              • Yeah, maybe I’m thinking too much like a fan, instead of a front office man! Hey, a man could dream! I pretty much was spot on with half their draft last year, maybe I can get my wish again. LOL!!!

  • Who plays RT Dag..
    Herremans is not quick/healthy enough to play outside any longer and should be moved back inside to Play Guard
    WIth Both D Bell/K Dunlap likely to be released and not re-signed
    this leaves Dennis Kelly as the only OT besides Peters.. Eagles need to get a RT who is a Starter from Day 1 and that would be Joeckel who would then move to the all-important LT spot once Peters is done come 2014/2015

    • Ryan Clady

  • Who plays CB paulman. You dont take a RT with a top 10 pick. Who does that? Now if you say Peters isnt coming back then ok. But by all accounts he is. Answer my question who plays CB?

    • We draft Xavier Rhodes in the 2nd Round. Make a trade for Darelle Revis, restructure Nnamdi, Re-sign DRC, sign Tracy Porter to a free agent contract. Brandon Boykins rounds out the depth

      Draft Kenny Vacarro, and Tony Jefferson to START at SS, FS…….
      w/ Colt Anderson, Kurt Coleman, and rookie Ray Ray Armstrong starring on Special Teams

  • Draft a LT in 2014/15 then . Im not paying both my tackles huge contracts.Can we ever draft a player and let him play where he is suppose to? Im so sick and tired of drafting players and moving them to this side and to that side and to this position and to that position. Trust me Paulman in 2014/2015 there will be a 1st round tackle available. I guess you have to decide if CB is a bigger need over RT. You dont have 1 CB on this team that is any good going forward in a passing league.

  • The main reason for the improved draft picks can be easily summarized *** SEC ***. The decent late pick a few years back do have a common thread in Cooper, Cheney, Owens(on another team); the SEC! It was Phil Savage the Eagles hired as a special scout because he was broadcasting the SEC. It’s amazing that many late picks made it. Cox, Boykin and Brown (Tenn.) all have NFL talent and SEC roots. 2011 no SEC picks and no talent! I don’t fish in the Delaware for the big money fish, I go out into the deep water where the big boys swim. The big boys swim down there in the SEC when your talking football. It’s really not breaking news.

    • hard not to agree with this comment post

  • If there is a corner worth taking top 5 that’s what I would draft. I would address RT during free agency and move Herremans back inside. To many holes to fill to pick a RT top 5. I don’t know what philosophy the incoming coach will have but I hope he doesn’t reach for Geno Smith.

  • Please stop comparing JPP to Graham. Every “smart” guy watching that draft figured the Eagles were going up to get Earl Thomas to fill a glaring weakness with a great talent. Some even had Thomas on par with Berry. JPP was a project that figured to be a late first or early second rounf pick. I give credit to the Giants getting him. I hope that Graham keeps looking good, but it’s the classic AR trying to make a 34 player fit into a 43 defense. How great would Thomas have been over the last few years.

    • perennial all pro player like he is in Seattle– not a token pro bowl player
      An All Pro and the game’s best safety

  • I have 2nd Round Draft Pick CB Xavier Rhodes from Florida State (6-1 217lbs)
    compete with Boynkin for DRC’s CB Position (I let DRC walk) and then
    Asmo plays the other CB (after Restructuring his Deal)
    There also are al ot of quality CB’s in Free Agency this Year too..
    LT ANd OT’s in General are the most Difficult Poisiton to fill (Outsdie of QB) and without a pair of Quality OT’s , the Offense will struggle big time as we saaw this Season .. Eagles have Peters (Double Achilles Tear so who knows how well he will bounce back and for how long) and that’s it..
    I don’t consider Herremans a Starting OT, both Bell,Dunlap will be released
    and Dennis Kelly is a Career Back-up so not only is RT wide Open but potentially LT if Peters were to reinjure himself and if not, Peters has about 2 Years Max anyways so gettng his replacement now (Joeckel) to Play RT in 2013/2014 and then swtich to LT in 2015 is the way to go.. Finding LT are very difficult

  • I know you guys don’t want to here this but I think the corners they have comes back next season the safties are more a issue than corner since getting out of the wide nine the corners have been okay. I think they will address the O line through free agency.

    • I agree Turk

  • Id rather have DRC than asomugha

  • The draft needs should be on offense because they need leaders and experience on defense if you read my earlier post I addressed all the Eagles needs.

  • I don’t like neither to be honest, but DRC is really poor against the run and won’t even fight to get away from Blockers.. He SUCKS..and there is no way he is mentally tough enough to handle the Philly Media if he remains and signs a big deal and becomes the #1 CB in Philly, No way…
    Amso is just overrated and overpaid, but he’s actually played better these last 4-6 weeks..

  • Paulman I agree with everything you said I do see Amso being here and DRC gone.

  • I don’t believe that DRC even wants to remain in Philly..
    He will head to a Team down South that will over-pay for him
    (Titans/Panthers are likely targets for they have the need and DRC is from Tennessee)

  • DRC is everything thats wrong with our defense. How many times must I watch him avoid making tackles? How many times must I watch him quit. Noway no how do I bring him back. We need a culture change.

  • How many Eagle Fans here just know we are gonna go to NY and win. You just know we are gonna win and drop from 4 to somewhere like 8 or 9. I just know it and so do you. lol

  • Dag, I agree with your comment about the Eagles winning this week. It will drop them probably about 5 spots in the draft. I think the Giants have quit. I also think Joeckel will definitely be the pick for the Eagles. If not, they should go after Teo. A passionate player that the defense has lacked since Dawkins left. He fits in perfectly with the culture shift we’re all looking for. This defense needs a game changer and someone to create turnovers.

  • There’s plenty OT in free agency Denver Ryan Clady, Cincinnati Andre Smith, New England Sebastian Vollmer, Kansas City Branden Albert, Miami Jake Long,Giants Will Beatty, Minnesota Phil Loadholt, New Orleans Jermon Bushrod, Detroit Gosder Cherilus. That’s is a very good list of OT so I don’t think the Eagles will draft a OT with there 1st pick

    • Most of these OT you listed are good to very good players and very unlikely
      than most of them are not re-signed by their own clubs since everyone knows
      how difficult it is to replace a OT and especially a LT (Clady,Long,Loadholt,Bushrod) Giants Beatty has been aq major bust FYI
      Bengals Andre Smith at RT has struggled and was converted to RT from LT 2 Years ago since he could not handle the Left SIde.. Detroit’s Cherilus has also underperformed while with Detroit after being a 1st Round Pick..
      I think you will ss the Eagles Front Office (Roseman and DOnahoe) be very leary of going out and signed older players with lots of games played big $$$.. They have done so over the last 2 Seasons with more misses than hits (Asmo, D Bell, VY, Ronnie Brown, Steve Smith, C Jenkins) I believe they will go back to the Banner Mantra of no one over 30 Years of Age of whose and no Overpaying for Players with history of Injuries (Jake Long has history of Back Issues, Clady had ACL a Year or so ago..) Build and Develop their Own PLayers is what the Eagles need to get back to.. Develop, Develop, Develop

    • the Eagles are not an attractive landing spot for Free Agents
      they are a declining organization
      FA’s want either the most money they can get( Philly Wage tax prevents that) or a chance to succeed in the playoffs and the birds have No QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Some like Tracey Porter, Mike Jenkins,Aquib Talib, Marcus Trufant all just want a Chance to be Starters Again and have fallen out of favor with thewir current Teams..so they may actually listen take less $$ for a Chance to be a Starter Again..

  • I’m guessing that DT might be the position the Eagles will address with there first pick in the draft because Mike Patterson, Derrick Landri and probably Cullen Jenkins won’t be back that leaves only 2 DT on the roster and maybe 3 if you wanna count Antonio Dixon. So drafting a guy like Star Lotulelei from Utah makes sense he’s being compared to Haloti Ngata from the Ravens

    • I agree with you and this is a pretty Deep Draft for DT’s..
      Here is a list of the Top 10 Prospects at DT from the NFLDraft.Com Site

      1) Star Lotuleili – Utah 6-3 320lbs (Early 1st Round)
      2) Jonathon Hankins – Ohio State 6-3 320lbs (Early 1st Round)
      3) Sheldon Richardson – MIssouri 6-3 300lbs (Mid 1st Round)
      4) Jesse Williams – Alabama 6-3 320lbs (Mid 1st Round)
      5) John Jenkins – Georgia 6-3 350lbs (Mid-late 1st Rd)
      6) Sariff FLoyd – Florida 6-3 305lbs (Late 1st/Early 2nd Round)
      7) Kawaan Short – Purdue 6-3 315lbs (Early 2nd Round)
      8) Sylvester WIlliams – UNC 6-3 320lbs (Early-Mid 2nd Round)
      9) Akeem Spencer – Illinois 6-1 305lbs (Mid-Late 2nd Round)
      10) Dan McCullers – Tennessee 6-6 360lbs (Late 2nd Round)

      I really like the S Floyd & K Short in the 2nd Round if they are still on the Board

      • Philly’s own Sharrif Floyd from George Washington

  • Here’s the Early scouting report on Star Lotulelei… The 6-foot-4, 325-pound Lotulelei was a First-Team All-Pac-12 pick in 2011 and won the Morris Trophy as the conference’s top defensive lineman, as voted on by the starting offensive linemen. He recorded 44 tackles, 1.5 sacks, nine tackles for a loss and a forced fumble.

    Lotulelei totaled 42 tackles, 10 tackles for a loss, five sacks, three forced fumbles and four passes broken up in 2012. He also caused a fumble, but was not officially credited for it, against USC. The senior had excellent outings against Utah State and BYU. The Utes finished 5-7, so they won’t be playing in a bowl game.

    It is obvious that Lotulelei has a tremendous physical skill set. He is very powerful and extremely quick, plus causes a lot of disruption at the point of attack. Lotulelei fires through the line with speed to cause havoc. He can be overwhelming with his power at times and sometimes looks like “rookie-year Ndamukong Suh” with the way he tosses linemen aside. Lotulelei explodes off the snap to quickly gain leverage on the guard.

    The senior projects well to any NFL defense. Lotulelei probably has the ability to play end or nose tackle in a 3-4 defense. He looks like the prototypical defensive tackle for a 4-3. Off the field, Lotulelei is settled down with a wife and daughter.

  • By the looks of it, Eagles can fall no further than 9th If they were to Win SUnday and finish at 5-11

    Here are the Top 9 Teams as far as Draft Order, Reocrds and Opponents this week

    1) Chiefs 2-13 (Play at Denver — Likely to finish at 2-14)
    2) Jaguars 2-13 (Home vs Titans – Could finish at 3-13)
    3) Raiders 4-11 (Play at San Diego – Likely to finish at 4-12)
    4) EAGLES 4-11 (Play at GIants – Can finish at 5-11)
    5) Lions 4-11 (Home vs Bears – Likely to finish 4-12)
    6) Bills 5-10 (At NY Jets- Can finish at 6-10)
    7) Browns 5-10 (At Steelers – Likely to finish 5-11)
    8) Titans 5-10 (At Jax, Likely to win & finish 6-10)
    9) Cardinals 5-10 (At 49ers, Likely to finiish 5-11)

    If Bills & Titans both Win, then the Eagles will finish no Higher that #7 Overall PIck regardless if the Eagles Win
    If Eagles Lose and Finish at 4-12, they would stay in the #3rd/#4th Overall Pick no matter what anyone else does,,,

  • Top TE’s in the Draft Class per NFLScouts.com

    1) Tyler Eifert – Notre Dame 6-5 252lbs (Late 1st Rounder)
    2) Zach Eifert – Stanford 6-6 252lbs (Late 1st/Early 2nd Rd)
    3) Jordan Reed – Florida 6-3 245lbs (Late 2nd/Early 3rd Rd)
    4) Gavon Escobar – San Diego St 6-5 255lbs (Late 3rd Rd/Early 4th)
    5) Ryan Otten – San Jose State 6-5 245lbs (4th Round)
    6) Chris Gragg – Arkansas 6-3 240lbs (Late 4th/Early 5th)
    7) Travis Kelce – Cincinnati 6-5 260lbs (5th Round)

    I really like Escobar, Otten and Kelce as NFL TE’s

    • Reid taking LJ Smith over Jason Witten still haunts me
      that big kid from UCLA had a nice TD last night, Fauria

  • Anyone watch Jason Kelce’s Brother Travis in last nights Cincinnati vs Duke
    Bowl Game.. He had a 65 Yeard TD Reception for the game winner with about a 1:30 Left in the game.. He 6-5 260lbs, can block, and is very athletic for a bigger TE.. Actually reminds me of Celek a little but definitely quicker..

  • I like Joseph Fauria hes the #1 tight end 6’7 255 caught 12 tds this year.. Im sick of all of the small eagles players I wanna go big at every position

  • Kelce actually has pretty good stats for a tight end actually.. Im not too sure about drafting brothers.. Remember the Andrews lol

    • They weren’t brothers… They were the Andrews Sisters!

  • When things get better it makes more sense to investigate what or who was added versus what was subtracted. When things have gotten worse it makes sense to investigate what or who was subtracted, so I’m not sure what the line of reasoning is for this article. Clearly the thing or person that was added was Rick Mueller, so the logical only conclusion for the improvement of the drafting is better judgment/evaluation on the part of Mueller who was just added to an otherwise relatively unchanged scouting department. While Banner may have had some input it’s unlikely he can be blamed for 10 or so years of wasted drafts.

  • Banner was a $$$ guy and had little to do with Talen Evaluation/Scouting areas
    Maybe he would give his opinion about some 1stvRound Selections about sign ability but generally the Eagles were selecting 18th-24th Range during their playoff runs so the Big Guarantee $$$ for Top 10 Picks were not a concern for the aeagkes mat the time
    Banner was definitely active with Free-Agency though as far as
    Placing Value on certain positions and coughing up tge $$$ when it was warranted (DE Kearse, DL D Howard, OT Runyan, CB Samuel) were all laid Top $$$ when the Eagles signed them

  • I always said and still feel that Joe Banner was a sharp Football guy for really being a novice and and $$$ guy, his problem was always when he opened his mouth for he came across as arrogant, and kind of condenscending to the average Fan, but the man was excklent in salary cap management, keeping a philosophy of 30 + years of age of cutting the chord and for the most part, made very financial decisions relative to player personnel

  • Agree with you paulman. Joe just needed to keep his mouthshut and stay off the radio. The only decision he really screwed up was the BDawk mess.He was very good at what his job was, he did not need to be the face or voice of this franchise.

  • Banner announced that GM Tom Heckert and HC Pat Shurmer and Staff will not be retained after the 2012 Season
    Also reported that KC Chuefs will fire Romeo Crennel and his Staff after the Season as well
    Just thinking out the box a bit
    What if Eagkes hired a strong Offensive minded Coordiantor type to be HC (Mike McCoy, Jay Gruden, Dirk Koetter) who would run the Offense
    Then have an experienced Defebsive Coach like
    Dick Jauron or a Romeo Crennel handle the Defense which would be a pretty good combo..

    • Bill O’Brian

  • Both Titans and Jaguars Staffs will provably be fired as well
    And of course the Chargers and possibly the Arizona Cardinals too
    Lots of GM’s will be getting the boot too and then we have the
    Eagles & Jets and maybe the Buffalo Bills making Changes too

  • I think that big mouth in NY will get one more shot. There reasoning will be the 4 different coordinators Sanchez has had and the injuries that the team sustained this year. But who cares what stinkin NY teams do.

    AR will have his pick of jobs. His resume is by far better than any coach who will get fired this week.

  • AR will take a year off and collect his approx $7 Million Buyout
    For the 2013. He will resurface in 2014. Recharged, Highly Motivated and
    Take the BYU Program at his Alma Mager and follow the man/coach that was his biggest mentor to him (LaVell Edwards) and will make BYU a top #20 Prgram like it used to be

  • Another name out there is Joe Vitt from the Saints
    Now that Sean Payton has signed a 5 year Deal with the Saints, Vitt may want to go out on his own and be HC

  • p-man do you think one of reids biggest faults is he was never a co-ordinator ?
    is herm edwards done coaching ?

  • I do think it helps if you come from a Coordinator level by AR has been
    A HC for so long that I think his recent years with the Eagles have no bearing on this. Reid’s biggest problem is simply this, it’s his system and players are going to play in it whether they are ready or not or whether his system is a good fit for that player, another words, Reid dose not tailed his system to fit his players. How many times have we heard him say when a player gets injured, “we’ll plug the next guy and take it from there”
    He’s shown me that he can adapt to a players strength and minimize their weakness or inexperience, he is going to run his system hell or high water no matter if the player or players are ready or not and that in a nutshell is what I take from the Andy Reid Era, inflexible, arrogant and unable to make adjustments during game time situations to actually put his players in better positions to be successful..

    • The man should have won at least 4 Super Bowls, if he wasn’t so stubborn about bringing in #1 WR, Bigger DT’s, and more Athletic aggressive, nasty LB;s………period.

      If that had happened, he would still be the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles,,,,,,Oh Well, take your weak system, and talent evaluating to the next flight out of Philly…….Hard Head makes a soft ass…..

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