• June 26, 2022

Evaluating The Eagles: Who Should Stay Or Go

Mercifully, the 2012 Eagles season has come to an end. Here’s a look at the team’s roster and who I think should stay and go in the coming offseason.


Who I Want To Stay: Nick Foles, Trent Edwards

We don’t know whether or not Foles is anything more than a serviceable starting quarterback, but he showed the team enough this season to earn the first shot at the starting job next season.

Trent Edwards was valuable as a mentor for Foles during the season, and he’s under contract with the team for next season. The new coaching staff may or may not be interested in keeping him around, but at the very least he’ll have an opportunity to win a roster spot in the preseason again.

Who I Want To Go: Michael Vick

So long and good riddance to one of the most overrated and overhyped quarterbacks in NFL history. Nothing personal Mike, you can be an exciting quarterback, but you’re not a winning quarterback. Vick will move on to another franchise as a starter, and I’m sure he’ll do a good job leading whatever team that may be to seven or eight wins next year.

Running Backs

Who I Want To Stay: LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown

McCoy and Brown have the potential to be one of the best running back tandems in the league. Let’s hope the new coaching staff is able to make this a reality.

On The Bubble: Dion Lewis, Chris Polk, Stanley Havili

I’m OK with either one of these two returning as the third-string running back. Lewis has shown some explosiveness, but completely fell out of favor this year. Polk battled a toe injury most of the season and only played special teams. The Eagles could easily upgrade over either player if choose to do so.

Havili had a decent year as the team’s fullback, but he’s also easily replaceable.

Wide Receivers

Who I Want To Stay: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper

These four all seem pretty likely to return, although I’d love to see the Eagles trade either Jackson or Maclin and pursue a bigger receiver (such as Kansas City’s Dwayne Bowe).

Who I Want To Go: Greg Salas, Marvin McNutt

Salas couldn’t get on the field even while Jackson and Avant were battling injuries. McNutt isn’t an NFL player.

On The Bubble: Damaris Johnson

Unless he makes some dramatic improvements in the offseason, I can’t imagine him sticking around for another year. He didn’t impress anyone as a punt returner, and doesn’t bring much to the table as a receiver.

Offensive Line

Who I Want To Stay: Jason Peters, Todd Herremans, Jason Kelce

It’s going to be such a sight for sore eyes to see Jason Peters and Jason Kelce come back healthy next season.

Herremans’ return is welcome too, but I want him back at guard, and I want the Eagles to seek a significant upgrade at the tackle position. Before going down for the season, Herremans wasn’t playing well at the right tackle position.

Who I Want To Go: Everyone else

All right, maybe that’s a little extreme. But if the rest of the offensive lineman didn’t come back next year, I really wouldn’t mind. Howard Mudd’s scheme called for undersized, quick offensive lineman, and that’s a philosophy that needs to be completely scrapped in the future.

That includes right guard Evan Mathis, who some believe played at a Pro Bowl level this year. To me, Mathis is nothing more than a serviceable starter. On his best days, he isn’t a dominating guard that can generate a push on opposing defensive tackles. If a player can’t be dominate, the team needs to look into upgrading him. I want dominating starters across the board on the offensive line, to accept anything less is to accept mediocrity. Realistically, Mathis will be back, but I’d love for the team to find a way to get an upgrade over him.

We don’t need to see anymore of Danny Watkins. The fact that he’s been a healthy scratch for the second half of the season makes it perfectly clear that he’s a bust, and it’s time to move on.

Demetress Bell will never put on an Eagles uniform again, and I think we can all happily rejoice at that fact.

Dennis Kelly and Jake Scott actually played decently in the second half of the season, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for either one of them to come back in reserve roles, but neither player is anything special.

I don’t need to see anymore of King Dunlap or Dallas Reynolds either.

Tight Ends

Who I Want To Stay: Brent Celek

Celek had a bad season, but I still think he’s by far the best option the Eagles have at the position moving forward.

Who I Want To Go: Clay Harbor, Evan Moore

I think Clay Harbor has had enough time to develop. He’s a decent receiver, but he just can’t block anyone. The Eagles can do better.

Seeing Evan Moore drop two touchdowns against the Redskins was all I needed to see of him.

Defensive Ends

Who I Want To Stay: Vinny Curry, Phillip Hunt, Brandon Graham

The two young defensive ends are the only ones I really have a lot of interest in keeping for the future. Neither one got much of an opportunity to play during the season. Curry will certainly be back, but Hunt is a little iffy. I hope the next coach at least gives Hunt a fair shot during the offseason.

After being inserted into the starting lineup, Graham finally began to slightly resemble a defensive end with first-round talent. By no means am I willing to wipe away his bust label, but I think Graham did show enough to make me think the Eagles might have a little something to work with.

Who I Want To Go: Trent Cole, Darryl Tapp

Trent Cole really disappointed me this season. He was completely invisible for the majority of the year, and easily had his worst season as a professional. Cole should be one the leaders on this defense, but he’s been one of the veterans on this defense that sat back and did nothing to stop the team’s decline. I think he still has some good football left in him, but I’m just ready to move on.

I don’t understand why the coaching staff chose to play Tapp over guys like Curry and Hunt. At best, Tapp is a fourth defensive end.

Defensive Tackles

Who I Want To Stay: Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton, Antonio Dixon

Cox is on his way to becoming a fine defensive tackle in this league. Thornton had some nice moments this season, and I’d like to give him another year to develop. Dixon has proven he can be an effective run-stuffer in the past, and I’m glad the Eagles brought him back.

Who I Want To Go: Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson, Derek Landri

Jenkins looks like his best days are behind him. If the Eagles decided to keep him, I wouldn’t mind but I think it’s time to go in another direction.

I don’t know that the Eagles can count on Patterson in the future. His health has been a major issue over the past two seasons.

What happened to Derek Landri this season? He was such a productive force in 2011, but this year we didn’t hear a peep out of him.


Who I Want To Stay: DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks

I think Ryans was put into a tough position this season, but he still played well enough that I think he’s a guy that the Eagles could build around. If the Eagles put him into a better position next year with better teammates, I think he can still be the heart and soul of an NFL defense.

Kendricks should become the team’s weakside linebacker next year, and will have a chance to flourish in a roll that allows him to attack the football more.

Who I Want To Go: Jamar Chaney, Akeem Jordan, Casey Matthews

These three players have all had their opportunities to succeed, and all have failed.


Who I Want To Stay: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Brandon Boykin, Curtis Marsh

I don’t trust DRC to play at a high level every week, but there’s no question that the talent is there. This year’s free agent corner class is pretty weak, and I feel like the Eagles almost have no choice but to hit the former Cardinal with the franchise tag.

I still have hopes that Boykin can develop as a capable slot cornerback.

I’d like to see Marsh have an opportunity to play before I write him off.

Who I Want To Go: Nnamdi Asomugha

I can’t wait for the Eagles to cut ties with Asomugha. He’s going to go down as possibly the most disappointing free agent signing that the Eagles have ever made.


Who I Want To Stay: Colt Anderson

Anderson is one of the few members of this 53-man roster that plays with heart. He’s never going to be a full-time starter in this league, but he’s proven that he can be quality backup.

Who I Want To Go: Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, David Sims

Allen has shown the team absolutely nothing in three years, and it’s just time to go in another direction.

Coleman plays hard, but he just isn’t big enough to succeed in the NFL.

Sims couldn’t find his way onto the field on a team that was desperate for any kind of quality safety play.

Final Thoughts

After looking at the 53-man roster, there’s only 24 players that I want to have back, meaning that in my perfect world, more than half of this roster would not return in 2013. Such a high turnover isn’t realistic, and a good number of the guys that I want to see go are going to have to stay for one reason other.

Who do you want to see stay or go, and why?

Denny Basens is the editor of GCobb.com. Email him at dbasens@ycp.edu, or follow him on Twitter.


Denny Basens

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  • I don’t understand your analysis of Evan Mathis. Profootballfocus had him rated as the best guard in the NFL, and this is playing without 4 fellow o-line starters.

    So when you say “I’d love for the team to find a way to get an upgrade over him.” I am not sure there are many better, if any.

    • I do understand Denny.!!..Thank you for exposing that fraud!!!…Evan Mathis is an average Lineman, and was just as guilty as any of the Lineman who would allow the jailbreaks that would hamper Vick for time in the pocket.

      I would trade him. I said the same thing last off season. I WOULD TRADE HIM, Trent Cole, 2 future #1’s and Jeremy Maclin, to Oakland, or Carolina for another #1 pick, and trade down if possible for extra 2nd, and 3rd round picks…..For a total of 2 first round picks, and I draft:

      1a. Star Lotululei
      1b. Manti Te’o

  • profootballfocus. com/blog/2012/12/05/analysis-notebook-week-13-2/

  • I want outta here, via FA, release, or trade.
    Gone on offense- Vick, Edwards, Lewis, Igwenagu, Avant, Maclin, Ron Johnson, Salas, McNutt, Harbor, Moore, Tennant, Reynolds, Watkins, DunCrap, & Bell.

    Gone on defense- Cole, Tapp, Dixon, Landri, Jordan, Matthews, ASSomugha, Hughes, DRC, Allen, & Sims.

    Keep for STs- Coleman, Anderson, Rau, D. Johnson, Marsh, Polk, Hennerey, McBriar, Dorenbos.
    NUKE IT!
    Sign Jarius Byrd & either Long, Thomas, or Clady in FA. Draft a big, physical, fast & talented WR. I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting one, high in the draft.
    Justin Hunter- Tennessee- 6’4″
    Keenan Allen- California- 6’2″
    Terrance Williams- Baylor- 6’3″
    DeAndre Hopkins- Clemson- 6’1″
    Da’Rick Rogers- Tennessee Tech- 6’3″
    Cordarrelle Patterson- Tennessee- 6’3″
    Cobi Hamilton- Arkansas- 6’3″
    Robert Woods- USC- 6’1″
    Jared Abbrederis- Wisconsin- 6’2″
    Jordan Matthews- WR, Vanderbilt- 6’3″
    Ryan Swope- Texas A&M- 6’1″
    Aaron Dobson- Marshall- 6’3″
    Marcus Davis- Virginia Tech- 6’4″
    As you can see, very, very deep with big talented WR’s that can be had in the first 3 rounds. They must come out of this draft, with a starting WR! I say trade back, with the Rams, get their 2 1st & 3rd. Get a WR, Safety, Cornerback, D-linemen, in the first 3 rounds.
    #16- NT Jonathan Hankins.
    #22- WR Justin Hunter/ Keenan Allen
    #35- CB Jonathan Banks.
    #69- FS Kenny Vaccaro/ OLB Chase Thomas
    #80- OT Kyle Long/ SS Robert Lester
    #100- TE Travis Kelce
    My early wishes.

    • This all hinges on us trading with the Rams, our #4, for their #16, #22 & #80. If not, I’d draft either Lotuleilei, or Te’o with #4.

  • BTW, Denny, axing half the roster is realistic! Remeber, we have the practice & taxi squads also, to carry backups & non-roster invitees.

  • Your analysis of Vick is biased and unecessary. No QB can survive nor produce with that offensive line period.

    DRC is trash. Anyone that hugs a receiver INTO the endzone should be off the team, immediately.

    Who knows what type of team we are gonna have for our next coach, Bill O Brien.

    • You are right of course Birdo. Vick is $$. There is no way he could have played well behind this team. Same goes for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, second half of 2010, or 2011.

      DRC is trash however.

    • Aaron Rodgers has an offensive line in Green Bay that is just is bad.

      The offensive line and playcalling by the coaching staff don’t do him many favors, but even if the line was healthy the result wouldn’t be much different. Vick didn’t exactly set the world on fire last year with a healthy offensive line that contained three players that played at a Pro Bowl level (Peters, Kelce, Herremans) did he?

      Vick has only taken his teams to 10 or more wins once in his career (2004, a year in which the NFC as a conference was particularly weak with the Eagles being the only legitimate powerhouse that year)…typically Vick’s teams finish between 7-9 or 9-7. Decent, but nothing special…and yet Vick has such a big name and throughout his career was talked about as though he should be a guy who should be feared throughout the league…they called him the Michael Vick Experience for goodness sake! haha….They promise an unstoppable force that defenses have no answer for, and they deliver is a quarterback who is really nothing more than an average starter who makes a lot of mistakes.

      How else could you describe a quarterback like this except overrated and overhyped?

      • You sound a little biased there Denny, just curious I know we’re talking Eagles here but that description could be applied to a number of starting Qb’s around the league, who else do you consider overrated and overhyped? While your at it compare ARod’s receiver’s to Vick’s don’t stop at the O-line.

        • Exactly, that description could be tagged to the majority of quarterbacks in the league…but the difference is that those other quarterbacks never had the expectations or athletic ability that Vick has. While people have tried to sell Vick as a top-10 (maybe even top-five) quarterback throughout his career, none of the other average quarterbacks in the league have had anywhere near similar expectations.

          Ever since Vick got his first crack as a starter with Atlanta his ability to create highlight-reel plays has helped generate more excitement about him than it would for others. I think a lot of people got too caught up in that, and lost sight of the fact that his style of play doesn’t translate into long-term success.

          As for receivers, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Vick’s wideouts…Jackson, Maclin, Avant, and Celek may not be on par with the deep group that Green Bay has, but they’re certainly nothing to scoff at…in fact, their numbers have actually declined significantly since the McNabb era ended and the Vick era began…

  • And Mathis was our most consistent and best lineman this year.

  • Who I’d want to see go is Denny Basens from the gcobb.com writing/editing roster.

    I’m sorry this is one of the worst columns I have ever read here. It reads as if a teenager is throwing a temper tantrum or a nonsensical WIP caller is on the line. There’s a realistic column to be written here but Denny decides to throw gasoline on everything.

    Replacing half the roster with some form of quality better than what the Eagles have is not realistic. You’re keeping 3 offensive lineman, 2 of which are coming off major injuries. Teams need 8-10 lineman so somewhere, magically, the Eagles are going to find 5-7 upgrades at OL Considering that the Eagles couldn’t find 1 OT this year and Denny expects to find 5-7?

    He wants to keep 1 safety from the group but in yet another weak safety draft class. Someone needs to play the position.

    Come on. This is bunk.

    While you’re at it, why don’t you list the trades you ‘d like to see made. I think New England might trade Tom Brady for Nate Allen and Nnamdi. That’s what I’m dreaming of.

    Poor, poor column.

    • I Disagree Tech…..Good Job Denny!!

    • Its realistic guy. get a clue. im pretty sure the colts roster this year has 40+ different players from last year. its very realistic and likely the eagles dumb at least 25 of their players

    • You’ll be happy to know my contract with the website has been extended, and I’ve been given quite the generous raise.

      • Is there any chance GMCliff can get a tryout for a job? I’d like to post my top draft prospects, and my perspective in full on some of these topics, and other issues in Philly Sports.

        • GMCliff, you (and anyone else interested) are welcome to write something for the site.You can write up an article, and email it to me at dbasens@ycp.edu, and I’ll post it.

          • Cool Brother you got it….Thank You Man!!!

          • Denny, I promise I won’t put any profanities, in mine! LOL!

    • lol @ tech failure

      you cant read good can you? you do realize he said at one point in the article that only keeping so many of this years roster is unrealistic? he doesnt expect such a high turnover

      get a job, like me

      • Tech, can read pretty well in my opinion…Denny actually said he would keep 3 of the Eagles linemen and get rid of everyone else…This is where Tech mentioned how unrealistic it would be to find 5-7 upgrades of what you already have..makes sense to me….did you read the entire article, my friend?

    • I agree Tech…you are absolutely correct on how unrealistic it would be to replace 5-7 linemen. Especially finding 5-7 upgrades.

  • Keep the Following

    QB – Foles & Edwards
    RB -McCoy, Brown and open Competition for everyone else
    WR – trade either D-Jax or Maclin, one needs to go
    Add a big target Free-Agent WR and Deaft one as well
    TE – Celek, and Draft one
    OL – Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Scott, Watkins, Kelly
    Draft an OT early to play RT. Draft G/C for Depth
    Trade Herremans to Arizona for midround pick

  • Soon afterthe Eagles find their next head coach, the attention will turn to the quarterback position.

    And while Andy Reid’s replacement is poised to make the call at QB, he’ll no doubt get input from others within the organization, including general manager Howie Roseman.

    Roseman met with reporters earlier this week and was asked if he thinks the Eagles are in good shape at quarterback.

    “Nick [Foles] has a lot of promise,” Roseman said. “But I think the analogy I would draw there is that when you watch baseball, you see sometimes young starting pitchers go through the lineup one time and get them out pretty quickly because there’s no book on them. Or play their opponents, and the same thing. They go through the first time pretty well. So we’ve got to just make sure that we’re evaluating Nick, the full package of Nick. He’s got a lot of good tools. But that and the coach are obviously the two most important things for the franchise.”

    Foles had ups and downs in his six starts, completing 60.8 percent of his passes, but averaging just 6.4 yards per attempt. He was surrounded by backups on offense, but Roseman makes a good point in that teams can now game-plan against his weaknesses. The GM’s stance seems like a smart one: Develop Foles, but leave open the possibility of upgrading or at least bringing in competition.

    You’ll also notice that Roseman was asked specifically about the QB position, not about Foles. Yet he made no mention of Michael Vick. Vick is still under contract, but the Eagles can get out of paying him a $3 million bonus by cutting ties before Feb. 6. Asked if the team has made a final decision on Vick, Roseman simply replied, “No.”

    Earlier in the day, owner Jeffrey Lurie was asked what had gone wrong with the Eagles. He mentioned that the franchise made too many individual moves to try and put the team over the top, and those backfired. He also included his opinion of Vick.

    “You’re dealing with a franchise quarterback that was descending, and therefore you’re even more motivated, before a player hits rock bottom or you’re without a franchise quarterback, that you’re going to reach and do certain things,” Lurie said.

    Not exactly the way you’d describe a player you think can help you in the future.

    While Roseman and Lurie’s opinions are worth noting, the new coach is going to have to make the final call.

    “Nick has every opportunity, and everyone in the building thinks the world of him in terms of his promise and potential,” Lurie said. “This is going to be a decision made by the new head coach, not by the owner.

  • The owner and GM arent even sold on Nick Foles. Good Grief. Thats our f*&king franchish QB. Why hasnt Vick been released yet? Jeff Lurie has just told you, the NEW COACH will decide. period. So theres no need to speculate, no need to research no need for nothing. This is straight out the owners mouth. The NEW COACH will decide.

    • I have always said you were a smart man Daggolden…..and THE MAN!!

  • So we have established that the NEW COACH will decide if Vick stays or not. The fans wont. Thats straight from the owners mouth. Now if Im a new coach coming to the Eagles there is NOWAY in hell Im hitching my wagon to Nick Foles with no other options. NOWAY. First thing Im thinking is this owner isnt giving another 14 years. 2nd thing is teams are turning franchises around in 1-3 years, some overnight. What if Foles sucks next year and then I have to find a QB in 2014 and then wait for him. Now its been 2-3 years just to find a QB. My job will be in jeopardy. NOWAY. It doesnt have to be Vick but you better damn well understand I am bringing another QB in for competition right off the bat. If I was the new coach I would do the same thing, competition, competition, competition. Only 1st round top 10 picks are given the job not 3rd round picks, ask Russell Wilson. If Foles cant handle that then he wasnt my QB in the first place

    • I think Foles will be fine. What did Tom Brady look like when he was a rookie?

      We don’t know because he was never required to play. He sat the bench, learned, and developed into the Pro he is today. Foles will do the same, under the right Coaching Staff.

      • Lurie, and Howie may not know if Foles is the future GMCliff does.

    • Preach sir.

  • I agree Dag but that’s not going to stop everyone throwing their two cents in like it matters, I was saying weeks ago until the new coach is hired nobody other then Cox,Graham and maybe Kendricks is safe. That’s it.

  • Careful Dag you’ll be accused of reverse racism shortly if you keep making sense.

  • What is disturbing is Howies quote “Nick [Foles] has a lot of promise,” Roseman said. “But I think the analogy I would draw there is that when you watch baseball, you see sometimes young starting pitchers go through the lineup one time and get them out pretty quickly because there’s no book on them. Or play their opponents, and the same thing. They go through the first time pretty well. So we’ve got to just make sure that we’re evaluating Nick, the full package of Nick. He’s got a lot of good tools. But that and the coach are obviously the two most important things for the franchise.” My problem is he wasnt great the first time through the lineup so what Howie is telling me it may get WORSE?. Isnt the GM suppose to say welll Nick Foles has seen those teams once before now he may be better? He knows what they are trying to do to him and now he can exploit them? lmao. No Howwie said once teams like the Redskins who he passed for 100 yards against learn his weaknessess it may get worse. lol. Thats all you need to know about what they think of Nick Foles. This isnt me making this shit up this is what the GM and owner are saying.

  • Daggolden — he was talking about McNabb in that press conference, not Vick.

  • Dag,

    The Eagles can get out of paying Vick $13.5 million by cutting ties before Feb. 6. The $3 million is the only part that is guaranteed.

    If the Eagles only stood to save $3M by cutting Vick they would be crazy not to keep him, but that’s not the case. The savings is his base salary ($16.5M) minus the $3M that is guaranteed.

  • I almost hope the Eagles suck again next year so we can draft Jadeveon Clowney, the Eagles need this guy.

    • He had one good game Mhenski. He has been horribly inconsistent all year. This is a prime example of getting caught up in what you see….I’s what you don’t see that’s the problem with a lot of these so-called top Prospects

      • he is 20 bro. 54 tackles on the year and 13 sacks on the year. and voted as the best player at his position in all of football.

        have you seen him play, that motor and his frame? dude is gonna be a star

        • during Heisman weekend someone asked if Manti Teo was the best Defensive player to come out of College football in a while and the expert said he is good but Clowney is better and would be the hand’s down #1 pick in the NFL Draft

        • I will check him out Bro, in depth, and get back to you….I was thinking about the DE from Florida State……my bad

  • Im not saying keep Vick and yes Vinny I know he was talking about McNabb when he was discussing declining aging QBs. Im just saying that the Eagles arent sold on Foles and need to bring in compettion. Honestly for the right price I would bring in Alex Smith.

    • He was talking about McNabb as the declining QB….but he did call VIck a “reach”. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. We’ve seen the last of him.

  • Eagles Trade Alert***

    Eagles Send QB M Vick to the NY JEts for QB Mark Sanchez and a 4th Round Pick

    Both Teams get rid of Current Contracts and work out new DEALS with each QB.. VIck is the #1 Starter for the JEts
    Sanchez comes in and competes with Foles & Edwards and whoever loses out in Summer Camp gets traded to a Team in Need of a QB for another Mid-Round draft PIck in 2014 Draft

  • so the eagles take sanchez’ terrible contract and the jets take vicks terrible contract? yeah that will happen!

    • Players would have to agree that this Deal only works by making a new Deal out with your new Team or you get released.. It happens all the time..
      Players will not restructure for Current Teams, but often do once a Deal is made (which is usually required behind the scenes to make the happen occur in the first place)

      • sanchez is still guaranteed 18 million i believe… he would not restructure. no freaking way. players usually only restructure with their current team to free up cap space and to get a few more guaranteed dollars for doing so.

  • in your scenario there would be no way that sanchez or vick would renegotiate…why would they! once again foolishness on your part.

    • To get away from Teams that Don’t want you anymore and to a new Franchise that does, sure it does.. Happens all the time in Sports.., Athletes don’t stay where they are not Wanted/Welcomed or Repsected any longer….

  • I do not like the Alex Smith option….As you know I don;t like any option where the birds bring in a sort of “average” guy (though I suppose Smith is slightly above average).

    All Smith does here is create a QB controversy.

    As for that Roseman Quote. He most definetly was not saying that he thought Foles was going to get worse. You’re reading it that way. He says they have to evaluate Nick for an entire season – just like you must do with all rookie QBs. That you cannot base an evaluation of a potential franchise QB after 6 games. Its too small a sample.

    When you look closely at the Roseman quote he talks about the QB needing to see teams more than once to see how he does against teams that ave planned for him….well he actually did that. Against both Dallas and Washington.

    And he improved, rather dramatically. against those two teams. What was he in his 2nd games against them? 65%, 700+yrds 2tds and 1 int the second time he faces those teams….after they game planed for him. I thought this was impressive.

    So at least in those 2 incidences he was not worse as you suggest Daggolden. He was dramatically better.

    • So this is how the New Year is started off, with the same ol same, by the same ol dumb ass (my 1st dumb ass of the new year) A potential franchise QB? You are really that hung up on Foles, an unproven rookie…That you dismiss any competition at that position? Again, as I’ve been saying all along, what has Foles done, to be deserving of being the future QB of the Eagles? You speak of game planning….teams have game planned against the entire offensive personnel of the Eagles…from WR, to lineman, to QB, to RB’s…game planned against Shady, so that defense doesn’t over pursue and let him make the cut backs he likes. Physicality on the WR’s…attacking the front five on the line, with A gap blitzes, inside stunts, bull rushes, taking advantage of the inexperience at the center position….
      Teams were successful against the Eagles because they attacked them in more aspects than one.
      Team game plan to get victories…If a team feels as though a certain player can’t hurt them, they’ll take out other parts of the game…

      • You can cross your geno smith fingers all you want realtalk…it isn;t going to happen.

        Enough with your ridiculous insinuation that the Skins and Boys gamelanned for everyone else but basically left Foles alone because he can;t hurt them.

        He got a 2nd shot at those teams and performed markedly better than the first games. That’s impressive.

        What has Foles done you ask??…..this I stole from a Philly paper:

        “Foles, the seventh quarterback taken in the 2012 draft, was one of six rookie QBs to start at least six games this season. He finished with a better passer rating (79.1) than everybody but the Redskins’ Robert Griffin III (102.4) and the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson (100.0).

        He finished with a better completion percentage (60.8) than everybody but RGIII (65.6) and Wilson (64.1). And he finished with a better interception percentage (1.9) than everybody but RGIII (1.3).”

        You want to throw away a kid who had a tremendous rookie year. Why? Why do you clowns hate the most promising rookie QB we’ve had since McNabb??? (oh and what Foles did this year was better then waht McNabb did his first year) Were you as willing to toss McNabb out after his first 5 games? Doubtful.

        Now I’d like you to explain to me how Alex Smith, Mark Sanchez, or Matt Cassel coming in here would in any way help the Eagles moving forward.

        All those moves would be disastrous.

        Nick Foles will be the Eagles’ starting QB next year and the new coaching staff….and GM will evaluate his play through the year.

        • id rather cut my dick off then watch an eagles team with smith, sanchez or cassel behind center

          • LOL!!! I agree……your penis is your business though..

        • I aint never say a word about Geno Smith…I’d take Alex Smith over Foles..Hell I’ll take a Dennis Dixon over Foles. All of that passing statistics with Foles, was in big part to the dink and dunk passing game, don’t get it twisted. A tremdendous rookie year? 1 win? tremendous rookie year? Foles showed he is a serviceable NFL QB at best…yes, I don’t know the future just as you…For the Eagles sake if Foles is regarded as the franchise QB, I hope it works out…But in my opinion and from what I’ve seen, I’d look elsewhere for a QB, bottom line!

          • i think it was you that pointed out that brady makes most of his throws close the LOS…. or now when you refer to it w/foles its dink and dunk.
            Foles had a good enough 6 games to give him a legit shot next year. we were 4-12 so there are a lot of holes to fill. go into next year with him and if he blows…. well back to the top of the draft!

            • The Eagles offense is not the Patriots offense…nor are the players in the slot, utilized as the Patriots utilize them…Its bigger than that…And Brady is not Foles…Foles will never be a Brady…keep dreaming, dumb ass!

              • chances are he won’t be brady– of course that is correct- brady is a generational player for crying out loud! but on this crap ass team he deserves a shot.

              • Foles doesn’t deserve 2013 as the starting QB…bottom line, that’s my opinion….
                So this is where we are at…Lets take a guess, if Foles is the real deal, golden…if not, we’ll have a high draft pick, which could turn out to be a bust or a bad selection anyway…Lets set the franchise back another 2-3 seasons, solely believing that Foles is the answer…

                So HaveNoBrain – you believe Foles should have no competition next year, so it does not stir a QB controversy? This is the issue in which I commented on in regards to Vinnies post….

              • OK, so tell me what he has done to deserve a shot over a 28 year old QB, Edwards…or a backup QB like a Dennis Dixon (and I’m not saying the Eagles should go get Dixon, just using him as an example) GTFO, he deserves a shot out of all of the possible NFL QB’s…I don’t see it

        • Amen Vinnie!!!!!!

  • So basically I am saying teams game planned more for the rest of the team, than they did that of the threat of Foles…realtalk

    • That’s idiottalk.

      • Really the stupidest…? So you’re telling me teams, when playing the Eagles, they said, how the hell are we going to stop Nick Foles? give me a fucking break, HaveNoBrain and VinnietheBitcher…I think it was much easier for teams to focus on slowing down, Shady and the receivers than worrying about an unproven rookie…you guys don’t know shit about football…As I’ve said all along, its not always about the QB!

        • they ignored the QB position? really? and you say I don’t know anything? Oh and shady and punk Djax didn’t play in most of his games.
          the defensive game plan ALWAYS starts with the QB position– ALWAYS. then it works out from there to the play makers…. ALWAYS!So i know there is a lot to choose from as far as you being stupid but this one may just win!

        • so….if they did what you incorrectly suggest…and that is igore Foles….then didn’t he do exactly what should be expected in that scenario? Throw for over 700 yrds in 2 games and guide the team to the 2 game highest point total of the year.

          Not too shabby….but certainly not good enough for Idiottalk who always wants to see more more more.

          Well….unless in regards to a certain former superstar…..in that case Idtiotalk is willing to accept much less.

          • One thing I can say for sure is teams game planned for Vick…you cats can’t say the same about Foles, bottom line….
            Idiotalk knows that Vick was/is a game changer, Foles isn’t and may never be!

            So HaveNOBrain / Vinniethebitcher….you’re telling me teams were more focused with game planning for Foles than that of the WR and RB’s? Or how to attack the weak O Line? They came into the game, worried about how to stop Nick Foles, ok I got it now…my fault fellas…

            • it always starts w/the QB because he DISTRIBUTES the ball– thats a big word for ‘he gives the ball to the other guys’–
              as for game planning for vick– of course they did– blitz the hell out of him– it worked quite well! LOL

              • Vick fans don;t understand the word distributes, because he keeps the ball in his own hands 25% of the plays.

    • you typically say really stupid things unreal… this might be the stupidest tho.

  • Eagles need to draft that 6’7 TE sign Obrien and run a 2 TE offense like the patriots

    • I am on board with the double TEs. Don’t want Chip Kelly or Mike McCoy. Guess I am in on O’brien as well.

  • I love how these clowns defend an unproven rookie, over and over again, with motive…But those that defend a pro bowl QB, they call them stupid or racist…

    • What pro bowl QB?

      Did we have one of those?

      • Funny Realtalk….after a well below mediocre 2011 season I didn;t hear you screaming for the Eagles to bring in competition at the QB position….yet you’re railing for it now….despite the fact that this “unproven rookie” is playing better than your hero did in either 2011 or 2012.

        Strange really.

        • Really with 1 victory…what was Foles 1-5 and out for the rest of the year with a broken hand…same complaint you cats have for Vick about not finishing a season…and your Rook didn’t even make it through half the season…
          You open the door for comparisons of a rookie and a vet…If you take the last 4 or 5 games of Vick after the games he threw Int after int and fumble after fumble, Vick’s stats were by far better than Foles…and if you wan’t to include the int after int and fumble after fumble games…Vick was 3-1 when it was all said and done…

          Yes, get mad at me all you want for not crowning Foles the future QB of the Eagles…

          • Vick sucks for $16.5M/year – Foles sucks for $500K/year.

            Guess who go?

  • I just read up and saw that Realtalk called for Denis Dixon.

    Dennis Dixon.

    • lol

    • LOL!!!!

      • last update on dixon

        Ravens cut QB Dennis Dixon from their practice squad.
        It’s a poor sign for the 2008 fifth-round pick’s future. Dixon hasn’t appeared in a game since 2010, and has attempted just 59 career passes. It would appear the book on the former Oregon star is that he isn’t a viable No. 3 quarterback. Wed, Nov 7, 2012 01:18:00 PM

        haaaaaaaaaaaaaa cut from a practice squad


        • I know all about his status, Mhenski…if you could read, you would of understand I was using him as an example for my point…a player like Dixon, never given the shot, playing behind a SB QB…paid his dues now not even in the league…why because his motivation my have diminished, knowing his time would never come…Guess what, if Foles was on the Baltimore Ravens team, he would of been cut too!…so enter a rookie like Foles and yes he is deserving of the shot…I got it…rookies should have things handed to them…forget about the QB that has paid some dues.

          • oh i can read well and you wrote:

            OK, so tell me what he has done to deserve a shot over a 28 year old QB, Edwards…or a backup QB like a Dennis Dixon (and I’m not saying the Eagles should go get Dixon, just using him as an example) GTFO, he deserves a shot out of all of the possible NFL QB’s…I don’t see it

            that means you want a guy that cant keep a practice squad job as a candidate to be our starter next year. get real real

            • GTFO, he deserves a shot out of all of the possible NFL QB’s

              the above was in reference to Foles…sorry I wasn’t clear!
              Was not or never saying the Eagles should get Dixon as the starter…

              But I did say I would take Dixon over Foles…just shows you how I feel about Foles game.

        • LOL!!!!!!!

    • You guys really don’t know how to read…
      This goes for the cats LOL as well…

      My complaint has always been…what has Foles done to deserve the shot, that so many of you think he does? A player like a Dennis Dixon, who has been in the league longer, learning behind a SB QB (BigBen) who is more athletic than Foles and more experience…why can’t a player like that get a shot..(as I stated above, not saying the Eagles should go out and get Dixon) using him as an example…

      • because he isnt good enough to be on the ravens practice squad. wtf bro, you all baked up or something?

        • think outside the box for once…MHeShe…think about the players on other teams, that have been studying….and awaiting their opportunity…You’re telling me that the Eagles should not go get anyone to bring in for competition to Foles that fits that bill?

          This whole conversation started because Vinnie said Foles should not have any competition to avoid QB controversy…

          • im not saying whether foles should be the guy or not.

            im just laughing the poop out of my anus at you suggesting we should make dennis dixon our starting qb next year

          • “and awaiting their opportunity”

            or…as in Dixon’s case…failing to grasp their opportunities….

            • failing to grasp his opportunities, playing behind a multiple SB winning QB…yea ok…Dixon was drafted at the wrong time to the wrong team…The same logic you guys use in regards to Foles, could be the same logic used in regards to a player like Dixon…give him a year and see how he does….who knows, right?

  • obviously the coaching staff has seen enough of edwards– he took like 5 meaningless snaps in the last 2 years- was out of the league the year before… i think he deserves a shot over him– maybe in unreal world he doesn’t but when you keep it real he does.

    • you sound dumb…seen enough of Edwards? who had a pretty solid preseason himself…yea I guess being you are the member of the know it all cliche, I should just take your word for it.

      • hmmm third stringer. preseason games — i guess all 32 nfl headcoaches felt closer to how i feel than you.
        i sound dumb… wow.

        • so tell me why I would want Edwards over Foles…since you believe it has something to do with skin color…you ignorant simpleton…

  • dennis dixon, really??????????? hahaaaaaaaaaa

  • i wonder what unreal likes about dennis dixon??? hmmm hard to figure that out!

  • I don’t know HaveNOBrain…I wonder what I like about Alex Smith…you stupid *bleep*…be man enough to say what’s on your mind…don’t tip toe, bitch!

  • obviously you feel that his play on the practice squad is better than foles’ play on the field. it goes to show your football knowledge– kind of like not gameplanning the QB– hilarious!

    • No I feel that Dixon was miles ahead of Foles when he came out of college, if you want to compare the two…I know Dixon was a winning QB in college at a pretty good school…what about Foles???


    • I know Dixon was a winning QB in college at a pretty good school…what about Foles???

      • great point. hopefully our next head coach is smart enough to realize Dixon was good in college 5 years ago, that Pittsburgh made a mistake signing Batch over him and that baltimore made a mistake cutting him from their practice squad


        • yea well doesn’t say much about Foles, who was the backup because 32 other NFL teams new who was nothing but a 3rd stringer as your boy HaveNoBrain suggests….

          • 32 other teams knew Edwards was nothing but a 3rd stringer**

            • what are you talking about? im not following? you know there are 32 total teams in the nfl, right?

              you high?

              • Dennis Dixon was from Bowling Green University I believe from the MAC Conference.. I always kinds of liked him and thought he had a shot to be a god back-up with Steelers..
                PLus there are 33 Franchises in the NFL per RT777… ha

              • I know how many teams there are, I was being smart by repeating what HaveNoBrain said in an earlier post about 32 NFL coaches not liking Edwards…PMan, try and keep up, or just mind your business.

          • Foles is a rookie, who in my opinion has looked great in terms of what you would expect from a rookie who was not drafted to start…..

            I’ll say it again, Tom Brady would have done no better in his rookie year, than Foles. But he was never asked to start, so we never really got to see how he played. Foles has a lot of his intangibles. He is the future of the Eagles….if thats not good enough….just have some patience, and wait and see….

            When is the last time Dennis Dixon threw for over 300 yard in the pros?….in consecutive games?…….Foles did!!! Give him some credit!!

            • When’s the last time Dixon had a chance playing behind a SB winning QB? When is the last time Dixon was given a full season, just to see how it all worked out? was it because he sucked or was it because he had a SB winning QB who has played in at least 12 games refresh my memory, I don’t recall…or was it because the coach felt more comfortable with a veteran QB as opposed to a rookie/young player when the star went down?

              • I recall Kolb throwing for 300 yards in multiple games too….sorry, I’m not easily excited like the majority of you

              • They chose Charlie BATCH OVER KEEPING HIM!!…..Playing behind the SB QB was not the issue…The issue was he wasn’t good enough…..HE WAS 3RD STRING, and for a while he was Practice Squad….Your argument is weak…….

            • For a rookie Foles did not play too bad.
              He showed me something as a rookie. But showed me nothing moving forward as the future QB of the Eagles. If you say just let Foles go for a year and not have a backup that is competing at that spot, if Foles fails or gets hurt, you could be throwing away a season. For what? a top draft pick? does a top draft pick = SB? if that is the formula I am all for it. Some of you seem to be content with watching another 4-12 season next year…

              From this point on I will hold my judgements on Foles, until the new head coach is hired and the full coaching staff is determined. His success will be greatly dependent upon the new head coach….
              If the defense does not improve and the O Line play is shaky again, the final result will be the same no matter how good Foles plays…

              But since you guys are good with 300 yard games, back to back, from Foles (not McNabb or Vick) it won’t matter if the Eagles lose or win.

              • Real, thats what I’m saying Brother…We haven’t moved forward from his rookie season yet….You haven’t given him a chance yet Brother.

                Obviously he hasn’t impressed like Luck, RGIII, and Wilson, but he showed he has enough ability to warrant more than a viable chance to become the future. I wouldn’t expect ALL-PRO consideration until he gets comfortable with the next coaches system, and his new teammates.

  • Idiotalk knows that Vick was/is a game changer, Foles isn’t and may never be!

    this is funny as shit too. vick is a game changer. haaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaa.

    vick is an innovator for sure, homie finds new ways to turn the ball over every time he takes the field.

    • fantastic.

  • i think i almost shit my pants reading real wants dennis dixon over foles.


    • @Mhenski…probably something your used too! what makes today any different…

      I’ll venture to say that Foles will also be out of the league in 3-4 seasons…how about that…its easy to laugh when you already have proof about a player like Dixon…The proof on Foles will be in, very shortly! and when it is….I’ll be sure to remind you all

      • I doubt it……..

  • Fuck….after I finished my laughing fit over the “I’d rather have Dennis Dixon over Foles bit” I also saw this:

    “If you take the last 4 or 5 games of Vick after the games he threw Int after int and fumble after fumble, Vick’s stats were by far better than Foles…”

    That’s Idiottalk.

    Vick’s last 4 games
    Record 0-4. 60 pts scored. 15/game.
    90 of 157 (57%) for 971 (6.18yrds/att) 5tds and 4 ints

    Foles last 4 games
    Record 1-3 89 pts scored. 22.5 a game
    102 for 166 (61%) for 1157 yrds (7 yrds/att) 6 tds and 2 ints

    Vick’s stats are better than foles. Better.

    In Idiottalk’s world….when you are worse in every single meaningful category…..

    Well that’s better!!!

    Nick Foles dominated your pathetic mini-man in every category.

    But its not enough

    We need to bring in Denis Dixon.

    • @Vinniethebitcher – YOU ARE A LIAR!

      The truth…..
      Vick’s last 4 games he threw 2 Int’s total, so keep it real..

      Also Vick’s last 6 games he threw 8TD’s 4INT’s
      60.3% completion percentage 90QB rating…

      • And he lost all six of those games. That is what counts to you right?

        • @Bugsy – all year long I’ve been saying football is a team sport…Every part of the team has a job to do…Yes the Eagles lost all six of those games! not just “he” as you suggest….But again my point is when Vick played terrible and turned the ball over the Eagles were 3-1…When he started playing better with consistency, they lost every game…point again, Its not all on the QB…and yes the same can be said for Foles…

          Again, I’m not sold on Foles and don’t have to be…my “fan hood” does not rest on the support of one player…

          You guys complain about everyone…DRC, Nnamdi, Coleman, DJAX, Maclin….whats the difference between me complaining or not agreeing with Foles as the future QB for the Eagles…

          There is no difference!

      • ummm…..last 4 games

        Det 2 ints
        Atl 0 ints
        NO 1 int
        Nyg1 int

        that’s 4

        now I know you want to sneak that litle quarter of the dallas game in there as a full game….but that’s because at this point you are grasping at straws tyring to make you boy looks somehow good.

        You said Vick’s last 4 were better than Foles. That’s complete garbage.

        points higher, com% higher, yrds higher, ints less, sacks less, fumbles less, tds more

        all in favor of Foles.

        But not good enough for you

        you want the inferior QB.

        In fact you want Denis Dixon.


        • Vinny you are trying to make Vick look good bro. Why would you not include total fumles and fumbles lost by Vick.


          Vicks a gamechanger haaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • vick is a gamechanger!!!!!


    for the other team

    oh god today is great

  • im emailing the eagles organization now and telling them to contact realtalk on this site for a talent evaluator position.

  • Real, if you don’t like Foles so be it, but I don’t think that using Dennis Dixon as an example of someone who had paid their dues makes sense. How many games has he started?

    As for how successful he was in college at a great school, so were Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez. Look where they are now.

    So what if they do go forward with him as the starter? With your prediction now, are you actively going to root against him? Doesn’t sound like a fan to me. You sound like the people that you criticized for rooting against Vick.

    • @Bugs – thats my point…now I know using Dixon wasn’t a real good choice to use as an example (how about Mallett from NE, or Moore MIA, Flynn SEA…however, Dixon hasn’t started many games, being that he played behind a SB QB for the first 3 years of his career…so lets be real about that!

      Some players are drafted into a good situation where they get their opportunity and some are not…that’s my point!

      Also me stating the Dixon was good in college was in response, to the comparison being made of Dixon and Foles..

      Honestly, Bugsy, with all due respect, I don’t care what I sound like to you, I know who my favorite team is and will always be…I’m not sold on Foles and dont think he deserves to be crowned the QB of the future, its really as simple as that…if he plays well, then I guess I’d be wrong…which I have no problem with…But I have not seen what you guys have seen of Foles…

      • nobody is crowning the guy dude. are you high?

        • are you serious….Vinnie is not crowning Foles? anything?

          Be serious…don’t be an asshole! Vinnie is the one saying he deserves no competition…just let him half a full season, no matter what…is what Vinnie believes…do you not understand? this is what sparked the conversation…if you want to butt in, you should keep up on the whole story

          • you wrote guys which means more than 1 guy, and i was in the conversation so i thought i was one of the “guys” now that i know in your mind guys = vinnie i understand

            • yea I used the plural definition…Vinniethesister and HaveNoBrain, would be “guys”….

              • I never crowned Foles. What has he done to deserve an opportipunity you ask… He got drafted by the eagles who had an over rated underperforming QB so he is next in line. The other guys you mention are behind healthy performing QB

      • That’s what I don;t get Real.

        How do you not see it?

        Did you see the post I made the other day about 3-outs?

        Vick was 3-out on 35% of his drives this year

        Foles 25%

        Scoring drives..

        Vick at 22% of his drives ending in scores (probably lower now after last week)

        Foles was at 33%

        The offense was more efficient. They scored more points. Completed more passes. Less turnovers. Less sacks.

        I mean what can’t you see here?

        (And don’t drop that run/pass ration bs – other than the one game vs carolina foles had a higher pass% than Vick did all year)

        This kid was $$ all year for a rook.

        He was given an opportunity and he took it. He performed better than any other rookie QB the Eagles have had since….well…..ever.

        But that’s not good enough. We need Alex Smith? That’s got nothing but disaster witten all over it.

      • Real I actually brought up Mallett as being someone I would inquire about these jokers claimed I didn’t know anything so they won’t get where your coming from, I don’t care what anyone says Foles doesn’t deserve anything he’s in the same boat with everyone else when the new coaching staff comes in, It’s amazing to me that all these so called football experts don’t understand your point about being in the right place at the right time. If Drew Bledsoe didn’t get injured chances are we would have never heard of Tom Brady. Same thing with Kurt Warner, he was and would still be a nobody if Rodney Harrison wouldn’t have cheap shoted Trent Green in a pre season game.

        • @BL821 – of course they don’t want to hear it…Thats what happens with the ignorantly selective. They turn a def ear to many things and only can see in one direction. Inability to see the whole picture. We know there are many unproven QB’s sitting on the sideline of other teams, that are just itching for their shot and may actually be the next Brady/Manning, but may never get their shot, due to where they are and the circumstances or who is in front of them.

  • So why would Alex Smith be a disaster? because fans may call for him, if Foles stinks it up?

  • Per ESPN,

    Andy Reid Interviewing with KC Chiefs today before his Interview with the Cardinals.. Andy Selling KC on either Drafting WVU’s Geno Smith and Developing him of Trading their 2nd ROund Pick (#33 Rd Overall) for
    Eagles QB M VIck…. Go Andy.. make it happen….

  • I don’t understand how so many Eagle fans could be fooled by Brandon Graham’s play.
    He is too small, just like DJax, and both will get hurt again next year. The only reason Graham will be on the roster next year is because the dopes in the front office gave him 5.5 years of guaranteed money.

  • Exactly. Why would you want a QB controversy? Why do you want to see the Eagles bouncing back and forth every 3 games.

    Because that is what is going to happen. Do you think the Eagles are going to win more than 6 games next year? I don’t.

    Bring in Smith and Foles goes 1-2 and they switch to Smith who goes 1-2 so back to Foles who has a bad game and its back to Smith.

    And at the end of the season its 6-10 and the only thing learned is Smith is a “meh” QB and Foles needs to improve…what then.

    Starting Foles next year creates difinitiveness. At end of season we’ll know. Continue with Foles or high draft pick on QB.

    THis is precisely why I was calling for Foles earlier in the season…so we wouldn’t be stuck in the place the Eagles are now…..not knowing.

    Had Foles played all year (and he should have as we all knew how the story was going to end with Vick) then we’d have a much better picture of how to move forward.

  • Brandon Graham was the Best, most Consistent and Productive DE on the Eagles Team over the last 8 Weeks of the Season.. No sure what games you were watching Eagles0SB ?? It wasn’t even close either as Babin/Cole were stinking up the joint most of the Season

    • and James Thrash lead the Eagles in pass receptions but that didn’t change the fact he stunk

  • Now just think about this for a second….

    Take Foles 4 last games…..lets give him his first 2 as his “development period”. That’s fair isn;t it?

    So his last 4 games
    102 for 166 (61%) for 1157 yrds (7 yrds/att) 6 tds and 2 ints

    Then assume absolutely no improvement over the rest of the year….pretend those numbers represent his plateau (I don;t believe this, but for the sake of arguement)
    xtrapolate what he accomplished over those 4 games over an entire season:

    408 of 664 for 4628 yrds 24 tds 8 ints

    Are you kidding me? Those are insane for a rookie. ANd again…that’s if he plateaued at where he was.

    And this isn;t enough?

  • Some of you are being contrary just for the sake of it. If you don’t like Real guess that’s fine. But to pretend that “taking the ball away” i.e. turnoevers -which automatically places a bulls-eye on the qb- is the same as game planning for him, shows either tremendous ignorance or disingenuous intent. You game plan for players that have shown to be game changers. This goes for both sides of the ball. Teams game plan/planned for Mcnabb, Vick, Eli, Montana, Peyton, brady, because these qb’s showed -with different skill sets and abilities- and ability to often be the biggest advantage for their offense, and thus obstacle for the defense. A qb who has yet to establish a track record of note is hardly ever “game planned” for. Notable exceptions would be rookie elites like RG3, Luck, or Wilson. All three ARE UNQUESTIONABLY the best players on the offense and the the biggest threats. I like Nick foles. He does not meet that lofty criteria. RealTalk is right.

    • ‘game planned for” — that is silly– taking away any QB is part of the defenses plan! he handles the ball every play — now what you may be talking about is that a unique qb (vick, rg3 etc) may require a more specific plan on the qb — but minimizing a qb is in every plan

  • real talk is a company man homer — at some point this new year he will be forced to defend Nick Foles blindly

  • It is not uncommon for an opposing offense to assist their own defense with playcalling that is as much about “limiting” game changing qb’s “possessions” to purposely mimimize the damage that could possibly done if said game changer is allowed back on the field. This aint done with when facing avg or game manager types.

  • Nick Foles set up his pass receivers up to take some nasty hits this past year — I hope that is correctable because DJax and Maclin already have a case of scared chickenitus

  • Only the top 2 of the top 10 safteys drafted last year played. That is not good. i dont know whats going to happen to Nate Allen. Coleman is a solid roll player

    • It was common knowledge that the last 2 Drafts had Poor Safety Classes and the fact that mant good ones came in the 2009/2010 Drafts that the open available spots are just not open across the NFL (Outside of Philadelphia)

      Look at Safety’s form 2009
      L Delmas, P Chung, W Moore, R Johnson

      From 2010 draft Class
      E Berry, E Thomas, TJ Ward,M Burnett, M Wright, K Chancellor, Steve Brown of the Giants was a late 7th Round Pick by the Raiders who has blossomed with the GIants this Season and led the NFL in Int’s

  • Goners from Eagles Defense

    DE – Keep Graham,Hunt, Curry – ( I would Trade Trent Cole while he still has Value)

    DT – Keep Cox,Thornton, DIxon – (Attempt to Trade C Jenkins, Release Patterson and Landri)

    LB – Keep Ryans,Kendricks,Chaney (Release Jordan & Matthews, INvite Rau and others to SUmmer Camp

    Secondary – Keep Boynkin,Marsh,Hughes,Nate Allen (Release the Rest of them)

    Free-Agency — Defensive Needs

    Sign a Starting Safety (Jarius Byrd, Dashon Gholston, Edward Moore or Louis Delmas)
    Sign a Staring CB (Aquib Talib, Marcus Trufant, Tracey Porter,Mike Jenkins,or Cedric Griffin)
    Sign a LB (Sam Spot)
    Sign a DE (Rotational Player)

    Draft a DT, Safety, CB & LB

    • why keep Chaney over Jordan? Why keep Dixon? why keep Hughes or Marsh? Hunt is smaller than Graham, if you were a reserve on a 4 win team, you should be the first to go.

      • Best post today, if you couldn’t sniff the field for this disaster of a team you don’t belong on a roster.

  • I am glad to see Howie get a chance to lead this team
    I hated the previous regime set up
    GM makes the picks, HC coaches the players
    both decide who makes roster
    no gold standard or Andy has final say garbage anymore with his “Gotta do a better job,” BS

  • Its quite obvious that Chip Kelly is the Eagles #1 choice. I think the people being brought in for interviews are backup plans. I would expect Kelly has already had his interview weeks ago as reported. Now the question is wether or not he wants the job.

  • Nate allen is not going to keep his position.. He got benched for colt anderson.. They wont release both corners theyre just going to have to play better.

  • Chip Kelly wouldnt be a good Idea with Foles as quarterback.. Foles cant run so we would be better with O’brien and a 2 TE set..The eagles lack efficiency it the whole team building process..

  • unreal crowning foles is as stupid as saying he sucks. all i ever said was based on the situation he deserves a shot to prove he’s real or unreal. thats it. eagles are a shitty team and he got drafted by them and he has an opportunity.

    • and all I say is he doesn’t deserve a shot!

  • DRC is a Free Agent and will choose to leave on his own, he is way too sensitive to the play in Philly.. He will leave on his own and move back South to the Tittans/Panthers or one of the Florida Teams

  • There are a bunch of questions when it comes to Chip Kelly as a potential fit for the Eagles, not the least of which is how his style would match the Eagles’ current quarterback situation.

    While the eventual head coach will have to be consulted, the Eagles sound ready to move on from Michael Vick. And from what I can gather, Vick is more than ready to move on from the Eagles. That leaves Nick Foles for the moment. Jeffrey Lurie in particular sounds high on the young signal-caller, and it was suggested that Foles will have every opportunity to compete for the starting job.

    But Kelly’s system at Oregon is not a match for what Foles brings to the table.

    “I think you know the answer — I have never ran the zone read; I’m more of a dropback [QB], but I’ve been under center, I’ve been in the gun,” said Foles. “If I can adapt I want to, but I’m not a zone read quarterback. Some people are gifted with different things, that’s just not one of my skill sets. I mean I can work on my speed in the offseason and get better at that, but I’ve always been a dropback in the pocket, been able to make plays on my feet, throwing the ball or running for a first down.”

    A Kelly/Foles union could not work unless Kelly is willing to adjust his approach. On Wednesday, he suggested that he is open to change. From the Daily News:

    “Anything you do has to be personnel-driven. You’ve gotta be able to adapt to the personnel that you have. There’s a lot of great offenses out there, but does it fit with the personnel you have? I think the key is being sure what you’re doing is giving your players the chance to be successful.”

    It has been noted that Kelly helped influence how the Patriots run their offense. Obviously Tom Brady is not fleet-footed, so that offers some hope that Kelly can adjust to the situation.

    “Nick can’t run the option?” joked Casey Matthews, who played for two years under Kelly at Oregon. The Eagles linebacker became a popular man at the end of the season as reporters searched for nuggets on his old college coach. Matthews has the unique perspective of being a defensive player under Kelly, and being on the other side of the fast-pace, no-huddle offensive approach that Kelly deploys.

    “It was tough,” said Matthews. “Especially in practice, he’s going full speed, no-huddle. You never have to condition because practices are conditioning. I think it could work. Obviously it would be a change — we would be going fast-tempo, and a lot of these guys aren’t used to that.”

    Oregon runs what Matthews described as a hybrid 3-4 under Kelly with a heavy emphasis on sending pressure. Was Kelly hands-on with the defense?

    “Tried to be,” said Matthews. “At first he was strictly with the offense then he started to come over and talking to the defense. He knew what we were doing — obviously as a head coach he should know — but he would come over and at first it was kind of weird, he would come over and start talking about what you need to do, but he did a good job of knowing the game plan.”

    Matthews indicated that Kelly, a New England native, wants to end up back on the East Coast and would have no issue operating in a big media market like Philadelphia. He also believes the players would enjoy working under him.

    “He is a players coach. He can relate you,” said Matthews. “He is always up-tempo, you listen to music at practice, stuff like that. He was a fun coach to play for. He’s a great motivator and I think players really respect him. He’s very feisty, and he’s just a fun guy to play for.”

    Even if he’s a little different.

    “When you walk by his office it is completely dark. He’s pretty quiet,” said Matthews. “But when you talk to him he’ll crack jokes, at practice he’s always running around. He’s not a scream type of guy but he’ll get on you. He’s very passionate about what he does

    • this quote posted by daggolden from potential HC Chip Kelly sums up one of my biggest issues with the departed andy Reid:

      ““Anything you do has to be personnel-driven. You’ve gotta be able to adapt to the personnel that you have. There’s a lot of great offenses out there, but does it fit with the personnel you have? I think the key is being sure what you’re doing is giving your players the chance to be successful.”

      He being the same HC who would rather make a pocket passer out of a mobile/running qb; instead of adjusting the offense to his abilities. All it did was highlight his arrogance and ineptness while providing more red meat idiot Vick haters of this forum.

  • I think most of us would agree the Eagles have to over pay for a Free Agent safety– and not risk using another 2nd round draft pick on a another potential bust

  • Dashon Gholsdon, William Moore, Louis Delmas, Jarius Byrd — we have to get at least ONE of these guys.

  • @Biglion
    “Best post today, if you couldn’t sniff the field for this disaster of a team you don’t belong on a roster.”

    Big normally I agree with this. But this team is a special case. Special in the sense, I never trusted Reid’s talent evaluating in regards to when and who to play. This goes hand in hand with his game time inability to adjust. Take Nate Allen. He comes with twice the physical tools (speed, size) that say Coleman has; but has half his desire and toughness. Allen wouldn’t make the practice squad for a Buddy Ryan or say parcells team. Coleman though not a starter will make a roster because he has desire and toughness where he lacks talent.

    • Bingo brewski, I like Coleman he was just put in a no win situation he should have been a special team killer instead he was thrust into a starting spot and doesn’t have that ability same with Colt Anderson. I’m confused about Nate Allen I don’t like calling guys soft that play in the NFL but I saw him avoiding contact too many times this year.

  • Denny,

    Nice article but as you say a little unrealistic to think that many get chopped. But since you want us to play a little GM I would Trade DJax and let DRC walk.

    I think these are two guys cut from the same cloth. Get the money and then don’t work consistently. DJax might be able to get the Birds a 3rd rounder I would also explore the market for Trent Cole. Realistically I don’t think the Eagles will improve that much over this past season (6-10 only because they will be playing some terrible teams) so why not go with all the young guys. It will give the new HC a chance to really get good evaluations on the team as he moves into his second year when he really needs to make his imprint on the team.

  • ***Breaking News per Paulman

    Cleveland Browns Joe Banner is meeting with Chip Kelly about the HC Position with the Browns to include Authority over Player Personnel which Kelly want’s..
    Sounds close to a done deal per John McCain..

  • “More Breaking News on Eagles***

    Eagles Signed DE Everett Brown (who was a High 2nd Ruund Bust Pick from the Panthers about 3-4 Years but does have Pass-Rushing ability and is that kind of Tweener size that the Eagles seem to love..
    And CB Trevard Lindley who GM Roseman has always liked…

    Eagles are paving the way for Trades and Deapartures of Trent Cole and DRC
    The Off-Season is well under the way with GM Roseman leading the way..

    • Paulman,

      I am LMAO. Brown wasn’t even playing last year and Lindley has been with the team 3 other times. Unbelievable.

      Smooth Howie, good eye. Jackass!

    • This is why so many feel Howie Roseman shouldn’t be GM……bULL#@%! MOVES LIKE THIS THAT DON’T IMPROVE THE TEAM!!!!

      Brown…Bumm!!! Lindley, why re-sign him to a 2 yr deal only to have to cut him again…..HE IS A FLAT OUT BUM; HE CAN’T PLAY!!!!

      Step aside Howie, and let GMCliff show you how to fix this thing!!!! Scrub wanna be Fantasy GM……….

  • I am not sure if many of you remember Everett Brown who has a kick-ass Careeer at Florida State by at 6-3 245lbs was not a traditional Down DE Lineman and he definitely could not play LB at the NFL.. Maybe in a 3-4 strictly used as a OLB/DE Pass-Rusher, he was pretty effective.. He may be up to about 255lbs.. But the Panthers were dying for DE’s for 3 Seasons and he could never even get on the field.. so I am not holding my breath..
    Maybe a couple more good Special Teamers..

    • Paul Lindley can’t even play special teams…..this is a DUMB signing…

  • Word out on the Streets is that Lurie & Roseman want to talk to Ray Lewis about being the HC of the Eagles as soon as he formerly annouces his Retirement..Roseman appearently is not concerrned that Ray is not an X’s and O’s Type of Guy, Roseman, say’s that’s Ok, We’ll put the Headset on Marty Mohrnewig, Todd Bowles and Bobby April and they can get the plays into the players…
    I am telling you with Roseman running the show, this Franchise will become the Laughing Stock of the NFL within 18 months and probably sooner as it already is beginning
    Get out while you can, all the decent players, coaches,staff, cheerleaders, vendors, parking attendants.. Plays should hold out, then get released and go to another franchise..

  • Everett Brown was one of the Top Pass-Rushers out of COllege and was
    projected as a #15-#20 Selection in trhe First Round and the Panthers got him early in the 2nd Round (43rd Overall)..He’s 6-2 and now weighs approx 255lbs is a super nice fella,smart, repsectful and is very talented.. ( i always thought he was too nice and not a mean streak that you need) But he is not a LB and does have the agilitity, fluidity to play out in space, and he simply does not have the size,strength to play with his hand down on the Turf as DE in a 4-3, now stand him up and move him around the line of scrimmage in passing situations in a 3-4, and a standing up Pass-rusher, then I think you have something with him.. But simply think of Ricky Sapp..(without the baggage) …

  • Evaluate this, lurie lied to you at his press conference , saying litlle Howie had nothing to do with the draft of 10, 11, bull shit, Howie squeeled with glee about Watkins, Reid said Howie did the research on him and Reid went with him, and what about Howie and his fingers on these stiff free agent signings

    You were once again sold a bull of goods from the most dishonest owner, the eagles should have fired roseman,
    They have no credibility going forward, no coach with any balls will want to come here

    Argue all you want about foles, who the eagles should draft, if doesn’t mattter until lurie is gone

  • Show them the door.

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