• June 25, 2022

Penn State’s Bill O’Brien Is A Very Impressive Head Coaching Candidate

Current Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien is a very impressive candidate for any NFL head coaching job and that includes the Philadelphia Eagles.  He has been an innovator as an offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots.  A few years ago he utilized the Patriots talented tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez to revolutionize the NFL passing game by featuring them above their wide receivers.

No one had ever done this on the NFL level.  O’Brien led an offense quarterbacked by Tom Brady which tore through NFL defenses by being the highest scoring team in the league, despite not having any deep speed at the wide receiver position.  No NFL offense had ever been so explosive by featuring its tight ends.

This was a situation where you had an offensive coordinator creating an offensive system, which put his talent in the best position to win.  The ability to utilize the tight end position is very important in today’s NFL.  In the red zone, the tight ends are primary receivers.  You can utilize the tight ends to get pass interference penalties and they are big targets, who can get open over the middle.

You can’t say enough about the job O’Brien did last year at Penn State.  He came in and became a leader to the Penn State players.  O’Brien convinced to stay at the school and bond together, despite the circumstances.  He led them to a successful season despite tough NCAA sanctions.

You’ve got to shell out nine million, or maybe even eighteen million dollars before you can sign O’Brien away from the Nittany Lions, but I could understand somebody doing it, because he’s such a quality head coaching candidate.  If Jeffrey Lurie really thinks he’s the guy, I would say go ahead and pay the money.

O’Brien has proven he’s a forward thinking offensive coordinator.  He’s also proven he can lead young men to success and victory in tough situations.  So here you have a young man who is a proven offensive wizard and leader.

He would be up near the top of my list, if I were making the decision.  I definitely like the idea of going with O’Brien over Chip Kelly who has no NFL coaching experience.  O’Brien knows what to expect from NFL defenses, while hiring Kelly is taking a big gamble.


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  • Obrien gives the lions some dignity after such a terrible scandal. Leaving would hurt his character. I hope he stays and makes State college proud

  • O’Brian could be my coach, that’s for sure. Colleges are the proving grounds for new football strategies. O’Brian was smart enough to bring some of Kelly’s ideas to the pro game.

  • Not so sure I’d be willing to buy this guy out of Penn St. No one under the Belechik regime has had any success as an NFL head coach and Tom Brady will make any offensive coordinator look better than they are.

  • What everyone is failing to realize and are overlooking the fact is that the Eagles want a head coach that wont want full control. Remember theyre keeping Howie. So the Jon Gruden, the Bill cowhers of the world are surely candidates but very unlikely to come here. Guys like Chip Kelly and Bill Obrien wont need full control of the team/all personnel decisions. Keep this in mind. So its the race for Chip Kelly and or Bill Obrien..

    • The Gruden’s/Cowher’s/Dungy’s/Holmgrem/ Big Name Older Coaches are not Candidates JH
      Lurie is looking for a Younger Coach who will be around for the next 6-8-10-12 Years and not a 2-3 Year Stop-Gap.. It’s how he Operates.. He will give up a year or 2 of Rebuilding for the long-term Success.. It’s been his Business and Football Plan from Day 1 … It there is anything about Lurie that we know, it’s his brand of long-term thinking and loyalty which you are not going to get with a Past Experienced Coach who is older, has won, has ego and wants more Control than just being HC….

    • Yeah I don’t see Bill Cowher coming here as long as Tom Donahoe is in the building. They struggled over personnel issues in Pitt years ago. As for Jon Gruden, he don’t exactly qualify as an innovator who has his a vision of the direction the NFL is going. Not after being away from the game so long. Same with Cowher. I see them as old-school.

      • Gruden will never coach in the NFL again.

        Cowher wears depends and lives in a retirement community these days. He is no longer an NFL coach.

  • I think Brian Kelly should get consideration. He seems like a guy who has done a lot with little at both Notre Dame and Cincinnati. Why is he not being mentioned at all?

  • O’Brien is very impressive indeed, but needs a couple more Years as HC at Penn State before I would consider him ready as NFL Coach.. He needs time..
    Eagles need a HC with a plan, a strong staff in mind who can hit the ground running and though I think O’Brien will make a fine NFL Coach, I believe his best move is to stay and continue to build the PSU Program

  • There is a long list of worthy coaching candidates on both sides of the ball at the coordinator position. I agree Pman..The guy that gets the job will have to sell his self, his plan, his goals and his philosophy. The rumors of possible coaches I’m hearing are majority offensive coordinators. I really wish they would look more at the defensive coordinators in the league. Lets get defensive minded for once! Like a Gus Bradley SEA and Ray Horton SF.

    • Real, at too initially wanted a defensive minded coach but outside of Belechik, very few defensive coaches have had much success as a head coach. Especially with the way the league has evolved over the years and is now a pass happy league. I would love to see Lovie Smith in here as our defensive coordinator.

      • I hear what you are saying, but I’d still prefer a defensive minded head coach, who will focus on having a strong defensive game plan. The new head coach can bring in a new offensive coordinator to keep pace with the “pass happy league” or even keep one of the most pass happiest O coordinators in the league.

        • I would love to see a defense that ruled the damn field and made offenses scared to take the field again. Thats Philly football.

          • yes Xevious, yes! we are on the same page in this regard…lets get a defense that can keep us in the game, instead of take us out of one…I mean really, lets just think about the Giants game, Saints game, where those teams drove down the field and scored and almost every possession…No team, no matter who your QB is, can win consistently with that type of defensive play.

            • The Giants game was so embarrassing personally. I grew up watching Bird teams with great defenses I mean we had what one really down year defensively between 1988 and 2007…Safeties were beasts Hopkins and Walters…Then Zordich and Jackson…Then Dawk and whomever…Plus there were good back-ups..Then Stooges Like the Q’s Both Demps and Mikahl showed up..Linbacker is just as bad. We had Bergey and Evans Joyner Romo Trott and good back ups…This defense is embarrassing.

  • Whats impressive about Bill O’Brien is that he brought that Patriots offense to Penn State and we were absolutely light years ahead of where we were before O’Brien. (Yes, I’m a PSU fan as well.)

    O’Brien transformed some guys with mediocre talent AT BEST into poweful offensive weapons. McGloin was a scrub with a spongebob arm before O’Brien got to PSU and he turned him into one of the best statistical passers in the NCAA last year.

    I would love to see what he could do with Foles.

  • Fraudman stop trying to twist my words. Yes they are candidates since the coaching job is still available, but like i said both are unlikely to come here. They want too much control. That’s 1 of the reasons Kelly and Obrien are being sought after by the eagles. At this time they just wanna coach the team not have a front office role too.

    • Gruden will never coach in the NFL again.

      Cowher wears depends and lives in a retirement community these days. He is no longer an NFL coach.

      • Gruden will never coach in the NFL again.

        Cowher wears depends and lives in a retirement community these days. He is no longer an NFL coach.

        so no they arent canidates

        • or candidates either

          • I am not twisting your words, JH, you do a good enough job all by yourself on that front.. What I stated is that the Cowhers,Grudens,Dungy’s,Holmgrems are “not Candidates” relative to the Eagles Open HC Position…for the reasons I explained
            This is not how Owner Jeff Lurie operates and these names I mentioned about would not be interested in a re-build situation anyways .. HC in Today’s NFL has become a young man’s Game
            Coaches 55 + with growing Familiies is not condusive to the 18 Hours a Day Job 10 Months a Years that the Job now requires..
            Once you’ve succeeded as the Coaches did above, where’s the passion and energy going to continue to come from.. They’ve succeeded, they recently have seen their families grow, they have a nice Studio JOb that requires a Sat/Sun away , not a bad gig is it..
            Deal with a little reality JH, It may do you some good…

  • Birdo,Obrien also implemented some of Chip Kellys offensive philosophies. Both chip and obriens offenses are proven and have staying power. Can’t lose with either guy..

  • O’Brien, 1 Year as a HC has staying power ??? I fdon’t get that.. If he leaves PSU after 1 Year after committing to see the Program return to Prominence,
    how is that Staying power, He hasn’t proven enough to me at his Stage of being a HC for only 1 Season

    • Paul, you can’t knock the guy for taking a job with less baggage……Who cares how Penn State Alum feel….If he is coaching the Eagles, I guarantee you, they will still support the team…………

      He would be a dynamite Head Coach, and The Eagles would be fortunate to get him.

      • And he is a better candidate that Mike McCoy, Chip Kelly, Jay Gruden, and all the Old Heads analyzing the games on Sundays……

        McCoy is a fraud. Peyton Manning is the Offensive Coordinator
        Chip Kelly hasn’t coached a second of Pro Football, Wishful Thinking
        Jay Gruden, ..just has the last name Gruden; Which some fans feels translates into Super Bowl Bound….Nonsense…..

        • McCoy took Jake Delhomme from the Panthers to the Playoffs-Super Bowl when he Coached the Carolina Panthers
          Then he built the Borncos Offense 2 Seasons ago around Kyle Orton who actually put up some decent #’s but the Bronco’s were losing so they switched to Tim Tebow, then McCoy does a 360 with their Offense to fit Tebow’s limited QB Strengths and again, helps lead the Bronco’s Offense to the Playoffs with a Playoff Win over the vaunted Steelers Defense a year ago.. Say what you will, McCoy has n impressive background and will make a very good NFL Team..
          I don’t beleive he’s too interested in coming to the East Coast to Coach and will have Opportunities with the Bears,Cardinals,Chargers to Interview and possible work for now that Andy Reid has taken the Chiefs Job..
          I see Mike McCoy landing in Arizona Or San Diego

          • Paul, Brother, This is just me but, ….not impressive.

            I’m really not impressed with him at all. I’m sure he’ll get hired, but I see a guy who will eventually be fired because he really doesn’t bring enough innovation to the table,

            and without Peyton Manning…He better get that Chicago Job…He is going to need as much talent as he can get, so they too can make him look better than he actually is.

            • I’d rather have Bill O’Brian,……

              • To each his own GMCliff, I have not seen enough of o’Brien at his stage of being a HC to go all in with the guy
                I am always Leary of Assts from the Oats for none of them have done too well without the master (Belecheck) who calls all the shots
                Charlie Weiss, Romeo Crenell, Josh McDaniels all looked great too until they had to run their own show, I want to see O’Brien run Penn State 2-3 more Seasons with his own people and Style before rushing to judgement on the guy.

  • Obrien, opposite of Chip Kelly, runs a offense that wont get you QB killed. More of a prostyle offense suited for a Tom Brady type player who is more of a pure pocket passer. I would rather have that over a mobile QB. But if we win im fine with either. But my #1 pick for Head Coach is Bill Obrien.

  • Plus like all Irish People, Bill O’Brien drinks too much Alcohol…
    I would be very wary of hiring him since he was born with the genetic pre-diposition to turn into a ragin maniac..Stay with the Paisan from Syracuse (Marrone) who maybe eats a little too much Pasta or Talks/Laughs a little loud but at least you won’t issues with Alcohol..

    • Good point Paul!

      • I’m Half Irish & Half Italian, so I can joke about these things and mean no disrespect to anyone.. Ha

        • I’m all Irish so I know you are accurate… lol

  • Fraudman, his offense was ran by Tom Brady and the NE patriots, he was there offensive coordinator, think that solidifies my statement. Staying power. A proven offensive scheme that works and is successful. Hes innovative, smart and a leader. Get off this he needs to stay 2 or 3 more yrs. Stop always trying to be contrary just bc the hot names are kelly and obrien so you wanna go the opposite direction.

    • O’Brien a 2 Year OC with a Team (Patriots) with an established trach record of Success and HOF Coach Belechek and QB Brady that almost anyone can be an OC and have Success (Weiss, McDaniels,O’Brien, McDaniels again)
      as I stated, O’Brien has a very bright future, but only running a complete program for 1 Season on his own is not Staying Power and neither is being an OC for 2 Season for a well-oiled machine that is the NE Pats..
      Give me a Coach that has demonstrated being responsible for all faces of a Football Team as in Recruiting/Game Planning for all 3 Phases/Dealing with aversity, handling expectations, media and community demands,etc,etc.. I believe that O’Brien is more thqan bright enough to handle these things but he simply needs more time and eperience

      • Paul, if he had stayed in the NFL, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN HIRED BY A TEAM LAST YEAR……….He was their QB Coach before the O-Coordinator, and their Offensive Quality Coach before then…….He’s more qualified than most of those that are going to be hired including Andy Reid. How much experience did Reid have before he came here?……from the QB Coach position of all things?

        • There were little to no expectations for O’Brien last Season at Penn State,
          Lets see how he handles the Program now that the lights get a little brighter for him

  • **Breaking NEws***

    Paulman Reports that Andy Reid will be annouced as new HC of the KC Chiefs come Friday morning and that the Details are being finished up this afternoon
    (many of his former Staff will join him – MM ,WR Coach, RB WIlliams, TE Coach and Juan Castillo)
    This also Tells me that the KC Chiefs will look to trade that #1 Back for additional PIcks which Reid always likes to do..
    This also tells me that Mike McCoy will most likely end up the HC of the Arizona Cardinals

    • I see Andy taking the chiefs job as a last resort, ANDY WANTS FULL CONTROL, which he’s not gonna get in KC.

      • i read that the chiefs are willing to give up a lot of control- andy knows he has his pick of jobs, he knows the landscape and you can be sure there will be no such thing as ‘last resort’– he can make $7mill sitting on his fat one– thats his last resort!

        • The only reason for signing Reid is to draft a QB with 1st pick.

  • I’m getting tired of this already, they need to pinpoint a guy and go after him. I know they are waiting on Chip Kelly which is a mistake but this can quickly turn into a circus when Kelly signs somewhere else. Also no way in hell Lurie pays that buy out for O’Brien.

  • Nice try Paulman. Looks like Reid is also going to be interviewing with the Chargers.

    I do agree with you though that the more I read about Doug Marrone, the more I like.

    • He’d also make a good Coordinator Marrone……..wink wink

  • sorry lion this will take some time. in the days before the internet we would have read one or two articles about who is in line to interview…. now we get blogs, rumors and postings all day. try to ignore it. remember it makes no difference what we say on here. you have to believe lurie has a plan and will get his man.

    • his man? Lurie said he had a list of candidates, not on in particular…yes he may want a specific coach, but if that coach doesn’t accept, then he’s stuck with plan B, C, D, E…..This is the problem in regards to firing a known coach, Lurie may not get “his man” this go around….

    • I hope so too many candidates to get this wrong.

      • I hear you BL821….a lot of candidates, but need the candidate that will be the right fit, for whatever this organization is trying to accomplish. The right fit for some of the guys that will be back next season.

  • All this interest in Reid is intriguing, here’s a guy who hasn’t won a championship in 14 years, all most the while he supposedly had two franchise quarterbacks, one, some would argue, is hall of fame worthy, wonder what Andy is saying in these interviews …

    • he is saying i can build your franchise to a consistent winner and consistent money maker. anyone who knows anything about sports knows that you have to be in the playoffs to win the superbowl- once your in it comes down to a break going your way, your guys executing etc. — reid can say i can get to the playoffs– play 2 extra games per year which means $$$$–and a chance to get the ring.

    • he is getting interviews with the kansas city queefs and the arizona cardinals. two clueless organizations, thats why their is interest. no real organization would hire this idiot

      • interesting… how does an organization become a ‘real organization’? — the eagles went through kotite,ryan (zero playoff wins), rhodes like 3-13… they were a clueless organization at that time and reid brought them to the forefront…. duh!

        • move to a city with a market for starters

          • KC has a great football fan base. if you don’t think reid deserves any credit for turning the eagles franchise around and making it what it is today you are high.

            • i dont think he turned a franchise around. i do give him credit for this cities run and close but no cigar seasons. ultimately i see him as a failure who literally has no clue how to adjust midgame, i think he is not a forward thinker, i think he doesnt have a backbone, i think his success in philly can be summed up by stating he beat the teams he was supposed to and lost the evenly matched games.

              i think andy is an idiot and a bad football coach

              • my last statement applies to my views on andy now. at one point he had the drive to succeed somewhat

              • i guess during his 130 regular season wins and playoof wins he made ZERO adjustments…. you don’t even know what an adjustment is for christs sake. — the adjustments don’t always workjust like every coach.. and to further my point in 14 years AR 130 wins 10 playoff wins. the previous 14 100 wins and 2 playoff wins. …. i think KC might know a bit more than you… just sayin!

              • yea during his 130 regular season wins he basically made 0 midgame adjustments. thats correct.

              • i think the eagles know more than the chiefs, just sayin…

              • hahaha love watching these clowns go at it

              • Dennis Dixon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • haha….since you want to bring up old shit, Reid fortune came off of Ray Rhodes players…right, Mhenski?

              • I do have a bit more respect for you Mhenski than I have for HaveNoBrain…but from the looks of it, he sounds way more football literate than you do! just sayin, ha

  • Biglion, this all part of the fun. I have grown to really love the offseason over the years.

    • Well haven’t had to deal with this for 14 years so maybe I’m just getting cranky. I do like the draft stuff though.

  • I agree BTC24
    One problem for us conspiracy buffs and football fans is that the last 2-3 Off-Seasons have become more fun and interesting than our Football Team which is a sad statement of how far this Eagles Franchise has fallen in a relatively short period of time and chances are, if Vick didn’t come out of the blue in 2010 for that magical ride in 2010, does anyone really thing the Eagles would have went very far with Kolb at the helm… This Team was on the decline since mid-late 2009 and ended their 2009 Season with 2 butt-whoppings by the Cowboys and Wade Phillips and it was evident to me that big changes were needed to be made back then as far as Coaching/Philosophy/Player Personnel…

  • CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora confirms that a deal between Andy Ried and the Chiefs is “now imminent” and could be finalized by Thursday night.
    Contrary to a previous report, LaCanfora adds that Reid will not be interviewing with the Cardinals or Chargers before accepting Kansas City’s offer. Issues involving Reid’s staff and the power structure on football decisions were “hashed out” with the Chiefs on Thursday. Reid is expected to bring ex-Browns GM Tom Heckert with him, which would leave Scott Pioli’s future up in the air.

  • zero mid game adjustments…. right i’m sure you are an X and O genius. you don’t even know what an adjustment is. so damn if he won 130 with making zero adjustments think how bad those coaches were that he beat. i think he won like 9 in a row against coughlin who is a multiple SB winner. damn

    • x and o got nothing to do with adjusting. have you watched eagles football over the years? zero in game adjustments, its not a criticism its a fact.

      i personally loved this year when he called the shovel pass out of the split back formation and the game commentator said something like any time andy reid lines his guys up in this position its a shovel pass. lol its insanity this guy. he hasnt changed at all in his 14 years which is why he is toast. he is stubborn and not creative and is predictable now.

      • uh huh thats why is the most coveted guy out there. bunch of stupid billionaires. they should read what you say on blogs.

        • he isnt the most coveted dude. he had interviews lined up with the queefs and cardinals thats it.

          lots of other coaches got more play including arians, mccoy, wisenhunt, marrone, kelly, koetter… all these guys have or will have more than 2 interviews and their are more guys out there too with more than 2 interviews. wtf you talking about most coveted. shit he probably didnt even really have an interview lined up in arizona

          • First guy signed, big salary lots of power… Right

  • Breaking news.

    my sources say the eagles and kansas city queefs are in a bidding war to sign dennis dixon to be their franchise qb. Kansas city queefs initial offer is 4 years $136 million

    your move philly

    • and even today, you don’t understand the point I was making in regards to players like a Dennis Dixon, who never had the opportunity your hero Foles has had…based on the same circumstances, Foles would never have seen the field!

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        • Here’s a few bars you can add to your little jingle….

          Stand up and act out like Mhenski.
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          Shake and roll vigorously, since you lost it mentally……

          • thats dumb. you have no talent

      • Same circumastances?

        Pitt Drafted Dixon in the 5th round, already with a 25 yr old SB winning QB entering his prime.

        Eagles draft Foles in the 3rd with a 32 yr old breaking down nobody at QB.

        And even with that……DIxon was given opportunities. And failed to do anything with them. WHat do you think happens on a football team. DIxon was asked to sit on the sidelines every practice. Get water for Ben Roethless, and the other QBs.

        He practice. He sucked.

        In his 2nd year Roethless got hurt and Dixon went in for a solid 12

        Remember he had 4 years to practice with the team and impress his coaches. How much did he impress them?

        So much so that they let him go in favour of….wait for it…..Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch.

        Ler me repeat. Denis Dixon could not beat out Leftwich and Batch.

        Is this the same as Foles who came in here and tore up the preseason…being….wait for it….the best QB in the NFL in the preseason.

        He played well enough to move up the depth chart and then become the #2.

        He then played well enough in the regular season to become the starter for the folloing year.

        I’m not saying Dixon had the opportunity to replace Big Ben – obviously not. But if the kid had any ability don;t you think he’s have been able to move ahead of retreads like Left and Batch?

        Did Dixon do that?

        And if that wasn’t enough…he was given another opportunity on another team….this time with Balt…..and their awesome array of talented QBs.

        This tyon taylor and curtis painter went about a combined 20 or 100 in the preseason….and Dixon is still nowhere to be found….

        Enough with the whiney Foles got opportunities Dixon didn;t get BS….

        You said you wanted Dixon over Foles…..you want a guy who couldn;t crack the 3rd string job on 2 different teams over a guy who just competed…well…against NFL defenses.

        Why? (you never answer that question)

        • you fail to realize the QB’s Foles would of been behind at PITT and who PITT coach would of played…I don’t think its a guarantee that Foles would of been a backup QB on PITT either…

          If Dixon was thrown to the fire as a rookie for 6 games and then given another full season to develop, would you be arguing that he needs more time like you do with Foles? or did you already have your mind made up about the type of player Dixon would be before given the opportunity…I’m comparing the two as rookies, not talking about the Dixon of today…his work ethic probably has changed since he was a rookie, probably became less hungry, sitting on PITT not getting an opportunity in 3 seasons…

          Are you confident in saying Foles would of been a backup QB on PITT as a rookie? back when Dixon was a rookie?

          • you said yesterday we should give him a shot over foles.

            • ” aint never say a word about Geno Smith…I’d take Alex Smith over Foles..Hell I’ll take a Dennis Dixon over Foles.”

            • I said yesterday I would take Dennis Dixon over Foles, guess that just means I’m not high on Foles….how dare I? huh?….never said the Eagles should go and get Dixon…you really can’t read!

              • thats just what you wouldve done if you were in charge of hires i get it.

          • yes

            • Now that I have answered your question…why don’t you answer mine?

              Why do you want a QB who could not move ahead of Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch, Tyron Taylor, or Curtis Painter?

              Why would you want this scrub over Foles who played well enough in the preseason to move to #2 on the depth chart (should have been 1) and then well enough in the regular season to become the starter next year.

              Why would you want a scrub like Dixon over Foles?

              Why the completely irrational choice?

              • Vinnie, when did you ever answer my question? I don’t respect you enough to ask you any real questions anyway, I was probably speaking rhetorically…nor do I respect you enough to answer any question you have to me, when you ask it..I’ll answer some other day, when I feel like it!

          • As of right now, I will reserve my judgment on Foles…
            some of you guys make some good points (GMCliff, BTC, BUGS) about what Foles has done as a rookie and I’ll admit the stats have been impressive at times…however, I still feel the coaching staff put him in a much better position to succeed at the position. What happens when the training wheels are taken off? none of us are sure…I mean really, I think the Eagles coaches could of gotten similar production from a Kafka, the way the games were called on the offensive side of the ball…

            As an Eagles fan I hope he is better than I think he will be…I just don’t think there is anything that special about him, where he can’t sit the bench for a season or two and learn…now some players learn more by doing…so game situation could be just what he needs. I hope he comes back next season and surprises me. But again, I don’t share the praises that many of you want to dish out to me….its really that simple…once the new head coach is hired and we have an idea of the type of system, then Foles may excel and I WON”T BE DISAPPOINTED, either way.

            But I’m done arguing about Foles…maybe he will be the starting QB next year, maybe he won’t…if he is, he will have my support on game days, no question!

            • lmfao at training wheels. haaaaaaaaaaa

              his 1st game 32 passing attempts
              2nd 46
              3rd 21
              4th 34
              5th 51
              6th 33
              7th 48

              training wheelssssssss haaaaaaaa

              only reason i can think of that you would think he had training wheels on is that vick was so handicapped as a qb he made our offensive systems look like it was complex… then foles came in and made it look simple.

              training wheeeeeels baaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

              this is almost as good as dixon

            • What are you basing your opinion on when you say “they could have gotten the same production out of Kafka?” you don’t use evidence or you use training camp, Kafka didn’t even get picked when cut! Same with your boy Dixon.
              As for putting Foles in a better position to succeed. That is the cornerstone of every Andy press conference. The coaches whole job is to put them in the best game plan.

              • play calling…..play calling, soley….I think Kafka and Dixon can throw the ball 5 yards…C’mon now..Be Real…

                this is my last comment in regards to Foles, as I honestly don’t feel this topic nor you clowns warrant my time.

              • victoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • LOL!!!!! hAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  • If were going to go with Foles O’brien would be a good choice.. What he did with Mcgloin was impressive..

  • ****** Trade alert

    Kansas City Queefs trade Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers, 2013 1st round pick and their 2014 1st round draft pick to the Eagles for King Dunlap, Danny Watkins, Nnamdi Asomugha, 2014 6th round draft pick and a 2013 7th round draft pick.

    • you are trying to out stupid paul i guess.

  • Problem is GM Roseman doesn’t even know who Berry & Flowers are and rejected this Trade thinking they were a new flavor of Ice Cream at Baskin-Robins 31 Flavors Ice Cream Franchise

  • unreal over 30 of the contributing members of the 2003 eagles were brought in by AR– and yes rhodes left some great parts. as AR will leave some contributing members to his successor…thats how it works. i believe there are some parts that are good in KC…

  • yes havenobrain, but come 2005 season, there were less than 10 from the Rhodes era…and 10 years later, Reid was still here…that was my point…Reid’s success was not dependent on Rhodes players….get it?

    • realtalk is virginia really for lovers?

      • hahaha….I thought that was your butt

        • your mom does love tossing my salad



  • paulman this was a great post – 2 years ago. spot on

    January 16, 2011 – 4:13 pm

    To me this whoe McDermott Firing is about the Coach Losing his authority within the inner circle of the club.. I give him 1 more season and he will be out the door either by being fired or him not wanting to work for Banner/Roseman any longer.. This firing has the smell of a “forced scapegoat: from where I sit..

  • Unreal I’ve told you before. You may not like me but I know a hell of a lot about this game and baseball.

  • Unreal you are a fan. You are passionate but unfortunately you react strictly with fan e,option. And that’s what most on here do, react with emotion which is fine but then don’t pretend to be reacting with knowledge.

    • I think you need to take your own advice my friend…the problem, which I understand, and it happens….is that RealTalk speaks realtalk, and some folk like yourself just aren’t used to it, you’re accustom to transparency, double talk, and hypocrisy…I understand!

      • thats one hell of a double think realtalk

      • Transperancy would ba an antonym for double talk or hypocrisy. I analyze with no emotion. I wait and see, analyze results. Listen to ( or watch) coaches actions. They no more than I do. Kind of like when your enemy Mhenski said AR doesn’t adjust… That is ludicrous and an emotional reaction to losses. When he wins you don’t proclaim “great adjustments” that’s because you didn’t notice. No emotion here pal

  • Paulman – who will be our next HC? I’m going with O’brien or Jon Gruden

    • Fraudman has 32 predictions!

    • Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL again

      repeat after me:

      Jon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL againJon Gruden will never coach in the NFL again

    • Bill O’Brian or Vic Fangio

  • Idiottalk….don’t like the mounting evidence that renders your drivel irrelevant….so announce it isn’t worth your time and disappear.

    • Not at all, I’d rather not be negative about my football team…that’s me, that’s the type of fan I am…bashing a rookie QB isn’t fair for me to do, its not his fault he has been thrown into the fire with high hopes and expectations…you cats will just have to live and learn!

  • That’s what cowards . Beat them with logic and brains. The get loud, cuss and then quit

  • I know you’re not referring to me as a coward, HaveNoBrain…with your always “someone is playing the race card” way of thinking. But too afraid to come out and call someone out…The thing about me, I can hold a mature convo or I can stoop to your level, or I can bitch smack you, slam you on your neck in person…it all depends on how you run your mouth…in no way, would that be cowardly…

    BTW, I would know if you were talking to me, if you actually stated my name or somehow let me know you were talking to me or about me…from where I am from, you just defined what a coward is…

    • realtalk i wrote above that your mom tosses my salad. does that get me a neck slam?

      • that gets you ignored…only someone highly ignorant or that immature would bring another man’s mother into a conversation…seriously, get real, bitch

        • lol…glad you have such standards.

          You bring up someone getting railed in the keister….that’s ok…he fires back about tossing salad and you’re all high and mighty.


          • haaaaaaa what a fraud. seriously though 1 time i gave her a hot lunch real talk

            • Bringing his mom in was low rent and proves idiotic. Sorry I didn’t come to your defense earlier unreal,s I was engaged in my own bAttle with you. Mhenski is low class POS for that…

              • Cigar Low class is what your mom is a low class hooker. The only pos is the one I left in real talks moms mouth when she was tossing my salad.

          • yea, me talking about you to your face or over the keyboard is much different than talking about another man’s mother…there’s a difference…now if I talked about his wife, I’d be wrong or labelled disrespectful…if I said, how loose is his wife after I got at her, would I be wrong? did I take it too far?

            Vinnie, you opened the door about getting railed in the keister…you are the one that mentioned your sex life and have phone sex with a strange man from Cleveland…remember?

            I’m glad you feel a need to defend your boy…but honestly, you both need more people!

            • That’s nice Mhenski. You are a class act. And no nothing about sports. I’m sure as the big boys were picking on you and picking you last you developed a lot of anger.
              All of you immature unfulfilled athletes who mention sucking dick and moms have some issues for your counselor

    • Unreal, you are a coward. You are ignorant. It boggles my mind that you actually are suppossed to be a role model for kids. However having coached for years and knowing that the bulk of AAU coaches are ignorant cowards and jokes in the real sports world, I do understand

      • HaveNoBrain – you can meet up with me anywhere your choosing…and we’ll see who the coward really is..I’m ignorant but you assume I only mentioned Dennis Dixon because he was a black athlete….right? forgot to ask why I preferred Alex Smith…. you assume anyone that talks bad about Foles is racist and to me, that is ignorant, you half a fag….I’m a great role model for my kids, I work full time, make 90K a year at the age of 32, I do not do drugs, I volunteer….do more in the community than you do, I am sure…Talking about football and not sharing the same opinions as you makes me a bad role model? you are truly a dumb fuck! BTW this isn’t the 50/60’s anymore…The world is a little more free now adays a black man can say what he wants when he wants…

        • When I mentioned drugs before you said it was ok that you smoke chronic cuz your kids parents were crack heads.
          You forget that huh. It has nothing to do with race ignoramus! You blatantly defended Vick and will not give Foles a chance. I have always said no one can judge pro or con YET. Because he was drafted by the birds, they have no other qb’s he deserved a chance.
          As for your threat of violence. Obviously since you get beat intellectually yo bring it to the lowest common denominator.
          As for the 50-60s my mentor in both coaching football and in school administration are African American men who I love and cherish. Speak their minds? I seek their advice constantly and the one is the one who taught me his distaste for low life AAU coaches

          • You too don’t have your facts straight…nor a sense of humor to take me so seriously all of the time…

            HaveNoBrain, you beat me intellectually? be real, only thing you beat is your meat…you said nothing to disprove anything that I’ve stated on these boards except contradict them with your irrational closed minded thinking.

            How many times do I have to say, my opinion, I don’t think Foles deserved a chance…I think he was in a lucky position and thrown out there because he MAY have been the best option as the Eagles QB other than the starting QB…

            So let me get this straight…you can bash Vick all you want, bash other players all you want…but Foles is a no no? you can want Foles for the 2013 season as the starter, but anyone that says they don’t think Foles should be the starting QB in 2013 is wrong…in my opinion all roster spots should be open for discussion…that includes your hero Foles.

            • Always go to the least common denominator. Dick comments. Good luck unreal. GO BIRDS

        • a few months ago you wrote you made $100k plus. you get a demotion or caught in a lie?

          • you really worried about my pockets? you are wrong fellah…wrong…I love when cats make lies up to make themselves look good!

  • We may never learn what kind of QB Foles can become if the new coach decides to go in another direction which will drive home realtalk’s point about being in the right place at the right time. I guess Howie can always make him available to the Chiefs who would gladly bypass Geno Smith for Nick Foles. LOL

    • Whoever they hire we will know his intentions pretty quick when it comes to Foles. His first question will be about Foles. I heard something today that if it was Kelly that Foles may ACTUALLY be a great fit. He would run a spread but not the spread option. Would look similar to broncos and pats. So who knows

  • What?? Suddenly its “bashing a rookie QB isn’t fair for me to do??”

    You won’t bash a rookie QB??? Unless its Foles of course…..

    “and all I say is he Foles) doesn’t deserve a shot!”

    “what has Foles done, to be deserving of being the future QB of the Eagles?”

    “All of that passing statistics with Foles, was in big part to the dink and dunk passing game”

    ” A tremdendous rookie year? 1 win?”

    “Foles showed he is a serviceable NFL QB at best”

    “But in my opinion and from what I’ve seen, I’d look elsewhere for a QB,”

    “Foles will never be a Brady…keep dreaming, dumb ass”

    “Foles doesn’t deserve 2013 as the starting QB…bottom line, that’s my opinion”

    “OK, so tell me what he has done to deserve a shot over a 28 year old QB, Edwards”

    “So you’re telling me teams, when playing the Eagles, they said, how the hell are we going to stop Nick Foles? give me a fucking break,”

    “One thing I can say for sure is teams game planned for Vick…you cats can’t say the same about Foles,”

    “bottom line….Idiotalk knows that Vick was/is a game changer, Foles isn’t and may never be! ”

    “Vick’s stats were by far better than Foles…” (I mean you went as far as to outright lie)

    “But I did say I would take Dixon over Foles…just shows you how I feel about Foles game.”

    “I’ll venture to say that Foles will also be out of the league in 3-4 seasons…”

    Is that your idea of not being negative about your team.

    Look, I get it. You are mad that Foles beat out your hero and so you want anyone except him…trotting out replacement names like Dixon and Malett and just about anyone else because you hate Foles.

    Get over it.

    I understand why you are doing it. I did the same with Vick. The difference is I was, and always have been, correct about Vick. Proof in the pudding.

    There is no proof on Foles yet…only some very promising evidence that you ignore because of your irrational dilike.

    You want anyone here but Foles. You’d rather us spin wheels with Vick for one more year. You’d rather Dixon. You’d rather a trade for Mallett. You’d rather anyone.

    Well you better resolve these issues soon because you’ll be watching Foles for 16 games next year (at very least….and hopefully for another 150 or so after that)

    That’s idiottalk.

    • When did the Eagles hire Vinnie? I thought the incoming coach was making that call.

    • Honestly, if you consider anything of the above as bashing a player you are super sensitive…but what should I expect from you, sis? just as negative as the same folks that defend Foles have been on Vick, AR, MM, DJAX, Nnamdi, DRC etc etc….so again, we are witnessing another double standard…its open season on everyone but Foles, right? you are a clown! this has nothing to do with Vick…I hope Vick is done being an Eagle…I don’t have the strength or the patience to argue about what Vick can and not do anymore…I hope he goes to a fan base and organization that will appreciate him and use him to his best abilities….I’d rather have this guy that guy….and? its my opinion, this is the offseason for the Eagles, the QB position still has not been settled…With all of the personnel moves that will likely take place, why not look at a Mallett, Smith, Flynn?

    • damn realtalk vinnie just neck slammed the shit out of you

      • mhenski – coming from you…I dont care

  • Unreal you are A passionate fan. I know you will support whoever is the qb. I’m done

  • Bah I dont like Chip kelly But I do like Obrian. Lol the whole thing about right place right time goes for all aspects of life. We all know people that have shit they didnt work for or in our opinions dont deserve. Thats called life. Fact is No one is guaranteed a damn thing in the NFL with the dirth of quality QB’s in the NFL right now If Dixon was worth a Damn he would be on someones roster. Vhip Kelly really scares me, but Ill be a birds fan whatever happens.

    • Problem is Dixon may have been worth a damn when he was a rookie…since he was never given a 6 game chance, as a rookie and another full season…you will never know how good he would have been if given the chance.

      Luck plays a part to a players success…the luck of the draft for instance…
      All I’m saying is Foles was drafted into a better situation for a rookie QB to get an opportunity.

      • I agree with you assessment. I believe the earlier argument that entertaineded me for a long time today was over if Foles deserved the chance. I think if I was reading it correctly, you think he he didnt pay his dues yet. I would agree if he worked at a job like us, but its football man and everyone is one play away from retirement. I dont think He is promised the starting Job but unless we can steal Rogers or Brady, I would like to see the man with a full season. But of course it’s opinion and we both believe we are right. Up to the Millionares to prove us right or wrong.

        • True valid point, about everyone being one play away from retirement…I’m on board with whatever decision is made at the QB position. I still would like the Eagles to look at all options, not just coaches, WR, S, O Line, D Line, DB etc….but the QB position too.

  • *Chip

  • That is the truth Xevious, nothing is guaranteed.

  • My only question about all this Nick Foles drama is this. If your hired as the Eagles coach in this win or else atmosphere that is Philly, do you begin your career with Nick Foles as your starter without first seeing what was out there? I wouldn’t but maybe that’s why I’m on here and not coaching a football team.

    • I understand what you are saying 100% BL821…my question is why wouldn’t you look at all the possibilities at every position considering the circumstances and the state of this team…My issue is that so many on here just want to give Foles the keys to the franchise and don’t want him to have any competition…

      • This is why I get upset real because these cats act like your crazy for making sense and start bringing all this stats nonsense when in reality the only stat that mattered is 4-12 and I don’t give a damn if your a rookie or not. Again if I came in here nobody would be safe and my future wouldn’t be invested in a roster full of dudes who obviously didn’t give a damn about the previous coach.

    • Fine arguement……if…..and only if….there is someone else that would, by next year, that could “win or else?”

      There is no one. No Andrew Luck who we all heard about for 4 years prior to the draft. No RGIII with unbelievable metrics. No Peyton Manning available.

      There are fading college QBs in West Virginia and USC, some “riders” who would have been 3rd round picks a month ago, there are some retreads like SMith…and there are some pathetic guys like Sanchez, Vick, and Cassel.

      You bring any of those college guys in? None are significantly better than FOles are they? No. So what they all are is one full NFL season, 4 preseason games, and 6.5 games of NFL BEHIND Foles.

      So how do they help? WHy would you spend your top 4 pick on one who is…if history is any guide….not able to produce like FOles did this year.

      That makes no sense.

      So the shitty vet then? We already have one in Edwards. What do any of the other names I mentioned bring to the table that he doesn’t? An arguement can perhaps be made for Smith, but all that does is invite a completely unnecessary controversy.

      You want to bring someone in to win next year…..someone immediately better than Foles…..


  • “risers”

  • shit I forgot.

    Dennis Dixon.

  • Im forced to agree with Vinnie here. Unless we are gonna pull a rabbit out of our asses next season we should see what Foles has. I dont see anyone on the F/A list or Coming out that is better IMO. I dont see Flacco getting away from Baltimore. If Foles isnt the Answer than maybe you take a shot with a better QB class coming out next year. Bridgewater Johnny football…Might be a Free agent Next off season worth a damn. Foles was a lot better than a lot of people give him credit for on this site. Reuben Frank had a very good article on just how good he was this season on CSN. Only really behind RG3 this season in a lot of important stats.

  • The most important stat was he won 1 game, listen I have said before going just by numbers he was better then Luck, the difference in the two is that Luck made plays that won games. I just know this my only options going into 2013 wouldn’t be just Foles and Edwards your asking to be fired if that’s your only options. Just my opinion

    • Who?


      Who is out there immediately and significantly better than foles?

      No one.

      • Vinnie, I would run Vince Young out there for 16 weeks before I handed the job to Foles. You know a guy who actually knows and has won games in the NFL. If the dude the Cardinals fired would have signed him instead of that ridiculous nonsense he put under center after Kolb got hurt he might still have a job.

        • you lose all credibility with Vince Young. In fact your anti-Foles agenda is really Showing in today’s posts.

  • I have another question this time about this job in Philly, I know that any head coaching in the NFL is desirable but really how desirable is this job when the GM is already in place and the owner just threw the prior coach under the bus while absolving the GM of this 4-12 putrid roster that the GM help put in place?

    • Lurie made it clear that the new coach will report directly to him. The GM will be there to acquire players that fit the coach’s scheme. That’s them most common arrangement in the league.

  • There are two schools of thought. 1 is the coach hires the gM … As Andy will do in KC. The other is the GM hires the coach. Usually better when GM hires coach

    • If the GM knows what he’s doing it’s best that way cigar, I don’t think Roseman is the right GM.

  • Lets Foles ride it out. If he sucks and we stink, draft a Big East QB to lead us for the next decade. Yes I am talking about Bridgewater.

    It worked for us 14 years ago!!

  • **Breaking Eagles News***
    With Andy Reid and Tom Heckert in tow in Kansas City,
    A source from KC has confided in me to leak a blockbuster Yrade Offer between the Chiefs and Eagles
    AR has Offered to Roseman a deal of the Following
    DT Dontari Poe, QB B Quinn their 2nd Rd, & 5th Round Draft picks
    In 2013 Draft as well as their 4th & 6th Round picks in 2014
    To the Eagles for QB Vick, WR J Maclin,
    DT C Jenkins and OT T Herrenans as Big Red looks to reload the Chiefs now
    To compete in a weak AFC West with Raiders & Chargers rebuilding in 2013
    Coach AR knows Roseman is under a lot of Pressure with this upcoming Off-Season and is putting him to the Test
    Ar is also smart enough to make this Deal public to let the little bastard squirm per my source, should be interesting to see what happens

  • Same fools always trying to bring down the best rookie performance ever by eagles qb of the modern era, trott summed it up about their favorite , mcchoke, he said if the game came down to two minutes with the offense on the field the game was over, you listen to this passive aggressive racist big lion, followed by real talk, he’s been spewing the same racicially motivated garbage on here for years, I make you this promise, if foles were white you would not hear from any of them except how great he is, these guys are not worth listening too

    • LOL if Foles were white. Classic

  • Where’s all the chatter and love for QB Joe Webb who beat the Eagkes and Vick in probably his most important game as an Eagle in 2010 when he had a real chance to solidify himself as a Top NFL QB

    • This town would revolt if they brought Joe Webb here paulman.

  • **Hot News**

    This was just confirmed, Joe Banner and the Cleveland Brown did in fact interview Bill Obrien at a “secret location” sometime this week. Also getting word that noone knows where the Eagles are today. Maybe a state college? Yes. Possibly Penn State im hearing.

    • ****HOT NEWS****

      This already well documented, LiL Bron-Bron, Jon Hart, is a Lebron @$$miner, a fraud, & the only sources he has, is every news source, radio show, newspaper, & TV sports program, that everyone else see’s, reads & hears!
      JUST STFU, & GO AWAY, you @$$clown!!!!!

  • Chip Kelly looks like a young Andy Reid, holding that play calling card, shifty, gimmickry play calling, a so called innovator on how to win when the successful template has already been established, worst move eagles could make is to hire this type of coach but they will hire him if they can, do not trust Lurie he sold us a bill of goods at his press conference, howie Roseman is not qualified to run a football team, bleak times ahead for eagles fans as if we needed more

  • Oregon’s just way too fast for KState.. its getting ugly fast sheesh.. Chip is looking to put on a show for potential nfl franchises he plans to join..

  • You and howie Roseman can love chip kelly, not real man, not a real football coach, a gimmick like Andy Reid

  • **THIS JUST IN**


    • ****This just in****

      Everything I stated above!!!!

  • http://www.nj.com/eagles/index.ssf/2013/01/bill_obrien_is_staying_at_penn.html
    Obrien interviewed with the eagles today and decided to go back to psu

    Word is lurie and roseman are trying to sell potential coaches on foles being a franchise qb and they are not biting it….

    Lurie and roseman are going down the wrong path and this team ismgoing to be in the gutter until roseman is fired

  • Obrien staying after interviewing with eagles….

    Word is lurie and roseman are trying to sell potential coaches on the current talent on the roster and foles as the qb, potential coaches are not biting on the latter

    • Don’t know if that’s true jott, but it would scare me away.

  • Not surprise that O’brien is staying at Penn St he has a change to be a something special there.

  • Good man O’Brien for staying at Penn State, his job is just beginning there. The NFL will be there when he decides to go.

  • You guys are so funny so negative about Lurie and Roseman besides San Diego none of the other teams have good QB so there not trying to sell Foles. The sale is we have 2 good RB our 3 OL are coming back off injury and a good receiving core and we have the 4th pick in the draft that’s the selling point.

  • You gotta admit Turk all that is a selling point but it all starts with the QB spot which is another reason this job is a tough sell. This team doesn’t have a QB.

  • Anyone look at tape of Foles games will see if we run the offense through the running game this offense can be good and add a big receiver thinking in the second round of the draft or sign Mike Wallace if Chip is the Coach.

  • Guys lets be real all the teams looking for coaches need QB except Chicago and San Diego so that leaves Buffalo, KC, Arizona, Cleveland, Philly so what team you rather coach out of the remaining 5 I’m gonna coach Philly

    • I’ll take Arizona because of the Defense, you can find a game manager to go with that D. That’s Whisenhunt got fired couldn’t find a serviceable QB.

  • Chip Kelly is gonna choose Philly because of the team speed they have McCoy,Brown, Jackson,Johnson

  • Arizona has no OL or running backs no thank you

  • I forgot Arizona has no QB either

  • All we nee dis geno smith .. I saw one mock draft having the eagles selecting smith at 4

    • He ain’t getting past at KC, or Jax at #1, or #2, especially if Reid signs, as currently looks to be the case. I don’t want him anyways. Not in the top 5! IMHO, he is not a franchise QB. As a matter of fact, nobody in this draft is!

      • We have WAY TOO many bigger needs, & holes anyways! It’s not happening! If this was last year, I would say hell yeah, with RGIII, & Luck. I guess that fraudulent, fools gold, 4 game winning streak, to end of last season, wasn’t so great after all, as some of the Reid @$$ kissers on here proclaimed! Where are you Schiller, Navy, Mr Charleton, awolwest?!? SICKENING idiots!!!!

  • Eagles don’t have much of a Roster either fellas
    They were 8-8 with a relatively full and healthy squad in 2011
    And followed that up with a 4-12 Record in 2012 so stop kidding
    Yourselves that’s its just s QB away from contending
    This Franchise Is 12-20 in the last 32 Games and that’s the reality
    Of the situation

  • I like Foles but I would like him to be back up if chip kelly is signed. If we get obrien I would like to draft the top TE and run the 2 tight end set that transformed Mcgloin..

  • @Xevious not anti Foles granted I don’t like him but my point is competition at all positions if Foles outplays him he just does. And for Whis not to even kick his tires well you see that dreck he ended the season with.

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