• January 20, 2022

The Eagles Need To Become More Defensive-Minded

The search continues for the successor to Andy Reid, and so far there hasn’t been anyone to knock Jefferey Lurie, and his evaluators off their feet.

You’ve heard the names of Offensive Masterminds like: Mike McCoy, Jay Gruden, Chip Kelly, Bruce Arians, and Bill O’Brien,[who in my opinion, would have been the perfect choice for this teams circumstances, had he not decided to stay at Penn State] but what Mr. Lurie is neglecting, is the old saying that, “Defense Wins Championships”.
Although the team as a whole was disappointing, we have to recognize that the strongest part of this Eagles team was their offense. So if I’m the owner, looking for new leadership, would it not be reasonable to look for enhancements on the defensive side of the ball? There are viable defensive geniuses that are being overlooked, and it would be irresponsible on the part of the Philadelphia Eagles Front Office to take just a purely offensive approach to the coaching search. That being said, it would also be irresponsible to assume that the candidates previously mentioned, are any more innovative, detailed, or more qualified to be head coaches, than some of the just as talented quarterback coaches, and assistant coaches around the league, who could be snatched up to be hired as an Assistant Head Coach, or Offensive Coordinator to complement that Defensive minded Head Coach. To name a few:
1. Ben McAdoo – Green Bay QB Coach – GMCliff’s Top Choice for Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach
2. Michael Christianson – San Francisco 49ers Offensive Assistant & Coordinator of Football Technology
3. Joe Lombardi – New Orleans QB Coach
4. Geep Chryst – San Francisco 49ers QB Coach
5. Russ Grimm – Arizona Cardinals Assistant Head Coach
6. Clyde Christensen – Indianapolis Colts QB Coach
7. Sean Ryans – NY Giants QB Coach
I was very happy to hear that Gus Bradley will be getting an interview soon. I think Bradley would bring back that tough, aggressive, intimidating reputation that Philadelphia really hasn’t had, since the Buddy Ryan era, with players like Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner, Wes Hopkins, Andre Waters, Eric Allen, and Ben Smith…DON’T YOU MISS THAT !!? I DO!!
There are other defensive minded coaches that would satisfy this city’s craving for a dominating winner, and Super Bowl Champion. Here are a few names to keep your eye on:
1. Vic Fangio – San Francisco 49ers Defensive Coordinator – GMCliff’s Top Choice for Head Coach
2. Gus Bradley – Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator
3. Mike Pettine – New York Jets Defensive Coordinator
4. Cory Undlin – Denver Broncos Assistant Defensive Coordinator
5. Ray Horton – Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator
6. Scott McCurley – Green Bay Packers Defensive Quality Control

Most of the names in this article will be highly sought after, after the 2013-2014 season in some capacity. Why not get defensive minded now, to avoid the disaster of making the mistake of hiring the Chip Kelly, Jay Grudens of the NFL World.

I also believe what the Eagle really need to get defensive about is coming out of their way of the last 14 years, and searching for what might be to them, an Andy Reid Clone. Andy was out coached for most of his career; omitting the early years when the NFC East was rebuilding, and essentially forfeited NFC East Titles, where Reid has made the most of his reputation. GMCliff, does not believe that Andy Reid was a quote – unquote, good coach, just an average offensive mind, mainly because he had never been either, an offensive, or defensive Coordinator; so he had no idea to make the adjustments need to lead or coach us to a victory.

If we are going to move in a different direction, then lets prepare to move forward completely; without any influence of what supposedly use to work under Andy Reid. So the Eagles in my opinion, need to get more Defensive minded, and prepare to move strongly in this direction. The Eagles should be forewarned, those who fail to prepare, should prepare to fail. They did this last year when Mr Lurie was not prepared to fire Andy Reid after the 2011 – 2012 season, imagining he was going to get something different in results, although it was clear defenses had caught on to what Reid was doing, as the team became predictable.

Good defensive minds are just as valuable as offensive minds. So lets get defensive…more Defensive, in our search, and quest for a Championship, because IT IS DEFENSE that win championships.  

Clifford Dorsey

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  • great Job gmcliff. congrats. you getting published probably chaps paulmans ass.


  • Giants were 27th and New England was 31st year in defense.

    5 of the top 10 defenses are in the playoffs this year, 6 top 10 offenses.

    You need some defense, but that defense wins championships meme is old and not valid today.

    • Who are the giants playing in the playoffs this year?
      Fact is its not a myth, defense does win championships when you don’t have what those playoffs teams do you mention of…a Brady, Rodgers even a Luck or RG3…we simply don’t have those at QB…which is why we need defense to be the reason we win a championship…

      • Those were last year’s stats 27 and 31 for the Super Bowl participants.

        Need a QBin this day and age, and the Eagles don’t have one.

    • Absolutely. Giants won last year on an incredible offensive play. Saints, Packers were offensive powerhouses. Indy did win with defense, Giants in 07. Steelers had mix. Pats, Broncos, Packers, maybe Falcons most likely will win this year. All offensively strong. San Fran is a defensively strong team but without offense, can’t win.

      Old saying. Out of dare.

  • Great job GMCliff, but I had to sit in the kitchen, to read the 2nd half of the article! Why where the fonts so huge? LMFBO!

    • I don’t see any different font sizes? I can only assume he emailed a Word Document to you (denny?), and did not change the “copy and paste” font from a search engine spell check of these coaches’ names while constructing this article and just kept on typing.

    • They were for emphasis to the point DCar. Thanks Brother…

      • I know! Was being a smart @$$! LOL!

  • Let’s stop clowning around, get Gus Bradley and get prepared for 2013. I’m not going to act like a Mr. know it all,however, after I saw what the Seahawk defense did to the 49ers I wondered who the Seahawk DC was.
    Then bring in Teo or Star and we are moving in the right direction. Go Eagles!!!

    • I’m with you man, please hire Gus Bradley. That seahawk defense is very impressive, young talent everywhere. Screw chip, want nothing to do with him. Furthermore, everything im reading says he is unsure about coming to the NFL and is torn between making the jump or staying at Oregon. Why would you want somebody like that…I want the guy that is ready and confident from day 1. Chip Kelly seems like a disaster

    • I like it.Sounds good to me Eaglehaslanded!!…….

  • Great article big dog keep them coming.

    • What’s up PDiddy!!!!!!!!

  • Super Bowl 19. Joe Montana (MVP), 3 TDs
    Super Bowl 20. Jim McMahon (Richard Dent), 0 TDs
    Super Bowl 21. Phil Simms (MVP), 3 TDs
    Super Bowl 22. Doug Williams (MVP), 4 TDs
    Super Bowl 23. Joe Montana (Jerry Rice), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 24. Joe Montana (MVP), 5 TDs
    Super Bowl 25. Jeff Hostetler (Ottis Anderson), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 26. Mark Rypien (MVP), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 27. Troy Aikman (MVP), 4 TDs
    Super Bowl 28. Troy Aikman (Emmitt Smith), O TDs
    Super Bowl 29. Steve Young (MVP), 6 TDs
    Super Bowl 30. Troy Aikman (Larry Brown), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 31. Brett Favre (Desmond Howard), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 32. John Elway (Terrell Davis), 0 TDs
    Super Bowl 33. John Elway (MVP), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 34. Kurt Warner (MVP), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 35. Trent Dilfer (Ray Lewis), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 36. Tom Brady (MVP), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 37. Brad Johnson (Dexter Jackson), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 38. Tom Brady (MVP), 3 TDs
    Super Bowl 39. Tom Brady (Deion Branch), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 40. Ben Roethlisberger (Hines Ward), 0 TDs
    Super Bowl 41. Peyton Manning (MVP), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 42. Eli Manning (MVP), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 43: Ben Roethlisberger (Santonio Holmes), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 44: Drew Brees (MVP), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 45: Aaron Rogers (MVP), 3TDs
    Super Bowl 46: Eli Manning (MVP), 1 TD

    Franchise QBs win Superbowls for the most part. Sprinkle in a game manager every now and then but as you can see you have to go back 10 years to the last game manager won one in Brad Johnson. Even though Rothlisberger wasnt nothing special in his first SB he is elite now.

    • This is true. As I’ve pointed out here. Check SB winning head coaches records with a great qb and without… It’s striking. You have to have a pro bowl caliber qb

      • 21 of the last 28 SB have been won by HOF QBs. wow! Montana, Manning, Manning, Rogers, Brees, Brady, Warner, Elway, Rothlieberger(maybe), Farve, Aikman. .

  • And not one read/option team. Lol

  • Good Job GMCliff,
    I agree with your assesment of Re-building this Eagles Franchise in the likeness of a tough, no-nonsense, defensive minded Coach as we have discussed a few times, so that the Eagles can get back to a more physical style of play that stresses solids fundamentals and execution
    Look what this Colt Franchise has done in 1 Off-Season
    35 New Players on their Roster, a new Defensive minded Coach in Pagano and a Rookie QB with 6 Rookies playing on their Offense
    It can be done, but you need competent people in the Front Office to initiate and support and actually understand this philosophy which is where the biggest issue comes regarding this current Eagles Front Office
    These guys (Lurie, Rosenan, Smolenski) have never played the game and do ‘t understand or comprehend a tough, physical prescence takes, for they are Business Gygs, Narjeting and Financual guru’s and do not have an ounce of
    A Football fabric in their nake-up. It will take an Organizational
    philosophy from the Top Down to get back to hard-Nosed Physical Football and this Eagkes Afront Office is soft as it’s players are

    • Thanks Paul, but you and I should thank Denny, and Mr Cobb, for giving me an opportunity to express myself.

      I also knew you would see my point. We really don’t know if we have a Franchise QB yet. But if Ben McCadoo, was hired as the Offensive Coordinator, as a former QB Coach, who’s to say he won’t develop the next Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady? We need defense.

      • You’re welcome!

        • What are your thoughts of the article Denny? Can I try out for a job, or what? Can you help a brother out on Social Security?

          • I’m jealous! LOL!!!! Just joshing ya GM! I think you & Paul should do a draft article, like Paul used to do! They were kind of fun! What do say, Paul?

  • And to Mhenski,
    I am happy to see GMCliff article posted and would like to see more regular Posters Contibute or gave the opportunity to post an article as I have gad a couple myself posted by the G-Man.. The more different points of view, the better the Site is in my opinion.. Maybe you can write one??

    • I’m just messin with u Paul…. I just give teams/players props or criticism. I’m not really into writing articles not my thing plus I got a fowl mouth and they wouldn’t publish me with all my curses.

      • If YOU, have a fowl mouth, imagine what kind of sensors, they would have to use for me!!!! LMFBO!!!!

    • Mhenski, I think that’s a great idea brother……You, DCar, Paul, Daggolden, Jon Hart, and Vinne would make fantastic, rational arguments.

    • Anyone who is interested in writing an article for the site is welcome to do so…anyone interested can write the article and email it to me at dbasens@ycp.edu, and I’ll post it.

      • Thnx Denny, hopefully some of the regular posters will take the time and write a nice thought out piece like Cliff did.

  • Luck missed the Open TE, Fleener in the End-Zone
    Right there on that 3rd Down Play.. Great game so far

  • Wonder If Lurie regrets keeping and extending Howie Rosman I stead of keeping and elevating Ryan Grigson instead of losing him to the Colts

  • Way to go Cliff really good job. Still not calling you GM though. LOL

    • Thats cool Biggie…but I will be challenging Howie Roseman to a draft off in the very near future to see how his drafted players careers so far, compare to the ones I would have drafted…….When I humiliate him, Then you will call me GM.

      • I might as well start calling you GM now, I don’t need to wait for that. Ha.

      • Remember that Paulman wanted LB KJ Wright from Seattle 2 Drafts ago
        And Safety Cam Cancellor also… and liked Bobby Wagner a lot last year with their 2nd Pick as did DCar and quite a few of us did

  • Anyone notice how tough this little WR TY Hilton is for the Colts
    Not much bigger than D-Jax, but plays with heart and toughness that D-Jax has never shown in his 4-5year Career

  • @paulman a interesting article on Eagles recievers

    After an incredibly promising start to his professional career, Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson put together an awful 2011 campaign, followed by an uneventful 2012 season, before breaking his ribs in Week 12.

    And while Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin never put up the same type of monster statistics that Jackson did in his prime, he still showed tremendous potential early in his career. Maclin has still not performed even close to expectations, and even though he has shown moments of brilliance, he is nowhere near the discussion of an elite, or even impressive, NFL wide receiver.

    So the question is, will this duo of Eagles wide-outs ever shine again?

    Hesitantly, my answer is a very circumstantial, yes.

    Every wide receiver is a product of the quarterback throwing to him. Cut and dry, hands-down, no discussion. When a receiver is dealing with a struggling or novice quarterback, it does not just hamper his production, but it can absolutely butcher it.

    Some perfect examples of elite NFL wide-outs who experienced great difficulties due to quarterback issues alone are WR Randy Moss when he was with the Oakland Raiders, and Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne just last year with QB Peyton Manning sidelined for the season.

    So when you look at the quarterbacks that Maclin and Jackson have been catching passes from throughout their careers, you can see just why their production has been so limited.

    The Maclin-Jackson duo has played with QB Donovan McNabb during his massive decline, QB Kevin Kolb, who is a flat-out scrub, QB Michael Vick who is an inaccurate, run-first signal-caller, and QB Nick Foles who has proven to be an unimpressive and under-prepared rookie. So in reality, neither wide-out has ever played for a pure pocket-passer in the prime of his career.

    In Jackson’s second NFL season, he engineered some of the most explosive plays that I have ever witnessed at any level of football. With the speed, elusiveness, hands, and route-running abilities that Jackson has displayed throughout his career, it would be foolish to believe that his days of stardom are finished.

    Even though Jackson lacked the touchdowns and long catch-and-runs in 2012 that once made him famous, he was actually on track to put up career highs in both receptions and receiving yardage this season before his injury.

    When it comes to evaluating Maclin’s career to date, I am commonly dumbfounded. Maclin has developed one of those reputations in the NFL, where he will have a huge game, and follow it up with an absolute dud. He will look like a Pro Bowler one series, and then a reserve player the next.

    He has truly been a model of inconsistency in his short professional career, and has also been hampered with an array of injuries during his time in the league.

    With head coach Andy Reid now gone and Vick soon to follow, the Eagles need to continue to change their direction by delegating Foles to backup duty. The Eagles are desperate for a solid franchise quarterback, whether it be the product of a trade or an early, high-profile draft pick.

    With a consistently productive QB at the helm, Maclin and Jackson will both have a great chance at revitalizing their once blossoming NFL careers.

    But without some serious quarterback help, be prepared for the Eagles’ receiving duo to continue disappointing fans, and falling from relevance.

    • I think both already have fallen from relevance (not sure Maclin ever was)
      These are good #3 WR’s on most Clubs and that’s it
      I have been on record that D-Jax would give you similar production only playing 35-40 Snaps a game and is not an everydown NFL Receiver
      And also stated that they would have smart to let him walk for he’s a Cancer
      In the Locker room as well.. Every Team employs small and fast Receivers
      The difference is that these other teams players
      Have heart and passion and are team players
      Like Welker, Hilton, Anthony Brown, Hawkins,
      Cobb, etc,etc.. D-Hax is another primma-Doona who is a look at me, look how great I am kind of player that the Eagles have too many of on their Roster
      The Culture has to change and the new Coaches will hopefully gut this Rister of soft, wussy, me-first player that it has

      • I have stated this before and I will state it again. I will never in my life question a guy who is 5 10 165 pounds heart when he steps his ass on a NFL field. Can you friggin imagine what it takes to do what he does at that size? Call him a showboat or whatever but I would be careful about questioning his heart especially when you are in your comfy home typing.

        • Obviously all NFL Players are competitors and confident guys or they wouldn’t be in the NFL to begin with. But d-Jax has peaked already and book is simple, rough him up, cover him from the numbers out to the sideline and he’s basically a 1-trick pony who will make a half-dozen big Catches over a 16 Game Season and that’s about it..
          He’s never done anything for me as a Player and the Eagles were foolish to resign him in my opinion and now they are stuck with him due to his large Contract. I would have him return every punt and wear him out for he has about 2 years left at best in the NFL

  • The premise for an article is good (Eagles should look at a Defensive trained head coach & here are some suggested defensive coordinators)
    But then
    Ignores everything Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman said all week long.
    Howie said he is drafting THE BEST PLAYERS AVAILABLE AND NOT DRAFTING FOR NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most of these stupid GMCliff defensive head coach suggestions are trained for a 3-4 defense except Bradley & Undlin ( or 4 out of 6 stupid choices) —- Howie would have to use the next two years of draft choices to fill the “NEED!!!!!!!!” for starters ( & reserves) on the defensive front 7, which he doesn’t currently have under contract for 3-4 system. It is a stupid stupid article. GMCliff the Eagles are not switching to a 3-4 defense, so all these ridiculous names are Moot.

    • E0S, You know I expected to get some pessimism from this article. But do you honestly think I believe everything that comes out of Mr.Lurie’s, or Howie Roseman’s mouth……….Neither should you. Most of the best players available in the draft are positions of need.

      DT- Lotululei, a better DT, than Joeckel is as a OT for instance
      LB – Manti Te’o, a better LB, than Geno Smith is as a QB

      Do you think Howie will really draft the best player? It’s a matter of taste brother. My taste is different than his because my taste does not bypass drafting future All-Pros, nor interviewing, and hiring SuperBowl Championship Coaches…If they’ve coached a 3-4, or a 4-3, doesn’t matter, they will be just as successful as any you could suggest.

      Did you suggest Jay Gruden, as the next Head Coach?…..All the defensive coaches I suggested would make better Head Coaches than him. All the QB coaches I suggested, would make better Head Coaches than him as well. Your welcome to you opinion of the article, but when 95% of the GCobb.com Family loves it….Who Cares what you think.

  • Eagles could convert easily to a 3-4 and would need 2 Lb’s and a big NT
    And could have a Graham, Hunt or Curry be a stand-up pass rushing OLB
    From various alignments

    • Graham, and Curry were thought to be a 3-4 OLB’s going into their respective drafts anyway.

      And it would take a year or 2 to gel as a team anyway. I really don’t see E0S’s point.

      • Cox, Jenkins, would easily slide to 3-4 DE, Curry can play either 3-4 DE, or 3-4 OLB, & Graham, Hunt & Cole can play OLB, although I want Cole gone. Look at Colts. Mathis & Freeney now play OLB.

        • Thornton can play DE too.

  • Gus Bradley and that Seattle defense are definetly a different team when they arent at home.

  • Gus Bradley’s Defense is getting shredded by the Redskins
    I think I saw our “Songs” with his RGIII shirt on and pigs nose on his face

    • And Russell Wilson looks great too. That Coach is turning into the pumpkin it really is.

  • Man I know you guys don’t want to hear this, but I like chip kelly and I hope we get him. But who ever we get I will support them and give them a chance to implement their system. Before I start to boo. LOL

    • So will we Brother, but only when it gets to the point where we have no choice. But he is not my first choice.

      @Daggolde, and Paul – Lets see how good Bradley is in making adjustments; If he gets blown away on defense, he may or may not be ready either, but I can’t make that judgement on one game, because that D has been lights out all year.

  • Looks like bradley D starting to settle inn.

  • Seahawks have their legs under them now
    I believe they will shut out the Redskins the rest of the way
    After a slow start, field is sloppy, choppy negating their Team Speed which is joke that the Redskibs allow their field to be such a mess
    Saw a different condition 45 miles up the highway in Baltimore
    This was done on purpose by Shanahan and crew

  • We got ourselves a Ballgame now
    Like the energy that Seahawks showed after getting down
    And kept their poise, many teams would have list it a bit

    • What are your thoughts on Gus Bradley now Paul?.Do you think he has it in him to be a Buddy Ryan dominant defense w/ a little west coast, and a lot of hard nose, physical football?

  • Chip Kelly would be the biggest mistake for this franchise……he will crumble under the pressure in his city and bail after 1 year and go back to college….

    Gus Bradley is perfect for this city …..

  • Paulman – shut the f up

    Seattle is playing well, especially on defense.

    • What did he say wrong Jott?….He’s commending their defense…I personally am rooting on Gus Bradley.

  • Nice, I stated 2 hours ago that Seaheaks got their legs under them and would shut-out the Redskins the rest of the way??

    I also stated that I would like the Eagles to pursues free-agent Marcus Trudant from Seattle who used to be their Starter but is now 3rd fiddle behind Browner & Sgerman who are now the Starters for many years to mcome

  • Gus Bradley has done a great Job,no doubt
    My concern is that he only has 7 Years experience in the NFL
    And believe it or not, Pete Carroll is still very active in calling for Defenses, so how much is Bradley or how much is Carroll..
    Definitely worthy of Interviewing and has potential for sure
    What O/C could he attract to come with him is another issue??

    • GMCliff suggested to hire Ben McCadoo as Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, and San Francisco 49ers Defensive Assistant/Quality Control Peter Hansen Defensive Coordinator……the formula of those 3 minds should improve this team.

  • Could a Norv Turner or Cgan Failey be hired to run the Offense while Bradley focuses on Defense his first 2 Seasons or so???

    • 1. Gus Bradley – Head Coach
      2. Ben McAdoo – Assistant Head Coach/ QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator
      3. Peter Hansen – Defensive Coordinator/ Quality Control

      Paul, Can you do me a favor, and check out the credentials of these 3 Coaches, and give us your take on their combined abilities, to bring us a championship?

  • **Chip Kelly Update**

    Hearing from more sources that Chip Kelly is in fact staying at Oregon. Still nothing official from him or the school however. So we’ll see

    • Sources are telling CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora that Chip Kelly has decided to stay at Oregon rather than accepting the Eagles’ offer.
      There has been nothing official from Kelly or the school, so don’t put it in the books just yet. Showing Brett Favre tendencies as a waffler, Kelly has come close to signing with an NFL team for a second consecutive year only to have noted Oregon booster and Nike co-founder Phil Knight throw more money at him to stay with the Ducks. The Eagles move on with a candidate list that includes Bengals OC Jay Gurden, Broncos OC Mike McCoy, Seahawks DC Gus Bradley, Falcons ST coach Keith Armstrong, Falcons DC Mike Nolan, and Colts OC Bruce Arians.

      Is this your sources?

  • Great NFC matchups next week. Julio Jones and Roddy White better tighten them chinstaps next week. Great game Seattle at Atlanta. Then GB traveling to SF is another great great matchup. The AFC will be the following week with NE traveling to Denver if everything stands pat.

  • **Mike McCoy Interview**

    McCoy interview is over. Eagles brass heading back to Philly.

    • Unfortunate that McCoy is not with them.

  • The Gus Bradley interview has not been scheduled. It will be soon.. man eagles fans love Gus more than they ever loved Andy already lol.. hes a pretty intense guy..

  • Knew Kelly was staying..,,,neither team had the QB he wants for his offense…..and he has a freshman at Oregon that he can win with for the next 3 years..

    If the Panthers came calling, he would go since they have Cam.,,,smart move by him

  • **McCoy Interview **

    Im hearing that the interview didnt last very long at all, just 2hours long im hearing.

    My Thoughts- tells me that the eagles were not impressed and could see that McCoy just is not Head Coaching material, as i mentioned hes the perfect offensive coordinator or qb coach but not a head coach. Hes not coming here as the HC unless the eagles get desperate. Gus Bradley may blow them away, and Arians too. Saban and BKelly also..

    • GMCliff was not impressed, and could see Mike McCoy was reaping the benefits of having Peyton Manning as his QB,…..I would hope the Eagles would be smart enough to see that…

      If you thought that meeting was short wait until they talk to Jay Gruden……they’ll be back in Philly in an hour……Neither one of them is ready.

  • Hart- heard frim many sources that McCoy is not head coach material…he is not good commanding a room or leading

  • Seattle is going to the SB against the Broncos so it will be a while if Bradley is named the coach…just saying, the eagles as lurie said will take their time in this process

  • Eagles will need to wait most likely until Seahawks,49ers, Packers get eliminated before talking to some of their Assts
    These Teams will be buckling down and not grant interviews as we get to the Serious Super Bowl Contendors
    It will be a quiet week most likely around the NFL for Teams Searching
    I believe Kelly will resurface next off-Season for a
    More high-profile Team (Jets/Cowboys)
    If those Teams Struggle and miss the Playoffs again
    I don’t believe Banner was ever serious in hiring Kelly and wanted to one-up Lurie and the Eagles
    We wiil here some of the fired, experienced named Coaches like Wisenhut/Smith for the Browns Job would be my guess

    • Ur really still trying to spew this crap, all bc you were wrong. The browns were waiting to have dinner with the man when the eagles came in and messed it up for the them. The Eagles are the ones that upd the price and Joe pulled out on it. So Lurie made sure Joe couldnt get him either. You gotta understand all the dynamics.

  • Good Riddance with Kelly, he can go back to Nike U. Meanwhile Greg Roman and Gus Bradley await. And please place a phone call to David Shaw who is a 10x’s better candidate then ole Chip.

    • David Shaw just signed an extension with Stanford….no need to make a phone call, because he isn’t available.

      • Trust me if they wanted him that extension would mean nothing.

  • Seahawks beat Falcons but lose to the Wiiner of the 49ers/Packers game in NFC Championship
    AFC will have the Patriots & Broncos in their Championship
    Which make for a great Final Four
    The Eagles could play these Top 4 Teams 10 times each and come out
    About 6-34 in the 40 Games, they are nowhere close right now
    To the Top Teams of the NFL, maybe by 2014-2015 once Manning/Brady are retired. It is what it is and I still may blame at Lurie’s feet for letting this Eagles Franchise get complacent under AR the last few years, now we are hitting rock bottom are even behind Teams like the Seahwks, Rams, tab Bucs, Panthers, Vikings, Redskins and that’s just the NFC Conference in terms of Talent, Heart
    And a competent Front Office with good Coaching

  • The guys that play for Gus Bradley speak highly of him. They all say the team will buy into his system and that he has a solid foundation. When a player like Earl Thomas speaks of a man glowingly like this you gotta listen.

    • Jon, I will take him, Fangio, Dana Bevell, or Bruce Arians if he is available. What do you think?

      • You know Fangio is my guy too, he has the most experience out of all the coaches left, next to Bruce Arians. But Im kinda intrigued by Gus Bradley too. He took a defense that was the doormat for the nfc offenses and turned them into one of the most feared in the league. Noone wants to play them. That speaks volumes. But GM, there are so many good quality coaches left that theyre gonna gave to patiently sift thru them. Id wait and talk to Fangio, hes worth it. So is Bevell and Roman.. So here is my old but new top 3..

        1. Vic Fangio
        2.Gus Bradley
        3.Bruce Arians

        Good article btw GM

        • I agree Jon, but my fear is they will talk to everyone, and lose out on not just the right coach, but on hiring the right staff as well, and lose out on some of the available QB Coaches who are ready to step up to Coordinator like Ben McAdoo of Green Bay, who is the QB Coach that could really develop Foles better than Doug Peterson………After today’s game everybody should be high on Gus Bradley.

  • I like Fangio, Roman and Brad Seeley of the 49ers
    Pete Carmichael Jr and Joe Vitt of the Saints
    Gus Bradley of the Seahawks
    Winston Moss, Tom Clements of the Packers
    Mike Nolan of the Falcons

    I do not think McCoy, Jay Gruden , Dana Bevall are HC Material at this Time
    Shaw, O’Brien and Charlie Strong are 2-3 Years away from the NFL
    and current Coaches Nick Saban and Brian Kelly from ND are not leaving their College jobs for the NFL

    Cliff, I will check out McAdoo and the other Coach and let you know my thoughts about them

    • Idk why you don’t think Saban would leave. He left before he’d leave again. This may be the year, just the money has to be right lol

  • And I mentioned that McCoy is definitely not Head Coaching material more of a offensive coordinator or qb coach, said this yesterday and today. And Obrien was high on there list possibly 1a but he decided he wanted to stay at Penn State. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Speaking of Bevell, the Bears seek permission to interview Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell

    • I would definitely ask permission to speak to Bevell as well. I was impressed with what he did in the game today.

    • If he coaches Chicago…look out…..The Eagles already don’t match up well with them now…They’ll really be behind if he can get them to play offense as well as they play defense.

  • Chip Kelly is officially staying at oregon. He considered the eagles but decided to stay put.

    • Amen. Thank god.

  • I still find it funny how u cats time and time again try and out do eachother…. i said this first… i said that first….. he is not a hc…. he doesnt have it… u dont know these people… u dont know what u are talking about. We all used to laugh at paulman… now you ARE paulman. Its crazy.

    Stick to talking about what styles u want…. and who you THINK would fit… but step back and stop trying to be the turd that floats above the rest.

    • It’s all jokes bro nothing serious lol. Btw I’m no turd lol speak for urself haha

  • Btw…. where songs? Come on back bro…. i kept your stool warm for u… first round is on me.

    • Next week he’ll be a Seahawks fan! @$$clown, fraud, front running fool!

  • Thank God he is staying at Oregon. I like watching Oregon play although I am a Michigan Wolverine. I did not want Chip in Philly. I don’t think it would be a good match. I feel that Gus Bradley would be a perfect fit for Philly with his style of defensive philosophy. Perhaps Norv Turner for Offensive Coordinator. That would be a good start to reaching that ever elusive superbowl!!!

  • I could be wrong but this tells me that jeff may finally go Defensive. Jeff may hire a Defensive minded coach. Whats the biggest weakness on the team? The defense. The next few interviews are defensive coaches of course some offensive too, but expect them to take a long hard look at the defensive guys..Jeff watched what Gus Bradley did tonight, im sure he was impressed like we were…lets see what Fangio can do this upcoming weekend against the Packers

  • Ive been asking for a d.c. for 4 years…. now a h.c. who thinks d would make up for this. Lets go jeff.

  • Three playoff teams implementing kelly’s system… Seattle, Washington an New England. Maybe offense does win games.

  • The writer of this article obviously doesn’t know how much of a motivator chip kelly is. Ask anyone on Oregons defense about how much he stresses fundamentals-
    that is what a great coach does. He makes a better player out of you. Can all of these prospects do the same?

    • I know he has no NFL Experience to convince me, or guarantee me success.

      I know the difference between a strictly college coach, and an NFL Coach.

      I also know you don’t know what you are talking about…those teams haven’t implemented his system, they use FACETS of it.

      For instance, New England uses, a facet of Oregons NO HUDDLE. Belichek, is a coach that keeps things fresh, so he had Kelly come in to teach him his version; But, Belichek, the Redskins, and the Seahawks adds THEIR spin to it that would work in the NFL…..But its not his system.

      How many Oregon players are either All Pro’s or starting in the NFL, that have been motivated, and been made better players by Chip Kelly?………… I’ll let you meditate on that……He would suck as a head coach in the NFL.

  • What happened Lil Bron-Bron, Jon Fraud? Your boy, who you all but said, per your sources, was coming here, is going back to Oregon?!? What happened, your playtime as D mini-Gunn, ran out?!? I told you, you nitwit, that he was just playing everyone, to boost up his current contract in Oregon, just as O’Brien did! He was NEVER leaving, especially with his asinine demands, of having full control! Dude is a delusional @$$clown! You would have to be, flat out retarded, to give full control, to a College coach, who has ZERO NFL experience, with a Gimmick coaching style! He will never be an NFL coach, unless he can show that he can adjust his style, to other ways of coaching. You’re a fraud! STFU, with your dumb@$$, braking news BS! You ain’t breaking nothing, but wind!

    • ROTF!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dcar are you lying again? Just like you lied and said Jon Gruden is coming to philly and its been in the works for months and that you and Brian Baldinger are great friends since 1993? Hahaha and I’m the clown? Hahaha.. BTW Freddie, I never said Chip Kelly was coming to philly I was providing updates/reporting. When I shared my views I always said I want them to go defense (Vic Fangio

    • Dcar are you lying again? Just like you lied and said Jon Gruden is coming to philly and its been in the works for months and that you and Brian Baldinger are great friends since 1993??? Hahaha and I’m the clown? Hahaha and BTW Freddie, I never said Chip Kelly was coming to philly I was providing updates/reporting. When I shared my feelings on who I wanted, I always said I want them to go defense (Example Vic Fangio).. So instead of lying and imagining that I said something I never did, perhaps you should read and think before you type?! Or maybe you can call your “friend” Baldy and hear some more of his thoughts, you know since you guys been friends for 20 years lol..

      • Lil Bron-Bron Jon, I’m going to be 45 years, who do I need to impress on here? I have no need to lie, Jon Fraud. Nor do I give a F^#@ if anyone believes it, or not! I just relayed info, given to me! The process isn’t over yet numb-nuts! Go back & read what I said, It’s his job to take, he was waiting for his Brothers game, & he has reservations on Rosebuds. Go read my quotes- “Roseman factor & Brother’s game!” Can you read, you tard, if not, I suggest Hooked on phonics! I don’t lie, so don’t ever call me one! You don’t know $#!t, about anything, that’s why you play pretend to be CSN D mini-Gunn! Just STFU @$$clown!!!!

  • Chip won in the end!

    • Who cares? Real Birds fans don’t!

  • I know he has no NFL Experience to convince me, or guarantee me success.

    I know the difference between a strictly college coach, and an NFL Coach.

    I also know you don’t know what you are talking about…those teams haven’t implemented his system, they use FACETS of it.

    For instance, New England uses, a facet of Oregons NO HUDDLE. Belichek, is a coach that keeps things fresh, so he had Kelly come in to teach him his version; But, Belichek, the Redskins, and the Seahawks adds THEIR spin to it that would work in the NFL…..But its not his system.

    How many Oregon players are either All Pro’s or starting in the NFL, that have been motivated, and been made better players by Chip Kelly?………… I’ll let you meditate on that……He would suck as a head coach in the NFL.


  • o.k. let’s talk real intangibles here. Tell me what the break line is in the defensive
    outside zone read. Tell me who came up with that? I have to be fair and let you know that I am a coach.

  • i’m waiting!!!!

  • just as I thought!!!

    • @dlunenburg – WHO cares!! Bottom line, and my point is that it isn’t Chip Kellys system; He is not the mastermind, behind their schemes, and did not design their particular systems…..again they use facets of it; You’ve actually made my point.

      And I’m waiting for an answer to my question. If Chip Kelly, is all that you say he is…….Give me the names, of these Oregon players that are , ALL-Pros, or Starting in the NFL?

      I’m waiting for an answer because, if he is that great that would carry over, and translate to the NFL…Right?…..So, if he doesn’t even have one……What production do you think he would get from the millionaire pre-madonnas?

      I can respect that you are a coach..CONGRATULATIONS! But , I give less than a darn, in reference to this topic. He would stink in the NFL.

      • The top Defensive Coordinators in this league would eat him up….Thats why my article strongly recommends the Eagles hire a Defensive Coordinator to be our Head Coach, namely Vic Fangio, or Gus Bradley . I would be happy with either.

        The Offensive mastermind I would recommend hiring is Ben McAdoo; who also trumps Kelly. My hirings would hands down make the EAGLES A CONTENDER, in a short period of time.

        • Yea I have been asking for Gus Bradley since the very beginning…good to see more of you are in agreement with having a defensive minded head coach…
          Still need quite a few personnel changes before thinking about becoming a contender….

  • Using what (they) Seahawks, Redskins and Patriots have learned has helped take them into the playoffs yes?
    He should get credit where credit is due! just sayin-
    nothing more to say!

    • The only thing the Patriots added was the hurry up offense, & parts of the play action pass, I highly doubt, that Patriots needed him to get in the playoffs. How many years in row now, have they made the playoffs? How many SB’s have they been in? That is prior to Buffalo Chips talk with Belicheck, right! I love Wilson, but if their DF, wasn’t so awesome, do you think they’d be in the Playoffs? I don’t think so.

    • High-Tempo changes everything. An NFL team changing the tempo of their game is like changing the mind of the coaches, from personnel going in and out, who to play when and how. The inside/outside zone read is actually very simple in which any coach could implement. The key is accountability. You must key every assignment in order for the offense to be effective. You can see how Seattle for instance uses assignment blocking effectively on their zone reads. This takes discipline from great coaching.

      • yada, yada, YADA……Answer my question. Where are these great players, that he has motivated?

      • And Shanahan has been using zone blocking schemes, before Chip Kelly got to Oregon, and won a SuperBowl. You think he really needs Chip Kellys advice.

        I’m telling you this is a copy cat league. They are just keeping things fresh, and adding new wrinkles to THEIR shemes. Nobody deserves credit for that except the coaches themselves , not Chip Kelly.

        • Now there is nothing left to be said…….

          • all this talk of schemes, innovations, systems etc is baloney. it comes down to terminology really. i coached for 32 years at h.s, 1 year as a grad asst. — i ran the wing t for all of those years which is based on misdirection and having a 3 back set–however when personell dictated i ran an I, or i ran triple option and even when i had a great qb i threw the ball a bunch…i ran it all with the wing t terminology– point is IF kelly came he would adapt his system to the pro game– this zone read option stuff could be run out of any HC’s ‘system’ if he had the players and desire to run it.

        • And Gus Bradleys Defense, has worked over that Washington Offense, the Giants Offense, San Francisco Offense, New England Offense, and Green Bays Offense[Although, that game was controversial]…….You think the Eagles can use a mind like that?…to my point fella ….lets get more defensive.

          Get Gus Bradley in here as quick as possible.

    • Thank you for responding. He has had one player, from his system start on an NFL team Jarius Byrd. Haloti Ngata was drafted in 2006, Chip Kelly was not the Head Coach at that time………..This production of Elite NFL Talent is not impressive, and makes my point. None of the other players are Starters, or All-Pros, in fact most of them on that list either strictly sit the bench, relegated to Special Teams, or not even in the league. Spare me your ra ra for Chip Kelly as a Head Coach in the NFL.

  • You know what I think the eagles blew this coach search already. I know a lot of you guys are big on these coordinators, and thats fine. My personal opinion is their true top three choices were Kelly,O’brien and Marrone and they lost out on all three. When you see a coach you want you have to go hard to get them. Not take weeks and weeks and just settle for one of the coordinators on the hot team that’s in the playoff’s this year. I wanted a harbaugh type of coach coming in with fresh with new ideas and energy. Now we will be stuck with the hot coordinator this year big woop.

  • Yeah I would love Mike Mccoy if he brings Peyton with him.

  • Id rather have gruden or dungy or Lovie I dont think cohwer wants to coach

  • The hell with chip kelly, I want BRIAN KELLY NOTRE DAME BABY!

  • After BK wins the national championship it’s time to go pro. You heard it hear first BRIAN KELLY the next Eagle head coach.

    • Yeah diddy ive been saying for the past 3-4 days that him and Saban could make the jump and if so they are instant candidates for the Eagles H.C job period.

  • I see neither Saban or Brian Kelly leaving their
    Current Jobs (best in all on College)
    Saban is going for 5 Natiobal Titles
    And already had a taste of the NFL and didnt’t like it
    And found out quickly. He’s a total control freak and realizes that you don’t have control at the NFL just like Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier found out
    Brian Kelly has his dream job at ND and has finally built the program
    With his kids that he recruited and has a promising Freshnan QB
    To play for the next couple of years to give him a chance for Bationals Championships just like Shaw does at Stanford
    These guys are not leaving these great jobs for the bottom feeders
    Of the NFL with losing cultures and traditions
    The only Job I ever see Savan taking would be the Detroit Lions since he grew up in Michigan and would be a challenge for him if he wanted to return to his home State of Michigan for his last job

  • This week is a very important week for the Eagles organization and for the future of our Eagles. This week is filled with interviews, possibly one of these guys Bradley,Arians,Gruden,McCoy (maybe Saban BKelly) etc etc may be the next Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach. This is a monumental time in Eagles history.

  • For the last time, Saban & Kelly ARE NOT leaving their teams! Saban was an abject failure, in the NFL, in which he wants NO part of! Kelly has one of the BEST, high profile, Head coaching jobs, in the Country. He has a job for life, as long as he stays successful! STFU, with your idiocy, LIL BRON-BRON, Jon! Stop throwing $#!T to the wall, to see if it sticks! You don’t have a clue, of what you are talking about!

    • Remember when he abandoned LSU, for the Dolphins, the last time, when he thought he was the man? What happened then, a year later?!? He was over-matched, failed in epic proportions, & bolted back to college, to Bama! NO character, no balls, a quitter, & nothing more than a mercenary coach, who is all about his ego 1st! YOU CAN HAVE HIM!!!!

      • exactly!!!

      • Agreed. Saban is not coming here and even if he wanted to, I wouldn’t want him.

  • Guys Please, Nick Saban, Brian Kelly, Chip Kelly, just because they are successful college coaches doesn’t mean that automatically makes them potential successful NFL Coaches.

    If they were our Coaches you would eat them alive by their 2nd years. They are NOT NFL Coaches.

  • arguing over a college coach that is NOT coming here…. good idea.

    I for one am glad we didnt go that route because the way the team is built right now we would have a total collapse with Kelly on board.

    Ill take someone from the 49ers or Seahaws coaching staffs right now cause they are playing the kind of football ive been missing (and im not even talking about winning football). Big…. tall CB’s…… smashing LB’s….. a willingness to play the hot hand….. coming together as a team.

    • not sure how this got moved up here….. not replying to you gmcliff… it was suppposed to be at the bottom.

    • I agree Stevo….

  • Except this….. my fear is they will talk to everyone, and lose out on not just the right coach, but on hiring the right staff as well, and lose out on some of the available QB Coaches who are ready to step up to Coordinator like Ben McAdoo of Green Bay, who is the QB Coach that could really develop Foles better than Doug Peterson………After today’s game everybody should be high on Gus Bradley.

  • I am starting to believe the Roseman really wants to pull off an improbably thing that he has braggeed about in Bars around Town when he was working for Joe Banner.. the Plan is simply this, “A Weekly Fan Contest” to determine who the Coach of the Week is..
    The Winning Fan comes to NoveCare Center on Tuesday Mornings, watches Game Tape, sits in with Coordiantors (MM, Todd Bowles & Bobby April) and helps develops a Game Pland and runs Practices on Wed/Thursday and then gets ready to Manage/Coach the Game on Sundays..
    Each Week there will be a Different Winner and a Different Coach
    (White Black, Hispanic,Male, Female,From the CIty or Out from the Suburbs, Fat, SKinny, Pretty or Ugly…)
    Roseman believes he will grow the Fan Base, attract other Teams in the NFL to do, insrease Ratings and therefore the Value of Eagles Franchise

  • It comes Down to 2 Things,
    Execution and Heart, without these, no schemes, or coaching guru’s mean a damn thing and the Eagles Roster lacks in both of these areas big time ..

  • Lets look at the track record here. First they hire the SB coach. The old lets get all caught up in the SB team syndrome. So they hire a coach that did squat against the Cowboys in two NFCCs until the team hired a bunch of mercenaries to bolster their sorry defense. Then they win the SB and he becomes THE GUY for the inexperienced braintrust. Then after this guy turns out to be a buffoon, they are blown away by a guy that is a Holgren tree guy that appears to be super organized and detail oriented. And by the way, cheap too. After having a moron, the “blue binder” looked really impressive to them. That worked out ok. Then their top guy is a guy with a gimmick college offense who most people with sense saw as a huge gamble. Let’s face it. These guys do not know what the hell they are doing!

  • GMC….I agree that the choice for me seems to be defense. Let me spell it out. OCs tend to be cerebral guys. Cerebral guys do not tend to get in people’s asses. They are not usually real firey. THAT will NOT work HERE. This team is a team that clearly needs to be grabbed by the proverbial throat and informed that there is a new sherriff in town and that things are going to change or they are going to be gone. A cerebral guy will get the same effort that Reid got. Next, I think it is easier to find some Ben McAdoo somewhere to coach your offense than it is to find some D back coach that turns out to be the next hot D coordinator. Just my opinion. OC is easier to find than the DC. And lastly, this team needs more help on defense and needs the defense to carry us while a young QB learns the ropes. Also this team is not as talented on offense as people think. Maclin is a good number two WR, Desean plays when he wants to and has a limited skill set. There is no No. 1 WR here. The TE is aboive average when he can hold onto the ball but nothing special. The Oline is littered with question marks. Is JP the player he was in 2011? I highly doubt it. Is Kelce a good C without a zone blocking scheme? Who knows. He could be dead average. Is Herremans a viable RT? Sure didn’t look like it last year. So do you move him in to OG? Not at seven million. So will he give you a solid effort with half the money? Doubt it. So who is the RT? Kelly? Joekel? Herremans? and who is the RG? Watkins? Herremans? Scott? This offense is not that loaded. I think it is clear Foles can do more with this than Vick could but this is not an offense that is close. We need to stop dilluding ourselves about the talent we THINK we have.

    • Excellent Points jbird and spot on about the level of “Talent” of this Eagle Team
      When going Position by Position, the Eagles are below avearge in all of them in my opinion versus their competition with the exception of RB…
      but at QB, OL, TE & WR, most of the Eagles Starters would not be on the
      upper half Teams in the NFC.. Would D-Jax/Maclin start over the Packers,49ers,Falcons,Saints,Receivers.. Would TE Celek start for any of the Top 10 Teams in the NFC.. Foles or Vick at QB..
      Then on Defense, Eagles Safeties would not Start for probably any Team,
      the CB’s are overhyped and not physical enough.. Maybe you can kep one, but you can’t have both CB’s who are non-physical CB’s..
      Eagles LB’s are improved with Ryans/Kendricks but still lag behind the Redksins,Seahawks,Bears,PAckers,Cardinals,PAnthers,49ers,etc,etc
      and then you get to the DL which we’ve hears for years now is the strength of the Eagle Defense and is actually one of the weakest units in the NFL
      Take Cox,Graham off this Unit, and it’s not very Good at all
      I would trade,release,cut th chord on all players over the age of 29 Years old from this Roster immediately.. and re-build from the Line of Scrimmage out on both sides of the ball.. Watch the Seahawks or 49ers and even the Redskins OL and they are young and play physical Football

    • Fantastic JBird!!!! well said…you should write an article brother!!!

  • I’m sorry, but this situation looks familiar.

    The same team that hired a defensive line coach before a defensive head coach now have an incompetent GM.

    What high profile coach want to come in with all these loose nuts and bolts that will probably lead to failure?


    This is what a losing organization looks like.

    The Eagles will hire a guy who just want a chance and that’s not good enough.

    Lurie will not hire a coach that will challenge his FO, like a Gruden or Cowher..hell Chip Kelly reneged.

    He tried to sell Roseman in his press conference and no one is buying.

    Only an idiot would believe he had nothing to do with the drafts before 2012.

    And if he had so much power in 2012 then he’s responsible for giving DJax that big contract along with resigning the rest of the lackies on the team.

  • DCAR you shouldn’t be calling anyone out. What about your made up Jon Gruden rumor?!

    • Haha my words exactly.

    • THE PROCESS AIN’T OVER, & it’s not MY RUMOR! It’s info I relayed!

      • And I’ll call out anyone deemed a clueless, dumb@$$!

  • I kinda like the Roseman’s “Fan pick a Coach of the Week Contest”
    It’s growing on me the more I think about it..
    Couldn’t you just hear Angelo Caraldinon Zmonday morning’s read over the Radio. ” and this upcoming game Coach of the Week versus the Cowboys is
    Joe Bagadonuts from 6th and Shunk Sts.. Welcome to NovaCare Joe”
    I am laughing my ass of just typing about it…

  • gus bradley -defensive co – seahawks.

    big players with speed

    • howie and jeff like to look a player in the eyes while interviewing them, that is why most of their draft picks are under 6 foot

    • Yes yes! Give us that!. I’ve been hearing great things about Gus. He’s our guy

  • DCar, I was reading your posts this weekend while you were bickering with Jon Hart about foolishness and something you said still sticks with me. You mentioned you were enjoying your weekend in Atlantic City with your friends and family. While at the Borgata you mention they had a sports book open. I was trying to relay the story to another and I had your post as the only info but no real conformation. The question is—-ar AC sports books open? I go to at least 5 concerts a year at the Borgata and The House of Blues and wouldn’t mind throwing a meaningless bet on a baseball pitcher while down there this summer.

    • e0, I don’t know about other sports, but Horse racing (always) & football where open last weekend. Gov. Christie passed a law, that he signed last May, I believe. I usually don’t bet, but had a couple of hunches, that paid off, Thank God!

  • LOL, Chip Kelly turned the Eagles down, too funny
    Can you imagine the ball busting negotiations by Roseman and Lurie about what Chip is not allowed to do? LOL I remember Gary Cobb telling a story how the Eagles asked him if he was interested in doing pre-season game Eagle Television work but the catch was he wasn’t allowed to criticize the Eagle organization ever, no matter what the platform, even on the radio and/or a blog such as this in any capacity.

  • Id stay away from Gmcliff’s choices he said Russell Wilson wouldnt make an NFL roster…

    • Russell Wilson, is having a storybook year, that no one could have predicted. But this doesn’t make you a genius Llarrwd. The majority of your assessments of draft prospects we’re wrong.

      How did Michael Floyd this year?
      Jerel Worthy?
      Devon Still?
      Stephen Gilmore?
      Michael Brockers?
      Did they draft a Safety in the first Round?

      Thats cool, you can bust my stones on the fantasy year Russell Wilson is having but………recognize, that the majority of what I predicted would happen came to fruition. And I still predict, Wilson’s play is an aberration, more so than skill.

      If your gonna brag, and tell the story of how GMCliff didn’t like Russell Wilson, make sure you tell the whole story…Because you came up a lot more short than I did fella.

      12 of the 16 players I wanted are starters………..
      2 made the team, became starters, or special teams KR/PR and we’re injured during Pre-Season……thats 14- out of 16

      To tell it like it is….I was on the money more than most including you…
      And I was also right about Vontez Burfict, being an OLB, not a MLB……Lets talk about that…………He made an NFL Team, and IS STARTING…..fyi Llarrwd AKA silly rabbit……….I think you better listen to me.

      • GMCliff has done an outstanding jov in evaluating Talent the last 2 Drafts that I have been chatted with him.. The man knows his football talent and how is translates to the NFL Game..
        I go back to 1 simple adage, and that’s all Players eligible are taleneted and lot of success that comes to young players/rookies is getting with the right Team, the right system and having a good,flexible Coaching Staff that gets the most out of them.. There are really few true “Busts’ but there are many players selected too high, too low or by the wrong Teams who play diffenrent skills than what the skill set the player brings.. Good Prospects that become Good NFL Players also have to catch some breaks with staying healthy, having good Teammates and Role Models and having the mental capacity,maturity and the inner drive to succeed.. GMCliff is one of the best Posters on GCOBBhere that takes in all these factors… I am looking forward to prepping for this Years Draft as I do every Jan/Febuary and reading up, watching video,and learning about players backgrounds and makeup as best as I can and look forward to the robust debates and shared anaylsis with GMCliff and the others on here on the Top #150 Players of this 2013 which is shaping up to be a good one for many areas & positions that the Eagles need to upgrade on.. Keep up the Good Work GMCliff..

  • Confirmed. Eagles have been granted permission to speak with Jay Gruden

  • My bad JH, I didn’t no you jumped on BK already, that would be a great hire if it could happen. They nee to make it happen.

    • Nah bro its cool, great minds think alike man.. it would be a solid pick up. BK does love ND but im hearing hes ready to make the jump so id be surprised if Lurie and the birds dont at least look into it. Same with Saban whos on the verge of winning another national championship. But the guy I’m really high on right now is Gus Bradley. I have a feeling he will blow the Eagles away during the interview. He may be our next head coach. Check his numbers, his defenses each year have become progressively better, now he has the #1 overall defense in the NFL. He’s my pick

  • @Gm, Yo big dog larrwd not gonna let you off the hook for Russell Wilson. Man I gotta give him that one, that young man can ball.

    • PDiddy you know I don’t sweat delinquents. I’ve got the best of it .Larrwd can only pray he can get a sniff the rest of it.

  • It’s being reported by the Washington Post that RGIII has partial tears of the ACL and LCL. It is also being reported that Shanahan acquiesced to RGIII’ request to play and ignored the doctor’s directive. If that is so Shanahan deserves all the heat that may come his way. ALL players want to play every game but it is the coaches responsibility to exercise common sense especially when you are dealing with the unquestioned future of your franchise. Minnesota erred on the side of caution with Ponder and he is not even in RGIII’s league. The Skin’s future is more than yesterday’s game. If what is being reported is true than Shanahan is an ass.

  • I’m glad Jaws has gone on record as saying Jon Gruden would be interested in coaching here. Hopefully he gets hired by the end of the week.

    • Butch don’t say that, I was told I was lying about it! Jaws is only a very good friend of Baldinger, who he works with at NFL Films & other ventures. I said last week, that BB said the same thing to me. He said it’s all but his to take, but he was still undecided, because of the Roseman factor, & his Bro was still in the playoffs. A decision, one way, or another, by a week or 2. Lurie is doing his due diligence, in case something goes awry. I’m glad Jaws came out & said something, because the fraud, @$$clowns on here, gave it to me a bit, today, & I don’t like being called a liar!

      • BTW, Lurie & him already talked at the TB, SB anniversary game, at the Tampa vs Eagles game.

  • Vinnie,
    Reuben Frank is stealing your material. He just tweeted:

    1st 7 games:
    Foles 61%, 1699 yds, 6 TD, 5 INT [79.1] …
    Luck 56%, 1971 yds, 8 TD, 8 INT [74.6] …
    Wilson 59%, 1230 yds, 8 TD, 7 INT [79.5]

    • What were the records that go with those stats? We need a winner not a stat compiler.

      • LOL biglion Carson Palmer puts up better stats than alot of QBs. Whats thier point?

  • Dam Notre getting spanked right now.

  • What was the o line that went with those stats, where was shady, where was djax, what wa your boy Vicks record with a first team, Reuben franks called out your type tonight, he’s on the radio, has to be more politically correct, Jakedog not restrained, you garbage racist

    • Jake give it a rest, you dudes can talk about stats, back ups and whatever race and whatever. Now Reuben Frank is an expert. He didn’t win at Arizona and didn’t win here because he compiles nice stats but doesn’t deliver in the clutch. He’ll get his opportunity to show what he can do and we’ll either have a QB that is good or a bum and be set back for years.

  • Man Teo isnt even best LB on the field to be truthfully with you. He looks slow and smaller than hes listed.

    • You are a straight shooter Dag, but painfully correct. I would go so far as to say he is a little overmatched with this Pro Style Offensive Line pounding him. They have flat out exposed some weaknesses in his game.

  • Biglion,
    Luck and Wilson were both 4-3 after 7 games.

    Of course the Seahawks defense held opponents to 15 pts/game in those 7 games. The Colts beat some of the worst teams in the league.

    As you know Foles played with backups at TE WR and RB in most of those games and the Eagles gave up 31 pts/game in those 7 games. Foles won the only game that the defense held the opponent to under 27 points.

    • Irish you know he played with NFL players whether they were back ups or not. The difference between the QB’s is this Wilson,Luck and Griffin make plays that win games Foles puts up good numbers but loses games even at Arizona. Now I hope he turns out to be a good one but time will tell.

      • LOL

        Foles did what he had to do. Score points.

        Foles average over first 7 weeks: 20/game
        Foles average over weeks 4-7: 25.5/game

        Luck average over first 7 weeks: 19.7/game
        Luck average over weeks 4-7: 18.75

        Wilson average over first 7 weeks: 16.5
        Wlson average over weeks 4-7: 14.75

        Whick QB was leading his team to more pts? Which QB improved the most after his first 3 games?

        If Luck or Wilson had been on the Eagles we’d have been 0-16 with their numbers

        I might argue that both Seattle and Indy would have done better with Foles running the show.

        And remember….Foles improved Dramatically over his last 4 games compared to his first 2 games.

        It took Wilson 7 games before he started putting up NFL numbers.

        As for “plays that win games….I am sure you remeber a certain td scored with 2 secs left…and then a certain pass right into the arms of the TE for the winning td…..just imagine if that had been caught……

        You can blither on all you want. Foles performed better than Wilson and Luck did….at least over the first 7 games.

        I look forward to watching the continued development over the next year.

        You biglion, and others on here would prefer to watch Alex Smith or Denis Dixon.

        What a joke.

        • But they don’t play for Eagles and Seattle chose Wilson instead of Foles I wonder why, hell its been said if Seattle didn’t draft Wilson the Eagles would have. Its a moot point anyway because like I said Foles will have the opportunity to shut everyone up, all he has to do is win and not compile nice stats and lose.

  • Those werent my guys..yea devon still .. I like Quinton Coples TY hilton Russel Wilson Bobby Wagner michael Kendricks and Burfict.. your a little better than Paulman .. ill give you that

  • Big lion still hasn’t answered the question of what is “it” but we have answered it for him

    • Jake what is Foles career record going back to his college days and then get back to me on what it is. He isn’t a winning QB is that good enough for you?

      • If you can’t find it Jake I’ll help you he had a 437 winning percentage in college and as a pro he’s 1-5. How about those stats?

      • Russel wilson in college


        then he had to transfer to wisconsin….because…..he was being replaced…..

        • Your wrong, he transferred because he graduated from NC State who committed to QB Mike Gkennon who was Coach ‘OBrien’s prize recruit but Wilson had 1 year left of eligibility and was free to play 1 more Season and originally chose Auburn than changed his mind to play at Wisconsin since the play a Pro-Style Offense and he thoght he needed the work and experience to take snows under Center
          This Wilson is a smart kid who lost his Afather while in Hish School and has worked hard for everything he has.. He’s a true leader

        • But he was better then a 437 winning percentage. And Foles also transferred because he couldn’t get on the field at Michigan State.

  • If Howie Roseman is watching this BCS blowout the draft became real simple for Him.
    !st Rd-Bama offensive line man
    2nd Rd.-Bama line backer
    3rd RD.-Bama CB
    4th RD-Bama offensive lineman
    5th RD- Bama offensive lineman
    6th RD- Bama LB
    7th RD-Bama CB

  • As a matter of fact I would probably take any of Alabama’s defensive starters over any Eagle’s starter that is currently on the roster.

  • Big lion, are you serious, should we judge a high school player based on his wins or losses, a pop Warner player, the scouts , college, pro, don’t care about stats that much, they look at tools, there are hundreds of division 1, 2, 3 athletes who were all world statistically at the college level, won national championships but won’t get a sniff at the pro level, foles has the tools, shows upside, that’s why he’s in the nfl, and stats do matter at this level, foles has them, except that he played for a horrendous football team, which explains te wins and losses

    The fact that we have to ad nauseum explain this to you proves you are either an idiot or have agenda, as previously charged

    • I am dead serious part of being a leader is knowing how to win, you might not understand that but football people do.

    • By the way I think he does have NFL skill, I just don’t think he’ll ever get to that elite level.

  • Biglion,
    You might be right. The odds are against him ever becoming an elite quarterback. More quarterbacks fail than succeed in the NFL. But he is what we have for now so I hope he’s good…

    • Irish I hope he’s damn good, because the NFC east is not so good that the Eagles are a lost cause.

  • eagles need to draft safety on Alabama ha ha Clinton – Dix!!!!!

  • Norte Dame LB Te’o dropped at least a half a round to the bottom part of the 1st Round after a Top 10-12 Spot. He golf schooled and tackled poorly all game long

  • No sense in teaching where teaching doesn’t help.
    Oregon should have played Alabama.

  • A great coach will take average players and turn them into good players.
    Oregon’s backyard isn’t like the S.E. Where a gang of talent is born. So I would argue that my point has more merit by Kelly taking average talent to their next level. That would be a great coach. Nuf said….

  • Not in the NFL you gotta have players that want to play hard and tough. We have a bunch of soft players on both sides of the ball..

  • Why don’t they just sell the franchise and relax in the bahamas cause this ain’t workin to well!

  • looks like Brian Kelly needs to hold a tennis ball technique camp in the off-season.
    or maybe his l.b.’s didn’t realise they were tackling tree trunks.

  • If John Gruden wants to coach here, then he is the guy hands down.

  • I never heard he was interested until now.

  • **Other NFL News

    Ravens Release 3rd Year LB Sergio Kindley (6-3 250lbs) who had a nice Career playin gat University of Texas and was a 2nd Round Pick of the Ravens in 2010
    (#43rd Overall). Kindle has never been the same since falling down his Dorm Steps after Draft Celebration Party and cracked his skull and ended up missing his entire Rookie Season on the PUP List.. He’s played very little for the Ravens where they had opportunities for LB’s to step up an play with the
    INjuries this Season with T Suggs early on and Ray Lewis but Kindle was not able to get onto the field much..
    Someone will give him another try and he’s definitiely a physical specimen but who knows if that head injury just shook him up to the point of not playing physical football like he did when on COllege..

    Bears to Interview VIkings Asst and former Player Mike SIngletary

    Back on Jon Gruden,
    2 things that stand out to me
    #1) Gruden is very close to Andy Reid and would not want to follow his footsteps after Reid Coachin in Philly for 14 Years
    #2) Gruden is all too aware, from Andy Reid, and others around the NFL about the overall lack of knowlege,football smarts of GM Roseman and Gruden (similar to Belecheck and others in NFL Circles) do not hold GM Roseman in very high regard..

    If the Eagles were to hire or offere Job to Gruden, this would be a total failure in my opinion of Lurie/Roseman/Smilenski of really having a specific plan in place to attract the “best and the brightest” to be the next HC for the Eagles..
    Hiring Gruden to me is a signal that the “3 Fantasy Amigo’s” had no serious interest from up and comer potential candeidates and will “fall back” with a Coach like Jon Gruden to save face with the Fans who are familiar with Gruden and love the guy … It’s like in their minds, their “ace in the hole”
    but to me really signals of how poorly this Job Serach has been put together and run.. Lurie stated that when Eagles went to 4-8 and Season was over as far as Playoffs or having a Winning Season, that he would make a Coaching Change so it’s been over 2 months now..

  • Add another name to the Re-Tread list

    NY Jets fire O/C Tony Sporano whose best role as a Coach is stricly as an
    Offensive LIneman Coach..He’s not a COordinator nor a Head Coach but is a very good O/L Coach.. NY Jets also fired QB Coach MAtt Cavanaugh who has struggled to get any Jet QB improved in the Passing Game.. In fact the Jets sank to 30th in NFL..

    • They also fired Mike Pettin the DC. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Birds get him as DC.

  • Wow.. Rex Ryan looks like he will have to Coach this Shitty Jet Team all by himself.. He’s a Goner after Next Year and Chip Kelly will take the Jets HC Job for the 2014 Season.. You heard it here first…

  • How can Ryan survive this onslaught, he is more style, bravado over substance than his dad, the jets are as dysfunctional as tbe eagles and really further away from competing than the eagles are, things could be worsein the city of brotherly love

  • The Eagles will interview ex-Bears coach Lovie Smith for their head coaching vacancy on Thursday.
    The Iggles now have three candidates with an offensive background (Mike McCoy, Bruce Arians, Jay Gruden), three with a defensive background (Smith, Gus Bradley, Mike Nolan), and one special teams coach (Keith Armstrong). Smith and Arians have also been connected to the Chargers job, which should begin heating up within the next few days. The Eagles have denied reports that Gruden’s interview will take place on Wednesday, though they have received permission to meet with him

  • Lovie Smith.

    Here is what Bears Fan thinks of Lovie Smith (in an email to HotClicks last month)

    “Submitted by Gregg

    Hometown Chicago
    I would like to offer any person $250 to prove that Lovie Smith’s headset is plugged in. And, if proven that it is plugged in, that it does not play fuzz. We might as well have the King mascot from Burger King be our coach, he would actually show one drop of emotion and lead this team.

    If they ca peove it, will happily post a photo of the check with the UPS shipping# to guarantee I pay up.”

    Pretty funny.

    Funny and true.

    • yep i have friends in chicago and they all are not found of him but truth be told he always has a strong defense. its not his fault his gm stuck him with cutler. cant win with cutler period

      • Agreed. Lovie Smith got 3 wins a year from Hester. I’d take him as a DC, but not HC.

        • Vinnie hates anyone black. Typical prejudice/racist comment. Basically saying i ll let the black guy coach my defense but not have any control of the entire team. Do you like anyone that’s black? You got some serious issues. This is the last time i will comment on any of your posts, your not worth the time/energy

          • Nah JH not going to go the racist route with Vinnie. He makes some questionable comments at times but I”m not going call him a racist.

            • Big he sounds like one. Big time

              • Lovie looks bored as fuck on the sidelines. Maybe even stoned a bit. Just like Reid looks fat on the sidelines. I tend to agree that I would be fine with Lovie as a Dcord rather than a HC due to his skill and personality. Its just what he seems to better at. Same thing with Rex Ryan. Would love Rex as a Dcord but no fucking way would I want him as my HC.

                Lovie probably had that same emotionless look on his face when they fired him. Just like Reid probably looked fat when Lurie fired him.

                Nothing racist about any of this at all. Just the simple truth. To suggest racism makes you one immature retard.

        • I’m African American, and I agree with Vinnie. Lovie Smith, is a Defensive Coordinator only….Would not have got an interview with my team unless he was brought in to be my Defensive Coordinator, which I’m fine with, but not my Head Coach

          ………..Also I don’t recall one insult from Vinnie towards me ever on GCobb.com.

          • Thank you Gm….

            • I agree GM,
              The only real problem with VInnie is that he’s Canadien, follows
              the CFL, Drinks Molson Regular Beer (not Golden Ale), eats too much Canadien Ham and say’s “Ehh” at the end of every sentence. Outside of that , he’s a passionate fan like the rest of us are..

              • Its Canadiam not Canadien….don’t lump me in with the frenchies.

                BTW the hell is “regular” beer (would be the same if I said Paulman drinks Anheuser Busch regular)….and while Golden used to be in my rotation, nobody’s bought a case of that since 1977. Nowadays its Alexander Keiths Pale Ale and Beau’s Lug Tread Ale (local and good)

                Oh…and for a Canadian I’ve probably been to more games live than 1/2 this board put together. Have been down to at least one a year since ’87.

              • LOL!!!

  • Bears’s Problem has been their OL for the last 3 Years,
    Multiple OC and QB Coaching Changes.. Lovie very good on the Defensive Side, but not a great game manager as far as Offense goes.. Bears always have had great Special Teams play as well and sound fundamental Defenses
    If no HC Position he is not offered a HC position (Browns,Cardinals,Chargers) I would not be surprised to see him work with Coach Andy Reid in Kansas City as a DC for they are pretty good Friends off the field

    • good point regarding bears ol

  • Plus the fact that Jay Cutler has never demonstrated true Leadership that makes other players better around him or that would he’s teammates drive thru a wall for him..He’s a Cancer, a Sourpuss and to be honest, just not that good..

    • He came from a losing environment at Vandy and has never shook off the stink of losing. He is a grade A cancer with bad on field decision making terrible at reading defenses. Talking about a coach killer.

  • Lovie is a good coach but suffers from the same stuff Andy does and that’s Lovie only knows defense and is probably one of the best defensive minds in the NFL, Andy suffers from the same deficiencies in that he only knows offense and doesnt know a lick of defense. We could see that since JJ passed away.. I like that theyre interviewing Lovie, and if they brought him on as Head Coach id like them to bring in a good Offensive coordinator.. This is if they decide to go the Lovie route.

  • Man Lovie got a bum deal in Chicago but a lot he brought on himself bringing in a perpetual back stabber in Mike Martz then being handed the headcase that is Jay Cutler. If you team him up with a legitimate OC he’ll get you to the Super Bowl hell he got there with Rex Grossman as his QB.

    • Agreed Big

  • Bears have had some Top Excecutive Changes with a new President and GM that came on board within the last 2 Years and bottom line, Lovie SMith was not “Their Guy” and obviously feel that Lovie Smith is not the kind of Coach to get them over the Top..
    Lovie has stated that he still wants tobe a HC and if not, then he will assess his future and probably would take some time off or only take a DC Postion to work with a HC that he knows well and has a good relationship with, like AR & Chiefs for example or possibly the Falcons if Mike Nolan comes to Philly as HC which could still happen

  • Because that’s all you see Jon Hart.

    How many times do you have to watch Lovie Smith standing staring blankly on the sideline what the game swirled around him to figure out the guy was in over his head as a HC.

    Bears fan is celebrating that he’s moving on.

    You hate Andy Rieid? Lovie Smith is the same guy. Disaster offensive playcalling. Disaster with adjustments. Disaster with Challenges and Timeouts. 1 playoff win in the last 6 years.

    Guy builds an awesome D and amazing Special teams….but is a disaster with O.

    Since he became coach of the Bears the team has had as QB:
    Craig Krenzel
    Chad Hutchinson
    Jonathan Quinn
    Rex Grossman
    Kyle Orton
    Jay Cutler
    Todd COllins
    Caleb Henne
    Josh McCown
    and Jason Cambell at the helm

    Under Smith their offense was ranked:
    32nd, 29th, 15th, 27th, 26th, 23rd, 30th, 24th, and 28th

    They have been completely inept on offense over the past decade nder Smith.

    Of course…point this out and you are a racist eh Jon “I hate everyone” Hart?

    You want to bring that kind of shit to the Eagles for the next decade?

    You might….but if I bring this up I’m a racist.

    You are a fucking clown Jon Hart who only sees the world through your bitter, biased, eyes.

    I would love to have him here as a DC or special teams co-ordinator….but as a HC? He’s had 9 years to prove he’s been in over his head.

  • Hey SHit for Brains.

    Was I racist when I said I want no part of Chip Kelly in here?

    What about when I said I wanted no part of O’Brien because that last thing I would want in here is a turncoat guy who goes back on his word (happy he made right decision to stay at Penn State and fulfill his promises)…was that racist?

    I can guarantee you that If I hear the names Norv Turner, or Mike Nolan I’ll rip those too.

    But you won;t hear that. Your radar only picks up my comments when they fit your pathetic little petty agenda.

    We had a piece of shit QB – who just happened to be black. Whoop-dee fucking doo.

    Now we have a shitty coaching candidate….who just happens to be black…..should I clap my hands and get all excited just because the Eagles are interviewing Lovie Freekin’ Smith?

    You want the Eagles to keep this shitty QB and hire a shitty coach why exactly?

  • Just dreaming here…..any chance that Lurie would fire Roseman and hire someone with a football background like Bill Polian or even Jaws to run the football operations? Maybe he wouldn’t have to fire Roseman, but put him in charge of contract negotioations or something…just dreaming, but my fear is that many veteran choices for our HC position are not interested in the Birds because of the lack of “football” men running the operation. Just a thought.

  • Absolutely not Greenfan.. Roseman is under Contract for 4 More Years and if we have learned anything about Lurie’s Management Style is that he is not going to pay for someone not to work for him.. He will honor his contract for that’s who he is as far as a businessman,man of loyalty (to a fault sometimes)
    now what he could do and what I was hoping that he would do was to hire a
    real Football mind to come in and coordinate the Coach Search, allow Roseman to focus on Salary Cap Issues/Contracts and have this “Football Mind” (Polian, Ross, Gamble, Mayock) to come in and handle the Coach Search and Football side of things, but he is standing by Roseman as the man with the plan so we will have to wait and see..
    I also was hoping that Advisor Tom Donahoe would have a more active role in this Coaching Search and this off-season but word is from NovaCare that Donahoe just wasn’t interested in getting back to a Full-Time, 18 Hours a Day Schedule and only wants to advise Owner Lurie and not run the Football side of things..

    • Yeah Pman, figured as much.

      My confidence that Roseman will be able to make the right choices for this franchise is not at all strong…but then “even a blind squirrel.. blah blah blah”.

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