• December 2, 2021

Will Niners Be Able to Get To Rodgers And Protect Kaepernick?

One of the best games of the weekend will be the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Green Bay Packers.  The Packers have had an explosive offense for quite a few years, but their defense is starting to regain the form it had in their Super Bowl year.  The Niners are one of the most complete teams the NFL has to offer, except they still have question marks surrounding the quarterback position.

Here’s a quick scouting report on the matchups:

When Packers have the football: You have possibly the NFL ‘s best quarterback Aaron Rodgers against what could be the best defense in football, a Niners unit with six Pro Bowlers.

One of the keys to the game will be the health of 49ers defensive end Justin Smith.  He’s a beast with brute strength who forces teams to single block outside linebacker Aldon Smith and that equals sacks and pressure on the passer for San Francisco.  He hurt a triceps muscle and missed the last couple of games.  The Niners defense hasn’t played as well in that time.  He’ll be back for tonight’s game, but we’ll have to wait to see how effective he will be.

Niner middle linebackers Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman should be able to intimidate Packers talented tight end Jermichael Finley who is prone to dropping the football when facing big hitters like Willis and Bowman.

In the battle in the secondary between Niner safeties Dashon Goldson and Donte Whitner and the bevy of Packers wide receivers, I’ll be interested in seeing how the officials call the game.  Green Bay will be able to get open and Rodgers will be able to get them the ball, but how many will they drop.  Will the San Francisco safeties be allowed to lay some licks on the receivers without being flagged.

San Franciso must get consistent pressure on Rodgers or he’s going to pick them apart, while getting the ball to Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb and James Jones.  These guys will drop passes, if they’re punished, but how will this game be called.  The referees will play a key role in this one.

When the Niners have the ball:  I’m interested in seeing what Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers has up his sleeve for Niners young quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  He’s going to come out him with Clay Matthews and safety Charles Woodson.  The veteran defensive back will be the key because he will disguise the coverages and the blitzes in the hunt for a big play.

Woodson is fast enough, tough enough and big enough to blitz and tackle Kaepernick in the open field.  The Packers will have to find a way to keep Frank Gore in check, or his rushing will set up the rest of their San Francisco offense.  They slowed down Adrian Peterson last week, but they didn’t have to worry about a Vikings passing game.

This time they’ll have to stop a strong running attack without putting eight guys in the box.  If Gore gets things going, Kaepernick will be able to run some of the read option for big yardage, as well play action passes to Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss.  In addition, tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker will get in on the action, especially in the red zone, if they can get Gore going.

My pick:  I’ve got the Niners in this one because I think they will get pressure on Rodgers and intimidate his receivers, so that they’re dropping passes.  Green Bay will put some points on the board, but they’ll also turn the ball over a few times.  I see the San Francisco running game opening up things for Kaepernick and the rest of the Niners attack.  I see a 30-24 game in favor of the Niners.

On a side note:  The Eagles don’t have to worry about the Dallas Cowboys for another couple of years.  They’ve made the mistake of hiring and old man, Monte Kiffin, who has seen his best days.   I watched him closely at USC and he wasn’t able to adjust to the every changing offenses he was facing.  Remember these were colleges offenses, who were shredding his vaunted Tampa Two defense.  Everybody’s time comes and goes.


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  • the first series last week Clay Matthews was chirping in Webb’s ear after his 3 down incompletion to settle for a field goal — after exclusively running out of shot gun, he only threw one pass that series and that was it an awful under pressure attempt ( Matthews could tell he was hesitant to throw and appeared to be taunting him )— will Kaepernick & Greg Roman be as afraid to use the passing game this weekend also

  • please don’t have Dan Dierdorf call a CBS game this weekend — If I have to put up with Peyton Manning boring me with all his fake audible and leg lifting pre snap gyrations please spare me Dierdorf kissing his butt the whole time explaining it and switching it up and listening to Dierdorf kiss Ray Lewis’s butt the other half of the time is just as bad

  • If packers can get a running game going 120 yards +, then I like their chances
    In the weekends best match-up. I believe the winner of this Game wins the Super Bowl over the Broncos from the AFC ( Matthews and Woodson are back Nd gave fresh legs) 49ers DE Smith will play but is only 75-85% and will be the Difference as far as the 49ers DL controlling the LOS..

    • Running game? Packers? 120? Against SF?

      Com’on man….only if they’re up 24 in the 2nd half is that going to happen.

  • Why are we talking other teams and not about Philly? Hows about some information on some of the coaching candidates?

    • There is nothing left to say about candidates. Obviously their guy is still coaching and they can’t hire him. Meantime they interview some guys steal some ideas maybe, buy them dinner. You all are not seeing this from an executive level

  • Because the Eagles are the 16th Rated Team in the NFC Conference
    Eagles will hire Tom Clements, Winston Moss or Mark Trestman

  • The Niners impressed the hell out of me. Kaepernick makes them a bigger threat offensively. I think we are looking at the NFC representative in the SB.

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