• August 19, 2022

Switching To “Kelly Green” Uniforms Not An Easy Process

There’s a petition by over 9000 Eagles fans to change the Birds uniforms back to “Kelly Green”, the way it was before it was  Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and crew gave the Birds a modern look and changed the uniform color to midnight green.   Lurie and the team’s front office haven’t said whether they would agree to change the team’s colors, but even it they did, it won’t be easy to process.

Word from the NFL office is that it will take at least two years for the team to change the color of the team’s uniforms back to “Kelly Green”.  The NFL will put together an exhaustive study of how the uniform looks on the field.

The other problem is the process of adding a team color for the alternative uniforms, which are allowed to be worn two times each year.  For a quite a while, the Birds alternative color is black, not “Kelly Green”.  They wore the “Kelly Green” color back in the 2009 season, when Kevin Kolb started against the Green Bay Packers in the opening game of the season.

It wasn’t a good day as Clay Matthews buried Kolb into the Lincoln Financial Field turf, gave him a concussion and knocked him out of the game.  The Packers dominated the Eagles and the game was a “no contest”.  That embarrassing game put the “Kelly Green” jerseys away for a long time.

I could the see the Birds using the “Kelly Green” for a game or two, but I don’t think they’re going to do it permanently.


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  • Eagles haven’t worn the kelly type since the jaworski era, and before that during the Gabriel years it was a dark hunter green, before lurie changed to midnight, the worst, usfl type, sissified jerseys influenced by a female, the birds wore hunter green again with Randall and Reggie

    Bring something back other than what they currently wear

  • That opening game against the Packers where they wore the Kelly green jerseys was 2010; not 2009.

  • I’d like to see a combination of Kelly green, black, gray & white, with an entire fierce looking Eagle, on the helmet. Change it up, wash away, everything that’s a reminder of the past regime, players & all!

  • How is it possible to even hate on our current uniforms? There a top 5 uniform in the game, along with a top 2 helmet. I’m not just saying that because I’m a fan either. I wouldn’t mind switching back to the Kelly Green along with a few tweaks to it that would be crazy. I want us to go back to the days where we wore BLACK jerseys on GREEN pants..

  • Remember how sexy B Dawk made these uniforms look?

    • Sexy?!? LOL! Very feminine! Just messing with you!

  • I really like the current uniforms. Would be nice to see the Kelly green twice a year as opposed to the black.

  • As long as we don’t EVER, have to see those horrific aqua & yellow uniforms again, I’m good!

  • No homo though. But yeah B dawk made these current uniforms looks beyond sexy

    • LOL! Just busten your beanbag! XD

  • I hate the current uniforms, always have. Only time they look half decent is with the black jerseys. I do like the current helmet. I like the idea of the Kelly green because the uniforms were basic. Nice color with not a lot going on.

  • Part of tbe reason we hate the uniforms because of what they represent, choke artist McNabb and Reid , proclaimed greatest qb and coach in eagles history, failures but the best in Philly, go figure

  • Are you kidding me…. This whole thing was probably started by the Management and will be sanctioned by the NFL…. Huge amount of dollars will flow the team and NFL as every one buys the “New” Clothing & gear…… Keep it where it is and worry more about improving the team. When that happens everyone will forget about color changes. If you think switching back to an old color will make us better, think again.

    • Why can’t they worry about both the roster, & the uniforms? Start all anew! Wipe our memories clean, of the last 14 years. I would love a Kelly green, black, white & silver/gray combo uniforms, & a fierce Eagle on the helmet.

  • the eagles wings on the helmets need to go….terrible..

    look at boise states uniforms this year….eagles should do the same….black helmets with an angry looking eagle head in silver with green beaming eyes….add some silver and black to the green and give us some cool uniforms….the current ones are cheesy

    • Something along the lines, of what I was thinking Jott.

  • Change from the F’m Wussy “Rounded Numerals”.. Go back with the Bold,Block Masculine Numerals on their Jersey’s.. You see the Lions, Eagles with these rounded numerals, it looks like a Gals League…

  • I know reebok made you but all jerseys that were printed off the shelf prior to making a change. Is Nike the same way?

  • *buy

  • I guess this explains the 7%-10% Increase in Tickets for the Games
    To help pay for the new Uniforms.. Anyone notice that the Eagles have a terrible Home Record at the Linc for the last 2-3 Seasons..

  • Eagles wings on the helmet is the calling card. That stays forever !!!

  • yeah….neither is me cutting the Eagles that check for 4,200.00 this year but I manage to do it so give me my Kelly Green uniforms

  • I’ve been hoping the Eagles change back to the old kelly green. I hate the midnight bullshit looking uniforms. And from what i heard was that Lurie’s wife wanted the change. Now that they are getting a divorce, maybe Lurie makes the switch.


  • The kelly green uniform would take me back to all those glory years of 4-10 seasons..

  • Lol DixieFan

    I know right? People talk about “bad times” and bad memories with these uniforms… Talk about wanting to go back to a bad era with these Kelly unis

  • So back when the “Gang green” was dominant and busting ass throughout the NFL, that brings you back to 4-10 seasons? Or when Dick Vermeil took the Eagles to there 1st super bowl with the Kelly green jerseys? both you fools make no sense

  • No Puke green..er…I mean, Kelly green. If there’s any color change it should be to actual real life American Eagle colors. Burnished bronze, white and maybe a bit of gold/yellow.

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