• December 4, 2021

Another Mock Draft: Who Will Draft Geno Smith?

I think Andy Reid and the Chiefs are blowing smoke about how much they love Geno Smith.  I think Reid is going to be happy with having Alex Smith.  Both the Jags and the Raiders could draft Smith.

Gus Bradley might not be able to resist getting the perfect Leo in Dion Jordan at the three spot.  The Raiders could easily fall in love with Smith because they could build their offense around a young quarterback rather than a veteran like Carson Palmer.

I think the Eagles would thrilled about being able to draft Eric Fisher.  He’s got great size, quickness and he’s more athletic than Joeckel.  I think his upside might be higher than Joeckel’s, even though he might not be as far along as the Texas A&M offensive tackle.  He showed he can compete on the highest level at the Senior Bowl because he  didn’t face SEC level of competition while playing at Central Michigan.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dion Jordan, LB, DE

3. Oakland Raiders – Geno Smith – QB

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Eric Fisher, OT

5.  Detroit Lions – Ezekiel Ansah, DE

6.  Cleveland Browns – Dee Milliner, CB

7. Arizona Cardinals – Matt Barkley, QB

8. Buffalo Bills – Jonathan Cooper, OG

9. New York Jets – Jarvis Jones, LB

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack, OG



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  • this years draft is crazy especially the top 5 picks. basically 0 draft analysts have the same mocks.

  • Wait, did something recently happen to Shariff? He’s not even mentioned in the top 10..

  • DT Sharrif Floyd from Florida. If he drops to the #4 spot i would seriously consider drafting him. Thoughts?

    • I dont think that would be a bad pick as Isaac Sopoaga is not the future and isnt very good but he is a leader and could groom Floyd who I think is only 20 years old.

      I think Fisher is the guy, we need a RT if Herremans is going back to guard which he should and our other tackle is getting older and coming off a major injury. Eagles need to draft at least 2 tackles.

      • draft a tackle in round 1 & 4 or 5

  • Banner, Howie and Coach Reid all in the top 6 — this is going to be one funny draft

  • Top 10

    1) KC Chiefs – OT Luke Joeckel (Coach AR will grab a young QB in 3rd Rd)
    2) Jaguars – DE/OLB Dion Jordan (no way in hell that new HC Bradley does not take the most explosive upside Defensive Player in the Draft,fits him like a Glove)
    3) Raiders – DT Shariff Floyd (Raiders lost 3 DT’s this off-season Seymour,Kelly,Bryant) and have a huge gaping hole at DT that must be addressed, they are stuck with Palmer and will see what QB Aaron Pryor can do)
    4) EAGLES Trade with Bills who Select QB Geno Smith (Eagles get the Bill’s 8th,40th and a 3rd Round PIck in 2014 for sliding back 4 Spots)
    5) Lions – DE Ezekial Ansah – (After losing bother DE’s VandenBosh and Cliff Avril, the Lions are desperate for a Pass-Rusher and Ansah has the tools
    to be a good one, even though he is very raw
    6) Browns – CB Dee Milliner (Browns add Dee Milliner to CB Joe Hayden and are set at CB for the next 8 Seasons with 2 Quality CB’s)
    7) Cardinals – OT Erich Fisher (Cards have their short-term QB in Drew Stanton who worked with new HC Arians in INdy last Years as Luck’s Back-up and need to retool both OT positions on their Team.. Fisher is a no brainer here for the Cards who will worry about a young QB in 2014)
    8) EAGLES Trade with the San Diego Chargers who select select OT Lane Johnson who is the most athletic OT in this Draft.. Eagles get the Chargers 11th and 44th Overall Picks
    9) NY Jets – OLB Barkevious Mingo (Jets desperate for Pass_Rushers from the OLB Positon with Calvin Pace, Barry Scott both released in Salary Cap Moves earlier in the Off-Season)
    10) Titans – Guard Chance Warmack (HC M Munchak rebuilding the TItans in his likeness with tough, hard nosed players and will focus on the Running game with RB C Jo0hnson and Power Back Shonn Green to take the pressure off of young QB Jake Locker)
    11) EAGLES Trade with the ST Louis Rams as the Rams Draft the Best WR in this Draft Corradell Patterson of Tennessee to give Bradford a legitimate down the field weapoin after losing WR’s Amendola and Gibson in Free-agency. The Eagles Reciver the Rams #16th and #48th Picks

    Eagles now have the #16, #35, #40, #44th, #48th PIcks witin the 1st 2 Rounds and Draft the Following 5 Players in the 1st 2 Rounds

    16th – WR Tayvon Austin (WVU 5-9 175lbs)
    35th – DT Jessie Williams (Alabama 6-4 325lbs)
    40th – OLB Alec Ogletree (Georgia 6-3 248lbs)
    44th DE Cornelius Carridine (Fla State 6-4 276lbs)
    48th – CB David Amerson (NC State 6-1 205lbs)

    Eagles then use 3rd/4th Rounds on Ofeensive Lineman
    66th – Guard Larry Warford (Kentucky 6-3 330lbs)
    100th – OT David Quessenberry (San Jose State 6-5 305lbs)

    And remember with my moves and trading down the Eagles secured a couple of extra 3rd Round Picks in 2014 NFL Draft..
    Paulman wins the “GM Wanne-be Fantasy GM of the Year Award” from the GCobb Site and gets a free years supply of Gillete Razor’s…

    That’s it for now

  • Lol nice mock draft Paulman. Only in fairy tale land will this ever take place

    • I do belive that the 1st Trade does occur
      Eagles Send #4 Pick to Buffalo BIlls (who Draft QB Geno Smith)
      for their #8 Pick, their 2nd Round (#40th) and a 2nd or 3rd Rounder in 2014 Draft

      The Eagles Selections will be 8th,35th,40th in the the 1st 2 Rounds
      8th – OT Lane Johnson (Oklahoma – Starter at RT from Day 1)
      35th – DT Jess WIlliams (Alabama – Back up to Soapaga, Starter 2014)
      40th – DE Cornelius Carridine (Fla State – Back-up at DE , Starter 2014)

      This would still be the smart move for trading back 4 Draft Spots with the BIlls (from #4 to #8) and remember, the Eagles would get their 2nd or 3rd Round Pick in 2014

  • actually Dman…. i think its a real possibility that the eagles trade back 2 times. I dont think they do the 3rd time like Pman says but…. im with him up till then.

  • Chargers are desperate for a OT and no Guarantee that OT Lane Johnson last’s to their 11th Pick and there is a pretty big drop-off at OT after the big 3 (Joeckel/Fisher/Johnson) are Drafted and they do need big time help in protectiing their best PLayer in QB Phil Rivers
    Now the Rams have the 16th & 22nd and need a Top WR to help their Offense out and QB out and WR C Patterson will not drop that far.. so these 2 Scenario’s could happen
    The Vikings have 2 1st Round PIcks also (and need help at WR, DE,LB,Secondary).. Maybe the Eagles can package a Trent Cole, Nate Allen and the BIlls 2nd Round Pick that Eagles Receive to move back into the late 1st Round could be a possibilitiy

  • I would have no problem with the Eagles moving out of that #4 spot to pick up more picks. So much talent in the 1st rd. But your correct Stevo, not realistic that the Eagles move back 3 times. 2 times i can see happening. We all know the birds have lots of holes to fill. The Eagles need more ammo

  • But we can all forget about that trade with the Bills if the Raiders decide to release Carson Palmer. The Raiders will select Geno Smith with that #3 pick. Already hearing rumors out here on the west coast. Realistic possibility

  • Maybe tge Eagles can send the Raiders Mike Vick, Trent Cole, Jason Avant and Nate Allen for that #2 Pick

  • Okay paulman, let’s put out our garbage for the second pick overall, you are crazy

    • Maybe Eagles can throw in Danny Watkins and Casey Matthews to sweeten the Offer

  • Geno Smith is not a front line nfl prospect worthy of a first round pick, if he came out last year he would be graded behind foles, he may be the best qb prospect this year, but that just tells you how poor of a qb class it is

    Nonetheless, look for the eagles to draft him with the number 4 pick

  • You guys crack me up about Geno Smith, who is not a running or RO Option QB.. He’s a Pocket QB and the Eagles already have one in Nick Foles
    If Cip Kelly is enamored with the Running/RO type of QB that many of you state that Kelly is, then Geno Smith is not his Type of QB and he would have very little I interest in him.. Now QB EJ Manuel may pique Kelky’s interest but not Geno Smith..

    • Manuel is an even worse option……..think JaMarcus Russell……………

      • EJ Manuel would better fit Chip Kelly’s variation of a RO Offense
        J Russell was a Pocket QB and a bad one at that and is not even a comparison.. I am not sayting the Eagles will or should pursue, but I am saying that Geno Smith is not a Fit for what Kelly Looks for in a QB where at least Manuel does..

        • Paulman, Geno would actually be better in the RO than Manuel because he’s a pocket passer first and a much better passer than EJ. He’s also faster than EJ. Just because he didn’t run the RO in college doesn’t mean he can’t do it in the NFL.

          • supporting Pauls thoughts on EJ

            FSU’s E.J. Manuel and the Philadelphia Eagles has been a match former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah has heard frequently.
            The link makes some sense, since Chip Kelly showed he likes quarterbacks with mobility during his time at Oregon. However, Kelly also values quick decisions and accuracy, so he isn’t limited to athletic passers. We are starting to believe Manuel will go in the second-round at the latest.

            • Means nothing

          • Based on what the QB has done at the College Level,
            Manuel has shown he can move and handle a RO Type of Offense
            for he did so at Florida State on occasion..
            One thing for sure, Any QB who will play for HC Kelly and his System will have to be able to move, and move well.. it’s a prerequesite, which is why I think FOles day’s are numbered in Philly.. Foles is simply not athletic enough to play well in what Kelly envisions
            Back to my original statement, Geno Smith has already gone on record many times of stating that he wants to be a “Pocket QB” first and foremost, so to me, he already has it in his mind that he doesn’t want to or can’t handle the RO type of Offense..
            Manuel has gone on Record that he is willing to play in “any system” which is the type of attitude you want to see in a QB

            • So do you think that Manuel is a franchise type QB? Enough to take him in the 2nd?

              I don’t.

              • And I know franchise QBs go in the first round or even first 10 picks, but what I mean is are you comfortable with him going forward as the Eagles QB. Because if they spend a 2nd round pick this year, they are not going to turn around and do the same or more in the next couple of years.

              • No I do not Bugs, and in fact, I would not take a QB at all this 2013 Draft if I am the Eagles..They already have 5 on their Roster right now (Vick,Foles,Dixon,Kinnie nad Edwards)
                I am thinking that Foles/VIck/Dixon will make the 53 Man Roster
                Kinnie to Practice Squad and Edwards Released.. but if a Team makes a good Offer for Foles, I do think that Roseman/Kelly would listen and consider Trading him
                Eagles will address QB position in 2014 and will concentrate on the DL/OL in this upcoming Draft since they have addressed the Secondary/OLB, TE/FB & WR Positons on who they have signed so far

        • EJ Manuel is going to suck as a pro

          • Cliff we need to come up with a good wager. I bet you Manuel will be a better pro then Foles. As for Russell why are we comparing him to Manuel the only thing they have in common is they’re black.

            • You got it Biggie…..Easiest Bet I’ll ever win

              • In fact it’s a stupid bet on your part my friend………

              • Not really cliff because if Foles does become successful it won’t be in Philly for ole Chip. Just my opinion as a big Eagles fan I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think Foles future is in Philly.

              • You said that Manual will have a better career than Foles. He won’t, and what ever you are ready to lose you can wager…..

            • Both were so overhyped in their skill set. Manual won’t be crap, just another overhyped draftee bust….

          • I think he will be a serviceable QB mostly as a back-up and Spot Starter
            He reminds me a little of Jason Campbell/Josh Freeman.. Stands very upright when he passes, not very accurate though he has a strong,strong arm.. He gets with th eright team,good Coaching, I think he can be a quality back-up in the NFL.. Look around the Roster, many back-ups have a lot less the natural talent than EJ Manuel
            (I would think many Teams like the Falcons,Dolphins,Steelers,Bears,Ravens,Packers,49ers, Saints and many others would like to have him on their Roster as a back-up)

            You have 2 Starting QB who are playing in their final Season of their Contracts who will move on after 2013
            Jay Cutler of the Bears and John Freeman of the TAmpa Bay Bucs.. These Teams have already made the decision that CUtler/Freeman are not the QB’s to take them where they want to go, so watch both these Franchises look for a QB in the 2nd/3rd Round to groom for 2014 and beyond… ..

        • Both Manuel, and Russell will have the same career ending…both will be overhyped draftees that will be failures to live up to it…..I’ll tell you I told you so in 2 years………

          • So when did Manuel start using purple drank. LOL again why the comparison? Especially since Manuel hasn’t even been drafted yet. I believe Manuel has a Jeff Blake like career plays in the league for 10 years has a couple of years where he comes close to being all pro but for the most part is a guy who teases with flashes of brilliance but in the end is just like a Sam Bradford. Good numbers and nothing else.

            • Not even close.

              • You are totally overvaluing him. That’s OK Biggie you will learn just like the rest.

              • We shall see, I am not a Manuel fan by any means but I like him more then Foles.

          • gmcliff,

            I’m not sure if it’s possible for a QB to be overhyped and picked in the second round. To me, there is very little expectations for a second round QB. You can count on one hand the successful second round QB’s playing in the league.

            I would call Russell Wilson underhyped. A third round pick that wins 11 games as a rookie, with a 64% completion percentage, and a 100.0 QB Rating…. Tell me, do you expect his leg to fall off? Because that’s the only way he will fail to live-up to his 3rd round billing…

            • gmcliff,

              You most likely mean JaMarcus Russell, in which case I apologize. You are exactly right about him!

              • Yes Irish, I referenced JaMarcus Russell earlier.

  • Personally, I would want the guy that is the most accurate passer. That is Geno. Russell was not an accurate passer, couldn’t stay in shape and didn’t care enough to put the work in. I don’t like that comparison.

    I really don’t want either one, but if I had to pick. The reason why RG3, Kap and Wilson are taking it to the next level is that they are pretty accurate passers as well as mobile QBs.

  • regarding the mock draft above there is ZERO chance Matt Barkley goes in the top 10, he wont even go in the first round and maybe not even the 2nd round

  • Barkley will go in the bottom half of the 1st Round or Early 2nd Round at the latest for there are Teams with needs at the QB Position (Bills,Cardinals,Raiders,,Jacksonville) that won’t use a 1st Round PIck but probably would on a 2nd ROund PIck..
    I have not liked Barkely Propects as a NFL QB since December and have stated so a few times.. He is not very athletic, possess’s a weak arm and I think his leadership skills are so-so at best.. He’s very bright but I just don’t think he possess’s the natural abilitiy to play at a high level in the NFL
    I would take a chance on a Ryan Nassib, Mike Glennon and even Tyler Bray as far as developing into a NFL QB some 2-3 Years down the road over Barkely, who I think is another USC Over-hyped QB like Todd Mariniovich,Matt Lineart,Mark Sanchez .. Stay away from the Hype..

  • On a side-note,
    I expect Gasoline Prices to rise again to the $4.00-$4.25 Range by Mother’s Day

  • and Produce Prices (Cirtus,Fruit,Berry’s,Green Leaf items & Grain Products)
    to rise approx 8% – 12% across the board that we will see at the Supermarkets beginning the next week or 2

  • New Eagles 2013 Mock Draft # 61 (Assuming no Trade Up/s or Trade backs)

    1st (#4) OT Eric Fisher (Central Mich 6-7 310lbs- Starter at RT Day 1)
    2nd (#35) DT Jess Williams (Alabama 6-4 325lbs – Solid Rotational NT)
    3rd (#67) OLB Jamie Collins (Southern Miss 6-4 250lbs -Competes at SAM
    4th (#101) CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (Conn 6-1 195lbs – Nickel CB/Starter 2014)
    5th (#136) DE Cornelius Washington (Georgia 6-4 268lbs – Rotational DE)
    7th (#210) Guard Jeff Baca (UCLA 6-4 302lbs – Back-up Guard)
    7th (#212) SS Duke WIlliams (5-11 205lbs – 4th Safety, Special Teamer)
    7th (#218) Center Mike Stankiewich (Penn State 6-3 302lbs – Back-up C)
    7th (#239) WR Brandon Kauffman (Eastern Washington 6-5 216lbs)

    That’s it for now
    I really like the first 5 Players who are all physical, tough and smart players who fill needs, are very coachable and have upside to become NFL PLayers and Contributors to the Eagles in their 1st Seasons either as a Starter (RT E Fisher and SAM J Collins) or as nice contributors/rotational players (DT J Williams, CB BW-Wilson & DE C Washington) who will all get solid Playing time and then compete as Starters by the 2014 Season

    The last 4 Selections will battle fo Back-up Positions/Special Teams as the Eagles add to their Depth along the OL and Safety Positons

  • I hate when people act like they know what a player is going to be and how he’s going to end up. You make me sick. STFU.

    • Get off the site.Problem solved.

    • That’s because you know nothing! Easy cure for your sickness, go to the Eagles website, with the rest of the lemmings, step-fords, pom-pom wavers, & Kool-aide drinkers, who worship Spadaro’s bald head, where you get nothing but the teams PR machine, & no neutral opinion, nor criticism.

  • Th offensive line needs to be totally rebuilt I would take Fisher at 4 he makes the most sense. If I were the eagles I would add solid pieces to the o-line these next 2 drafts.

    • Agree 100 Mac.. on a side note, are you Related to the former Republican Presidential Nominee and Senator Bob Dole by chance..

  • Beautiful gmcliff, keep giving your opinions, almost always correct, except that it should be chance warmack at 4, but the eagles draft geno smith, the birds do not think like you do

    • LOL!!!

    • pssst…half the shit GMCliff claims haven’t had time to be proven right or wrong…Stop kissing his ass!

      • Real, I know that at some point that you, and I are going to be boys. But I don’t think you understand that these opinions have actually come to fruition, 80-85% of the time over the last 3-4 years. Thats why some say those things.

        I’m not right all the time, I can admit that, with no problem, but I haven’t been wrong very much when it comes to evaluating talent. Last Year, I wasn’t high on Russell Wilson, and Llawrd let me know, I was wrong, but of the 16 I was mocking, 14 of them were starters, and one was injured reserved. I would say thats pretty good.

        I was more accurate in my evaluations then Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock, Dave Spadaro, and Adam Shefter. I agree nothing has been proven this year, we haven’t even got to the draft, and training camp brother, but lets wait, and see…………

  • Did you hear that birdo, Dr, gmcliff just wrote you the prescription to cure what ails you, go to the local cvs and fill it, you will instantly feel better

    • Ha ha, godd one Jake,
      GMCliff is an excellent TLent evaluator for sure
      Eagles should hit him as a Scout.. Seriously
      I value his opinion..

      • As I do yours my friend. 🙂 You know this is our favorite time of the year Paul; Draft Time is always fun because, we both have a desire to improve the Eagles, and become as dominant as possible……

        They won’t until they listen to us buddy….wink, wink

        • Always someone, trying to pee in our Wheaties gm! F^#@’em! We will still give our properly, researched evaluations, & opinions, & they can go on being haters, of the intelligent, brutally honest, factual thinkers, that jake, Paul, you & I are! Lighten up NIMROD’S, this is a fun time of year, in which our hopes can be dreamed, & our thoughts can be relayed to each other. If you have nothing intelligent, nor thoughtful, to bring to our discussions, STAY OFF THE F^#@ING SITE!!!!

          • Amen DCar
            If we can’t predict, forecast, bust stones and give our Opinions about
            Our Eagles, where it’s in Free-Agency, Draft, Coaches, Front Iffice dealings, then what the point of being a Fan.. Too many folks are simply followers, and sheep and get in line the to the Kool-Aid Contaiher.. Not us, we can think for ourselves and state how things could be different and better for our Favorite Team…
            Though Chip Kelly was not highb o. My list of Coacges, the fact remains, he is the Coach of outkr Eagkes and now that he’s here, I am excited to see what he can do and what schemes, new players and how the Vrterans adjust and play for him.. Time will tell but overall, I am pretty happy and excited about most of the Players they have brought in. Thus a draft is Critical both short-Term and Long-Term for the Eaglez and they need to hit everyone of their Top 5 Selections
            Go ahead and make reaches in the 7th Round, but the Top 5 Picjs have to be quality players/Starters types..by year 2 and at least big contributors in Year 1…

            • You guys are funny, I love this site much needed comedy. Come to Gcobb where you get insulted for your opinions and everyone knows more than the actual people running the teams. Now before I get attacked let me state that like Vinnie says why would anyone come here if everyone agreed about every damn thing. That’s what makes this site better then most because of the passionate posters here. Dcar, Jake, gmcliff, realtalk, cigar and of course paulman. If some of you cats were in the front office the last 3 years wouldn’t have happened. Sorry if I left some other insightful posters out but you guys get the point.

              • I honestly agree with you Biggie. I really think personnel wise, I think we would have had the tools to compete for muliti SuperBowl Championships.

  • What the hell is the point of this site if not to give our opinions on how we think a player will turn out? Dude is missing the point.

  • Exactly big, this site is all Philly, in the raw, you forgot some others who bring the heat like songs, jbird, this place reminds me of the train ride home on broad street after the phillies blew another game, and my friend’s older brother, who drove us from northeast Philly to get the train , blowing a gasket and arguing with other fans, luzinski sucks, etc. if you lived through that stuff it doesn’t leave you, this place is like home

  • Dcar is the classic Philly sports fan, first to point out the flaws, perceived and actual, but first in line to buy tickets.

    • jake, sad, isn’t i? Then I have the balls to bitch about the $$$$! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Good, or bad, right, or wrong , agree, or disagree, this is a great site, that allows us the freedom to vent, & give our opinions, & be the voice of the voiceless. No other site, would allow the lunacy, that goes on here! The thing that is great, 1 by 1, we are weeding out the retards, ill-informed, uneducated, apologists, & stepfords! Now we have to work on the trolls, frauds, & racists, so we can get back to bitching about real points & concerns.

  • All you guys are awesome………

    • Even Birdo, and RealTalk!!

  • I disagree.. Gmcliff said russell wilson wouldnt make an NFL roster

    • You said Vontaze Burfict, wouldn’t make a roster, so we’re even Llawrd, and everybody else you hyped besides Wilson Flopped, so give it a rest with your nitpicking about 1 player…….95% of what I mocked last year is starting. So, congratulations on your new membership to the KISS MY ASS CLUB!!!

  • Paulman’s Mock Draft ( Version #74)

    1) Chiefs – OT Luke Joeckel
    2) Jaguars – DE/OLB – Dion Jordan
    3) Raiders – DT Shariff Floyd
    4) EAGLES – OT Eric Fisher
    5) Lions – DE Ezekial Ansah
    6) Browns – QB Geno Smith
    7) Cardinals – OT Lane Johnson
    8) Bills – Guard Chance Warmack
    9) Jets – OLB Barkevious Mingo
    10) Titans – CB Dee Milliner

    That’s it for now

  • Gmcliff that is a blatant lie.. Songs and I were vontaze burficts biggest supporters.. almost every guy I wanted to draft became a starter

    • There is the Lie. C’mon Llawrd be honest. You brought nothing to the table, and you weren’t on Burficts bandwagon either. Just myself, and Songs….Thats it…..LOL!!!!

      Who were your mocked starters….You know we can go back, and pull those post right? Russell Wilson, Jerel Worthy, Stephen Gilmore, Devon Still, Stephen Hill, Michael Brockers?….or was it for Paulmans guy Audie Cole? You also liked Dan Connor……….Laughable…………

      And it still doesn’t erase the fact I was more on the money than the so-called experts….so why are you belaboring Russell Wilson? Bow down Llawrd… Bow down brother……….and enjoy your t-shirt.

      • or maybe it was Kendall Wright, who was suppose to show DeSean how you do it in the Pros…HAHAHHAHA!!!!!

        Who is the poster that owes me a case of Beer, because he thought Jared Sullinger was going to be a star? Stand up and take it like a man, and say I don’t know what the #$#$% I’m talking about, when it comes to evaluating talent………Very Good, now sit down, and shut up. HERE IS YOUR T=SHIRT, and give me my beer; Ichiban Kirin Please……………


          • LOL!!!!! DCar you be having me rolling bruh…….

    • It was the receiver out of Notre Dame, that you and a host of poster swore was the replacement for DeSean Jackson, and was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals playing next to Larry Fitzgerald….Michael Floyd…..BUST, as predicted……….

      • HAHAHAHAH!! They even tried trading him, and couldn’t get any takers. I wonder why? pwahahahaha!!!!

      • .Michael Floyd stung DRC for a TD last year on a 1 yd pass and DRC gave the weakest attempt I have ever seen with one millimeter of a shoulder pad vicious hit that resulted in a 7 yard TD gallop two hand goal post dunk spike celebration

        • yeah, that was impressive…………

  • Cliff you must spend a lot of time watching highlights and college football. I dont have the time to do so, so I spend very little time arguing about draft… But I do read it and like your posts because you stick to your guns unlike your little friend from the boonies and you never threaten violence like your other slightly unstable friend (don’t get mad at me D even your family says that).
    So you guys keep arguing the draft!

    • LOL!!!! No Ciggy, I actually don’t watch a lot of highlights. I can look at them and tell whether a guy has it or not.

      If you watch too much you start being overly critical, or you fall in love with a player based on the a player based on the success of the entire team, then it carries into the combine,and at times there is where the mistake is in drafting an overhyped player……Your’re eyes play tricks on you.

    • hac, shut up! If I’m unstable, because I defend myself, & others on here, against the racists, ill-informed, stupid, Know-nothings & name callers, so be it! I have NEVER threatened violence to anyone, unless my manhood was being questioned, or someone brought my family into the conversation! I don’t hide behind the keyboard, as a keyboard gangsters, cowards & punks, on here, & I don’t make up BS, & lies, like some of the other dip$#!ts on here. I’m always brutally honest, & give factual, honest assessments, & criticisms, on every situation. So keep taking your little digs at me, with your weasel comments, & keep going on being the stepford, pom-pom waving mark, that you are! Just because you don’t agree with us, & can’t think objectively, & neutrally, doesn’t give you the right, to continually, name call, without facts. Again, don’t tet mad, because you have been proven to be continually wrong. So go wash the sand out of your vagina. This is a fun time, to have differing views, on the draft. If you don’t have anything to bring to our conversations, but your stupid comments, don’t come on here! What can I tell you?!?
      BTW, you know nothing about my family, nor has anyone close to me, nor who knows me, have ever called me, slightly unstable. People who know & are close to me, know what I’m all about. I’m real. Not a fraud, & phoney, like some of the deluded masses, on here.

      • You were walking the streets of Philly looking for a fellow poster looking to see who was tougher and who could kick who’s ass… You told me your kid or your wife said you were stupid to get your self upset on this and they thought something was wrong with you…. T was in one of your lighter more stable, less angry moments…the warm fuzzy DCAR….I see he has gone retreated back….

        • LOL! You are a tool! Telling me not to get angry at other posters, & saying that I’m unstable, are 2 entirely different things. Just saying. BTW, I wasn’t walking the streets, looking for him! Set a time & place, & had business in the area. Thought it would be a funny lunch treat, at the time. LMMFBO! Just shut up! XD

  • If you recall
    I had Audie Cole (NC State) as a 5th Round Pick and stated for Depth/Special Teams And would have been an updgraded over Matthews, but hardly a
    starter or impact
    I had RB Bernard Pierce as a 4th Round pick and would take him on my
    Team any day over Bryce Brown who doesn’t block or protect the ball well enough.. I had DT Fletcher Cox, LB Bobby Wagner, QB Nick Foles as my top
    3 Selections last Draft.. Pretty good mock if you ask me

    • Mock number 5,6,74, or 97?

  • It’s was one of those Ha..
    But I had Cox and Foles from early on last year..
    Just like I have had Eric Fisher early on this year (Since December) in most of my Mocks. I still think they may trade back if they can get an extra
    2nd Dounder and additional pick but not too sure they will find a Team to do so since they are no real Franchise Type of Players in this Drsft this year
    A very good and deep draft, but not any real impact players on either side of the ball

    • both nice picks by Paulman and Howie.
      Is Vinny Curry a football player in the NFL?

      • He was GMCliff’s pick, not Paulmans.

        Right before Schiller started screaming on post, ” The Eagles don’t need Vinny Curry GMCliff “, right before the second they drafted him. They called Vinny Curry’s name,and SCHILLER JOINED THE KISS MY ASS CLUB…….

        • I was not that crazy about the Vinny Curry Pick since the Eagles already had Trent Cole/Brandon Graham/Phillip Hunt and Curry is very similar in playing style as those Players are… I think he has potential but not in a 3-4 Scheme where he is too small to play the 5 Technique as a DE in the base package.. I do think he can rush the passer and be moved around the Formations and possibly be succesful but the Eagles already have 3-4 of these Types and need some size/strenth at the DE Position now.. He could be Trade Bail since many Teams did like himn last year, but again, I believe his skills and strengths are better suited for a 4-3 Scheme and not a 3-4 Scheme the Eagles are going to employ..

  • ***NFL News***

    Cleveland Browns Trade QB Colt McCoy and a 6th Round Drafat Pick
    to the San Fran 49ers for their 5th & 7th Round Draft Picks in return, clearing the way for the Browns to Select QB Geno Smith with their #6th Overall Pick
    as I indicated above in my latest Top 10 Mock..
    Browns are under new OWnership,Front OFfice & Coaching Staff and are not neccessarily tied or committed to QB Brandon Weeden who was selected last Year by the Previous regime.. Browns should look to take full advantage of their solid Off-Season moves thus far and can look to comepete in the AFC North which has both the Steelers/Ravens going thru a lot of Roster Changes due to Age, Retirement & Salary Cap Issues ..
    The only Team I see that could mess it up for the Browns could be the Eagles.. So an interseting Dynamic could see the Browns move up to #3
    to make sure they get Geno Smith (Though I don’t believe the Eagles are interested in him at all)
    Jaguars at #2 are going with Defense to reflect their new COach’s Gus Bradley style (dion Jordan most likely)
    Raiders just acquired QB Matt Flynn via trade with Seattle and have to address their DL and specifically their DT Position which has lost 3 Players from last Years Defense (R Seymour, R Bryant and T Kelly) so Florida’s Shariff or possibly Star Lotuleile look like a no-brainer for the Raiders..

    Will be interesting to see how it unflolds in a couple of weeks but make no douobt, the Browns with new President Banner & GM Lombardi, the Browns are going to make a splash this Draft

  • I normally don’t do mock drafts, I like to leave that to the GMCliff’s and Paulman’s of the site.

    But figured I’d give it a shot…This is the combinations I’d go…

    4th – Dion Jordan DE/LB– could be a perfect fit for the 3-4 at the DE/LB position.
    35th Jamar Taylor CB – Boise St (recorded as running a 4.33, 40…Good on pass, good on run, pretty physical, good change direction speed. Not afraid to hit.
    67th Kyle Long – OT – Oregon – familiarity with head coach and 6’6 313lbs

    4th Chance Warmack OG – Alabamba – from what I’m hearing he can get to the 2nd level and beat them to action…if Peters comes back healthy having a O linemen on the interior with that ability would bolster the Eagles line.Also says he has a great agility to handle bull rushers/quick pass rushers.
    35th EJ Manuel QB – Florida State – heard he is the best 2nd passer in the draft by some. I like his mobility and size.
    67th Phillip Thomas – FS – Fresno State – good size, good against run or pass, physical, he will hit you! Can cover will in the slot. Would be concerned about the injury that occurred in a non contact drill. But if he is healthy and can stay healthy he would be an upgrade at safety position day 1.

    Below scenario is probably my favorite, this would sure the secondary up and improve the O Line right away…All 3 players would start right away.

    4th – Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State – my favorite CB coming out of college right now, he can wind up being an elite CB, ability to shut receivers down in press coverage, and can run and cover. Great height, great athleticism
    35th Justin Pugh – OG – Syracuse – from what I read about him, says he is quick and can get out to the 2nd level. Possibly a good fit for the possible scheme we’ll see.
    67th Darius Slay Miss State FS – possibly gone in the 2nd round…but if on the board, would be a good pick and would be a starter first day of camp on coverage skills alone.

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