• July 4, 2022

Eagles Are Forming Their New Defensive Front Seven

The Eagles are doing their homework now and will continue to do their homework on the candidates for the fourth pick in the first round and the fourth pick in the second round, which is the 36th player selected in this year’s draft.  Both of these picks are extremely important and both of them could be on the defensive side of the football.

I expect them to continue to add to their defensive front seven personnel, but they already have some of the front seven pieces required to line up in the hybrid 4-3, 3-4, which Billy Davis will be playing this year.

This defense is very popular in the league right now because it allows you to put maximum pressure on the passer, plus you have the ability to drop as many as eight guys in coverage, if you want to do so.  The hybrid is nothing but a 4-3 alignment with 3-4 personnel.

Let’s take a look at the pieces they already have.

Free agent signing and former San Francisco 49er Isaac Sapoaga will probably be the one-technique defensive tackle for the Birds and Antonio Dixon should be able to play it as well.  It’s not a pure nose position because the defender isn’t lined up head-to-head with the center.  He’s off set on the center’s shoulder.

He will be attacking that center-guard gap.  The key is power, quickness and the ability to stalemate a double-team.  Sopoaga does a great job of splitting double-teams and getting penetration.  He eats up blockers on run and pass plays, which leaves the linebackers free to run and make tackles, plus it will free up the other defensive linemen.

They have the three-technique defensive tackle in Fletcher Cox, who lines up on the shoulder of the offensive guard away from the tight end side of the offensive formation.  The center and offensive tackle on each side of the guard will be covered by a defensive player, so that guard will be forced to single block Cox in most situations.  The former Mississippi State Bulldog will be a handful for every offensive guard in the National Football League. The youngster has great quickness and power, plus he has long arms and plays hard on each play.

In Davis’ defense, which is the same one that Gus Bradley ran in Seattle and the Ravens utilize in Baltimore, features the three technique defensive tackle.  Haloti Ngata plays the position for the Ravens and is considered one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL.  Wade Phillips utilizes the same alignment in Houston, which gave NFL Defensive Player of the Year, J.J. Watt the chance to dominate the guards of the league.

Cox needs to step up and become one of the best defensive tackles in the league.  This defense is designed to feature him.  Cedric Thornton will be one of his backups.

I believe the Birds will give the starting job at the weak side outside linebacker position or the “Leo” position to free agent acquisition Connor Barwin.  This is the key outside pass rush position for the Birds in Davis’ defense.  I don’t know what is the truth about why Barwin’s sack numbers dropped so much in the 2012 season, but they had better come back up in 2013.

Brandon Graham will likely be the backup and he will rush from the other side of Barwin on pass downs.  The Birds will have two Leo’s in the game on pass downs like the other teams who play this defense do, so Graham will get a lot of snaps even if he’s backing up.

Baltimore’s Terrell Suggs and Paul Kruger (now a Cleveland Brown), and Seattle’s Chris Clemons all play the Leo position.  They are elite pass rushers, who are also able to drop in pass coverage.  It is a must for this defense to have an elite pass rusher at this position.

They need to get at least 20 sacks or more from the Leo position, meaning Barwin and Graham must come down with at least 20 sacks.

I’m not sure what they’re going to do with Trent Cole, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays the strong side defensive end position because he’s very good at the point of the attack.  You have to be strong at the point of the attack when you play the tight end side of a defense because the offense likes to run that side and they use the tight end and the offensive tackle next to him to get a strong double-team block on the defensive end that side.  I could also see Thornton lining up at this spot.

As for the linebackers, DeMeco Ryans will be the MIKE middle linebacker and Mychal Kendricks will be the WILL weakside linebacker. They don’t have a good SAM linebacker on the roster.  Barwin is probably the best SAM backer on the roster, but he’s going to be playing “Leo” position.  You can’t pay a SAM $6 million dollars a year to cover the tight end.

Nothing will change for Ryans because he will continue to play the middle linebacker in the 4-3 defense even though the Birds will be playing with 3-4 personnel because they have the Leo standing rather than in a three-point stance like defensive ends in the league line up. Remember it’s a 4-3 alignment with 3-4 personnel.

Ryan was the Eagles best defensive player a year ago and the only one who was consistent, but I want him to play better.  I want more turnovers.

Kendricks should thrive in this defense.  He was out of position last year at the SAM position.  The youngster is too short to cover the tight ends in the league, who are all at least 6’3, while Kendricks is 5’11” at best.  But he is perfect for WILL because his job will be to tackle and cover the running backs in the league and this young man is made for that.

He is built like a running back and he runs a 4.4 forty yard dash.  Kendricks was a tackling machine in college and needs to get back to that this year, but I want a lot more big plays out of him on blitzes and in pass coverage.

As for the SAM position, they will likely go with Jamar Chaney there until they find a pure SAM linebacker, who stands about 6’4″ or 6’5″ and runs like the wind.  I don’t think they will pick Dion Jordan in the first round unless they plan on using him in the Leo role because you can’t justify using your first rounder to cover tight ends.

On the other hand, they could draft Jordan and have him be the number one Leo and have Barwin as the starting SAM linebacker and he becomes a Leo on pass downs.  They would immediately have two big outside linebackers and Graham would still be a backup Leo.

Don’t be surprised if they draft or sign some bigger defensive linemen and linebackers.  Remember Chip Kelly has said that he wants to get bigger and stronger as a football team and I think he was mainly talking about upfront on the defensive side of the football.


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  • Good article G.

    • ditto – liked the education

  • God help us! It is going to be a tough rebuild.

  • Excellent article G. I like how you break it down and explain how the D will operate, and which players strengths cater to each position. I’m liking what Billy Davis is envisioning. Use the players who excel in that particular position. This yrs D should be a lot of fun to watch

  • Can’t turn over a defense and change systems in one off season, but I like the direction they are heading.

  • Looking at the Picture of Seattle above — who is playing the #79 Red Bryant role or the Antonio Smith role for the Texans? The birds released Jenkins, Patterson, and didn’t resign Landri but only added Sopoaga. It would appear that #4 or #35 pick is destined to be a DT/DE. ( Floyd, Lotulelei, Hunt, Jones)

    • Probably Cedric Thornton. I’d love to see them address that spot at #4 but I think OT is just too pressing of a new. Our offensive line in general is aging and has a number of question marks. I believe DT is supposed to be pretty deep in this draft. Would love to see them go Eric Fisher at #4, get a DT in the 2nd round, and then take a flier on Matt Scott in the 3rd. Otherwise, trade down from #4.

      • G has Trent Cole lining up for that spot, i just noticed the lack of roster spots being used currently with D-lineman especially with the size of a Bryant or Smith.

        • Yeah, G’s probably right. For some reason, I didn’t think Trent Cole was big enough but he’s listed at 270. Star or Sharrif would be great here. I think we can get by with a rotation of Trent Cole and Thornton for this year. Draft Fisher in the first round. Still probably go DT in the second.

  • @eagles0superbowls

    GCobb has Trent Cole playing the five-technique (between left tackle and TE). Where Antonio Smith plays for Texans, and basically the same spot he has always played.

    • Look at Eagles Opponents Rushing Stats over the Years,
      Many big runs given up around Trent Cole side.. He will probably remain an
      Eagles for 2013 but is definitely now the long-term Answer playing a DE in a 3-4 Scheme.. He would get manhandled by Double Teams (Whether it’s OT/TE and OT/Guard comb or a FB/OL Combo..
      ***Remember when playing the 5 Technique as a DE in a 3-4, your inside help (the DT) is further away from you than a normal 4-3 alignment, so another words, Trent Cole will have more space to cover and will see blockers get on him quicker and from both sides than he did as a 4-3 DE
      Trent Cole is the odd man/player out for the Eagles moving forward and they will try to trade him to Colts/Vikings/Panthers/Falcons over the Draft Weekend but with Teams tight to their Caps and his pretty good sized Salary, I believe he will end up remaining an Eagles in 2013 but lose Playing time and just be a situational role player by Week #10

      • @Paul,

        Exactly right!

  • Great article G-Man
    I have been looking at a Couple of LB’s who fit the mold of the SAM OLB
    that would be great additions for this new Scheme as well as DE’s and have come up with the following Draft Prospects

    1) OLB Alec Ogletree from Georgia 6-3 245lbs (who also can play ILB which come come in handy)
    2) OLB Jaime Collins from Southern Miss who at 6-4 250lbs would be a great Player in this Defense.. (think of Karlos Dansby from Arizona Cardinal Days when DC Davis had him lined up all over the place) Collins is projected as a 3rd Rounder but I believe he will be scooped up by late 2nd Round
    3) ILB/OLB Kiko Alonso (Oregon 6-3 240lbs) a 3rd to 4th Rounder
    4) OLB/DE Cornelius Washington (Georgia 6-4 265lbs) 4th-5th Rounder

    As far as DE’s goes who would be great matches for the 3-4 Scheme and play the #5 Technique which requires size/strength and quickness
    1) DE – Datone Jones (UCLA 6-4 284lbs) and probably goes between #15-#22 in the 1st Round
    2) DE – Cornellius Carradine (Fla State 6-4 276lbs – an early 2nd Round Pick)
    3) DE – Margus Hunt (SMU 6-8 277lbs – also an early 2nd Round Pick)
    4) DE – Malliciah Goodman (Clemson 6-4 276lbs – 3rd Rounder)
    5) DE – Lavar Edwards (LSU 6-4 277lbs – 4th Rounder)
    6) William Gholston (Mich State 6-6 281lbs – 5th Rounder)

    The Key to this Eagle Draft is getting 2 Additional Picks in the first 3 Rounds (approx Top 100) and would really be awesome to get 2 more Picks in the Top 65 -1st 2 Rounds)
    I believe trading back from #4 Spot can land at least 1 2nd Round Pick
    and then packaging a Trent Cole, or a Jason Avant, or a Nate Allen with Mid-Round PIcks could help the Eagles move back into the 3rd/4th Rounds

    • Paul……I have to disagree. Fisher is THE pick. They have to stay at four and grab him or the line still sucks. Why grind away at fixing a terrible defense while ignoring an offense that just needs some tweaks. Scoring is more imprtant than stopping in today’s NFL. So fix the line and score points while you slowly build the defense.

    • What do you propose we do if we trade down? Try to grab Johnson around 8-10 while getting more picks? That I would be ok with. I know you are too smart to think we go with Herremans at RT.

      • That’s exactly what I would do Jbird,
        Trade down a few Spots from #4 and Select OT Lane Johnson before the Chargers do at #11, and get an additional 2nd Round PIck.. I would be very happy with that and start Johnson at RT from Day 1 and have Herremans slide back at RG to compete with Watkins.. In 2 Years Time, Johnson takes over at LT for Peters..

    • Thats what I’m talking about Paul!! Great Post!!

      Here is another name that I have a great amount of interest in playing that DE spot, over from Fletcher Cox – Sheldon Richardson 6-4 299 Missouri – What do you think of him? He or Star Lotululei, would be awesome on the opposite end of Cox.

      I don’t like Shariff Floyd at all – He’s smaller than Mike Patterson -Gives good effort – Philadelphia Kid, so some will hype him up , but I don’t see anything special in him that warrents the #4 pick when Star, and Richardson are bigger, faster, and just as aggressive.

      • DT Richardson is a very good player/propect and will make a very good NFL if he keeps his focus and motivation which has been questioned during his Colkege Career where he had some games where he disappeared and seemed disinterested.. I like Shariff Floyd a lot but as a DT in a 4-3 Defense and not in a 3-4 Scheme the Eagles will be employing

      • gm, Richardson should be good, but not at #4. He’d be perfect for the 5 technique, DT/DE, opposite Cox. If we trade down, & get additional picks, damn right!

        • Dcar if they can trade down, Richardson would be one of my targets, but not at #4……That should be Fisher – If they can’t sign another OT in Free Agency…..If they do, I still like Ansah, and try to get another #1 move down a couple of times, and draft – Sheldon Richardson.

          • Sounds good to me! I have a really bad, gut feeling, that O-line, is going to be their blind spot, as the LB’s, Safeties, WR’s & KR’s, of years past. If these f^#@ing IDIOTS, don’t get at least 2 new starting O-linemen, this O-line will be a leaky sieve. People forget, even before all the injuries, this line was a hot mess, full of trash truck juice smelling, bums! Peters & Herremans were good on the left side, but from the C- RT was a black hole. If we do move Herremans to RG, we need a RT, LT & a bigger C. Peters can’t be counted on. Watkins, should have been gone yesterday. Kelce is small & coming off of a major injury, & we don’t have a quality RT.

            • Herremans should be moved back to LG, Danny Watkins, and Even Mathis should be traded. If you have Fisher at RT, and Warford, or Fluker at RG, That is a kick tail O-Line.

  • To chime in on the Brandon Graham discussion I saw a big debate about in an earlier article. First of all, let me start by saying I screamed and cursed and nearly broke my tv when they made the pick. I wanted Derrick Morgan because I wanted a big LDE. The Eagles former coaching staff are dumb asses. They put a stubby guy on the strong side totally out of position. Graham is a natural RDE. Cole should have been moved. But God forbid you change the equation. God forbid you have a LB with 4.4 speed blitz frequently. God forbid you consider lengthening Dawkin’s career and eliminate a long standing hole by moving him to SS and may be giving Sheldon Brown the FS job. Let’s not think outside of our tiny little box. So there was the first mistake, playing him on the strong side. He was ok for twelve games. Not what you hoped but rookies rarely set the world on fire at that position unless they are freaks. Then he was badly injured with an injury you take two years to get over. Also, I think it was pretty clear old Wash didn’t like the kid, so he kept playing his ineffective favorites and left guys like Graham and Hunt on the bench. Another asshole. First off the Wide Nine doesn’t work without a guy like Haynesworth or Suh in the middle. So it is relevant that he was very effective in spot duty last year. He was finally healthy and eventually got snaps. That being said, he should start at Leo and Barwin can be the SAM. Barwin can play SAM for six million if Spencer can play SAM for eight million. Also, I totally agree with playing Cole at DE. HE WILL FAIL AT LB!!! Flat out fact! He is the same size as Justin Smith and has always been an under rated run defender and over rated pass rusher.

    • @jbird,

      That’s a good post about Graham…

    • Cole SUCKS! He can’t even play the 4-3 anymore, how do you think he will get man handled, on the 5 technique DE side of the line? He ain’t supplanting Cox at the 3 technique DE! They also ain’t paying $6M for Barwin to play the SAM & putting Graham at the ROLB! Are you nucking futs?!? Did you even hear what Weaselman said, about the signing? He said Barwin will be back to his 2011 sack numbers, back on the ROLB, with us! That doesn’t sound like he’s playing SAM to me! He was also played at SAM last year, with the Texans, & was not very effective! Think & use your noodle! What other organizations do with the likes of Justin Smith, & Anthony Spencer, are meaningless, & a moot point! No more F^#@ING square pegs, in round holes! Didn’t we just fire the numbskull, who was notorious for that $#!T?!?!?

      • Pwahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If we fix the line, you have two very good rushers in McCoy and Brown. And I think Kelly will figure out some ways to use Lewis and Polk as well. You have some good receiving talent. Plus Vick has been good when his line was good. And he has been good in a run first offense. I don’t know if he has the brain to do what Chip wants. But he has the athleticism and improv skills as long as he doesn’t try to be a cowboy and do stupid shit. And I would tell him the first time he loses a football he is carrying like a loaf of bread, he will sit the bench for a quarter and think about his mistake. Because Foles can play if you don’t want to do things exactly as I fucking tell you to.

    • You tell’em JBird!!!

    • You cannot count Bryce Brown yet as a bonfide, proven NFL RB until he gets more experience and learns to take care of his fumbling problems or he so t ever see the field or make the Team if he does not learn how to protect the the Ball

  • In no way, shape, or form, will, or should Chaney & Cole, be in the front 7. Neither fit, neither are any good. WTF! As for the picture above, & the personnel to fit it, as of now-
    DT/DE Thornton- NT Sopoaga- DE Cox
    ROLB Barwin- SAM/ILB Ryans- WILL/ILB Kendricks- OLB Graham (only on pass downs)??? Need an 5 technique DE, to play opposite Cox, & OLB opposite Barwin, badly! Cole, CAN NOT play DE in a 3-4! He can’t even play in a 4-3 anymore! GTFO! He’s gotta go! Graham too!

  • OLB – Ezekiel Ansah – Play behind Barwin, for a year, or so, and insurance in case Barwin is injured.

    DE – Sheldon Richardson to play DE, opposite Fletcher Cox
    OLB – Jamie Collins – Better option, talent, and fit than Brandon Graham.

    Try to draft S- Jonathan Cyprian. OG’s – Larry Warford, and DJ Fluker, and we have a nice nucleus for the future.

    • We could also draft Brandon Williams 6-2 341 – Southern Missouri State, and/ or Montari Hughes 6-5 345 as DT, in the 4th Round to back up and/ or supplant Sopoaga.

      Both not only take up space, but both can rush the QB.

    • I like them all but DJ Fluker, he’s too big and Soft already and will
      Likely ballon up to 350lbs by his 2/3rd Seasons and become injury prone carrying all the extra weight around
      Kelly likes athletic OL who can get out and move, Fluker would be a bad fit
      I believe and projects better a Guard than at OT in my opinion

      • I only have him mocked as a Guard, and always have. He will be fine. He’s one of the big bullies he wants on that O-Line anyway. I disagree with you Paul.

        At the Alabama Pro Day even Mike Mayock, was raving about how light on his feet Fluker was, and that he looked as fluid as Chance Warmack.

        You can’t say he is going to balloon up, you don’t know that. He would be perfect for what Kelly wants. I play him right next to Peters, and play Warford at the RG, next to Fisher, with Kelce in the Middle, (unless you trade him, and draft Barrett Jones)….Vwalla, There is your Bully Line.

        • Mathis Contract makes it impossible to trade and if they release, too much of a Cap hit so Eagles are stuck with him for 2013..
          Watkins has little to zero trade Value, relatively cheap Rookie Seal so you may as well give him this one last season to see if new OL Coach Southland can make an NFL Guard out of him for there is little downsided if he fails..but a nice upside if he succeeds…I give both Watkins and Brandon Graham 2013 to step up and show they belong, than if not, then a release after the 2013 Season,but no sense in doing so now ..

          As far as Fluker, surely I can say that he will baloon up for he has that type of soft body everywhere.. and when those young, high draft pick, start earning lots of $$$, this tends to make these kids lost their discipline and their shape, He’s another Stacy Andrews/Andre Smith in my book.. He does seem like a good kid and a hard worker, I just hope that big paycheck doesn’t de-motivate him, but he needs to lose 20lbs now and be about 315-320lbs and not the 335lbs he is..

          • It’s not impossible for anybody to be traded……Coach Southerland would want Fluker, although Paulman is down on him. Again, you felt the same way about Kelechi Osemele and was wrong in your evaluation. Fluker would be an all pro at the Guard position.

            • Jeff Stoutland — we posters have called him every thing but his real name — can’t imagine what the DL coach would be called if attempted ( Jerry Azzinaro )

              • My bad E0S……….Stoutland got it.

    • If we trade back, get a 1 & 2 for our #4, we can conceivably get,
      1st Richardson
      2nd Cyprian & Warford
      3rd Collins, Chase Thomas, Lamonier.
      Would be nice, but would mean leaving Herremans at RT, where he can’t play. Fluker is a blob, & needs to be a RG.

      • LB Chase Thomas is not an NFL LB, DCar
        He reattly struggled Senior Week, Indy Combines and looks to be a little too slow, struggled in pass covereages.. He’s Drop from a 2nd Round Prospect to probably a 4th/5th Round Prospect

    • Don’t you think Ansah would play the 5-tek DE?

      • no, he has limited football experience – best to let him just concentrate on getting to the ball carrier/ QB with his athletic skills as opposed to preventing blockers from opening gaps and zones

        • I see Ansah as a Stand-Up Pass-Rusher that you move al around the Defensive Formations .. Similar to what the 49ers do with Aldon Smith and what the Cowboys do with DeMarcus Ware , or Redksins with Brian Orapko and even what the Packers do with Matthews.. I don’t see Ansah as a put his hand on the ground as pure DE.. His upper body needs to get much stronger to take on OT’s/Blocking TE’s at the NFL Level.. I think he will be a good one, but it will take 1-2 Seasons in a NFL Program, solid Coaching to get him to that upper level, but as a Rookie, I would move him around and let him utilize his natural born speed and agility and rush,rush,rush the backfield and raise havoc.. He could probably play 20-25 Snaps a game his Rookie Season and probably not really know what he’s doing yet, and get a sack,forced a fumble, make some plays behind the line of scrimmage in limited action.. Give him 2 Years and 20 Lbs of upper body and the guy will be a Stud but it won’t happen early in his Rookie Season as he has lots to learn.

          • Does that mean you like my guy Paul? I’ve been on him all off season, and I agree with you, I need his flexiblity, moving him around, and using him as an attack DE/OLB, would be something the Eagles have never had.

            Can you imagine, Ansah, and Jamie Collins coming off the edge, with Kendricks, and Ty Powell manning the middle, and Cox, Sheldon Richardson, and Big Montari Hughes terrorizing an Offensive Line, and QB Hunting?

            • I like Ansah a lot Cliff, just not sure #4 since his Rookie Season will be a big learning curve for him, but size, wing span and overall athleticism, he’s off the charts, but only playing like 8 games at BYU
              Last year as his only Division 1 football experience, he has a lot to learn, but I do believe he can be an impact player 2 years down the road..

              • Thats why I want to trade down Paul, and DCar….There is good value later in the first round, and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Rounds as well. I would like to see them trade down. If not draft Eric Fisher.

            • gm, nice dream, but unless we get another 2-3 high picks, that ain’t happening!

              • I know bruh……….

        • I’d like to agree with that but I’m not so sure.. He’s already 6’5 280 @20 yrs old. Boy is going to do some growing. He literally mite out grow that position. That’s a lot of ifs and butts, I’m just playing devils advocate.

  • That was to E0s… But if he is a guy you can move all over I’m sure he’d play de and lb

  • BYU’s stud DE Ziggy Ansah is definitely on the Eagles radar. They sent DL coach Jerry Azzinaro out to watch him work out recently. There was some question about whether the Eagles might consider him for SAM, but that tells you the team sees him as a DE.

    Per eagles blitz

    • He is my guy in this draft Big Frank

      1 Ezekiel Ansah
      Sheldon Richardson

      2. Jonathan Cyprian
      Jamie Collins
      Larry Warford

      3. Quinton Patton
      Da’Rick Rogers
      Blidi Wreh Wilson

      • I like it… This a year in the draft where a guy like Ansah might go between picks 4-7. Most years he would be between picks 15-20.

      • You guys are selling me on Jamie Collins

  • I like Ziggy too, but not at #4. He’s a bigger project than Jordan. Built better, but less experience than Jordan. Neither, do I draft at #4. We don’t have the luxury of drafting projects at #4, or the 2nd round for that matter! Our 1st 2 picks better come in & contribute right away, or we are f^#@ED for the next 2-5 years! No projects, injury risks, ????”s, or picks out from left field! We need studs, & play-makers, immediately!

    • Agree Dcar…People need to remember that this isn’t just the #4 overall pick but this will be Chips first and most remembered pick in his NFL career….If this pick sucks you can pretty much guarantee Chip will be back in College and he will be remembered as another college coach who couldn’t handle the NFL (unless his picks in round 2,3,4 end up being All Pros but obviously that likely wont happen).

      That is why, if they stay at 4, they will not take a project like Jordan who has mediocre college stats (prolly this years workout warrior?) or ZIggy who is just too damn raw and might be 27 years old who knows with that guy…

      AT 4, they will go with as much of a sure thing you can get which to me in order is Warmack, Joekell, Fisher.

      I also don’t think they go Floyd or Richardson at 4 since they just spent a first last year on pretty much the same position in Cox.

      • I agree 100% pheags. Also, Floyd is the sama as Cox. Richardson, would be a perfect 5 technique, opposite Cox, but not worthy of #4. Trade down possibility, yes, no way at #4. That’s the route, I blieve they’re going, & I wouldn’t be opposed, if they get multiple 1’s, or a 1 & 2. If they stay put, it should be 1 of the O-linemen, or Star Lotulelei (heart issue was not true. Caused by after effects of a virus).

  • pheags, that would be my war room strategy at 4 exactly as you have them lined up, and if they do something like that there may be hope for this new coach, philosophy, but something tells me it will not be any of these at 4

  • GMCliff and especially Paulman– the eagles are not going to be able to trade down. There is just too many teams that don’t have 2nd round draft picks surrounding them. KC, Oakland, and Cleveland don’t have a 2nd round draft picks. Too much competition for the the Eagles to be blown away by an offer which KC, Oakland and Cleveland would be more likely to accept. Face it the Eagles are selecting at the #4 selection.

  • Im okay with Ezekiel Ansah. He will be like JPP and Ware before long. Learning the skills of a pass rushing OLB is not too hard when you have the kind of athleticism he has.

  • Realistically EOS,
    I see 4 Teams who could Trade Down to the Eagles for the 4th Selection

    1) Bills have the 8th Overall and #41 in the 2nd ROund and may want to move up for QB Geno Smith

    2) Jets have the 9th and #39 Pick and may want that 4th and Package
    CB Revis to the Eagles for some Players and exchange of Draft Picks

    3) Rams have 2 1st Round Picks (#16 & #22) and a 2nd Round Pick (#46)
    and would love a shot at one of the Top WR’s

    4) Vikings have 2 1st Round PIcks (#23 & #25) and 2nd Round Pick (#52)
    and may want CB Milliner, Pass-Rusher Jordan/Ansah

    5) Don’t Discount the 49ers who have the #31,#34th & #61st Picks in the first 2 Rounds and may want to grab a a Playmaker ..

  • Things I wanted…..

    1) A punishing front &
    2) a run game
    3) Andy gone

    I may get all 3 on my wish list this year. I dont expect them to make the playoffs (though they could) but Im eager to see this new look eagles in action. I still concerned about the secondary but i am liking what I see.

    • What was the next wish on your list?

      • flyers playoffs…. sigh.

        • LMFAO! Sorry, bruh, me too! :.(
          My 5) Amaro fired.

  • Darryl Tapp signs with Redskins.
    Brad Childress signs with KC.
    Tapp for Chris Clemons – I guess that wasn’t a Howie trade either but some one else

    • And don’t forget the Eagkes also sent a 5th Round Pick to Seattle also for Tapp, and then gave Tapp a nice extension before he ever took the Field as an Eagle.. What a move ??

      • We’re really going to miss that .5 sack he give us?!? How are we ever, going to replace that monstrous production?!?!?

        • Brandon Graham will see those 5 sacks and raise it another 10

          • wake up Big Frank…..He’s in the NFL now……6-7 sacks tops

            • Haha.. I was only joking around. Seeing if I could get D going on a Saturday morning.

  • Gmciff- Cyprien is a 1st round pick…he is the top S on many boards and will not make it to the eagles in round 2

    What happens to all of these sceanrios when the Eagles draft Geno Smith?

    I think the best player from this draft will be Sharrif Floyd…the kid has such a high ceiling and will be an all-pro early in his career

    • Cyprian is my guy, but he will be drafted in the 2nd Round.

      NO way Shariff Floyd is the best player in this draft. He is smaller than Mike Patterson. I say he will be a valuable rotation guy for his entire career.

      Some guys swore Devon Still was going to have the same career, that you are predicting for Floyd. I know you can’t see it Jott, but you will be proven wrong by guess who…..Shariff Floyd.

      The Eagles aren’t drafting Geno Smith……..Eric Fisher, or Trade Down would be the smarter move…..

      • BTW, I was dead on right about Devon Still, being a bust as a pro………I’ll be right about Shariff Floyd as well………..

        • I was not a Devon Still can either Cliff and stated many times leading up to last year’s Draft, but Sgariff Floyd is a much better player and brings it every snap where Still was up and down in his College career
          Floyd is much stronger than Patterson ever was and will make a very good BFL DT in a 4-3 Scheme and will gave more success than Star Lotuleile who I think us overrated big time

          • He will be a bust…….

  • Safety Kenny is the only 1st Round Pick from the Satey Position
    I believe Matt Elam may possibly be be a late 1st Selection
    (49ers/Ravens) but J Crypien/Eric Reid, I expect both to be on the BoRd when Eagles Select at #35 (2nd Round)
    I do agree that DT Shariiff Floyd will have a very good NFL Career but is best suited in a 4-3 Scheme and think the Raiders will grab him at #2
    Or he could slip down to a 4-3 Defensive Team
    Like the Titans at #10..

  • That’s Safety Kenny Vicarro as the only sure 1st Round Pick

  • NFL QB News

    Oakland Raiders trade with Seattle to obtain Matt Flynn meaning Carson Palmer will be released soon
    Buffalo Bills sign QB Kevin Kolb
    This Also means bad news for Geno Smith since neither Team is likely to Draft
    Him with their 1st Round Draft Selections meaning the Cardinals/Browns could be likely landing spots for Geno Smith

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