• May 27, 2022

Roy Halladay Struggles Again

RoyHalladay11With the start of the season less than a week away, Roy Halladay struggled through another outing down in Florida. They just took him out of the game with the Phils trailing 2-0.

Yes, his day is through for the Phils down in Clearwater, Florida.  He threw a total of 96 pitches and he went 4 1/3 innings against the Toronto Blue Jays.  He gave up eight hits, walked two and struck out six, while allowing two runs.

Despite the poor performance, I thought he pitched better today than he did in the last outing against the minor leaguers, but he still has a long way to go before he can be counted on to do much.

He can’t get by throwing pitches up in the strike zone because he doesn’t throw hard enough any more and his pitches don’t move enough.  His pitch location isn’t where it needs to be.   He continues to lose batters after getting ahead in the count.

I think he would be fortunate to win 12 games or even 10.  He’s going to need run support every time he pitches because he’s not a dominating pitcher any more.

Tell me how many games you think Halladay is going to win and why.


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  • I am gonna go with 23 wins, I think the guy is fine and just has not incorporated juice into his daily routine. Once he starts incorporating the juice in his daily routine its look out CY Young and the NL East

  • I watched his entire outing and your description of it as “poor” is not accurate. First, he had six strikeouts with at least two swing and miss strike outs. He was also squeezed by a younger umpire that led to extended innings, high pitch count.

    He hurt himself on few first pitch strikes, other than the first.

    I am encouraged by this outing. One thing we know about Roy Halladay is that unlike most athletes in this city, especially on the eagles, he will let his preparation, play do the talking, and not vice versa, and we won’t hear a litany of excuses of why he wasn’t good enough if he fails this year

    • Keep drinking the Kool-aide jake! He did not look encouraging! He’s cooked. He didn’t throw 1 change up, because he can’t get his fastball over 90 anymore. He threw his cutter, & curve ball, his entire outing, & was wild out of the strike zone. Getting squeezed by an umpire? Stop making excuses. Did you even watch it? You should be as honest & hard on this team, as you are on the Birds. You come off a little hypocritical. They are the Eagles circa 2013. They are done & need to be rebuilt, & the entire staff & FO, need to go! Face reality. You the man, but, be real, like you normally are. 😀

  • Something else to remember, when the phillies decided to build a dynasty of pitching it yielded zero championships, but when it had pop in the lineup and average starting pitching in ’08, but a solid, spectacular back end bull pen they won a championship

    The season doesn’t hinge on hallady winning 16-20 games, I like the new makeup of this club, which will be less dependent on dominant starting pitching much like the ’08 club

    • I agree Jake,
      The Philosophy to go with Top-End Starters in a Hitter’s Ballpark where you play 1/2 your games at CBP never did make much sense to me as far as building a Team.. Obviously you need strong PItching, but give me some Boppers and a Great Bullpen over a Starting Staff in today’s smaller, very hitter friendly Ball Parks would be the way I build a Team.. ..
      Back on Doc, I stated in a earlier Post that he;s good for 10-12-13 Wins in 2013 with an ERA in the 4.5-4.75 Range and will basically be a 5-6 Inning Pitcher that can go thru a Good Hitting Lineup maybe Twice..

  • Charlie, Doc, & Chase’s last year here
    make it a good one

  • Right, they had a terrible winning percentage in the hitters park during this ill-advised pitcher heavy team…you continue to show stupitity.
    Yes I know the Ws championship alluded them during the run of the big three but to say that the team couldn’t, didn’t win because of the park is assanine… But consider the source

  • Missing the point as usual HAC, Where did I mention that the Ball Park was the reason they failed.. The Phils Failed to win WS because they spent too much $$$ on their Starting Pitching while letting their Bullpen and HItting suffer .. I know it bums you out when I am right about the Phillies, but I have been dead-on about this Phils Franchise for the last few Years.. Yes, the Truth hurts, but you’ll get over it once you clean your ears and clean your computer screen so you can learn to comprehend the written word..

    • ‘So it is written so it shall be done’
      Paulmanses II

  • Haveacigar, paulman dead on on this one, and he essentially said what I said earlier, the team constructed under amaro did not suit the ball park or the model that led to a championship under the wise tutelage of pat gillick

    It all falls on amaro, he has failed as a gm, stop defending this guy amaro

    • That’s the jakedog, I know & admire! LOL!!!!

    • Right they never won a game with the big 3 let’s trade Hamels, lee and Halladay for Justin upton … Let Kendrick, you and me pitch and win a championship. Fraudman also said the eagleas under AR couldn’t win in the weather in Dec…. He was wrong.
      Even in a hitters park great pitching wins…ask Chris carpenter!

  • I will add that I actually liked what Amaro did this past-Off-Season, but it won’t be enough.. Bastardo/Stutes are still question marks but Durbin/Adams were solid additions to the Bullpen.. I like Revere and M Young
    The wildcards are D Brown/Delmon Young and of course Chase Utley and Doc..

  • The starters on the 2011 Phil’s hit a bunch of HR, had 2 former MVP, pence was pretty good, ibanez hit 20 oh and BTW the MVP of the series in 2008 was one of the big 3 … Right adding a couple of great pitchers was stupid… Idiotic

  • The starting playoff pitching in 08 was Hamels, Myers, Blanton , Moyer, that’s an average rotation at best

    But the Phil’s had an explosive line up , never out of a fame, great situational relief, and a lock it down back of the bull pen.. That’s the team gillick constructed. Amaro takes over and builds a team as if they are still playing at the vet, candlestick park, didn’t work, even with 102 wins

    So yeah dcar, maybe overly optimistic about Doc, but it’s baseball, and now in my best james earl jones voice from field of drams, remember dcar, its baseball, they will come and believe they can win , even the damn mets

    • Love Field of dreams & love James Earl Jones.

  • G – think you should stick with football.

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