• January 17, 2022

DeSean Jackson’s Punt Return Voted NFL’s Greatest Play

DeSeanJackson15Amazingly Eagles former Pro Bowl punt returner DeSean Jackson’s game ending punt return in 2010 against the New York Giants was voted “The Greatest Play In NFL History” on NFL.com.   The play capped off a 20 point comeback by the Birds to beat the Giants in front of the fans in North Jersey.

“I am very honored and blessed at the same time,” Jackson said to NFL Total Access. “That play was hands down the best of my career so far.”

I’m sure the selection of the punt return doesn’t please Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.  He lost it after the punt return and went off on New York punter Matt Dodge, who foolishly kicked the ball to Jackson.  The coach had to know critics were going to blast him for letting Dodge kick the ball any where near Jackson.

“I thought the ball was going to be kicked out of the stadium,” Jackson said. “Tom Coughlin, I didn’t think would let the punter kick it inbounds. Once it got to my hands, I tend to say I fumbled on purpose, from there I picked the ball up,  I went to the right a few steps then I saw the gap. It was crazy.”

Personally, I was surprised that the play won the award.  I think the fact that it occurred recently had a lot to do with it winning the contest.[media id=303 width=400 height=300]


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  • That was far and away one of my greatest moments in Eagles’ history but I have no idea how it was voted greatest play of all time.

  • Marshawn Lynch’s playoff TD vs New Orleans 2 years ago was the greatest play I ever saw. He broke like 6 tackles.
    Greatest Eagle play for me was Randall Cunningham folding like a book on a Carl Banks sack attempt then hitting Jimmie Giles for a TD

    • I remember that Play on MNF versus the GIants
      I agree that D-Jax’s Return was an exciting/great Play ..
      But the “Immaculate Reception” by Franco Harris to propel them to their first SUperbowl was much more meaningful than the Eagles/Giants Regular Season thriller
      You could also put the “Titans Miracle Win” in the Playoffs versus the Bills a few years back, with that throw back play on a kick-off that was pretty significant…

  • It was voted best play in NFL history because just about every under 30 “nose to the cellphone – get my history lessons off youtube” idiot is unaware of any of the events in human history prior to 2010.

    • Stop being a grumpy old man Vinnie.

      A play that I’ll never forget, although it didn’t have a lot of meaning in terms of playoffs or anything, was the blocked FG, returned for a TD against the Chargers in 2005. I remember going nuts on that play.

      Another great play was Lito Sheppard’s INT return for a TD to seal the game against the Cowboys during T.O.’s return.

      • btc, he may be grumpy, but he’s right!

  • I remember this game me and my then future bro-in-law were sitting there watching this game and i said this is it we lost, I went to order pizza from Tony Sopranos but for some weird reason something told me this game isn’t over stay home they caught up but the Giants were still ahead when i went to Tony’s to pick up my order Jeremy Maclin Tied the game i was screaming LOL. then once i got home thats when they went to Punt it to desean an the rest as you know it was over BEST GAME of the SEASON…. after that they didnt win a game LOL.

  • Any one curious as to why the Eagles canceled their visit with Dee Milliner.? You think maybe they seen or heard enough to elect him with the pick? Do you think they want to trade down? or possibly going another direction i wish it was this week so we know already. But cutting no name players is an indication we have to make room for the 90 player limit.

    Also, Why cant the league allow for teams instead of having 53 man rosters have 64 an those 11 or how ever many players you need can be special teams only. so it doesnt cause our starters to get injured.

    • because the more players allowed on roster the more younger players leave college — NBA has like 15 players on their roster with them taking advantage of bogus IR rules and it has hurt their game. Instead of draft eligible players entering league with name recognition and more mature experience they are getting neither and the NBA is stashing players in a development league.

    • Pip, it’s a smokescreen. Kelly already spoke to him, at the combine. The Senior Bowl too, I believe.

      • IMHO, reverse psychology, to try to get trade partners! But, I doubt, Weaselman is that shrewd!

  • after bringing in 15-20 players for workouts, the Eagles will then Draft CB Milliner with thier #4 pick, then only to find out that he has some type of medical condition afterwards and have to sit out his Rookie Season..
    Just the Eagles fate and their “Due Diligence” at work here..

  • No SINGLE play has ever caused me to almost pass out from drunken enjoyment the way D-Jax’s walk off punt return TD did. In my almost 30 years of existence, I have never felt as much joy as an Eagles fan as I did that day. We were down and out. There was no hope. Down what? 17 in the 4th with 7 min left to play? It’s all a little blurry to me.

    The miraculous comeback. Vick looking like Superman. The defense standing their ground and getting us the ball back with less than a min on the clock. D-Jax fumbling, picking the ball up, not knowing where to go before darting up the middle untouched.

    It’s a play that I will tell my grandchildren about that will go down now as the greatest play in NFL history.

    The first ever walk-off punt return.

    It still gives me goosebumps.

  • As an Eagle Fan, I cherishh the long run by Wilbert Montgomery over the Cowboys in that freezing day of the NFC Championship from about midfield that basically sealed the game as the aeagkes beat that Ciwboys and went to their first Super Bowl, a quick trap play off guard/Tackle and Wilbert scooted to the end zone almost untouched..

  • Greatest comeback? I guess you don’t remember Eagles/Saints in 1993….Eagles losing 20-7 in 2nd half in the superdome…(Saints with a very good team) and Reggie White just took over. Amazing. Eagles scored 26 pts in the 4th Q to win. God I remember that game.

    Did I mention that was the playoffs?

    As for individual plays…..

    Montgomery’s run
    Eric Allen 95 yrds INT return against the Jets
    Cunningham to Barnett for 95 yrds in Buffalo (I was at that game)
    Miracle at the Meadowlands I
    Westbrook’s punt return with a minute to go in 2003 (that launched the SB run)
    Whoever made the tackle on the NYG hook and ladder play that was run down to the 5 at the Vet (saving the division for the Birds)
    Hugh Douglas sack/fumble against TB in the first playoff game in a decade
    4th and 1 2x vs Dallas

    That’s just off the top of my head……The Desean return was great….but best NFL play ever? Not even close….I don’t even think it was the best Eagle play ever….all the above plays had more significance…..

  • I still go back to Wilbert’s Run and Eagle Win over the hated Cowboys who basically kicked the Eagkes ass all during the 70’s as they went to win a a couple of Super Bowls, so to beat them at Home with Super Bowl at stake is by far my greatest Eagle play..

  • Again, what you clowns fail to realize is that you’re going by signficance and that WAS NOT one of the parts that had to be judged.

    If that had a percentage in final voting, than only plays that won a Super Bowl (Saints DB returning a Peyton Manning INT for a td, Santonio Holmes tippy toe catch) would be up for discussion.

    This was about ONE play. Regardless of where it was in a season and what it ultimately meant. The first EVER and ONLY walk-off punt return won that title. Accept it. Stop hating. You sound like disgruntled old bitches.

  • Dude, the only one that sounds disgruntled is you. You don’t think that people are going to debate a greatest play list? That is all subjective, so no one is really wrong. You know that right?

  • They have to give a better argument. To call the comeback by the Eagles on the Saints in the playoffs better than the comeback they made against the Giants with 7 minutes left and included the ONLY walk-off punt return in history is ridiculous!

  • It is all subjective. But want Eagle fan can’t recall how much joy the play bought to them.

    Totally dejected, sitting in a Friday’s watching the game in Michigan. I told my partner “we beat this team before with a miracle in the Meadowlands and we can do it again…if”

    You know how do…

    We keep envisioning winning scerios until theres not enough time left on the clock.

    if we can just stop them here and get a score…

    We need a turnover, a big play…

    For once it came true. I dislike that skinny phony. But for one play. I loved him like a brother.

    Ah football season.

    Let the silly arguments begin.

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