• August 19, 2022

Eagles Defense Will Be Showing A Variety Of Looks

BillyDavis15Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis is a student of the game and it’s why he studied the defenses of former Eagles defensive coordinator, Jim Johnson.

“Now he had some great dynamic pressures, and I’ve studied a lot of them,” Davis said today at the NovaCare Complex. “They were out-of-the-box thinking. But when you really break him down, it was more guys up in the A-gaps with the illusion of pressure than actual [sending] more than four rushers.

“There were times that he brought more. …But he did a great job of keeping offenses off-balance through both pressure, illusion of pressure and non-pressure. And you need all elements to attack an offense because there’s some times you pressure some of the stuff Coach [Kelly] does, you’re going to get eaten alive.”

Johnson kept offenses guessing and off balance, which is what Davis wants to do.  The Eagles defensive coordinator has been showing both three and four man lines just like most of the defensive coordinators in the NFL.  They give the offense as many looks as possible because that eats up their preparation time during the week.  Defensive coaches try to give as many looks as they can without getting so complicated that they put their own players in a position where they can’t avoid making mistakes.

“Multiple is the best way”, Davis said yesterday to a group of local media members.  And I know you guys are tired of that answer. I know you want to hear one or the other something. What we’re doing here is we’re taking that Wide-9 4-3, and we’re moving in the direction of the 3-4. But where we stop is yet to be determined by the players we have.”

Davis is not talking about going to the Wide 9 as his main defense, he’s talking about playing it on passing downs.  He will be using 3-4 personnel in what have been known as 4-3 alignments.  3-4 personnel means your outside pass rushers will be standing up and more capable of either rushing the passer or dropping into coverage.

On third downs, Davis and the Eagles will be showing all types of  different looks.  You have more liberty on pass downs as compared to run downs.

I’m interested to see which players Davis tailors his defense to accommodate.  If they want to let Trent Cole be their pass rushing right outside linebacker, they can make that happen by not asking him to drop in coverage very much.  They could ask one of the safeties to help him when he has to cover a receiver.  It will probably come down to how well he rushes the quarterback.

Brandon Graham is backing up at the outside linebacker position.  If he rushes the passer better than Cole during training camp and the early preseason, it could get the veteran outside linebacker/defensive end traded.


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  • I am predicting Eagles Defense to open up the Season with 3 Shutouts in a Row over the Redskins,Chargers and yes, against Coach AR and the Chiefs..

    • Forgot to mention, even though the Eagles Defense pitches 3 Shutouts,
      the Eagles will stand a 1-2 after first 3 Games due to QB Vick turning the ball over on Fumbles, and Int’s brought back for TD’s by their Opponents..
      Kelly finally Releases Vick after the KC Chief debacle and inserts Nick FOles who leads the team to a 8-5 Finish over the final 13 Weeks for the Eagles to finish 9-7 but just miss out on the Playoffs.. Foles signs an extension, and the Eagles move forward with Foles,Barkley & Dixon as their QB Corp for the next 2-3 Seasons
      Mike Vick turns down a workout by Montreal Alouettes stating he does know the “Canadien Language” to feel comfortable playing in a Foreign Land that is hostile to the Unites States

    • SLAP, SLAP!!!! Wake up Paul. Are you back yet? Ok, here we go.

      This Mother F@#$$ doesn’t know what he’s doing!!!

      We don’t even have the talent to play the Defense he wants. Howie darn near admitted that yesterday, but you know in professional sports, you have to make the politically correct statements to guard the dignity of guys you know you should have traded: Brandon Graham, Trent Cole, and possibly Vinny Curry – but I do hear Curry is adjusting nicely in his new role as 3-4 DE –

      Defense!!! Was the priority this offseason, and we didn’t get enough talent to significantly improve. Again, as GMCliff was correct in stating, there was an opportunity to do that in the draft. The Free Agents we got should all be backups.

      Howie admitted this in saying “we drafted guys for one system, and although you know they are good players you may have to make the hard decision to release, cut or trade some of these players in a tough pill to swallow for a GM……..Not GMCliff, I told you, this defense needed to be fixed first, with better 3-4 talent!! Now, you HAVE TO go defense next year in the draft, because Howie himself is cognizant that Billy Davis, doesn’t have what he REALLY NEEDS to be in a position to be successful.

      I love the Eagles but I see a 5-11 season. Wake up Paul!!!!!!!!

      • 5-11 at best…….

        • You are being generous! 1-15! This is going to be historically bad & going to end badly.

          • HAHAHAHAA!!!! DCar, you are my boy!!!!! One day we gonna just hang out for dinner, and drinks, and laugh all night. You Crack me up Homie!!! Hahahahah!!!!

        • I’m telling you Cliff I don’t mind throwing dirt at Howie but ole Chipper hired Davis and then turned around and cosigned on the journeyman free agent signings straight out of the flea market and then compounded it by not addressing one solid decensive need in the draft. Get ready for a whole bunch of 41-34 or worse Eagles games this year.

          • 5-11 or 1-15 would be good by me. im looking at a 3 year plan, the higher the draft picks the better in those 3 years.

            futures so bright i gotta wear shades

            • Thats the only bright side to it Mhenski

          • Biggie, I’m still standing on the steps of the Gis Bus too…….

    • Paulman if the Eagles pitch three shutouts in the next 3 years I will personally drive to West Virginia and kiss your ass on camera.

      • West Virginia.. No thanks.. I am located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of the High Country in North-Western NC, We actually have runnung water and electricity here, as well as Moonshine Distillers also..

        • Sorry paulman my brother lives in High Point beautiful scenery down there. But the offer still stands.

          • High-Point right there in the Piedmont Region and in the middle of Furniture Country.. I do agree that pitching a Shutout or 3 of them is very unlikely for any NFL Team to accomplish in this day and age of Pass-Happy Offenses,etc,etc…

        • hahahahahhA!!!!

        • paul, I didn’t know there was running water & electricity, in out-houses? You mean you don’t pump your own well water? At least your sheep herding, keeps you company. 😉 BWAHAHAHA!!!! XD

  • Paulman is out of it gm, he’s stuck in the ’80s, see his posts re the Phillies

    • Paul is still my homie Jake…….

  • Jack of all trades and master of none.

    Let’s get rid of this douche bag and get areal defensive coordinator. How can he inject multiple schemes when he haven’t mastered one?

    This guy is good a job interviews and nothing more.

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