• July 3, 2022

Eagles New LB Connor Barwin Will Be Lining Up All Over The Defense

ConnorBarwin1Eagles new outside linebacker Connor Barwin will be doing just about everything on the Birds defense this year.  Sometimes he’ll be dropping into a zone coverage, other times he’ll be locked on a receiver in man-to-man coverage, sometimes he’ll be attacking a pass blocker on his way to the quarterback, and other times he’ll be escaping the tight end’s run block and trying to make a tackle versus a running play.

“I’m excited. I don’t know exactly how it’s going to turn out, but I’m very excited about this defense,” Barwin said. “I’m very excited about my role and what (defensive coordinator) Billy (Davis) has me doing right now. There’s a lot of movement. There’s a lot of versatility in what I do and I think it’s going to free me up a lot.

Barwin will be lined up at the left outside linebacker spot on first down, but after that who knows where he will be lined up.   He’s the best matchup we’ve had against opposing tight ends since Carlos Emmons.  The former Houston Texans outside linebacker has great size to deal with tight ends and he has the speed to run with them.  Most of offenses are right-handed, so Barwin will likely be lining up on the tight end on first down.  He’ll be asked to beat the tight end’s block on running plays, and jam them to slow down their release on some pass plays.

Beating the tight end isn’t the most important reason he has been brought here.  They want him to put pressure on the passer after first downs.  Last year he had only three sacks, but the year before he had 11.5 sacks.  They want to turn him loose on the league’s quarterbacks.

“I’ll be doing a little bit of everything which is good. It keeps the offense on their toes. They don’t know where I’ll be coming from because I’ll be doing different things all of the time.”

Defensive coordinator is going to move Barwin all over the defense, so offenses won’t know what to expect.  After first down, there’s no telling where Barwin willl be lined up and what he will be doing.  Davis has made it clear that they’re going to be playing both the 3-4 and 4-3 looks.  On third downs and pass downs, they’ll show an even greater variety of looks to the opposing offenses.

Davis wants to keep offenses guessing, so that he can force them into mistakes or at least confusion.

“That gives guys a lot of potential to make plays because you confuse the offense,” Barwin said. “That was exciting for me when I was in Houston we first did it and that’s why I think everybody’s excited here because of the potential to confuse the offense and make plays.”

I like the fact that the Eagles defense will be bigger this year.  Barwin’s size is an example of the change all over the Birds defense.

Hopefully the increased size will allow them to be more physical.  The key to being successful in the multiple look defenses will be making sure that they communicate and are on the same page.  When you’re changing defenses, you put pressure on the offense not to make mistakes, but you also put the pressure on the defense to not to make mistakes.

The Birds want to force more turnovers by causing the opposing offense to make mental mistakes or force turnovers by being physical and knocking the ball loose.


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  • Barwin is a freak he ran a 4.47 and is 6’4 268..

  • I have high hopes for this defense for some odd reason. I feel as though our DLine is going to be back on top. With the Wide 9, for the most part is going to be scrapped and not overused like last year. Remember how much better our Dline looked once Washburn was fired? Isaac lined up with Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham (Who WILL have a breakout year) and others is going to be sweet. Our LB corp, which is underrated is going to blossom as well. I don’t understand why Demeco is not getting as much love as I thought he would. HE WAS OUR BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER LAST YEAR!! He showed up every sunday ready to play..period. MMychael Kendricks is going to be back with a vegence, and Connor Barwin who had 11.5 sacks I believe last time he lined up next to Demeco Ryans is going to be right there with him again. Brandon Graham I think will end up being a very solid OlB when he’s asked to play the position.. Was’nt he drafted as a OLB Anyway? Im not sure..

    Our Secondary is the only major question mark..But who knows how good Cary Williams is going to be? He is coming off a Baltimore Ravens Superbowl team where he did have 6 ints (2 in postseason) and he has the right attitude this team needs. Bradley has a freshstart and could turn into the star everyone thought he was going to be. Kenny Phillips is going to be back healthy also and Nate Allen is entering his 4th season and should be 110% healthy coming off his injury 2 years ago. On a side note Brandon Boykin might end up just being our best secondary player on the whole team. And Patrick Chung is going to be a solid physical player which this team has also been lacking.

    Bottom line..Our front 7 is going to be back and ready to rumble I believe. Billy Davis is perfect for this team and this core of guys.. We have a lot of size and a lot of speed, with a combination of our Defense showing a lot of different looks and shifts, its going to drive offense coordinators crazy. The better your front 7 is, the better is makes the secondary look as well. Our front 7 is going to really benefit and help out tthis questionable secondary.

  • The scary part is were only a work in progress at the moment. Wait until Chip gets 2 or 3 offseasons with this squad.. He’s made all the right moves so far.. I think he can keep it up. The man is a football wizard..

  • The D-Line (only one proven player) and O-Line (injury prone/ no depth) scare me. And the game is won at the line of scrimmage

  • Still QB is the biggest question mark on this team. Plus I’m not so sure Kenny Phillips is as healthy as we all assume

  • Ok…the prototypical LOLB is Mario Williams or Clay Matthews or Brian Orackpo. That one 11 sack aside if Barwin was one those players his stats would look better, in fact with Mario Williams gone last season and being in a contract year he should have ballooned, but instead he fell off and became expendable. I would be putting it lightly to say that I’m not comfortable knowing that the defense is being basically built around him.

    • Here Here Butch!!!! Applause from GMCliff!!!! I think he is Jason Babin Jr, and Howie has wishful thinking.

  • what i like….

    Running the ball
    Bigger Players
    Coaches focused on basics.

    What I dont like…

    not sure we have a starting CB on the roster
    not sure we have a starting SS/FS on this roster

    Its early. Im excited to see a new Eagles team. Im not waving pom poms or crying about the QB. Im sitting pretty and waiting to see what they show me.

  • Barwin was covering tight ends last year so he didint get as many sacks..babin was a bich who could only do one thing … look at the highlight tape on youtube.. barwin can play

  • Even if Barwin duplicates his 11 sack season, what happens with the other olb position or as Stevo says the back 4 continues to struggle. Is anybody confident that we have anyone that can really play back there?

    • and he won’t duplicate that 11 sack season……….

  • The rules don’t allow anyone to play back there anymore. It is basically expected that a team is going to give up 24 pts/game average today…..

    Look at the scores in the playoffs once the pretenders like Minnesota were eliminated

    45-31, 38-35, 41, 28, 30-28, 28-24, 34-31….with on 28-13 outlier in the Balt/NE game

    Look what happened to “elite” Ds when facing quality QBs….they got shredded. Its what happens nowadays. Investing resources in an area that the NFL has basically ruled as impossible to play is a misuse of resources.

    With Today’s rules, an nfl team with a decent QB will score 30 pts pretty much guaranteed. Regardless of who is playing D. Sure, a good D can beat up on the Brandon Weedon or Mike Vick’s of the world, because they suck, but if a team wants to compete in today’s NFL (esp the postseason) then they better have a QB and offense that can put up 35 regularily…because eventually you’re coming up against Rodgers, or Brees, or Brady etc….at some point you’ve got to beat those guys in the playoffs, and the only way to do that today is with an offense that can match.

    Secondary concerns are…..secondary.

  • You still need to be able to get off the field on 3rd down and limit teams to field goals and not TD’s. It’s still the NFL and not Arena football.

  • I agree with your concerns Big, but did you really think that they could fix all of the defensive problems in one year. They had talent defiiciencies and they are switching to a new system. I think that they made strides this year, but this is a 2 year process to rebuild this defense.

    • I guess what concerns me is are these 2 better then the 2 we let walk? I get that these 2 will stick there helmets in there and tackle but in the big picture I care about how they cover not how they tackle. If Phillips is healthy he will change some things back there and hopefully Chung plays like be did a couple of years ago.

  • Oh don’t get me wrong, I am not comfortable with this secondary at all. These guys seem like band-aids to me. Hopefully they will get a little more pressure on the QB this year to make things a bit easier.

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