• July 3, 2022

Kenny Phillips And Jamar Chaney Among First Wave Of Eagles’ Cuts

Jamar Chaney Following their third preseason game, the Eagles have released 12 players from their roster.

The two most notable cuts were Kenny Phillips and linebacker Jamar Chaney.

Phillips was one of the team’s significant free agent signings, and the team hoped that he would be able to provide them with a veteran playmaking upgrade over Nate Allen. Instead, Phillips only appeared in one of the team’s three preseason games, nursing various knee and quad injuries.

Chaney had started 23 games over his three-year career with the Eagles. He didn’t fit into the 3-4 scheme, and it was time to move on.

The teamalso  cut tight end Derek Carrier, defensive back Eddie Whitley, punter Brad Wing, defensive end Eddie McClam, wide receiver Nick Miller, offensive tackle Nic Purcell, offensive lineman/defensive end Isaac Remington, tight end Will Shaw, and long snapper James Winchester.

The team needs to release one more player to get the NFL’s 75-man limit by Tuesday.

Denny Basens

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  • no real surprises here. Phillips is damaged goods. hope there is a safety available somewhere….or hope our offence can put up 40 consistently.

    • I think there’s a chance they add another safety, but I doubt they can find one that will make a significant positive contribution…last year the best they could do safety-wise at this time of year was to make a trade for David Sims, who was insignificant and is likely on his way out the door with the next batch of cuts.

  • Looks like kolb may be done forever. Sad to see. I was never a fan and did not see what some had seen but never good to watch a guy take that kind of beating.

    • He was never the same after Clay Matthews dug his head into the Linc Field
      I believe he retires, this is his 3rd/4th Concussion and he’s made big $$$
      In his final Season with the Eaglez and his Deal he signed with the Cardinals
      The Bilks signed Matt Lineart who will keep the spot warm for EJ Manuel

      • Should have stopped at ” he was never”.

  • Eagles should have Signed Safety Mike Huff, Benard Pollard or Dwan Landry
    This past Off-Season who all went for chump change but are least healthy enough to Play
    Kenny Phillips was another Steve Smith signing from the Giants, damaged goods which us why they let them walk..
    Cheney was a big dissapointment the last 2 Seasins after a promising start in a few games at the end of his first Season with the Eagles and not a fit for the 3-4 Scheme the Eagles now employ
    I expect Kurt Coleman, Curtis Marsh,
    Antonio Dixon, Danny Watkins, and probably Trent Cole to get released also
    And think Brandon Graham will get Traded
    And let him pkay out his final Rookie Contract Deal out

    • Oh man Paulman I agree on Huff they should have made a move on him.

  • Eagles 53 Man Roster

    Special Teams
    (3) K-Henery. P- Jones LS-Donebros

    Offense (24)
    QB (3) Vick, Foles & Barkley
    RB (3) McCoy, Brown & Polk
    FB (1) Casey
    WR (5) D-Jax, Avant, Cooper, D Johnson
    & R Shepard
    TE (3) Celek, Ertz & Harbor
    OL (9) Peters,Mathis,Kelce, Herremans, Johnson
    Barbre, Tennant, Vandervelde & Kelly

    • Defense (26)

      DE (5) Cox, Thornton, Curry,,Square & King
      DT (3) Soapaga, Logan, Geathers
      ILB (4) Kendrick’s, Ryans, Matthews & Knott
      OLB (4) Barwin, Graham, McCoy, & Acho
      CB (5) Fletcher, Williams, Boykin, Poyer and a Player picked up
      Off of Waivers
      Safety (5) Chung, Allen, Wolff, Anderson and a Player picked up off Waivers

      I could see 6 CB’s and Only 4 Safeties with Colt Anderson getting released

      • I agree but even though they shouldn’t I think they keep Cole and not King

      • After watching the replay on NFL Network I think
        DE Everett Brown has a real chance to make the 53 Man Roster
        Over 7th Draft Pick King. Brown has about 4-5 Sacks thus far
        Also CB Trevard Lindley played pretty well also

      • No waivers, I see Lindley making the roster along with those you mentioned…..Cole has improved in his position every preseason game, I think he makes the team. Graham is a question mark to me based on fit…how will the Eagles use Graham. He is solid pass rusher not doubt, but can he do the rest of the job a OLB has to? . I think our CB may do a little better than we expect this season. Fletcher is solid tackler, keep YAC down, that’s big. But this defense has to get off the field…Teams have been driving the ball too consistently…

        One’s things for sure, the offense has to do a good job of sustaining drives, so this defense is not gassed. Gotta get off the field on 3rd downs…The entire first half of the Jags game the Jags only had one 3rd and long situation…Majority of their 3rd downs were 3rd and 4 or shorter…

    • Take note that Harbor will see action as WR & TE
      Just as Casey will be used as FB/HB & TE

      • And Defensively, Cox, Thornton will slide inside at DT on many passing Downs where Curry, Gragam, Square will pass rush as DE’s and even OLB Barwin sometimes with his hand on the ground

  • After watching the 49ers again I truly believe their is not 1 Eagles defensive player that would make their roster besides Cox, Barwin and possibly Boykins and all 3 would be rotating between 2nd and 3rd team. Their 2nd team front 7 would start for the Eagles, yes even over the elusion we keep pumping up in Cox. They all just look bigger, stronger and nastier than everyone else.

    • Well no s***.

      This team has been so poorly run the past 5 years it is sickening.


  • If I am Eagles GM/Player Personnel and HC Kelly
    I am looking for Seconday Help from Teams who will cut some good Players
    And have Strong Secondaries like the Seahawks, Cardinals, Dolphins
    At LB, I am looking at the Seahawks, 49ers,Panthers, Dolphins, Patriots,
    Cardinals & Steelers & Bengals, Bears
    AT DL, The same Teams and add Texans, Vikings..


    • Pman… I’m not gunna lie… I’m pretty angry about the secondary. It’s not like there wasn’t FS and SS aval in free agency, it seems to me that they are stockpiling money again..and for what? Another FA bananza? If they thought fletcher and Williams were going to fix this problem they need a head exam.

  • Eagles 2nd Draft Pick should been at OLB
    There was Alex Ogletree or Jaime Collins ,
    Or even ILB J Bostic or Kevin Minter than could alike Kendrick’s outside where he belongs
    Then 3rd Round Pick should have been a DB
    Leon McFadden, Dwayne Gratz or even Mathieu

    I think Ertz will be a good TE, but Eagles are already deep there
    With Celek, Harbor & Casey and there were lots of Good TE’s later in Draft

  • Denny wish Jarius Bryd thing was possible but thats like hittin the lotto

  • No matter the position the Eagles focused on in the draft there wa still going to be positionsof weakness. The Eagles emphasized offense in the frst two rounds this year. Guess what..do not be surpris if they do the same ext ear for B and WR. To me safety and CB is a priority but I’m not the GM or coach.

    • same exact thing next year for QB and WR.

  • GM Cliff- I’m ready to concede.
    Earl Thomas should be here instead of Brandon Gtraham. I still think he can play but the Eagles have not done him any favors in the way they have used him.

  • If we are going on trade guesses where do you think we will trade Graham to? And for What?

    Chris Hope was let go he is great a run blocking, so was myron lewis.

    • I think they keep Grham since he’s in his last year of his Rookie Deal and all the Signign Bonus $$ has alreadyt been paid to him so you may as well hope that he has a break-out season and pans out..
      Trade Wise, not sure how much Value he would return.. Probably a 4th/5th Rounder and no higher than that since his production has been minimal due to his injuries that he’s had, so to me, you keep him and see what he does,,,
      Trent Cole is a tough one.. He has played a little better each week here at a new Position and he has been a solid player for the Eagles but not worth $5.35 Million he’s due to earn in 2013 just to be a situational Pass-Rusher
      Another one is ILB Demeco Ryans who is due to Earn $6.7 Million in 2013 & 2014 and I would not be surprised to see the Eagles asdk him to restructure and or possibly release.. I think he’s been very average and seems to struggle in the 3-4 Scheme..

  • Good thing about Ryans contract, its essentially a year to your contract. No penalty against the cap if hes cut at the end of the year.

  • It would also be cheaper for the birds to keep Cole this year… cap hit wouod be huge. Hes not going anywhere

    • $6.4 Million Cap Hit this Year if T Cole is Released
      $5.122 Million Cap hit if B Graham is Released
      $0 Hit if D Ryans is Released
      $900,000 Hit if Colt Anderson is Released
      $3.1 Million Hit if Tod Herremans is Released
      $625,000 Hit when Curtis Marsh gets Released
      $670K Hit for Nate Allen being Released
      $715K if Antonio Dixon if Released
      $1,096,000 if Danny Watkins is Released

      QB M VIck, WR Riley Cooper, TE Harbor, DE C Thornton and Injured Players J Maclin & Phillip Hunt are Free-Agents — (Thornton & Hunt are Restricted Free Agents)

      These Figures from EaglesSalaryCap.Com Site

  • Well, 1/4 of the failed off-season secondary signings, already gone. Next up Williams, then Chung. Fletcher might be the only serviceable 1 out of the bunch. Again, that’s what happens, when you let the deepest FA period, & the deepest draft in the last decade, with secondary help go by, without signing/ drafting 1 impact player! NOT A 1!!!! They get what they deserve. I thought I’d be pumped since the Hindenburg is gone, but I’m not. Not 1 bit! They ‘re DF is going to be as bad as last year, & it is inevitable that failure gets banged up, or f^#@ up, & set the team back to square 1!

    • Agreed totally D, I swear dude I would take you Gm,Pman, and Llawrd yes Llawrd the kid knows his stuff. Put you’ll in a room and I truly believe you guys can do better than these so called professional scouts and draft guys for the birds. I mean they suck, I thought adding Gamble from San Fran would help but so far he sucks too.

  • The offense is solid,that was the emphasis with this years draft,putting those knuckle heads in a war room,that would be far worse than howie in his selections

    • Maybe Jake can deliver Our Pizza’s & Cheese Steaks and Beer to the War Room.. It goes without saying that
      GMCliff will pick-up the Tab and Tip of course…Ha

  • Knucklehead, that’s correct mostly all of the time.

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