• June 27, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Jets

Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville JaguarsPoor Showing For Foles

Nick Foles finished his preseason with a terrible performance. The second-year quarterback completed just 6/17 passes for 63 yards and also lost a fumble.

On the Eagles’ first offensive play, Foles was overwhelmed by the pass rush, panicked, and allowed the Jets to rip the football loose. It’s the kind of careless play that you just can’t have from your quarterback, and Foles has had enough of these mistakes by now that he should be making a much more conscious effort to protect the football.

Right now it looks like regardless of whether its Vick or Foles under center, the Eagles are going to have turnover issues from the quarterback position. Foles has made more careless plays this preseason than Michael Vick, and its a very disturbing sign that doesn’t bode well for the young man’s potential in this league.

Foles just couldn’t hit his mark tonight. The only points that he managed to generate came on a field goal after the Eagles were given a short field following a turnover.

Sure, Foles was stuck working with reserve offensive lineman and skill position players, but that’s no excuse for how poorly he played tonight. A mark of a great quarterback is that he’s able to overcome the limits of the teammates around him, and make the guys around him better. Foles didn’t do that tonight.

Who Made A Case To Be On The 53-Man Roster?

Emmanuel Acho may have been the team’s best defensive player tonight. Acho was in on 11 tackles, picked up a sack, and forced a fumble.

Chris McCoy was very active. McCoy dropped an interception on the first play of the drive, but bounced back with a sack on the next play. The linebacker picked up another sack in the first quarter, finishing with three total tackles.

Jake Knott had eight tackles, and forced a fumble.

Everette Brown had two sacks and a forced fumble.

Offensively, Matthew Tucker capped his preseason with 31 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Quick Thoughts

  • Brandon Graham had his strongest moment of the preseason, chasing down Matt Simms for safety on the first New York drive.
  • Nate Allen got the start at free safety, and was noticeably pushed around on the first touchdown run by Kahlil Bell.
  • Matt Barkley didn’t fare much better than Nick Foles tonight, finishing with just 134 passing yards and a bad interception that was run back for a touchdown.
  • Greg Salas had two receptions for 26 yards, but also dropped a couple of passes.
  • If Kurt Coleman doesn’t make this team, he’s going to go on and be a nice addition for someone else. He may not be anything special as a starter, but he plays hard, and I’d take him over Nate Allen easily.
  • Acho’s performance could very well spell the end of Casey Matthews’ stay in Philadelphia.


Denny Basens

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  • I Eagles fans from day one this dude is garbage, Nobody had any film on him until now really and didnt know anything about him. Now that teams have film on him they know he cant complete a pass over 15 yards.

    Doesnt matter whether he was playin with back ups or not not being able to complete a pass and going 0-6 is comeplete unnacceptable trade his ASS now! The Bills could use a qb, if Vick wouldve played this way there would have been no mercy and for the record Vick has had to play with back ups in pre season before he got the start for the Eagles and could atleast make a couple of plays.

    • This board would be lit up with Vick bashers if he played like Foles did last night. I expected to see alot more chatter on here about Foles’ performance and it’s pretty quiet. Personally it did not matter to me who won the competition, I root for the team not players. But, it’s just amazing to me how quiet it is on this matter. Foles looked bad last night behind that line, just as Vick did last week when the line played bad.

      • Amen to that but they just won’t write about Foles and will swear the line just did not protect him. The Phlly media will give him passes and Dave Spadaro will keep insisting he is the next Tom Brady. LOL LOL Including the preseason this season, Foles has fumbled the ball seven times in his last 10 games.

    • Hahahahahahahahaahahah



      Youre an A$$


  • Eckel made some good observations concerning Foles.

    Backup quarterback Nick Foles, who unexpectedly and surprisingly played the entire first half, wasn’t much better than the line in front of him. Foles, who lost the starting quarterback job to Mike Vick, completed six of 17 passes, after starting 0-for-6, for 63 yards. That computes to a quarterback rating of “46.9”.

    Second-team players aside, that’s a dismal showing for a guy many expected and wanted to be the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

    It was even worse that he got outplayed by his Jets’ counterpart, Matt Simms, who would be No. 3 on a Simms’ family depth chart.

    The son of former Giants quarterback Phil and younger brother of Chris, Simms completed 20 of 26 first-half passes for 156 yards and a 91.2 rating. I
    f not for two fumbles and a bad decision right before the half, he would have put up more than the 10 first-half points the Jets managed.

  • Its going to be a long year. The 2nd team defense looks exactly like the 1st team defense I couldn’t tell the difference. Its a defense that cant stop the run, cant stop the pass and will get some sacks in between and is soft. Its not the scheme, they looked like this in the 4-3. There is no reason he should make the team over Coleman. Colt Anderson needs to play at least he can tackle. Next year Harry Gamble better be bringing in some defensive players with some heart. No more soft pretty boy TEs.

    On offense the Jets stacked the box and took away the 2 yard passes and runs and dared Foles to pass over 5 yards. They blitzed him. He was behind a 2nd string line going up against a 2nd string defense the same as Sims. No excuses. Our recievers arnt very good. Harbor probably played himself off the team. He was pressing. I like him.

    • “On offense the Jets stacked the box and took away the 2 yard passes and runs and dared Foles to pass over 5 yards.”

      Same things Jets did to Vick. They figured it was better to have him pass it deep (and hopefully force him into errors) than let the RBs run all over them and allow him to complete those short passes. It worked the first couple of series…then it didn’t.

      I expect to see a lot of that from defenses this year.

      • Do you mean the same thing that the Jags did to Vick? MV did not play last night against the Jets.

        • Vick burnt the Jets last time he played . He picked them apart and Rex Ryan said he was more impressed wth Vick than Andy Reids coaching. Foles wil not go deep if he does he puts the receivers in danager. The Jags just decided they were going to keep the deep ball from beating them and Vick beat them with his feet. That is the difference in him and Foles. If Vick scambles left teams know they are dead. Teams don’t fear Foles scrambling or throwing deep.

          • What, are you part of Vick’s PR team? Give it a rest, there are 52 other guys that make up the team.

        • Clear typo.


          • That is what I figured Shirel, it just seemed off when I read it. True statement about what these defenses have been doing the last 2 weeks. I am hoping that we aren’t showing any real gameplan or are saving some schemes.

  • James Casey to be released? I have posted before that James Casey has done nothing in TC or preseason all summer. I have not once heard his name. Then in a 4th preseason game the veteran is suiting up and playing? He suffers a hamstring injury on top of that. Why would the vet even be playing? Obviously he is on the bubble and the Eagles may be releasing him. Celek didn’t play. Their are plenty of TEs or formations for Casey not to have played. Very interesting.

  • Denny, your gonna make me start reading your post’s again Lol.

  • Not too many highlights from last night’s game.

    Donnie Jones played well.
    His leg will be sore by week 6 from over use.

  • When are we going to trade this bum?

    He can’t read defenses and hold on to the ball too long, and is a turnover machine….

    against 3rd and 4th string bums!!!!!

    The worse thing Chip could have done was play Foles while his trading stock was high, but now every team know what Foles is now and we’ll be lucky to get a bag a rocks for this bum.

    Move Barkley up with Dixon at 3rd and get whatever we can right now!!!!!!

    • Eh…Foles may have just had a really bad game.

      Pressure kills and him more so than others apparently. I still think he can be a capable backup for a couple of games if need be. Clearly he isn’t ready for prime time though.

      • 3 Early Drops by Ertz, Harbor and then Salas doomed Fole’s performance and was never able to get in much of a rhythm ..
        He’ll be fine as a Back-Up to Vick..
        It’s Vick’s Job so let’s see how he does versu the Redskins front 7 who will be coming after him with the kitchen sink.. Orapko, Kerrigen, Henkins and yes Darryl Tapp also…

    • Go play with your Redskins and leave the Birds to the real Eagles fans. You are a fraud…you quit being a fan of this team, stop trying to act like you have any valuable opinion to Eagles fans….we know that you will bail on this team the minute that Mike Vick no longer plays for the team, so take your fraud-self over to the DeadSkins site and annoy them.

  • Acho is head and shoulders above Matthews. Nate Allen is a dough boy. Also Vick didn’t do squat last year with a poor O Line. Compare QB’s using the same O Lines if you want to be legit.

    • First two pre season games, they played behind the same lines…Chip made the decision, that legit enough Big E?

      But the O Line last night was horrendous….I’m waiting for one of the ignorantly selective to say “QB’s can get it done, without an O Line”

      • That wasn’t my point other poster (Songs) calling Foles a bum bla bla bla.
        Kelly did make a decision but not because Foles is a bum. Obviously this poster has an agenda using Foles’ performance last night. Songs tirade is not legit.

  • I watched the first half and then listened to the second half. Not much to say about the offense except that no one could catch last night. Ertz has some stone hands man.

    I heard Acho’s name all night. He was everywhere and I thought that Curry and Logan made some plays. Coleman did play well and should make the team over Allen. I don’t think that the defense is good, but some of these young players look like they have the potential to be pieces. I would like to see Knott make the team too. Thought that he had a really good pre-season. If it comes down to him and McCoy, tough choice.

  • We don’t need to rehash the argument, Vick beat out foles it was a good fair competition, and based on numbers, production he best him out.

    That performance by foles was bad, but meaningless from an evaluative perspective, for anyone to make any judgment on foles performance last night is either a dope, biased, or ignorant…..no scout will make anything of that performance

    It’s on to the redskins game and the regular season. It’s gonna be an interesting season, nothing will surprise ole jake

    • Well said Jakedog!

    • Jake the competition is not point.

      It’s the fans here looking to anoint anyone to lead this team because he’s not Michael Vick, even if the player is substandard and proved nothing.

      Even if the player have the same faults as Vick with no upside to make plays.

      That’s the issue and I’m glad Chip Kelly and the other coaches don’t think like these guys who would put in a bag of rocks to spite Vick.

      This was never a quarterback competition….

      Chip just needed to put a fire under the guy he needs to run this offense fluently and that have always been Michael Vick.

      • Excellent point again Songsrme2! The Vick haters would have subjected us to anyone except Vick…ignoring the simple facts…like the ability to play! No one was banging on our door for Nick Foles…he is simply not that good in passing the ball down the field…Marty Mornhigweg tipped the Jets off…and has bad as the Jets and other teams need a QB…we see the real reason why Foles probably didnt bring in any good offers

    • Remember that when you judge Vick. It works both ways

  • @realtalk, last night proves bill parcelll’s comment , paraphrasing, …all qbs look the same one the ground with their cleats in the air

  • How about jarret’s hit on foles, maybe the eagles shouldn’t have cut him, when was the last time an eagles safety laid the wood on the qb like that

    And there’s a positive about foles last night, he took a beating playing with that scrub oline and a blitzing jet defense, but he got up

    • I would take Jarrett straight up for bum ass Foles right now.

      • That’s why you are not in professional sports making any decisions, just an anonymous poster on GCobb blowing smoke.

    • Jarrett may have been the victim of bad coaching. It also speaks to how fast we are willing to cast off our players and not give them time to grow in the role as a player. People are already commenting on Ertz dropping two passes. Give these guys a chance. Not everybody is going to come into the league and be all pro their rookie season. I believe Graham can still be a very good playerr given the time to grow under consistent coaching and experience in a settled position!

      • That is about the 4th ball that he has dropped in the pre-season for someone who was supposed to have great hands. I am no advocating cutting the dude, but he hasn’t had a strong pre-season in my opinion.

        Big maybe on Graham. Still a whiff there when they should have taken Earl Thomas at that spot.

        • I agree we should have taken Earl Thomas, but if the Eagles hit on every pick we’d be world beaters. Zack Ertz will be fine, patience!

      • Jarrett is simply not a NFL Caliber Starting Safety or even a solid Back-Up
        I stated this leading up to Pre-Draft Posts to when the Eagles actually selected him, He’s too small and not fast enough to Play in the NFL ..

  • The Offensive line has looked bad against both the Jets and the Jaguars, which has me concerned. In both games, defenses were getting pressure with their front four.

  • Final Preseason Games are about meaningless… Many/Most of the Players on the field for both Teams will not be in the NFL when the Regular Seasons Starts.. Good Performances, Bad Performances matter very little in the big scheme of things..

  • We blew it…should have traded Foles when he looked good! Now the book is out on the kid…Marty Mornhigweg knows Foles so he tipped the Jets off just how to defend him! Crowd the receivers on the line, get pressure on him…and watch him fold! He is not an effective passer going down the field…The Jags had a similar approach to Vick but Vick’s mobility and positive yards made a difference

  • It is not a surprise. Marty Morhingweg, had enough film on Foles to know what his weakness is and anyone in there right mind that saw him last year knew it too. He can’t stand pressure just like Kolb could not stand pressure. Hit them and they start to panick. He was rushing throws, or he was hold on to the ball. He did the same thing last season but they were too busy bashing Vick for turnovers when the line did not give him 2 second to get the ball off. This is the real Nick Foles and now there is take on him for all the teams to see. Andy Reid was not trying to get Foles to Kansas City he is Howie boy. This talk about they are not trading him is because nobody wants te Eagles back-up QBs because that is what they are back ups.

  • Foles is our backup this year. If and when Vick goes down it will be Foles.

    As for the future, Kelly don’t want a quarterback like Foles or Barkley as a starter. When it’s time to replace Vick, Kelly will find another fast guy. That my feeling anyway.

    • You are right about that the future QB is not on this team. Irish Eagle

  • i came away thinking we officially have 2 awful qbs now. top 10 draft pick here we come

    • i guess make that 3 if you are counting whoever our 3rd stringer is (barkley i guess)

  • All of this talk about the 4th preseason game?

    Sounds like there are people with an agenda taking shots, don’t sound much like fans.

    The 2nd team OL looked like shit. Foles did not handle the pressure well. The majority of 1st teasers were on the sidelines, so this was more a statement on our depth, which is a big deal in a league where injuries are just a fact of the game. There are some big questions still left for this roster.

    I would tend to believe that Kelly has shown very little of his schemes or strategy for this offense. Let’s get into the regular season, watch to see how this offensive line performs. I believe that the OL will be the key to how our offense does this year, even more than Vick. I am also concerned about the play of the TE’s in the preseason….Casey has an injury, Ertz has been irratic and dropping some balls, Harbor couldn’t catch a cold last night….I never thought we would be entering the season looking for Celek to be leading the group.

    I cannot wait for the first game….Kelly’s coming out party on Monday night against a division foe…RGIII no less….can’t wait!!

    GO BIRDS!!!!

    • Like Kelly said whats on tape is on tape. Whether you want to discuss it or not. Its on tape.

      • No problem discussing, but too many are over-reacting to the 4th preseason game that is historically the least meaningful game of the preseason.

        The coaches make the player evaluations based on that tape, so now we set a roster, gameplay for the ‘Skins, and get to playing real games.

  • Let’s go Eagles and beat the Redskins. I am rooting for my team not these fans who don’t like Vick. Kelly is smart and he knows what he’s doing I just want the defense to step and stop the run. That is my concern. I like the chemistry of this offense.


  • In all fairness, over the last couple years we have seen Vick play much worse than Foles did last night, yet there are those who still talk like he’s a super star.

  • My thoughts?

    That the Eagles are going to stink this year

    Now, I know that you can’t judge much from pre-season games, but maybe you guys can help me out: What is the difference between Kelly’s and Reid’s offense, other than the fact that Kelly has them running a bit more?…What is special about Kelly’s approach?

    At Oregon, what they did was run plays quickly, keep up the pace, make either quick ‘reads’ or run a no huddle type of scheme, and consequently tire out opponents.

    But where have we seen that so far, except a wee, wee bit in the Carolina game?…NFL players make too much money to be doing all that running around; c’mon man, they not into all that nonsense…At least I can’t see it with these Birds.

    The ‘D’?…Can that be short for ‘don’t stop anybody’?

    Maybe I’m being too cynical.

    I saw about two series in the 2nd quarter at a neighborhood bar, then I just took my drinks and sat outside.

  • Question.

    What would be the feedback if Vick would have played like Foles did last night against back up players?

    What would the topic be on sports radio as we speak?

    • Answer:

      Go and ask your f%*king Redskins buddies and quit trolling this site. You are a fraud piece of sh*t who is only interested in pitting Eagles fans AGAINST each other.

      • Bravo Greenfan Bravo!!!

  • Such a troll Songs.

    Vick is the starting QB for the team. He outplayed Foles and here we are. You got what you wanted. What else are you trying to prove?

    So you think that Vick would have chatter about him today? Hmm? An 11 year vet who makes 12.5 that has been a starter for most of that time? Yeah, I think that more people would be talking about him.

    That’s just GD common sense. Move the eff on already.

  • I just really want to hear from Vinnie. Please. I must hear the spin on that turd that foles left on the field last night. Lets have one of your patented statistical breakdowns. Don’t get me wrong, I Iike Foles and am hoping that last night was an aberration. I just want to hear what he has to say about his baby daddy.

  • That was about the worst we saw of foles, but you also have to factor in the oline, dropped passes (4-5), but if you change your evaluation of foles based on that game then again you don’t know football, probably never played football or have some other agenda going on

    Do you think a game like that is beyond Vick, Brady, etc. especially in that context, a qb is judged over a body of work, not just the highs or the lows

    But what is the piling on here about a meaningless 4th preseason game?

    If I were foles I’d be pissed, earned the right to sit, I am starting qb 1a based on the competition that mattered, but you put me in a game with oline that has no business being in nfl, the jets blitzing, and then guys dropping balls

    • I agree with you for the most part jake. Its just that some people on this site only apply logic when it comes to Foles. Whenever anyone says that something is not 100% Vicks fault due to whatever mitigating factors ie bad oline etc. they are quick to dismiss it as excuse making for Vick. The fact is football is a team game and a football team is only as strong as its weakest link. I just wish we would stop pitting factions against one another. We are all eagles fans. Can’t wait until next Monday night. Go Birds!

  • I overheard Vinnine telling a friend “that Foles was ordered to play like crap by Rosman’s Office” so that the Eagles would not have to deal with Trade Offer’s from other Clubs (Raiders & Tampa Bay) …

  • “Anyone that bases anything substantial in a meaningless Week #4 Pre-Season Game is an Ass”… stated, Brian Urlacher.. Game is played with 3rd Stringers and PLayers to be hitting the Streets..
    Why Foles even played surprised me since the QB Starter issued was already decided the week before by Coach Kelly… Barkley should have Played the 1st Half and then Split the 2nd Half with Dixon/Kinnie to reward them for their time put in over the Summer..
    It’s Game #4 of the Pre-Season and means absolutely nothing except for “injuries” ..

  • I don’t understand it either paulman, maybe Kelly thought foles would slice the jets d so that his continued excellent play would provide more motivation for Vick to stay sharp, but it backfired, Vick probably thinking he’s got this job wrapped

    • I think what Kelly did was let Vick free-lance a little last week to see how he would handle some calls and decisions and then did the same thing this week with Foles and allowed him to “free-lance” this week just to see how both would handle some “Open-Play-Calls/Decisions” but the QB’s just to see how both would react as opposed to the structured play calls of “1,2,3 Throw” which we have seen Foles play under his first 3 Pre-Season Game appearances..

  • It wouldn’t matter if Vick was playing behind five 1st graders on the oline. Vinnie would be on here right now proclaiming him the worst QB that ever lived.

  • Jeez. Never knew I was so popular.

    Do I have to educate you guys on the nature of time zones? The game was on from midnight till 3 am.

    I didn’t watch it. In fact, I have never watched a 4th preseason game in my life, because 4th preseason games are completely irrelevant.

    The only issue was that Foles was playing at all. (and Ertz, and Brown)Shouldn’t have been. Should have been Barkley for a quarter and then 3 quarters for Kinnie.

    Playing Foles, Brown and Ertz last night was a stupid coaching decision.

    Now this is not an excuse for the fumble. The fumbles this preseason have been a big concern for Foles. No doubt.

    Everything else that happened last night was completely irrelevant. The 4th game is always completely irrelevant.

    • Vinnie,

      Since you couldn’t see the game—- Foles had the Ball pulled in to his body but was completely overwhelmed by a collapsed Pocket. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady also would have fumbled under the circumstance. Dude should not have been playing yesterday cause he should be the Starter.

  • BTW – Simms looked good because the Eagles defense is absolutely terrible. It is going to be sickening watching them against Rodgers, Manning, Stafford this year…….

  • NY Jet’s O/C Marty Mohernewig was quoted today stating that “Simm’s is the most Natural QB he’s ever Coached since Kevin Kolb”..
    I swear, I do not make this stuff up….

    • amazing. If this is true I will laugh all weekend thinking about it. Who is Kevin Kolb?

      Remember when bringing Marty in was the worst of Reid’s coaching moves? ugh…. not nearly as bad as making juan the DC. I really dont miss those clowns.

      • If you knew anything about football, stevo, at least half as much at your race baiting, kolb was one of the best qb prospects to come around in a longtime, I know you know more than pro scouts, they loved but kolb got his bell rung early, never recovered, got rung again and again Kevin kolb was the real deal, you are some pussy white boy preacher ass, fuck you

        • Kolb was a cowboy fan who was named the starter before proving anything. He was an ok player that was hyped up by the likes of spadero… he didnt have the arm strength to stick around in andys bombs away playcalling. He would have done better if he was given a run game and a D but… that was never an option here. He was an ok player. I supported him while he was an eagle.. thats the best i could do. As far as race goes… no need to bring it up… means nothing to me. And…… as far as your ending… peace to you bro. Im not into fighting with eagles fans. Seems silly and childish.

          • Good passive reply , your true color speaks when you post otherwise, you pander to the Vick crowd , it’s simple

            • Coldbrewski you little epic piece of shit, hit and run bastard pussy, my beef is with this pandering racist stevo , stay out of jakes business , you know nothing of racism, I made commentary and my opinion about the owner and his love of black qbs and I get blasted , he wants a black qb for profits, just like the nfl, that’s not racism you ignorant fuck, that’s realism, wake up, jake never was, never will be a racist I am tired of people like stevo, liberal media promoting a black athlete and disparaging a white athlete on color, like songs did, continues to do, like Lurie does

              What’s in your heart you mother fucker

              • Jake fuck you and miss me with the tough guy shit. You ain’t talking to paulman. I stated what I did because there is proof to back it about you. You admit as much in your weak-ass response. You have continued to race-bait as if YOU and only YOU can decide when and if it’s relevant. Don’t get mad because I pulled your skirt down. No hit and run. Right here all day. get with me when you truly believe you can change anything I do on this end. The only thing worst than your stated response is the conspicuous silence of those who agree with your bitch ass and the delusion that allows you to make the same unsubstantiated claims you just did and still believe your not a bigot.

              • I pander to the vick fans and your sister vinnie says i AM a vick fan. Would u girls make up your minds already.

                I call it the way i see it. Its hard for u hu?

                Im an eagle fan… i keep all the bias out and i care more about winning than i do about being right.

                Peace to u.

              • Lol… my friends will get a kick out of me being called liberal. Lol. Dude… you are so far off base with your posts.. its funny.

                Im not into feuds so… ill let you have the last word jake. Rant on.

            • I will say this tho… calling Kolb “one of the best qb prospects” is a HUGE stretch. He was ok. Who are you quoting there? Andy Reid?

  • Yes.. Gcobb was pretty empty last night. Crickets could be heard. Had it been Vick looking bad everyone would be talking about how the 4th preseason game is the most important and stuff. lol…. THOSE clowns i will miss.

    • Again troll, I would have been here had the game not been rolling at about 2am my time. I came in here the moment my business allowed me to (around 6p my time)

      So quit your pathetic little smirking/gloating “Vick haters hide when their guy struggles” innuendo BS.

      Foles fumbled. It was bad. I’m disappointed.

      The fact Vick struggled in the meaningless 4th preseason game, while he was playing with guys who won’t make the arena league does not in any sense of the imagination mean Mike Vick is competent.

      • Vick didnt play last night… not sure what u are talking about.
        Also… u are quoting someone else.. not me.

  • No one cares about PS game #4. Most players in the game will not be on the team.

    • That’s true….usually the scrubs start in the 4th pre-seaon game anyways.

  • @Songs

    “That’s true….usually the scrubs start in the 4th pre-seaon game anyways”


  • Hey look everybody!! Jake playing the race card again…..oops I’m sorry only black people play the race card. All you oh so offended pieces of shyt that came down on guys like koolbreeze for stating that all this venom against Vick was often race related are full of shyt. Jake has been consistently throwing racial bombs on this site. Never gets called on it by a poster that doesn’t like Vick.

    Bunch of frauds.

    • I’ve called him & Vinnie on the carpet, & I think Vick blows, & I’m also half black. Stop with the race $#!t, ALL of you! Nobody is interested in the stink, that is the Birds, only the color of the QB! None of you are real Eagle fans, if you are rooting for the name on the back! Songs is the biggest POS, low-life, troll on here! Songs, go root for your Foreskins, I mean your Seahawks, I mean your 69ers, I mean your Philadelphia Vick’s. GTFO, you f^#@ing fraud! You gave up your fan-card last year, & have ZERO credibility on here! You are only interested in rooting for what black QB goes the furthest! GTFO, you’re sickening!

      • haha excellent post Dcar!!!

      • Heheheheheeee!!!!!

  • You only did so when that asshole got into a disagreement with you. What you yourself have done is come with this bs argument that those who defend Vick do so because he’s black. You’re doing it now! Somehow Songs is the poster boy for racist turncoat fan because he called out the team’s brass and many dumb ass fans Kolb hard-on. Meanwhile guys like me sat back in bewilderment wondering what legitimate measuring stick was used to justify Kolb mania. It was clear from day one he was a reach and was a back up at best. There were plenty of guys not backing the team when Vick took the reigns. There were plenty of guys accusing the eagles ownership of only giving black qbs a shot. There were plenty of posters making claims before Songs so-called abandonment, stating that black fans could not support a white qb. But somehow none of that was racist or being a fraud fan. Just Songs being exasperated and Koolbreeze throwing clear historical proof back in the faces of bitches like you.

    And go fuck yourself with your part black lame-ass claim. Even if true; doesn’t exonerate the shit you’ve done and the faux outrage you show. If you called out the 2 as you stated, then where is your admonishment to Jake’s clear race-baiting in this thread? Please show me the thread from Songs that tied his loyalty to team only if the qb was black. Please show any post from Songs that’s remotely similar to the bullshit Jake has posted in this thread AND COUNTLESS OTHERS.

    Let me help you. You can’t and YOU WON’T. Just your usual stream of conscious cap-locked rants.

    • I will not let you misrepresent what I’ve said.

      I’ve never said that black fans could not support a white qb.

      That’s a lie. I’ve stated I would support any QB of any color if they were better than what we have already.

      Kolb was clearly not better and Foles will never reach the 2 offensive player of the week awards Kolb got here….so he’s less than Kolb.

      I will never support a QB taking the reins just because he’s white like some posters here and if any race of a QB gets on the roster and outplay
      Vick then I’m all for it.

      But handing a player the reins without pedigree or proving himself is absolutely ridiculous.

      The real Eagles fans knew Kolb limitations before Matthews smashed him and Reid still anointed that bum as the next franchise QB.

      We had a look in see at Foles when Vick was out last year and Reid had to go back to Vick after Foles bum ass went 1-5 then broke his hand.

      I made it clear last winter that me or my family would not put another dime into this franchise until Reid is outta here brought my son an RGIII jersey in revolt of the Eagles keeping bum ass Reid around.

      Now, Reid is gone. I’m all in with one eye on pencil pushing “Rosie”.

      So far he went through an offseason without upgrading Nate Allen’s bum ass position, and went with low grade players at corner.

      Now, I know it wasn’t just Reid.

      Howie needs to go and a real GM should be brought in here to bring the defense back to respectable play.

      • When Vick got hurt last year, you ripped the Eagles O and especially Reid. You said they misused Vick etc.

        You then said you were off to root for a “real” QB in RGIII. You bought a jersey.

        Then he got hurt so you said you were going to root for Wilson.

        Then they got eliminated and you said you were rooting for Kapernick.

        You’re a pretender fair weather fan who bails and jumps on the next big thing at a moments notice.


        • I have to agree songs. This is what was said.

        • Yep that’s exactly what happened. Disgusting

      • I know you didn’t songs. That’s why my context was very specific to the moron I was posting to.

        “There were plenty of posters making claims before Songs so-called abandonment, stating that black fans could not support a white qb. But somehow none of that was racist or being a fraud fan. Just Songs being exasperated and Koolbreeze throwing clear historical proof back in the faces of bitches like you.”

        My comment, as shown, was about the OTHER posters making such claims along the lines of such an allegiance.

        • my fault cold…….these guys on here be twisting my words as if I’m not clear in what’s said. I’m not against a better QB than Vick to lead the Eagles if he’s better. If it was up to these guys Kolb would have been here for years and look at that bum. Is there another QB in the league who have pocketed ove5 35 million to out right stink?

          Now, it’s the Foles train.


    • Why so mad bruh? Exonerate $#!t I’ve done??? Son, WTF you talking about? Go take your panties out of your @$$! I don’t like Vick, cause he sucks! I don’t worship him cause he’s black, & I don’t dislike him because he’s black. I couldn’t care less what you say. Go look at all Songs threads last year. When the Eagles were out of it, Vick was hurt & it looked like Vick wouldn’t be back, he was a Redskin fan. When they got knocked out of it, he was a Seahawk fan. When they lost, he was a 49er fan. WTF do you call that genius? He along with alot of posters constantly bring up Kolb & every other white QB to bring into arguments. Who gives a f^#@? He f#@#ing sucks! But that doesn’t stop the blatant race baiting. I’ve ripped alot of guys on here. I’ve ripped Jake, Vinnie, & many others, for the race BS!They’re alot of racists on here, on both sides! Open your f^#@ing eyes. I don’t have time to show you proof of his posts. If you have a select, biased memory, you go the f^#@ back & research, you dick! If you ain’t smart enough to comprehend, or decipher what people are trolling, then you’re a lost cause. BTW, I don’t give a f^#@ who & what you think I am! What you think is irrelevant. I was just responding to your idiotic post, saying he doesn’t get called on it. Conscious capital locked rants?? Too funny.
      Too steal a quote, from the great MLK, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous, than sincere ignorance & conscientious stupidity”. Some of you cats need to read & understand the meaning & learn!

      • Just like I said you would. Go fuck yourself. Oh I get it, those teams all have black or mixed raced qbs. So the fact that all those teams were at the top of there respective divisions and said qbs were excellent wasn’t a possible reason to root for them. Only the race of the qbs influenced Songs decision at the time -because you, jake, Vinnie, and others say so? That’s not playing the race card by you guys. kool breeze pointing out that most of the Vick hatred is racism is some how a text book example of playing the race card. Or brewski pointing out the double standard is playing the race card. Gotcha.

        • What double standard, you delusional, irrational, nitwit?!? I just told you, that there is racists on all sides. BTW, the only 1 that goes overboard with the Vick bashing is Vinnie, & I’ve ripped him mightily in the past, for it. I’ve gotten on Jake for his black QB comments & calling Paul the resident Dego! But you see what you want to see. Guys like me, see Vick for what he is, a failure, a bum, unwarrantedly overhyped from the start, by the ESPN slurpers, & the Madden games. He is, was, & never will be a Championship QB. He’s all talk, selfish, & takes his fans for granted, with his telling dunces like you, what you want to hear. I don’t hate Vick the person, although what he did was sociopathic behavior, I hate Vick the QB! Worshippers like you & your cohorts, can’t see beyond your false idol worship. Coming into the season, we were rebuilding, & he should have never had been brought back. Do you comprehend, or understand, numbnuts? What exactly is he helping us win??? Nothing! It’s 1 of the many stupid decisions, the Savior Kelly has already made! I love & root for the Eagles, not your boy Vick. I live in the world of truth & realism. Again, we DO NOT HAVE A FUTURE QB! Barkley is a stiff, Foles, IMHO, is not a good QB, & Vick, well you already know my stance. So continue to see what you want to see. You keep showing your stupidity, closed-mindedness, & ignorance with each post!

  • Some college players to watch that will help the Eagles defensive backfield. Louchiez Purifoy – CB Florida # 15. He would look great opposite of Carey Williams.
    Ha’Sean Clinton Dix- Safety Alabama
    Derron Smith – Safety Fresno State

    Also , he’s not a d back but this guy has game and hopefully the Birds will consider him.
    Anthony Barr OLB UCLA

  • In addition to fixing the defense the Eagles better think about who the next quarterback will be.

    Also, you have to question the judgement of Chip Kelly for wasting a pick on Matt Barkley when it is clear (and he has stated) that he wants a mobile quarterback who can hurt the opposing defense with his legs. Well… neither Foles or Barkley can do that, and they never will.

    Chip Kelly’s words indicate to me that he wants Michael Vick to run the ball, which is fine, but don’t expect him to stay healthy. I just hope Kelly has a plan for when Vick is not available.

    I just can’t figure out why Kelly didn’t draft a mobile quarterback this past year… There were some out there. This guy Kelly is a mystery.

    • Based upon what has happened since the draft, the Barkley pick does seem to be a complete waste.

      I also, at this point have no idea why Foles is still on the team (nor Barkley). He should have been traded. It is completely clear that neither Foles of Barkley are ever going to play here (well, Foles will – but only because Vick is made of glass at this point)

      The 3 qbs should be Vick with Dixon backing him up, and Kinnie 3rd.

      Win 4 games with Vick and Dixon and draft another of the scramblers coming out of cottage. Its clear the birds will be drafting another QB next season.

      Watch them get beat to shit and miss 5 games a year each till Kelly heads back to college in 2015 where he has the luxury of grinding through 2 or 3 qbs a year like he’s used to.

      I wish Kelly was borrowing the odd idea from Belichick and not the other way around.

    • Don’t expect Vick to stay healthy? How many games did Foles play before he was hurt?

      Was it because he was running the ball?

      Remember Kolb getting crushed by Matthews looking to pass down field?

      Was he concussed because he was running the ball?

      So, this thing about QB’s getting hurt when all our QB’s under Reid got hurt, is ridiculous.

      McNabb got hurt before them playing primarily from the pocket.

      If a coach calls passing plays 80 percent of the time with a horrible offensive line then expect the QB to get injured and i’ll take my chances with Vck running than having a pocket collapse around him with over a ton falling on him.

      This is football and injuries happen, so like any team in the league the Eagles also need a back up in case the starter gets hurt.

      • Songs,
        It’s a pretty well established fact that running backs are at the end of their career at age 30. The reason for this is because they lose a step at that age, and because those little nagging injuries don’t feel better by the next game.

        Look at BWest for instance – he came into the league a year after Vick and he has been out of football for 3 years…. Same with many other running backs.

        Now you might say – Michael Vick is not a running back. But Michael Vick has more carries than any player still active from his draft class. He will have close to 1000 carries by the end of the season if Kelly uses him the way he would like. Vick is 33 years old!

        He will not be an effective runner next year… count on it!

    • Irish,
      Can you Name a mobile QB in this past Draft that was anywhere near NFL Ready and please don’t say Geno Smith.. 2013 was one of the worst QB Draft Classes in recent memory..

      • Paul,
        EJ Manual and the kid from Syracuse….. They didn’t have to be NFL starter ready, just more appropriate for Kelly’s offense than Matt Barkley. He will never fit.

        • But Coach Kelly & Eagkes already signed Vick for 2014, so are you are going to use the 4th Overall Pick on the Draft on EJ Manuel??
          Ryan Nasdib (Syracuse) is not a read-option QB, yes he’s more Athletic than Barkley, but not what Kelly’s Offense requires..

          • Should have stated Kelly & Eagles already decided to sign Vick for 2013, sign Dixon all Pre Draft with Foles still under Contract (As well as Edwards) , so Early Draft Picks were to be utilized on the many other Positions of need..

            • Kelly & Eagles already decided to sign Vick for 2013, sign Dixon all Pre Draft with Foles still under Contract (As well as Edwards) , so Early Draft Picks were to be utilized on the many other Positions of need..

              Then why waste a 4th round pick on Barkley? Paul, all I’m saying is, if you are going to draft a QB (in any round) why not draft one that fits your offense?

              B.J. Daniels would be more appropriate than Barkley, and they could have gotten him in the 6th round.

              • They took Barkley since Chip Kelky has played and competed against him for the last 3-4 Years and obviously liked enough of his skill set to bring him into his Team and when most Draft Guru’s had Barkley as #40-#50th NFL Prospect and he’s still on the Board at #100, you take him..if Kelly was unimpressed with Barkley or possibly feel that Vick would not learn his system well enough, then maybe he would have went with a more traditional “West Coast Scheme” which would suit Foles & Barkkey’s Skill Set..
                The key here all along was and is Vick, and since he stepped up and committed himself to learning this syst and playing well in it now makes other scenario’s a moot point..wouldn’t you agree..

  • I like OLB Barr from UCLA and could be that Stud OLB to play opposite of Barwin and give Eagles 2 solid bookends at OLB..
    There’s a promosing CN from Ohio State and Oklahoma whose names escape me at the moment.. We have a full College Season ahead of us but next Years Draft does not appear as deep & talented at the CB or Safety Position
    As the last couple of Drafts have been
    This Draft will have some good OL, QB,DE & LB

    • You mean Bradley Robey from Ohio State.

      • Yes that’s him,
        The other kid i was thinking of may actually play for Okkahoma State and not Oklahoma..

    • Clowney, Aaron Lynch, Khalil Mack, Karlos Williams, Cyril Richardson, Gabe Jackson, Marcus Roberson, and Louis Nix are my early NFL Prospects.

      Charles Tillman, Jarius Byrd, and Vince Wilfork, are free agents to covet. Look for Julius Peppers to be a Salary Cap Casualty.

      • DE Peppers not a good fit for 3-4 Scheme and is not worth the $$$ and is way overrated and just takes way too many plays off
        Wilfork getting up there also, but still a very good player

        • IF, and thats a big IF Peppers is released, he would offer welcomed veteran leadership as would Wilfork, for Cox, Curry, Thornton, Logan, and Square. But he would come cheaper than ever before, and because the Eagles don’t play a traditional 3-4, he would fit perfectly, he is no less athletic than Barwin.

          But all the other free agents I mentioned would serve their purpose, so that the least experienced talent, along with the rookies mentioned, could develop at a reasonable pace.

  • I think Chip will address the QB osition with Marcus Mariota if he comes out for the draft. They won’t have a shot at Teddy Bridgewater.

  • Marcus Mariota would be okay with me, but if he wins a heisman trophy or something we might not get him either. Still… there will be guys out there who fit Kelly’s offense better than the guys we got.

    • I don’t see Mariota as a NFL QB Prospect,
      Not much of an arm and has less upside than
      Dennis Dixon did coming out of the Oregon Program in my opinion
      QB’s I like next in next Years Draft are
      1) T Bridgewater – Louisville
      2) T Boyd – Clemson
      3) Healy – UCLA
      4) Carr – Fresno State (brother of David Carr)
      5) Renner – UNC (South Carolina kept him check the other night)

      • Draft Bridgewater or Boyd and Philly fans on this board will jump off the Walt Whitman.lmao. Forget it half of them don’t even know what the Walt Whitman is.

      • Actually he has a pretty strong arm. I think it has room to get stronger also as he grows into his body.

  • Marcus Mariota has enough arm strength and its improving. But the big thing is his accuracy, his height, and his speed. I think he will be much better than Dixon by the time he come out.

    • No he won’t. He is not an impactful NFL Prospect at all.

      • Okay GM – If we are both still living when Marcus Mariota enters the NFL and fails, you can throw this up in face and say I told you so… lol

        Don’t forget you called me a dumb ass for being high on Matt Elam. I said he would go in the 1st round and be an above average pro – you said he was all hype and would be picked in the 3rd round. You were wrong about his draft spot. We’ll see if you were correct in your assessment of his skills.

        • I hope you remember it. His draft spot says nothing of his success as a pro. There have been so many 1st Round busts over the last 4 years drafted higher than Elam. I am not worried. So we will see brother. But your still my homie Irish.

          • gm, get 1 of your shirts ready for Irish. LOL!!!!

        • And just for the record. I said he was a 3rd Round TALENT, because of his liabilities in coverage, which have shown me to be correct in the preseason already….We’ll be talking again, but I wouldn’t be so confident

          Dennis Dixon got cut right??? Foles is still on the team right???Brandon Graham isn’t even starting right??? Vick is still on the team right?? This Defense needed to be addressed, more so, and not the O-Line, or TE RIGHT???

          My point is I am no slouch to what would benefit this team, and a better judge of talent than most. I am rarely wrong with that, so, respect that.

          • I respect that GM…

  • Here is my take going into the 2013 season….

    I begged.. pleaded.. prayed.. and i got my wish.. Andy Reid is gone. I supported him for years and am to this day thankful for all he has done BUT… from the moment fhd NFC game against the cards ended a few years back… i knew he had fo go. No run game… no D… all chips on the QB.

    I was not a fan of chip BECAUSE i thought be was a pass pass pass guy. I was wrong. I am very excited to see a run game and i think our O will just fine. I think we have the weapons and now a brain… IF vick can play well (huge if)… i see no reason this O cant score points.

    On D… They simply did not do enough in the secondary. I think the front 7 will get better as the year goes on but i dont understand the D.C. hire and i dont understand why we dont have talent at CB and safety.

    Overall this is a 6 or 7 win team that if they play well early could be a 9 win team. I believe 1 year from now this team will be competing for a playoff spot.

    They need to find their future qb but i think Vick is here for 2 years.

    • Insert stupid comments about race or my lack of a brain below.

      • You are absolutely correct that this team will not be competing for a playoff spot for at least one more season. This D will be atrocious.

        If Vick has a good season (huge if)…why would you think he’d be content to sign another 1 year contract (you said he’d be here for 2 years – that means another one year contract after this)

        That won’t happen.

        If he has a bad season he’ll be released.

        If Vick has a good season, he’s going to demand a 3 year deal (at least) saddling the Birds with his useless ass until 2016. Nightmare.

        • 1… why are u still talking? U are gone for being wrong over and over. Right?

          I meant… Vick is our starter the next 2 years. He may be here till he retires. Or… until he gets released.

          • Again….explain to me how this happens.

            If he is bad this year he will be released. That is obvious.

            If he has a good season he will ask for a multi-year deal with a big bonus. He will asked to be paid like his peers. That is obvious.

            He won’t be sitting on the bench if he gets a big signing bonus.

            So please, explain where this “starter for 2 years” idea comes from. It can only be 1 year, or multiple years.

            • You are trying to make simething of nothing. I believe Mike Vick playes well enough to get another deal here. I believe he will be here for more than this season. I believe we will draft the future qb during that time. I believe Vick gets let go before he finishes out his deal. Might be in 2 years.. might be in 3.

              But all of this happens if he plays well. He doesnt need to be amazing… just needs to be better than what we have on our roster. So far he has done that.

              When are done on the site for being wrong a lot?

              • you get so whiny/bitchy when a little flaw in your “here for 2 years” gets pointed out. Is it “that time” or something?

                IF vick has a good year he’ll ask for a 3 year deal and get what? A 30 mil signing bonus (about the going rate)…so that would pretty much guarantee him as the starter for 2014 and 15)

                If he rolls with his perennial underachieving career averages this year (more probable) then he’ll be released at the end of the year.

                Your “2 year” scenario just doesn’t make any sense. Stop getting your panties in a bunch over it.

              • Oh vinnie… ill miss u when your gone.

                That said… i know youll either go back on your word or log in another name. Today is the last day right? Any parting words?

            • Jesus Christ, will you guys let the Michael Vick thing go already and move on. As if the bitching and moaning is going to change who the QB is and how he plays. Man you guys have beaten it to death already.

  • Vick is unlikely to have a good season and stay healthy doing it…

    It was sickening to hear the Philly sports media gushing over Tom Brady during camp, but it did give you an indication of how big the gap is between Vick and a great quarterback. For Vick to be great he has to run. He can’t do that very much longer.

    • How big is the gap between Brady and 90% of the QB’s in the league?

      Brady is a hall of fame QB dude!!!!!

      The Eagles are stupid rolling out the carpet for him when he looks wore than Foles if he’s smacked in the mouth.

      The Giants “D” proved it and they played the Lions who smacked him around.

  • If Vick has a good Season in 2013 regardless of Team Wins,
    He’ll be signed to a 3 year Deal with the Eagles and finish his Career
    As an Eagle.. If he plays average to below, he’s done as an Eagle and probably for his Career.. He realizes this and will focus on his game and I believe has a pretty good Season as QB in this Offense, but this Team is 2 Off-Season’s away from building a Top 10 Defense either way you look at it
    I see 1 or 2 Pkayers from the Current in the Eagles Secondary that will be still on the Team by 2015 .. This years nake-over is simply a band-aid on the Secondary.. They need 2 more Safeties and at least 2 more CB’s before they are a competitive Secondary in my opinion..

    • Paulman I want to type your crazy about resigning Vick but the Phillies resigned Chase Utley, the Sixers resigned Spencer Hawes and the Flyers resigned Brandon Coburn equally insane. So I’ve come to expect stupidity in Philly from their GM’s

      • Well my premise is this Eagles0..
        If Kelly was going to completely rebuild and start from Scratch,
        Then why didn’t he it do this Off-Season and why sign Vick to begin with for 2013.. If Vick gets injured, plays poorly and they win only 4-5 Games, then Kelly in essence has already put the Eagles another year behind for fielding a competitive Playoff Team.. He obviously retained Vick with the belief that he still has good & winning Football left in him.. So now it’s on Vick to see if he can ride to the occasion with his own personal career on the line.. If Vick remains healthy and plays well and the Eagles can win 7-8-9 Games and remain in the hunt, then Kelly will want to build on that and concentrate on some of the orher Positions where he would feel Vick can win Ganes for him.. If Vick fails, then he’s done..

  • Sept 8 is the last you’ll ever hear from me Stevo. That you’d even consider my breaking my word must mean you come from a long line of welching scrubs.

    But while you won’t be hearing from me, you’ll certainly be thinking of me with every fumble, late throw for a pick, spin into a DE’s arms, 15 yard drop to where the DEs converge, headfirst slide, batted ball, slow grimacing rise from the turf, or image of him perma-scowled slouching alone on the bench (hat on just a little bit sideways)

    And that will be a lot.

    • No. I wont. But i will think of u every time i see a maxi pad comercial or hear someones wife complain on and on and on.

    • it is not going to be a drawn out misery like the last two years with turnovers.Vick is going to get KO’d and carted off the field. He is too fragile to play Chip Kelly fast paced football. His head is going to get steam rolled.

  • Do you know of any other QB that’s going to get KO’d and carted off the field or that just apply to Vick?

    • Kolb didn’t even make it to the 1st game, LOL.
      Matt Stafford and Jake Locker are injury prone just like Vick. Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers (King Dunlap) and both Jet QBs ( Sanchez & Geno) also because their offensive lines are so putrid.

      • so are you saying an injury can happen to any QB and if so, why focus on Vick getting carted off the field?

        • No – I know Mike Vick is going to get knocked out, His head is mush beyond repair. He is a glass jaw fighter now. Mike Vick’s concussion was extremely severe last year. It isn’t a talent thing concerning Vick with me. It is a durability issue. Mike Vick is too small just like Ty Detmer was. He is going to get KO’d. It is a guarantee.

      • Kolb, Stafford, Palmer, Rivers and Sanchez.

        Excellent reference points for Vick

        Kolb has the same win % as Vick
        Palmer likes throwing interceptions just like Vick
        Stafford always seems to be scraping himself off the turf like Vick
        Rivers always has the angry perma-scowl face just like Vick
        Sanchez has a career comp % under 60% just like Vick.

        Excellent choices to compare to the former superstar.

        Well done.

  • Clemson’s QB Taj Boyd is having a nice Game versus Georgia and would be a perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s Offense..

  • What in all holy is all this nonsense about? Dcar going all Dcar on folks Vinnie crying again about Vick. People attacking Stevo and Brewski for making sense. Jake being Jake after 2 six packs geez we haven’t even made it to week 1 get. LOL

  • With the 6th Pick of the 2014 NFL Draft
    The Philadelphia Eagles Select QB Taj Boyd from Clemson University

    • I will cringe if the Eagles take him. His measurables scare me.( To short) I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think he’s going to be a good NFL starter , not based solely on his height, but I’ve just seen that story before. I gotta say it. He reminds me of Mike Vick. His game and measurables.

      • Mike Vick? I dont know what games your watching Boyd is nothing like Vick. Hes being compared to Russell Wilson and Brees. Hell if he turned out like Vick i guess he would be a 4 time pro bowler for the Eagles and the talk of the league. So if that makes you “cringe” oh well. Bringe on Boyd.

        • I’ve been watching him and still maintain my opinion and position. And thank you for your unsolicited permission to cringe on, not bringe on. I shall.

    • With the 2nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, The Philadelphia Eagles select……….JaDeveon Clowney……

      Taj Boyd isn’t all that…Your kidding me Paul……….We don’t need a QB!!

  • I think Songs is correct that any QB can be injured, not just Vick. I don’t see Vick ending up on the IR list any time during the season. He might miss a game or two.

    What I think will be happen with Vick is that he will lose a step due to those nagging injuries that you play through.

    Here’s a fact – Michael Vick has more carries than any active player from his draft year. LaDainian Tomlinson, Rudi Johnson, Deuce McAllister – they are all gone because the pounding took a toll on them. For Vick, at age 33 to carry the ball 100+ times a year – he will brake down.

    If Vick loses a step and can’t run the ball effectively, he will have the same value as Nick Foles in the mind of Chip Kelly. If you think the Eagles will extend a contract next year to a 34 year old QB with close to 1000 carries under his belt, I think you are wrong.

    The Eagles will need a quarterback next draft. If they could get Bridgewater or Boyd that would make the future bright!

  • Raiders/Jags SE 2 Teams in desperate need of a Franchise QB and will most likely picking 1 & 2 in next Years Draft
    The Titans, Browns,Vikings,Bears & Bucs could also use a new QB depending how their Current QB’s Pkay
    Jay Cutler, Josh Freeman & Vick will all be Free-Agents after 2013 Season, if they pkay well, then they have a chance of resigning with their Current Teams, IMF they do not, they will be on the Market

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