• August 19, 2022

It’s Time For The Eagles To Play Vinny Curry

Vinny CurryEagles’ defensive end Vinny Curry has spent the majority of his young career on the sidelines.

Curry, one of the team’s second-round draft picks from 2012, has been a healthy scratch for 12 of his 18 games. We’ve only seen the second-year man in meaningless situations. We’ve seen him toss around second and third-string players like rag dolls in the preseason during the last two years, and we saw him have a handful of decent games at the end of the 2012 season when the team had some playing time open up for him following the release of Jason Babin and the firing of Jim Washburn.

Why Curry hasn’t been worked into the rotation to this point is a bit of a mystery.

My theory is that coming into Training Camp, Curry wasn’t in the team’s plans. There’s been a lot of doubt about whether or not he can fit into a 3-4 scheme, and I think Billy Davis and the defensive staff may have overlooked him at first. However, Curry made his presence known in the preseason, and made it impossible for the Eagles to release him. And now that he’s here, I don’t think the defensive coaches know what to do with him.

To this point, they’ve gone with the guys that they’ve been more comfortable with; the guys who they originally planned on being here and working with. But through the first two games, the current group of linebackers and defensive ends have really struggled to generate a consistent pass rush.

No one on the defensive line has made much of a difference. Cedric Thornton has had some nice moments, but Fletcher Cox has been a bit of a disappointment so far and Isaac Sopoaga has been completely ineffective. Trent Cole has had a couple of nice games to start off his first year at linebacker, but his backup Brandon Graham hasn’t been able to bring anything to the table as a pass rusher.

Maybe Curry isn’t a perfect fit for this scheme, but during his limited playing time he’s always been very active and seems to have a knack for getting around the ball and making plays. Think about some of the players that are getting snaps over Curry right now. Clifton Geathers, a journeyman who has bounced around six different teams in three years, is being activated in front of a second-round pick who has shown a decent amount of promise but has never been given a real opportunity to shine.

Curry alone won’t turn this defense around. But he’s a talented prospect that has a chance to bring something positive to the table. It’s absolutely ridiculous that a guy who was a second-round pick just a year ago can’t be active on gameday. If Billy Davis is in any way worthy of being a defensive coordinator in this league, its his responsibility to find ways to get his most talented players on the field. After the defense couldn’t generate even a little bit of pressure on Phillip Rivers last week, its time to change things up a bit and unchain the untested second-rounder.

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Denny Basens

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  • I agree Denny (can’t believe I agreed with one of your articles though!)

    • Glad to hear it! Haha I guess its bound to happen once every 5,000 articles or so!

  • I’ve been saying this everywhere. Both Curry and Graham need more run. Whether 3-4 or 4-3, every team has a place for pass rushers. For whatever reason, everyone who’s shown any pass rush ability gets cut or benched.

    Curry was a terror on the inside during the preseason, and it wasn’t against only backups. He got in against starters and still made an impact. They also need to put Graham back on the left, which is his natural position.

    They somehow think the season will hinge on having enough two-gappers. With this offense, they need to worry more about pass rush.

  • The thing that Chip said from day one was to play the players o their strengths, i seen rhat week one, I didn’t see that last week. Kendrick’s in game one was a beast, why? They has him attacking the whole game! They go and have him drop back and cover Gates and as we all saw, it was a disaster! Graham isn’t want we expected from a first round pick but after last week he should be on the edge rushing the passer, something he does well, Curry HAS to play this week, whether they liked or wanted him here or not, he showed more promise getting to the QB then anyone else on that line regardless if it was against 2nd or 3rd stringers. I believe Chip will get things turned around and get those players in position that play to their strengths this week. One more thing, I’m sure glad our college coach is Chip, who’s players love him then that Schiano from the Bucs where it looks like theirs gonna be a mutiny!

    • Agree 100% about Kendricks…turning him lose and putting him on the attack is the best way to get the most out of him. Just let him use his instincts and flow around the field to make plays…asking him to focus on a certain guy and try to take someone like Antonio Gates away…clearly doesn’t go as well, the difference between how he played in Week 1 and 2 was night and day.

      • He would make an interesting Strong Safety. I’ve said it before, he has the speed, and aggressiveness to play at an attacking style position, and in space against RB coming out of the backfield.

        He would be better than Patrick Chung, if given the opportunity.

        • Wang Chung would be better than Patrick Chung!

          • Who is “Wang Chung Tonight”, besides Chip Kelly

  • If Curry doesn’t suit up this week then we have to think there’s more to it than what we’re being told. Chip can’t say it’s because we are playing a team that likes to run the ball. Andy’s team will be passing the ball…. in fact any team that watches the film of last weeks game will be passing the ball.

    In the defensive backfield – It would be nice to get Boykin back in the middle. Also, we have to stop this splitting time between Nate Allen and Earl Wolf….

    My suggestion would be to hold an open tryout down at the Linc like Dick Vermeil did back in the 70s. I’m thinking one of the safeties from the Pottstown Firebirds might be able to unseat the Allen/Wolf tandem.

  • THis should happen, but it also brings to mind the fact that Chris McCoy and Emmanuel Acho are names that should probably go along with Curry’s as options to add pressure on the QB. It’s sad to think these Gamble and company selections were ejected in favor of web footed favorites.

  • Man you speculate too much, the nfl coaches have evaluated him over two seasons , another failed prospect, if he were any good at a minimum he would be suited, he sucks under the eagles standards, that’s enough for me, he sucks

  • But you are missing the bigger picture, how could chip Kelly completely avoid the defense, he’s the head coach of the defense as well, his draft neglected the defense is the worst in the nfl, worst than last year

    • Thank you Jake, for agreeing with GMCliff. I knew you were smart.

      • So far Poe has come to play but it’s still early GM. LOL

        • There are so many more than Poe for me to reference Diddy.

    • This defense is horrible, and they will lose to the Chiefs 28-14. Sutton puts together a scheme to slow down the Eagles. Andy grabs a cheese steak and heads for the bus smiling. This sucks.

  • I heard there is a movement out in Kansas City for Andy Reid to become both
    the Mayor of Kansas City while remaining the HC of the Chiefs… 1st time in History and our Andy Reid is going into the Record Books…

  • watching you guys jump on and off the eagles wagon is funny. Guys… what did you expect from the eagles this year? If I told you at the start that the O would rack up a billion yards, 1/2 a billion points and be high flying with the Djax, McCoy, Vick show and yet only win 6-9 games because the D would allow 2 billion yards, 3 billion points and be not so high flying with guys like Nate Allen… what would you have thought??


    The Diff on O is that we now have a coach that PUTS PLAYERS IN A BETTER POSITION by running the ball to keep D’s honest.

    Its going to take time on D… we have very little talent there. We still need a #1 CB, and at least 1 safety. Not to mention we are still changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4. So boys… sit back and enjoy the show.

    Philly wins tomorrow by a nose.

    • Yeah, it’s the same pattern over and over. This is going to go on all year. Every win will be discounted, every loss will be made into a disaster of epic proportions. Every other team has superstars and we have a bunch of bums.

      • skayne,

        Your prediction hasn’t changed, correct? The Eagles are still winning the division and going to the playoffs, correct?

        I’m just checking…

        • Yes, we’ll still win the division. We have by far the best offense and STs. The Deadskins have a worse defense than ours right now. The Boys and Giants are not good on offense.

          We’ll be fine. The Chargers were extremely fortunate to win that game. Favorable non-calls, lucky bounce on STs that gave them a possesion right in our territory, procedural penalty that negated a TD, drop by Casey, etc.

          I was just as mad as anyone else in losing that game. Once I cooled down, I realized that we have a good team, and still in 1st place.

          That cool down period doesn’t exist for most of the naysayers.

          • Don’t forget the Chargers left 21 points on the field themselves with their turnovers. This very well could have been a blow out. It wasn’t as close as the score makes it seem.

            • What 21 points did they leave on the board? You people are so negative, you take away the few plays our defense did make! Last time I checked, those were Eagles players forcing those fumbles, they didn’t end up on the ground by themselves.

              The Lane Johnson penalty was unforced. Casey dropped a ball when he was wide open and untouched. The Eagles had like 6 players let the ball escape them on that fumble on the kick-off.

              • What’s negative to you, is realistic to me!!!

                Those 3 turnovers were in the red zone, they very well could have been, and would have been touchdowns. They both left points on the field, so no excuses. The Chargers were the better team last week.

                Eagles still have a lot of work to do. The Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins start off their seasons like this all the time, and are there in the end for the playoff push. Don’t care what the standings are right now, Reality will set in with you sooner, or later.

              • Yeah, realistic in your own mind. They didn’t leave shit on the field, the defense took those points away.

                Stop acting like some devine intervention in our favor made those fumbles happen. That was Boykin who targeted the ball and knocked it out, it was Cole who forced the fumble on Mathews.

                The mistakes by us didn’t involve anything the Chargers did.

                Reality hasn’t hit you, so what makes you think you see things with any clarity? You have sudden memory loss when you’re proved wrong. Like how it wasn’t you who predicted a 3 win season after the Eagles smashed the Skins. It’s only you who denies reality.

              • Again, I never denied I said 3-13. I’m not ashamed by that prediction, and I hold to that. Whether they win 1-2 more games is of no consequence to me. I still look good, because 3-13, is a lot closer than 8-8, 9-7, 10-6; unrealistic predictions.

                I can’t wait to hear you start backpedaling, before I shut you up. Like I said you are going to learn fella……

              • All you do is make shit up. Now you pretend you weren’t denying it. When the Eagles do win 8 games you’ll make more shit up.

                The only reason you’re admitting to the 3 win prediction now is cuz the Eagles lost a game. After they smashed the Skins, you had amnesia about your prediction.

              • Wrong Again, that’s your shortsighted take on it. I don’t make excuses. I’m realistic about my teams potential, I don’t have to be wishy washy in my expectations.

                You think your right, repost me denying my 3-13 prediction then. It’s closer to what will be reality, than 8-8. Thats laughable.

              • We’re not playing Washington every week. The next time will be closer win or lose. Guarantee it.

          • Also, I don’t know if you realize this but, Irish is setting you up with that question. You do know that right?

            • I’m sure he knows GM – he knows everything!

              • Eagles fan’s fighting over their team winning and losing…One side seems to want the team to win, so they can cheer, while the other seems to want the team to lose, so they’ll be right….just my observation…

              • I’ll be the happiest guy in Philly if the Eagles win – But I’m not going to pretend it’s a cake-walk.

                If the Eagles win this Thursday it will be a great accomplishment in my book. Some people would like you to think it’s going to be easy, because our opponent is a fraud.

                Do you believe that? I don’t….

              • Nah, but if the Eagles offense does whoop on them…a lot of cats will be saying the Chiefs defense “sucks”…Instead of giving credit when credit is due…I’d prefer to think our team beat a solid defense rather than one that sucks.

              • Exactly my point!

              • No, not everything, just know more than you.

                Like I knew Vick would play great in this offense. Like I knew we would beat the Skins.

            • He’s only setting himself up. Both you and him will forget that post at the end of the season.

              Like you conveniently forgot about the post where you had the Eagles winning only 3 games before the Skins game, then denied it later when they destroyed the Skins.

              • I never denied it. I Don’t have to. I don’t make excuses, but I don’t see them winning much more than that, having a more realistic view of the team

                I also won’t deny, I told you that you were gonna learn to respect me too. As a fan, its good to think positive of your team, but it’s foolish to be so overzealous in our outlook, when you know the talent is weak in so many areas,,,,,,,especially GM.

              • All you do is make excuses gmcliff. Now you’re denying the denial. Haveacigar had to point it out, then I went and found the post where you said it.

                Like I said you have a negative view, that doesn’t mean it’s realistic.

                It’s just as foolish to be overly negative.

              • You will find no post where I denied my 3-13 prediction. You will find me saying I don’t see them winning more than 6 games…Thats not me saying I rescind my 3-13 prediction, because I don’t……Thats what you said.

                I don’t need you to remind me chump. I Know what I’m talking about. There is nothing foolish about anything I say, its just hard to swallow for those who don’t know any better, and think they are smarter than they think they are.

              • You’re just a lying nimrod who’s into telling stories. Chumps are people who don’t want to admit they were wrong. Instead they lie or have a loss of memory.

                Since you’re a liar, I’ll go find the post where you denied your prediction.

              • Best to you with that, and watch your mouth calling me a liar.

                You are fairly new to this website, but what you obviously don’t know is that I don’t have to prove myself to nobody, I’ve already proven it, year in, and year out. You’re just another average come along, that will learn through the embarrassment of eating your words.

                Trust me when I tell you, I am not sweating you. Most on here will tell you that. Doesn’t matter if you see it, you will soon.

  • Your articles SUCK!

  • Eagles lose 15 Straight and secure the # 1 Pick in 2014 NFL Draft
    With the #1 Pick of 2014 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles Select
    OT Jason Matthews from Texas A & M … A Riot at NovaCare Center erupts and Howie Roseman is never heard from again.. This is my Story and I am sticking to it.. .

  • Until tomorrow right Paul? Haha.

    • Possibly Bugs,, we will have to see how things turn out tommorrow evening and adjust accordingly.. Maybe the Eagles Win the next 14 Games to finish 15-1 and with the 32nd Selection of the NFL Draft, Select CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu from the University of Oregon (5-10 185lbs) …

  • I am going to stick to my guns all year. The NFCE is an odd odd little duck. Full of O talent and very little talent on D.

    So…. The birds can beat dallas, giant or skins any day of the week or…. get man handled by them. All 4 teams are about on the same level… however the Cowboys are the team that has the deepest talent. Could this by the year we see 4 teams with an 8-8 record? haha….

    • Either way, whoever wins NFC East is not a legitimate Playoff Team and will get bounced out by the real Teams from the West,South or North Divisions anyways..

      • Way too early in the season to make such statements…

        • It early for all the Teams, but Giants have already had some injuries in thei Secondary aned OL and like the Eagles will struggle to stop anyone defensively, They have no steady Rushing attack and re-signed Brandon Jacobs who had 7 yards on 4 Carriers.. Their Team has become 1-Dimensional with all their hopes riding on Eli’s Mannings Right Arm, just as the Cowboys rely on Romo so if Chip Kelly uses his head and his best RB McCoy to get 22-25 Touches, then the Eagles should be the most balanced Offense in the Division.. Problem is that the Eagles Defense like th eGiants and Redskins don’t appear to be able to stop anyone.. Cowboys on paper, have the Best Defense and will keep them in more games because of it..

  • If you take all the stats from week one and week 2 offensively and defensively the one thing that I have learned and that has been consistent from day one, is that Paulman still takes it in the ass and the mouth. Dude seems to have a serious hard on for Chip, not sure if you know this or not jack off but Chip Kelly has forgot more shit about football than you’ll ever know. Just because you copy shit from other sites and post it here doesn’t make you anymore than the dildo you actually are.

    • and your clueless point is what exactly ?? That your still a douche bag..
      Ok we get it .. Chip Kelly hasn’t proven a damn thing yet.. I am willing to give him a chance to prove that he can be successful at the NFL, but 1 good half of Team Football against the Redskins with a QB who hasn’t seen live action in 8 months is not good enough for me Pal.. many of you jack-offs have been slurping the “Jelly Kelly”, hailing him as a Genius for 1 good half of Football over the F’n Redksins, who by the way, gave up over 600 yards and 38 Pts to the Packers last week…

    • Dude fraud man always takes both sides of an issue. If Kelly is a success fraud man was behind him all the way if Kelly sucks than fraud man predicted he would blow. His history is very much revisionist


    • When do you trade a so called potential superstar? …When he really isn’t all that, nor anything special

  • ***Big NFL Trade announced***
    Colts Acquire RB Tent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns for their 2014 1st Round Draft Pick
    This gives the Zcokta a legitimate RB to go along with QB Andrew Luck
    It appears the Browns are already in a rebuild mode with trading away their biggest threat and benching QB Weeden for Brian Hoyer..
    Wonder if Browns would Trade Starting Safety TJ Ward (who played for Kelly at Oregon) for RB Bryce Brown and Mid Round Draft Pick or Safety Nate Allen or Kurt Coleman in return..

    • no thanks to TJ Ward….I’m not trading Bryce either; I’ll trade Polk, but not for Ward

  • A great Trade for the Colts who are going all in
    Figuring they will win 10 Games their first Roubd Pick in 2014
    Figured to be in that #22-25 Range for Richardson
    I am not sure what Browns are thinking but now they will have 2 Sekections in the first Round to rebuild with Banner/Lombardi & Company

    • I think the browns realized they need to get better at the Qb position, and with this up coming draft they will address it in some fashion. They can always get another back.

  • Colts are making moves, after sucess with Peyton Manning Years and a Super Bowl, Pwner Irsayveill not stand pat and has the balks to improve his Club..
    With Luck, RB Richardson, Young Receivers/TE’s in TY Hilton, Coby Fleener & Dwayne Allen, they will have a Potent Offense for the next 6-8-10 Seasons
    A steal by Owner Irsay & GM Grigson .. Meanwhile the Eagłes are looking at a Top 10 Draft Pick with 5-6 Veterans on this Current Roster who don’t fit these new Schemes (Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, Demeco Ryans, Jason Avant and Todd Herreman and were piss-bags in making Trades Pre-Draft to make the serious upgrades that their Defense Requires..

    • I agree with you Paul, with the exception of Avant….

  • All 5 players I mentioned are probably gone after the 2013 Season..

    • Who are they gonna replace Avant with…..the Oregon guy? He is holding Maclin’s spot, who will come cheap now. I disagree with you only on Avant.

  • If the Eagłes lose Back to Back to the Chargers & Chiefs at Home,
    Then the season is a lost cause in my opinion
    Even in the weak NFC East

    • I see what you mean Paul. You can also add the Denver game to that making them 1-3, you also have Green Bay, Detroit, Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Minnesota, and I don’t think the NFC East matchups will be a given either from here on out.

  • If the Eagłes can regroup, and get some presure on Alex Smith and they must win the Turnover battle, then they have a chance.. Of they can squeeze out a W and go to 2-1, then they have a chance to remain competitive in a weak and wide open NFC East, but they must Win tonight or
    Some Veterans are going to begin to question
    Chip Kelky’s overall Systrem and Style of Coaching..
    Does anyone really see this zdefense matching up or slowing down
    The Bronco’s, Giants, Cowboys, Lions , Packers and even the Bears Offenses??

  • ***Bronco’s lose OT Ryan Clady to a foot injury
    (Plantar injury) and is out for the Season.. Bronco’s sign Ex-Eagle
    Winston Justice to take his Spot on the Roster

    • LisFranc foot injury

  • Athletes are never the same after a bad LisFranc Injury in any Sport.. Especially Big Guys.. They just signed him to a long-term deal this past
    Off-Season also.. Shame for he’s a good Player, but time to move on for the Bronco’s..

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