• August 19, 2022

Peyton Manning Isn’t The Only Problem The Eagles Will Face Sunday

Denver Broncos v Chicago BearsMuch of the attention on Sunday’s game against the Broncos has been focused on how Peyton Manning matches against the Eagles’ pass defense.

And rightly so.

Manning has been the talk of the NFL through three weeks. He began the year with a seven-touchdown performance against the Ravens, and set an NFL record for touchdowns through the first three weeks with 12. He hasn’t thrown an interception, and he’s got fabulous talent to work with at the receiving positions with Demariyus Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Julius Thomas.

But what kind of gets lost in all of the Manning talk is the fact that he’s not the only problems that the Denver Broncos will present for the Eagles this week.

The Broncos are a deep team. Their defense is nothing to sneeze at, and their special teams is more than capable of winning games for them.

The Denver defense (coached by Jack Del Rio) has forced six turnovers and picked up eight sacks through three games. They aren’t a shutdown defense, and they’ll give up passing yards and points, but they’re an opportunistic defense with some players that matchup well against the Eagles.

Robert Ayers and Shaun Phillips have stepped up and filled the void left by the suspended Von Miller in the sack department.They’ll have an opportunity to take on and Eagles offensive line that was manhandled by the Kansas City Chiefs, and pressure Michael Vick into mistakes.

Former Eagle Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is playing inspired football right now. DRC has all of the talent in the world, and if he’s playing focused football, he’s as good as any corner in the league. With his speed, he’s a great matchup for DeSean Jackson, and he could make it difficult for the Eagles to stretch the field with their best weapon. The Denver secondary as a whole has had five different guys come down with interceptions in the first three games, and that’s without future Hall-Of-Famer Champ Bailey.

Denver also has elite return man Trindon Holiday, who has already returned a kick for a score this year. He’s a threat to take it to the house everytime he touches the ball, and the Eagles’ special teams will need to be much sharper than they were a week ago after letting Quintin Demps rip off some big returns against them.

The Broncos are powerful in all three facets of the game. While Peyton Manning is certainly the greatest threat for the Eagles to deal with, the potential impact of the Denver defense and special teams can’t be discounted or overlooked.

Denny Basens

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  • DCar…responding to a post you wrote yesterday. I was just thinking myself that the talent eval is no better than under Reid. I know you have to wait four years yadayadayada. I disagree with you on Johnson and Ertz. Those were good picks. They will be top five at their positions in three years provided they are healthy. But he threw away the rest of the draft. You draft a rotational D lineman and a back up QB when you have shit for safeties in a loaded safety draft. You wait until the fifth round to draft a back up safety. If Earl Wolff was any kind of baller we would know it. He’s either a back up or he’s a mediocre starter at best. They could have gotten a good safety in 3rd or 4th round that would help this team more Logan or Barkley ever will. Then Howie is following the bloodlines of a “better than average player.” This isn’t JJ Watts brother here!! Paul F-ing Kruger?? What bloodline. The bloodline to B+ quality players? This guy will never even make this team. And forget about Poyer and King. Poyer is avaerage dime back. Joselio Hanson had a better career than this guy will. People acted like we stole a starter in the 7th round.

    • jb, the entire draft was a throw away. Maybe they will be something in 3 years, but when you have dire needs, & black holes, in the entire secondary, & you are changing from a 4-3, to a 3-4, & have an entire roster that doesn’t fit, you DO NOT draft a project, reach RT, a luxury TE, a 4-3 rotational DT, a BU QB with your 1st 4picks, of a very deep draft, with high quality defensive prospects, especially in the secondary, & 3-4 LB’s. Plain & simple.

    • Also, even before Macin went down, we needed a good, young, big, talented WR. This years draft was loaded with them. Now look at us. DJax, & slop! But hey, we have 30 TE’s, in which we didn’t need, & don’t even utilize.

      • *Maclin*

        • Don’t be surprised if they go offense with one of two first picks this year…even if it’s not a QB. If Mariota is available for them, Kelly will take him. If. a QB isn’t there and Mike Evans WR Texas A&M or Sammy Watkins WR Clemson. This will depend on where they pick though. I Hope they go after an impact d back.

  • I also noticed that CHip hired coordinators who were largely failures in their career. Afraid of hiring someone that might take your job someday if you don’t produce?? I cannot understand why anyone with a clue would think Davis was a smart hire. Shurmur doesn’t call plays so that’s fine with me. But Davis? There is more talent on this defense than this result. Aside from the safeties, everyone is a decent enough player to function better as a unit than they are now.

    • The Davis hire occurred because the Eagles made the same mistake that they made after they fired Sean McDermott and hired Juan Castillo…they hired position coaches before hiring the coordinator. Part of the reason they had to settle for Castillo was because they hired Jim Washburn first and no worthy DC wanted anything to do with him…now none of the defensive assistants that the team hired this past winter carry nearly the same bad reputation that Washburn had, but typically defensive coordinators like to hire their own staffs and get guys that they trust in place. The Eagles offered the position to other guys, but were turned down. They had to settle for Davis.

      • Denny, it’s a bass ackwards organization. Did you expect something different? They hire a very good judge of talent in Tom Gamble, but all we’ve been hearing, is Chip has final decisions on the roster, but Lurie says Howie is the GM, with the great talent evaluation skills! Who’s running this circus, mimes, clowns, & retards? It’s sickening.

        • I had the same thoughts DCar…I really liked the Gamble hire, but from everything you read it is Howie and Kelly calling the shots. I hope that he has more sway behind the scenes, because Howies draft picks are really starting to look like busts.

          • EHEM!!…..I’m just clearing my throat…I think reality is setting in for some people Greenfan, but everybody isn’t as honest, and insightful as you are. Your post is poetic.

      • Jerry Azzinaro is the assistant head coach does that trump the defensive coordinator?

        • Jerry Azz will be the DC in 2 Years
          Bill Davis is strictly a short-termed
          Tom Gamble is also a short-termer with little authority and will receive Offers to be GM elsewhere and will also be gone within 2 years
          Unless Howie Rosenan gents Re-assigned or Fired which won’t before his 4 Year Contract is up for Pwner Lurie does not operate this way, he allows his Top Executives to work out thru the Term of their Contracts

          • I say it will be Gus Bradley as DC

  • It has been 19 years since the 1994 shocker in SF. Eagles shock NFL routing the future SB champs 40-8. Maybe we are due for another after all this time? It is our only hope.

  • Songs says whoever Nate Allen is where the ball is going – he may just be right LOL

  • Denny, I think your overreaching on Denver’s D, we have as many turnovers n sack as they do,the main reason were not 2-1 or undefeated is turnovers n missed oppertunities, DRC and that backfield actually are ranked lower then us, I don’t know how your saying they have a good D. Here’s some facts for ya

    The Broncos are allowing 327 net passing yards per game (15th-worst in NFL history), and the Eagles are giving up 323 net passing yards (19th-worst in NFL history). If DRC is playing inspired football I feel bad for Denver

    • andrew, you think I’m overreaching on practically everything I write haha.

      And once again I couldn’t disagree with you more. I look at that Denver defense, and while its not a lockdown defense by any means, its a defense with some guys that I can trust to make plays.

      I’ve seen them play every week, and they’ve got a legitimate pass rush even without Von Miller there, and they’ve got a different guy in the secondary every week it seems who steps up to make a pick and get Peyton Manning extra possessions. Five different guys have combined for six picks for them in three games.

      Whereas the Eagles defense, its a defense I can trust to melt down like butter. Who can you count on to show up for Eagles each week? Anyone other than Connor Barwin? Mychal Kendricks has been awful after a good showing against Washington. Denver’s bench safeties are probably better than anyone the Eagles have starting. The entire defensive line has been up and down. Cary Williams is hit or miss as well.

      Part of the reason Denver has a lot of passing yards against them every week is because they’ve always been playing with a strong lead, so teams are forced to throw a lot more.

      In any case, this isn’t a comparison of the Eagles defense vs the Denver defense, its how the Denver defense matches up with the Eagles offense.

      And the Eagles offense is an offense that is prone to turnovers facing a defense that has been good at forcing them…that’s not a statement that the Denver defense is great, its a statement that they have a chance to take advantage of a weakness within the Eagles’ offense and give us additional problems.

      • You are on point with your thoughts as usual. The eagles have improved from last year in that they are at least attempting to play football but we are a season or two away from having enough talent on this team to compete with above average or better teams.

        • Kelly may be gone before he can reap the benefits.

      • Eagles offense probe to turnovers based on what? One game? No matter what you see in Denver’s D, their still ranked 31st against the pass, with this extra rest, your going to see our O looking more like it did against Washington then you did when we made all those turnovers against KC. It’s going to be a good high scoring game with us coming out on top!

        • Andrew come on, its not based on one game its based on what they’ve been for the past few years…as a team, the Eagles have not protected the football since the 2011 season. These Eagles have practically written the book on how to shoot yourself in the foot with careless turnovers.

          And I think you’re dreaming big time if you really expect the Eagles to come out with a win this week, but hey hopefully they will prove me wrong and you right like they did against Washington!

  • Manning is too good not to score a boatload of points against the Eagles….but that does not mean we have no chance…..I say that Chip puts the offense “back on the offensive” and goes toe to toe against Manning….trying to outscore them….go after DRC and get some consistant play out of the offensive line.

    I know that it is probably overly optimistic, but I can still see a way for the Birds to come out of there on top….get Shadey running and have Vick playing like he did the first 2 weeks….we need to have a reciever step up (beside DJax) and make the defense respect all we are trying to do…..Ertz needs to step up, and so does Avant and Cooper….ok, it’s a longshot, but still a chance!!

    GO BIRDS!!

    • Ertz CAN’T step up, because he hasn’t learned how to step in yet in the NFL.
      College is over fellas, and he has nothing to lean on, except his true abilities, which we are seeing.

      • Ertz has 4 catches for 74 yards the same exact stat lime as Brent Celek who also has 4 catches for 74 yards —

  • The eagles are suffering now largely because of multiple consecutive years of poor drafting, especially recently, there has not been a blue print in place, or an identity, what type of tesm are you trying to develop for a long time, it has been Roseman essentially playing fantasy gm with disastrous results, we now know Watkins was roseman’s pick

    Looking ahead, with last year as a template to the extent Kelly is in charge it will not get better, it’s clear what his identity is with his offense but it pleads he missed with the first two and fourth picks, Kelly is finding out that the stud college doesn’t play as a stud in the pros based on college production, it’s about tools, speed, strength , athleticism and smarts

    The Barkley pick is a real head scratcher, first, he’s not close to foles’ ability, he also is more of a pocket passer, this pick doesn’t make sense

    And the second pick is in line with the same, Ertz does not look big, strong enough to play a dominant tight end, Celek looks better and he’s just solid, so what did Kelly see in Ertz and Barkley, parochial picks, parochial thinking

    Kelly has a lot to learn if he’s going to make it in the nfl, he’s about to eat some serious humble pie, maybe gm cliff can send him one of his tshirts

    • Zach Ertz was targetted by Mike Vick 6 times and Zach Ertz has 4 catches — Last week against KC the TE was needed to help Jason Peters with Tamba Hali which the eagles double teamed
      Brent Celek and Zach Ertz have the same stat line both have 4 catches for 74 yards

  • As the season progresses Jason Avant’s field time will decrease and Zach Ertz will increase

  • Regal…I agree the team has improved. The line is better, they run more, they use D Jack more effectively and I generally like Kelly’s play calling. Vick is always going to be inconsistent. The main reason you can’t win a title with Vick is because he could never put together four straight games without having a stinker. And you can’t win a title without four wins in a row.
    The D is also marginally better. They are a little tougher and have more talent than before. They essentially made Cox into a rookie again wih the changes. He will be a beast next year. If Curry can defend the run and add ten pounds you could have a very nice tandem. Barwin can also play. He is a borderline PB type guy. I am about ready to give up on Kendricks. Its just not happening for him. Boykin is not very good either. Big issue is you just can’t have a FS that sucks. FS is like MLB was 20 years ago. Essential. I think Byrd (Buffalo) will be there come March and then we can focus on LBs and CBs in the draft after they get their QB.

  • By the way, Maclin will not give the Eagles a one year deal next year. If he has to sign a “prove-it” deal he will do so in St Louis. So WR will be a need next year as well. They have to start finding some diamonds in the draft if they ever hope to compete. They need 4th and 5th round picks that become good players. Not Barkley and Wolff who will never amount to anything more than back ups or mediocre starters.

    • I’ve stated for 2 Years that Maclin has never been enamored with Playing in Philly, He’s a Mid-West guy, a Momma’s boy and will head back to either St Louis, or even reunite with Coach AR in Kansas City
      He’s done playing in Philly…

    • jbird, check out Devin Street WR 6’3″ 205 – U of Pitt. As bad as D is I’ve been saying don’t be surprised if Chip goes after a Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans if a defensive player they don’t like isn’t there when their time comes to draft.

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