• August 15, 2022

Sixers Preseason Preview

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami HeatWell, the Sixers are opening training camp completely different then they did last year. Man, what a calender year did to this team. That is all the dwelling I want to do on last years squad, so moving on…

When you’re talking Sixers, you’re talking non-guaranteed, minimum contracts. That is basically what the Sixers have done since trading Jrue Holiday. I mean, it is smart on their part. Next year’s draft class is Exhibit A for that ( Wiggins, Parker, and Randle).  I have said it before, I am not crazy about the tanking thing, but in the NBA sometimes it must be done.  David Stern doesn’t like taking credit for that.

The Sixers have brought in undrafted rookies, players that haven’t found their niche yet (likely never will), and veterans desperately trying to stay in the league. That adds up to non-guaranteed contracts, partial guaranteed contracts, some guaranteed contracts and barely reaching the cap floor. That is the ultimate tanking job. Well, done Mr. Hinkie…

Training camp is upon us and with that said lets take a look at one of the most interesting  Sixers rosters ever assemble.  This is going to be a fun year. I say the Sixers win 17-22 games. Too much?

I figure to begin with the players that actually are guaranteed to make this roster, unless Hinkie decides  to say no, and just trades everyone. It could happen.

          Guaranteed Contracts

PG- Michael Carter-Williams – The 6-6 point guard is one of the youngsters that Hinkie is relying on to be part of the future. The kid has good vision and can get to the rack. He struggles with his jumper and turning the ball over.

C- Nerlens Noel – The Kentucky product should just sit out until he is fully healthy from his ACL injury. Even if that means the entire season.

PF/SF- Thaddeus Young – The heart and soul of the Sixers. A good guy to have around for youngsters to learn from.

PF/C- Spencer Hawes – Can you say traded by the deadline? Yes, Sixers fans. He does have some value. As much as he drives us insane, he does have skills for a big-man.

PF- Arnett Moultrie – If he wants to stay in the NBA, there is no better time than now to prove it.

PF- Lavoy Allen– Remember that time when we thought that Lavoy maybe could be a starter in this league?  He is a decent backup.

SG- Jason Richardson– I did read a report that the Sixers may ask him to sit out the year. Hinkie is a funny dude…

G/SF- Evan Turner– The Sixers “whipping-boy”. Some thought that he would have been gone already. Does Hinkie actually like Turner? Or does he not know what value Turner has in the trade market. I sure as hell have no clue.

PG- Tony Wroten– This dude is intriguing as hell. He has size (6-6) and is very athletic. He sees the floor well, BUT the guy can’t shoot. That is a recurring thing on this team.

C-Kwame Brown- Giving this guy a guaranteed contact is the ultimate “tanking” move. Just start him at center every game.

         Partial Guaranteed  Contracts

PG- Khalif Wyatt-  I love me some Wyatt.  If Wyatt wants to make this team or stay in this league, he should be watching Andre Miller game tape’s .

PG-Darius Morris– Well, he did play for the Lakers at least.

C-Tim Ohlbrecht- Who? The center appeared in just 3 NBA games for the Houston Rockets. The 25 year-old  is a German professional basketball. Hooray, for the Deutschland!!

PF- Royce White– Actually, I have no clue where to put this dude at. I guess, I can say that he is a partially guaranteed contact. He is expected to be in camp. I really don’t even know where to start with this talented, but trouble dude. Apparently, he is cool with flying now too…

         Non- Guaranteed Contracts

SF/PF- Arsalan Kazemi – Reportedly, signed a contract overseas in Iran. I would love to see him stay. Love his grit.

SF/G-Rodney Williams– The undrafted wing out of Minnesota is a good athlete. He did run the floor well in the summer league. Just saying… 

SG-James Anderson– The former first round pick by the Spurs (20th overall), has played three seasons in the NBA.  He has played for the Spurs and Rockets

G-Vander Blue– The former Marquette guard, is an outstanding athlete. His name is awesome.

SF- Hollis Thompson- The 6-8 swing-man out of Georgetown, He spent last year with the Thunder’s NBA Development League affiliate, the Tulsa 66ers.

The Sixers may go up to 20 guys on the training camp roster. As of now, 19 where it stands and this is where the journey for Wiggins begins…

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • I like the make up on the Team, with many young, athletic Players who will have a lot to learn to play at the NBA Level, but I sense a lot of hustle, athleticism and even some toughness that has not been displayed in recent years.. There’s no doubt that they will struggle to Score Points and likely average in the low 80’s in Scoring which won’t nany Games in the NBA
    A Wildcard will be the troubled Royce White who can develop into that true PF the Sixers haven’t had since Barkley days, white had a lot of Skills, sorft hands and is naturally strong in the post but also has a nice outside shot when left alone and this will probably be his best and final opportunity to play in the NBA,
    And hope he seizes this opportunity.. Time will tell as it will take another 2 Solid Off-Seasons to get this Franchise into the Playoff Conversation
    If the can WIn 30 + Games this Season, it will be a pretty good achievement

  • DCar – be patient, tickets will be .04 cents again on stub hub by December.

    • Good, you buy them! I won’t be going.

  • June 26 — 2014 NBA Draft

  • Whew, what a stiff roster

  • What Philly Sport Team makes the Playoffs first and the soonest..
    The Eagłes? the Phillies? The Flyers? Or the Sixers?
    And by what Season.. 2014, 2015 or beyond??
    Sports not looking too strong I. The City of Brotherky Love in the Short-Term,
    All these bonehead signings, Draft Picks, Trades and overall poor Roster Management by each Franchise’s GM’s have caught up with them..
    Philly has become the largest City with all 4 Major Sports Teams and not make the Playoffs.. Take a look around, Atlanta, Houston, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit and even Minneapolis/St Paul
    Has enjoyed recent Playoffs..

  • Hawes, and Turner will be traded for a player, and another 1st Round Pick before the trade deadline, freeing up more money to go after stronger talent in free agency. Paul, you know I have been screaming for LaMarcus Aldridge, but it would take an awesome deal. 3 year process – 2 years if they make the right deals , and decisions.

    • gm, get the pipe dream of Aldridge out of your mind. Not happening. I told you this last year. SMH.

  • BTW, I think Noel will STINK as a Pro..I seriously see Caldwell Jones..a bum

    • I tend to agree GM. I also, for one, always think that it is a great idea to draft a guy that high that is just coming off of major surgery and may miss the entire season.

  • All I can say is, Kwame Brown……. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    That is all…..

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