• August 19, 2022

Can Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Cover DeSean Jackson Man-to-Man?

DeSeanJackson1When Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie played with the Eagles, he and DeSean  Jackson used to battle in the one-on-one drills.  DRC is one of the few defensive backs in the NFL, who can run with Jackson.  Still Jackson was able to get open for big plays on the cornerback every now and then.

This afternoon, Jackson and DRC will be going at it again.  The Birds need to Jackson to beat DRC in the one-on-one battles.  If DRC can handle Jackson in one-on-one situations, then it will allow the Broncos defense to put an extra run defender in the box, which will help stop league-leading rusher LeSean McCoy.

“(Jackson) hit me up on the phone and was like, ‘You know it’s me and you this weekend. We’re going to go at it,'” Rodgers-Cromartie said in the Denver Post. “But that’s just a challenge I’m looking forward to.”

“I’m sure he’ll probably be on me,” Jackson said this week.  “(Over the) past two years, we’ve been going at it a lot. I know him as well as he knows me.”


Chip Kelly has forced opposing defenses to declare whether they want to stop Jackson and the Eagles passing game, or McCoy and the Eagles running game.  His spacing with the wide receivers forces the safeties to stay deep and take away Jackson’s deep routes or move into the box and be an extra run defender against McCoy’s runs.  Kelly’s formation alignments and multiple option plays, force the safeties to do one of the other, but not both.

Early in the game, Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is going to put DRC in man-to-man battles with Jackson and he’ll see whether he can cover him by his self.  If he can, they’ll put an extra guy in the box to try to control McCoy.  During the game check out what’s happening in that one-on-one battle.


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Thoughts From Eagles-Broncos


  • Djax is having a great year. It will continue because Bronco safety Rahim Moore continues to make mental errors.

  • the choices on TV for me today in Philly region are
    0-3 Vikings vs 0-3 Steelers
    0-3 Giants vs 3-0 Coach Reid’s KC
    what a bunch of crap. Three winless teams and the nauseating undefeated coach reid

  • Going to Sports Bar this afternoon to catch the Eagłes/Bronco’s..
    It’s way to nice out to watch crap games at 1pm today

    As far as DRC bring able to Stop D-Jax and the answer is no, he can’t
    Now the Eagłes need to work D-Jax on the intermediate Routes, crossing patterns and the occasional double move, just don’t send D-Jax strictly on Depor Routes all game, get the ball to him early and often and make DRC have to play the entire field, meanwhile, other Eagle Receivers (Cooper,D Johnson, Avant and the TE’s) need to step up of the Eagłes want to have a shot in this Game. We’ve already seen that D-Jax alone with a big game (like he did versus the Chargers) is good enough for a Win
    The Bronco’s are a lot better than Chargers
    And won’t turn the ball over twice inside the 10 yard line like the Chargers did to even keep the Eagłes in that game..

  • Well yes he did cover him. The eagles only have one good receiver, Jackson.
    Celek and the other two guys have no speed and run poor routes. Special teams
    kick offs, punts and coverage are going down hill. The Eagles set two negative records today, The blocked punt for a score and points allowed. Howie Roseman must go. He and Reid have screwed up the draft so bad it will take forever to recover.

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