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2013 Eagles Quarter-Season Grades

ChipKelly1Believe it or not, we’re already a quarter of the way through the 2013 season. We’ve had four regular season games to evaluate the state of the Eagles off of, so let’s take a look at how the major coaches and individual units have been faring so far.

Coaching Staff

Chip Kelly: A flashy offensive showing against the Redskins got the NFL to take notice of Kelly and his offense, but in the following three games the head coach has not been the least bit impressive.

A complete disregard for the importance of time of possession and poor clock management contributed to the team’s loss against San Diego. Against Kansas City, the head coach spent his short week of preparation working on installing a gimmicky swinging gate two-point conversion package instead of properly preparing for the Kansas City pass rush. Last Sunday in Denver, the head coach’s vaunted offense managed just 13 points while the game mattered despite the fact that Kelly had several extra days to prepare.

The biggest compliment that I can give to Kelly is that its refreshing to see a head coach put such a strong emphasis on the running game. But ultimately, I’m not seeing a great deal of creativity and innovation that Kelly was supposed to bring to the table. I’ve seen a fast-paced approach look good against a couple of poor defenses (San Diego/Washington) and sputter against two quality units (Kansas City/Denver).

I don’t think Kelly has responded well to early adversity. After coming out of the gates swinging, and going for it on 4th down against the Washington Redskins, let’s fast forward to Week 4. Faced with a 4th and 6 in Denver territory before the end of the first half, Kelly couldn’t decide whether he wanted to go for it or punt the ball away. He decided to play it safe and kick it away. For a coach who earned the nickname “Big Balls” in college, that was anything but a bold decision. In that situation, the Eagles were going to need to take chances in order to stand any chance of beating the Broncos. Ever since the losses have been piling up, Kelly looks as though he’s lost his competitive edge and swagger. He’s not used to losing, but he can’t coach timidly like that.

The good news is that the season is still very young, and there’s plenty of time for Kelly to improve upon what he’s done.

Grade: C-

Billy Davis: Its hard to believe, but Billy Davis has actually managed to make one of the league’s poorest defenses from 2012 and make it even worse.

Yes, its clear that talent is an issue on the defense, but schematically, Davis’ gameplans and in-game adjustments have been absolutely wretched.

For example, in the San Diego game it was clear that Mychal Kendricks was no match for Antonio Gates. However, Davis left the second-year man on him for the entire game and he was burned for 8 catches and 124 yards when he could have tried switching Kendricks out with Connor Barwin.

Against the Chiefs, Davis often dropped eight men into coverage, but couldn’t stop the Chiefs from picking up big gains on underneath routes and check downs.

Davis had 12 days to prepare for Peyton Manning and the Broncos, and while nobody was expecting the Eagles to stop Manning, the defense looked so bad that it was enough to question whether or not there was any gameplan at all put in over those 12 days.

In the Eagles’ three losses, Davis has been unable to account for slot receivers. Eddie Royal, Donnie Avery, and Wes Welker have torched his defense for a combined 21 receptions, 306 yards, and five touchdowns.

Grade: F


Michael Vick has done a very good job through the first four games. He’s put on great performances against the Redskins and Chargers, and has really only had issues with turnovers against the Chiefs. For the most part, he’s played within the system, and he’s doing a good job at facilitating the offense.

Vick has made a lot of great plays so far, and with the exception of the Kansas City game, he’s been one of the team’s brightest spots to this point.

Grade: B+

Running Backs

LeSean McCoy is on his way to a Pro Bowl year, rushing for 468 yards, averaging 6 yards per carry. He’s the engine of this offense.

Bryce Brown has been used sparingly, but picked up 60 total yards against Denver. Chris Polk has even contributed a touchdown run.

Everyone of the running backs has brought something positive to the table through four weeks, and none of them have lost a fumble. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Grade: A+

Wide Receivers

DeSean Jackson began the year with two big games against the Redskins and Chargers, but followed them up with two no-shows against the Chiefs and Broncos. This is the problem with Jackson. He can be an explosive weapon within an offense, but he also disappears too easily.

Jason Avant is the only other receiver with more than 10 catches. None of the other wideouts have stepped up and proven that they can be counted on to contribute in this offense. Avant and Riley Cooper can be neutralized with single coverage. Damaris Johnson and Jeff Maehl haven’t seen significant snaps with the offense.

DeSean has been an important part of this offense, but he needs one of the other wideouts to step up and draw some attention away from him. This group really misses Jeremy Maclin.

Grade: C+

Tight Ends

One of the most disappointing units on the team so far. Its still early in the season, but the Eagles have received minimal contributions from this position.

Brent Celek got off to a good start with 56 yards and a touchdown against the Redskins, but he’s been dropping balls ever since.

The Eagles invested a lot in this position during the off-season, spending a second-round pick on Zach Ertz and throwing $12 million at James Casey, and the two newcomers have combined for 6 receptions and no touchdowns. Casey dropped a touchdown against the Chargers, and didn’t catch a pass until the Denver game.

Kelly needs to get these guys more involved in the coming weeks.

Grade: D+

Offensive Line

A lot of people expected this offensive line to be a strength, but its been a struggle for these guys through four games.

Not one of the five starters is performing at a high level. Jason Peters has been good, but not great and really struggled against Denver. Evan Mathis has been OK. Jason Kelce contributed to the loss against Kansas City with a couple of botched snaps. Todd Herremans looks like he’s in a decline. Lane Johnson has had three really rough games, getting dominated in the pass rush, missing blocks, and drawing penalties.

As a group, the line has not done a good job protecting Michael Vick. They have done a pretty good job creating running lanes for LeSean McCoy, however.

Grade: C

Defensive Line

More early disappointment.

Fletcher Cox hasn’t shown a lot so far, and he had a couple of bad penalties against Denver. The Eagles were counting on Cox to be one of the guys who rises up and becomes an important part of the defense.

Has anyone seen Isaac Sopoaga? Sopoaga, who in the off-season stated that the Eagles would “shock the world”, has been completely invisible so far.

Cedric Thornton has been the one guy that has played pretty well week-to-week.

The Eagles have received minimal contributions from their reserves. Vinny Curry plays well when he’s on the field, but the coaching staff is hellbent on playing Clifton Geathers ahead of him.

Grade: D+


You can’t help but be impressed with how Trent Cole has made the adjustment from defensive end to outside linebacker. He’s forced fumbles against the Redskins and Chargers, and has yet to have issues in coverage.

Connor Barwin has been solid as well. He’s added a little pop to the pass rush, and he’s one of the only guys that you can feel good about.

Mychal Kendricks played great against Washington, but has been awful the following three weeks. He’s been a liability in coverage, and he doesn’t look comfortable in the defense at all. Like Fletcher Cox, Kendricks was one of the young players that the Eagles have had a lot of hope for, but after three bad showings, the second-year man has begun to create some doubts about his ability to succeed.

DeMeco Ryans has been unimpressive as well. We’ve gotten no impact from Brandon Graham (surprise, surprise). Jake Knott has gotten on the field for a handful of snaps.

Grade: C-


An absolute trainwreck.

Cary Williams has been about what I expected…he’s been up and down. Williams played well against the Redskins and Chiefs, but was a penalty machine against San Diego and was no match for any of the Broncos receivers.

Bradley Fletcher is getting abused regularly, but unfortunately he’s the best option the Eagles have right now.

Brandon Boykin has been the lone bright spot through four weeks. He played a strong game against the Chargers, and plays his role as the nickel corner well.

The safeties have been nothing short of atrocious. Nate Allen seems to only get worse every week. Patrick Chung has given up some big plays and regularly misses tackles. Earl Wolff is an overwhelmed rookie who shouldn’t be playing.

Grade: F

Special Teams

Special teams was an area that a lot of people expected to win the Eagles a couple of games this year.

Four weeks into the season, they’ve contributed significantly to all three losses.

Alex Henery has been shaky and unreliable. He’s missed field goals in three straight games, including one against the San Diego Chargers that proved to be the difference in the game. Henery also failed to cover a fumble that went right into his lap in the Chargers game.

Punt returner Damaris Johnson hasn’t shown us the electric returns that he was ripping off in the preseason, and his muffed punt against the Chiefs gave Kansas City an early lead.

The Eagles’ kick coverage units allowed Quintin Demps to rip off several big returns, and gave up a touchdown to Trindon Holliday last Sunday.

The special teams also allowed a punt to be blocked and returned for a score against Denver.

Its almost as if Bobby April never left…

Grade: F

Denny Basens

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  • I’ve always thought players should be more accountable than coaches for shit play but look at the saints and absolutely putrid d last year but getting it done this year. all that really changed was the dc (rob Ryan). billy Davis is a loser always has been always will be.

    • And look at what Mike McCoy has done to get the most out of Phillip Rivers with a depleted receiving corp. and Ryan Mathews as his top running back.

      There’s some cases where the players are the problem first, and some cases where its the coaching staff. The right players can make a coach look good, and the right coach can squeeze a lot out of mediocre talent.

      With the Eagles I think there are problems with both the players and coaches right now.

  • Pretty accurate assessment I think the receivers should get a D-, Riley Cooper should be benched for the Oregon kid…he can’t be much worst and his knowledge of the offense may give Vick at least a serviceable option

    • I think D- is a little strong…that would mean the unit has been almost a complete disaster through four games, and that hasn’t been the case.

      DeSean has been pretty good and Avant has been solid. Even Cooper made a tough touchdown catch against the Chargers, and he’s done a good job as a blocker.

      All of the wideouts have struggled to get open over the last two games, and that’s certainly a problem. If you’re looking at strictly the last two games, then I would agree, D- would certainly be fitting, but looking at their body of work as a whole through the first four weeks you’ve got to give them credit for what they did in the first two games, so I think C+ is about right for them.

    • Unlucky guy that Vick. His whole career and never a wr with more than 70 catches. And that only once (Maclin).

      His whole career surrounded by terrible players. Every single person he ever played with has sucked!

      Poor guy.

      Really makes you feel for him you know.

      Maybe the kid from Oregon will be that guy for Vick. Or maybe a free agent next year. One day, one day he’ll have some talent around him!

  • As I stated back in January/Febuary..
    Coach Kelly and his New Staff relied way too heavily on Veterans who have underperformed the last couple of Seasons and really missed a great opportunity to clean house and to get rid of the “losing mentatlity” that’s been around the Novacare Complex since the end of 2009 ..
    Good Players in perhaps another System should have been purged ..
    M Vick, T Herremans, B Celek, R Cooper, T Cole, N Allen are not part of the Future of the Eagles, so why even bother having them here for 2013 where the Eagles coupld have gotten a few more Draft Picks

  • For the Record, I will state this again, the Eagles gave up too early on Safety Quentin Demps who would probably be a Starting Safety on the Eagles and a better Option than Allen,Chung,Coleman,Wolff..

    • Paul…agree on Demps. But as I understand it, the Eagles would have taken a major cap hit and Cole was cheaper to keep because of the structure if his deal. Heremans is done and Barbre needs to get his ass on the field soon. I don’t care about Todd’s popularity in the lockerroom. I think you need to use him to send a message that it doesn’;t matter who you are. If you suck, you won’t play if we can help it.

      • Demps was in his Rookie Deal as a 3rd/4th Round Draft Pick, there was
        no substantial Cap-Hit as far as I recall.. They F’d up with their Assemsnt just like they did on other Defenders who they let go like (Dmitri Paterson, J Hanson) who I am not saying were All-Pro’s or anything, but they were better and played harder than the chumps they replaced them with (Asamough,DRC,Fletcher,Boykin & WIlliams,Marsh etc,etc)

        • Paul…the cap hit referred to Cole. And don’t forget Chris Clemmons who never played here and is a stud in Seatle.

  • This team is in sorry shape. The D coordinator was a terible hire right from the beginning. Shurmur is not geat either. This is going to take years to fix. The Eagles will not even be ready for the playoffs until 2016. And if they want to get any better, they better learn to draft. The last four drafts have been atrocious. I am interested to see how things go from here. As usual we had a brutal schedule to start. Our remaining opponents are 17-34. Our last three opponents are 10-2 and the Chargers are better than people think. They will win 9-10 games this year. They hired one of the two coaches I wanted and it is making a big difference for Rivers.
    Chip didn’t know what he was getting into and Howie “helped” pick these coordinators. Like he knows what the hell he is doing. I hope Gamble can get nJeffrey’s ear and help turn this mess around this off-season.

  • as far as Grades so far

    I Give Vick a solid B, just too many failures in the Red-Zone to be graded any higher.. Pass % just Ranks to low, Red-Zone Scoring Efficiency sucks
    I Give McCoy a B + (no one on 1-3 Team Deserves an A)
    I Give WR and Overall C (D-Jax a B and the rest of WR Corp a D+)
    I Give TE’s an Overal D (too many Drops, spotty blocking, penalties)
    I give OL a Overall C (too many Penalties, Hurries and Inconsistentcies, growing pains from Lane Johnson who must get stronger at the point of attack and keep his core and legs under his hips, far too often, he is lunging out to pass-rushers and off-balance which does not work at the NFL Level, but he’ll learn and get better)

    Coaching – Kelly a D +
    – Has been too predictable if you ask me , with McCoy,Vick & D-Jax like 85% of the Offense.. need to utilize the entire Offense
    – Poor Red-Zone Play Calling
    – Poor Time Management
    – Questionble Calls (going to 2 Pt Conversion after finally scoring in the Charger game to make it 10-6 and to get the Players & Crowd back into the game, Not going for a 4th Down versus the Bronco’s, remain aggrgessive)
    – Having little answer or plan about this Eagle Defense.. (Whose Active- why have your Best Pass Rusher , Vinny Curry out against the Charges when everyone knows that QB P Rivers and his best Passing are their best chance on winning, and you have your best Pass-Rush not even Dressed..)
    – Where are the Adjustments at halftime or during a course of the game
    – Late First Half and End of Game Play Calling has baffling..
    (Eagles have 1st and 10 at Chargers 14 Yard line with 2:38 to Play and you call 3 Pass PLays in a Row.. How about eating some clock, make Chargers burn their Timeouts, manage the Play Calling to have the ball the rest of regulation and either score a TD to win it- or milk the clock and kick a tying FG with little to no time left..)

  • I still have not gotten an Answer or Response from anyone
    Which Philly Sport Franchise makes the Playoffs first and in what Year..

    • Flyers….2014. 6-8 seed that goes nowhere but they will make it. Phillies could make it by 2015 if they make the right moves. Eagles…2016 at the earliest. If the Sixers win the lottery on Wiggins they will be in by 2015 and champs by the end of the decade if Noels can be that 1st team NBA All-defense guy they are hoping for. They will need to sign the right FAs with the $69 million of course. A 3 that can drain 3-pt’ers and a 4 that can give you 15-20 a night and play solid defense.

  • The Flyers will squeak is as the 8th seed this year, but never really be in contention because of the old, oft-injured and overpaid defense. Every franchise is in huge trouble though and the Sixers (although they are going to be the worst team in the league) may turn it around the fastest. Philly must have the 4 worst GMs of any city that has all 4 teams. I might even say organizations, because they are not holding these dudes accountable for the dreck that they are running out on the fields, court and ice.

    • I agree and have stated so many times the last few years, the worst thing is that all these GM’s have Owners that are willing and have Spent a lot of $$” , back in the Braman Days, we all knew he was Cheap and was Eugene Dixon of the 76ers who let a lot of Talent leave because he didn’t want to pay Market Rate on Player Salaries.. The Phils for Years were one of the cheapest Teams during the late 80’s and 90’s and really was only when they began to work on their new Ball Park did they go out and start paying $$$ for Top Players…. Only Owner Ed Snyder has consistently paid top $$ for his Roster, His Problem is that he’s just an Ego-Centric who thinks he’s a GM, which is why they haven’t won jack in 35 ++ Years
      Anyone thinks that GM Holmgrem calls the Shots for the Flyers doesn’t know the Flyers very well, Owner Snyder hands are involved in every decision as far as Player Personnel, Salaries,Contracts, Drafts etc,etc and has become the “Al Davis of Hockey” ..

  • Bugs…too soon to call Hinke a bad GM. I think he may be a pretty good one. The other three have to go. Rueben first, then Howie, then Holmgren

  • The Sixers would be great if they had:

    1-Turner or Carter-Williams
    3-A guy similar to Danny Green
    4-a guy similar to Al Jefferson
    5-Noels (if 1st team All-NBA Defensive team)
    6-Thad Young

    • Turner needs to be nowhere near this team! Getting guys like Jefferson & Green, are easier said & done. And am I the only 1, that thinks, after all of this blatant tanking, that they will still manage not to get the top 2 picks? BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  • @Denny you omitted Howie Roseman from your grading article?

    • Honestly I don’t think there’s much to say about Howie at this point that hasn’t already been said. We know his track record is pretty spotty at best, and he’s yet to make a move in the off-season that has had a dramatic positive impact on the team…but at this point he’s done all of the damage he can do, and he doesn’t really have say in the gameplans or how the players perform…so I left him out for the time being. I’ll probably focus on Howie once the season is the over or nearing the end.

      • The End is closer than you think Denny..
        GM Roseman is the Person in charge of the Overall Roster Management of the Team and he’s failed for 3 Years in a Row in my Opinion.. I realize that hitting on your Draft PIcks is about a 50/50% chance, but he’s off the Charts withthe amount of misses the last few Drafts… Also, paying and extended Players Contracts like Cole, Herremans, Celek, and simpley overpaying too much for players like Cary WIlliams, James Casey, I Soapaga is just poor planning and not doing your homework

        • I have to disagree Paul,

          I think this is yet another year that Howie gets a pass for, regardless of how many mistakes he’s made. Most people didn’t expect the Eagles to be a playoff contender this year with the coaching staff turning over and the defense making the conversion in scheme, I think the organization knows that it was going to be a longshot to fix everything in one shot.

          I think he’s safe for one more year, but if the team doesn’t show significant progress by the end of next season, he’s out.

          I don’t believe that this what the organization should do, but I think it is what will happen.

          • I don’t mean the “End of GM Rosem,an’s Tenure” for Owner Lurie does not FIre and Pay-Off Executive’s Contract’s for that goes against every fiber of his being, What I mean is the End of a Compaetitive Roster that competes year in and year out is about over (actually I already believe it’s over) and will take a good 3-4-5 Years just to get back on “Competitive Level” with the Top 10-12 Teams of teh NFL.. Right Now and for the newar Future, the Eagles can only Compete with the bottom 1/3rd of the NFL and that’s the Reality of having 4-5-6 Years or Poor Draft, there is little to no depth..
            If D-Jax or McCoy were to get injured, this Offense would come to a stand-still.. Jason Peters, C Barwin get injured, no one to replace them.. This Team is bad right now

            • Oh absolutely, I agree with you 100% there!

              The competitive football era ended after 2010, it died the minute Vince Young opened his mouth and dubbed the Eagles the “Dream Team”. Its been all downhill since then.

              • It actually died with those Back to Back white-washed by the dreaded Cowboys to close out the 2009 Season. They have never recovered since as an Orgainization since in my Opinion..
                Does evreyone realize how Terrible the Eagles have played at the Linc the last 3 Season’s .. It’s embarrasing to say the least..

  • in a salary cap NFL grades have to be given with respect to money and draft position —
    Riley Cooper is getting 6% of what Djax is getting and 20% of what Jason Avant is getting ( you get what you pay for)

  • I just checked on my notes and very thin “Dossier” on GM Howie Roseman that I have and it simply stated, “a Fantasy-Football GM with no true knowledge or skill in evaluating Talent for the NFL” … Looks like my analysis from 2009 still stands…

    • “It’s a business, and they run it like a business. … They’re playing with a lot of money, playing fantasy football, doing their thing.”
      —————Asante Samuel speaking about Howie Roseman and his mentor

      • I hated MeSante, but he was spot on with that comment.

  • Yes, the truth hurts, but a good analysis, Denny.

  • The Eagles should continue to build through the draft. They need to focus on defense next year and a few wide receivers

    • Continue to build through the draft???? Like they’ve built through it so far? They haven’t made a good high draft pick, since Shady! Do you really think that Weaselman, & the “Genius” can be trusted, & are capable enough, to build this team going forward? You are out of your mind!

  • Denny, I said this in another post and I’ll repeat it here since I think this is a coaching issue – and I believe you are correct that Kelly has to pay more attention to controlling the ball.

    I don’t really care if it’s Vick or Foles, or even Barkley. What would give this team the best chance to win would be to keep our piss-poor defense on the sideline as much as possible.

    For that to happen this team needs to sustain drives. That means we need to run the ball efficiently… we need to pass the ball accurately… and we need to catch the ball.

    The biggest problem we have in the passing game is that DeSean Jackson has been targeted 37 times and McCoy, Brown, and Polk have been targeted a combined 12 times. There’s no way you are going to sustain drives when most of your passes are low percentage passes to wideouts. Even with DJax having a great season so far.

    Blame Vick… blame Kelly, or whoever for Vick’s shitty completion percentage, but until he starts checking down to his backs we won’t be sustaining drives and our defense will continue to spend too much time on the field.

    • I agree 100% and I’ve even written in recent weeks that Kelly needs to spread the ball to targets not named Jackson.

      You’re absolutely right, the running backs need to be more involved in the passing game…all three of our running backs can do damage on passing routes as well, if the coaches will give them that chance.

      Just in general I’m not seeing any creativity from the offense during their passing plays…I’d like the Eagles to work out of the bunch formation a little more and design some routes that can confuse defenders and give some of the guys who struggle to beat man coverage a better chance to get open while taking advantage of defensive confusion.

      That’s part of what was so disappointing about the offense from the Denver game…I thought that given the extra half a week to prepare that Kelly would be able to design some clever plays and formations that could nullify the weaknesses of his wideouts and open things up for different guys.

  • I can see Lurie moving Roseman to the more Finiancial end of things like handling Contracts, Salary Cap Strategy like Banner did and let Tom Gamble have complete authority over Drafting, Player Free-Agency, and Overall Roster Management..
    I have stated this before and will again, If Tom Gamble does not get more authority by 2014 Season, then he will be gone for he will get some calls about Opportunites to become a GM Elsewhere, so Eagles must decide, rather quickly, if Gamble is the man, then make the move by the end of this Season and move Roseman to “Pencil-Pusher” Status and Finances, if not,
    Gamble will move on to another Club and have success similar to what
    GM Grigson is doing in Indy..

  • You’re absolutely correct, Denny.

    Back in the off-season Ron Jaworski said that Chip Kelly’s offense would not work in the NFL because it had a naive passing scheme. In my opinion, that’s why Shurmur was hired, but he has not helped.

    You and I both know that in the NFL (with NFL rules), a good coach can get High School kids open. The Eagles passing attack has no creativity.

    I would love to blame Vick, but this is more the coaches fault.

    I reserve the right to return to hating Vick at my own pleasure


  • I can’t see any reason to be impressed with Chip Kelly so far. Bad RZ play calling, over-reliance on a handful of players, poor clock management, dumb challenges. Does any of this seem familiar?? I guess we know what Lurie really looks for in a coach. A pseudo-creative offensive minded coach that is a good planner whot can’t think on his feet.

    • Terribly unlucky of the Eagles to have 2 different coaches who have been bad at Red Zone play calling over the past 2 years.

      42% this year. 44% last.

      Did anyone notice KC has risen from 32nd last year (27%) to 12th this (61%).

      That’s weird.

      • So short in the season…Eagles score 3 TD’s this weekend in the red zone, that percentage balloons….just shut the hell up with your gibberish already! half ass stat, half man!

      • How confident are you that the Eagles will beat the Giants – be honest….

        I have a sickening feeling that the Giants might get healthy vs the Eagles in this week’s contest.

  • Look, it’s really simple….

    The qb makes the coach in the nfl, especially today’s game

    Old hoodie, we wouldn’t be talking about him but for Brady, he stunk as the head man in Cleveland without a qb

    Eli anning saved coughlin, he

    • Eli manning saved coughlin, might do it again

      Tony dungy, Payton manning

      Chip Kelly was told to saddle up with Vick, Reid before him, now Vick is a coach killer, smith might finally vindicate Reid

      The eagles will never be good with Vick at the helm, no way, no how,NAND kelly will run back to college

  • And if Vick really graded out as a b+ the eagles would be at least 2-2

    • One of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read….when a player begins to win games by their self…then there’s no need for the rest of the team to suit up….

  • Vick only sucked one game. The rest has been the defense and STs. I think we have to see how the next quarter goes to be fair. The last three opponents are 10-2. The next four are 2-14. If we continue to struggle with NYG and Tampa then it is going to be another long year.

    • No, he was good in 1.5 games, sucked in 1.5 games, & was a non factor in this last game. That grades out to be a C- in my book! Let’s really be real here. Other than DJax, the entire receiving corps, has been a non-factor, so they should be a C-. The TE’s are a total non-factor, & should be an E. Can we give a Z, to the defense & coaching?

      • Played 8 “halves this year”

        Half 1: “Good”. 13 of 20 for 193 and 2 tds. One “doinked” pass returned for a TD against. (of course this half was hyped as “great” but it wasn’t)
        Half 2: “Whatever” 2 of 5 for 13 yards
        Half 3: “Excellent” 10 of 16 for 188 yards and 1 td. One fumble for -11
        Half 4: “Excellent” 13 of 20 for 240 yards and 1 td
        Half 5: “Horrendous” 5 of 11 for 38 yards and a pick 6.
        Half 6: “Bad” 8 of 19 for 162 and a pick
        Half 7: “Good” 11 of 17 for 189
        Half 8: “Terrible” 3 of 10 for 59 yards

        So what’s that?

        2 Excellent halves
        1 good half
        1 “meh” half
        1 bad half
        2 terrible halves

        • Vin, go get some therapy! Your obsessive Vick fixation, is beyond ridiculous now! Cut it the f^#@ out! And you wonder why you’re called racist all of the time, by his Idol worshipers!

  • We are going to have to light it up on offense. I don’t think 24 points will get it done this week. And we have to pressure Eli or they will score at will with those receivers. We are either going to feel a little better or much much worse about this team come Monday.

  • 3 consecutive road games. Not so good.

    The Eagles get to play free-falling NYG and in disarray TB…that’s good but….

    Between 1990 and 2011, there were 110 teams that had 3 game road trips.

    39 went 2-1 or 3-0, while 71 went 1-2 or 0-3.

    (I don’t have the numbers for 2012)

    3 game road trips are murder in the NFL. The birds have already lost the first game. The odds of them sweeping the next two are very long indeed.

    I would expect the Birds to be 2-4 after the TB game.

    But we have a broken down 33 year old free agent who gives the Eagles at the helm, and he gives them the best chance to WIN NOW! so its all good.

    • whats not all good is how you are still on here…with total disregard for the bet you made giving your word….I doubt that anyone is really reading half your gibberish…with your half assed stats….what does 1990 – 2011 and 30 other teams have to do with this Eagles team in 2013? just more bullshit stats pulled out of your loose ass! you sissy man

      • I know.

        You disregard history.

        Its why you still think MV7 is a good QB.

        • I know you disregard your word….I’d bet that…oooo wait…we’ve done that already….

  • I really don’t count playing the Giants or Redskins as real Road Games as it’s only a 2 Hour Bus Ride down… To be honest, the Eagles have played like shit at home for the last 2 + Seasons, so going on the road is probably a good thing to be honest,where maybe they can get a collective Team mental toughness attitude of a “us against the world mentality” that this Team can use …
    If the Eagles don’t beat the Giants, the Young Players will begin to get more snaps at many positions .. Beat the Giants and TB Bucs and Eagles are in the thick of the NFC East at 3-3 and who knows what happens, but they have to do it and earn it..
    I envision Veterans like Herremans,Celek, Cole, Ryans, being benched with more Reps going to younger Players which won’t bode well for the Locker room..

  • Jeff Lurie grades Roseman an A+
    Howie did win the salary cap game for the NFC this off-season, 5th in the NFL at 17 million while Don Smolenski successfully raised ticket prices.

  • Great post eagles 0 bowls, that’s why I come back here, some out of the box thinking from a varied group of individuals

  • We do not have a home field advantage at all. Zero confidence at home. Really sad, philly use to be one of the more feared places to play now its just a playground for other teams to throw a picnic. Something about that place just feels like a loss. They need to change the atmosphere down there spray a different end zone logo or something I think its physiological for all parties involved, players, coaches fans.

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