• January 21, 2022

All-22: Maybe Nick Foles Suffered The Concussion Earlier Than We Thought?

Since the Sunday debacle against the Cowboys, I’ve heard many Eagles fans jokingly say, “Foles played like he had a concussion the entire game”.  I don’t know that Foles was concussed early in the game, but he sure did play like it.

I read a number of articles about Minnesota quarterback, Josh Freeman, who played the entire game against the New York Giants on Monday night, then after the game the doctors realized he has suffered a concussion during the game.  Freeman said he thinks the injury happened in the third quarter.

It got me to thinking about Nick Foles and how bad his vision and decision-making was in the game.  I looked at the tape a few more times and have come away unsure of exactly when Foles was concussed.  I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Foles was concussed on the fourth offensive play of the game.  I’m not so sure that Foles didn’t lose his wits about him on that play.

He rolled out on the third-and-ten play, couldn’t find anybody open and was subsequently hit and tackled by Dallas linebacker Bruce Carter.  I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that he had sustained a concussion when he was hit by Carter, while trying to throw the ball away.  His head whipped back when it hit the ground.  Foles did get up and run off but that doesn’t mean his brain was shaken.

That was the same way his head hit the ground when he was hit by Cowboys defensive linemen Jarius Wynn and George Selvie at the end of the third quarter.  We later learned that he was concussed on that play.  He didn’t get up so well in that situation.  There’s plenty of evidence which we all watched that shows him playing like he was concussed.  Foles missed open receivers all over the place and at times seemed to looking right at the open receivers.

I know a little bit about playing with a concussion.  You can play, but you’re not sharp.  Everything is a bit fuzzy.

I remember suffering a concussion years ago in high school and at USC as a freshman.  I played the rest of the game in both situations. You’re not all there mentally, but you’re able to continue to play because you’ve done the specific movements to the point where you can almost do them in your sleep.  Your subconscious takes over and you continue to play through your subconscious.  You play much of the game with your subconscious anyway because you do a lot of things during the game that you didn’t even realize that you did.

Many times I would marvel while looking at my game tape.   I would avoid a blocker that during the play in the game, I didn’t realize I had seen him.  At times I would take an angle to make a play because my instincts or subconscious mind would guide me that way.  Thinking back to the play while watching it on tape, you realize you didn’t have time to cognitively figure out how to avoid the block, but you did.

Playing with a concussion, is like a part of your brain isn’t working but the other part takes over and does the job.

It’s almost like you’re sleep walking or dreaming.  You know you’re doing something, but you’re not totally in control to the point where you cognitively think through what you’re going to do.

People drive while they’re talking and don’t even remember passing different locations during the drive.  Have you ever changed the channel on the television without thinking about it?  and trained yourself much of what you do is in your subconscious.

I have no proof that Foles was concussed on that play in the first quarter, but we all know that he surely played like it.


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  • how can you go from NFL player of the week to 3 points at home against the Cowboys?

  • Interesting perspective gcobb, and probably correct

    In all the scouting reports, all his previous games, you could never question foles’ mettle, if he was that type of scared player it would have shown up earlier, he was put in a tough spot against the giants, no warm up time, and comes in slinging the ball

    His accuracy is his strength and he all of a sudden he can’t throw the ball in the ocean, to borrow your phrase, there is something else going on here

    If you have played after getting your bell rung you will know what gcobb is talking about , the game slows down, it’s like that dream where you think you can run but you can’t

    Regardless, foles needs to start when healthy


  • If he wasn’t right then shame on him for not speaking up and being selfish and staying in the game. The other 52 players in the locker room should be furious if this is true. If Foles wasnt “right” how dare he remain in the game. The other 52 players essentially were playing for nothing, playing without a shot to win because Foles didnt tell the coaches he is a liability to the TEAM!

    • If Foles would of told the team he couldnt complete a 10 yard pass maybe Chip would of went to more of a running game and short passes. Got Barkley in and atleast gave the Eagles a shot to win. Unbelievable if true!

      • Barkley gave the Eagles a shot to win? He had the whole 4th quarter. From what I saw, I thought he was playing for Dallas.


  • hold on there as the president of the MV7 fan club i must mention that one thing we hold dear about our hero is his heart of a lion, toughness and competitiveness so we can’t have a double standard– IF (big IF) he was hurt and still tried to compete that is something that we like about him!!!!

    • Yeah how did it work out? He killed the team with his pathetic play. Thanks Nick its all aboit you screw the othe 52 players who gave it thier all. As long as u showed us u are tough. Dont worry about the 15 receivers u missed. You cost the team. PS a concussion? Damn dude it wasnt like you got lit up. Learn to take a hit.

      • right be more of a man nick! a shot to the heard never hurt nobody!!! our guy mv7 never let a concussion put him out of a game!!!! NEVER-

    • hac the thread is about Foles. leave the supreme title of obsessive Vick freak to the bet welcher Vinnie.

  • Thats a great point and if that ends up being true hes a friggin idiot for not telling the coach.

  • Where are the Coach’s/Medical Staff as well, Does the Team not have someone from the Medical Staff watching the Games,replaying hits, and seeing how a Player Reacts..Heck sometimes when your woozy, you don’t even realize it so stating that a Player is going to Speak up that he’s not feeling all that well or there, is rarely going to happen with Athletes
    If he indeed was concussed on the 4th Play of the game, then shame on FOles, QB Coach, OC and HC and Medical Staff as well..
    Was it not obvious to them, that something wasn;t right in his movements, his look, his throws and playing abilitiy.. These Coaches and Medical Personnel are Trained Professionals, are they not …

    I believe Foles will be out for 2 Weeks (at least this week for sure)
    so I hope they are giving Barkley/Kinne some Reps with the #1’s for Vick is only about 85% Hamstring Wise and it could pop on any given play this week

    This Giants Game is for all the marbles in my opinion if Eagles want to compete for a NFC East Crown.. A win to go 4-4 and 3-1 in the NFC East Play and 4-1 in NFC Conference Play is a huge difference than dropping to
    3-5 Overall and 2-2 In NFC East Play and 3-2 in NFC Conferenece Play

  • I think it is way too early to give up on Foles. I was just analyzing the standings. We would be 7th in line for a QB. That means Bridgewater, Mariotta, Manziel and the kid from UCLA are out. I would bet my last dollar that Nick Foles will have a better career than Taj Boyd. He sucks and I want no parts of him. He is way too small and would be worse than Vick ever was on a bad day. I DO NOT want to give up a marquee pass rusher or WR for Taj Boyd. If that’s who we end up with, the Chip Kelly era is a wrap. He may as well resign after he makes the pick.

    • “And with the 13th Overall Pick of the NFL Draft,
      The Philadelphia Eagles Select QB Derek Carr from Fresno State …
      The San Diego Chargers are now on the Clock”…

    • hoping and wishing on one of these QB’s makes no sense.None of them are reminding me of RGIII or Andrew Luck! We cant go into the draft next year reaching for a QB…especially when we got more dire needs on the defense and wide receiver!

      • Carr would be horrible at that pick when you would still have a shot at a top LB, CB or Safety. Frankly he would be a horrible pick that high in the draft. This “QB rich” draft is filled with guys that are not no brainers. Bridgewater and Carr don’t play anybody. Manziell is like 150 lbs and he throws a lot of ill advised balls trying to make a play. I am not convinced of Mariotta’s throwing ability even though he puts up gaudy numbers. Boyd is Vince Young 2.0. Miller is a run first QB. And my future choice Hundley pooped the bed against Stanford last weekend. He will get a chance to redeem himself against Oregon this weekend, but he maybe needs to stay in school after this season for a little more seasoning.

        • Bugs, I am not saying this is what I would do, but rather what Chip Kelly/Howie Roseman would do…

          • I know Paul. Just venting frustration on the fact that it could actually happen.

  • Im not giving up on foles either. If this is true G, we may not be seeing foles for a while… 2 concussions in 1 game would leave him feeling sick for a while.

    The way i see it… we have 2 qb’s that are good enough to lead this O.. however neither seems to be a top 10. So we press on… waiting to get our guy. We clearly need both of them.

  • C’mon G…we can say that about a lot of quarterbacks who may get dinged early in the game. If he was dizzy and could not throw the ball…he should have came out of the game!

    • a player tries to stay in and shake off the cobwebs, the pain or whatever it is… they know that is what is expected of them… vick has played incredibly hurt. mcnabb played on a freaking broken leg– it is what they do. shut the hell up!

      • haveaclue…if a quarterback head is spinning and he cant make effective decisions or throw the ball properly…he should come out of the game…stupid!! he cant play…i say he stayed in so no excuses..Foles choked and if he was not right mentally he should have come out of the game!

        • obviously if our hero was in there you’d have a different take….
          as for a wobbly head read it for yourself from G== players do that– its ingrained in them from an early age…. a starters mentality is that ‘me at 70% is better than barkey at 100%’–

          • Foles didn’t have any concussion till the final play.

            If he was concussed, others would have noticed, cuz he has to call the plays.

            He sucked cuz he choked.

            • in depth analysis from the living room couch!

              • what would make you believe otherwise from your living room couch?

                One thing I will say about this…if Foles did have a concussion in the 1st quarter (which I highly doubt) then the training staff, coaches, referees failed Foles…Also himself for not knowing something was wrong…Allowing a player to play with a concussion is a serious risk especially considering this is our future QB, the great Nick Foles!

  • If you start analyzing things and start looking at needs, there are a lot. QB may be the top need but you can’t force it. We are running a 3-4 and have no OLB who can get to the QB. Also, we are taxing Ryans and Kendricks because the NG sucks and doesn’t eat up blockers. And obviously FS is a hugely important position and ours is the worst starter on the team. I am pretty convinced Byrd will be the target and we will get him at FS. After that, there will be more FA money. Herremans will likely be gone. Ryans and Cole are getting big pay cuts and will most likely stay. Graham is gone. He will get much better offer from 4-3 teams than the Eagles would give him. I don’t know why we don’t trade him. Atlanta might be willing if they can win the next couple. Casey is gone or pay cut. NG is gone. Maclin is gone. I mean really. One year prove it deal? He would go to Detrioit or something for that. So after Byrd we need a NG, OLB, RG, WR in addition to QB. NG is probably second round pick unless Nix ended up there for us. Don’t think there will be OLB worth a top fifteen pick after Barr. So maybe a one year prove it deal for Anthony Spencer? Probably WR in the first round, RG in the third or FA. Don’t know if they think Barbre can be the guy but he needs to get a start soon so we can see what he’s got. I would be surprised if Herremans keeps his job all season. His protection has been awful.

  • This is a weak Draft on the Defensive Side of the Ball as far as Playmakers go.. There are 2 Top Defenders in DE J Clowney, OLB A Barr who go within the Top 5-6 Picks .. Then it’s a Drop off until the Mid to Late 1st Round as far as the next Defensive Players.. (This is a very weak Class at CB & Safety which there may be only 2-3 Selected which will be late in the 1st Round Selections)
    This 2014 Draft will be about QB,OT & WR’s who will make most of the Top 15-20 Draft Selections on the FIrst Round…

    • Eagles need to go WR in the 1st unless they somehow get one of those two top Defensive players.

    • we should get the best WR on the board! we need a tough, big, and fast wideout who can run good routes and catch the ball!

      • Top WR’s in th Draft that are Projected 1st Round Selections are

        1) Sammy Watkins – Clemson (6-1 205lbs) Projected 10th-15th
        2) Mike Evans – Texas A&M (6-5 225lbs) Projected 10th-15th
        3) Marquis Lee – USC (6-0 195lbs) Projected 20th-30th
        4) Jordan Matthews – Vanderbilt (6-3 205lbs) Projected 30th-40th
        5) Allen Robinson – Penn State (6-3 210lbs) Projected 30th-40th

        • Donte Moncrief- Ole Miss (6′ 3″ 215) Projected 2nd round

        • rats, i thought Allen Robinson would be a mid round selection for the birds to look into after selected a couple much needed defensive players earlier.

        • Need to go after Mike Evans. 6-5 225 pounds. That’s the kind of playmaker this team needs.

  • Hey Gcobb! This was an amazing article to give the average Joe like myself an idea of what it’s like to suffer from a concussion. I remember getting my bell rung before but never has it been to the level that you discussed here.

    I think everyone agrees. Something was wrong w/ Foles that day. Players have bad days for all types of reasons, we still don’t know what happened to Foles and we might never know.

    I for one am ready to put him back out there and give him another opportunity. I really think he will rebound well.

    • Nope! he blew the shot…he has already had enough opportunities! He had all of training camp…Mike Vick beat him fair and square and no one argues that! Then he had the big game, division on the line, a perceived shot at the starting job…what did he do…he had the worst game with the worst QB play we have seen since Doug Peterson!
      Mike Vick will take us to the next level…the O-line needs to pick up there game so we can go back to running the ball!

      • amen brother!!!!! mike vick will lead us to the meadowlands in february!!!! amen to that! go mv7!
        damn had enough opportunities???? good thing AR, JL and HR didn’t say that about our guy when he had his little, tiny issues a few years back!

        • He will be on the same list as 31 other QBs.

          • huh?

        • Yeah, cuz Vick accomplished things during his Falcon career. If Foles had the same problem with his production, his career would’ve been over.

          I’m tired of you people wanting to give some never was like Foles a million chances. The guy hasn’t done anything since high school. His college career was garbage, he was a 3rd round pick, not 1st round.

          I look around the league, other young Qbs seized their opportunities.

          Russell Wison had a TC competiton. He stepped up and won it. Kapernick got a shot last year against a top 10 defense. He aced it. Tannehill had to win a qb competiton. Matt Ryan was balling in his first year. Shit look at the Hoyer kid in Cleveland. He was balling until he got hurt.

          Other Qbs get chances, they cash in. That’s cuz they have ability, and you don’t have to wait a million years for them to demonstrate it.

          Foles has had more chances than anyone.

          • 8 games = a million chances??? werent you the one in mensa? or was it splenda? more chances than anyone? troy aikmen was 1-15 and ended up ok?

            • I’m tired of you nimrods talking about Qbs who had pedigree, and accomplished big things in college. Not some 3rd round pick with one winning season and zero bowl game wins, with garbage stats in those bowl games.

              He was a long shot. Drafted mainly cuz he’s 6-6. And what don’t you get about other Qbs cashing in on their first opportunity? This isn’t 20 years ago where it took a qb years to be competent. The top young Qbs seize their chance when they get on the field.

              Nick Foles failed last year, failed to beat out Vick this year, then failed in his first big game that actually meant something. Talk to me about Foles in 2 years, or until they draft a real prospect, not a hailmary in round 3.

              • college accomplishments mean less than squat in the nfl–

              • Pedigree….Brady? Nope…Warner? Nope…Romo? Nope…Im not a Romo fan either but Still a guy with no pedigree…your premise is flawed. Since someone is picked in the 1st round they should get 12 years to fail…Nice. Ill let Jamarcus Russell Know he gets a few more years..cause of his pedigree.

              • Skayne…just stop it already! Vick is ass! he’s by far the worse QB on this team. I’d prefer a QB than can’t produce if he’s not connecting with the pass…moving the chains means absolutely nothing…Vick being able to pick up a 1st down with his legs instead of taking a sack don’t mean a thing in football..I want my QB to take a sack or throw the ball away, F moving the chains……It’s all about the QB completing passes, a QB that moves the ball passing and running is just not an option. We’re 1 game from being tied for first place in this division and playoffs within reach, I’d rather see what the young QB’s have to offer, throw Barkley out there and see if he improves from his 3 INT performance in 7 mins. The rest of the Eagles team (players) that want to play for something don’t mean shit, lets just see what we have in one of these young QBs…I don’t care that McCoy and Vick were able to amass over 100 yards rushing against the Giants in the 1st quarter…we didn’t complete a pass…who cares that we put up the same amount of points in the 1st quarter without Vick completing a pass, as we did all game against Dalls….Who cares that the Eagles offense (total offense) was ranked 2nd in the league before Vick went down…he can’t complete a pass so the ball must of been snapped directly to the WR’s and the invisible QB was running for yards, that moved the chains….Besides Vick is just awful because of how he treated those dogs, years ago…


              • Man, you Vick haters are always comparing apples to oranges. How dare you bring up Brady…he was drafted in the sixth round, but lit it up in college. I was a Michigan fan when I was younger. Go on YouTube and watch games were he brought the Wolverines back in games where Carr wanted to see what he had in Drew Henson. Brady would come in and bring em back after being down 3 scores. Watch his last bowl game against Alabama. Please, he’s not like noodle arm zero bowl wins Foles.

                Warner took years before he hit. You clowns will chase Foles outta here well before that happens, some of you Vick haters turned on him already. You only want him playing cuz he’s not Vick. Romo played well at his college level, unlike Foles. And he actually has dynamic ability, where Foles has none.

                You will not find very many successful Qbs who did bupkes in college. Glad you’d rather waste time on a needle in a haystack.

              • Yes – for QBs it’s about passing, and for the most part, running means shit…

                Since Vick came into the league in 2001 only 12 players have played over 100 games. Of those 12 players Vick has the worse completion percentage, Vick has the fewest TD passes, Vick has the fewest passing yards per game, and Vick is ranked 10th of 12 for fewest wins.

                The fact that Vick has the most rushing yards has not helped his win total at all. In fact the guys with the most wins have 5000 fewer rushing yards than Vick.

                Glad it makes some people happy that Vick runs good – but it doesn’t add-up to wins…

              • Who give a shit what Tom Brady or anyone else did in college – Michael Vick has been a below average QB in the NFL for 11 years, and he continues to be below average today.

                His teams lose and he has piss poor passing skills…..period.

                Being better than Nick Foles don’t make you good….

              • If you were being fair, and not a hater, Vick’s numbers as a Falcon wouldn’t matter. You want passing?

                Eagles franchise history. Qualifying Qbs. Passer Rating. Number One. See who sits there, then tell me about passing.

                And college career, pedigree, gets you extended chances. Not a garbage college career being a low round pick. Brady seized his opportunities. No garbage about giving him more games.

                And Vick is better than a lot more than Foles.

              • Vick lost against the 49ers, the year they went to the championship game, while going 30-46 414. When McNabb played, those numbers would equal a blowout. Why cuz the defense and STs pulled their weight, in fact were the elite units on the team from 2000-04, during Reid’s most successful years here.

                Look at what the defense did and STs did in that game. THAT’S why we’ve been losing.

  • unreal i don’t make declarative statements of (fact) from my living room couch– the chump above did just that!
    i do agree that if he had a concussion early in the game somebody is going to get fried in the organization (or refs) because that is a no no in todays game– therefore IF he was concussed and continued to play that is not on foles– there are people there to protect players from being macho– and G’s (not on the couch) analysis says it is a possibility!

  • Skayne…there you are spouting off passer rating again.

    Your be all and end all.

    So important to Skayne.

    But Foles’ passer rating is 11 points higher…that’s weird.

  • Vick is and always has been incredibly average.

    If Vick had the same running and passing ability but was Caucasian, he’d have no fans and no job.

  • Paulman you forgot about CJ Mosley how dare you disrespect that man like that he will be a better pro than Clowney. HaHa Clinton Dix will be a good safety as well.

    • I did fail to mention a couple of other Top LB’s

      -CJ Mosley (Alabama 6-2 235lbs) Projects as a Mid 1st Rounder
      -Ryan Shazier (Ohio State 6-2 230lbs) Projects as a late 1st Rounder
      -Vic Beasley (Clemson 6-2 235lbs) Plays DE in College, but Projects as a LB in the NFL, may end up like another Ricky Sapp type of Players..

  • Amen E-Money. Amen

  • I keep reading how Foles has underachieved in his first 7-8 games and therefore he is not a Franchise QB. VICK once had a game where he went: 7 of 18 for 94 yards sound familiar?
    Vicks 16th through 23rd game stats (2nd season in the league)
    passes comp % YDS TD INT RAT Running
    24 of 46 53 294 1 0 79.4 1 TD 38 yards
    11 of 23 48 160 2 1 82 1 TD 55 yards
    19 of 24 79 272 2 0 141 0
    11 of 28 39 173 1 1 57 2 TD 170 yards
    12 of 25 48 125 1 1 58 0
    21 of 38 55 240 2 2 70 40 yards
    20 of 38 52 337 2 1 89 40 yards
    17 of 40 42 240 1 1 60 30 yards

    If I were to pull the 2012 Vick record one would notice that the completion percentage went up. The running went down & the INT’s / Fumbles stayed the same. He hasn’t really improved all that much from his second season.

    In the end, no one in their right mind can come away looking at those numbers and argue that the player above is better than Nick Foles. Those numbers look a ton like Brandon Weedens. A guy who got replaced by some dude off the street. The only reason he still has his job is because the other dude tor his ACL. Yeah. I can’t even remember the other guys name.

    • Bingo. Nice job.

  • Let’s go Eagles!!!!!!

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