• August 17, 2022

Notes From The Sixers’ 110-90 Loss To Golden State

iggycelebratesThe Philadelphia 76ers had their three-game winning streak snapped on Monday night, falling to the Golden State Warriors 110-90 in Philadelphia. Their record drops to 3-1.

  • Rough night for Michael Carter-Williams, who shot just 4-17. MCW turned the ball over six times, and took some pretty bad shots. On the positive side, the rookie took 12 trips to the free-throw line.
  • Spencer Hawes also had a quiet night, scoring just five points. This is what we’ve been used to seeing from Hawes during his time with the Sixers. He can be a double-double threat on a good night, and a soft, frustrating, non-factor on others.
  • Evan Turner was probably the Sixers’ best player, scoring 18 points on 12 shots. Turner also grabbed seven rebounds and had three steals.
  • It was another 10-point game off of the bench for Tony Wroten, who scored 14.
  • Thaddeus Young was held to just six points and two rebounds.
  • Andre Iguodala played one of the best games of his career tonight, dropping 32 points on 11-18 shooting against his old team. Iggy even hit seven three-pointers.
  • The Sixers gave up 30 or more points in each of the first three quarters.
  • The Sixers turned the ball over 24 times.

Final Thoughts

Well, so much for 82-0…the Sixers will not in fact, go undefeated.

Tonight’s performance was more of what we expected this team to be.

Rough around the edges. Unpolished. Youthful mistakes.

All for the best.

Seeing the Sixers rip off three straight to start the year was fun. It was a treat to watch Michael Carter-Williams shine against the Heat and outduel Derrick Rose. But the reality is that wins are not a good thing for this franchise right now.

This team was constructed with a purpose in mind. That purpose was to rack up as many losses as possible in order to get into a position for a top draft pick next season, in order to truly build for the future. Every move from trading Jrue Holiday, to holding Nerlens Noel out for the season, to keeping Kwame Brown on the roster was done with the idea of putting together one of the league’s worst rosters this year.

Any other year, it would have been maddening to see Andre Iguodala walk into Philadelphia, and hit seven three’s on his way to 32 points in a rout of the Sixers. But this year, if it means that the Sixers get that much closer to a true franchise player, than Iggy can come in and drop 80 and I’d still be overjoyed.

Denny Basens

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  • Iggy hit more threes tonight then he did in his whole career with us.

  • Riggen, for Wiggens! SHOW YA LUV PHILADELPHIA!!! SHOW YA LUV!!!!

    • Together We Build!

      • LOL!!!

      • ‘Together We Build’!…Yeah, I saw the website.


        Well, who knows?

  • Boston Celtics might not win one game this years —

  • Spencer Hawes had a +/- of minus 41 LOL and Thad Young had minus 29.
    that is what I expected from this years Sixers —
    Hawes 1-6 for 5 points, Thad Young 3-10 for 6 points.

  • 76ers came down to earth a bit yesterday night: Michael Collins-Williams was getting hammered, and not getting many calls from what I saw, but he’s a rookie…I saw the Sixers coach complain to the ref at one point in the first half, and the Ref looked at him and told him ‘F*** off’…That was funny.

    I also saw a kind of fat boy for the Sixers come in, and he looked to me like he had some potential…Big boy: I think it was Daniel Orton…Didn’t he play with Noel at Kentucky?

  • His name is Michel CARTER Williams. And yes Orton played with Noel at Kentucky. Orton left very early but has some potential. I like Coach Brown’s intensity though, and hes a great teacher. This team is young, hungry and has a lot of fight in them. They resemble their coach and this city. Yeah they loss last night making them 3-1, but I love the direction of this team. I love the front office, they really know what they’re doing and have a plan in place. I really think they have a plan A,B and C when it comes to the draft, free agency, everything. They have a vision and they’re doing one heck of a job this time around.

    They have another game tmr night against the Wizards, lets see how they rebound from tough blowout loss..

    • Daniel Orton didn’t play with Noel. Orton was drafted in 2010. My fault. See I do make a mistake here and there haha

  • @ E0S– And Boston wont get the 1st overall pick bc they’re making it too obvious that they’re tanking. They play hard for 3 quarters then miraculously fall apart in the 4th quarter. Remember the year the Sixers got pick #2 overall. They finished 13th in the east with a record of 27-55, the Wizards had a record of 26-56 one spot below the Sixers. The Wizards ended up with the first overall pick drafting John Wall and we drafted ET 2nd overall. So you don’t lose every game in an effort to get the 1st ovr pick. You have to win some games so that the powers that be wont screw you bc you tanked..

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