• January 17, 2022

Thoughts On The A.J. Burnett Signing

ajburnOn Wednesday afternoon, the Philadelphia Phillies announced that they have signed veteran pitcher A.J. Burnett to a one-year deal worth $16 million.

Make no mistake, this move would not have happened if not for the news that Cole Hamels is battling shoulder tendinitis. Phillies’ ownership has retreated into their old philosophy about keeping their payroll within their budget, and you can rest assured that they would not have paid a 37-year old pitcher $16 million if they weren’t desperate.

Burnett has posted respectable ERA’s in each of his last two seasons, with a 3.51 in 2012, and a 3.30 in 2013. He went 26-22 during that stretch for the Pirates. He’s a nice addition to a rotation that really could have used an additional, proven, quality arm. But this is a move that shouldn’t have happened just because the team sustained an injury to their top starter, this is a move that should have been solely for the purpose of upgrading the rotation.

Its yet another indictment on Amaro and the team’s ownership that they didn’t acquire Burnett (or a similar upgrade) sooner than the eve of Spring Training.

Beyond Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels, the only other established starter in the rotation was Kyle Kendrick, who is no better than a fourth or fifth starter. Unknowns like Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and Jonathan Pettibone were going to be counted on to emerge and round out the rotation. Counting on Kendrick to be your third starter and relying heavily on the youth and raw talent of Gonzalez and Pettibone wasn’t a great situation for the team.

If Cole Hamels can get himself healthy quickly and avoid missing a significant amount of time, then the starting rotation now has a better chance to be a strength for the time. However, I wouldn’t call Burnett a sure thing by any means. Before he enjoyed two solid years in Pittsburgh, he struggled heavily for the Yankees, posting ERA’s above 5.00 in 2011 and 2010. He’s an older guy at 37, and if he can keep his ERA below 4.00 I’d be impressed.


Denny Basens

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  • Agreed, it is actually a good signing, unless of course (as stated above) its just insurance for Hamels having a worse injury that were being told. He’s a groundball/strikeout pitcher on a one-year deal. If the Phils find themselves out of contention (as we all suspect will be the case) at least its a tradable contract at the deadline.

  • It is a good signing with this caveat… Nothing matters (and hasn’t ) unless Howard is Howard… I know the gm sliced his tendon 2 years ago, bashed utley in the knee and gave Halladay problems in his discs but In the end the Phil’s will contend if Howard is healthy

    • No, the GM buried his head in the sand that his star players were getting older and that part of the typical situation with older players is that they will miss more games due to injuries, and that their production will decrease over time.

    • I agree that Burnett is a good pickup if he’s right.

      If. Howard ain’t right, what do you do with him & his contract?

      Plus, he blocks Darren Ruf.

  • Agree 100% on everthing you touched on Amaro screwed this team and franchise up so bad its unbelievable. When this season is over and they don’t even win 80 games I hope they ship the jerkoff out of town on the horse he rode in on because I can’t see this team doing more than that and I am being generous cause if guys break down who they are depending on boy oh boy will this be a disaster. Oh well least i have my eagles

    • What?

  • This team is really in a tough position, much of which I blame on Amaro. They have known about Hamell’s injury since November, and this signing was as much of a diversion as it is anything else. $16 mill for one year I guess is the going rate, but this team will do nothing unless they are able to score more runs. I would have rather seen them go after a big bat, instead we will have Byrd batting behind Howard.
    This is a very old team…Utely, Rollins, Chooch, Lee, Howard are all older and only one injury away from missing a season. I don’t see much from this crew.

  • What bat would you have gone for…. People forget that the ‘bat’ the phillies acquired this off season is hopefully Howard… Check his numbers before amaro sliced his Achilles

    • Howard is still a liability against left handed pitchers. As much as I hope he has a turnaround, and I see where he has lost 20 pounds, I still see him having a problem against leftys

  • Please tell me what bat????

    • Nelson Cruz. He is a right handed bat. I think he had about 30 hrs and 80 rib’s last year. Like .280 ave….i didnt check those numbers but they should be close. He would look good behind Howard.

  • Phils offseason
    Shawn Camp 38 years old
    Marlon Byrd 36
    Clete Thomas 30, Cesar Jimenez, Reid Brignac 28 ( minor league longshots)
    Carlos Ruiz 35
    Jeffery Manship 29 (minor league longshot)
    Brad Lincoln 28 ( big trade Eric Kratz & Rob Rasmussen)
    Wil Nieves 36
    Lou Marson 27 ( minor league longshot)
    Roberto Hernandez 33
    Sean O’Sullivan,Chris Bootcheck ( minor league invites)
    Dave Sappelt,Tony Gwynn, Jr. ( minor league invites)
    Ronny Cedeno 31 ( minor league longshot)
    Chad Gaudin 30
    Bobby Abreu 39 ( longshot)
    AJ Burnett 37

  • Cruz I believe is a 3 year contract… This group has one shot left.
    As for Howard… Yes his troubles, especially the last two years against lefties is well documented… Before Ruben slice his Achilles he held his own…
    Eagles fan you have a list of MiNOR league invitees..every team has that list

    • So because you believe this current group of aging vetrans only has “one shot left”, you don’t go after Cruz because in your estimation he would be a 3 year contract? So you are saying that they only should go after an older player? That makes no sense. What “older” bat would help? We already signed senior citizen Bobby Abreau….and now you would not go after Nelson Cruz because he would take a 3 year contract…or so you say??

      The team needs a good bat behind Howard if they want any chance at a decent year. Byrd will not cut it. Last year was a mirage from him…I would not doubt that there are some PED’s involved and this year we will see a return to his career levels.

      • I would like Cruz my point is it won’t happen

        • You were wrong HAC. Nelson Cruz signed with the Orioles for 1 year. $8.5 mill. I would have liked to see the Phil’s add his bat to sit behind Howard.

          • Yup Cruz over played his hand. Teams seem reluctant to give up up that pick

  • One year deal for a bona fide starter. An upgrade over all.starters except for Lee and hamels.

    It is open season on amaro but many if these posts are irrational

  • hey cigar u sound like an idiot howard sliced his own achilles should have lost 80lbs his work ethic is pathethic he’ll keep swinging in the dirt and at all the junk shit till doomsday oh and then smell his hand like what the fuk is that yea ryan point at the bleachers and then strike out and smell your fukin hand what a bum. What bat u say well michael cuddyer was available at the time but they didnt want to spend the $$ he just went on to bat 300s and 25hrs but we didnt need him we needed ben revere 1 fukin hr in his life u dont know what your talkin bout man u have no clue u must be a jroll fan too like u condoned that signing too the other selfish asshole who just cares bout his numbers this team dont even win 80 games this year and u know what long as your boy amaro is here with these owners and their mentality we go nowhere understand NOWHERE in case u cant see

    • I guess they shouldn’t bother playing the games. And the good news for you is you don’t have to spend a minute watching them this summer. Don’t have to spend a dime at the park. I will respond further at the trading deadline.

      • I see Phil’s with about 75-80 Wins and battling the Marlins for 4th/5th Place in the NL East
        Only real chance they have is if Howard,Utley & Rollibs were to produce at 85% of their Career Stats/Production which is asking a Litzy
        Is it possible, sure, is it likely, no it is not

    • Incredibly disrespectful for a guy that was a MAJOR part of us winning out first World Series since 1980. Ryan Howard may have had a couple of down years, but I could never insult him in the fashion that you have DonP. Chase Utley had a couple of down years as well, but he doesn’t get nearly as much disrespect.
      Ryan Howard is one of the greatest Phillies ever. We wouldn’t have made it to either the 2008 or 2009 World Series without him.
      Show a little class.

      • He had down years because the GM sliced his Achilles with a box cutter!
        For all those that have sounded the rebuild bell … It is not that simple… Galvis at short??? Uh come on.
        They have a very solid rotation now… And a whole lot of ifs…
        They need 35 and 110 from Howard… That simple.

      • The above Posts from E-Money is exactly what is wrong with Philly fans and PHilly Media in General.. you guys clamour way too much about the old Days.. Phils WS Victory was in 2008 (which is 5-6 Seasons ago) and People still hang onto to this Core of Players as being quality/competitive Players to compete today in 2013..
        We see it with the Flyers & Eagles where Fans and Media want to hold onto forever good players and good times, unfortunately, father time and our Philly Teams Competitiors continue to march on and Philly Teams continue to hang onto what were good players who get old…
        Yes, lets reminicse about the old days and keep Players 2-3 Year beyond their Primes.. This is why the Phils will suck for the next 5 Years
        Look at th Good Teams, Move players after their skills begin to erode and Draftt, Evaluate, * most importantly Develop Young Talent to take over… How can a Phils Team which has had a Great Run from 2005-2010 still have no viable Short-Stop, Catcher and 2B to take over for the aging Core Players of Yesteryear….
        I guess I am not a sentimental person when it comes to my Sport Teams.. What have you done for me lately and what are you going to do for me now and in the future and when I look at this latest 2014 version of the Wheeze Kids, I see very little to excite me abou their prospects to even compete with the Top 8-10 Teams in the NL let alond contend for a Championship…..

        • Paulman, we are a town STARVED for championships. Insulting players that were key in delivering the few that we have is low class. I’m not trying to live in the past, I think we should move on from guys like Utley and Howard and Rollins and Ruiz, they are all way past their prime and my expectations for all of them is low. But to insult a guy like Howard who put both the 2008 and 2009 teams on his back 2 Septembers in a row is really low rent and part of the reason we have a crappy reputation as fans. Ryan Howard is one of the biggest reasons we won in 2008. It isn’t his fault that Ruben overpaid him on past performance.

          • I am not insulting any of them.. They were all good players but that’s in the past my friend… Why can’t a large majority of Philly Fans be realisitc about their Players and Teams instead of always building them up only to be dissapointed.. By the way, i don’t feel attached or sorry about any of these Athletes for remember, they are compensated quite nicely for playing Sports.. I applaud them for what they accomplished, but it’s way past time to move on for this Phils Core… If I he, this is their last go around one more time, I am going to get sick.. Their last go around was 2010 …

            • 2011 they won 102. You are an idiot

              • And what did all those regular Seasons Wins mean,
                Yes very little, as they were bounced out in the 1st Round by the Cardinals (who won 85-88 games) and got in the Playoffs on the last day of the Season while the Phils were on cruise control the final 6 weeks of the season making them soft,
                And I’ll-prepared for Playoff Baseball

              • Right they got beat by a team that got hot! Don’t you understand sports? Things happen it’s why they play the games,

              • I understand Sports very well and the big point your missing is that Father Time waits for no one.. Your hoping the Zphils Core Players can turn back time and be productive Players 3-4
                Later.. It’s not going to happen HAC
                3 years is an eternity in Baseball and with most Athletes
                Who are close, pushing mid 30’s..

              • Good the you have a summer where you don’t have to waste a minute watching them. I for one feel like Howard is finally healthy.. Rollins will bounce back… Revere was hitting 305 when he got hurt. They will make a run.

              • Yeah, make a run for last place with the Marlins.

  • Jimmy Rollins one of the top 5 Phillies of all time as the idiot missanelli always says and he’s right

  • 1. Mike Schmidt

    2. Steve Carlton

    3. Robin Roberts

    4. Chuck Klein

    5. Jimmy Rollins

    • Pretty good list right there….

    • I don’t think Jimmy Rollins is a HOF player much like Richie Ashburn struggled to get in

      • There is no way Jimmy Rollins is a HOF,
        Neither is Utley or Howard,C Lee or any other Current Phillie

        Retired Doc halladay has a shot, but I and most baseball fans consider him as a Toronto Blue Jay and not a Phillie

  • They are not hofers pman, but they were good, very good players

    Forgot about whitey

    Jimmy is 6th all time

  • Paul the Red Sox won the WS with a roster that averaged 29.7 years old. The Phil’s roster is 30.1…. Funny you never let facts get in the way

    • Yes they did with a lot of Players to prove that they could still play like Napoli,Victorino, Lackey, Drew, and a Good Nabager with a consistent Bullpen & Defense ,etc, etc
      Meanwhile The Phils Core have already made their big $$$
      and are not as motivated and have become complacent

  • Don’t have anything to prove? Paul are you taking LSD again? You know nothing about athletes … Howard and Rollins have nothing to prove? Stupidity on your pary

    • Rollins should have been sent packing 2 Off-Seasons ago instead of being re-signed.. Howard has a lot to Prove, but health wise, can’t stay healthy any longer .. Utley’s been on cruise control for 4 Years
      Ruiz with PED’s is backto his average production and not worth the 3 Year Deal they just gave him…
      Brown/Revere,Ruff, Ahse are all promising Players on the way up and a good young Corp to build around but they need to Play everyday to get there
      Papelbon is an ass and only average stuff anymore and locker room Cancer
      Mike Adams arm/shoulder/elbow is at the end of the line
      Cole Hamels is injured far worse than everyone is say… DO you really think the Phils would have signed AJ Burnett at $16 Million for 2014 if Hamles was only going to miss a few Starts…
      Hell they could have signed Bronson Arroyo for $10-$11 Miller per year if they wanted to add a 3rd/4th Starting Pitcher, but instead they panicked and overpaif for Burnett who is way too sensitive and not mentally tough enough to make in Philly…
      Terrible moves all Off-Season, just like last Off-Season and the Off-Season before that and this is why the Phils will battle with the Marlins for the Basement of the NL East in 2014..
      Go on and continue to hang onto the past and reminisce about the Glory Days of the Phils and I will look at things how they are in the here and now in 2014 … The “What-If’s Excuses for the Phils is about 2-3 Years old now

      • Thank you paul. You are the only one, that has steadfastly stood your ground like me. It’s pretty hard, to be a REAL GM, when you don’t just have $$$ to throw around, & overpay, to know brainer moves. Then when you have to actually be proactive, creative, & a competent, decision maker, the real cream of the crop arise. Ruin 2morrow is am inept fraud, who only got his job, by kissing @$$, & because of .300 Monty’s allegiance, & blind loyalty to his Family. With all of the wasted money, gigantic mistakes, Ruin has made, he would have been ran out on a rail, in any other city, in any other vocation, or job! It’s a disgrace, & embarrassment, to our city, & it’s been well stated, ell documented & written about, on every site, sports outlet, throughout the country. So we can be called stupid, negative, & told we know nothing about athletics, but all the experts, pundits, & media, have redeemed our posts, thoughts, opinions, & criticisms, of this organization. A couldn’t care less, what the clueless, irrational minority lemmings think anymore, because it’s actually amusing to see their stupidity. I want this team to win more than probably more than anyone on here, because they are my #1 team in the city, but to excuse, close my mind, not give my criticisms, & not be honest about what I see, ain’t going to happen, whether the blindly loyal, lemming, sheep, dickheads, agree or not.

        • You are such a pleasant asshole. You will be back on the bandwagon… No doubt about it. Always go negative first then if it turns around jump on the wagon and talk about being a lifelong fan… Typical loser mentality of a fraud

          • Blah, blah, blah!!!! More verbal diarrhea, bringing nothing to the table! Never been off the bandwagon. Always a lifelong fan, win, or lose! The loser mentality is you! Happy with being second, JUST in the picture, staying at the status quo, or so-called competing! THAT’S the definition of a LOSER MENTALITY! Again, you have nothing condescending, know nothing troll! Thanks for your amusement! Truth, facts, & reality hurts, doesn’t it? Try again loser. BTW, how’s that retirement, from your know-it-all, Referee/ teaching careers, & your imaginary pristine family, going for you? Beat it slime, you got nothing for me!

            • Make you feel good…whining on the internet. I won’t beat it… I’ll stay right here

              • Who’s whining, I just responded to your idiotic, clueless, unwarranted response you posted, to a conversation between gmcliff, & myself. Next time, mind your f^#@ing business, unless you want to rationally talk about things, instead off your usual irrational, condescending verbal diarrhea, towards me! You continue to embarrass yourself, with your constant ignorance, arrogance, & stupidly closed mind! Keep it up, it’s amusing to say the least!

              • Funny DCAR claims that he said the Phil’s should have rebuilt 3 years ago but in march 2012 predicted a division championship… Verbal diarrhea .. Interesting

              • WTF are you talking about? I never predicted them winning the division in 2012! I’ve been down on this team, since the end of the 2011 season, on which you still get a woody over, with the meaningless102 wins. You go find, & post when I said they would win the division. I never said that @$$HOLE!

              • March 30,2012 at 2:48 a.m 90-94 wins… You even mentioned as you addressed Paul that even you were more optimistic than him… Hilarious you fraud.

              • You even mentioned that they should look to add Michael young…
                Title of the article “Phil’s trying to address utility problem” fraud

              • What article? And where did I say Division Championship?

              • The article came out March 28,2012… You predicted 94 wins on march 30 at 2:48 a.m … The article is entitled “Phil’s need to address the utility problem”… I can’t cut and paste from this phone but it’s there

              • BTW, WTF does me being positive at the time, have to do with Ruin 2morrows ineptness, & not making proper moves, & rebuilding? How does that make me a fraud? Keep reaching numbnuts!

              • DCar @ I have been harping on the Phils GM Anaro for 3 Off-Seasons now.. Sonetimes we are over the Top, but bottom line we are both passionate Phils Fans and both hated the opportunities that this Franchise wasted the last few Seasons as if Ownership
                & Amarp were content on sell-outs & merchandising $$$ as opposed to making moves to solidify what should have been flat out dominance in the NL from 2009-2011.. Now the NL has gotten a lot stronger with Teams like the Nats,Reds,Pirates, Dodgers
                And now even Teams like Arizona, Colorado,Mets have all improved for 2014 while the Phils fall further and further behind
                In terms of Young Takent, Drive and commitment from these Teans Management to field legitimate contending Teams..
                Add in the Cobsistent NL Franchises of the Braves,Cardinaks & Giants and the Phils are a bottom 1/3 Rd Team in the NL
                Along with the likes of the Marlins,Padres & Cubs and that’s the reality of 2014.

              • So, your negative nitwit comments about me are false?

              • Hey it was your prediction on the division… So you haven’t been saying for three years that they should rebuild… You are a whiny fraud

              • AHHHHH, now I’m a whiny fraud, not a negative nitwit? Got it chief! Thanks for the reprimand. I can’t live with myself now. Keep deflecting, POS! Look in the mirror. All that defines you- Ignorant, arrogant, condescending, irrational, clueless, mindless, close-minded, blind loyal, lifeless, ball-less, delusional, hypocritical, & stupid.

              • I’ve mentioned before you being a whining fraud…whining and negativity aren’t mutually exclusive… They go hand and hand

              • BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Got it!

              • Guess that was check mate…

              • My scorecard through 6 rounds has haveacigar ahead 58-55. Dcar has been in the fight but landing to many jabs, not enough power punches and one round I gave him an 8 for whining to the ref too much.

                7 rounds to go lets see if dcar can start to wear haveacigat out, it should be interesting.

              • DCar don’t waste your time with that loser.

              • I agree, whining, complaining or verbally intimidating the gcobb judge would result in losing your gcobb fighting license and without that dcar would be lost.

              • No Paul in 2012 which is two off seasons ago dcar had them winning the division

  • u guys kill me they won because of howard u idiots the pitching won that series and he is the greatest phillie that ever played man u dont know chit i saw the greatest phillies play and they didnt just have 1-2 yrs of great play they had the whole package.carlton would have pitched 3 ws games and won em all his self if he had to you all keep saying if this and if that bout rollins, howard, utley abreau, brown other fans from real teams look at this team and franchise and posts and laugh their ass off really look at some of these quality franchise and how they always stay close in the mix dont u get it this ownership and gm just DONT FUKIN CARE.

    • Thank you Don! They care about the $$$$! Always have, always will. If we didn’t flip the bill for their new cash cow in 2003, we still would be getting rosters of the late 80’s- early 2000’s, & the crypt keeper owners would still be crying poor mouth!

    • Howard averaged 140 RBI for 6 years and tore his Achilles. They won 5 division titles… My beloved team to which you referred one 4 in five years.. One WS title please somehow try to explain how that run was greater than this one

  • no cigar u have the whipping post attitude youre the fraud oh yea u know baseball they got beat by a team that got HOT! The cardinals had quality players great coach they outplayed everyone and outcoached them learn something stop just babelling like fool

    • That played their best ball at the right time…

  • This is a great signing for THIS team! I disagree with the notion that this is somehow a reaction to hamels problems. IT has been reported for weeks that the Phillies have been trying to sign AJ. The phillies have 2 #1 pitchers and 2 #4 or 5s. They despartly needed a #3. While 37 yrs old, AJ fits the bill for what they need. He’s a solid #3 SP, is a right hander, throws a lot of ground balls, and is a leader in Ks. And all due respect to Paulman, there is no reason not to believe Cole when he says he only needs 4-5 starts to be ready for the season. While this may not elevate us to Washington or Atlantas status, it gives us HOPE. Remember we are still younger than the Red Soxs were last year.

  • So so right phillyfan!

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