• January 23, 2022

What To Expect From Zach Ertz In 2014

ZachErtz1With the release of wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who wound up staying in the division with the Washington Redskins, the Eagles are suddenly missing their most dangerous outside threat from 2013. Losing 82 receptions, 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns will be difficult to compensate for but there is no shortage of weapons that could receive a portion of that in 2014.

Zach Ertz came into his own in the final eight games of 2013, a stretch that the Eagles won seven games and only lost one. As a second round draft pick, Ertz was the highest tight end drafted by the Eagles since Keith Jackson in 1988. During the locker clean outs after the Eagles loss to the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, Ertz explained to reporters that the coaches simply didn’t trust him to be in the lineup early in the season after dropping balls in the preseason.

His absence was noticeable as Brent Celek had more than twice as many offensive snaps in each of the first three games. Through the first eight games of the season, while some can be attributed to the change of quarterbacks, Ertz only caught 14 balls for 201 yards and failed to get into the endzone.

The remainder of the Stanford grad’s season stats – 22 catches, 268 yards, and four touchdowns – all came in the second half of the season.

Like many of the “new age” tight ends, Ertz is explosive and can line up right on the line or split out as a wide receiver. His versatility will be a benefit for the Eagles as they will need to make up for the lack of wide receiver depth (currently) on the roster. Seeing Ertz step in and contribute immediately is rare for a rookie tight end. Only three rookie tight ends had more receptions, one had more yards, and none had more touchdowns than the 6-5, 250 pound target. Of those three tight ends, Tyler Eifert (CIN), Jordan Reed (WAS), and Mychal Rivera (OAK), only Reed had a lower percentage of offensive snaps than Ertz’s 40.8%.

Chip Kelly prides himself not only on his methodology that “big people beat up little people,” but also that the majority of his offensive tools are matchup nightmares. Ertz fits this bill to a tee. As the third tallest skill position player on the roster (Momah 6-7, Foles 6-6), Ertz also possesses a sub-4.7 40 yard dash and an unreal vertical leap. Given the opportunity, the 2013 second round pick finds holes in zone coverage and can make spectacular endzone catches, as seen in Minnesota in the week 15 loss.

Coming into his second season, Ertz will be able to step in immediately and not suffer from the growing pains that haunted him in the preseason and early in the regular season. Dropping balls was not an issue for Ertz when it came to the regular season as he only dropped one pass on 56 targets in 2013.

With Nick Foles surrounded by weapons like Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, Darren Sproles, and LeSean McCoy, there will be plenty of spreading around to be done. The second year tight end, Ertz, will get his fair share of looks with a full season of shared snaps with current starter Brent Celek. Look for Ertz to build off of his 2013 late-season success and give Brent Celek, who will hit the 30 year old milestone in January 2014, serious competition for the starting tight end position.

Ertz says he looks at his rookie performance compared to some of the great because, one day, he hopes to be at their level. He has spent the offseason hard at work to improve any and every aspect of his game. At just 23 years old and 25-year-old Nick Foles throwing the ball his way, there is plenty of time for him to continue those comparisons to the greats.

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Brenden Peddigree

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  • If he catches 12-18 more balls, Sproles catches 40-45, and Maclin catches 55-60 the Eagles will have more then made up for the loss of DJax.

  • Eagles send #54 and Evan Mathis also Brandon graham
    To the
    Dolphins for dion Jordan and #190
    ************** trade alert**************
    After getting Jordan the
    Eagles send #22 to the
    49ers for picks #56,61,94,129
    With there first four rd picks the eagles select
    Deone Bucannon, S, Washington State
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 211.
    40 Time: 4.49.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.
    #61-Martavius Bryant*, WR, Clemson
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 211.
    40 Time: 4.42.
    Projected Round (2015): 3-4.
    #86-Philip Gaines, CB, Rice
    Height: 6-0. Weight: 193.
    40 Time: 4.38.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-4.
    #94-Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee
    Height: 6-7. Weight: 352.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.54.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.
    #122-Anthony Steen, G, Alabama
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 314.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.35.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-5.
    #129-Cody Latimer*, WR, Indiana
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 215.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.58.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-5.

  • Brenden Peddigree — you omitted Timmy Wright from your TE rookie stats. He was not drafted but switched from wide out to TE for Tampa. He is a 6’4” 230 lb Rutgers player. Had 54 catches for 571 yards and 5 TDs.

  • Zach had a good season.
    top 5 NFL tight ends get 70 catches a year
    top 10 NFL tight ends get 60 catches a year
    top 15 NFL tight ends get 50 catches a year
    top 25 NFL Tight ends get 35 catches a year which is where Zach Ertz slotted.
    Zach Ertz will get about 3 catches a game for 50 catches this 2014 season and get slotted as a top 15 NFL tight end.
    Howie keeps nailing these draft picks ( Cox, Kendricks, Foles, Boykins, Johnson, Ertz, Logan all top 15 players.

    • Johnson sucks, & Logan is nothing more than a rotational player. Get Howies d*ck, out of your mouth!

    • Top 15 in the league or on the team?

      • I think by position Izell.

    • I bet he doesn’t come close to what you just predicted……

      He didn’t nail Lame Johnson, or Ertz, Boykins is a slot corner exclusively, Logan is a below -average talent, that was overdrafted, and Fletcher Cox has been underwhelming at best……I love Kendrick potential, but they still haven’t figured out how to utilize him to realize his peak potential….

      I find it amazing that as knowledgeable as you claim to be, you continue to see things through Roseman colored glasses, and are still in denial that his draft picks are average at best – He did not draft well last year at all

  • I don’t know if he nailed cox or Logan. It seems cox is better suited for the 4-3 and Logan is better suited to de and not nt

    • the eagles play a hybrid 3-4 in a league that passes more than they run. Half the snaps Connor Barwin drops into coverage Fletcher Cox and Trent Cole become edge rushers while Logan and Thornton are 4-3 DTs. Bennie Logan was a good 3rd round selection. I’m interested in Stephon Tuitt ( #22 DE Notre Dame) to take the Fletcher Cox edge rusher position and have Fletcher slide over to permanent interior lineman that Thornton is playing. Have a nice rotation of Cox, Thornton, Tuitt, Logan and Curry.

      • Logan was NOT A GOOD SELECTION. What plays does he actually make? He is too small to be a NT, & doesn’t make enough plays to be a 5/3 tech DE. Your lack of knowledge, & blindness, never ceases to amaze me!

        • Thank you DCar….

          I can’t wait for E0S to see how wrong he is in his evaluation of Tuitt, and then hear his excuse for his lack of talent, and skill…..

          Never mind he’s dropped into the 2nd Round – But he wants to draft him in the 1st…….You’re a joke….No wonder you won’t accept my challenge, and prefer to compete with Howie by yourself on May 11th –

          This buys you time to change your position on players you don’t realize will be bust – Yet, and still no one on here respects your opinion, because you criticize, but you refuse to give your personal brain child to the Eagles improving –

          Why don’t you give us your Full Mock Draft of players…now…so we can evaluate your knowledge of talent?

          • Whats the challenge? You clearly have no ability to evaluate talent or know what the Eagles run.
            I will accept any challenge. Come big or put the tampon back in!

            • Post your mock E0S…..and stop being a coward, hiding behind your new post name…

              • I’m Igglessb27 from SNJ…..tell me what the challenge is and I will accept your challenge. My name is Sam, this is my only account on GCobb.
                Tampon in or out? Make a choice.

      • Logan isn’t a true DT – He should only be a rotational 4-3 DE – Because that IS what he is…..

        and Tuitt isn’t a Pass Rusher – and We don’t need him….

  • Ertz was the pick that made me lose the skepticism on Kelly/Roseman. It was the definition of best player available and I think it helped out the roster in more ways than just adding talent. Ertz put Celek on notice and it wasn’t a coincidence Celek had an awesome turn around(I was ready to drive him to the airport last year….one more dumbass 1st down hand signal and dropping passes left and right). I think it signaled for anyone on the team…we are bringing in talent regardless of position and put everyone on notice.

    • IJ, I think Celek’s season, had more to do with the health of the Offensive Line; He wasn’t required to stay in and help block that much last year…

      Ertz presence, had no baring on his performance. That’s why he never supplanted him as the starter. A true TE, has to do more than catch the ball…

      • Celek had his worst statistical year in the last 5 seasons. Less catches, yards and tds.

        So to say he had a ‘better’ year because of the improved online is wrong.

        He had a worse year precisely because Kelly is moving to a 2 TE offense and Errz took half his looks away. Thi will continue, especially after Kelly drafts another TE this year.

        Ertz was a very good pick (and one easily predicted by me) because he fits the long term plan Kelly has begun.

        The other problem you have GMcliff is you seem to think every pick must become an all-pro, hence you rip Bennie Logan. Why? Guy was a 3rd rounder and he plays. 75% of 3rdrounders are.out of thé league by year 3. Getting decent contributors (and that’s what Logan is) in the 3rd is fine.

        • The other problem you have GMcliff is you seem to think every pick must become an all-pro…

          Vinnie we’ve had this conversation before…I do not think they should be all pros, I think they should show me more than what I’ve seen from them.

          You and a lot of these posters, take a lot fro granted….Boykins made some interceptions – good, but he still isn’t a starter..

          Logan..lol!! He played because the EAGLES HAD NO ONE ELSE TO PLAY….Most 3rd- 6th rounder’s, play behind a veteran, but the Eagles talent pool was so limited, they had to use him…and he was overwhelmed at times…more so than I know you would want to admit…

          Anybody that would have been drafted on the Eagles would have played…..That doesn’t make Logan special….Alex Henry contributes, and who cares…….He doesn’t bring enough in terms of impact – that’s why myself, and others on here feel that way about him…I’m not alone in feeling that way about him – On a Championship team, he is a rotational player – and that’s not good enough for me Vinnie…because he is not an every game starter

        • and if your presumptions about Ertz don’t come to fruition, then what are you going to think about he, and his so- called potential??

          I think he is a nice player, I just don’t think he’s anything special…

      • I disagree with you on Celek the Casey and Ertz with Clay Harbor on the team definitely played a part in motivation for him and raised level of play. It would’ve been a mistake to force feed Ertz early and by the end of the year he was the more vital piece in the passing game than Celek.

        I agree with you about Cox. I think this is his Broderick Bunkley year. If he doesn’t break out he’s a bust.

        They are doing just fine with Kendricks. By the end of the year he started to figure it out and I think with a better pash rush he will be incredible.

        Boykin was a 4thrd pick. That’s an absolute hit. A damn good one. I don’t know about full time starter but a slot cb that can play in this league is invaluable. They have to move him outside soon and find out if he’s a starter.

        Logan was a 3rd that gavecgood reps this year. This year proves his worth if he can possibly bet Thornton out.

        We disagree on Johnson. My buddy Kevin Sparks who scouts OL at Bleacher Report thought he had a really good year. His one caveat was starting him alongside Herremans was a mistake and he had Todd as one of the weaker Gs in the league last year.

        He absolutely loves the kid coming out of UCLA this year.

        • IJ, It had nothing to do with anything – Ertz isn’t going to take his spot on the roster – Celek is an excellent blocker which Ertz , is not – If anything they may do more 2 TE sets, but until he gets stronger, and become a better blocker he will never supplant Celek as the true TE starter….

          All due respect to you, and your buddy – Lane Johnson stunk last year. Herramans got himself in trouble trying to cover for Lames mishaps; missing blocks, or not holding blocks, giving up a ton of sacks that some local writers counted as hurries …that’s bull those were sacks – I DVR’d every game…..He gave up at least 20-22 last year – That’s not a really good year –

          I continue to point out he was excluded from the All Rookie Team this year as well, because his year wasn’t good at all……

          Boykins is strictly a slot corner – They gave him a chance on the outside, and he was burned repeatedly – His value is limited, but he will want starting CB money after this year…BYE!!!

          Benny Logan will never beat out Cedric Thornton….I like how some overstate the job he did last year. First of all the Eagles had no choice but to play him, because they had no one better. The Sopoaga signing was another bad Howie move. Paying attention to how he played, we all saw him get run over, up the middle repeatedly – He is too SMALL to play DT, or NT

          I don’t like the Guard out of UCLA

          • Again I disagree. Better blocker has nothing to do with the being the primary pass catching TE on the team. The days of one static TE will disappear once Jason Witten retires. The true pass catching TEs are rarely asked to block nowadays anyways which is why the two TE set is so damn popular. Hell look at Jimmy Graham fighting the Saints to qualify him as a slot wr because he logged more reps off the line of scrimmage then traditional. Same the year before with Jermichael Finley.

            As far as Lane Johnson. What you see and I see is totally different. He was better then Herremans in every perspective last year. Theres no way he can be attributed to that many miscues or he would have been benched. Herremans was an offsides penalty machine last year and had multiple miscues on stunts not only with Johnson but Kelce as well. The main pressure this line gave was up the middle last year and it was more from stunts and miscues and the main culprit was Herremans hands down.

            I don’t know where you say they gave Boykins a chance on the outside. If that was the case when Fletcher went down Boykins would have taken his slot and they went with Carmichael because hes downright atrocious in the slot.

            I don’t disagree with you on Logan but he gave them quality snaps in the middle. The Saints wore this entire line out though in the playoffs.

            As far as the all rookie team…Johnson had the best season of any of the lineman selected in the top 10. He struggled but if you think he is a bust then Eric Fisher is the worst OL pick since Tony Mandarich. Using the All Rookie team as the bell weather still helps Johnson because behind Fluker and Bakhtieri hes the 3rd best rookie OL and the one with the least experience.

            As for the kid out of UCLA i dont know much about him other than hes an athletic grader and he mauls people. But if the profile is true he would be an immediate upgrade over Todd Herremans.

            ProFootball Focus had the Eagles having the best line in football. Even with Johnson being the weak link he was rated positive.

            • Remember IJ, Fletcher did go down during the season, and Boykins was given a chance…He was burned religiously…He is a slot corner only…

              Funny Thing is Eric Fisher made the All rookie 3rd Team..I pasted the article in another post….It said he eked out Lane Johnson. So again someone disagrees

              • I found an All Rookie Team on ESPN that had Lane Johnson 1st team and Fisher didn’t make the list.
                Went to Bleacher report and guess what…Fisher didn’t make the list again.
                Matter of fact I didn’t find a single list where Fisher made it!!! Unless of course I look at your list…which we all know wouldn’t be worth a shit bc you have zero knowledge!!!!

              • Lol!!! Reality is a strange place for you huh…unfortunately your lying, – He sucked last year E0S, and there is nothing you can do to change that……accept reality….That’s why I posted it…..not just claim I saw it…

                Insult me all you want, but accept the fact in the eyes of everyone else on here, as well as myself….I stand tall regardless…and in spite of you….LOL!!!!!!!

            • ProFootball Focus had the Eagles having the best line in football

              I would have to agree with that…but Lame is still weak….

            • No again, that’s the Offensive Line as a whole being given Props – not Lame individually…

          • I really like Guard Xavier Su’a-Filo out of UCLA..
            I see him as another Mike Iupati of the 49ers but more Athletic..
            He also can play RT.. Kid is going to have a 10 Year Career with multiple Pro-Bowls… I bet you a Barbecuse Pork Platter & Beer in the Year 2022 that Sua’-Filo has made at least 3 Pro-Bowls by then…
            Su’a-Filo will adjust to the NFL game pretty quickly due to playing for Jim Mora who runs a Pro-Style Offense with NFL Terminology,Formations and Repsonsibilities

            • My buddy loves him….has him as the best overall OL in the draft. Outside of betting over/unders I didnt watch much Pac 10 games outside of keeping my eye on Anthony Barr. He would be a value pick if he is still there at 22 and I have no problem if they grab him. Plug him in over Herremans and if next year you have to move Mathis you may still have a dominant G you can count on in the middle.

              Dee Ford reminds me of Elvis Dumerville however his overall lack of production outside of this year is a bit scary. In the first round I wouldnt touch him.

          • Since you are such a great talent evaluator why don’t you work for a NFL team as a scout, or why aren’t you an expert on ESPN? Huge difference between evaluating talent for the 65lb kids you are evaluating in your local PeeWee football league and NFL players!

            • I did Iggles…at this time I am technically disabled….

              You’re new to the fold, only the regular posters know that……

              Unless you’re E0S, under that new name…..

              • Get off the name thing dude! I don’t need to hide behind anything. I am very knowledgeable about football and stand behind everything I say!
                You did what? Evaluate the 65lb kids in your local PeeWee football league?
                Being disabled wouldn’t keep you from being a talent evaluator at ESPN or for an NFL team….so let that bs go.

              • Being on Social Security would….

                So, why keep belaboring your stance…….Your not going to change anything…and again if that’s how you feel then so be it…..Who cares….LOL!!!!!!!!!!

                everybody ELSE ON HERE KNOWS BETTER…including you E0S.

                To be honest with you, your the one that doesn’t sound very knowledgeable, but why don’t you give me a mock of your target players in the draft, and amuse me…..LOL!!!!


              • Ok dude, I understand you have a hard-on for EOS thats your thing so please stop sharing it with everyone we aren’t interested.
                I believe the Eagles trade down or even out of the 1st round but if they stay at #22
                1st round- Lee WR USC. Picks someone Chip knows. Not my choice but it is what I believe they will do.
                2nd round-Attaochu OLB Ga Tech. Big upside/great pass rusher.
                3rd round-A Dixon Safety Baylor. Big and fast for a Safety
                4th round-B Coleman WR Rutgers. Big WR to replace Cooper after next year.
                5th round-T Hart DE/DT Oregon. Someone Chip knows and adds depth to a thin DL.
                7th round-C Lyerla TE Oregon. Again someone Chip knows. If Chip doesn’t draft him no one will. Hopes to get a 1st round talent late and hopes he is maturing.

              • I don’t care what you sat E0S….

                I didn’t want your list of what the Eagles would do, I want you mock of players per round that you feel will be successful in the NFL…

                But I already see you are the one that lacks talent evaluation knowledge….and I can show you better than I can tell you…..

                I got your list best to you….your going to need it……I’ll be talking to you during the season chump…..

                Attoachu is the only player I see on your list. I know, because I’ve only been mocking him since before the end of last year, but then again you already know that right E0S?

        • I also think the main mistake some make in their opinions of Lame Johnson, is they give him credit individually for the success of the entire Offensive Line, as if he was the one that held it together, and dominated….

          Well lets see..Peters, and Mathis made the Pro Bowl, Kelce was also a candidate, but no mention of Lame Johnson from the experts………………..I wonder why?????

          • I don’t know where you’re getting your information from most of the writers and sites like ProFootball Focus have him as the 3rd best Tackle drafted last year and ahead of all the OL taken in the top 10. Fluker and Bakthieri were studs but by the end of season he was playing great ball.

            • That’s one writers opinion, but the voting is based upon the majority, and he was omitted from even the 3rd Team All rookie team….

              Somebody disagreed with Pro Football Focus

              • pro football focus ratings are a statistical formula not opinions. They rant each player for each play.

              • oops rate not rant ( that is what you do )

              • and yet he was still omitted…can you explain why?

              • Shouldn’t you be compiling your mock draft so we can a reason to respect your otherwise annoying uneducated opinion…..

                If not – best to you against Howie in your Roseman Colored Glasses Draft – I’m sure you’ll have wonder conversations while you kiss his tail…

              • GMCliff, I don’t pretend or believe I am a better talent evaluator than Howie Roseman. I respect the job Howie Roseman has done the last couple years and enjoy being entertained by the fruits of his work with a division winning team.

              • As far as I’m concerned it really doesn’t matter how you feel…..

                Who cares?? I don’t take you serious, because your all talk….

                I don’t have time for cowards like you, that knob on Howie, and see things through Roseman Colored Glasses – and refuse to man up, but always put himself in a position where he can never be criticized…..Keep flattering yourself then – I could care less ….

  • Kelky Scheme’s and Plans for DL are a like those WR & RB
    He wants versatility and will rotate in fresh legs
    We will see 5-6 rotate in and out and none of then will
    Have double-digit Sack Totaks or big Tackling Stats
    His & Davis’s Scheme is designed for the LB’s to make Plays
    I believe with D-Jax gone, we will now see
    multiple WR’s & TE’s with 40-50 Catches each as opposed to a True #1 target
    Mget ting 75+ Catch’s .. It’s what he did at Oregon,
    Spread the ball, versatility and fresh legs in and out of the ball games..
    I also believe we will see the work load & touched of McCoy decrease a bit this year as to not be as reliant on him too much..

  • On TE Celek,
    Statisctically, his numbers were down, but he had his best overall season
    In my opinion.. Celek was quicker, a better blocker and
    Caught the ball a lot better and was in overall much better condition and health
    For the entire Season as opposed to getting worn down
    As previous seasons.. Trent Coke the sane thing
    The veterans (Peters/Herremans/Allen) all played better as the Season went along in my opinion which is what you want to see over a 4-5 month Season

    • and your opinion would be correct Paul…..

      I understand that I get this opinion about Celek because so many are riding Ertz jock……

      I recall, an interview of the TE’s Coach last year, and he said for the fans to temper their expectations, because Ertz, is still learning the pro game, and has a longer way to go then most think….Powerful statement…..

      The kid is okay, but you guys are just way out there in your expectations. I want to hear what you say when he turns out to be otherwise….

      • Lol same can be said to you 🙂

        We can always agree to disagree.

        • Oh for sure IJ….:) GMCliff is not infallible…and I can admit when I am wrong

          No one can be 100% correct on these prospects, but I have been about 85%, for the last 6 years ……..

          • 85%? bwahahahahahahahahahahaha
            Blidi Wreh Wilson, Montori Hughes,Cornelius Washington,Ty Powell, Aaron Mellette, Damion Stafford ——————-
            GMcliff is either conceited, clueless or liar ( the correct answer is all 3)

      • I like Ert’z potential and really see him as a 40-50 Reception TE with 5-6 TD’s a year which their is nothing wrong with.. More of a Complimentary TE as most Teams share the workload nad production between 2 and sometimes 3 TE’s.. He is no Jimmy Graham or ever going to be dominant TE that’s going to Catch 70-80 passes a Season or have to gameplan for, he just doesn’t have that Athleticism or Break away Speed and more importantly, great hands yet to be a big impact Player..
        He’ll have a very solid Career but needs to get stronger, and improve his pass-catching ability, which I believe he will… but anyone who is expected a “Game-Changer or a Pro-Bowler in Ertz” will be disappointed, he’s a good player with a bright future but limited in his big-play ability and really needs on catching the ball and getting stronger..

        • Don’t see him as a game changer but I can definitely see him as middle of the field and redzone threat to be reckoned with in this offense. He had 4tds in a limited role last year and Kelly tried to open him up more quite a bit down the stretch. However he did have a quite a few drops last year that could have been big momentum changers so consistency would be key with him. He’s a better athlete than Celek and I would love to see him more involved in the TE screen game like Celek was last year. But to GM’s point he can’t do that if he doesn’t become a better blocker.

          I don’t think hes Jimmy Graham but I think he can be just as good if not better as Celek was and can see him having a bigger year than Celek had in 09 when he grabbed 8tds i believe.

      • I’d love to hear what you have to say if/when he leads the TE’s on this team with receptions, yards, and touchdowns.

        • I would probably say “I told you so”… But that’s just me…. Ha

        • simple..I would give him his props…..There is no shame in this…

          But, I don’t think you would be attacking me verbally, if you weren’t E0S…Otherwise you don’t know me, so you better ask, so you can be brought up to speed…….so you don’t remain ignorant, like E0S….

          • I don’t need to ask anything. I can tell by your posts that you really have NO CLUE about talent or how the Eagles play ball.
            I have followed this site for over a year and I just couldn’t take it anymore. You people who think or act like you are scouts or GM’s. You people are just fans like everyone else on here, so wake up and embrace reality.

            • You know better than that E0S…..

              You won’t find anyone that agrees with that on here – except your alter ego..LOL!!! E0S…..but who cares about your opinion except you????

              • A disinformation appearing to be conspiracy to harass your astute GM prognostication skills with a double identify. bwahahahaha, there is no fooling you. smh, GMClueless- what a dingbat.
                Don’t listen to him GMCliff, Igglessb27 is trying to get you to stop predicting talent, I on the other hand encourage you predict away, the more know it all nonsense you type the funnier you are. Oh and for ole time’s sake throw in a couple ” wait until after the season and we will see” threats too!

              • Is that another form of you smacking me around???? Bwhahahaha!!!
                Yeah Right….Keep dreaming
                I’m still standing, and you can’t stand it can you??

                Your all talk, show me what you know about talent, or shut up Igglessb27, …oh I mean E0S…lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hypothetical GMC and Paul….

    If you’re in the 2nd and Buchanon is gone….but Dee Ford is still on the board. Would you take Dee Ford…or do the Graham and 2 trade with Miami…..or take the best WR available if Latimar Benjamin etc are there.

    • Kyle Fuller, Jimmie Ward, Jeremiah Attoachu, and Keith McGill, will be available……in the 2nd

      I don’t think Dee Ford is any every down player; really see him as overrated. He will not duplicate what he did in the Senior Bowl on Sundays..

      I wouldn’t waste my picks on Dion Jordan 2 sacks, and 19 total tackles I don’t think so…

      • You can evaluate talent?! LMAO you are a JOKE!!!!
        Fuller WILL NOT be available when the Eagles pick in Round 2!!!!! They would have to trade up into the top 7 picks in the 2nd round to have a chance to get him.
        I agree Jordan isn’t worth the picks but Graham for Jordan I would do. Jordan struggled his Rookie season….Graham just SUCKS!!!

        • If they were to trade back INTO ROUND 2, he would be available…Don’t be so quick to be critical….Think before you write……That was Izzell’s question…JACKASS

          My advice was for them to trade Brandon Graham 2 years ago while his value was still high. You’re not saying anything E0S……

          • JACKASS you are the one who said Fuller would be available in the 2nd round. You never said “if they trade back into the 2nd round” so you are saying at the Eagles 2nd round pick Fuller would be available. He won’t be Kiper wanna be.
            Graham has NEVER had any value!!! He wasn’t even a 1st round worthy pick when he was drafted.

            • If you paid attention to the flow of the conversation, instead of trying to look for opportunities to be ignorant, you wouldn’t have to be told that.

              I don’t want to be Kiper – He’s wrong in his evaluation something terrible every year – Go troll him, because he can’t touch me…

              again PAY ATTENTION…I never liked Brandon Graham – but he did have some value when some – including you E0S – felt he was going to lead the league in sacks last year – and I laughed at you – GMCliff was correct there as well – He would have yielded us at least a 4th Round Pick in last years draft Jackass…..

              Stop putting your fingers in you ears, after you pick your ass. It will help you pay attention – unless your just that dumb…..

            • in a trade down situation Kyle Fuller may be available in the second round…Jackass……clean the crap out of your understanding, and allow yourself to learn something….

              • Dude, want my number? I AM NOT E0S or whoever you have a hard-on for.
                I am a 42 yr old male from SNJ, has a daughter, divorced 2x, and ALOT more knowledgeable then you about football.
                If you ARE SO MUCH BETTER then Kiper why aren’t you on ESPN? No physical disability would keep you off of the Network. Your disability is a mental thing. Just face the facts….you are a loser living in your mom’s basement, flipping burgers at McD’s, living in a fantasy world that you are some big time sports guru.
                IF Graham ever had ANY value the Eagles would have traded him in a heart beat……HE NEVER HAD VALUE!

              • LOL killing two birds with stone GM?

              • Igglessb27 – Free advise, do not give GMCliff your number. The guy is down on his luck and not stable.

              • oops, advice

              • Hey 27 what is it with you and burgers man? Just joking, Cliff has great insight with these prospects we disagree on guys but we keep it moving. I like Benjamin and a Christian Smith from FSU he thinks differently. No big deal we mostly agree on these kids. I have to add this we agree that Barkley and Sanchez are both stiffs so we are always gonna be cool. Hahahahaha.

              • Biggie if your paying attention – E0S IS ON THE OFFENSIVE….

                You know what he has proven in terms of what he really knows – which is nothing – Why would I care what he thinks…..

                E0S again, I have a Masters, and PhD in Sports Management, also have 2 houses – in Charlotte, and Wilmington, Delaware – and 3 kids in College, – and 6 year old Autistic Son – who is studying Calculus –

                So don’t try to rain on my party, because you screwed up your dreams thinking you’re smarter than you really are – because to me you’re not the brightest bulb in the pack reaching with me…

                Your the only one who claims otherwise E0S – KINDA LONELY OUT THERE BY YOURSELF HUH???

                That’s what happens when nobody cares what you think

              • IF Graham ever had ANY value the Eagles would have traded him in a heart beat……HE NEVER HAD VALUE!

                Apparently not, because he had value after last of-season, and Howie decided to hold on to him – I guess what your really saying is that wasn’t a bright decision…..I agree….

              • Cliff you know I know how some can get under your skin, but you know your evaluating skills are top notch and you don’t have to prove that to anyone.

              • oh, I guess that was kind of mean. Igglessb27, GMCliff is doing fine.

              • Why are you talking to yourself????

    • I don’t like Dee Ford for the Eagles 3-4 Scheme
      He’s about 6-1/6-2 and goes about 245-250lbs.. A little too small for my liking
      Has a great first step, but I see him struggling to get free once engaged by NFL O/Lineman.. He’s better suited as a Pass-Rushing OLB in a 4-3 in my opinion on blitzes where you move him around and such… Kind of what the Eagles should do more of with LB Michael Kendricks in my Opinion who Ford is not much bigger than when you think about it…
      I think he will be a situational Pass-Rusher at best, he will get sacks, but not so sure what else he can do (Stopping the Run, Dropping in Pass Coverages well enough to warrant a 1st or 2nd Round Pick)

      • When you play light you need to have a great first step like Jevon Kearse did.

        Elvis Dumerville is only 5\11 but hes built like a mini tank at 260 and he combines that with a nice bullrush and first step. I wouldnt be mad if they took Dee Ford if it was in the 2nd. I am just more worried that Michael Sam was more of a dominant player in college then Dee Ford was yet they grade out so different from each other.

        • Sometimes it’s about beauty in the eyes of the beholder, and at times a popularity contest too IJ…..That’s why there are inconsistencies in their evaluations…….

  • **NFL News***
    CRolina Panthers Sign TE Ed Dickson
    And Safety Thonas DeCoud, who was cut by Falcons
    For Salary Cap Relief..
    I always liked Ed Dickson thogh the Ravens usually featured D Pitta more often in the Passibg game.. Nice Signings for Panthers who go along with other Veterans like Jason Avant, Jericho Cotchery & up and comer Taquan Underwood to go along with returning TE Greg Olsen
    Panthers Secondary has been upgraded with
    Safety’s Roman Harper & Thomas DeCoud and the returning
    Godfrey .. They also added CB Antoine Cason
    So they have rebounded a bit the last couple of weeks
    They will address OL & WR and be in the mix

  • gmcliff…are you trying to make up for deficiencies in your life by posting what you say you have accomplished in life? I also have 2 houses, 1 in the Adirondacks in Northern NY where I grew up and 1 here in Monroeville NJ. I am not old enough to have kids in college but my daughter is in the advance class and she has made the All-Star team for soccer 3 straight years. Plus she is the captain of her Dance Team that she has been on for 4 years. My brother is 22 and owns his own mechanic garage with 4 employees under him. My mom is the Pastor of her church and owns a bakery. I am a foreman in the chemical plant I work in. Run a softball league I started, play softball, and golf with a 9 handicap…not bad for only playing 4 years. So see your accomplishments might be special to you but no one else really gives a shit about you or what you have to say.
    I have no clue why you have such a hard-on for E0S but if I was him I’d be scared. You are VERY creepy.
    Clearly your disability has rained on your parade but thats what happens when someone acts and thinks they are better then everyone else. I don’t feel bad for you at all bc clearly you have gotten what you have deserve.
    As far as evaluating talent….clearly you have ZERO life if you are evaluating everyone available for the draft, which i doubt you are bc you can’t see every player in a game unless you have coaches tape….which you DO NOT have. I can type any players name in the search box and bring up info on him. Then reword it and claim it as my evaluation.
    A Mock Draft is…..you pick the best player for the team picking at that point. Not pick the player you have a hard-on for. Here’s a quick lesson……look at the team, their needs, where they are picking, and value of the player. Then you may have a clue on how to make a Mock Draft.

    • I’ve been giving good advice on mocks, and draft picks before your personal tirade E0S…..and everyone on here knows it…

      I don’t need your advice, don’t need to prove anything to you – but sense you know so much….I hope the Eagles would benefit if they draft any of the player’s you’ve named…..but you forgot your original mock with Stephen Tuitt, and Jordan Matthews – It doesn’t matter, because I know how it’s going to turn out…….and then you will have no defense when the rest of the GCobb Family label you Clueless……..

      I’ve always been standing – nothing you say will EVER change that – That’s reality = AND I ALWAYS WILL…….Who cares how you feel….LOL!!!!!!!!!!

      • GMCliff – judge the guy on his own merit ( Igglessb27)
        your JV rear end can get a chance at the starting lineup May 11, 2014. I’m not even that hard to defeat since I’m wrong half the time here. To be honest I’m surprised you keep losing challenges to me but you keep trying to shoot 3 pointers down by one and as usual air ball the shot.

        • You live in your own mind – Who decided I ‘ve lost challenges (plural) to you??? Especially when we’ve had only one challenge.

          And what prospects did YOU mock, that make you so proud of your imaginary win against GMCliff???????……Nobody is saying that but you…

          They prospects I gave you, in your challenge last year will have better careers than the guys HOWIE – NOT E0S – drafted.

          3 of Howie’s picks aren’t even in the NFL anymore – Barkley isn’t an NFL QB, Logan, and Wolfe are rotational players, that only play because we have no one better to play those positions – But like I have said to you over, and over again, – Anybody that was drafted by the Eagles – would have played last year….

          Ertz is an okay option in the Offense, and there were better players than Lane Johnson, on the board when he was drafted – He is average to below average t best.

          Just because Blidi Wreh Wilson had to sit a year behind All Pro – Alterurn Verneer, doesn’t make him a bust – Verneer was allowed to walk because Wilson, will be their starter this year – as will Damien Stafford, replacing Bernard Pollard at Safety this year as well….

          Cornelius Washington, will be in a position to do the same thing; to become a starter, and we’ll see how things go for Aaron Mellette, with the Ravens, and Ty Powell’s role will expand from Special Teams this year – My point to you is – all of them are at least still in the league, and growing better than Howies Picks…….

          You haven’t beaten anyone – YOU haven’t even made one pick yet..
          I’ve mocked at least 20 Pro Bowlers, and or 50 Impact prospects for the Eagles under Reid, and Kelly……..You can bat a blind eye to it or ignore the facts, but you cannot deny in anyway I, as opposed to you know what I am talking about…….

          Not to mention all the bust that most thought were going to be players in the league, that GMCliff said weren’t all that :

          Trent Richardson, Dee Milner, Stephon Gilmore, Stephen Hill, Devon Still, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Morris Claiborne, Kendall Wright, Coby Fleener, Jerel Worthy, Shariff Floyd, Mark Ingram, Christian Ponder, Jaiquawn Jarrett, and many others that will come from this years crop….

          I don’t have to prove anything else – I would like to see you prove your more knowledgeable, before you personal claim some victory you really had no part in – Wake up Fool…….Bwhhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

          • Oh, and you will be competing with Howie on May 11th – By yourself….

            At least we’ll all get a chance to finally see how Knowledgeable the Mighty Mouth E0S is……LOL!!!!!!!!!!! , and if he is worthy to speak on anybody on this site – especially GMCliff – Again best to you – I’m going to all over you this year – You’re going to bring something of your own to the table – or shut up……

  • Guys, let’s cut the personal attacks out..we all have challenges in life that we gave to overcome but
    C’Mon, we are all Adults here and Passionate Eagles Fans,
    I like to bust stones as much as the next Poster, but let’s keep the personal digs
    Off the site for it demeans the reason why we visit & post..
    Let’s talk/post Football and keep the personal digs out

    • For the record Iggles,
      That was just not directed to you, but to all of us, including myself..
      Have a nice weekend..

      • understood Paul-
        Igglessb27, eventually GMCliff will make right by you when he fully understands his mistake.
        I recently poked GMCliff out of his 2 month self imposed silent treatment towards me. He was like a ravenous Alcatraz dungeon inmate getting a chance alone in the ring with the warden with you.

    • I agree Paul….I have scaled back my posting and decreased my time on GCOBB as of late because of the personal attacks….some of which I’ve been involved in myself. That’s not what I come on here for. I disagree with a lot of opinions on here, but there’s no need to personally attack. I don’t have a problem pointing out some clear bias or racially motivated insensitive posts….but for the most part I’ve been either ignoring certain posts or just refusing to read certain posters at this point. Oh and Paul…..Good post brother!

    • Paulman we all disagree about one thing or another I go back and forth with everyone and a little dig here and there is to be expected. Jake on the other I will never respect. Sorry.

  • I came to this site to enjoy football, but the people on here make that impossible. I had no idea this site had so many professional NFL scouts and execs on it or I would have never came on it. Good luck everyone in your evaluating and hopefully the NFL teams you currently work for keep you for many years to come.

    • You add good insight and knowkedge Iggles,
      So stick around..

      • no he doesn’t…….go jump in the lake E0S……LOL!!!!!!!!!

    • and don’t you forget it…

  • Listening to WIP…Howard Eskin called in to Ray Didinger show to report that he was at an event where Shady said he was not completely on board with letting DeSean go and he had reservations about it. He’s concerned about how to make up those catches and yards. He also said that he(Shady) never witnessed DeSean yelling at Chip. Howard went on to say that DeSean was rarely there at the complex hanging out with the guys. Howard went on to report that Shady supports Chip and believes in his program….he just had reservations about releasing DeSean..he didn’t think that which was going on was really that big a deal.

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