• September 25, 2022

Reacting To The Final Cuts/53-Man Roster

Alex Henery, Chas HenryThe Eagles made their final cuts on Saturday afternoon, getting the roster down to the 53-man requirement.

Released on Saturday were the following:

Linebacker Emmanuel Acho: Didn’t flash nearly as much as he did a year ago.

Offensive Lineman Josh Andrews: Eagles were deep at offensive line, practice squad candidate.

Running Back Kenjon Barner: Didn’t show much of anything in his two preseason games.

Cornerback Roc Carmichael: A year ago, he was one of the team’s top reserves. That shows how far cornerback depth has come in the last year.

Tackle Kevin Graff: Didn’t show a whole lot, was buried on the offensive line depth chart.

Kicker Alex Henery: Mercifully, the Eagles made the correct call to move on from the shaky, weak-legged kicker.

Wide Receiver Damaris Johnson: (see below)

Safety Keelan Johnson: Surprised he hung around until this point, given his off-field troubles.

Running Back Henry Josey: (see below)

Linebacker Josh Kaddu: Never noticed him once through four preseason games.

Defensive Tackle Wade Keliikipi: Never had a chance to emerge over Bennie Logan or Beau Allen.

Quarterback G.J. Kinne: Developmental prospect destined for another year on the practice squad.

Cornerback Curtis Marsh: What a waste of a third-round pick. Looked like a rookie during the preseason, giving up touchdowns left and right. What has he been doing to better himself since he got in the league?

Wide Receiver Ifeanyi Momah: The idea of a 6’7 speedster sounds a lot better on paper than it looks on the field.

Wide Receiver Will Murphy: Had a lot of nice moments. Strong practice squad candidate.

Wide Receiver Quron Pratt: The guy who took DeSean Jackson’s number. Made a few plays here and there.

Safety Ed Reynolds: Practice squad is likely for him.

Defensive Tackle Damion Square: Stopped making plays once he made the team a year ago. Completely invisible since the 2013 preseason.

Running Back Matthew Tucker: (see below)

Here’s what the 53-man roster now looks like:

Quarterbacks (3)

Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley

No surprises here.

Running Backs (3) 

LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles, Chris Polk

I’m shocked that the Eagles chose to only keep three running backs, especially with the the health of often-injured Chris Polk. They may very well go into their game against Jacksonville with only two healthy tailbacks.

Its absolutely outrageous that both Henry Josey and Matthew Tucker were among the team’s final cuts.

I don’t know what more Josey could have done to show that he was worthy of a roster spot. He averaged 6.6 yards per carry through the team’s four games, and all he did was make plays. He showed great explosiveness, and could be used as both a runner and a receiver.

Tucker also had a solid preseason, and showed that he too was more than worthy of a roster spot. Hopefully the Eagles can still manage to keep at least one of them around on the practice squad.

Wide Receivers (6)

Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Brad Smith, Jeff Maehl

Chip is favoring his Ducks once again.

Jeff Maehl didn’t do enough to make this roster again. I thought Maehl had his moments in the preseason, but he was clearly outplayed by both Arrelious Benn and Damaris Johnson. As a sixth receiver, its not the worst thing in the world to have Maehl here…but I feel like Kelly passed up better options in favor of his former Duck. Honestly, I feel like Chip would have kept Alex Henery around over Cody Parkey if Henery just happened to kick for him at Oregon…

Another cut I completely disagree with was the release of Arrelious Benn. Benn made some big plays during the preseason, including some tremendously difficult receptions that required great concentration. He also showed that he could be a contributor on special teams. He’s on the short term injured reserve, but not designated to return, meaning he won’t be with the team once he’s eligible to come back.

I don’t understand why the Eagles decided to hand Brad Smith a roster spot. He didn’t do much last year, and he didn’t show anything during this preseason. That’s not to say he might not be worthy of a spot, but I just literally have not seen anything to make me think he should have been a lock to make it.

I didn’t expect Damaris Johnson to make the cut. Johnson has some great explosiveness, but his mental mistakes have cost this team in the past, and he doesn’t have the best hands in the world. I’m fine with the Eagles moving on from him.

Tight Ends (4)

Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, James Casey, Trey Burton

Have to give myself a little pat on the back here. I had Burton making it in my final roster projections on Friday.

Offensive Line (9)

Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Todd Herremans, Alan Barbre, Matt Tobin, David Molk, Dennis Kelly, Andrew Gardner

No surprises here either.

Defensive Line (7)

Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton, Vinny Curry, Bennie Logan, Beau Allen, Brandon Bair, Taylor Hart

I didn’t think Brandon Bair would make it, but he certainly played well enough and deserved the opportunity. I would have rather seen the Eagles just go with six lineman and keep an extra running back…I’m not sure why they need a seventh defensive lineman.

Linebackers (9)

DeMeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks, Trent Cole, Connor Barwin, Najee Goode, Brandon Graham, Marcus Smith, Casey Matthews, Bryan Braman


Once again, despite looking terrible in the preseason against second and third teamers, despite never making one notable positive play in his four-year career, Casey freaking Matthews has once again survived the final cut. More on his situation in the “Final Thoughts” section.

Cornerbacks (5)

Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, Brandon Boykin, Nolan Carroll, Jaylen Watkins

Once again, no surprises.

Safeties (4) 

Nate Allen, Malcolm Jenkins, Earl Wolff, Chris Maragos

A lot of people (myself included) thought Ed Reynolds might have made it, but he looks like he’s destined for the practice squad.

Specialists (3)

Cody Parkey, Donnie Jones, Jon Dorenbos

Rejoice! Alex Henery is no more!

Final Thoughts

The best news to come out of these cuts is that the Eagles decided to move on from Alex Henery.

I’m very disappointed that the Eagles didn’t find a way to keep four running backs. They kept four tight ends, nine linebackers, seven defensive lineman, and six receivers.

Which player makes the Eagles a better, deeper team this year? Matthew Tucker or fourth tight end Trey Burton? Henry Josey or seventh defensive end Brandon Bair?

Some people may think that I’m just getting nitpicky about the final two or three roster spots, but I don’t think that you can ever underestimate the impact of a roster decision. You never know who goes on to develop into something special and who doesn’t. Maybe Tucker and Josey go on to do great things elsewhere, and maybe they don’t. But at the end of the day, I want my 53-man roster to be the 53 guys that showed me the most. And Tucker and Josey most certainly qualified in my eyes, while certain others who did survive did not.

Specifically, I’m talking about a certain individual who has shown absolutely nothing year after year, and continues to slip through cutdown day without getting his name among those who are released.

I think its absolutely ridiculous and insulting that Casey Matthews is still on this team.

Keeping a guy like Matthews on this roster for four years is the equivalent of the Phillies failing for five straight years to find a fourth outfielder better than John Mayberry Jr. Keeping mediocre players around for longer than a year or two at a time is just not a good thing. You mean to tell me that over the last two off-seasons, the Eagles couldn’t bring in a single backup linebacker capable of beating out Casey Matthews? Its such a waste of a roster spot…


Denny Basens

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August 30, 2014 9:17 pm

I honestly think Casey Matthews is cut before the season starts where the eagles find a better back up ILB which they had until he tore his ACL against the Jets. For me, Tucker was the surprise cut. However, ST is the way the bottom of the roster guys stick. Just hoping our kicker can keep it going. BTW, when I see guys like Marsh and Henery get cut I hope Reid picks them up. He was responsible for those wasted picks. Still pisses me off.

August 30, 2014 9:54 pm
Reply to  Denny Basens

I saw Jarrett getting abused by Barkley Thursday on the Jet roster.
Casey Matthews qualifies for that all important 4th year NFL pension now while Curtis Marsh misses it by a year.

August 30, 2014 10:02 pm

Some 49ers Cuts that eagles should check out

ILB – Shane Skov
CB – CJ Spiller (Special Team Demon)
Safety – Bubba Ventrone (A thumper and another Special Team Demon)

Both Spiller & Ventrone were on 49ers 2013 Roster
And played in all Games last Year

Skov was an undrafted Player from Stanford that
Chip Kelly knows very well from the PAC-10

I’ll keep listing quality Player that would fit this Eagles Team
and provide Upgrades in Secondary, LB & WR than what the Eagles have
Currently on 53Man Roster

August 30, 2014 10:08 pm

Seahawks Cut CB Phillip Adams, another young CB for Eagles to check out

August 30, 2014 10:13 pm

From the Browns

OLB – Justin Staples
DT – Jacoby McDaniel
CB – Leon McFadden

August 30, 2014 10:20 pm

Broncos Cut CB Tony Carter…

August 30, 2014 10:35 pm

CB Jumal Rolle from the Packers

ILB DJ Smith from Panthers
CB Josh Norman from Panthers
Safety Robert Lester from Panthers
DT R Nieves from Panthers

August 30, 2014 10:40 pm

Denny…..I totally agree with on the Matthews thing. ANYONE that thinks he is even close to an average player doesn’t know football. He has stole money and wasted a roster spot for way to long.
Maehl is a waste too!

I also can’t believe Burton made the team. He will NEVER see the field. He does nothing better than average. If Casey hardly saw the field there is ZERO chance Burton see’s it in a way that helps the team. His spot or Maehl’s spot could have went to Tucker!!

I am a huge Chip supporter but I have lost some respect for his football knowledge. Burton, Maehl, and Matthews would not make another roster in the league PERIOD.

August 30, 2014 11:19 pm
Reply to  Igglessb27

Did I call Trey Burton making this Roster?
and I am not saying I would have kept him for he’s Practice Squad Talent,
But I thought and stated that Chip Kelly would be intrigued enough with his Versatility for he can Play FB/HBack,TE, & WR & Special Teams and could even be an emergency QB/Wildcat Packages..
Chip loves Versatility for thf bottom 5 Roster Spots..

August 31, 2014 8:27 am
Reply to  paulman

With Burton being able to play so many positions that just shows he isn’t any good. Its like having 2 starting QB’s, thats means you have none. He is to slow and can’t block a lick. So basically he can’t play anywhere. If ” being” able to play multiple positions is all you need by your name, I’m an NFL player. At age 43 I can still punt and kick FG’s.

August 31, 2014 9:23 am
Reply to  paulman

You also called Kinnie making his roster…just saying

August 31, 2014 9:56 am
Reply to  haveacigar

I dis state that Kinnie would beat out Barkley as the 3rd QB
Or at least get Oractice Squad woul could still happen but doubtful that they are going to carry 3 QB on the 53 Man Squad
I can’t be right about all the moves and hats off to BRkley who played very well this Summer and outplayed Kinnie which I wasn’t expecting but he did, so good for him and Eagles…
Lots of Teams only go with 2 QB’s on 53 Man Roster and then have Developmental QB on Practice squad which is something I thought the Eagles would do
I did state from Day 1 that Sanchez would clearly be the #2 QB and was a nice fit for Kelly’s up tempo scheme so I was correct about this
In fact I stated the Eagles would pursue and sign Sanchez back in Natch when 99% on here scoffed at the notion..

August 30, 2014 11:00 pm

Thinking out of the Box here for a moment

Would it eve a smart move for Eagles to Trade OLB
To the Colts (who are without Robert Mathis for 4 game suspension)
And get a 4th Round Pick in return for the 2015 Draft
Then go out and sign OLB/DE Michael Sam..

Do note that Sam had 6 Sacks in 4 Preseason Games
Brandon Graham basically only pkays in passing Down usually as a DE
As does Sam..
Also note that Brandon Graham is in his final year of his Rookie Deal
And wil be leaving the Eagles regardless on what type of season he has in 2014..
Does anyone think that Sam, if he gets 12-15 Snaps a Game, can’t get
6-8 Sacks for the Eagles…

August 30, 2014 11:10 pm
Reply to  paulman

That would be Trading Brandon Graham, whose Trade Value while in an Eagles Uniform will never be higher than it is,this weekend…
He will be leaving the Eagles as a Free-Agent after 2014 Season 100%
Per people close to him.. So Eagles may as well get a Draft Pick in Return
For him now…

August 31, 2014 9:04 am
Reply to  paulman

Ha … Well obviously Chip Kelly likes his Versatility and upside or he wouldn’t have made the Team.. Another undersized , athletic TE similar to Clay Harbor from the eye test.. We’ll see what happens with him

August 30, 2014 11:54 pm

As the New GM of the Eagles,
I got with Chip Kelly and advised him of the Following Roster moves
From the Current 53 Man Roster

1) Release Casey Matthews
2) Move Jaylen Watkins, Trey Burton, Jeff Maehl, Taylor Hart all
All to the Practice Squad
Which brings the Roster to 48 Players

I then tell him I signed the Following Players to the active 53 Man Roster

1) ILB Shane Skov to replace Matthews
2) CB Josh Norman to replace Watkins
3) Safety Bubba Ventrum as a 5th Safety
4) WR Stephen Hill and give him a shot in a much more passing friendly system
And see what happens
5) DE/OLB L Staples as another Pass-Rusher

Do note that the current Eagle Players I listed will not play anytime soon
For the Eagles and will be inactive for most games so why not place them on Preactice Squad now and add Players who have NFL Experience fill out the 53 Man Roster..

I then tell Chip Kelly to “Coach them Up”

August 31, 2014 9:22 am
Reply to  paulman

You have to cut them before and they have to clear waivers that’s why

August 31, 2014 11:41 am
Reply to  paulman

Paulman, it appears that the Panthers cut a cornerback named Josh Thomas, I believe CB Josh Norman is still on the Panthers roster. I would look at Shayne Skov if he is available by 22. I agree about Stephen Hill also, put him on a more QB stable offense and see if the situation helps him out.

August 31, 2014 12:10 pm
Reply to  Eaglehaslanded

I made an error E0SB
Panthers kept CB Josh Norman but cut CB
Josh Thomas who is a fringe Player…
Got the names mixed up..
There are CB’s cut who I do like and that’s
CJ Spiller from 49ers & Leon McFadden from Browns
And Phillip Adams from Seahawks all with NFL Experience and proven Siecial Teans Play and would add one of these Players and put Watkins on Practice squad who is not ready yet…

August 31, 2014 12:39 pm

Nothing personal Paulman but I don’t want anybody from the panthers secondary cause they all suck and if they cut anybody that means there worst then the bums ahead of them, I do like the Stephen hill thing I would cut either brad smith or mahel for him & Casey Matthews must go.

August 31, 2014 12:57 pm
Reply to  gloomysmitty

Panthers Secondary is much improved and better than the Eagles Top to Bottom in my opinion..
You don’t want upgrades, that’s fine…

CB Corps of Antoine Cason, Josh Norman, M White & Rookie Benwickle

Safety Corps of Thomas DeCoud, Roman Harper
& Charles Godfrey (who also will play CB)

August 31, 2014 1:14 pm

****NFL News****
Another 49ers Player arrested this morning as DE Ray McDonald was taken at 3am for Domestic Violence Case and is Pendibg Chargers
McDonald is more of a run-stuffing DE for 49ers but was going to be counted on more due to Aldon Smiths 9 Game Suspension
McDonald is the 7th 49er Player Arrested this Off-Season as the 49ers continue to implode internally… Now with Injurybto DT Gken Dorsey
And the likely suspension to McDonald as NFL Commisioner Goodell just announced harsh penalties for “Domestic Offenses”
Zither 49ers DL is very thin Stsrting out this Season and Teams have run wild on them this Preseason which I expect to continue…

Could a trade for Eagles Brandon Graham be in the works??

August 31, 2014 1:18 pm
Reply to  paulman

Wow!, is he still in jail? i don’t thing you can bail people out on Sundays.

August 31, 2014 1:40 pm

oops, think not thing

August 31, 2014 1:16 pm

Patrick Chung made New England’s 53 man roster so the Eagles just saved a million dollars on the salary cap with New England absorbing that sting instead. That Million dollar salary cap space will come in handy for a player like Cedric Thornton to resign mid season.

August 31, 2014 2:09 pm

Houston Texans Acquire QB Ryan Mallet from the New England Patriots
As Rookiw Draft Pick Pick Jimmy Garappolo becomes the heir to Tom Brady,
making Ryan Mallet expendable..
I am not sure what the Patriots got in Return..

August 31, 2014 3:10 pm

Texans gave New England a conditional 7th Round Pick
In the 2016 Draft and released QB Casey Keenum
Who could find his way onto the Eagles Practice Squad
As the Eagles love Texan Players…

August 31, 2014 6:48 pm
Reply to  paulman

I called Mallet to Houston during the draft, I guess Houston had to see first hand what we could all see on TV, that Fitzpatrick sucks.

August 31, 2014 7:00 pm
Reply to  Biglion821

Many calked a Mallet to Texans Deal due to HC O’Beien’s work and familiarity of Mallet.. But in hindsight, they were smart for waiting to now to get him for it only cost than a conditional 7th Rd Pick
In 2016 when many were tossing a 2nd or 3rd Pick as compensation
Once Patriots Rookie QB Jimmy Garapollo showed that he belongs in the NFL and could run the Patriots Offense well, Mallet’s value went down the tubes so the Texans had all the leverage since everyone knew that New England was going to released him otherwise…

August 31, 2014 7:12 pm
Reply to  paulman

Not really people talked about Mallet not being able to play that’s why Houston didn’t make the move for him and then talked about Mallet stinkin up the place in week 1 of Preseason. The move was made because Fitzpatrick stinks and NE like Garapollo better.

August 31, 2014 3:15 pm

NY Jets Claim Released Browns CB Leon McFadden
To help with their decimated CB Corps…
Browns Defensive Scheme is very similar to Jets as Mike Petine and Rex Ryan
Run similar schemes so a good pick-up for them and a missed
Opportunity for Eagles to get a solid Young CB with NFL Game experience
On board…

August 31, 2014 8:10 pm
Reply to  paulman

There was little demand since Mallet didn’t play all that well nor did he have a strong Camp and once he dropped to 3rd QB on Depth Chart in New England
Behind Garapollo, his days were numbered for the Pats
I was talking Draft Tine when many though Texans would make a move for Mallet as his “Value” was a lot higher before Camp/Preseason but Texans were reluctant & unwilling to give up High Round Pick to get him

August 31, 2014 4:01 pm

***More NFL news from San Francisco which appears good at first glance, but has some underlining problems….
Starting Guard Alex Boone will report to the Club Monday with a new 2 Year Deal worth $8 Million as reported by the Club
Guard Boone held out all OTA/Summer Camp in Pre-Season and was adamant about not returning until he had a new Deal
Why do I think this presents some problems with the 49ers Lockerroom,
Remember 49ers Front Office said numerous times that it would not renegotiate Boobes Deal from 2 years ago, but they finally caved in for their OL has struggled most of Post-Season and especially in the interior
The 49ers did not answer how the $1.2 Millionin penalty & fine fees that Boone had accumulated since the Spring but it has been reported that they are going to waive these fines which sets a bad precedent about players in the Future Holding out.. Remember that Vernon Davis held out of Voluntary OTA’s
To send Front Office a message about getting a new deal, which didn’t happen
Also the 49ers released 2-3 key Backups yesterday to help save some $$$ to
Be able to give Boone his new deal…
Like only bring up the internal chaos in SF due to most thinking they are a model franchise but they have had a disastrous off-season,
With 7 Players arrested, a GM/HC Power Play which neither has really won
And lost a lot if leaders in that Lockerroom.
If the 49ers get off to a slow-start in 2014, then I see a train wreck of a season for them where the wheels fall off similar to what happened to
The Redskins & Houston Texans in 2013 and similar to what happened to the Eagles in 2012….
It’s a very fine line between winning and losing in the NFL
But there are a ton of negative things coming out of SF these days…
Keep an eye on them early for this is not the sane Team as before,
Many are pulling in their own direction..

August 31, 2014 4:34 pm

Matthew Tucker brought back to the PS. About time.

August 31, 2014 5:05 pm
Reply to  daggolden

Will Murphy is back too. Happy days are here again ! 🙂 lol

August 31, 2014 5:30 pm
Reply to  Eaglehaslanded

I read a funny story where the NCAA is investigated the U of Oregon Football Program due to their web-site,brochures,and even their Emplyment Center advertising that if you want a job in the NFL,
Then choose Oregon Football, even as a walk-on…
The investigation says they have 350 Guys applying even though
200 of them never played organized Football.
Good Grief!!!!

August 31, 2014 7:43 pm
Reply to  paulman

What’s actually funny is that Roseman came out to discuss and defend Chip as it pertains to the Oregon Bias discussion. They are well aware of the perception being created by all of the Ducks that filter through here at unprecedented numbers. Eagles practice squad/team is peppered with Ex Oregon Duck bums that would not get a sniff elsewhere.

August 31, 2014 7:17 pm
Reply to  Eaglehaslanded

Said I wasn’t going to knock Kelly for the Oregon East thing, but it really is ridiculous that Murphy and the NT are on the practice squad and they put Barner on season ending IR so he can get paid for the entire year.

August 31, 2014 7:29 pm
Reply to  Biglion821

Agree Big, it is the practice squad so no big deal, but, I get exactly what you are saying! Will Murphy and Wade K. seriously, lol, it is a joke!

August 31, 2014 5:26 pm
Reply to  daggolden

Since Polk had missed most of the Summer,
Why didn’t the Eagles just place Polk on the Short-Term IR List
And have Tucker as 3rd RB on the 53Man Active Roster
Does anyone think Sproles can play RB effectively in Week 1?
What happens if McCoy or Sproles were to get dinged or injured earky in the game???
Makes little sense to me and I would expect Polk to need a good few weeks of Practice to get back into game shape and meanwhile RB Tucjer is sitting there on Practice Squad now forcing another Transaction
A real head scratcher..

September 1, 2014 7:22 am
Reply to  paulman

Error.. Not Soroles for of course he can play RB Week #1
I mean Polk… He will need 2-3 weeks to be effective
And get his legs and used to getting hit again after not practicing the
Last 5 weeks..

August 31, 2014 5:21 pm

Paulman I’m good I won’t nothing to do with a panthers db none of them are good they hide them with there front 7 I guarantee when play them if given time foles will pick that bum ass secondary apart I’m glad howie Nd co.. Knows there not good also.

August 31, 2014 5:32 pm
Reply to  gloomysmitty

Their are 6 New Players in the Panthers Secondary this Season,Gloomy
What happened last year is irrelevant…

August 31, 2014 5:43 pm
Reply to  gloomysmitty

Gloomy, Christian Jones ILB from Florida State is in Chicago ballin. The Bears were smart to sign him as an UDFA. He would look better here than Casey Munchkin…I mean Mathews. He’s a keeper.

August 31, 2014 6:51 pm
Reply to  Eaglehaslanded

Jags picked up Josey, he’ll be starting by week 3.

August 31, 2014 9:36 pm

I took a look at our 53 man roster……not happy nor upset….just in the middle. Mostly a little happy cuz hennery is finally gone. but casey fucking mattthews is still here, and very upset josey is gone. We should have just kept him on the 53. and yes big I do believe he will be playing if not starting by week 3, he’s that explosive. Then I look at our ps players, and low and behold fucking Oregon duck city. Then I notice jeff meahl made the team and benn cut sent to IR for a fucking concussion. Welker gets concussions every week and still plays. BRAD SMITH DID NOTHING TO EARN A SPOT. Shit I would rather have momah or just a dam waiver wire pick up over him but he’s ” versatile”. Another thing I actually like trey burton, he gets open and actually makes tough catches. I see us going a lot of 3 te sets and finally utilizing casey. Other then that glad roc and marsh are gone. DAM DUCKS EVERYWHERE