• June 25, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Colts

sprolesSproles Saves The Eagles Again

How incredible has Darren Sproles been through two games?

As if sparking the rally against the Jaguars weren’t enough, for an encore, Sproles picked up 178 yards from scrimmage, including 152 through the air.

Sproles looked quick and explosive, and played with a purpose. For a little guy, he sure plays hard. He fought through several defenders on his way to his touchdown run in the second half.

The former Saint set up the tying touchdown with a 51-yard catch and run that put the Eagles deep in Colts’ territory.

He finished his night with a 17-yard reception that put the Eagles in field goal range to win the game as time expired.

The Eagles fleeced the Saints acquiring this guy for just a fifth-round pick.

Missed Opportunities Plague Eagles

The stage was set for the Eagles to come out firing and quiet Lucas Oil Stadium early on, but the Birds misfired on a handful of chances that cost them some important points and also led them to fall behind early in the game.

Chip Kelly deferred on the coin toss, and his defense responded with a solid three-and-out. The Eagles offense took the ball deep into Colts territory, only to stall on the goal line and settle for three.

On the Colts second drive, the defense had a chance to get off of the field on third down, but gave up a 26-yard run to Ahmad Bradshaw that really provided a spark for the Colts that gave them momentum early on.

The Eagles wasted another scoring opportunity on their second drive. After Darren Sproles took them deep into Indy territory on a single catch-and-run, the Eagles offense stalled, most notably with Riley Cooper failing to haul in a pass from Foles in the end zone. Cody Parkey would then miss a field goal attempt.

On the third drive, Nick Foles threw a poor pass to Jeremy Maclin. Maclin was open for a bubble screen, but Foles threw the ball a little out in front of him. The play would have gone for a first down into Colts territory again, but instead the Eagles stalled and were forced to punt.

On the fourth drive, the Eagles got down to the goal line once again, but a series of poor play calls resulted in another stalled drive and forced the team to settle for three again.

Before the end of the first half, Jeremy Maclin had his man beat for a touchdown, but an underthrown ball by Foles resulted in an interception that ended the first half.

Look at all of these missed opportunities in just the first half alone. The Eagles were lucky to have still won in spite of all this mishaps.

Game-Changing Defensive Plays

The Eagles’ rally was helped along by several key plays from their defense in the second half.

Fletcher Cox really swung the momentum of this game in the third quarter when he forced Trent Richardson to fumble the ball away.

Cox has turned in two solid games, and he looks like he’s really starting to come into his own. We’re hearing his name called throughout each game, and he’s on the right end of a lot of big plays.

Malcolm Jenkins made what might have been the play of the game when he intercepted Andrew Luck in the fourth quarter. The Colts were preparing to go in for a go-ahead touchdown, but Jenkins put a stop to the drive, making his first interception as an Eagle quite the memorable one.

Foles Off Again

I don’t think Nick Foles had a very good game tonight.

While he looked a little more comfortable than he did against Jacksonville, he still made a lot of poor throws in this game. He missed open receivers, and threw too many passes either low or away from guys.

I’m not too concerned about Foles yet, but the bottom line is that he’s got to be much better than he’s been through the first two weeks of the season.

Quick Thoughts


  • What was up with the redzone playcalling? After watching Julius Thomas dominate the Colts for three touchdowns last week, how could Kelly not design similar opportunities for his talented tight ends Zach Ertz and Brent Celek?
  • On the opening drive, the Eagles threw a swing pass to Jeremy Maclin. Maclin began lined up on the outside, ran around the backfield before the snap, setting up a bubble screen that went for a first down. Zach Ertz did a nice job blocking downfield n the play.
  • The Eagles dialed up that swing play several times throughout the night, but Nick Foles threw a couple of poor passes on some of the later attempts that caused them to fail.
  • Andrew Gardner struggled with a block down in the redzone on the team’s first possession, causing McCoy to be dropped for a loss.
  • Gardner played about as well as you could hope for your third-string right tackle to play. He had has his struggles, but also was far from a disaster.
  • Remember earlier in the off-season there was some doubt about how much Darren Sproles had left? Forget that talk. Sproles sparked the Eagles’ second drive with a long catch and run. The burst he showed on that run makes it clear that he hasn’t lost a thing.
  • Foles threw a poor pass to Jeremy Maclin in the second quarter. Maclin was open for a bubble screen, but Foles threw the ball a little out in front of him. The play would have gone for a first down, but instead the Eagles stalled and were forced to punt.
  • LeSean McCoy converted a third and 15 with a 21-yard run in the third quarter. McCoy finished with over 100 yards from scrimmage for the second straight game and a touchdown.
  • Zach Ertz finished with four catches for 86 yards.


  • Kelly gave his defense a vote of confidence from the start, electing to give the Colts the ball first after winning the coin toss. His defense rewarded him with a three and out.
  • Trent Cole and Mychal Kendricks combined to stuff Trent Richardson for a loss on the Colts’ opening drive. Cole broke through initially, and delayed Richardson until Kendricks was able to come in and finish him off.
  • On a third-and 1 on the Colts’ second drive, the defense gave up a 26-yard run to Ahmad Bradshaw. The play gave the Colts a spark, and led to their first score.
  • Nate Allen missed a tackle on Bradshaw in the first quarter. Bradshaw could have been stuffed for no gain on the play, but instead it turned into a five yard gain.
  • Andrew Luck drew the Eagles into several neutral zone infractions with a hard count. He got veterans Connor Barwin and Brandon Graham to jump to give the Colts a couple of easy first downs.
  • Connor Barwin batted another pass, but was also called for a neutral zone infraction that gave the Colts a first down.
  • Cedric Thornton also missed a tackle on Bradshaw early in the game.
  • Cary Williams made a nice read on a screen to Hakeem Nicks, blowing up the play for a loss.
  • DeMeco Ryans led the team with 10 tackles, and also recovered the Trent Richardson fumble.
  • Mychal Kendricks went out with a calf injury in the second half, and was replaced by Casey Matthews, who predictably came in and stunk up the joint. I’ve never seen a professional athlete just look so overwhelmed and helpless as Matthews.

Special Teams

  • Cody Parkey came through with the game-winning field goal as time expired. The rookie did miss another kick earlier in the game, but came through when it counted most. He’s made two huge kicks for this team in two weeks.
  • Bryan Braman drew a flag for an illegal block in the back during a punt return.
  • Chris Maragos was flagged for a careless 15-yard penalty in the second quarter.

Final Thoughts

It wasn’t always pretty, but the Eagles managed to find a way to win a difficult football game.

This was not a game that the Eagles were expected to win, nor one that they should have won. And yet they found a way.

This is what good teams do. They find ways to win.

There’s a lot to talk about from this game. From Darren Sproles, to Fletcher Cox, to Malcolm Jenkins, to Cody Parkey, this game had a lot of heroes.

The Eagles are off to a tremendous start, and while there are a lot of things that need to get better, there’s a lot of reason to be excited about the direction that this franchise is going in.

Denny Basens

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  • I called 31-28

    They won 30-27

    Yep I’m gloating!


    • Like I said all week TS the Eagles were the better team they should have won that game going away with a better offensive first half. So much for the unbeatable at home coming off a loss in a loud dome Indy Colts.

  • Fletcher Cox will be a probowler. His stats will not show it but he damn well should. He’s not in a system where he’s going to get 10-12 sacks a season. But the man is everywhere and is a great hustler and tackler. Very great at stopping the run as well

  • Denny just roasted Nick Foles above for coming back twice, two weeks in a row from behind.
    Maclin made zero difficult plays ( If you want to have 11 pass plays run for him he has to make something out of nothing )
    Demarius Thomas made a one hand TD snag catch,
    Brandon Marshall made a one hand TD snag catch,
    Ertz made 2 readjust 20 yard catches,
    If Maclin wants a raise and be the a number one wide receiver he has to make plays ( 4 catches on 11 targets is piss poor )

    • e0, he isn’t a #1 WR, so it isn’t going to happen. Dude sucks & is made of tissue paper.

  • I”m gonna say it now…

    I think the Eagles lose to the Redskins next week. I think they dominate the Ealges at the line of scrimmage and suffocate Foles and the passing game that made Sproles so deadly tonite.

    I think he potentially has a Dallas-esque first half of the Jags type of night. And it’s too much to over come.

    And I will be perfectly okay with everyone telling me how wrong I was should they win. 3-0 is much better than being right.

    • Eh i think you wrobg big time anybody but the deadsjibs i hate them more then dallas their fan base dont know football at all

      • lol.

        I will gladly be wrong.

        But right now that’s how I see it.

        • “I will gladly be wrong”

          No you won’t.

          The post before you wrote “I think he potentially has a Dallas-esque first half….”

          You bring up his worst game. Gleefully insinuate that’s what’s going to happen, then drop a bullshit backtrack qualifier, “though I’ll be glad to be wrong….”

          Foles is what? 11-1 since taking over last year?

          Keep bringing up the Dallas game fraud.

    • shut up koolbreeze. Foles was off target on only a couple passes (a few screens, that one to Ertz). There were also 6 drops in the game including an absolute beauty of a TD pass that Cooper inexplicably dropped. Foles played equally as well as wonderboy, Luck (though Luck just seems to have a gift that I only really see in Aaron Rodgers). We just beat the Colts on the road on Monday night. Andrew Luck has only lost consecutive games twice in his career (once in the NFL against Foles’ Eagles, and once in College against Foles’ Wildcats). We are dominating second half’s of football games. This is like the anti-Reid team. So please shut up, bitching after a huge victory is very unkool.

      • meant to comment this one just below

  • Whew! Boy we caught a nice break and escaped. Kelly did an excellent job in overcoming Foles obvious shakiness and poor play by throwing easy screen pass to Sproles. The Colts had no pass rush whatsoever..ANY average QB could have hit the wide open receivers that Foles was missing…Maclin must be extremely frustrated because he beat his man clear on several occasions only to have Foles make a terrible throw.
    We have to get better play out of the QB position…Foles is not seeing the field, he holding the ball (and in this game he could because of the zero pass rush from the Colts…its a testimony to Chip Kelly, Sproles and the defense that we have overcome terrible QB play to eke these wins out…but we are in trouble against good defenses IF Foles continues to stink up the joint with his piss poor passing

    • Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. lol

      But truthfully if Pagano or Pep or whoever it was doesn’t get cute on that third down play and pass the ball instead of just running and kicking the field goal we’d be singing a diff tune tonite.

      I’ll take it. No complaints. Let’s just hope this luck lasts the entire season, or we get better play as the season wears on.

      • you two are priceless! just priceless.. idiots!
        better to be lucky than good?
        maclin frustrated with foles? hmmm that could go both ways…lots of drops and zero help on the Int.
        337 yds passing, victory and he stunk up the joint…do you two watch football?

        • I agree. There were several balls that could have been easily caught. I think the QB and receivers both need to get on the same page.

          Foles’ interception would not have occurred if Maclin went up for the ball. Cooper dropped a perfect pass in the endzone. I also saw Celek drop an easy pass over the middle.

          Foles did have some bad throws, however if a receiver in the NFL can put two hands on the ball he is expected to come down with the pass. The Eagles receivers are not exempt from this standard as they are receivers in the NFL as well. I think the pass offense as a whole needs to get their timing down.

          I think the loss of Desean, who was able to stretch the field and move the safeties back, is having an impact on receives and tight ends getting more space over the middle. Since there is less space for Foles to throw over the middle I think his timing and confidence to throw certain passes is diminished. With more time they should adapt and improve.

        • Come on Cigar 152 of Sprouls 178 were yac. And it was more missed throws then drops. With all that I still expected the Eagles to win they were the better team.

          • they won a game on the road against a team that went to the playoffs last year (and won a game), they beat a team that is 13-3 over a two year span at home.
            is foles the only guy that they add YAC to? i’m confused now we have to qualify how many YAC guys get to determine their value? again why must certain people on here qualify with a “yeah but’?????
            two deep balls that i remember off the top of my head were perfectly thrown and were incomplete/int– the ball to cooper in the end zone and the one to maclinwas right in stride… its football.
            foles btw was the only QB in the league this week to miss an open reciever apparently!

            • I mentioned before all QB’s miss throws but yes I’m going to qualify his yards and any QB’s yards based on yac. The Eagles are the better team they should’ve won going away with a better performance by the QB and the Wideouts. Take away Sprouls and the story is totally different this morning. Nobody is qualifying anything I’m a Foles guy and he’s not playing well this year period but I’ll take 2-0 for damn sure.

              • joe montana got to the HOF with YAC– as a matter of fact YAC was invented by that team.
                we are seeing how kelly wants it done. get the ball to the playmakers and let them YAC all over the field!

              • Take away Doyle and the Colts aren’t even in the game. Whats your point? No team had a perfect game this season, so all that matters is that the Eagles are 2-0 and in 1st place in the NFC East.

              • I will agree that we should have won going away if it wasn’t for first half mistakes. Mostly being penalties for jumping offsides or neutral zone infractions on our defense, extending the Colts drives. And play calling in the redzone. We were missing Mathis there opening up the run game in short field situations for sure.

              • Wait I thought it was repetitive accuracy. LOL I’m just messing with you Cigar but even on a couple of screens to Maclin the throws were uncatchable and sorry my friend yac had nothing to do with the greatness of Montana that is blasphemy.

              • i never said he was dead on…qb’s miss throws
                and look it up the term YAC was invented for jerry rice! old style west coast offense… throw it short and let the playmakers run!
                i just find it odd to ‘yeah but’ the hell out of a nice road win against a playoff team… i expect that from the numbnuts with an agenda!

              • “Qualifying with YAC”


                Cigar has it absolutely correct. Montana is in the HOF with YAC. Go back and watch Brady during the SB years. About 75% of his passes were under 15 yards and between the hashes. He fed off YAC. Manning?

                I am Biglion and I will discount YAC because it fits my agenda to do so.

          • There were more drops than missed throws. Unless we expect a 100% completion percentage. And YAC is not a negative statistic whatsoever. a yard is a yard is a yard. Huge game all around. Can’t expect absolute perfection, we were going up against a good team.

            • Yep I’m Biglion and I can say or qualify anything I want because it’s my opinion if you think the greatness of Montana is due to yac then obviously you don’t know football. by the way the key to the west coast offense was hitting receivers in stride in tight spaces allowing them to run. Vinnie the only one here with an agenda is you. You dudes couldn’t be objective if you were strapped into an electric chair and you’re lives depended on it.

              • Remember Cigar I told all you dudes the Eagles would win but you cats were hiding behind trends and other nonsense. Look I’m going to watch games and point out things I see. What agenda does Izell have? He was correctly pointing out that Foles wasn’t playing well and missing receivers does that not make him a fan? Please with that rah rah nobody can talk bad about certain players crap.

              • montana is an all-time winner, not taking anything away from him… just saying he had a lot of YAC by hitting in stride and letting the recievers do their thing… hmmm kind of like sproles did!
                all qb’s miss recievers! ALL!!!
                i’m not rah rah! i’m just saying this qb has a few detractors on this site that dont understand that there are ups and downs in a game, career!

              • Big big gigantic difference in hitting Jerry Rice 10 yards downfield in stride and throwing the ball 3 yards to Sprouls and watching him run 50 with lineman in front of him or is that qualifying as well?

              • now we are qualifying the qualifier! hilarious–
                the qb is doing what the boss wants him to do… dunno i thought that was a good thing…except on gcobb for those with an agenda…
                as for ‘hiding behind trends’…interesting 13-3 at home isn’t a trend

              • How did that trend work out last night? How did the comeback kid fare last night? That’s a trend as well right? The Eagles are better then the Colts that is all that should have mattered.

      • When Seattle won that first game, did the near 200 yards of rushing have anything to do with the win? How about the defense giving the O the ball on the 3 yardline and then getting them a safety? Or how about Wilson’s only two touchdown passes being tremedous play calls throwing to wide open receivers (with lots of YAC)? But R. Wilson won that game on his own and is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

        Meanwhile Foles hasn’t beat a good team without help from the refs, the running game, YAC, luck, or any other qualifier you guys want to throw at him. This stuff is just getting crazy.

        Look, I am not saying Foles played flawless. He missed guys, guys dropped balls. Some calls went against us and we got some calls. I am so freaking sick of every win being inspite of Foles while everytime Kap, Wilson, or Newton win a game they were the reason for the win.

        • Canttake, your dead on. So dead on I am willing to bet the QB’s you mentioned and their coaches would agree with you.

        • Dude your confusing a few things here, whether you qualify something or not what difference does it make? If you read the posts all you’ll see is Foles can play better what is wrong with that this isn’t a cheerleading site it’s a site where people have different opinions.

          • Yea seriously aint nobody qualifying we just know our qb and those damn receivers can play better and yes sproles won this game but foles made some really good throws at the end (like to ertz and the td throw to maclin), but we will criticize or qb but this qualifying shit yawl keep saying aint got nothing to do with us criticizing our qb. I think the main thing is that foles and his receivers need to get on the same page and once that happens everyone will leave foles alone, but until then we just telling it like we see it.

            • ‘yeah buts’ is qualifying! saying YAC doesn’t count for the qb is BS and absolutely qualifying! , saying ‘yeah but the colts made errors is qualifying!
              look i don’t know if foles is ‘elite’ (i hate that word) but there are a lot of young qb’s winning games in the nfl in a lot of different ways and HE IS ONE OF THEM! nobody puts qualifiers on the others why this one!?

              • LOL you dudes with this qualifying crap who cares? Our QB needs to play better period. And yes YARDS AFTER CATCH counts just like if you just look at stats nobody knows Lucks 3 TD passes were for 1 yard. LOL

              • LOL like last nite with dcar Big I saw that but I was like damn they were like 3 yd td catches

            • Believe me, I am all for criticism. I’ll be the first one to tell you that through two games Foles has missed way to many open receivers. Last week it was as if he didn’t see them and this week it was like he saw them but threw the ball poorly.

              However, what I see on this site from a select few goes well beyond criticism when it comes to the QB position. Qualifying victories for our QB while lauding similar games played by those other QBs wrecks of an agenda. The hypocrisy on here is what bothers me the most. Like our QB cannot win unless a million things breaks his way, while the other QBs that I mentioned may get the same breaks (running game, YAC, etc) but yet that QBs victory was all on him.

              Be critical, but be critical across the board. And if you are going to give credit, you have to give credit across the board. Otherwise you show bias and an agenda which actually takes away from your critique.

              Those same posters that I have mentioned I actually think they have very good football knowledge. And I like what they bring to the table. But their clear bias takes away from their otherwise inteligent posts. I’m looking at you Big, TS, kool, Izzell.

              • I’d take Izzell off that list

              • Umm I think Foles is better then the overrated Luck so what posts of mine are you reading? Izell was correctly pointing out last night that Foles needed to step it up. Maybe your reading a bit too much into posts on gcobb’s website.

              • You’re right. I probably called some wrong people. But the point I am maiking remains the same.

  • My biggest concern from last night is Kendricks. Lets hope he heals up quick becasue Matthews is a glaring weakness. Foles will be better, he is just dealing with a lot of pressure from the right side, imagine having a 3rd stringer protecting you. 2 more games and Johnson will be back. H

    • heard that Kendricks is a-okay. Thank god. We still need some middle linebacker depth.. Matthews is straight shit. Thankfully Chip put Acho out there after realizing Matthews can’t cut it. Still a good overall effort by the D except penalties.

  • TS you’re using the Jax game as the basis of judgment. In the Houston game when they went 3-4 we and out Orakpo etc in coverage their line was not that dominant. They struggle mightily when spread out. Hatcher had a good game in Houston but overall their defense was just okay against the Texans.

    If you check the highlights if the touch to Hopkins Fitzpatrick literally had 5-8 seconds easily. The were 3-4wr wide a majority of that game and when it counted they couldn’t get one stop on Arian Foster in the 4th.

    • Actually I’m not.

      I’ve already conceded that they looked as good as they did against Jax b/c it was Jax. BUT remember how silly Jax made Foles look in the first half.

      If they can consistently bring the pain to Foles and make him look silly (this is more than possible) and Cousins can put together a decent game with a healthy dose of Morris then it may too far out of reach come the second half for any “miracle” comebacks.

      My judgement is based on the weaknesses of Foles and the makeshift line and the possibility Cousins/Morris can exploit our defense. All of these are obviously ‘Ifs” but ones I think are more possible than not.

      • The Jags did nothing to make Foles look silly. Foles made himself look silly because he was not used to seeing a straight-up zone defense.

        For all of last year teams played man defense against the Eagles. This year he is seeing a little of both so far.

        Foles is a young QB…. he is going to see new wrinkles thrown at him by defenses this year. They will look for what he has trouble with, and he’ll see a lot of that… This is where we will see if Foles is the real deal.

        Foles hitting Zach Ertz for 24 yards with 1:56 left in the game was clutch. You can say Sproles won the game, and that’s true, but most of the Eagles QB’s I’ve watched over the years don’t fit that ball in there with the game on the line…

        I’ll bet when Chip talks about the game, the 24 yard pass from Foles to Ertz will be mentioned… That was a special play at that point in the game.

      • That’s mostly due to them game planning against us for 2 to 3 months and them having a good scheme in 1st half, Not worried about the deadskins they are terrible

  • “They struggle mightily when spread out.”

    Fair enough.

    Like I said I’ll gladly be wrong. Absolutely no problems with that.

  • Clutch d!!

    Sproles is insane(great signing howie)

    Chip is fuckin awesome man. It’s so awesome having him as our coach. Different game plan every week and makes necessary adjustments

    Fletcher is starting to play.

    I puked when Casey Matthews came in. Thankfully our coaches aren’t idiots and yanked him quick

    All the peeps who keep trying to tell me Krappernick is an elite qb don’t know football.

    All the media and fans who tout luck as a top 5 qb are also clueless

    • This is the best I’ve seen Fletcher Cox play;….IT’S ABOUT TIME!!

      But we still need a consistent pass rush Big Mhenski, along with more Linebacker depth, and talent. …..

      Totally inexcusable to have to play Casey Matthews in any situation; he should be cut for his performance last night….

      • Hey cliff I thought we were around luck all night but he has terrific Foot work and a real quick release. While we aren’t getting sacks the pressure we applied did make things difficult for luck & co

        • I can agree with that somewhat, but It’s like the Mike Mamula syndrome all over again….We need some one, or two to get there consistently…We seem content with mediocrity…..I want more from our pass rush though Big Mhenski….mainly sacks..

          Pressure was there to knock Luck off his spot, but a sack would eliminate any threat of completions, and jail break plays for 1st downs, so I want more sacks, to go along with the pressure…..

          • GMCliff, Mamula? live in the now and discuss current players. Like the one your roasted all last season vs the one you wanted instead. you got an entire night of watching Bennie Logan vs Montori Hughes nose tackle battle – Here is the results:
            play making Bennie Logan 6 tackles,
            your fat ass Montori Hughes 1 tackle,

            • e0- Logan is NOT, a playmaker. Did you watch the game? When he was in there, they got gashed on the ground. When Allen was in there, & they lined up Cox, Thornton & Curry/ Graham, it got better! Logan is nothing more than a rotational player, that was another over drafter pick. Stop with the overhype, & unwarranted praise! Be real man!

    • Trust me the only person thinks kap is elite is that dam songs maybe kool, he is from it

  • Chip is clearly the best play caller & designer in the nfl and may be the best at keeping his guys up and adjusting

  • What QB would we be happy with leading the team on here?

  • Sproles for president.

    The passing offense is out of synch. Foles missed some open throws: Cooper crossing pattern, Maclin open down the sideline and he was off on his screens BUT…there were about 5-6 blatant drops last night too including Cooper in the endzone on a perfect throw from Foles.

    This is how I look at it. They haven’t played great yet, but they are still 2-0. Great road win against a playoff team.

  • Cripes Denny, no mention of all the dropped passes last night? That played a huge part in the game do.

    Just a flat out miss by you.

    • Bugsy because the missed throws were to wide open guys, Cooper has to make that catch in the end zone Maclin has to fight for that long ball, but the Celek drop come on Foles threw a 90mph fastball to a guy 3 ft away. I’m on record saying every QB misses throws but this year something is off with Foles. I’m happy as heck with 2-0 but being realistic here against really good teams they cannot leave these points on the field.

      • I am not disagreeing with Foles being off. He is absolutely off.

        But there were more drops then you mentioned.

      • LOL I saw that FOles threw that damn thing so hard but celek should have caught it

  • The National media reporting foles leads team to victory, foles clutch, the local hacks, feeding the frenzy of hate, cannot be objective in their analysis. Dennys needs a promotion and he will not get it by fairly evaluating foles’ play

    Foles no doubt left plays on the field, statistics are not what the were last year, but when it mattered in two consecutive games he delivered, which is more important, way more important than a qb rating

  • Congrats for a big win to the Eagles team, they win as a team and lose as a team, it’s not a one man show. Foles did not have the best game, he has to get in sync with his receivers, and the receivers must catch the ball when it is put on them…see Cooper TD drop and Mathews drops. However, Foles made clutch throws when it counted. The pass to Ertz was clutch to keep the drive going in the fourth. The pass to Maclin for the TD in the fourth was in a tight window with pressure surrounding him, again, a clutch pass in a big time moment on the road. I thought last week, if the Eagles win this game it will be a statement game that they have moved forward. If they lost, well, same Eagles. This was a team win, that’s football.
    Fletcher Cox is a beast, and Malcom Jenkins has been a pleasant surprise. I watched NO Sunday and did not see what all the hype about Byrd was for, Jenkins is playing very well. The Sproles acquisition was, well just a thing of beauty. One game at a time.
    The Eagles must play better offensively in the first half (stating the obvious), but, they remain calm and play well under pressure when they are down. That is something I am not accustomed to seeing from the Eagles. Go Eagles!!!

    • That’s perfect EHL

    • Very well stated EHL. This is a TEAM. And when one member has a less than perfect performance, there are other teammates to pick him up and make a play. Next week it might be Foles stepping up and having a monster games to help the team win, or maybe it will be Cooper or Ertz or Boykin….it can really be anyone because this is a TEAM, and they are proving that week by week that they don’t give up and don’t get rattled.

      Is our team perfect, no way, but this TEAM and it’s COACH are making other teams stand up and take notice. Yes we have plenty of areas that we can improve, which only means that this TEAM has even more upside.

      GO BIRDS !!!!!

  • I haven’t seen all the Fletcher Cox haters?! Guess they will stay in the closet till he has a bad play or ordinary game………

  • I must say, some of you cats sure didn’t disappoint. It was comedy filled on here last night…Everyone upset with players, calling the game over before the final whistle….oh man, I loved it! Was extremely entertaining! haha

    Now as far as the game, Nate Allen? anyone see him throw a block on that 3rd and long in the 1st quarter? that lead to about a 20+ yard gain by the Colts?

    You have got to be kidding me about Matthews….when Kendricks first went down I thought the Eagles would of put Acho in the game from the start. Should of done that, because Matthews was completely exposed and looked silly!

    Cooper is ass! Don’t want to hear wide receiver rust / timing…these cats have been playing football all their lives, if the ball hits you in the hands catch it!

    By the end of the game Foles played ok, but he was bad for most of the game.

    B Fletcher was doing a good job for most of the game. But gave up some plays on the drive that lead to the Colts retaking the lead.

    As for those d line penalties…thought linemen were taught to watch the ball from day one?
    Did Curry get on the field?

    • D line men are taught way back in smurf football to watch the ball instead of listening to the QB, but I guess once you get into the NFL all that basic stuff is forgotten. Curry was in on a few plays. One I remember is he was held bad by the RT on a run play by Bradshaw. He went to run after him, but the linemen was still grasped on the outside of his jersey.

      • Yeah, you give them one mistake, but 3 times or more with 2 for 1st downs?

      • True, Chris I remember the hit he put on Luck on a 3rd down play…besides that didn’t look like Curry saw much action. The defense didn’t register a sack yesterday…Luch was pressured, just enough on some plays though. But D has got to start registering some sacks and putting more hits on the QB like Curry did on that 3rd down play.

  • The good I took from the game…

    Sproles is a problem! Makes up for the fact the Eagles utilize a #2 and #3 WR as #1 and #2
    McCoy started to get a rhythm, was finding those holes and hitting them. At one point the Eagles appeared unstoppable with the run.
    Ertz still needs to see more passes. He’s really the only player Foles has been able to hit down the field 20+. (Celek still dropping open TD passes, had to put that in)
    The O Line did not play that bad. Gardner struggled the 1st half. He settled down a bit in the 2nd.
    Kendricks started out like a ball hawk before his injury.
    Jenkins played very well.
    D Ryans solid, very consistent!
    F Cox is a beast!

    • Sproles is ridiculous. How can you not love that guy? 5[‘6 and dominating a game like he did. he is a tough dude.

  • Duck Loyalty

    Is Chip Kelly keeping Matthews around until he qualifies for an NFL pension. Matthews is in his fourth year and may need only three games on the active roster in 2014 to qualify. Does anyone have an answer?

  • Eagles need to contact ILB D J Smith who was cut from Panthers last month
    and get him to Philly as a Back-Up ILB and Special Teams Player
    DJ SMith played with the Packers in 2013 and went to Appalachian State here in Boone,Nc ..

    • I like it Paul…he’s better than Casey Matthews

      • hahaha….I’m better than Casey Matthews!

        • Right Real….You know…..cut that bum…

        • Lol RT….funny man…..probably true too!!

  • This is the best I’ve seen Fletcher Cox play;….IT’S ABOUT TIME!!

    But we still need a consistent pass rush , along with more Linebacker depth, and talent. …..

    Totally inexcusable to have to play Casey Matthews in any situation; he should be cut for his performance last night….

  • I think before game 1 any realistic fan would be ecstatic with a 17 point victory against jax and a last minute FG in the dome to beat the colts. 2-0–
    we can nit pick, bitch, complain etc. but before the season anyone would have taken that!
    style points count zero!

  • 100%. When I looked at the schedule, I had this game as an L.

    Gotta keep that in mind.

    • Had it as one as well too Bugs. Strong possibility to be 5-1 if we can survive the trap this week with Was. I had both away games as losses before the bye and iffy on the cards game.

      • Yeah worried about this game. The Kerrigan, Orakpo and Alfred Morris are gonna be trouble.

        Hopefully the passing game can start to gel. If not keep throwing to Ertz, McCoy and Sproles.

        • Redskins have the 1st Best Rated Defense in the NFC after 2 Weeks allowing 235 yards per game total and only 70 Yards Rushing with
          13.5 Pts per Game…

          NFC Total Defensive Stats after 2 Games
          1) Redskins – 235 Yds per Game – 70 Yds Rushing -13.5 Pts per Game
          2) Lions – 255 Yds per Game – 58 Yds Rushing – 19 Pts per Game
          3) Panthers – 293 Yds Per Game – 86 Yds Rushing – 10 Pts per Game
          4) 49ers – 299 Yds per Game – 86 Yds Rushing – 22.5 Pts Per Game
          5) Vikings – 305 Yds per Game – 111 Yds Rushing – 18 Pts per Game

          9) EAGLES – 323 Yds per Game -116 Yds Rushing – 22 Pts per Game

  • i think people are seriously mistaken to discount this game with ‘yeah buts’… these are the kinds of games good teams eek out W’s in… are the colts the very best team in the nfl? NO! Are they a good team thats even better at home? HELL YES! Is it important to be able to go on the road and beat teams? hell yess again!
    Were there ups and downs? yes! did the colts leave plays on the field? yes! did the eagles? yes! Did the team, led by the qb make two impressive late drives to tie and go ahead? yes! did the Defense have a stop on the road to force a punt late? yes!
    come on stop nit picking! man some really good stuff happened! stuff that means a bunch more than this single game… things that will help us down the road in this marathon of a season!

  • Before the season many vocal on the Sproles signing panned and used as ammo in the DJax debate that he was not an upgrade in talent and weaponry.

    Zack Ertz was downplayed when many on here and around the league and on here said this kid was going to shine mightily. He leads the NFL in 20+ receptions.

    Jenkins was panned as settling for a safety no one wantedByrd this Ward that draft a safety etc.

    This team may not be a Superbowl contender but Kelly is absolutely trying to build a team that is one.

  • Here’s a fun fact for u Andy Reid fans, Chip is now 3-5 when trailing by 14, Reid was 2-47. That’s more wins in one season n two games compared to 14yrs.

    • OMG best stat ever andrew p god I love chip kelly mastermind

    • Nice stat. I know one of Reid’s wins trailing by 14 was against KC in 2005. When was the other one?

  • We need to make a trade for backup ILB depth. Nobody on the street it’s gonna be worth a damn. Don’t we have pick coming in the Brown trade?

  • Paulman’s Top #10 in the NFC as of Week #2
    (Please Note that I will rate Teams who are 2-0 higher than Teams that are 1-1 for remember, it’s about W’s and not who maybe has a more Talented Roster

    1) Carolina Panthers (2-0) – 1 Win with Back-Up QB, were in Control and Won both games
    2) Arizona Cardinals (2-0) – Also 1 Win with a Back-up QB on the Road…
    Not pretty, but right now sit atop the strongest Division in the NFL
    3) EAGLES (2-0) – Have not played a complete game yet, but here we are at 2-0…
    4) Seattle Seahawks (1-1) – Lost on the Road versus a Good, Physical Charger Team
    5) Chicago Bears (1-1) – Lost close opener versus the 2-0 Bills and then went on the Road to beat a 49er Team with a banged up Team.. Impressive
    6) S F 49ers (1-1) – Played 1 Good half of Football so far, blew a 17-0 Lead at Home versus an undermanned Bears Team…
    7) GB Packers (1-1) – Have underperformed so far, were down 21-3 to the Jets at home, but had the fortitude to fight back and win to avoid a 0-2 Start
    8) Washington Redskins (1-1) – Lost a tough opener versus the 2-0 TExans and thoroughly manhandled the Jags with their Back-Up QB… Defense is among the Best in the NFC right now behind the Panthers
    9) Detroit (1-1) – The usual hot and cold Lions, look great at home, look poor on the Road.. Turnovers, Penalties doomed them in versus the Panthers
    10) Dallas Cowboys (1-1) – Manhandled the Titans on the road with 32 1st Downs, 250 Yards of Rushing.. If they commit to running the ball behind of the best young OL in the NFL, they will score points, shorten the games to give their Defense a chance…

    It is what it is.. Are the Saints a better overall Team than half this list, probably, but they are 0-2 in 2014 and that’s what this list is about, the here and the now and not past accomplishments…

    • think the saints would trade a 5th rounder and Jarius Byrd for Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sproles?

    • The Lions are frauds…they will fold up soon.

      • Probably so IJ.. Let’s have the Games determine who moves up and who moves back.. It Cracks me up on NFL Power Rankings of having Teams that are 1-1 Rated Higher than 2-0 Clubs.. Just stupid, hype…

        By Mid to Late Season, the Good Teams with rise to the Top and the So-So Teams will Fall and the Bad Teams will remain Bad Teams

        • I agree…watching their games though for as talented as their line is they hardly get pressure from the front four. At least not dominant run pressure.

          If they played a decent team week 1 I could easily see them as 0-2. The Giants grinded them down defensively for a moment and even under Caldwell they make bonehead penalties etc.

  • Foles best throw of the game was in the first quarter when he hit Sprouls on the option route across the middle against the LB , hit him right in stride like an extended hand off. See fellas thats watching the game and being objective not being a damn cheerleader. Second best was the gorgeous ball he threw to Cooper that should have been 6 but his dumb ass dropped it. Is it okay to blame Cooper for that drop or does that make me a bad fan? SMDH

    • No that makes you a real fan who knows football but I really do think it has to do with being out of sync

    • Foles likes to throw the football to the right side. That is where the number passing option was located last year and this year. Riley Cooper is going to get only 4 targets lining up on the weak side, tops a game same as Ertz. That is their role. Jeremy Maclin is going to get 9 to 12 targets. If Maclin doesn’t produce, again, they have to switch sides and elevate Cooper to 9-12 targets.
      McCoy is getting 20 touches, Maclin 10 touches, Sproles 10 touches, Celek 4 touches, Ertz 4 touches, Cooper 4 touches, Matthews 4 touches. That is the game plan every week. The weakness in the game plan so far this season is Maclin.

      • really good analysis EOS….dead on seems like maclin is the weaklink for targets comes with being out of sync ….I think they will be fine by week 5

      • GTFO here with that BS…so line a #3 WR up against #1 CB? a WR that is dropping ball after ball…I WR I’ve told you cats was ass! C’mon, now Cooper to #1 would be disastrous.

        • they don’t pay them do be ass they get 5 million they better earn that shit and beat that new 1 cb cuz guess what a # 3 receiver is better than a lot of # 1 corners in the nfl.

          • hahaha…Casey Matthews is ass, yet he still gets a pay check, rethink that logic….C’mon…
            Cooper is not better than any #1 CB’s….we’re talking about Cooper, not other #3 WR’s…

            Z I like you, seem like a cool dude… but you are way too optimistic about Cooper…he’s ass!

            • Real open your eyes; Maclin is failing his tryout for a raise and the contract extension he wants. Two weeks in a row both games 4 catches on 11 targets. Jordan Matthews is lurking over his shoulder. He played 50% of the plays yesterday. Josh Huff is a slot receiver. Connect the dots. Right now Maclin will be offered a chump contract based on his on the field play and if he doesn’t sign it then Josh Huff is going to get some game time and he won’t be stealing it from Matthews.

              • Cooper is not better than Maclin, bottom line…so what sense does it make to move Cooper to #1? my eyes are wide open….how about you expand your knowledge of the game of football!

              • Sry eos cooper has been stinking the joint up maclin is way better talent then cooper of anything matthews will take coopers spot when huff returns

              • the future, after 2 games I don’t think Maclin and Roseman will get a deal done.

              • They both blow!!!

    • That was a beautiful fade pass to Cooper that should have been 6.

  • I think we can agree on here and say we don’t need Djax if I see another person say man djax opens everything up I’m gonna lose it…look he plays for the skins and is sucking for skins and injured…..we have plenty weapons to make up for djax and as soon as foles and the receivers knock the rust off the WR group will be a force to wreckon with also

  • Does anyone know how serious Kendrick’s injury is? Matthews sucks so bad it’s not even funny. I hope his injury isn’t anything serious and gets back ASAP!!

    • Last night said it was calf spasms on twitter

    • He’s fine just spasms will be good to go for deadskins

    • he got juked out of his pants and fell down, who was that who humiliated Matthews last night? was it Richardson or Bradshaw?

  • What an awesome win, coming back against a playoff caliber team in their own house on national tv. That team is tough as hell at home and if you know anything about football, home dome teams on MNF are pretty much locks to win. The scary part is we can play better. Did Foles look great? No but when it mattered most he stepped up and made some clutch great throws (TD pass to maclin was a tight window throw for those morons that said he cant make that throw in a big time moment). I think the offense will get better as the season goes on. We will get Huff in here who could play a role and Mathews will get better in the slot. Ertz is going to be a beast.

    Hopefully the defense improves esp in the run game. Need to get more pressure on the QB.
    Casey Mathews should be banned from the NFL…


    • LOL banned from the NFL.

      • Dont mean to be an ass but somebody should consider slipping some banned substances in his smoothie…get him out of here.. Cant take this Casey Mathews shit anymore. How in the hell can he have the same blood lines of that great football family? they must have adopted have his ass

  • There is no fault in criticizing Foles….I think were supporters get pissed and I agree is the “hes mediocre at best” “Kelly needs to find his qb” etc….The kid was bound to struggle a bit…league is adjusting to the system etc. and last year he was borderline phenomenal.

    Kelly is still changing this offense to be what he wants. Last year was not his style of offense looking now at how he employs multiple back sets and how the TE is a huge part of the offense.

    He made three significant changes….Sproles and Ertz the last two years and moved DJax. Wrs are not having a problem getting behind the defense nor are safeties loading up the box etc.

    DJax was a byproduct of McCoy and the read option. Not taking away from achievements but this offense is built around that hand off and the options to it. Maclin has been behind the defense multiple times already this year. Ertz is destroying the middle of the field.

    Need Ertz more involved in the redzone.

    Offense will be scarier will some tweaks and Foles getting a rhythm.

    It wil be a huge boon to this team if Foles is the guy and they can load players through the draft and 1 to 2 free agents and not have to concentrate on a QB.

    • That’s when I agree with you Izell about foles people act like he ain’t chips qb and he holding the offense back….dead wrong he is good nfl starter who only getting better and will become a great nfl qb…..he’s going to be our franchise qb….but at times last night he played really poor but we can say that cuz he’s our qb

      • I was there with you up until ” will become a great nfl qb…..he’s going to be our franchise qb….”

        All of that is still to be determined…and if he plays every game the rest of the season like he has the past two games, there is no way, he is the franchise QB…He has to step his game up, bottom line!
        The truth is, the Eagles lose that game if not for Sproles and McCoy!

        • Of course Real but by mid season Foles will be a lot better and I think he will be great….A lot has to do with timing right now…..but yea definely all determined

        • Just to add. Foles’ receivers need to step up and catch the balls thrown their way. Cooper and Maclin have been big disappointments so far. Foles needs to give it to the tight ends more.

    • He needs to find someway to get Ertz more targets I mean teams right now are just lining the safeties up as pseudo linebackers. A couple of long ones to Maclin or Cooper should loosen that up though.

  • BTW this YAC bullshit is so funny. Rmbr when the Eagles were the best screen team in the NFL. McNabb made a fortune in the NFL by throwing these little passes to a guy name Westbrook. MAybe Mcnabb should send some of his millions to BWest thanking him for all of his YAC. Yet I bet these same guys wont say the same BS about McNabb.
    How about guys like Russell Wilson who is idolized on this eagles site for some reason? how many easy throws does this dude make to open guys 5 yards off the line/and to his beast of a RB who then break a couple tackles and go for big gains. what a joke
    How many easy yards did Sproles rack up for Brees all those years?
    All NFL QBs depend on those easy throws, even the elite, but hey how dare our guy make these same plays to win a huge game on the road LOL

    • Read the context of the post Pheaggs, it was how dare you talk about Foles he went for 322, you saw him struggle if not for Sprouls this conversation would be totally different . That 322 was as impressive As Luck’s 3 TD night.

    • are you kidding me…Foles had so much time in the pocket…Indy had absolutely no pass rush whatsoever…Foles should have thrown for over 600 yards he wasn’t even pressured by Indy’s pass rush. But with all that time in the pocket-he still threw poor passes behind receivers…the few good passes he threw were promptly dropped…Maclin has never been good at catching passes in any traffic…he gets a bit nervous and Cooper is simply a bum…he’s not that good at all. Sproles has been tremendous in bailing us out these two games.
      ‘ll give Chip credit for that move…but Foles is playing as I predicted…nervous and weak…we got a bailout from the refs yesterday and we are lucky to be 2-0. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good…but pump ya breaks-lets see how we look against a good defense-we haven’t played one yet!

  • I see the Brandon Graham for President Campaign came to a grinding halt last night.

    • Lol he had a terrible offensive line to go against and didn’t do shit…but boy fletcher is a monster

    • It was great I really like Parkey…..He will be rated 95 on madden next year lol

    • B Graham got 23 snaps…in comparison to 62 and 59 from Cole and Barwin…if anything it came to a halt because of his usage, not his play. Who both had 3 more tackles than he combined….

      • Real we agree to disagree on Graham. I think he is top situational pass rusher at best but I could be wrong. Alot of Grahams pressure IMO front what I see during the game and tape rewind is that the defense turns that side loose. He gets a ton of free runs to the QB. I dont see him beating tackles one on one. He is good stunting etc.

        In a 4-3 he would get run on…be a 6-8 sack guy at best. Just my opinion though.

        In this defense though I am way more comfortable with Davis turning Kendricks loose than worrying about Graham.

  • On a Side Note,
    Wasn’t it great to see an Eagles Kicker boom it out of the End-Zone consistently on Kick-Offs … I believe the Kick-Off Return may be a thing of the past as 90% of NFL Kickers boom them deep, plus the injuries that occur on Kick-Off Coverages/Return, that’s if we even still have an NFL in 5 Years time the way things are going..

  • We got two wins…no doubt…Sproles has come up big time and he deserves big time credit. Pass the salt for the crow that I have to eat for my prediction on Sproles…I thought he was done and he has played extremely well in bailing us out of jams.
    We have eked out some comeback wins against some pretty weak defenses. Foles despite having all day long in the pocket against a pathetic pass rush was missing wide open receiver, and when he hit the receivers they dropped the ball. Its going to bite us in the ass-Cooper and Maclin are sup-par receivers getting passes from a sup-par QB in Foles and this will really bear out as soon as we play an average defense…Foles has been stinking against poor defenses this year.

    • More hot air!

      • more blunt smoke!

        • No blunts here… I was subjected to a morality code for 30 years and smoking a blunt would have led to termination! Can’t afford that so…
          Just admit your agenda is to paint everything 9 does as a failure or because of a deficiency in the other team…. Two late drives to win a road game… Any other qb does that and watch out

          • you found a way to beat the test…your comments on here reflects that clearly…we have already seen a few QB’s in this town who have won and was still subjected to lot of criticism. Wins dont keep you from criticism when everyone with eyes can see that you are struggling and you have gotten a bunch of breaks to win!

  • Where’s Vinnie? Did he see Foles and Luck make an across the body throw last night, on the run…kinda similar to RGIII. Wonder if he’s is wondering if Foles/Luck are NFL QB’s now???

    • I was thinking the same thing when it happened Real. LOL

    • Lol oh vinnie

  • It may not have been pretty but they got the job done. We can knock the QB all day, however players need to step up and catch the ball when it is thrown to them. The pass to Cooper in the endzone was a perfect pass. The deep pass to Maclin that was picked was a good pass. Maclin should have at least battled for it instead allowing the defender to climb his back and intercept the ball off the top of his head. Additionally, there was a pass to Celek that went right through his hands. It was a tough game between two evenly matched teams. We won, however some people act as if the Eagles lost. Just does not make sense.

    • Please…Maclin had the guy beat…Foles should have gotten the ball out more. Foles made a very good pass to Cooper in the endzone…but Cooper dropped it. Cooper and Maclin are sub-par receivers so of course they had some drops but Foles also had some terrible passes, missing open receivers! What makes it so alarming was the Colts had absolutely no pressure on Foles at all…Foles had all day to scan the field and he STILL MISSED open receivers, he still made bad passes.
      He was bailed out by Sproles and I’m going to throw up if I read one more Joe Montana reference…
      Nick Foles is no Joe Montana!! Please…
      The Eagles won and you always take the win no doubt…but lets call the game right…desperate come from behind wins with some huge breaks with some bad official calls that really helped us. These games should not have been close at all against two really poor defenses…Indy is depleted all they got is Andrew Luck…so its going to be a long year for them…

      • Indy is depleted all they got is Andrew Luck. Last week you were posting this was the game…lol. Stop with the excuses.

        • But ehl all they have is luck lol but i get what u mean

          • Wussup…Z, Foles has got to play better no doubt, but some of the things written on here is ridiculous. If Foles threw that Pick that Luck did to Jenkins, and then had the last series he had where he failed to drive them down the field and execute, and Luck had the last two series that Foles did….Foles would be ass and Luck would be the come back king. TY Hilton and Bradshaw are not slouches. Wayne still has something left in the tank too. Luck failed to do what Foles did at the end of the game..bottom line. Stop the bs.

            • haha….its the same ol same, just from a different group of posters!

  • It’s easy to discuss what Foles didn’t do, however, I am looking at what he did do. Namely, two big time passes… TD pass (in a tight window while under pressure )to Maclin in the fourth to tie the game….A big time throw to Ertz in the last minute of the game to help get Parkey in range for game winninig field goal. Other plays made as well, but, no need to go into that. Foles did not have a great game, however, he made the plays necessary to seal the victory when he had to. That’s what big time QB’s do right? I have seen it posted on here time and again as it relates to other QB’s with more swag. Kaep failed to do it Sunday, Luck, the come back king failed to do it last night. Foles lead the Eagles on two drives in the fourth to get the W. Foles must tighten his accuracy up, however, when he needed to make the big throws when it counted most, he got it done!

    • A great catch by Ertz who went up high and got the ball…there should be a lot more throws in his direction because he will make any QB look good. Foles caught some breaks and he had easy throws to make all day in a clean, soft pocket with no pressure.
      He should have made those throws!
      The game was close because of poor passing from Foles again..to compare Foles to Luck is ridiculous…Luck was under far more duress from our defense than Foles ever was…
      Sproles and the defense got it done and bailed Foles out…of course he gets credit for the win…but who is looking at Foles now and saying that this is a franchise QB that can take us to the big game…stop it!!

      • Yes..because Foles is the only QB who underthrows or overthrows…Luck ‘s throws were all on target last nigh…he was perfect. So was Kaep and RG 3 and whoever else is your flavor of the month QB. Please..you are funny. It is Foles fault he was not under duress…except when he threw the TD tobMaclin…he was under duress and threw the ball in your beloved tight window. Lol..stop it kool…stop it. You work to hard to try and deemphasize what Foles does and hi lite what he does not do. Yet, you make excuses for every other QB hero. Kaep 3 picks and a fumble….uhhh…he was under furess….duress is part of game…so is having a clean pocket.

  • If that same pass to Maclin was thrown Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Josh Gordon, or Fitzgerald they would have at least tried to jump for it. It doesn’t matter if he had the man beat, he still had the opportunity to compete for the ball. Instead, he chose not to jump for it. This is the NFL, if a player is able to put two hands on the ball he is expected, and should, catch the ball. If not, he has no business being on that field. This is not to say the pass was perfect, its simply saying the receivers have to do more to catch the ball than what I saw last night.

    Additionally, my comment has nothing to do with Joe Montana at all. I’m not understanding why this is mentioned.

    Indy is a playoff caliber team. When you play playoff caliber teams the games are not as pretty as they would be against a terrible team. Granted Indy is 0-2, however they lost the first game against the Broncos in which they almost came back.

    • Maclin is no Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Dez Bryant, AJ Green or any of the other receivers that you mention. He is what a lot of us said before the season started-at best average.
      When you are sitting in a clean pocket, with absolutely no pressure, and you have a receiver running open deep-a quality NFL , playoff caliber QB gets that receiver the ball!
      Indy is not a playoff caliber team-they have been decimated by key injuries in their defense. The lost of Robert Mathis to that defense is similar to us losing Shady McCoy in our offense. With good QB play-we would have blown both Jax and Indy out…the games should not have been close given the quality of the defenses that we have faced.

      • I don’t know what football you are watching but in the NFL every receiver is expected to at least battle for the ball. Receivers have to battle for the ball especially when covered the way Maclin was on the play. The ball will not magically appear in his hands.

        I guess Payton’s play last week was not “good QB play” since the Broncos didn’t blow the Colts out either.

        Colts are a playoff team. They made it last year and probably will again this year. The only competition in their division is the Texans. Unfortunately for the Colts they played two solid teams to begin the season.

  • Kap sucks he stairdms down receivers wat too much

    • Thats true you expect your receiver to win one on one battles down field at lwast fight for it and another thing our terrible corners played pretty good didnt let passes get behind them very solid

      • It wasn’t a jump ball situation, Maclin had beat his man and the ball was way underthrown, giving the db the opportunity to pick it off. Maclin’s momentum was carrying him away from the ball, he would have had to twist himself into a pretzel to break that ball up.

        • It was not under thrown. It may have come out a second to late but it was dropping into his bread basket at full stride. Defender made a good play. Maclin maybe could have broken it up but tip your cap to the defender.

          • It was way underthrown, the ball should be in front of Maclin, not behind him so the beaten db has a chance to make a play on the ball.

            Dropping into his breadbasket would have had Maclin running into the EZ for 6.

            • watch the film. bread basket… he wasn’t reaching back he was reaching forward ready to cradle into the bread basket!

              • Yeah I saw the film. The db was beat by 2 or 3 strides and if the ball was in front of Maclin the db has no chance to make a play.

              • the ball was clearly underthrown! Foles put too much air under the ball giving the CB time to catch up and make a play on the ball…if Foles would have thrown the ball on time and out front it would have been a touchdown. Again, Foles had plenty of time to set up in the pocket, drink a cup of coffee and deliver the ball!
                This is what is troubling about Foles play yesterday…he was throwing poor balls with no pressure on him at all!

          • Don’t waste you breath on skayne and koolbreese, they both have diarrhea of the mouth.

            They come here and talk the same shit no matter what the outcome of the game.

  • Im done with you kool you are impossible to deal with you re like anti vinnie. which is terrible shit we are injured riddled also no excuse

    • zilents, you were done before you started! we haven’t loss any key players has of yet…Robert Mathis is a All-Pro player…we haven’t loss any All-Pros…

      • Lane Johnson and Evan Mathis are not key players nitwit?

        Evan Mathis was a 1st team All Pro you fucking dope….

  • Think about this guys… We are 2-0 and by reading all of the comments above, we are playing like shit and have a lot of room for improvement. Ok, no doubt that Foles has room for improvement. Taking the same critical eye, I would say that Shady has also performed below expectations, along with Maclin and Cooper. Celek dropped a sure touchdown and Gardener was overmatched most of the game….that is just the offense.

    The team overall had WAY too many penalties, on defense and special teams especially. Parkey missed a 38 yard field goal and the Colts had about 160 yards rushing.

    All that being said….AND WE ARE 2-0.

    This team has a confidence that they know they can come back from most any deficit because of the speed of their offense. The Colts defense was gasping for air in the second half.

    There are MANY areas that this team needs to work to improve, and I believe that Kelly and his staff are smart enough to identify and rectify the problems. Outside of significant injuries this team will only get better as the year goes on.

    GO BIRDS !!!

    • are you kidding! Shady has had no room to run at all. He has been making excellent moves to get 3-4 yards defenders are stacking the box and Shady still makes plays. The receivers are one on one…at times they are running wide open but the QB has missed them. If we had any quality play out of the QB these last two games would not be close. Foles is the reason that the games have been tight and contested…his bad play gave Jax and the Colts the ability to stay in the game!

      • I get it now KB…..everything that happens negatively is Foles fault……anything that happens positively is in spite of Foles. The line doesn’t block for Shady but does for Foles, right? Classic.

        I suggest counseling. You obviously have issues. I have a feeling that you are going to get more and more bizzarre with you conveluded logic as the Eagles continue to win this year. I guess that is what happens when you hate a single player so intently.

        • Greenfan I suggest eye glasses and brain surgery for you! You cant see and you are losing your mind! Again, Eagle QB’s have taken criticism for years….now suddenly Nick Foles is supposed to be given a free pass despite what we have seen over these two games.
          Teams are geared up to stop Shady. When you read what scares other teams when asked about the Eagles, the first player you hear mentioned is Shady-teams are playing 8-9 men in the box and going one-on-one with the receivers. The line has done a much better job pass protecting than run blocking…and anyone who watched last night game saw a totally ineffective pass rush against the Eagles…Foles may have been hit and pressured once or twice all game.
          This is obvious to anyone with eyes and reasonable vision!

          • Too funny.

            Seems that just as recently as early last year you believed that any criticism of the QB was wrongly motivated. I have watched QB’s in this town criticized for decades and decades. It is nothing new in this town, but it also isn’t hard to read between the lines of your posts that you were personally affected by any criticism of the previous QB, so you now intend on making every stupid and ridiculous criticism of Foles regardless of how off base it may be. That is really ok, it will provide some consistant comedy for the season.

            • Idiots

              I’m stating what is obvious on film, missing open receivers, holding the ball, poor passing against two weak defenses. Its obvious that there are some who want a different set of rules for Foles as compared to every other QB who has started for the Eagles for any significant length of time.
              The Eagles best all-time QB-McNabb- took a ton of criticism when he had wins too…he was nitpicked to death despite wins over tough opponents and defenses..but now we are supposed to sing the praises of Foles after two sup-par performances where the defense and Sproles bails him out.
              You are the real joke

              • Nope, the joke is on you. Go back and read my comments. I have been critical of Foles first two games. I believe that he has not played as well as he should, and that there are clear areas that he needs to improve, but you take it levels unheard of…..I am half expecting you to blame him for the uprising of ISIL or Global Warming next, I mean that is how much you hate the guy.

                Truely, you are comic relief dude, nobody can take any comment that you make on Foles serious.

                So you are trying to tell me that the OLine blocked well for Foles but played like shit for Shady…..LOL….too funny.

  • Bad News: Eskin reports Kendricks to miss at least 2 games. Casey Matthews vs. Alfred Morris this Sunday against Washington.

    • That sucks. Hopefully Eskin is wrong.

  • Good News: Eagles lead the NFL in total yardage and total points on Offense

    • And that despite their terrible quarterback!

  • Kook this week it’s Mano a Mano …your pig noses against the Birds..man up and take your whipping ..Foles has take a lot of shit criticism from some of you idiots ..it’s all encompassing ,let’s not glaringly overlook 40% of his O line is missing ,he’s under duress at right tackle ,the play calling hasn’t been anything but head scratching at times ,the drops of cooper ,maclin (who needs to start balling ) he looks like a guy coming off an injury ..still.adding .Celek who usually is sure handed .. Dropping a ball add in to the mix ,he is seeing a lot of mixed coverages (a process) of a learning curve on foles behalf..he isn’t being vilified by those who understand the game ,other than the few knuckleheads on the site ..he’s not the only one on the field ,there are other moving parts ..has he been perfect ..No.he hasn’t ..he clearly had the yips in the first half against the jags .has any Eagle fan seen anything close to him since the Braman era? Nope..enjoy the maturation ,hope the solid play of sproles ,and ertz continues and filter the noise ..What disturbed me more so was the other side of the ball ..we have seen gashes in the running game ,and now if eskin is correct and Matthews patrols the middle …well have plenty to bitch about ..we are 2-0 and if you listen to songs and them , pure stroke of luck ,not one good attribute ,to lay at foles feet ..what a joke …football for dummies written and starring songs ..

    • Ha-Ha…your a joke desertbeagle…its funny how hypocritical you guys are..the reality is that the O-line protected Foles extremely well last night. He wasn’t under any duress…and now we hear the excuse that he is seeing ‘mixed coverages’…well maybe he should learn how to read a defense! This is what we heard about other QB’s here in Philly when coverages were ‘mixed’ up.
      The line has played well in front of Foles…he has simply been missing open receivers at times. If he is more accurate with his throws maybe he wouldn’t have so many drops. It is a testimony to the Eagles that they have overcome the poor play of Foles-given him some screen passes to Sproles, some extremely easy throws and we got the wins.
      We are 2-0 and should be 3-0 next week with a weak Redskin defense coming to our town for a division game.

      • “well maybe he should learn how to read a defense!”

        Yeah. A few too many people have said something along the line of “well he was seeing zone coverages that he wasn’t used to seeing” or some such thing.

        I haven’t said anything about it, but every time I read it I’m all:


        Seriously? So basically you saying your boy can’t read defenses, but it a nice way? Really?

        And you don’t see that as a problem? Okay.

      • I’m telling you…Skins have a decent pass rush.

        Everyone forgets they held Texans to 10 – and 6 of that they got on a defensive breakdown. Texans other score was on a special teams breakdown. And they didn’t deploy much of a rush that game.

        10 sacks against Jax. It’s Jax, but 10 sacks is 10 sacks – Eagles didn’t get 10 sacks against Jax.

        All the Skins have to do is deploy a consistent pass rush and Foles will be discombobulated. He didn’t look good and had ALL day to throw with the Colts. If they can pressure Foles consistently, he’ll start with the sacks, intentional groundings and turnovers.

        If Cousins can put together a consistent game with no turnovers – they can beat us. And there may be no chance for a comeback.

  • Kool everyone has admitted that foles didnt look as good as he should through thw whole game but you hate him way too nuch. and you have to know that

    • zilents44…I’m simply holding Foles to the same standard that every other QB for the Eagles has been held…stop trying to change the rules for Foles…when Foles plays well he will get the credit he deserves but until we win a Superbowl…which is what it comes down too….he will get what everyother QB has gotten…stop trying to take the pressure off of him…

      • Holding Foles to the same standard as anyone else!!!!

        Koolbreeze last November:
        “Let’s be real…we need a QB…Foles has to prove it in a clutch situation against some good opposition…he has not done it yet…until he does it and shows some consistency…I’m not buying in on Nick Foles.”

        On the road against a playoff team that is 13-3 at home with 2 4thQ scoring drives and a td toss to Maclin that was …..what’s your stupid line, “TOUGH THROW through a TIGHT WINDOW”

        NOT ENOUGH!

        Still pining for a .500 has been and continually ripping a guy who is 11-2 since Kelly took over.

        Same standard indeed.


      • I backed mcnabb vick and even kolb as my qb but dude i bashed the shit out of them when they played like shit and guess what I bashed the shit out of foles today but you don’t want him to succede you just want him to fail and everyone sees it

      • a guy on a blog can’t put or take pressure on a nfl qb! what are you talking about?

  • Anybody see the Twitter message that Boykin sent out to all the BirdGang Haters? Classic !! Absolutely Classic !! This guy is a great

    • Great EAGLE !!

  • Songs…are we watching the same game? We have a guy at right tackle ,who is doing the best he can ,he’s a pro,he gets paid ,but that’s why they have depth charts .im not an apologist for any of the birds ,I’m just saying you’re a hater ..accept the crown you’ve earned it ..you wear it well ..but…let’s admit a few things here ..race cards put away …were talking football ..Chip Kelley at Oregon admired Foles at Arizona ,said so at the time ..if we are going to agree that we have a head coach that knows football ,better than you and I ,we need be real here ..Is he a finished product? Of course not ,is he a franchise quarterback? We don’t know yet ..but all signs are pointing in that direction ..As we add pieces and get to solidify the O line ,his future looks better than yours and mine ..you make it sound like he’s the tallest midget in the circus songs..he’s a kid who has taken the team down on a winning drive in a hostile environment,he stands cool under end game situations (New Orleans playoffs ) included .swallow just a tad of humble pie ,stop sniping and enjoy ,his maturation ..will he fuck up at times ? Yes …I’ve seen hall of famers inexplicably have and make bad decisions (Favre) he hasn’t even developed his persona and style yet ,but I know one dude who had it right Al Davis ..he just wins baby ..bottom line ..cut him some slack and take off the jaded glasses ,it makes you sound stupid ..haters always do..it’s in there DNA ..it’s not a wet dream you need screw up …post this songs ..and write on the Eagles chalkboards ..I’ll stop being a 9 hater ..you and Donovan mcnabb are looking like fools ,win after win ..

    • Last 3 games with games on the line in the 4th Q. (Saints playoff game, Jax and on the road in Indy)

      14 of 19 3 tds and 3 other fgs.

      6 for 6 on 4th Q scoring drives in his last 3 games. One of which in the playoffs and another on the road on Monday night.

      Not enough.

      What did Koolidiot say? Needs to see Foles in a pressure situations??

      He gets better when the pressure rises.

  • Vin …it’s insane ..he’s clueless…look I’m not saying he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (Foles) but ….he’s certainly not what songs would have you believe …he’s not played but a handful of games ,and he’s already proven he’s cooler thn the underside of the pillow under 4th quarter pressure ..id ask songs this ..would you rather have a hot hand in the first or 4th quarter? Both would be ideal.but let’s just understand the mental midget we are dealing with ..

  • NO game – Starting corner goes out
    Jax – Starting safety goes out

    So yeah..if the starters go down he’s great.

    Also, let’s not act like NO was any danger of losing that game. Defense did their job, and Foles and the offense couldn’t capitalize.

    They let Jax hold them to 0 points in the first half. Jacksonville.

    Colts lost that game. We didn’t win it. Pagano decides to run and take the field goal it’s done. Refs don’t botch two calls. It’s done.

    Let’s stop with the Foles brought them back – no Sproles has been a god send – 331 yards and 140-150 are because of dump-offs to Sproles.

    Stop acting like Foles carried the water. He didn’t. He’s the QB and it is what it is. But if it were any other QB doing the same shit ya’ll would be hollering from the rafters about how it’s the PROCESS that matters and not the RESULT.

    • Come on TS no one on here said Foles brought the team back he made some clutch plays when needed to at the end and that is something to be proud of, I don’t know about this other qbs you talking about but I saw that so called pass interference on TY he was within 5 yds plus boykin stood his ground and TY fell down like a little bitch when he hit the great wall of boykin then Jenkins came up and made a good play for the pick

      • Look at our oline we had a 3rd string OT in the game and our all pro left guard was out why do you not mention their injuries and we lost Kendricks at a very bad time during the game and yet we pulled it off with some luck and some very good football

      • Actually Vinnie was and has said that.

        Like I said it wasn’t about knocking Foles – he is who he is – the point was stop acting like folk criticizing Foles is some horrible, strange weird thing, on a blog where folk have criticized QBs for much less.

    • One of the “realest” comments ever posted on GCobb!

      But if it were any other QB doing the same shit ya’ll would be hollering from the rafters about how it’s the PROCESS that matters and not the RESULT.

      This is pretty much why, I don’t get upset with anyone, when they get at Foles, even when it may not be warranted….For years we’ve heard the criticism of the previous QB’s…

      Truth is everything that has been said about Foles, has been said by others toward another QB, previous seasons. But now its a problem…hahaha…what’s different? I can read between the lines, I know the true issue!

  • Foles …22 games played (not started in all) 412 completions 664 attempts 62% 5,243 yes..7.90 avg 36 tds…maybe he is sliced bread …lmao

  • Ts…it’s called football ..you play the schedule ,matters not trying to micro analyze the injuries ..I’ve never seen an asterisk next to wins and losses ..the team always wins ,not individuals .the only reason we’ve chosen to defend the guy at the helm ,is because haters have no clue ..and the facts speak louder than words .under nick foles at the qb position this year the team is 2-0 ..bottom line ..it’s not always pretty but wins in the NFL are always ,well deserved ..every game comes down to a few calls and plays ,and every game has injuries to key personnel ,that’s football ..I’ll take the win and move on .

    • “.I’ve never seen an asterisk next to wins and losses”

      You don’t read this blog? There’s an asterisk next to everything.

      Folk should stop acting like criticizing Foles is some horrible thing. Like he’s above criticism. He’s not. Especially on a blog full of hot tempered Eagles fans.

  • OK Haters- Here it is. Niether Shady nor Sproles has the games they are having with Foles at the helm if Mike Vick, or Kaepernick or RG3 are at the helm. WHY?????

    BEACUASE- Maney SO CALLED franchise QB’s have to be the PLAYMAKER. Foles wins by getting balls to MANY PLAYMAKERS (who are easier to find than QB’s that will do what foles is doing).

    The PLAYMAKING QB that gets you all off is also driven by his OWN GIANT EGO. The reason you haters hate Foles is because he has almost NO EGO yet he leads his team to victory.

    PISS OFF and find a new HOBBY!!

  • I cant spell when I get angry and type> AHHHHHH!

  • I must have reread ts posts because he admitted Foles was great ,with a caveat ,when starters go down ..like 40% of his O line ? Those kind of starters ..?

    • “like 40% of his O line ? ”

      And he STILL had ALL day to throw the ball and couldn’t do it well.

      • But the run game was shut down in 1st half cuz we missed 40 percent of the line

  • TS to be clear here ..let’s not gloss over the facts the foles lead Eagles did capitalize on the vaunted N.O. Defense and he left the field at home in the late 4th quarter after a touchdown leading drive…so let’s stop talking shit out your ass ..for a change ..the special teams and our defense spit that bit ,not foles ..but we lose as a team

    • I think everybody critized foles except vinnie but IT COMES TO A POINT WHERE kool just plain hates foles and he always has a reason why foles still sucks

  • Man I can’t find anything about mychal kendricks being out 2 to 3 weeks…who said that he hasn’t even got his MRI results yet….It could just be spasms

    • Howard Eskin is the Fox 29 Philly sports anchor and that is where I saw him say Kendricks likely out 2 games with the calf injury, I added the doom and gloom with Casey Matthews vs. Alfred Morris.

  • maybe the problem with the foles haters (TS, Kool, Skayne etc) is simply that the bar is so high… last year he had those sick numbers, 119 rating, 27, 2 etc… those numbers are impossible to sustain. The realists among us knew that but maybe these people believe that he should match those numbers.
    I look around the league and all the young qb’s have their ups/downs etc…. but many seem to be able to win games pretty consistently, foles is one of them…. i’m not much of ‘this guy is better than that guy’ person. I think given the right circumstances anyone of about 10 young qb’s could win it-

    • Nick Foles is 12-2 as a starter. I’ll take it. Second most passing yards of any QB this season (regardless if YAC is involved), I’ll take it. Clutch passes on game winning drives when the pressure is on in a hostile environment, I’ll take it.

    • You really think that’s it cigar?

      • no vinnie i don’t think that. They either don’t understand football or they have a clear agenda…maybe both. but by giving them an out maybe they can save face a bit…
        My feelings are a bit different than yours — as I stated above i believe there are many QB’s that can win it…and they all have their qualifiers: Brady is great but his team cheated in his SB wins, Flacco maybe second tier but won with a good team, same with wilson, big ben etc. –i’m saying foles (and dalton, luck, kap, ryan, stafford et al.) could do the same thing…

        • Flacco had one of those perfect playoffs like Brad Lidge did that world series season when he was 41 for 41 in save opportunities and extended it through the world series with 48 for 48 . Never before never after.

          • E0, I’m a UD guy so I will stick up for flacco– he has what it takes, I don’t consider him elite but he is a leader, he has a super strong arm and he’s bright. he can/did lead a team to the SB and won it. He could do it again!
            This is what i’m saying about a bevy of QB’s not just foles– There are some guys out there who just don’t have what it takes and others who just didn’t capture lightning in a bottle at the right time.

            • Of course its a bevy of QBs.

              Accurate, smart, cautious (avoiding neg plays like sacks and turnovers) stay in the pocket as much as possible and keep that int% under 2.5.

              Then you have a chance.

              • Usually guys that start a lot of sentences with ‘I’ are not the ones to lead a team to a SB… Just sayin

              • yea true, like Eli Manning….throw more INT’s than almost any active starting QB…but has a SB….? He threw 23 TD’s and 20 INTs in 2007 and his team won the SB….he also had 7 lost fumbles that season…more turnovers than TD’s….yet, he won the SB…

  • I stated over a month ago, that it would get funnier and funnier as the years go by, the kid keeps winning and Kool and TS would have to keep coming up with more and more desperate excuses as to how Foles could possibly win – him being the luckiest QB ever in the history of the entire NFL.

    Foles has 11 wins and 3 losses as a starter/majority of game under Kelly….lets review:

    NYG (W)- Was just bad Eli giving them the game + would have won with Vick anyway
    TB (W)- Its just a terrible TB team that was collapsing

    Dallas game – LOSS DALLAS GAME! DALLAS GAME!! Mention DALLAS GAME ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oakland (W) – Oakland DBs spent game lying on the ground
    GB (W)- No Rodgers
    WSH (W)- RGIII was still “not himself”
    Arizona (W)- Palmer handed us the game
    Detroit (W) – Detroit collapsed and handed Eagles the game. Bad play calling in the snow
    Minny (L) – Only 30 against a pathetic Minny team! See! He can’t win!
    Chicago (W) – terrible run defense. It was all Shady.
    Dallas (W) – No Romo
    New Orleans (L) – 4th Q scoring drive doesn’t count because DB hurt
    Jax (W) – Safety hurt
    Inty (W) – Indy playcalling and referees.

    Fuck man, this is absolutely the luckiest QB in the history of the sport! There is a reason the other team lost every single time.

    No other Qb ever ever ever “benefits” from the other team’s play calling, the refs, the weather, injuries, and just plain opposition ineptitude like this guy. If only he had to face real NFL teams he’d clearly be 0-13 instead of 11-2.

    Isn’t that right TS? ‘Cause these are you lines. I can’t wait to hear the reasons after he racks up another 20 or 30 wins.

    • if a W this week its because RGvick is out
      if a L this week its because he can’t even beat a back up!

      • I think the Redskins Win this Week behind QB Cousins who is much more efficient running Gruden’s Offense than RG3 is or was and the Redskins have a much better Defense than the Eagles as far as Pass-Rush goes

        Score : Redskins 26- Eagles 20

        • Yea Pman…the WSH pass rush, looks like a problem!













      • Redskins Front 7 is the Best One the Eagles have faced this Season and will have to do a much better job in protecting Foles or Foles & the Eagles Offense is in deep Trouble..
        (Hatcher,Kerrigan,Orapko and Blitzing Secondary will get to Foles all Game long)




        • Redskins DC Jimmy Haslett lives and dies by the Blitz, expect him to go all in with the kitchen sink to get to Foles and take his Chances with CB’s Hall, Amerson,Breeland & Co covering the Eagles Mediocre WR’s.. Believe me, I hate the Redskins and want the Eagles to kick their ass but this a Team that the Eagles simply don’t match up well against on both sides of the Ball in my opinion and will have a rude awakening by the Redskins Pressure all game…





            KERRIGAN IS GOOD…



            • Redskins have the Best DT & DL in the NFC East..
              Do you watch Football other than the Eagles
              Your living in the past Henski, This Redksins DL are very good

              • DT’s Jarvis Jenkins, Barry Coefield, Chris Baker, Stephen Bowen all are tough against the Run then Jason Hatcher, Kedric Gholston along with OLB’s Orapko & Kerrigan and LB’s Perry Riles and Keenan Robinson from the ILB Positions

                The Best Front 7 in the NFC East hands down
                and probably only behind the Panthers, Seahawks maybe the Lions in the entire NFC
                A long day and game keeping these guys out of the backfield




              • Barry Coefield IS OUT 1+ MONTHS

              • Everybody keep saying this is our 1st real test shit how about its the deadskins real 1st test u can run right at orakpo and inside cuz hatcher is undersized and that zero coverage blitz thing will kill them when we run our spropescor mccoy screen im calling it rite now we win 35 17 pman itsvthe same deadskins as last yr

              • and the Redskins still have the # 1 Rated Defense in the NFL…
                So your Point is Invalid, Null, Stupid and with Rose-Colored Glasses
                on.. Just keeping things Realistic here

              • against houston offense and jax offense are you serious take off your dick riding redskins panties and realize its the goddamn deadskins


              • Deadskins will be sucking wind by the 3rd quarter, fatigue makes cowards out of us all. Lets see how good the DL and DE’s are by then. I predict their asses will be dragging like a dog wiping shit off his ass on a carpet!

          • Oh yea Pman you believe the great Jim haslett will out scheme Chip lol that makes your argument null,void and stupid, you be a realistic fan

            • i love how paulman asked me

              Do you watch Football other than the Eagles

              then moments later tries to tell me Barry Coefield is good and he aint even playing…and further tries to tell me the other bums on their d line are good. get real

              • Well if you watched any games and followed the Stats around teh NFL you would see that the Redksins have the #1 Rated Defense
                In Fact, the Jaguars were Sacked 10-11 Times and only crossed Mid-Field 1 time which was not until the 4th Quarter..
                Yes this is the same Jags Offense that had 250 Yards of Offense and 17 Points which should have been 20-23 Pts versus the Eagles in the First Half in Week #1..

                Redskins contained the Texans RB Arian Foster and Co pretty well only giving up 10 pts to the Texans who scored a TD on Blocked Punt

                All I am saying is that the Redskins Defense is for real, has pass-rushers and depth along their DL that they have not had in recent Season… Foles and OL are going to have their hands full and to think otherwise is just plain foolish..

              • Get em!
                Good post, Pman! WSH defense will be the best we’ve played this season.

  • They suck its the deadskins

  • Great optimism…But don’t look past the Skins…as Pman has stated, its highly probable their pass rush will give our offense problems…I think we win, but most definitely understand where Pman is coming from.

    • I understand to but I never trust a jim haslett ran defense and D hall will get burnt due to his need for the big play

  • A little off topic but I’m really excited for Rolando Mcclain he really is playing well for dallas as he a monster game last week with a int 7 tackles and a sack, love to see people redeem theirselves

  • In order for the Eagles offense to look good early against the Skins the receivers have to win early and beat man coverage. If given time Foles and Ertz or Celek will destroy the Skins safeties and lb”s. A quick early pace will take the wind out of Hatcher, Kerrigan and Orakpo late. Eagles win 27-17.

  • Special teams need to play well also they cannot give #12 for the skins the same space they gave #17 for the Colts that kid looked dangerous every time he touched the ball against the Jags.

  • Davis says there is “more to a pass rush than sacks”…he is absolutely right! But if you have no sacks at the end of the game, its kinda of evident that you were not generating much pressure throughout the game…if you have good consistent pressure, you will register at least one sack…

    • Another thing….being 2-0 is a reason why he can think like this…flaws are always magnified in a lost…But this has been an issue since last season, and should be a cause for concern moving forward.

      • Unreal we do agree… Opposing QBs Ned to get knocked down and sacked…although in is NFL hitting the qb seems to lead to a 15 yard penalty

  • I can’t help it…have to…

    Who hates Foles in here? Songs, Kool, Skayne and TS.

    And who was their favourite QB? 7

    You are reading on and on from these guys how Foles is “missing open WRs”, Not making plays, leaving things on the field…etc. Clearly this is Foles “WORST SEASON”

    Foles “worst season” VS the hero they still pine for.

    Comp% 2014 Foles 58.5 to Vick 59.5
    TD% 2014Foles 5.6% to Vick 3.8%
    Int% 2014Foles 2.4% to VIck 2.6%
    Yrds/Catch 2014 Foles 13.6 to Vick 13
    Sack% 2014 Foles 5.4% Vick 7.5%

    In in this supposedly terrible season, he still is better than the hero. Koolidiot said something up there about “calling it the same” for every QB or whatever. Bullshit bucko.

    And to think….Foles IS off right now. He HAS missed open guys. he will play better. But even during a rough stretch, he’s better than the former superstar.

    • Vinnoe why do that you wont change and they wont change how they feel about foles all those dumb ass stats you always bring up dont matter to them so stop it and let foles convince them cuz you just make it worst

    • Foles worst season? after 2 games? Small sample size, normally a chance would be better in the situation you compare….You are hearing the type of BS you gave on a daily basis toward 7….and deservingly so..

    • This MTF criticized Vick whenever he could…even after a W…Even when he played well….But yet, he doesn’t believe anyone can criticize Foles….he had the nerve to put down Peyton Manning and Brett Favre the other day…Saying Peyton is just a great regular season QB…but basically ass in the playoffs…He has his head up Foles ass so far, he can see what he eats breakfast….

      • Lol well real you know vinnie wont admit shit he will always be a vick hater and always be the pos to lose a bet and not honor it

      • Criticize Foles all you want. He isn’t playing well right now. But he certainly isn’t playing as badly as idiots on here will lead you to believe. And even struggling he’s better than the guy they loved sooooo much.

        You know damn well, or at least you do now, that 7 was pure fools gold and the Eagles were just spinning their tires wasting years with that “I, I, I” guy running the show.

        Favre is the most ovverrated player in qb history I think.

        Would you really be afraid of P Manning if the Birds played him in the SB?

        I wouldn’t.

        That 2nd half crushing int would be right there up the Eagles’ sleeve ready to be played if things got too dicey. Damn, I hope the Eagles get to meet them in the final.

  • Vinnie Foles has been serviceable….I remember game 1….cats were on here, “Foles showed his heart, after the fumbles and the INT, to still come out and get the win”….

    Rewind a few years ago, 7 threw 4 INT’s in game opener and led the Eagles to a scoring drive, where he threw the TD…But yet all you talked about was the INT’s…

    When I’ve defended Vick, its been mainly because of the double standards….Its the same thing, just reversed!

  • At least people are admitting their agendas.

    This team is 2-0 and to the most optimistic eye, clearly have areas that they need to improve. You can say that about most every player on the team.

    I would much rather be in the Eagles situation at 2-0 than the Saints or Colts who are 0-2. Plenty of room for improvement and a coaching staff that has shown the ability to make adjustments, I have confidence in them to get the adjustments needed.

    While I hate seeing this team dig a big hole early in games, but the great thing to see is that Kelly and his staff are able to make adjustments at halftime and turn things around. This is something that frustrated so many Bird Fans during the Reid years, and it is great to see.

    GO BIRDS !!!!

  • I don’t know…am I not an Eagles fan, because I won’t make every win about Foles? I recall even with 7 at the helm, I always talked about team wins…complete games on both side of the ball…mentioned poor blocking, bad defense, dropped balls, but was labeled a Vickpologist…haha…
    But I hear the same things in regards to Foles struggles…and yet that’s a “no” “no”…

    The only agenda I have is the Eagles win the SB…that’s what I want to see, that’s what I want all of us Bird Fans to feel…If Foles is the QB that leads us there, great! If he plays a great game against WSH, I will give credit, when credit is due (as WSH defense will be the best we faced so far)…but in my opinion the only credit due for Foles, was getting the ball to his play makers in the 4th quarter these past 2 games….

    After the season 9 had last year, he deserves to be the Eagles QB this season, without a doubt….But this season is still his tryout!

    • I would agree RT, too much focus on this site is solely on the QB. Teams win games, but from the beginning of the game, the QB gets the spotlight, whether it is deserved or not.

      Any player is not above criticism, and with his play in the first two games, Foles deserves his share. No different than as in years past, but as you noted, with his season last year and overall win / loss record, he has earned an amount of support and optimisism that he can turn things around.

      • Greenfan, I stated your opening statement last week.

        • Great minds think alike? Lol.

          • No doubt!

  • I’m tired of the BS about agendas…I was in my car for part of the 3rd quarter, and Kurt Warner was doing analysis for Westwood One, and he kept saying Foles was missing open receivers, maybe he has a secret agenda against Foles.

    Maybe when Brandon Gowton of BGN writes a post about the plays Foles was leaving on the field this year AND last year he’s secretly got an agenda…

    When Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com says Chip Kelly has created a quarterback-proof offense, cuz he’s getting on Foles, maybe he’s revealing his secret agenda…

    Maybe when Chris Brown of smartfootball.com was showing all the missed receivers by Foles on twitter and said an average qb would have had 600 yards, yet another guy revealing his agena…

    The amount of people on tv, print, online and radio criticizing Foles reveals a vast conspiracy against Foles, and all those people are posting on here under pseudonyms perpetrating this diabolical plot against him…

    Or maybe he’s just a mediocre qb, who objective observers can see he has success cuz of the system.

    My issues with Foles is his below average arm, which can’t consistently make plays downfield when teams take away the horizontal stuff underneath. He was doing this all last year. It’s who he is. More and more people are taking notice. He’s not a special qb, he plays in a special system. You can ask all the former qbs who went from mediocrities, to stars with Kelly, back to mediocrities when no longer under Kelly, except for Mariotta, who has all the tools that a Foles lacks.

    • And one that went from star, to the bench, to cut

    • Skayne if what you say is true, and it just might be then the eagles will never spend $20 million on a franchise qb… If truly any qb can run e system then we just bring in retreads, sanchez types

    • Good post Skayne but you’ll still be labeled a Vickpoloigist. LOL

      • Well lets start Barkley then. It clearly doesn;t matter.

        BTW – how many open WRs did Luck miss Monday. How many throws were off target? 2 bouncing off Eagles defenders (WRs were open).

        Did Chris Brown tweet Luck should have had a couple hundred more receiving yards?

        • No cuz he didn’t have an avalanche of wide open receivers downfield to throw to.

          Put Luck in this offense and he’d be way better than what Foles has shown in this offense. We could actually win a SB with him at the helm.

    • You are an gullible asshole skayne…

      If Foles is just a mediocre QB playing in a quarterback-proof offense, than I have a question…. What the fuck happened to Mick Vick? He sure turned into a dog last year when Andy Reid exposed him in game three…

      If Kelly’s system can make a shit QB good why couldn’t he make Vick (the superstar) look good? And don’t go on about how well Vick was doing before he was injured because after game two Vick reverted right back to old Mike… Now he’s a backup…

      Why is Chip’s system not helping Matt Barkley? What happened to Dennis Dixon? Why didn’t Chip slap Dixon on the forehead and turn him into a 27 TD 3 Int quarterback?

      You’re a smacked ass skayne who spends his day hunting for titbits of information to use as ammo to run down the white QB that put your man crush on the bench.


      • Maybe Bill Lazor – last years QB coach is the real miracle worker…

        In that case we should see Ryan Tannehill throwing 7 TD passes in a game real soon…. Tannehill should be the pro bowl MVP (like Foles) this coming year…

        • What happened to Mike Vick? Or what happened to the team? Far as I recall, the offense was number 2 in the league with Vick. The defense was giving up 34.5 points a game, which is why we were losing. We were top ten in so many offensive categories it’s not funny. But football is a team game, something you Vick-haters/Foles-slurpers only see when Foles plays.

          Vicks worst full game under Kelly came against a top defense.
          funny how he had twice the passing yards as Foles did in his worst game, coming against the worst defense in football. The only difference for wins under Foles and loses under Vick was the defense going on a 9 week stretch were they didn’t give up more than 21. You Foles slurpers see Foles as 11-2. I see the Eagles 11-2, with significant contributions coming from the defense, Shady, DJax, Etrz, and the O-line.

          Matt Barkley has a worse arm than Foles. That’s why he sucks. As far as Tannehill, he doesn’t have Etrz, Sproles or McCoy on his team. His starting rb went out, and he had no other big play option other than Wallace. Once again team game. He can throw those screen passes to Sproles and watch him rip off a 50 yard catch and run just as well as Foles. He can hand off to Shady on 3rd-and-15 and watch the O-line and Shady get the first down just as well as Foles. Tell me, why is Chip running it on 3rd and long with the golden boy? Tannehill can also hand off to Sproles on 2nd and goal from the 19 and watch him leave a db’s jockstrap on the field and pinball off a few defenders to get in the EZ just as well as Foles does. Like I said it’s a team game, and Foles is lucky to be with the coach he’s with and the players he’s with, cuz our main struggles on offense is him being unable to connect on wide open receivers with a clean pocket. He’s a mediocrity who, other than Cooper, is the weak link in the offense.

          • why then are no professional coaches asking a relatively young vick to start? i don’t get it… why?

            • oh and i pointed out the team aspect to a vickpologist earlier..they thought i was taking glory away from a RB

  • This si the secret to the Eagles success right now:

    “Kelly’s secrecy over his team’s sports performance and recovery methods, however, points to his belief in the powerful competitive advantage that sports science provides.”

    Their conditioning is phenomenal. Will it help against better teams? I don’t know. But I DO know the Eagles are built to play a full 60 – and that will allow them to at last be in every game ’till the end.

    Being fitter than your opponent may be greater than being more talented than your opponent.

    • Will they ever play a “better team” because for the last 12-13 games I keep hearing “as soon as they play better teams”
      Better conditioned teams have always held a competitive advantage that is nothing new.
      My question is for a guy that believes in health why is he built like a butterball?

      • NO was a better team. They lost.

        Jags aren’t a good team. Colts have a bad defense – or do I have to remind you how you and Vinnie told me I was stupid ’cause I said the Eagles would win the game.

        Do I need to post last year’s record of all those teams Foles and crew beat last year? You do realize that last year they didn’t beat a single playoff team with a starting QB?

        • Didn’t say you were stupid. Said you were hedging…always leaving the back door so you can backtrack the hell out.

          These Eagles with Foles at the helm. Damn luckiest team on the planet. Never ever have to play a good team.

          You’ll be spouting the same shit 2 years from now.

      • “Better conditioned teams have always held a competitive advantage that is nothing new.”

        Yeah. Way to miss the point.

        • Last 15 games I think they are 11-4…. Not one good team? GB was without their starting qb… Oh and BTW so were we!

    • It helps explain the second half comebacks.

  • Yawl know we have 52 other players we can talk about jesus this shit is nauseating

    • They don;t count. All they’ve been doing is playing inferior teams for the past 2 seasons (check that….they only started playing bad teams after 7 was ousted…before that they played only the greatest teams in the universe)

      Anyway, all the Eagles do is play inferior teams, so the accomplishments are irrelevant.

      Funny how TS always diminishes Foles play because they face inferior teams, but never mentions how MCCoy’s how McCoy’s 217 yards came in the snow when Det players couldn’t react to any first moves (offenses have a huge advantage when snow is on the ground) or his 155 against a GB line that had no one left, or his 133 against a putrid Chicgo run D.

      Nope…no diminishing. Those were all great accomplishments.

      But if Foles throws 7….Raiders were falling down.and on and on it goes.

      A new excuse each and every week.

      • the deck is stacked in favor of the QB. At the end of the season only the top 10 QBs make the playoffs. Maybe one or two great defenses propel a team to the playoff and maybe one or two top 10 QBs miss the playoffs but that is low 20% out liner. Roethlisbeger or Flacco, or Ryan miss the playoffs and Dalton, Alex Smith or Kapernick make the playoff off a great defense but for the most part the best QBs make the playoffs. Nick Foles is a top 10 NFL QB and a top 5 NFC QB.







    • Early domination, what the hell are you talking about Mhenski…
      Eagles are very,very fortunate to be 2-0 and I am happy they are, but to say they are dominating Opponents is flat-ass wrong…
      As a Fan, I want them to play a “Complete Game” .. Am I wrong in wanting to see an Offense execute early on, better Red-Zone Efficiency, less 3 & Outs.. Put the Kool-Aid Down and go to your Local WaWa…

      • where did i say they are dominating opponents??????? can you read???????/


        • I hope so Mhenski, I just don’t see it with many of the 1 on 1 match-ups
          in the Redskins favor along their Front 7 and our OL and their WR’s versus our DB’s…

          • shady vs orakpo = eagles win
            sproles vs kerrigan = eagles win
            maclin vs deangelo hall = eagles wim

            celek & ertz vs some scrub ilb = eagles win.

            SKINS GOT NO SHOT

            • COUSINS STINKS





              HE IS A BUM



              • Last year’s Cousin’s Play means absolutely nothing Henski,
                Just like in Andy Reid’s final Season with the Eagles where 1/2 the Team and Staff gave up on each other, Kirk Cousins final 4 Games mean nothing in 2014..
                Your Smarter than this, Aren’t you ?




                ONLY IN BIZARRO WORLD

              • If HC Jay Gruden can make a NFL QB out of Andrew Dalton,
                then he can make Kirk Cousins a very good NFL QB in his friendly QB system… I expect Cousins to complete 22 of 34 Passes for about 275-285Yards and 2-3 TD’s and with 1 INT…

      • Sheetz bitch no wawa here lol jp





  • Eagles could very easily be 0-2 and then what would you be saying about
    Genius Chip Kelly … He has the Players in Fantastic Condition, no doubt
    but too many jumping on the Bandwagon.. Let’s see how they do these next 2-3 Games as the play legitimate Quality Defenses..

    • Paul they are 11-4 in the last 15…. Are you joining the agenda driven? “Let them play legit teams” WTF are you talking about? It’s the nfl. There is no could very easily be 0-2″… That is not a statement that makes any sense in the sports world…they are 2-0… No such thing as would of, could of in sports…..could they lose 14-0? Sure they could strange shit happens. But that just wait for a legit team is bull shit



        THEY PLAY 4 QUARTERS BOYS!!!!!!!

    • obviously i would be saying different if we were 0-2











      • Turn them damn cap locks off. And you can cheerlead all you want don’t expect everybody to think the same way. Don’t make you anymore a fan then anyone else.

        • NO

          I KNOW I CAN

          I KNOW UR RIGHT



          • Fuck it im with you henski

  • Paul man stoking the flames

    • Not stoking any Flames Jake,
      I just have a more wait and see perspective than some on here
      Yes I am glad the Eagles are 2-0 and won their first 2 GMes even though they have to play a complete game yet..
      Also I do consider that both their Wins are against Teams that are a combined 0-4 and the fact that the Jags have played 1 good Quarter out of 8
      Quarters so far in 2 games or that the Colts have played
      3 solid Quarters of out of 8 and that their Play Calling in the 4th quarter was a real head scratcher to say the least
      Let’s see how the next 2-3 Games go against Quality Defenses
      For both the Jags & Colts Defenses are in the bottom 5 of the NFL
      So I will be a bit more realistic …
      It’s funny, the Eagles win a couple of games and everyone is hyping them up
      Just like if they would have lost, then they suck and world is coming to an end.. It’s a long season and attrition and health will determine the fortune of most Teams as we get to the last 4-6 Weeks

      • dick wad many of us were pretty high on the eagles before game 1… we recognize the ups and downs of a season and how difficult a 9-11 win season is….

        • Who you call Dickwad…
          I am high on the Eagles also, and expect them to Win
          11 Games and win the weak NFC East by
          2 games but some on here
          have to be a little realistic as well..the Eagles are still
          Not a Top Tier Team in the NFC or NFL yet
          They are closing the gap..but some saying they are going to dominate..
          I just don’t see that happening..

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