• May 27, 2022

Eagles Will Upset Packers This Weekend

vinny-curry-connor-barwin-brandon-graham-nfl-new-york-giants-philadelphia-eagles3-850x560I think the Eagles will beat the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.   The Packers aren’t a great football team.  They’re good, but not dominant, unless you give them points by going to sleep on Aaron Rodgers and their receivers.  The victory will make them the talk of the National Football League, so I encourage you to get ready for quite a ride down the stretch.

The key defensively to stopping the Packers is the Eagles defensive line and linebackers being able to make plays on a scrambling Rodgers, and not letting him extend plays then make big completions down the field.  Of course it’s easier said than done, but I like the way the Birds have been able to keep quarterbacks in the pocket, then make plays on them as the quarterbacks try to escape.

Pass rushing linebackers Connor Barwin, Trent Cole and Brandon Graham will all play key roles in getting the job done and I think they’re up to it.  You’re going to hear from defensive end Vinny Curry, as well as big Fletcher Cox and Cedrick Thornton.  The Eagles defensive front is very disciplined and that will play a key part in keeping Rodgers contained.

Rodgers is a very good athlete, but he will take chances with the football when he’s trying to create big plays.  Many times he’s holding the ball in one hand and it can be knocked loose for a fumble or two.  I see a couple of turnovers for the Packers from Rodgers trying to do too much.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that the Eagles secondary force Rodgers and the Packers to be patient.  It’s Friday, the Eagles safeties and corners should start backing up right now.  They can’t afford to give up the big play and make things easy for the Packers.  They must force them to put together 10 plus play drives to score touchdowns.  They can’t let Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb escape their attention at any time during the game.

Any time Rodgers escapes the pocket, the Eagles cornerbacks and safeties had better know what Nelson and Cobb are up to and where exactly they are on the field.  Communication will play a very prominent role in the success of the defensive secondary this week.  Each play should begin with them identifying where Nelson and Cobb are lined up, then continued to communicate throughout the play.

I like the Eagles offense led by Mark Sanchez and their chances of having success against the Green Bay Packers defense.  Packers linebacker Clay Matthews will likely be lining up at the inside linebacker on run downs and outside linebacker on pass downs.  The Birds should run at him and give him plenty of misdirection to get him confused.

Rotating the running backs, LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles and Chris Polk will also give him plenty to think about.  I expect the Birds to run the ball well and thereby take the pressure of Sanchez.

The Birds quarterback will have time to throw the football and he just needs to take what the defense gives him.  Sanchez and the Eagles offense will have a big day, thanks to Chip Kelly’s game plan and play designs.

I expect the Birds to win it convincingly, 38-24.  The Birds won’t be handed the Lombardi Trophy after this win, but they’ll now be slated as one of the teams in the running for the big one.  Monday isn’t a holiday, so you must go to work!!!!  LOL


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  • Gcobb, you must have uncorked some of those unused victory champagne bottles from last Tuesday

  • Excellent analysis G! I’m picking us to win as well…I think our defense is taking us to another level…if we can get just a little more consistent play out of the Cary Williams and Nate Allen…we will dominate.

  • And that’s one of the reasons why I like the Eagles in this game . Our D has stepped up and is playing very well. Final score Eagles 31 – Packers 28

  • Great to hear from you G. Sorry that the election turned out with the bad guy winning. You would have made a good congressman.

    I think that the Birds are going to make this a statement game. This defense has improved every week. I had big doubts about Billy Davis, but to his credit he has gotten this group to compensate for weak areas and play together. The defensive line rotation is getting push and production. This helps out with the thin linebacker corp and the generally weak defensive backfield. Combine this with the best special teams in the league and an inventive offensive coach with weapons at his disposal, I am looking for this game to wake up the rest of the league. The Packers are a very good team, don’t get me wrong here, this is going to be a tough game. Rogers is playing some of the best ball of his career, and that is saying a lot, but they are not unbeatable.

    GO BIRDS !!!

    • That is why I do not bet. I could not have been more wrong.

      To say that Rogers is in a zone, at least at home this year, doesn’t even do it justice. Ass kicking all around. Outside of Cody Parkey, I can’t think of another Eagle player that played even satisfactorily.

      Unlike the games earlier in the season when we fell behind, I have to say there was not the same feeling that this team was going to claw its way back. Maybe it was because we were down by so much so quickly.

      This team and coaches will need to learn from this disaster, and move on. This clearly leaves doubts as to what type of team we have here. It is a sort of cross roads. I still have faith that this team can get to 11 wins and win the division.

      Two big games within 11 days. No time to dwell on this one disastrous loss.

  • “D” has stepped up.

    I keep hearing this.

    Gave up

    Jacksonville 17
    SF 26
    NYG 0
    Ariz 24
    Hou 21
    Car 21 (mostly garbage)

    Look at that dominant Eagles D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Henne, Krapernick, Dead ELi, Palmer, FItzpatrick, And Newton.

    Eagles Feast on Terrible Os led by terrible QBs.

    Is that who they are playing this weekend?

    Packers are going to score into the 30s. Eagles have to match.

    • Vinniedaloser…you never fail to amaze me with the depths of your statistical stupidity! What about the points the Eagles Defense scored? What about the games the defense kept us in fighting against turnovers created by QB who leads the league in turnovers with a whopping 13 in 8 games…including critical drive killing turnovers in the redzone!

      The Eagles Defense has saved our ass on a number of occasions!
      We were dead against Indy with a critical Foles turnover and the defense bailed our ass out.

      The reason why Jacksonville was in the game at all was because of critical turnovers by Foles!
      The Defense deserves a ton of credit! They covered our ass against Foles’ red zone ineffectiveness and critical turnovers….and they have scored points to keep us in games that Foles was giving away!
      Thank God for our Defense!!

  • Vinnie ..I’m not disagreeing with your premise entirely but they hung 97 points on the bears ,twice (Green Bay) so there 30.8 is skewed in my opinion..none of the teams they’ve played with a pass rush ,were beaten by them (Detroit and Seattle ) where they didn’t break 20 points…at home we know Rodgers and the offense will be a handful..but the fresh rotation on the dee line seems to be paying huge dividends ,and the number one special teams unit will make Rodgers extra careful if he’s consistently operating from his 20 …Parkey who I’m crazy about ,kicked in Auburn ,wondering what the elements ,may play havoc or not? If there is precipitation and a slick field it might very well be a screen oriented attack..we really didn’t need to show that to Green Bay vs Carolina ,but the best way to neutralize Matthews lateral pursuit will be for misdirection ,naked boots and screens ..the emergence of Celek as a weapon in tandem with ertz hasn’t been discussed alot either …added to the 3 headed running attack ,I see no reason not to believe we can keep stride..I’m sensing a strong game by both teams ,as the stakes are very high …I share the sentiments of green .Gcobb ..in the words of JFK Victory has many family members defeat is an orphan ..resolve and determination ahead ..

    • Agreed about the business about the pass rush….but….both those teams do it sans blitz. Blitz Rodgers = death. If they can get pressure with 4 and drop coverage….they have a chance. I think the Eagles blitz too much.

      I also disagree with your premise about a slick/snowy field. Trust an old Canadian….if the field is snowy, the last thing you want to do is move laterally. Up the field. Up up up. Move the D (slightly one way) and then hit it up.

      If you’re moving laterally, you’ve got to make a 90 degree move up field which does not work on a snow covered field. Player will slip and fall.

      I think Kelly probably gained good experience last year in the snow vs Detroit. One cut and upfield = $$ in the snow. If Shady dances….he’ll be dancing backward on a slippery field.

      Celek has “emerged” only because he’s been Sanchez’s practice buddy…..that being said…TEs straight up the seams is $$ on a snowy field.

      Snow = over.

      I hope it snows.

  • giroux PP goal, tie game now in the 1st. 1-1!
    Watching Sixers and Flyers tonight.
    GB runs 57 plays a game. They are not going to be able to sustain many 10 play drives, their OL isn’t strong or durable enough to play like that. They rely on the big pass play to score from Cobb and Nelson.

  • Vin I was looking at that exact same outcome ,even though the consensus will be to assume snow (manageable) ..will drive the 55 total down ..I think it makes a potential middle to take under 55 and wait to see if you can middle the game as the snow falls so does inexplicably the total..

  • Eye opening …the numbers sometimes get hidden in the bluster of a new quarterback , a very special ,specials team …even a returning starting O line ,the emergence of a rookie receiver ,who is carrying forward,a lot of ability and confidence ,not even the kicker Cody I’ll park it in the rend zone …is the really hidden gem…since WEEK 4 the Philadelphia Eagles ,our Philly Birds,defense has allowed 18.8 points since that time..a six game stretch in which they’re fifth in the NFL..of the14 players on this years squad who have played >200 snaps ,13 are on the current squad ..The point made ,the Eagles stuck with guys building continuity…they are in week 9 making visible signs of improvement,but the numbers mentioned in the article were eye opening..the unit has since week 9 emerged from 19th to being 10th best against the run…who can deny,that was on our checklist to improve..check…from 29th-21st in yds. Allowed..needs improvement,but trending …check… ,telling stat going from 30th in allowing first downs to 17th..24th to 12th on third down…32nd to 18th in pass defense..and from what we’ve been seeing from 20th to fucking2nd in sacks …the trend is irrefutable ..it will be interesting to see what Dallas twice ..Green Bay and Seattle …do to the numbers ..if they keep trending upward it bodes well for a special defense emerging…in this defense loving town…the Reggie banner at the Linc…shed a tear of joy,…GO Birds.

  • Sanchez is over, he will be exposed, eagles lose because of poor qb play, I just see it that way,

    • No surprise coming from you jakdog! The QB play has been upgraded and only the miserable Foles Fans want to see Sanchez fail…

      Miserable asses!

      If we lose to GB it will be because the hottest QB in the league plays lights out and overwhelms the defense…

      I dont see it that way….Eagles 35 GB 28

  • Jake Of course the butt fumble on Lombardi ave is possible..I don’t sense that …it certain ally has potential ..but another work with the ones ..a second week of his line now i,grasp what it’s like to play with him ,all leave me to feel his comfort level has shown improvement..he’s stepping into passing lanes with a nimbleness and even other quarter backs who watched his tape were impressed..I think Kelly understands a road game will require his very highest caliber of coaching..I think he’ll shrink mark sanchez to a game manager and rely on his pass rush and physicality at the corners ..his renewed pass Rush ,and will keep pounding the rock in 3 different ways ..taking sanchez out of that equation…of course if the back end allows a large lead for the packers all bets are off..

  • Packer Weakness is their OL where they Start
    An Undrafted Center, have 2 Gurads that are hurting
    And missed most of Practice this week in LG J Sitton
    And RG T Lang so pressure up the middle from
    Logan,Kendrick’s,Matthews is critical as are the OLB’s
    Keeping containment on Rodgers who throws passes on the move better than
    Any QB in the NFL
    I would put Fletcher on Jordy Nelson,
    Boykin on Cobb with Malcolm Jenkins helping

    Could see the Packers target Rookie DaVante Adams
    On Cary Williams and TE Quarless on Eagles LB’s, Nate Allen

    The key as in most NFL Games is in the Trench’s
    Where Eagles have the advantage..
    Also the Eagles must be at least even in Turnover Battle and cannot
    Afford to give the Packers more Possessions or a short field

    I think Riley Cooper & Zac Ertz are poised for big games
    For the Eagles..

    Should be a Great Game and regardless of the outcome,
    Give us a good look at where this 2014 Eagles Stands as the March to
    The Playoffs really kicks into gear..

  • Pman …I think huff will have a huge game ..don’t know why .,just feeling it…I agree with your spot on analysis..ertz and cooper would be a surprise..especially cooper..I think ,well see ,more huff…than cooper ..both are good downfield blockers …last week Jordan Matthews emerged this week it’s huff…

  • I am going out on a limb and saying that the Eagles will send shock waves across the NFL by beating the Packers in a competitive game.

    I just need the d-backs to play an A game and it will happen. If they play a C game, my prediction will be wrong.

  • I fully expect Casey Mathews to have the game of his life on Sunday, following his 7 or 8 tackles last game

    He’s playing against his brother’s team, he’s motivated

    What everyone needs to remember is that though Demeco is on IR, he’s still constantly around the team, every day. He sits in on the meetings, film study etc.

    He’s helping these LBs more than anyone would think

    I see the Birds getting to Rodgers often, yes he’s going to get his but I see the Birds getting the best of him Sunday.



    • “I fully expect Casey Mathews to have the game of his life on Sunday, following his 7 or 8 tackles last game”

      Ur so fucking dumb it’s incredible

      • Mhitler, you should go ‘haveacigar’ and sit ur sorry old ass down

        You bring zilch to this site other than criticism.

        Its funny, you pop back up in the comments only after I post something , get your life together, your stalkerous creepy ways are alarmingly weird

    • “More than anyone would think” wtf are u talking about? Evan Mathis, Kielce were “around more than anyone would think” but their replacements were not them! Also, um … The LB coach and DC are both in those meetings they are in their ear.. Wtf goofy ass

      • I’m hearing from my source that his name is spelled Kelce

        Also hearing that Casey Matthews has a sunday article written about him today in the Inquirer lol “Outlasted coaching changes and other LBs” etc

        No mere “special teamer” hes our starting MLB making the calls on defense

        JH called all of this btw

        Hey hitler, do what you do best, search the archives for me saying 1. we’d draft Casey Matthews 2.He would be our starting MLB and no mere ST

        All facts

        • and the Biggest Fact is that Casey Matthews would not make any other Roster in the NFL outside of his College Coach’s Team…
          If Travis Long did not get injured this SUmmer, Casey Matthews probably doesn’t even make the Eagles 53 Man Roster as Goode and Long were penciled in as Back-Up ILB to Kendricks/Ryans..
          Just more Facts

          • and here goes Paulman who doesnt care….puffing his giving me credit I am right I am the guy on GCobb because someone else is doing it….


  • Watching McCoy’s highlight tape on gcobb.com and I clearly see what he is missing. A Point Guard in the NBA and a RB in the NFL need one of the same things……. A JAB STEP!!! Lesean used to put on the BRAKES on a dime you hear me!!! and change direction. This year…. he does not have it. Look At the tape above, then remember the games Shaddys has played this year. Either he is hurt, or Chip is asking him to change what makes him great.


  • I think LB’s Kendricks & Barwin have Monster Games on Defense as well
    as another Strong Game from CB Bradley Fletcher who believe it or not, is playing a Pro-Bowl Level this Season when you look around CB’s in the NFC

    • It wouldn’t surprise anyone if those guys had big games paul, they’ve all been playing well lol

      Now if u said McCoy or Cooper etc would have big games, then that would be something to look out for

  • Watching a bit of thie Alabama game…

    Miss ST QB drops back, moves a bit and is sacked.

    Announcer is all:

    “________ drops back looks downfield (sacked) NO ONE OPEN!!”

    Announcer has no friggin clue if anyone was open or not because he can’t see the entire field at the same time….yet he says it anyway.

    And it was at this point that it struck me just how much SongsBreeze treats what every tv guy says as gospel. I mean he/they just roll with the pablum these tv idiots gurgle out of their mouths to please the low leveling masses.

    Just my thought for the day.

  • This 2015 Draft has a very weak QB Class
    QB’s like Mariotta,Prescott,Gholston,Hundley,
    Bo Walkace,Sean Mannion, tgd kid from Penn State
    Will all need 2-3 Years to develop and are most likely
    Back-up type of QB at the NFL Level
    This 2015 Draft is loaded at RB and WR
    RB’s Gordon,Gurley,Chubb,Abdullah,
    The kid from Oklahoma all have NFL written on them

    Eagles will seriously consider trading RB L McCoy
    Next Spring as they should.. If they can get a
    2nd & 4th Round Pick for McCoy to Raiders,
    Panthers,Falcons,Vikings, TB Bucs Or whomever
    They should take the Picks, save McCoy’s Salary
    And add one of these RB’s I listed above to go with Sprols & Polk
    Moving forward..

    • Add QB J Winston as another 2-3 Year Project at the NFL
      Level as well..

      • Um…don’t most NFL talent take 2-3 years to develop? However, Jameis Winston and the word project can not be used in the same sentence. He has Rashad Green and two other freshman receivers who barely know their route trees to throw to….and please don’t give me Nick O’Leary, Once again, 25 straight wins spearheaded by Winston, Paul…stop being so dramatic, over reactive and impulsive.

        • Winston Jamieson is the most Overrated QB
          In College Football.. His turn it on when he needs won’t work at the NFL
          Level.. He has major Bust written all over him..
          This is a worse QB Class than ladtxDraft which
          Was below average..
          The point I am making EHL is that the Top 3
          QB’s always go early in the First Round..
          And these years group will have slower starts than this Years
          Group, but if Eagles Fans think that this is the Year/Draft to use
          early pick for a QB for the future are mistaken..

          • Who is Winston Jamieson?
            The fact that you can’t even get his name straight destroys your credibility with me. He (Jameis Winston) is the best college QB in football today….period.
            Didn’t you pick Dak Prescott as an Eagles second round draft pick this year? Did you watch him play today against Bama? and you would use a second round pick on him…seriously…what is going on with you Paul?
            As far as Jameis Winston is concerned, you do know he is playing on a bum ankle right..which I know is effecting his performance to throw and move in the pocket. I believe Jameis understands situations, in the college ranks and NFL, I think he puts his best effort out each time as he is very competitive and you can see it in his emotion and leadership on the field. Losing is not something he likes or takes lightly, that’s why I disagree with your premise that he turns it on when he has to. Last year Fla. St. was crushing it’s opponents. They lost 8 starters, that has had some impact on him and the team. no one performs at a high level on a 100% consistent basis, that’s just a fact!

            • That was 3 Mocks ago EHL
              Dal Prescott has fallen way down and is
              Nothing more than a long term Project
              At best right now.. Another athletic QB who can’t read or see the field
              I do like the QB Petty down in Baylor as a
              Potential NFL QB

              • And that is my point with you, you judge on a game by game basis, sort of a what have you done for me lately mindset instead of looking at the whole body of work overtime and the circumstances surrounding the situation. Lol…now Dak is no longer your flavor of the month. When I saw that draft you posted I posted you stating that I would not touch Prescott. I don’t like his QB play.

              • Things can change EHL, from the beginning of a Season to middle thru the end of a Season on many Prospects and especially
                QB who are not very experienced..
                It’s impossible to say without a doubt about QB
                Coming out of College other than 2 that I can think of
                Over the last 20 years and that was Peyton Manning
                And Andrew Luck.. Every QB other than these
                2 were crap shoots.. And yes this includes
                Tom Brady,Drew Brees,Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford,
                Phil Rivers,Russell Wilson,Big Ben,Joe Flacco, Tony Romo
                Kaepernick,RG3c And Nick Foles & everyone else…

    • Chubb from Georgia is a freshman, he can not come out for the draft.

  • My Off-Season Plan for Eagles

    Right now- I sign QB Thad Lewis and Tyrelle Pryor and
    release Matt Barkley and place Nick Foles on Season-Ending
    IR.. If Sanchez Plays well down the stretch,
    I sign him to a 2-3 Year Deal at modest $$$

    Then after the Season come Spring Time

    Trade RB L McCoy for a 2nd & 4th Round Picks
    To the Raiders,Vikings,Panthers, Falcons,
    TB Bucs

    If both Thad Lewis & Tyrelle Pryor take well
    To Chip Kelly’s System then I keep them both along with Mark Sanchez
    For 2015 and then Trade QB N Foles for a 2nd Rounder
    and a 5th Rounder to the Titans,Rams, Jets,
    Bills or Texans

    Then 2015 Draft has the Following Selections

    1 – 1st Rounder
    3 – 2nd Rounders
    1 – 3rd Rounder
    3 – 4th Rounders
    2 – 5th Rounders
    1 – 6th Rounder
    1 – 7th Rounder

    12 Selectiobs in all with 8 Selections
    Out of the Top 125 Players or so

    This Draft is very Deep at RB,WR,
    LB,CB & OL which is what the Eagles need

    With the proper Selections, the Eagles could dominate thNFC East for the
    Next 5 Years..

    Now if Sanchez is average or worse the remainder of this Season,
    Then I do not Trade Foles and keep him for
    2015 Season for his final contract year and let him
    Prove that is the #1 Starter for a full 16 Game Season
    Before offering any big Deal this off-season
    Him getting injured and missing the rest of the 2014 Season will save the Eagles $10 Million in 2015 for eagles have no real reason to extend him this off-season of Sanchez plays well..

    With no big deal for Foles either way,
    Plus getting rid of McCoy Salary and releasing
    Todd Herremans, James Casey, Cary Williams,
    And having Trent Cole and D Ryans rework their Current Deals
    The Eagles should have $40 Million under the Cap
    Plus lots of Draft Choices.. And could land a Top CB,
    Another LB & Safety and could build a Dynasty

    • As you know the eagles brought in both Pryor and Lewis for a look see, I don’t think it will amount to much. As far as the Eagles, they need safety and cornerback help in the worst way.
      Safeties that the Eagles will have a shot at:
      Gerod Holliman 6’1″ 212 Louisville
      Cody Prewitt Ole Miss 6’2″ 212
      Jaquiski Tartt Samford 6’1″ 218
      Anthony Harris Virginia 6’1″ 190
      Deon Bush Miami 6’1″ 198
      Jamal Golden Georgia Tech 6’1″ 193
      Jaelen Ramsey Fla St 6’1 204

      Trae Waynes Mich State 6’1″ 182
      Alex Carter Stanford 6’1″ 200
      Jalen Collins LSU 6’2″ 198
      Eric Rowe Utah 6’1″ 201
      Phillip Gaines 5’11” 180

    • The Raiders are not giving up a second and forth for LeSean McCoy for the same reason you are ready to trade him. McCoy will be in Philly next year as an Eagle. I would not mind seeing the Eagles draft Duke Johnson though.

      • Raiders say Bye to RB McFadden and MJ Drew
        Who only have 1 year Deals and are $20 Million
        Under the Cap and will release Matt Schaub as well
        A new Coaching Staff will be in Place and they need a RB
        To take pressure off of QB D Carr
        Maybe go for a 2nd Round in 2015 and a 3rd Round in 2016
        There’s a ton of good Backs this Draft
        Chances are Adrian Peterson will also be on the Narket so have to make the Deal early..

      • EHL week after week Jameis Winston shows you why NFL teams will be stupid to pass him up, a stone cold leader.

        • Fuck her right in the pussy indeed.

          Leader it up.

          • Yeah because other than Tebow no college kid has ever done anything stupid and impulsive.

          • Well Vinny if you have the material proof you should be a material witness, what’s that? You don’t….oh. I mean seriously if you know something please enlighten us as far as that allegation is concerned. Hmmm, some chick gave him a blow job and some booty, when he would not break up with his girlfriend to hook up with her the accusation of rape comes forward. No sign of forced entry or genetic material consistent with rape found….incident not reported for long period of time. Yes…it’s clear….please.

            • WTF are you talking about??? Material witness?

              Why do you clowns have to take every little joke or snide comment so GD seriously.

              I made a reference to him standing on a table and yelling FHRITP. Did he not do that and apologize for it?

              Thought the whole thing was rather funny.

              I had no idea a rape allegation had been brought against him. When did that happen?

              You guys are weird.

              • So I am a weird clown…lol…sticks and stones Vinny, sticks and stones

        • Also that Penn State kid will be a better Pro QB than Mariotta, Winston is such a student of offensive football he’ll be able to step right in and play for any team that drafts him. Finally Prescott isn’t an NFL QB and I saw that from day one when ESPN started hyping him.

        • Big…he is clearly a leader of men on the grid iron. Anyone who watches Winston play can see that. You said it perfectly last week, he wills his team to win. 26-0 as a starting QB….key game winning pass in the BCS championship, Heisman trophy winner…but he’s overrated. LMAO.

  • Winston is a NFL player. I would compare him to Ben Roethlisberger in more than one way, on and off the field. Winston’s floor is the St Louis Rams. They have no red flag rule and will draft best talent regardless.

  • It’s the sport of a Kings,
    better than diamond rings… F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L,
    Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If the game has competent officials ( unlike the Arizona game which threw a yellow flag every other play on both teams, who knows who was better because the officials were the winners with all that air time) I expect the Pack to win 27- 17.

    • E0S..the refs for the Eagles game are notorious flag throwers…especially against the visiting team.

      • yeah your probable right EHL , when your right your right!
        I just don’t want to see Aaron Rodgers heave a 3rd in 17 Hail Mary incompletion where across the field some bogus illegal contact after 5 yards was committed against the packers fullback who was never getting the football in a million years in that situation for a ticky tack penalty.

        • Yes… I long for the days when they would just let them play. The Eagles corners are going to have to play a damn near flawless game in order to keep it close. If they can manage that, I think the Eagles will win. I am thinking as an Eagles fan of course.

  • I stay away from any 2015 Draft Class QB
    In the Top 2 Rounds.. I see no game changers or
    Winners from this Draft Class..
    J Winston is probably the best of the bunch but
    Not sure of his upside once he gets with the big Boys
    He reminds me a bit of a cross between
    EJ Manuel & Cam Newton and likely will be selected by a crappy Team
    And struggle his first couple of Seasons
    The Rams would be a nice fit as would TB Bucs,
    But neither current Coaching Staffs have a real good history of Developing QB’s
    In my Opinion

    • I am not thinking about a QB, that is the least of the Eagles concerns. The Eagles need defensive back help. I think they resign Brandon Graham in the off season. I would look at receiver also, a kid I saw I liked yesterday play for Georgia Tech is Deandre Smelter 6’3″ 225. Safeties, corners and an OLB is needed. Possibly an ILB….AJ Johnson from Tennessee, Shaq Thompson from Washington, or Eric Kendricks from UCLA.
      A developmental project at QB like Brandon Bridge..6’5″ 230 with mobility and a strong arm would be a good selection in the later rounds.

      EJ Manuel and cam could only wish to touch Jameis Winston skill set.

      • Jameis Winston reminds me more of Ben Roethlisberger as far as comparing their skill set and physical body type.

      • I agree that QB is not a concern for The Eagles in this Draft which is good thing
        Eagles need to address the Secondary, ILB & WR & OL
        And possibly RB if they move away from
        LeSean McCoy..

        A top CB & Safety Prospect are needed in the
        Finest 3 Rounds..and a WR also
        Then add ILB, OL & RB in the later Rounds

        • I disagree. Again for the 3rd straight year, we need pass rush. This can be done in both free agency, and the draft. Justin Houston who was drafted in the 3rd Round after GMCliff suggested taking him in the 2nd Round the year he was drafted (25)

          We can resolve secondary issues in free agency with young, experienced, veterans, with above average talent like Chris Harris(25), and Byron Maxwell(26)

          We could also use an upgrade on the Interior Offensive Line: Orlando Franklin(25), and Marcus Cannon(26) both are 6-5 337lbs.

          In the draft I’m looking at :

          1. Randy Gregory( if possible to trade up for), and or Alvin Dupree as Pass Rushing 3-4 OLB’s

          2. DeMeco Ryans eventual successor – Benardrick McKinney, 2nd Round and 2 Safety prospects – Cody Prewitt of Ole Miss, 2nd Round and Anthony Harris of Virginia 4th – 5th Round.

          3. Offensive Line Depth – LeRaven Clark, 3rd Round to back up and successor to Jason Peters, and Vadal Alexander LSU OG 6-6 340lbs, 3rd- 4th Round

          4. WR – If he comes out – Doriel Beckham Green 6-3 212 4.45, 3rd-4th

          5. Corner Depth – Eric Murray, Minnesota 6-1 200 4.47, 5th Round

          6. Quarterback Depth – Sean Mannion, or Jacoby Brissett

  • How annoying is it watching Andy Reid orchestrate a 10 run 5 pass smashmouth drive down the Seahawks throats.

    • Refs doing their best to keep SF drives alive.

      • But man…”zone read” QB runs…Kap done that 3x since I’ve tuned in….all 3x the play ends with a 300lb NYG smashing Krapernick to the ground.

        What a stupid way to run an offence.

        • Seahawks now getting ticky-tak calls to keep drives alive.

          3rd down sack fumble KC ball taken away and Hawks get a first down because maybe kinda sorta the dbs hand brushed across the wrs mask when they were handfighting at the LOS.

          So bad that refs deciding games on such pathetic marginal calls.

  • Hey Songs how’s RGIII doing?

    Kool and TS…..What about Newton?

    I have to agree with you three…those guys would look AMAZING on the Eagles.

    How great it would be to see them in midnight green.

    Combined today they are 10 of 918 98yrds 0td 3 int…..Awesome!!

    ……granted they are playing the awesome Buc and Falcon defenses….so that has to be considered…….

  • LOL…did anyone see Michael Crabtree’s facial expression as Kap missed him with a wide pass. Crabtree was wide open.. His face was like WTF…Come On Man…where the hell are you throwing to?!!!! Kap is a not a pocket passer as his accuracy is bad, he needs to roll out and throw on the move. That’s his strength.

  • Giants / 49ers. One QB can’t hit the broad side of a barn, the other is deadly accurate…to the other team.

    • GMCliff’s Boy Ryan Mallet of the Texan’s had a nice First Half leading the Texans To a 14-7 Lead..

      RG3 threw a 2 yard Screen that Ray Helu ran in for a 30 yard TD
      Just before Half

      Cam Newton is playing like Crap and is playing with
      Zero Confidence and exudes Zero Confidence from
      His Teammates…he looks only for WR K Benjamin with other Rdveivers running open down the field.. He see #13 and no one else
      And has played like a Rookie QB all season long
      What a regression he has made

    • You Sound Like a 400 pond Salami eating hateful biatch that never leaves his house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • vinnie

        • Awwwww….your feelings hurt when we point out how terrible these guys are too?

          • Could Actually Care less you fucking slug. My team plays at 4.

          • What you more upset about…the Rip of Kap? RGIII? Or Eli?

            Probably not Eli………

            • Ya…and I’m rpping guys the Eagles are competing against for the playoffs.

              Why you get your panties in a bunch about my ripping of Newton, RGIII (in the division) or ELi (also in the division).

              You seem to get awful upset about me making fun of Eagles opponents.

              • Most upset your not talking about the eagles you Hack Pig!!!!!!!! Our Team is about to be 8-2………

  • eli manning looking like Cam Newton on Monday night – 3 interceptions so far

  • Fuck Eli, Fuck cam, Fuck Anybody that will likely never play here. GET YA MIND RIGHT AND SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!!!

    • I am.

      Stop being suck a wuss and recognize it.

      • I recognize paper thin when I see it Fatty!!!!! TRANSPARENT!!!!!

  • Can Newton getting booed big time,
    Eli throwing Pics left and right

    Bengals score right after Saints scored to
    Go up 27-10

    Rams up by 9 Pts at home, and just picked off Peyton
    And gave a chance to go up by 16 Pts in the 4th Quarter

    • Yup, if we win today, the road to the super bowl comes through Philly!

    • Manning really turning into a “pasd my stats against shit teams but cannot handle any sort of pressure at all” guy. Like a french or russian hockey player.

  • Cold weather in GB..
    It will be interesting to send how Sanchez,
    Sproles and the young WR’s Matthews, Huff
    And Ertz handle it..

    • Sanchez played in NY. save his tenure there, he should be used to it.

      • “Cold”??? Please.

    • 25 degrees is a complete non-factor in the NFL… Wind will hurt a kicker but 25 means nothing

  • RB Jamall Charles is a Stud and is tgd Best All-Around RB in the NFL
    Hands down… He’s having a big day vs the Seahawks with about 170 Yards
    Total from scrimmage

    WR Mike Evans with 2 TD’s and 205 Yards Receiving
    Versus the hapless Redskins, who once had the #1 Ranked Defense
    after Week 2 in the NFL Statistically

  • mike evans beastmode destroying da skins

  • Eli totally killing the Giants, a game they could have won…..that and 2 very questionable ref decisions that benefited the 49ers……and that’s too bad, would have helped the Birds if they could have pulled this one out. SF not a good team, but keep squeaking out wins.

  • Looks like the Eagles will be hosting the Atlanta Falcons in the 1st Round of Playoffs at the Linc..

    • i hope we get a bye week and get 1st or 2nd seed

  • rg3 might die today

  • djax open so much rg3 just holding the ball he is plain just terrible

  • Reid now wasting timeouts in a close game….only has 1 left with 7 mins to go…..some things never change………..

  • Seahawks All-Pro Center Max Unger just carted off the field with leg injury
    Which is serious loss for Seahawks moving forward

    Eli throws his 4th Int
    RG3 is seen crying on sideline
    D-Jax looks disinterested as Redskins Season
    Is lost, his Future in jeopardy per Sources

    • all good for the eagles…..

      RGIII is terrible and will be back again next year for another disastrous season. This is good.

      Coach hates RGIII but will be forced to play him…..Coach will be fired after next season (this season??)
      This is good.

      Odell Beckam looks like a beast
      This is bad.

      ….but won’t have a QB for at least 3 more years. Coughlin is heading out. New coach 75% fail. New QB wll take at least 2 years to develop.
      This is good.

      Romo will be 78 yrs old (at least his back will be) next season.
      This is good.

      No reason Eagles can’t dominate the division for a while yet.

      • Funny, watching, flipping channels it seems that lots of young QBs have their struggles… Ours isn’t allowed to by the fools/songs/TS of the world. Watching crapernick… He is really very in accurate

  • Paulman Major Rumor.
    Eagles HC Chip Kelly to Resign after the
    Season to take the University of Florida
    Job as Florida AD announced that Will Muschamp will not return

    Eagles to name OC Pat Shurmur or possibly Hire
    Rex Ryan after he gets let go from the NY Jets

    • ugh giants…2 passes from the 5. Just run.

  • I’m a huge giants and KC fan right now!

  • Peyton Manning throws his 3rd Pick
    As Rams Secure a W over the Broncos

  • Falcons kick go-ahead FG to go up 19-17 with 2 Minutes
    Left.. Now let’s see if Superman Cam Newton can Win a Game
    Winner is in 1st Place for the NFC South since the Saints lot today

  • good job rams if u cant cover them then hurt them eemauel hurt and julian thomas

    • Ugh Giants with 2 throws from 1st and goal at the 5. Just run 2x,

      • Terrible Terrible coaching by the Giants with thegame on the line. 3 throws with a QB that’s tossed 4 ints.

        They KNOW they’re going for it on 4th down….so run 3x. Worst scenario is Ball around the 1 for 4th down.

        Instead, 3 passes and Elis 5th pick.

        Soooo bad.

        SF squeaks out anther win…..they are a bad team, scraping out a weasly win when Eli throws 5 picks.

        • And now KC letting Seattle escape from the endzone on 3rd down. And they only have 1 TO because Reid burned them.

          At least Sea doesn’t have a TO.

  • Panthers played for FG but lots of time 1:25
    Left.. And of course their Kicker misses it left
    You play to Win and score TD’s abc not settle for
    A 45 Yard FG .. Stupid Coaching by Panthers

  • Coming off the bye, perennial off season champs Washington redskins fans are chanting ‘we want colt’ … It cannot get any better.

    • LOL, are they really? too funny, that means Gruden has to trudge through a media circus and pretend RG3 is his guy all week, again bwahahahahaha —
      will Djax pull down the hoodie and rally behind RG3 in the meetings after a measly 4 catch 35 yard zero td day?

      • I get csn Washington… Gruden a press conference was brutal. Hates rg3

        • Well, we knew that when the season began….ot of coaches do not like RGIII. That’s why they avoided that job like the plague….they knew Snyder was going to shove RGIII down their throats. Gruden should have bailed on it too.

          Now his rep will be ruined as a loser coach.

          WSH is a mess and I love it.

          • Vinnie, I get csn DC.. ‘Coach, does bob deserve to be the starter?”. ‘No”

            • Coach whoever was guarding Mike Evans does he deserve to start? It was RG3’s fault.

              • He went on to say no one does… However to answer a question about a franchise qb like that… You could tell he is not a fan.
                Big penalty on cole

  • Rumors in Florida– Chip Kelly to go to Gainesville
    To take the U of Florida HC Job as he has gotten bored
    With the NFL already per close Sources..

  • Jay Gruden absolutely is not a Bob fan! Wow!

    • Neither is NFL Heath Evans or Brian Billick
      Evans hammers him worse than Vinnie does

  • NFL Commissioner Goodell to have all NFC South Teams
    Play their Home Games in London Next Year
    Detail after the Season.z

  • Time to ball…Let’s go Eagles!!!

  • NFL Sources State Andy Reid is leading in the Coach of the Year Award
    For more people like him then do Bruce Arians & Chip Kelly

  • Let’s go Eagles is 2014 most Meaningful Game of the Season as they all get a little bigger & bigger from here on out
    Eagles already have 2 NFC Conference
    Losses to Arizona & 49ers and a 3rd one today means they will likely have to Win The Division outright over Cowboys which I think do

  • Game is on down here in NC also. Woo Hoo

  • Time for Mark Sanchez to ball out…lets go !!!

  • Should have been helmet to helmet 15 Yard Penalty on Packers DT Guyon
    On the Sack.. Sanchez is seeing stars right now
    Barkley nay have to start warming up
    A bad no call by the Refs

    • bad call……please….

  • Sanchz no chance on that sack….but…….

    Sanchez has got to work on body language. Hands in the belt warmer just before the snap, neck stretching thing as he walks off after the hit…etc.

    He’s letting the world know that the cold and the hit bothers him.

    Just sayin’

  • No QB in the NFL throws better while on the run to his right than Aaron Rodgers, No One..

  • No freaking pressure

  • Eagles are not blitzing.


  • Ugh…TV shot of Sanchez in the full balaclava and parka wrap.

    I don’t care what anyone says.

    That shit announces to the world, “I do not like this! I do not want to be here!”

  • Packers obviously attacking the middle of the field with TE’s against EGlez Safeties .. Eagles better adjust

  • Its fucking -2!!!!!!! I went for a run today in shorts and a hoodie. It was -4.

    Suck it up!!

    BTW – we’re learning a lot about the Eagles “top 10” defense. Top 10 against Newton and other useless Qbs….but against Rogers……that’s a different animal.

    I said a week ago that GB will be scoring into the 30s….Birds need to match.

  • Rogers is unstoppable right now… I think only a hope and prayer for us today

  • Secondary as advertised so far, refs missed the helmet on helmet on the QB in a league that protects QB’s. LOL

    • D line has got to get pressure…it does not matter who the d backs are if Rodgers is permitted to stand back there posing for pictures.

  • This Packers O line is not that stout…Eagles making them look like a brick wall.

  • rodgets killing us we gotta blitz and hope for best

  • As I stated week during the run up to game..
    Rodgers will look for TE’s & Secondary WR ‘s Adams & Boykin
    Until Eagles stop it..
    Time for Sanchez to lead the Offense to sone points and a nice Drive or this game could get away quickly
    Lucky bounce to Brad Smith on Kick-Off

  • I told ya we would need to blitz

    • It seems you were correct…touche ‘

  • Seems like Eagles Players need to put on deeper cleats
    See lots of Eagles losing their Footing

  • This could get ugly quick if we don’t run the ball a little…

  • Matt Tobin is the weak link on o line

  • well this just got ugly

  • This is the kind of protection Foles was getting..

    • Foles got much better protection

  • Damn…Sanchez may not make it out of this game…damn…the Eagles may be out if this game as they are getting beat in all phases.

  • Route is on… Where is uncool with in depth, impartial analysis of Sanchez’ decision making and quick release?

    • Sanchez must lead us and bring us back…then go score for score.

  • Right Irish. And they wondered why he was throwing off his back foot

  • 2 sacks to helmet to helmet hits no flags? WTF was Huff doing on that punt? Playing soft and timid so far.

  • A complete meltdown… Eagles are not ready for Prime-Time Yet
    They are a 5th/6th Ranked Team in the NFC
    Behind the Cardinals,Lions,Packers,49ers
    And in that 2nd Tier of Teams with the Cowboys,
    Seahawks,Saints, Rams, etc..
    It is what it is…

    • Drinking NC moonshine again Fraudman?

    • Lmao didn’t you just rank them 2? You’re such a flip flop lmao

  • We need a long drive here… Quick passes to the little guy.

  • Saw this ass whippin coming a mile away. Oh well.

    • yea i knew it to hope we can at least make a game out of this

  • Bad things happen to Eagles when Josh Huff is around the ball.

  • Where Is Sproules?

  • If they can get a TD here, we still got a Game

  • Is this a talent issue? Is this a coaching issue?

    This is an attitude issue.

    Eagles go to “cold” GB.

    Wrapped in thermal blankets. Toques and balaclavas. Hunched over rubbing hands together. Bad body language (led by QB). Didn’t look good from the beginning.

    Thank god for Sproles.

    You think he’s wearing a balaclava?

    There’s still a lot of time left. Lots of chances….

  • 2 sacks 2 helmet to helmet hits no flags? WTF was Huff doing on that punt? Playing soft and timid so far.

  • See these Eagles are losing their footing left and right
    McCoy, Maclin,Sproles, DB’s and basically all the Skill position Players

  • wtf good is mibility if you can not use it to your advantage.

  • Play was doomed from the start
    A slow developing Play-Action play deep in the Red-Zone is a poor Pksy call
    Note this down for post-game discussion
    This on Coach Kelly

  • man go onside here

  • Rodgers will keep attacking the middle of the Field
    Until the Eagles show they can stop it..

  • Packers are toying with the Eagles defense…blowout city.

  • jesus lord have mercy we suck ass jordy blowibg right by ya boi fletcher pma.

  • Please Biglion….


    You’re reaching.

    The first “helmet to helmet” was with Sanchesz bailing to the ground. He was bending down. The second, more of a case, but the guy didn’t “lead” with the helmet….was just facemask to facemask.

    The bigger issue is Oline…esp Tobin (wait….we’ve been saying that for a while….but whatever)

    But the biggest thing to watch is how the California boy handles this pressure.

    Are we going to see a “Lets make them pay” attitude….or will he fold the tent????

    History says he’ll fold.

    Oh, and we’re seeing, defensively, exactly what I said we’ll see. Eagles D is pretend……..

  • If you are realist your saw this ass whipping coming. We are a blitz rush team against a blitz rush killer QB.

    From a pure front four rush we are an average team.

    Thats why you dont go crazy resigning Graham etc.

    Defense is at the mercy of Rodgers.

  • It’s of Teaching Tape this week,
    Packers can do no wrong and call any Play
    They want ..
    Eagles Offense is stuck in neutral and cannot compete
    Maybe they can work on their Running Game for they really
    need this if they are going To Beat the Cowboys and
    claim the NFC East

  • we still have a good culture fellas.

  • Damn bandwagon is getting light! Horse is pulling it with no effort! One game in the nfl… Shit happens! Did anyone watch any other football today? Relax

    • Matthews “drops” a difficult but catachable ball.

      Fox cuts to slow motion Sanchez shoulders drop, head drops with the mild shake.

      You all saw it.

      Cannot win with bad body language guy. Infects the whole team.

      • Really the defenses body language looks great on the way to getting torched. And I’m reaching. LOL

    • Exactly it’s one game. We need to beat Tennesee then the real season begins for us.

      Thansgiving starts this teams proving ground.

  • over threw him by a bit

    • He should of caught that. That was there. Bet you Jordy Nelson catches that.

    • not about that pass….about the body language after that pass.

  • Even the Punter is Struggling..
    Matthews should have had that 3rd Down Pass
    Dive, leave your feet if you have too

    • You mean like Matthews should have left his feet on that pass in the end zone against Arizona…at least extended his arms.

      Foles got ripped for a pass that was maybe 6 inches outside.

      Why no rip for the same style of “just off” pass from Sanchez?

    • If it touches your hands as a receiver you should catch it. This is not like Foles passes way over the head

      • No receiver ever dropped a Foles pass right asshole

  • no one is leaving the bandwagon just wanted to see our team beat a real good team

    • ‘We are a second tier team’..’bad body language when they got off bus’ etc… That’s bandwagon exiting! Of course paul jumps on and off all the time

      • yea pman does that

  • Defense just looks bad, might as well blitz rushing 4 gets you nothing.

  • The secondary has to be rebuilt in the offseason. I miss the Taylor/Vincent days. The secondary just seems complacent.

  • The d backs are killing us…no where near the ball as it is delivered by Rodgers.

  • vinnie shut the hell up yes u fucking hate sanchez but guess what everryone hates your bitch ass

    • I don’t hate Sanchez. I just think he sucks. There were 3 or 4 people in here telling me he is soooooo much better than Foles.

      That’s a joke.

      Eagles cannot with with him.

      Lets review my position:

      1 – Eagles D is nowhere near good enough to do anything in the playoffs. Their recent rise in rankings was pure fantasy. So what if they Kill Newton or other sitter Qb….everyone kills those shitters….the Eagles’ focus should be on the future.

      I was correct.

      2 – Foles is the best option for the Eagle going forward. He’s a good young QB working through young QB issues. (this laughed at by a certain group of fans)

      People called for Sanchez.



      Sanchez is Sanchez……ok……but in the end he’s Sanchez.

      • the problem i have with you go on and on saying the same shit u know we have other players playing like shit and sanchez cant block for himself and dont u say well they didnt block for foles either thats old and played out we know everythingvu say bring sumtin new shit

      • Vinniedafool…forget Foles…Sanchez is much better…even in this blowout he is not turning the ball over and missing wide open receivers this game is about the defense not getting any stops at all

        • You were saying DUMBASS KOOL?


  • We have to put Rogers on his back a couple times. He has toooo long.

  • You need an ass whipping from time to time to keep you in check.

  • Are they converting every third down….damn.

  • This game is over

  • Game

  • The whole defense is stinking! No pressure at all on Rodgers where is the pass rush???? It’s ridiculous!

    • The Quarterback needs to keep pace with Ridgers….right breezy…lol

  • Lol I’m happy Fletcher is getting roasted because this bullshit that he’s having a good year is fucking nonsense.

    • lol now pman can shut da hell up about how good fletcher has been just playiny

  • Denver loss to the Rams today…who would have thought.

    • Denver hasn’t played a strong all around game
      In a few weeks.. They will not represent the AFC

    • This game is lost, but the 2nd half will tell the tell for the remainder of the Season in my opinion so a lot to play for..

  • It was over when we gave up 3rd and 18.

  • time to play some madden

  • I am not jumping off and Bandwagom HAC,
    I said all Year that the Eagles are not an
    Elite Level Team in the NFC yet, for I already know this.
    They are playing about what I expected them
    Too.. Maybe a good ass-kicking is what the Players,Coach’s
    Media and yes, some Fans need
    Way too many hyped up stories and posts all
    They are simply not in the same League as the Packers
    Who is a Team they simply don’t match up very well against
    And the NFC Team at the end of day is my pick to represent the NFC
    In the Super Bowl..
    The Cardinals,Lions,Cowboys will all fade
    as the Season goes along

    • You had them 2 in your power rankings now second tier stf up fraud

      • lol dam hac never seen u get upset like that i like it

      • They were 3rd behind the Cardinals & Lions
        Now they fall to 6th or so

    • You’re a hypocrite fraudman lol

      • The Eagles are Hypocrites IJ..
        Go ahead and take your frustrations out on me..
        It’s part of the Reason that GCobb keeps me on here.

        • Paulman you’re not special…youre just a forum monkey…

          A very wrong flip flopping fraudulent forum monkey.

  • rigjt on que butt fumble

  • nice play

  • These Players better change their Cleats
    Every F’n Player is losing their Footing
    Running game has no chance

  • If Sanchez throws that ball earlier..or with more zip thats a td for Mathews.

  • The fake read-option is faking no Packers, who are just pinning their ears back and going after Sanchez, so knowing this is just wasted motion and second or two and just becomes a loser play call by Chip Kelly once in the Red-Zone

  • I like what Sanchez is showing, however they still aren’t scoring TDs.

    • Sanchez is not the problem at all…he’s not missing open receivers and turning the ball over…when your defense is getting their ass kicked and the offensive line is not protecting the QB.

      • Wasn ‘t Sanchez ‘s mobility supposed to alleviate that pressure..that is your theory. Last week you were giving play by play about his attributes regarding pocket pressence, footwork and passing ability. This week its the eefense and o line…you can not have it both ways.

        • If it wasn’t for his mobility they would have 10 sacks.

      • LOL.


      • @ Kool. Like I said I like what Sanchez is doing, however he is not putting points on the board. Outside of the one touchdown this is true. Look at the scoreboard for a reference.

        Yes Sanchez has turned the ball over, he has two interceptions and a fumble. Once again please refer to the stats.

        Additionally, the defense being terrible does not preclude the offense from scoring.

        I think you need to disregard your agenda. You sound senseless.

        • @tua you vinniedafool and others need to drop your foolish agenda for Foles….this game was clearly lost by the defense..,no one can argue with a straight face that Foles superior play would have gotten the Eagles a win. Sanchez for as poorly as he played was under great pressure from GB sacked and hit…Foles had games where he was clean and still turning the ball over. Foles got scores from special teams and defense…in this game Sanchez had no help.
          Drop the agenda…if Foles played this game you would praise him for the 300 yards he threw for…so stop it! Foles is done,finished and he won’t play again this year….give it up…Sanchez is the QB on this team

          • I would not praise Foles if he played the game Sanchez did last night. If anything, I’m hoping for Sanchez to turn it around and become a great QB.

            I am an Eagles fan first. The players on this team mean nothing to me if they are not positively producing for the team. Once they leave the team I could care less about them. It may sound cold, but it is just how I feel.

            I don’t have an agenda. My only agenda is against people like you who have one. It’s annoying when “fans” cheer for and against certain players instead of the team.

            With you its obvious. You absolutely hate Foles and it shows in your half thought out arguments you consistently pose.

            You hate Foles for turning the ball over too much. I agree completely that he turned the ball over way too much this year. However, you then try to defend a guy who committed four turnovers yesterday. It makes no sense at all.

            It was a terrible game by the entire team. No one showed up.

            Additionally, like I said yesterday I did like some of the things Sanchez was doing, however the offense was not scoring. We all know the defense was terrible, however that shouldn’t stop the offense from scoring. The only way to compete against GB is to keep up the scoring and play keep away. We did neither. GB has one of the worse run defenses in the NFL and we did minimal damage.

            I am not focused on the QB as much as you are. I see the real issue with this offense no matter who is under center. The lack of running game. It normally opens everything up. The reason Foles had a great year last year was because of the Eagles’ ability to run. Now that they can’t Foles and Sanchez are being exposed because they are both system QBs. Neither are at a level that can carry the team on their shoulders without making mistakes, unlike the QB we faced last night. Once the running game shows up things will get better.

            Once Foles gets healthy I am almost positive he will be the starter once again. Sanchez did not show enough last night. Three more games for him.

  • I see no difference in this offense between the two qbs outside of turnovers.

  • cant blame here there pressure in his face did the best he could

  • Fuck a Sanchez

  • fuckva eagles dfence

  • Sanchez should get plenty of passing reps the 2nd half.

    Game plan for the first half was pretty good. But getting blasted 30pts takes away read option etc

  • Sanchez mobility is his best asset. He’s most effective outside the pocket.

    Foles best asset is sitting in the pocket.

    Comparing the two is nonsense. Totally different.

    I want to see Sanchez mobility utilized and see if its a better offense.

  • I saw this happening to Williams or Fletcher early. Rogers came rigt out and said our DB’s aint SHIT!! We can get to the playoff’s win a game maybe, but a decent QB will always go right at them. I mean Rogers is who we thought he was(no pun) an with the liability of Fletcher and Williams, we will always be toast.

    No Blitzing, Sproules not returning punts, Da Fuck is going on!!! total tank job…………….. Sanchez needs to get rid of the ball quicker, and Mathews is running through our O-Line Untouched!!! Quite game from Barwin!!!!

    • Rodgers and Romo are the only QBs that worry me.

      We can survive the rest of the NFC

      • Romo ???? Are You Fucking kidding Me???? Quiet…. Please!!!!!!!!

        • Yes Romo and Dez Bryant can shred this defense

          • If you was in Philly popping that bull shit I would fuck you up!!!!!

            • Lmao you’re an idiot

            • If you want I’ll be in Camden for Thanksgiving…..come on through

              Lmao bitch ass

              • Exactly, your not even from Philly, that Dallas crap is a mortal SIN!!!! Camden huh, Yeah you sound like a crack head with that Romo bullshit!!

                Fake ass wanna be ignorant prick!!!

              • Lmao mortal sin…another 700 level hypebeast bitch ass clueless about football.

                Morons like you are thr typical go to of people who try to talk shit about eagles fans.

                Get a clue you bitch ass pussy.

          • And Murray, Witten and Terrance Williams
            No match

  • I’m watching carefully to see the guys who still compete ..that first half was an anomaly ,no other time had we seen special teams cave ,defense cave ,punter , O line ,Dee line ,coach …shady fumbles…what’s left ? What a day ..the Farman has his chiefs in first and we desecrate lambeau in a season defining game ..we haven’t seen adversity …let’s see how they respond to it..we might all hit our knees and pray foles get back soon ,because we are one hit away from Barkley..and not sir charles..

    • Total Fucking Tank Job!!!

  • Sanchez moves better in the pocket, he’s better in the pocket than Foles and he’s better out of the pocket…he’s simply a better QB

    • Well it’s time for him to do something to get us back into this game.

      • That is what most of us have been seeing from Sanchez for 5 years, koolbreeze. I don’t know where you confidence comes from…..

    • Sure thing. Loser.

    • He is not showing us anything today against a real defense….that is your criteria for Foles. Captain checkdown

  • Wonder if the Players changed their Cleats

    • They better not of changed there cleats because you can do that on the sidelines and to wait for halftime is unexcuseable.

  • Even though this will be a Loss,
    The Eagles have a lot to play for this 2nd half as it will determine their pkay and confidence for the remaining 6 Games of the Season
    Sanchez is the only option at this point,
    Other Players and especially the OL must play much better
    This 2nd a Half

  • DAMN…where is he throwing to…wtf

  • goddamn sanchez thatvwas pathetic

  • Sanchez needs to stop hanging his head to. He needs to take a lesson from Jameis Winston and clap his hands and telling his team its ok….next time. Sanchezs body language is not good….loser body language for the QB who is tbe leader of the team.

    • BINGO.

      I told yo all 2 weeks ago that the Jets used to hire acting coaches to teach the guy how to stand when things were going poorly.

      This guy walked out in the “cold” with Balaclava, shoulders slouched, hands clasped.

      Over before it began because he told the world he didn’t want to be there…….add in the reaction after the “hit. Did he drope a “lets make them pay!” or did he walk off over-exaggerating his “injury”

      • No he said I love my temamates and I will fight for them, we will continue to work because I love my teammates and we will learn from this. Golly Gee.

  • Just embarrassing ..
    Where are the LB’s today
    Kendrick’s,Cole are invisible today

    • Kendricks stinks.

  • I knew we were fucked with Sanchez once that dumb shit koolbreeze started chirping about good we would be with him. You are an idiot asshole Kool.

    How about the other moron jonharts prediction about Casey Matthews having the game of his life this week???? Another fuckin moron.


    • lol casey matthews

  • What did we “learn”

    1 – Eagles D is overrated.

    Any intelligent fan already knew this.

    2 – Eagles O isn’t going anywhere with Sanchez at the helm.

    Any intelligent fan already knew this.

  • Word is Chip Kelly is taking OL,WR,DL Coach’s to U of Florida with him
    To Gatorland…
    Rumor has Rex Ryan Taking over next Year and will
    Bring his Son Rob run the Defense
    And will keep OC Shurmur.,
    Expect a lot of 20-16 Type of Games for
    The rest of the decade … 🙁

  • This was our the Eagles measuring stick, and they failed. It lets us know where they are right now.

  • From cheesesteak selfie to buttfuckcheesehead…that’s mark sanchez..and who (raise your hands ) we have the posts ..wanted to sign fletcher last week . The kools and songs wanted to offer to drive foles to Carolina? Don’t see that happening…so that’s swing wiff two strikes…these snot kick affairs are sometimes the best tonic for a full of themselves bunch,as nobody’s ever won anything in week 12 of the nfl…you hope they hold the fort down ,until they get completely healthy ..they need take this game out on Tennessee and they are 8-3 Dallas Seattle Dallas …there’s your season..been saying it all along ..I’m hoping foles is back by Dallas That spark will be what the team needs to feed upon to close it out..until then mark sanchez is my guy..but let’s stay calm about getting the car warmed up to take foles away…right now the back end and front end of the defense is a more telling question? Is this too much Rodgers or not enough eagles talent…a bit of both..were not yet ready for prome time..if we can’t dominate the line of scrimmage with pressure this team as constructed will lose every time .in just this manner ..unless foles is bringing them back…as we often witnessed..

  • Packers loss

    Titans win

    Cowboys loss

    Seahawks loss

    Cowboys loss

    Redskins loss

    Giants win

    • You’re grasping MHenski.

      • No I’m not Sanchez blows. Cowboys will crush us they are so much better than us it’s not even funny.
        Maybe that skins game turns from a loss to a win but we r for sure losing to Dallas 2 x and sea

        We finish 9-7 or 10-6

  • Josh Huff sucks…
    There is that interception…um koolbreeze….songs..um wtf.

    • Bad turnover play by Sanchez…the game is over…no one has looked good in this game

  • No difference between Sanchez or Foles.

    You go with the younger player with more potential

    • how many deep throws from Sanchez tonight,,,,oh there was one to Cooper……

      Sanchez is Sanchez.

  • lol wow mark

  • Pick six and then a penalty… We need sanchez to be 500 as a starter till Foles gets back… This needed to be a shoot out and we know Foles is better in a shoot out

    • Foles is done to 2015 as he should be

  • Sanchez can’t throw an out pattern…

  • That’s the Sanchez we know and hate. LOL

  • Gotta beat Tenny next week,then pray upon pray to somehow split Seattle/Dallas untill Foles comes back.

    Only chance for Eagles in playoffs

    That being said….lets remember this is still a building/learning year. Playoffs are just gravy.

    This D not good enough to win a SB. Too bad Foles got hurt so he missed more development.

    Hopefully he’ll be back soon to continue his development so we can look forward to a run from 2015 – 2020.

  • Seriously…Josh Huff was a mistake. Martavius Bryant should be an Eagle. Josh Huff is symbolic of chip kelly oregon bias. Huff hurts this team every week.

    • John Brown Jr or better yet ILB Preston Brown
      Was the pick instead of Josh Huff who is not ready for prime time
      And will be a 4th/5th WR Type in his Career

    • How’s about that Benjamin & Bryant? Man, Smith III & Huff are awesome, aren’t they? Man, that Pro bowler Lane Johnson is a stud! Man, that secondary doesn’t need upgrades, with $24M+ under the cap. Wow, that Jenkins signing is really working well, although he has been MIA for 7 games now!

  • A little long on that one…

  • The ‘kool’ thing is now the stats will get padded. Oh btw, Sanchez over throw a lot too

  • That was a td to Cooper…where is the accuracy?

  • Careful what you wish for Eagles fans. I heard a lot of people giddy, crowing, and getting a little chesty about Sanchez last week. Foles was finally out of there. Well, the real Mark Sanchez came to GB and he’s really just a guy, an average player. Also the secondary stinks in its entirety and Mccoy needs to find the bench. How many weeks is his darting East and West for a loss going to be explained away. He looks disinterested and like he lost a gear. Give Polk the rock and spell him with Sproles. Sproles plays with some fire in his belly. This team is a year away on both sides of the ball.

  • Damn…kool and songs are mighty quiet!

    • Same guy

      • I stand corrected

    • Well. Got the over. So there’s that.

      Again…any rationaly Eagles fan know D was not good enough.

      Earlier this week people were says Eagles would win if Birds scored 38.

      I knew Pack was going high 30s. Its what they do.

      Any rational Eagles fan know Sanchez was a pretender stopgap….playing well against shitter Houston an Carolina. Pressure rises and the real “pick 6” Sanchez returns.

      Hopefully Sanchez holds the fort against Tenny next week….then holds so we have a chance when our starting QB returns.

  • Good td by Mathews…that is the advantage of a big wide out…sorry but Huff was still a mistake.

  • NJ Needs its own Football Team. I mean this is sickening!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It does…the jets and giants play in the meadowlands. They only claim NY for marketing purposes.

  • The Eagles will win there final 6 games. This team will roll now. I have no doubt in my mind that no team on the rest of there schedule will beat them. This loss is at a perfect time.

    • Titans 20-16
      Cowboys 44- 20
      Seahawks 19- 12
      Cowboys 31-26
      Eagles over the Giants & Redskins to finish 9-7
      And miss the Playoffs

      • lol pman shit throwing at your best u are a joke

        • He does it for a troll reaction because he likes seeing his name typed. It’s so obvious it’s pathetic.

          It’s why he uses third person.lmao

      • Nope you don’t jump off the wagon asshole

    • I don’t think we win 6 in a row dag but I agree this was a loss they could afford right now and can learn from big time.

      • This ISN’T a loss we could afford! WTF ARE YOU SMOKING? You can’t lose another conference game, especially after losing to SF & Arizona already. If we don’t win the division, & it comes down to a tiebreaker, we’re fucked!

  • Yeah Sanchez I’ll take those garbage time Tds. I started his ass on my fantasy team. Thank god for Mike Evans lmao.

  • Sanchez can only throw middle of the field, crosses and seem routes.. Back up

  • Pile it on..

  • Talent wins…culture brings harmony…that eas a pathetic attempt at tackling.

  • lol nata fucking allen jesus take him away

  • Look at that terrible tackling….this is the worst game of the year for our defense and special teams…smh

    • And offense

  • Simply put….the Eagles are being completely out physicalled.

  • Sanchez can make all of the throws he just needs better timing with the number 1 receivers

    • He has had time…Sanchez just threw off of his back foot…that was Folseian

  • Pman you already on the record at 8-8 …now 9-7 , what’s next . 10-6 lmao…

    • Bwahaha

      He also gave up on the Eagles in the Colts and Redskins games as well

      • Colts game was a lucky W..
        Colts took the ball out of Luck’s hands their last 2 Drives or it would be an over and the Eagles no business winning that Game

        • No…luck is when the ball happens to bounce your direction for a game winning score. Colts played their game and got beat. Luck could have just as easily threw picks. No luck…just playing the game.

  • Vinny Curry and Brandon Grahams big games are products of Billy Davis good scheme. When they have to go one on one they get dominated.

    • I disagree Izzell. I think they both have held their own in different schemes…just did not have time to play in the Reid era enough. They both…no…the whole Eagles d is getting dominated today. I think theyvate just cold and worn out. Fatigue makes cowards out of us all. Them boys are ready to get on the pkane.

      • EHL they aren’t bums…but they aren’t going to be any better with more playing time. They are just role players IMO

  • Haaaa this Sanchez dick face butt fumble guy is a talentless loser

    Eagles r completely fucked

  • Coach has some explaining …too…they were outplayed in all phases …that’s not something we’ve witnessed before ..the best test of character and culture ,is a large set when facing adversity…in chips world ,these types of losses can’t be in his culture …I sense ,personnel matters …and coaching..and now pride…this was embarrassing…

  • End of Season Moves

    Release the Following Players under Contract
    Cary Williams, Todd Herremans, James Casey

    Let Following Free-Agents Walk
    Nate Allen, C Thornton,C Matthews

    Rework following Veterans players Contracts
    T Cole, D Ryans, R Cooper

    Resign Following own Free-Agents
    Maclin,M Kendrick’s, B Boykin

    Sign Free-Agent CB & Safety & DE

    Draft CB,ILB, Safety,WR & RB

  • Well. Got the over. So there’s that.

    This is all aout being rational.

    Again…any rational Eagles fan know D was not good enough to win a sb.

    Earlier this week people were says Eagles would win if Birds scored 28.


    I knew Pack was going high 30s. Its what they do. Eagles needed into the 40 to win.

    Any rational Eagles fan know Sanchez was a pretender stopgap….playing well against shitter Houston an Carolina. Pressure rises and the real “pick 6″ Sanchez returns.

    Hopefully Sanchez holds the fort against Tenny next week….then holds/splits the first Dall/Seattle gmes so we have a chance when our starting QB returns.

    That’s rights Foles haters….when the starting QB returns………

    • You were right Vin. I could not have missed this any worse. This team laid an egg, and now we will learn what they are made of. Good teams can have a disaster, but bad teams don’t bounce back. We will learn soon what we have here.

  • 12 mins to go. Game is over.


  • jesus sanchez just fall on it

    • lol…I thought the same thing..just fall on the damn ball man…

  • The pack will put up more on us than they did the Bears…excruciatingly embarrasingly painful. God damn!

  • Play Barkley, Polk, Casey..
    They will need every Starter to be healthy for the Cowboy,Seahawks,
    cowboys Stretch or they miss the Playoffs..

  • If our starting QB was not injured we could have made a game of this.

  • this shit pisses me off ehl

  • Eagles will remember this in January when the play GB in NFC title game in GB.

  • Outcoached, outplayed in every facet of the game…get Shady out of the game

    • Was Shady even Playing..
      Give Sproles more touches at RB
      At least Sproles hits the holes behind the same line
      gets 4-5 Years a Carry

  • Sanchez is a “stare at one guy, never go deep QB” QB who has terrible body language when things go bad.

    He looked defeated before the game began.

    I do not want Sanchez to fail….I just want to remind the Sanchez ball lickers on here (Songs/Kool) that they hitched their wagons to Mark Sanchez….so they should not be surprised….that he’s playing like…..Mark Sanchez!

    Guy is good enough to hold the fort against inferior teams, but we have to move on!!!!!!!!!!! till the starting Qb returns!!!!!!!!!1

  • O line being pushed around…kelce pushed two yards in pocket….talent beats scheme and culture. Eagles are just being out physicalled.

  • get huff off the field that guy is a idiot

  • Josh Huff blew the route…did not look back in time…why oh why is Huff here. Sanchez just completely misses Ertz.

  • Yes Sanchez needs the reps might as well treat this has practice now

    • Stop it kool…he had reps in two games and practice. You was not saying this last week as you chirped about how good he was performing. No excuses.

  • i hope wevsee these fuckers again in the playoffs i luv revenge games

  • Chip Kelly has a phone interview with University of Florida on the Flight
    Owner Lurie, President Smolenski & GM Howie are jetting the
    Plane Ready for a HC Search..
    Maybe David Shaw who will Reject the Job as he eyes for the
    49ers gig after Harbaugh bolts to U of Michigan
    Then the “Pep Boys” will talk to HC Rodriquez from Arizona St,
    Briles from Baylor, Al Golden from Miami & Jumbo Fisher from Fla State
    Should be an interesting Off-Season

  • oh he needs the reps now huh

  • FYI…the first Eagles fumble was charged to Sanchez…not McCiy. Two picks and a fumble…3 turnovers in total.

    • No. No.

      According to Songs/Kool this is a complete fabrication. Only Foles

  • I was right about a Matt Barkley sighting

    • Looks like I was wrong with Sanchez out there, which makes little sense
      At this point.. Who Cares ….

  • cant wait til foles is back. im telling yall hes come back better than ever

  • The Eagles need defense and a running game. Sanchez has showed some “things,” however I’m not sure how he will be down the stretch. He needs to keep down the turnovers. (It’s ironic that the people who criticize Foles for turning the ball over are the same ones giving excuses for Sanchez.)

    I think the Eagles will need to rely on their run game. This is very important to the birds in terms of sustaining drives.

    Additionally, the defensive secondary is having a terrible game. I did not see the Eagles winning, however this is beyond terrible.

    It seems as if the Eagles were defeated before the game started.

  • Obviously we need Foles to make any run. This loss is not on butt fumble but his limitations are obvious to even a casual fan

  • Has Brad Smith made one Play at WR
    What a waster as was the 4th Down Call
    Stupid , Stupid, Stupid…
    Eagles are in Trouble down the Stretch

    • 6-0 paulman book it.

    • No, and I do not understand the allegiance Kelly has to Brad Smith, he was down during preseason and has done nothing. He may have had 1 good game at beginning of season, but, he is brutal too. He was out there in place of josh Huff who can’t catch a cold, evidently, neither can Brad Smith.

  • What is Sanchez in the red zone now that he played a team with a winning record? That was as bad as it gets….

  • Who was that guy betting me that Sanchez would replace Foles as the starter?

    At best we can now hope Sanchez can win us the winnable games on our schedule until Foles comes back. This is sad. Sanchez is horrendous.

  • Forget Foles…he’s done. Sanchez definitely has to play better, but this game is not like the San Francisco game where QB play cost us the game…the defense was putrid their worst game of the year

    • Lol, the problem is that Sanchez did nothing to make anyone forget about Foles. Sanchez can not put this team on his back if the defense or special teams are having a bad guy. It does not matter if it’s Foles or Sanchez. Go with the developing guy. Clearly Sanchez can not get us to the next level.

      • a bad day.

    • You’re right. This game is not like the San Fran game. We were at least in a position to try to win the game. Instead, this game was over by the first quarter. Nice observation.

  • foles hasnt cost us any game this season

    • Foles cost us in every game we have lost except this one

      • What is Foles record as a starter…not to many games he cost us…lol.

      • @ Kool. How did Foles cost us against the Cardinals when Foles walked off the field with a lead and only 1:21 left to play?

        I think you should focus on the real problem on offense. The lack of a consistent run game. Neither QB is good enough to carry the game on his shoulders. If we are able to run we can take the pressure off of whoever is the QB and have longer drives.

        • SF -Foles made Riley Cooper drop a TD pass and then made Kelly call 2 horrible plays on 3rd/4th goal
          Arizona- Also responsible for horrible playcalling at the end of the game.

          To say that he is directly responsible is ridiculous. Couple that with completely forgiving the fact that Sanchez didn’t do anything today and it proves how much of a troll Kool really is.

  • Wow!

    Sanchez today 50s% comp/ 2 tds 2 ints with a 1:1 td/int ratio

    This is a complete surprise!!

    Sanchez, for his career has been 50% with a 1:1 ratio…..so…..in this “quarterback friendly system” (so I have been told) he would be amazing!!!!!!!

    Wait? What? Sanchez is still doing exactly as what he’s always done?

    But its a “quarterback friendly system!?!?!?!?!?!”

    3 weeks till Foles comes back. Hold the fort!!!!

  • Uh, Sanchez is a servicable backup. Basically the same kind of player as Vick. He’ll win you the winnable games. But then he’ll look like this. Foles has had his team in every game he has started with Chip, aside from the Vikings game.

  • Again….D was terrible

    Every intelligent knew D was terrible.

    2 – Sanchez was terrible.

    Every intelligent Eagles knew Sanchez was terrible

    Move on.

  • Intelligent Eagles fan

  • agreed vinnie

  • Vinnie I was agreeing with u lol

  • It will be interesting to see how Kelly Rally’s the Troop’s
    his Teams worst Performance during his Tenure as an NFL Coach..

    After all the Hype and false build-up
    All week long… Improved Super Bowl Odds, Yada,Yada,Yada
    Now we will all See what Coach Kelly , His Staff,
    And Players are made of..

  • As usual the D gives a million point to and we are arguing about the qbs. Sheesh.

    The TEAM was horrid today.

    It’s a loss that we all had them losing at the start of the season. Moving on. They need a W next week.

    • We are only arguing about the QB because:

      1 – everyone agrees the D is terrible. (so what is to argue?)

      2 – The oline is horrible…but that didn’t seem to matter the last 8 weeks, so why does it matter now?

      3 – Not everyone agrees the QB is horrible (even though he was). SO we argue.

      Does that explain things for you?

      • Listening to you speak.. Or write… After a loss like this just makes my blood boil. You are not a fan of this team. You don’t understand the game. And you speak to hear yourself speak. Please… Honor your bet and take songs with you. No one likes you. Go away.

        • We disagree with you. Big Time. I don’t have the time to beat down the idiots, vinnie performs this service

          • Lol. We? U got a turd in your pants?

        • Nah, disagree Stevo.

          • Ok.. Fine… Ill just roll along with it..

            The o line has been bad. We have no run game. This has been said for 2 months now. I for one can’t wait for our Qb to come back but this guy has an adjenda… And it’s getting real old.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but Mark Sanchez had 4 turnovers, 3 that led directly to packer points. Thats 21 there. Then there was a punt return for a td. 28 pts that weren’t on the D. So the D gave up 25 and yea they were horrendous I’m not arguing that. But the 53 points don’t get pinned on the D. The QB is terrible.

    • Game was already over after the 1st Quarter
      2nd Half was just adding insult to injury
      Game was lost at 24-3

  • yup…qb is definitely terrible

    • I expected our D to struggle, but I expected the offense to be much better. The packers D is not great by any means

      • Packers D has been very good at Home..

  • vinnie i dont think the d is terrible. i think the game today was more on defensive scheme than anything. billy davis played not to get burnt and got lit up any way. we dont have the safties to just line up man to man and beat a good passing attack and we damn sure dont have the pass rush to disrupt it. he HAS to find ways to get pressure. it doesnt have to be like this. hopefully he learns from it and let them boys loose especially kendricks

    • Defensive scheme? Stop it…sometimes you got to beat one on one blocking and make a Damm play! The defense should be so humiliated and embaressed they were awful

  • The whole Team was Terrible from the get go
    including the Coach’s and yes the Equipment Manager as Pkayers were losing their Football all F’n Game
    Biggest Disappointment was RB L McCoy
    And LB M Kendrick’s who both were invisible again
    The Eagles are not a legitimate Playoff Team
    With large contributions from both Players
    The Eagles are not going anywhere riding the Right arms of Sanchez
    Just like they were when Foles was Playing which shoukd be painfully obvious to any Dan who has watched the Eagles when the Pkay quality Teams & Coaching Staff’s

    • The biggest disappointment in the game was dismal play of the front 7 who did nothing at all against a banged up GB offensive line…where was Barwin, Cox, Cole, Thorthon, Curry, Graham, or Hendricks? No pressure ,no sacks, no hits on the QB..

  • Let’s be real ..Vegas line opened at 41/2 moved to 6 …respect for mark sanchez going into lambeau and beating the hottest qb on the planet vs a Swiss cheese defensive backs..some times you just move into the cross hairs ..every team ,every child ..every body needs a snot kicking ass whooping ..it keeps it real..the eagles will rebound to beat Tennessee …that will be there who’s your daddy game going into jerry dome …that whole season and it’s playoffs is right there …for the taking…this wasn’t a huge boulder running down hill ..this was an avalanche..piss poor tackling ..weak ass effort …butt fumblitus..on full display…why I think this game each week redefines who we are as a team and who our true leaders are…as the role of Foles is redefined and a young quarterback resumes his place behind his line the season will be there for the chance to see Green Bay or arizona again ….at least we know who will be leading us …that’s what the packers game told us …mark who I’ll root for ,needs win the winnable game vs Tennessee and then the season begins anew..Dallas Seattle Dallas…the packer game was a haymaker ..Tennessee is there to get pummeled…get your mojo for the turkey bowl..I hate getting knocked down ..but I do love getting back up…btw … gcobb had a bad week ..predicting an eagles upset …and losing at the polls …like the eagles he too will need suck it up…

  • Forget Foles…no one misses the NFL turnover leader…we will beat Tennesese, split with Dallas, lose to Seattle, and beat NY and Wash to finish 11-5 for the season. This will get us in the playoffs and cement Sanchez as the starting QB for next year.

    • Once again, focus on the true issues.

      I don’t think either QB is the problem or issue with the team. The lack of run game and poor secondary are the issues.

      I don’t think anyone can say after last night they are convinced Sanchez is at all better than Foles even though Sanchez has several more years of starting experience. This is not to bash your favorite QB, its just stating how I feel. It’s hard to argue that a guy who has consistently been at the top of the league in turnovers is suddenly taking over a starting spot of someone who has half a season of turnover issues. This is strange since Sanchez committed four last night.

      You’re arguments are hypocritical and don’t make much sense.

  • Epic, humbling beatdown, is what the Sanchez slurpers & the front office, boot licking lackies needed! Where was the genius to save the day???? Geniuses win national championships, playoff games, make good roster transactions & don’t get their doors blown off! Now maybe you nitwits will see what I see. Sanchez still blows! The secondary is still a black hole, & the front 7 CANNOT get pressure unless we blitz. Championship quality teams don’t win with defenses & play calling like this. PERIOD!!!!!

    • Chip Kelly’s Play Calling had a lot more to do with this Loss well before the wheels fell off of Sanchez….
      His Red-Zone Play Calling is simply Amateurish and will not fool any Defense in the NFL …

      • Paul you continue to throw crap against the wall and not know one thing about football- particularly the NFL– they ran into a buzz saw– rogers was dropping the ball from the sky into covered receivers arms… it happens– have you noticed that ‘playoff runs’ happen sometimes when teams get hot- its an ebb and flow league–
        so you are saying in the 17 wins he has had in his short nfl career he won despite his amateurish play calling?

        • I throw alot up HAC for I see Everything from All Sides as it is..
          Last Years Defenses did not know how to Defend the Eagles and Kelly’s Offense in the Red-Zone.. This Year they do and Kelly has not Adjusted, hence the “Amateur in him” .. He needs to go back to College Ball and hope he takes the University of Florida Job that is there for him

          • what an idiot… so 7-3 this year after teams have adjusted to him.. tied for first in the division… you are stupid

            • Eagles are really a 5-5 Team and were very fortunate to get W’s versus the Jaguars/Colts who gave both those Games to the Amateur by their own poor Coaching Decisions
              Not impressed with this 2014 Version except for the improved Special Teams Play, which had a letdown Yesterday but have been outstanding all Season
              Offense has sputtered all Season, OL with Healthy Players back
              looks inept, Shady is Running like a Woman, and QB Play has been up and down all Year, Can’t Run the Ball, Can’t score TD’s once in the Red-Zone, Can stop any Offense on 3rd Downs, So yes, this Team has taken a Step Backwards in 2014

              • Youre need to be a troll on here ceases to amaze me. You dont stick to one thing you put out there. You constantly flip flop. Seriously.

                The team isnt 5-5. If they were they would be it. Every team in the NFL can see well we should be this or that.

                You are what your schedule makes you. So I guess the Cowboys are a 4-5 team.

                Etc etc etc…

                Give it a break. Stop being a hypocrite.

              • Teams that make and do not make the play offs do not get in based on what they could be, they make it based on what they are. No team can go to Goodell and say “well we should have won that game so we should be in”, or, we could have lost that game, we are not worthy. Hypotheticals do not mean anything in the real world of football.

              • ‘they are really a 5-5 team’– no they are not???? they are 7-3 I looked it up on multiple sources: my local paper, espn.com, fox sports etc– they all said they were 7-3– each and everyone of them-
                ‘poor coaching decisions’ so he only wins when other teams make mistakes, but loses when he makes mistakes? interesting…

              • Eagles Play like a 5-5 Team…
                Let see how they react and bounce back against an Inferior Talented Team in the Tennessee Titans who will be coming off a
                short week versus a Physical Team and Game vs the Steelers

                Any Win less than 17 Points over the overmatched Titans is not a good sign moving Forward

              • again paul you must not watch the nfl

  • Lol Jesus Christ it’s one loss, that anyone with a brain and some realism saw coming. If they can’t recover from this they are not a playoff worthy team.

  • Sanchez has 4 ints in 3 games. Please shut up about the kid. The Birds win as a team here on out. Sanchez will not be gun slinging us to the playoffs.

    Only a fucking idiot….errrr.. I mean SongsisKoolDickhead
    would think otherwise

  • The sky is falling,the sky is falling! Green Bay got trounced week one– its the NFL sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes your the bug…
    the nitwits are quiet after the win or say ‘i’m pleasantly surprised by this’ and then a loss and they are back to their vitriol!

  • Listening to WIP
    Chip Kelly 15-2 against losing/non playoff teams
    2-7 against winning teams
    They better turn this defense around this off season.

    • eagles landed…did they mention that mighty green bay has only beaten two teams with winning records/playoffs in 13-14?

      • HAC…They did not, however, I think the point was to look at who the Eagles success has been against. They were not concerned about the team that just kicked our ass in and out of Green Bay.

        • and of course new england has beaten like 5 out of 20 wins of teams with winning records. point is everyone takes one on the chin… its the nfl- wins are tough

          • As I am aware, however, the Eagles need a statement game against a quality top notch team…no? You only get so many opportunities to do so… Cardinals….some thought the 49ers. Carpe diem!!!

            • ok i get it no win is a good win and all losses are tragic…. understood!

              • Call it what you will, a statement game win against a upper echelon opponent wold be great for this team, and a long time coming! No?

  • I think the G-Man should stick with Politics…

  • Looks like Ahmad Brooks may be on the way out in SF.

    Definitely a guy the Birds should look into this offseason.

    • He’s a Head Case with off the Field Issues and Locker Room/Coaching Issues and will not be considered by the Eagles… Carry On…

  • Unless the Lions freefall(a distinct possbility) its NFC East champ winner or nothing.

    I have the Cowboys losing to Giants and the Redskins. I have the Birds losing the Cowboys once. Thats the division winner.

    It could be a flip flop especially if we lose twice to the Boys(I dont see Romo coming into Philly and winning big)

    • HC Jim Caldwell will prevent the usual Free-Fall the Lions have had under
      previous HC Jim Schwartz… Caldwell brings experience, preparation and a steady & confident approach to Winning Football Games
      Lions are for Real..

  • hey flip flop look at what you wrote a couple of days ago…you make a good ‘prediction’ — it comes true and you flip flop on yourself… too f.ing funny!

    November 14, 2014 – 1:20 pm

    Packers 38 – Eagles 20

    Eagles are bound to play a poor game, Barkley in the 4th Quarter to lead Eagles to 10 Points during Garbage Time ..

    • I idid not have a good feel about this Game or Match-Up with the Packers
      who would beat the Eagles 7-8 out of 10 Times regardless of where the Game would be Played.. Aaron Rodgers is the Best QB in the NFL and the Eagles have a habit of making Mediocre QB;s look good let alone Elite QB’s like Rodgers
      (Chad Henne, Kirk Cousins, Carson Palmer this Year come to mind
      as well as Kyle Orton,Matt Cassell,Scott Tolzien or Matt Flynn from Last Season)

      • so why all the sky is falling talk when it actually happens? oh i know…’shit meet wall’ fraudman has spoken. man of no convictions, no pride and zero knowledge of sport

        • I know Eagles Football HAC and who the Local Media/Fans hype up every Team that Wins a few games and have 40 Years of underperforming and choking when it counts… No big deal really, it’s only Football

          • what happened 40 years ago has zero bearing on today– anyone knows that– you don’t but anyone with a bit of knowledge of sport does…
            you hype them when they play well more than anyone– jump on the wagon then when they have a bad game the sky is falling.

            • The 40 Years of Choking are all over the History of the Eagles and the City of Philadelphia… even WC Fields stated this a 100 Years ago so it must be True…

              • again proves exactly how clueless you are. most of these players/coaches have been here for less than three years…

              • Why do you consistantly get so much joy putting down the city of Philadelphia? We get it, you chose to leave and live in the backwoods of North Carolina. Why do you constantly have to come on here and put this area down? Does it make you feel better about yourself? You obviously have a need for attention with all of your ridiculous posts just craving a response, but what did this area do to you that you feel the need to take a shot every chance you get? Were you bullied here Paul? Did someone make you cry and you had to get far away and try and hide? Did you figure out that you could not cut it here so you had to find an isolated place to exist? I don’t get it with you, you obviously hate the town and the people, I guess it is an easy way for you to get attention, just like those maggot Cowgirl fans around here.

              • I Left 25 Years ago for much better Work Opportunities and a much
                better Quality of Life for me and my Family… To each their own…
                but the “Inferiority Complex” of Philly still remains, I see….

              • I find it hilarious how when you are criticized and called on your nonsense Paulman you quickly say no big deal, its only football but you are the biggest attention look at me person on here. Lol you seek credit at every turn possible and post a million times so that you have something to crow about. Its funny you posted about an inferiority complex when you need an ego boost all the time with your posts lol…..

              • I get it. It is a competitive situation when you are looking for work in this area. I am sure that it was easier for you to compete in a more isolated area. I actually did not grow up here, but have been here for over 30 years, so that whole inferiority complex really doesn’t hit home with me. I travel a great deal, in fact I am unfortunately going to be in Wisconsin later tonite, but have found the Philadelphia area to be one of the better places to live. You obviously have issues with this area, and love to put it down at any give chance. I think that may say a lot about you Paul. Again, I will put you in the same catagory as those maggot Cowgirl fans in the area just craving attention.

              • Competitive??
                How about way too Congested, Dirty, lots of Crime, Shitty Schools, High Cost of Living.. Philly’s not bad as a BIg CIty goes, I just have no interest adding an Hour to my Day by simply commuting anywhere..
                I could work back there very easily for a lot more $$ than I earn now, but it’s not worth it for me and my Kids.. I simplified my life many years ago and have no yearning for the Rate Race/Sewer Pit that is the I-95 Corridor…
                I go back every Year for 4-5 days and that’s about enough for me… To Each their Own

              • Get outta my face with your shit rationale for moving to north Carolina. Their school districts are worse than most of Phillys suburban schools.

                They’re aren’t better job opportunities there either.

                And to move somewhere and make less money is always a fail and selling Urself short.

              • See that is the thing Paul, you say to each his own, but then have to add a backhanded slap. You have issues. I have read and remember you description of the area. I have been there, nice to visit, but not for me. You clearly love to put down this city and it’s people. And I will call you on it every time. You are wrong.

              • You cats keep ripping into Paul for his criticisms of Philly, but is he wrong? I’ve lived here my entire 45 years on this Earth, & this city is nothing more than a drug, dirt, derelict & criminal infested cesspool, filled with lazy, entitled bums, with corrupt city government, & shit school systems! But hey, we have passionate fans & cheesesteaks, so I guess that’s good enough?!?! Get your heads out of your asses, grow a pair of balls, & stop being so f^#@ing defensive, when the truth is stated!

              • If that is what you feel DCar then why would you stay? As you say, grow a pair and move if that is what you are seeing everyday, unless you would just rather complain and do nothing I guess.

              • green, that isn’t what I see, that is what is out there! Do you live in denial, or are you just blind? BTW, when my last kid goes away to college, I am outta here. I spent 10 years of my life wasted trying to clean these cesspool streets up, so don’t try to act like you know WTF is going on. You probably don’t even live the city, live in the burbs, or NJ & claim you do, just to sound special! Please man, open your eyes!

              • even tho paul is a complete fraud when it comes to sports, criticizing a man for moving his family to an area that provides a better opportunity and lifestyle is idiotic. i’ve been to Boone, NC and it is a great place and i’m sure provides a nice lifestyle.

              • I still go to Philly to buy Italian sausage, ravioli, bread, cannoli , Polish kielbasa, sauerkraut, knishes, pastrami pierogies, cakes, ducks, Asian dumplings — You can’t find that quality anywhere else, these vendors have been doing it right for 50 years. I like the Walnut Theater and Kimmel Center.

  • Who cares what another dude get, got, don’t got , bitches

  • I moved to Indy for a nice Promotion in 1987
    Then to Charlotte for a bigger Promotion
    In 1994 then to Altoona,Pa (which is real shithole)
    In2000 For a bigger Promotion..
    I hated the area and the lack of opportunity for my kids and moved back to
    Boone,NC in 2095 which is a College Town
    And our School District (Watauga County) is the 2nd/3rd best School District in the State behind Chapel Hill & Cary,Nc. Our rSchool District
    Our High School average 180 Point Higher SAT Scores than the National Average . 70% of HS Seniors attend Higher Education
    And with the 17,000 Student attending Appakachian State Univeristy,
    The Hospital System, The School District
    And being the County Seat provide good employment
    Opportunities for the Educated..
    We are a large 2nd Home and Tourist area as well,
    With Mtns,Ski Resorts,Horse Stables,Mtn Biking,Kayaking
    And Golf and any other outdoor activity you can think of
    It’s a nice hidden pocket nestled in the Blue Ridge Mtns which
    Attracts many wealthy 2nd homers from Florida to
    Best their Summer Heat, ski & winter Sports,
    Great Hiking,Camping & Fishibg for Sumner a time
    Beautiful year round views with a County full time
    Population of Aporox 40,000 people (Including College Dtudents and a vibrant Downtown full of shops,bars,restaurants, etc,etc
    It’s a beautiful place in which I live and chose this location which
    I am damn glad I did.
    Check it out Boone,Blowing Rock & Banner Elk,NC
    For it’s a great Place to Live,Work,Raise a Family,
    Or to Visit any time of Year..
    I’m 2 hours from Charlotte, 1 & 1/2 Hrs to
    Asheville & Winston-Salem

    • With 25 Years of Experience in Transportation & Logistics
      From Big Companies to Medium Size, I can work anywhere
      My wife is a 20 Year Experienced Nurse and can work anywhere
      We chose Boone,NC and believe me, we did our Homework
      And have no desire to move again..
      I could work back up in Jersey/Philly for more $$$
      But gave no desire to at age 51,
      I will retire in 10 Years and be very comfortable here
      The only thibg I miss is being closer to the Beach
      I’m 4-5-6 hours to Charleston, Myrtle Beach,
      NC Carolina Beach’s but maybe someday get a Condo
      At one of the Beach Towns

  • No one gives a shit, we come here to offer opinions and hear others sports opinions, and get entertainment, why do you need to validate yourself by selling your life’s decisions we don’t care

  • I’d rather hear from songs on his vaccination conspiracy theory than how wonderful boring Paulman’s life turned out

    • LMAO

  • Lol only on this site does someone has to post job history
    Talk football and shut the hell up already lmao

  • gcobb should do a thread: post your resume!

    • some of these guys are crazy, I think Gmcliff might try to hit me over the head with a trash can lid. Dcar was running around Philly in a hoodie searching for Mhenski.

      • e0, you call us crazy, when you stalked a handicapped, ill-health dude on here for months! Leave gmcliff alone, he has been ill off & on recently. Give it a rest! Hoodie? LOL!

    • Yeah, & we’d all be impressed by your retired coaching/ teacher/ referee, no-it-all, career. While you are at it, post again, how pristine, perfect, untouched, & kempt your family is, how they don’t curse, don’t drink, perfect in school, still virgins, blah, blah, blah! Just STFU, you lying, fraud, dirty douche-nozzle!

      • aaah there it is, question the great (in his mind) DCAR and the name calling comes out! perfect, like the spoiled unfulfilled loser he is.
        We are equally impressed with lets see: played college ball until injury, 10 year cop, kids in college, half italian, black, indian, white, chinese, house flipper, night watchman.– see you have given a glimpse of your resume as well….
        I’m not so sure why you have an issue with a measly public school educator- its not a glamorous job, hs coaching earns you less than 2 per hour- I never said my kids were perfect that is something your small inbred mind conjured up taking something out of context- I am fortunate that my kids are decent human beings picked schools based on academics not party reputations

        • My issues with you are evident & transparent! You have come on here for 3 years, ripping me, calling me a negative nitwit, that doesn’t know sports, nor talent, while bragging about your coaching/ referee teacher career, that you know better. You came on here, & posted that your kids were perfect, didn’t curse, drink, were perfect in school, blah, blah, blah! You bring nothing to the table! You call me names, although I’m correct mostly all of the time! I’m spoiled & unfulfilled! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’ve been working since I was 15 & put myself through school twice, & had to take care of my younger siblings when my parents died young. So, I’m hardly spoiled, you clueless, fucking imbecile! I’ve accomplished more in my life, than your fat, wannabe athlete ass, that had to coach & referee, because he was never good nor athletic enough to actually play! Still, you come on here, like the clueless, condescending, troll, bow at the alter, boot licking lackey you are! You don’t know shit! So keep deflecting & spewing hot garbage, like what you’re great at! Just STFU!

          • This is a pricless rant that you can’t find anywhere but gcobb, beautiful almost prose

            • Yes sir we need more DCar.

  • @hac & DCar. HAC, I do not criticize Pman for moving to Boone, I am sick of him putting this area down with his comments at every chance. I have been to Boone also, nice place and it sounds like Paul works for their tourism commission, but that doesn’t mean that he should continue to bash this area and people, and then claim to be a fan of its team. It is a chicken shit move by Paul, and it is a tired act.

    DCar you are right, I live in the PA burbs. Within 5-8 miles of the city boundary. I also agree with you and Paul that there are real problems in the city with crime, blight and unemployment, but much can be said about every other large city in the US. From past posts I know that you have worked closely (law enforcement and youth coaching I think) trying to improve the situation. Your perspective is clearly different than mine, but my issue is with people who live far away constantly taking shots at the area for no good reason.

    • Well, if you agree with what he is saying, & you DON’T you don’t have the right, nor the credibility to rip him, for stating the truth & wanting to give his family & himself a safer, better life! Does he get repetitive & redundant? Yes. But he isn’t wrong, & can root for his home town team if he wants.

      • I think we disagree here DCar. Just as this nitwit has the RIGHT to make idiotic posts day in and day out, I have the RIGHT to object to him bashing the area and team. Sorry, if he hates this team and area so much go and follow the pathetic Panthers and annoy their fans.

        • I second that im not frm philly but most of my family is and pman is constantly stating how terrible philly os which bothers me its a place thats struggling right now but its got great people but pman as usual focuses on shit to make himself look better fuckin snob

          • Interesting topic, I’m a proud to say Philly is my hometown my oldest son is graduating from Temple this year but yes I’ve decided to raise my 3 younger kids on Jacksonville so I can’t hate on Paulman but I can say he’s full of crap because some good people reside in Philly and I get back up there at least 10 times a year.

            • I never thought that supporting the home team and home town would be so unpopular to some.

              • Like I said, you don’t live in the city, so you have zero credibility, nor knowledge, to how it is here in the city limits! I understand, it’s the in thing to say, that you are from Philadelphia, when you live in the burbs. Makes you sound more like “A true fan, & supporter of the city”. I get it, but I gurantee you one thing, we wouldn’t see your ass walking around the city from dusk til dawn, & come away with the same ill-advised opinion you have! I love my teams & certain things about my city, but it doesn’t change the fact, that this city, like I stated, “Is nothing more than a drug, dirt, derelict & criminal infested cesspool, filled with lazy, entitled bums, with corrupt city government, & shit school systems! But hey, we have passionate fans & cheesesteaks, so I guess that’s good enough?!?!”

              • Guess you make the rules. Like I said I disagree, but if that is the situation that you chose to raise your kids and live for so long, that really makes you a dumb ass. But you also tend to prove that on a frequent basis, so no surprise.

              • Philadelphia is just like DCar said especially if you live there. However the same can be said and maybe worse about LA, NYC, Miami, Chicago.

                Its a great city for the suburbanites to enjoy the food, shooping, museums, etc. But fuck living there especially if you have kids the school district is as bad as it gets.

                While Corbett totally made the school worse the city itself is awfully bad at money management and property taxes in the city are a fucking joke. Philly’s next mayor needs to upgrade the citys spending plan and increase property taxes – its the only way to turn that school district around

              • Dumb ass, says the dumb ass with no credibility, & spews factless, baseless comments! Don’t comment on things you have no clue about, you look like the stupid f^#@! The only thing I prove on here, is how I can expose the frauds, liars, stupid fucks, racists, boot licking lackies, alter bowers, lemmings, & imbeciles on a frequent basis! Again, you are wrong, have no credibility, nor right to comment on anything you have no clue about! Have a nice day assclown!

              • LOL. Credibility? Credibility on the anonymous internet? What a joke. You come off like an adolescent with absolutely no impulse control, so I have no doubt that everything you say is 100% made up, not credible. Hate where you live, hate the people around you and COMPLAIN about it on the Internet, makes perfect sense. What a joke.

              • Riiiiight, I expose you as a fraud, who doesn’t even live in the city he’s making excuses for, has no clue to how it really is, & you turn it on me. Hilarious! Keep trying fucknuts!

            • Interesting logic, but I am not sure where this fraud was supposedly exposed? The fact that I don’t live within the city limits means that I cannot make a comment, but you accept the comments from guys in Fla and NC because they agree with you that you live in a piece of shit city? And I am the fraud? I guess. Since you make the rules for everyone, then it is what you say.

              I guess I am a fraud as you say, choosing to live in this area for the past 31 years. Becuase I am smart enough to avoid some of the worse sections of the city and you have chosen to raise a family there, again, makes me a fraud in your book. I guess in your twisted mind you need to rationalize and put others down to avoid the fact that YOU ALONE are responsible for where you live and how you live, and the decisons that YOU have made have put you and your family there. Interesting that you will raise your kids there, and then as you stated, leave this ceasepool….I bet that your kids appreciate that.

              This is actually pretty comical. I comment on a guy who lives hundreds of miles away who likes to take pot shots at this area, and suddenly I am labled a fraud by an Internet pyschopath. Keep at it DCar, I will probably continue to answer because it is just like picking a scab, you know that you probably shouldn’t, but sometimes cannot resist because it is there. Fraud…too funny really.

              • Hey you guys before you go off of the deep-end..
                Everyone should be proud and those great times
                And memories from wherever they were raised..
                I don’t dislike Philly, I just prefer to live elsewhere
                and away from the over saturated, rat race, over coat of living
                Of the I-95 Corridor which extends from Boston down to Northern
                Va.. It’s just my choice after moving around a bit..
                To each their own, but there is a big Country out there
                But home town will always be hometown as it should..
                And there is nothing wrong about that…

              • I seriously cannot stop laughing.

  • Good grief DCar is back and up to his usual whining, cursing, ranting and telling his life story.

    Eagles losses bring all the crazy psychopaths out.

    • Hey Charlie Brownstain, if you don’t like it too bad! Look at the true culprits, of why I went on my rant. I’m far from a crazy psychopath, douche nozzle! Go rootdown a brain cell!

      • LOL!!!! What’s Up DCar??!! Back from a needed vacation at The Atlantis in the Bahamas with my kids, and the GrandKids….

        • hope your feeling well after that vacation and especially after that stroke GMCliff now let’s get back to some draft debating… maybe you’ll learn something.

        • gmcliff, good to hear from you bruh! Hope your health is improving with the relaxing vacation.

          • DCar it looks like the effects of the stroke are permanent, but I’m coping with it….Thanks for asking bruh. Always good to hear from you as well my Brother…:)

        • GM i put an APB out for you a week ago! did you get to watch football in the bahamas?

          • I saw a little Ciggy at Bobby Flay’s restaurant, but focused more on the Grandkids…

            • Cliff will you be going to any Tatnall games this winter? I will buy you a coke

              • No, my son graduated years ago from Tatnall…I’ve been staying up on my nephew Avery Roberts football games at Concord High. He is an All State 6-2 215 LB Sophomore

                He is being recruited by Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida State, Michigan State, and Georgia Tech….We call him Dirty Gravy..

        • YO GM! Nice to see you back. Hope you enjoyed your vacation….

          Friggin Paul and DCar said you ran off with TSJohnson, but I knew that was bullshit… LOL. You know how them guys from the ghetto like to talk shit..

          • Love them both Irish…I’m married bruh so I doubt if I’ll sneak off somewhere expensive like that with anyone else

            • Hey GMCliff,
              It’s good to hear from you and see that your doing better
              and that you had a nice time in Bahama’s
              All is well down here in Boone,NC on my end..
              I got you on the last Fantasy Match-up …Ha..

              • Hey Paul!!…I haven’t seen any pre draft mocks from you lately man, I feel cheated..

                Yeah you got me – I hope Marshawn Lynch can get 41 points for you if you see me in the playoffs……without that…well…….

            • Just pulling you leg GM….

              • I’m middle of the boat on both leagues and missed the Drafts and got all the automated picks.. I’ve had to scramble on both FF Teams and especially at QB Position where the automated Drafts gave me RG3 and Alex Smith…
                I’ve had a few Mock’s Posted and will get another one up here soon

    • Paulman you are either a schizophrenic or lying ass flip flopping clown

      You flat out trashed philly, your not even from Philly. Your soft ass hails from some rich ass suburb of new Jersey

      But have the balls to stand behind your comments about how bad philly is. You left. I left too, but not from Jersey ass clown , and I go back, worked there for many years, I am immune to dudes jerking off in the urinals at Penn suburban station, the smell that you never smelled from walking the streets, the same streets

      You should just stfu and for all of us say something intelligent about football. You are an ass

      • nah he is from far country / hill billy country / cowtown county. – Gloucester county. Nj

        • As Usual Henski, your wrong again
          Born in Camden, lived Brooklawn,Nj, then Family moved to a Voorhees,Nj where I lived thru High School years..
          I Attended Rutgers-Camden and lived on Cooper Street in Camden my 4 Years until Graduating in 1986, then lived in Collingswood until moving on to bigger and better thing to Indianapolis,In in 1987 and never looked back

          • If I’m wrong it’s because you lied. You for sure told me you previously lived in Gloucester county

            • I never lie Mhenski and simply have no reason to…
              I have a Sister who lives down in Swedesboro,NJ who I visit and stay with when I Visit home every year.. Swedesboro is in Gloucester County and maybe your thinking of that..

              • (S)he who says he never lies, lied when they said it!

              • I’m middle of the boat on both leagues and missed the Drafts and got all the automated picks.. I’ve had to scramble on both FF Teams and especially at QB Position where the automated Drafts gave me RG3 and Alex Smith…
                I’ve had a few Mock’s Posted and will get another one up here soon

      • Anyone who knows South Jersey knows that Voorhees was not the “Rich Suburb” in the 60’s,70’s,early 80’s which is the era I grew up there.. It did become developed with lots of Well to do neighborhoods in the late 80’s & 90’s and ever since but I grew up in a Middle-Class Neighborhood within walking distance to the Ashland Speed-Line Station and the old Echelon Mall off of Burn Mill Rd and Evesham/Somerdale Rd Areas which was far from a rich wealthy neighborhood..

  • huffingtonpost.com/tamara-star/7-habit-of-chronically-unhappy-people_b_6174000.html
    read an article on the Huffington Post this morning titled “7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People”
    let’s see if any of these habits fit Doomy and Gloomy?
    1. Your default belief is that life is hard.
    2. You believe most people can’t be trusted.
    3. You concentrate on what’s wrong in this world versus what’s right.
    4. You compare yourself to others and harbor jealousy.
    5. You strive to control your life.
    6 You consider your future with worry and fear.
    7. You fill your conversations with gossip and complaints.

    • 8. Your gcobb username is DCar

  • As to the 2 douche nozzles above-
    1. Life is only as hard as you let it be.
    2. Most people can’t be trusted.
    3. I don’t give a shit what is wrong with the world.
    4. Nobody in this world is good enough, nor important enough, for me to be jealous of.
    5. My life is under control. WTF does that even mean????
    6. I’ve set my future up, pretty damn well, fear & worry about nothing, except the health & welfare of my kids & G kids.
    7. I don’t gossip, but I do complain about stupidity & retarded-ness, because this site is full of you.
    8. Go back under the El & beg for $$$$ for blow jobs like you usually do!

  • “Coach Gruden said we have to keep our Focus on San Francisco”
    (And no doubt he did say that)

    We’re focused on San Francisco,
    Like I said, we’re focused on San Francisco.
    Like I said, just focus on San Francisco.
    We’re just focused on San Francisco
    Focused on San Francisco, man
    Like I said, man, focused on San Francisco.
    Like I said, focusing on San Francisco, man,
    Focused on San Francisco Just preparing for San Francisco, man.
    Jay wants me to focus on San Francisco, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

    What a dick.

    3 days after tossing all his teammates under the bus, he spends an entire press conference sassing his head coach.

    Coach told me to focus on San Francisco…I’ll show him focus….

    Hey Songs….how you feel about your hero now?? What a dork.

    Love it…..Washington a mess for a loooooong time to come……..

    • Rg3 sucks, never was an nfl prospect, media creation, they want him to succeed, but he sucks

      Meanwhile the eagles qb, a third round selection in the same draft is so far advanced with his qb skills has not only surpassed this negro in play but has set records but the media says he sucks

      Figure it out

  • Paulman states there is a big country out there but by his posts he’s made it from cherry hill nj to Boone county north Carolina

    World traveler Paulman

    • Jake you have issues

    • Hey douche-bag Jake..
      I guess you mid-read or simply can’t comprehend
      my Time in Indianapolis,In or
      Charlotte,Nc ole Altoona,Pa before settling in Boone
      What’s wrong with you… You’ve probably never been a 100 miles from
      Philly are you Loser.. Your Small mind and mentality always gives you away

      • Damn getting tag teamed from the most unlikely of a coalition, Paulman and haveacigar, at least I’ve allowed you losers to seek common ground

        Paulman I would never be stupid enough to share my life’s history on a sports blog, what I say, read isn’t that important

        But you have told us all we need to know that you are a certified blow hard jack ass

        • I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else
          Here on this blog nor do I have anything to hide
          From as far as my upbringing, my experiences or education
          Or anything.. I fear no one and have zippo reason
          To worry about about what you think or don’t think
          Did I tell you i’be been married 26 Years and have 2 bright, healthy, smart
          And well rounded kids.. 1 in her 2nd year at Western Carolina University
          And a Son in his Junior Year of High School and just beginning his College Search .. I’ve been fortunate and very blessed in my life
          And wouldn’t trade any decisions our family has made the last 25 Years..

          • Funny. In DCars eyes all of that time away from the area makes you an expert and your opinion is worth supporting while someone who lives 5 miles outside the city boundary for 31 years is a fraud. Interesting how that works.

            • No in my eyes, you are a fraud with no credibility, for ripping into paul, for stating the truth about the city, regardless whether he’s here, or not. You rip him for living in NC, while you live in the burbs, & know squat of what you speak. Did you ever think, maybe paul has lots of family in hometown, & tell him about the city? How can you live 5 miles from the city & be as clueless & blind as you are? Keep trying, to delflect, & reverse your stupidity on us. You have been exposed! Take it like a man, & beat it, along with the constantly clueless boot licking lackey havenoclue! 2 epic, imbecilic morons, on the site of many!

              • lol. How can I continue to post on here, I have lost all credibility with the site physco?

                Interseting that you feel the need to be Pman’s bodyguard.

                Really hilarious. Keep it up man. Show the anger and frustration within yourself for all of your past mistakes and failures. Easy to see really. Too funny.

              • So paulman has never lived in philly and his opinion of the city is correct but someone who lives 5 miles from phillys opinion isn’t credible ?

      • Ooh I forgot to mention Jakebag of my business Travels from Chicago,Detroit, St Louis, Memphis,Dallas,
        Phoenix, Las Angeles,Los Angeles, Birmingham,Nashville,
        Atlanta,Jacksonville,Orlando, Charleston,Hartford,Boston,
        Pittsburgh,Erie,Buffalo,Baltimore,NY and DC
        So I’ve been all around the US (Outside the Great Northwest)
        If your keeping tabs..

        • Haha keep posting Paulman and keep proving my point

          You can travel the world but when you arrive at your next destination , settle in at the hotel, and look in the mirror you will see the reflexion of the same sorry ass you attempted to run away from years ago from Gloucester county or from wherever your sorry saggy ball bitch hails

          • You must he thinking about yourself Jake..
            By the way Brooklawn,Voorhees & Camden
            Are in Camden County and not Gloucester County
            If you knew your damn surroundings at all..
            Jakedog is just another frustrated small minded bigot
            Which you have proven many times over all by yourself

  • Yes I have major issues with the fiction created by the nfl, the media, and the shit heads of the world like you that cam newton is a good qb that rg3 struggles because of coaching, and nick foles sucks

    • Take in some coffee bro, sober up… I’m a Foles guy, I hate rg me and think cam is j. Russell…

  • I guess everyone on here is a “Pycho-Analyst” or something…
    Bottom line, I prefer living in a smaller Town, a Rural type of Town with a simpler LIfestyle than that of a Big City.. Each Move I have made over the last 25 Years has been to a smaller and smaller City/Town ..
    It’s a simple as that and not sure why anyone really cares one way or another.. I like my space and the great Outdoors and living in a much lower Cost of Living area isn’t bad either.. Living here in Boone with a vibrant 17,000 Student State University, offers many Sporting,Live Music, Arts,Festivals, etc,etc and plenty of Young People to help keep things hopping in our small Town..
    Lets stick to Football and the Eagles.

    • I will say it -Again – for the 3rd straight year, we need pass rush!!!

      This can be done in both free agency, and the draft. Justin Houston who was drafted in the 3rd Round after GMCliff suggested taking him in the 2nd Round the year he was drafted (25)

      We can resolve secondary issues in free agency with young, experienced, veterans, with above average talent like Chris Harris(25), and Byron Maxwell(26), and drafting for depth.

      We could also use an upgrade on the Interior Offensive Line: Orlando Franklin(25), and Marcus Cannon(26) both are 6-5 337lbs.

      In the draft I’m looking at :

      1. Randy Gregory( if possible to trade up for), and or Alvin Dupree as Pass Rushing 3-4 OLB’s

      2. DeMeco Ryans eventual successor – Benardrick McKinney,1st – 2nd Round and 2 Safety prospects – Cody Prewitt of Ole Miss, 2nd Round and Anthony Harris of Virginia 3rd – 4th Round.

      3. Offensive Line Depth – LeRaven Clark, 3rd Round to back up and successor to Jason Peters, and Vadal Alexander LSU OG 6-6 340lbs, 3rd- 4th Round

      4. WR – If he comes out – Doriel Beckham Green 6-3 212 4.45, 3rd-4th

      5. Corner Depth – Eric Murray, Minnesota 6-1 200 4.47, 5th Round

      6. Quarterback Depth – Sean Mannion, Oregon State or Jacoby Brissett, North Carolina State


        • In hindsight
          Eagles could have Selected Either Safety Deone Buchannon or CB
          Bradely Robey at that 26th Spot and probably would have had a Starter in the Secondary over a Nate Allen or Cary Williams

          • Hindsight exactly. Most thought Deone Buchannon would last until the 2nd Round…But of the ones you mentioned, for me it’s Deone Buchannon hands down – suggested by Myself, Eaglehaslanded, and Biglion.

            • along with 42 other names

              • I only see 11 E0S…..from myself, you won’t see much more than that, and that’s the way it’s been for the last 4 years…….

              • GMCliff – you had a chance to accept the ” Beat Howie Roseman Challenge” and you chickened out, i would strongly suggest you accept the challenge next draft. It will be offered again…

              • And I gave you a chance to redeem yourself as a know nothing critic, who brings nothing to the table except criticism of other peoples suggestions – and have none of your own prior to the combine, so that we can call you on the carpet when your suggestions stink.

                How’s Stephen Tuitt been playing? Would have been a crap pick for the Eagles……

                Sit your know cynical nothing ass down, with your stupid challenge……

                I want to see mocks from you – for once – before the combine, so you don’t try to look like a genius, when you had no clue who these players were, or what they strengths, and talents Intel.

              • There is nothing wrong with Stephon Tuitt. Dick Lebeau never played previous DE’sZiggy Hood or Cam Heyward recently either in their rookie year and they were first round picks. Don’t fret about Tuitt, that is the Steeler D way unless injured dictates other wise. Everyone gets different enjoyment out of the draft process. I like to follow the local high school players and local College players through the process. I know I am not better than Howie and respect his efforts the last 3 years. Recently you have suggested ridiculous players void of Eagles offensive and defensive preferences and criteria. Kony Ealy is not an OLB and Chip told everyone he wanted bigger WR and you suggest Paul Richardson. ( square pegs into round holes)

              • LOL!!! Offense, but you are really pathetic man…..First Tuiit is not playing because he doesn’t have it…period…but he has been on the field more than Marcus Smith.

                So you’re saying that Smith is the model for what Kelly, and Howie’s vision is on Defense huh??

                Regardless of what you, or they thought was better for the team, players suggested by ME like:

                2013 – Kony Ealy, Jeremiah Attoachu, Kyle Fuller, Deone Buchannon, Gabe Jackson, Cyril Richardson, Justin Ellis, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Brandon Thomas.

                2012 – Ezekiel Ansah, Sheldon Richardson, DJ Fluker, Jonathan Cyprien, Jamie Collins, Larry Warford, Sio Moore, Ty Powell, and Montori Hughes.

                2011 – Dontari Poe, Bobby Wagner, Kelechi Osemele, Vinny Curry, Trumaine Johnson, Brandon Brooks, Josh Norman, Akiem Hicks, and Demarrio Davis

                would all have been starters, or impact contributors on the Eagles. Most are starters, or contributors bringing more or no less than who Howie drafted.

                How many starters has Howie drafted in the two years with Kelly?? – Cox, Kendricks, and Logan( who really wouldn’t start on any other team, the Eagles just refuse to bring in someone better).

                So tell me why you feel just because THEY don’t think these players would fit into their scheme, that realistically they wouldn’t; The majority of my suggested prospect start for the teams that drafted them……Stop harping on the ones that didn’t pan out, and acknowledge all the ones they’ve missed on that I nailed.

                I admit that I’m never 100%; no one is – mainly you with crappy picks like Stephen Tuiitt – But you should never have an issue with me; I have suggested so many decent players for the Eagles, you should WISH, I was their GM….Get over your issues with me, and bow down.

              • good, then I expect you to accept the 2015 version of the ” Beat Howie Roseman Draft Challenge” since you are so confident and we can dwindle that list of 42 plus names down to an identical number of selections that you judge Howie Roseman by then .

              • As I said to you last year, you will be the only person interested in your personal challenge to stand behind Howie’s picks an nit pick someone else’s picks……..

                I do see Howie didn’t do so hot this year, but you’ll defend him to the death, no matter how wrong you are.

                Don’t challenge me – Challenge yourself – Challenge yourself to have a clue about what your talking about, and give us some prospects of your own – before the combine…….

                You won’t because you don’t know crap about real talent.

                You can continue to heckle to coerce a more weak-minded person into your nonsense…This man is confident enough in his ability to tell you to kiss his ass….

              • color between the lines then GMCliff — and stop promoting statistically impossible numerical draft scenarios like Kyle Fuller and Dontari Poe which the eagles weren’t eligible to draft. I’m sure Howie loved 5 players drafted before he was eligible to select. you are taking credit for 7 players last year in the first 2 rounds. ( Kony Ealy, Jeremiah Attoachu, Kyle Fuller, Deone Buchannon, Gabe Jackson,Justin Ellis, DeMarcus Lawrence) you can’t claim 7 players out of the first 64 players selected ( howie would love to have that many selections) besides Jordan Matthews is better than all of them anyway. Lest we forget you disrespected the entire wide receiver class as not all that.

              • GMCliff your criticism parameter of Howie Roseman could be returned to you like this by him. You like Paul Richardson and hated Mike Evans. So even though it would be impossible for Howie to select Mike Evans since he didn’t draft that high but identified him as an “Impact player” Howie could claim he is better than GMCliff because if GMCliff listened to Howie he could of had Mike Evans instead of Paul Richardson plus Howie gets Anthony Barr and CJ Mosley too instead of Kony Ealy ( that gives Howie: Evans, Mosely, and Barr easily because he would trade Cary Williams for them ) because he identified them as ” impact”. 3 players in the top 15 while you get one first round player Kony Ealy .

              • If Howie gets only Lane Johnson in 2013 and GMCliff gets to claim Ziggy Ansah, DJ Fluker, Sheldon Richardson.
                then in 2014 Howie gets Mike Evans, Anthony Barr and CJ Mosely while GMCliff only gets Kony Ealy.
                Just to even out the ridiculous criticism parameters out.

              • LOL!! See what I mean, what you say makes no sense, and again YOU are trying to hide behind the mediocre mindset of Howie Roseman…..Who did YOU suggest?????

                FYI, Gabe Jackson, and Justin Ellis were selected in the 3rd, and 4th Rounds respectively.

                The others like it or not, were prospects that I suggested in that range, and were in reach for the Eagles to select better talent,

                Are your trying to justify Howie selecting Marcus Smith; You can’t. Any pick suggested by me would have been better than him, and Jordan Matthews was one of the players I SPOKE OF LONG BEFORE the college season began, and fact most on here liked Jordan Matthews; that’s unanimous…

                Here is the bottom Line as far as I’m concerned. I don’t have to justify myself to you….period

                I’ve already proven myself as knowledgeable, year after year, yet you are the only one that feels I have to prove something to you……You don’t get it – YOU CAN KISS MY ASS – You aren’t even anybody respected on this blog sight….LOL!!!

                I suggest more talented players for this team, than either Howie, or yourself. if Andy Reid, had an eye for talent like myself, he would have won 4-5 SuperBowls during his 14 year tenure.

                When you are able to do any better, I’ll respect your position on draft picks, but until then, prove yourself to all of us; you challenge Howie, and show us how knowledgeable YOU ARE. and if you can’t do us all a favor and just shut up….

                YOU’RE MAKING AN ASS OF YOURSELF….You lose this argument every year; Responses to you are just ridiculously redundant, and you don’t have a leg to stand on.

              • Matt Millen and Josh McDaniels could combine to win the super bowl when the claim 42 players every draft cycle like you.

              • LOL!!! Name the 42 players I’ve mentioned for 2011, 2012,, and 2013……

                Be accurate, because remember, you still have to prove yourself. We wouldn’t want the GCobb.com family to view you as a liar that’s just reaching to make a point that he just can’t justify – would we??

                In the post above you can plainly see 9 players each year from 2011-2013, there are no more than maybe 4-5 player not listed per year – and you still barely reach 42 players combining all 3 years…….You’re a 100% Pure Premium Idiot in denial….

                everyone on here knows what you speak of comes by way of Paulman, but I wish you the best in proving I’ve done that.

                Best to you..Have Fun….LOL!!!!

              • 1. Khalil Mack
                2. DeMarcus Lawrence
                3. Cyril Richardson
                4. Antonio Richardson
                5. Kony Ealy – OLB/DE
                6 Calvin Pryor
                7.Kyle Fuller CB
                8. Jeremiah Attaochu
                9 Jimmy Garrappolo QB,
                10.Deone Buchannon SS
                11. Daniel McCullers
                12.De’Anthony Thomas
                13 Andrew Jackson
                14. Walt Aikens – CB
                15.Ethan Westbrooks – DE
                16. Cory Washington – WR
                17.Nickoe Whitley –
                18.Jeremiah George
                19.Jordan Harris – WR
                20. Matt Hall – OT –
                21.Jordan Love –
                22 Stanley Jean- Baptiste – CB/S
                23. Ryan Grant
                24. Jeff Janis
                25. Logan Thomas – QB
                26. Dee Dee Lattimore
                27. Carlos Fields
                28. Aaron Lynch
                29. .Colt Lyeira
                30. Justin Ellis
                31. Gabe Jackson OG
                32. Keith McGill FS/CB
                33.. Phillip Gaines CB
                34. Brandon Denmark – 6-3 245 – ILB/OLB – Florida A&M
                35 Julien David – 5-11 210 – S- Howard University
                36 David Born – 6-8 337 – OT/OG – Old Dominion
                37 Howard Jones – 6-4 256 – OLB – Sheppard College
                38 Carlos Fields – 6-3 235 – OLB – Winston Salem State
                39. Jordan Love – 6-1 192 – CB – Towson Universoty
                40. Tevin Reese
                41. Brandon Thomas
                42. Paul Richardson
                43. Cody Latimer

              • Wow GMCliff had almost as many Prospects as I did in last Years Draft …

              • I’ve never liked Calvin Pryor

                All of these players were not on my final mock drafts. Some were prospect brought up in post conversations. 10 of the others were suggestions as undrafted free agents, and in total there are not 42 or 100 prospects – which you have been saying I’ve done for years.

                Your actual list really comes to about 25-28 prospects

                BTW, you have Carlos Fields, and Jordan Love, down twice.

                So, I can count on you also providing the 42 – 100, for 2012, and 2011, as well sense you have saved all of my post that you obviously cut, and pasted – weird but what else would we expect out of you.

                Give me more….

              • LOL!!!! Paul,..NO ONE has more than you…..and never will my friend.

              • gmcliff -I have like 10 screen shots with your blustery prognosticating about draft prospects in bulk and yes you did like Calvin Pryor in January 2014.
                gmcliff -No need for you to worry about the draft this year — i have a screen shot where you traded 3 future first round picks in 2015, 2016, and 2018 and kept the 2014 first rounder with the Jags to draft Khali Mack. Your out of the first round till 2017 ( no more GMCliff draft talk this draft cycle)

              • Eagles0superbowls you can’t be serious. You actually saved all of GMCliff’s post of over a year and cut, and pasted them in one post.

                I have nothing against you but I’m sure most would agree that’s weirdly obsessive. You must be hell bent on proving Cliff to be a fraud.

                But if you look at that list, none of them were drafted by the Eagles,yet you have to agree most of them are good prospects, and I hate to say it, but you have to admit, that outside of Jordan Matthews, they are all better than what Howie Roseman brought into the fold from last years draft – don’t you???

                Dude get some help really.

              • I’ve already posted 9 players for this years draft,and they will be better than the draft picks as a whole who Howie brings in…or you suggest.

                But, Please enlighten us on who YOU would recommend for the upcoming draft – preferably before the combine.

                Let us be schooled by E0S101 crappola…..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

              • a screen shot takes 2 seconds – copy and paste takes too long

              • GMcliff – are you going to accept the beat howie roseman challenge this year?

              • Dude word it any way you like – but there is still evidence of mental unstableness…You are really obsessed….I like your post on many topics , but with Cliff I think you’re wrong, and in denial.

                I think he is a little overconfident, but I still agree he’s named some real players coming into the league, and there is no denying that that is a talent….Guy really get some help seriously.

              • Again, you see what I mean ridiculously redundant…

                You have asked, and I have given the same answer for almost a year now.

                And this isn’t any challenge from Howie it’s YOURS to hide behind, and defend HOWIES picks…..who cares???

                Challenge yourself, get some skills, and inform all of us who YOU would like the Eagles to draft……I need more bullshit picks like Stephen Tuiit from you….The only one you would give, and confident in, and he is crap / Victor Abiramiri like….Sit your sorry ass down, and shut up….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • alright I’m mental, I’ll talk to the Monsignor this weekend in confession – I have too much free time that is why I volunteer at the local library and go to alot of theater shows, concerts and sporting events before i go off line in the summer.

              • GMcliff, I like to follow the local high school talent in the draft and the local college players. Outside of the top 2 rounds I really don’t care about the draft unless they are local players. I know Howie is better than me.

              • I’ll watch the Sixers and Flyers before college football on saturday and watched more of the Flyers yesterday than the NFL or NCAA football

              • E0S , MAN I REALLY GIVE LESS THAN A DARN…..

                You need some pussy man.

                I don’t care what you know, or don’t know. My position in communicating with you is, I don’t have to justify myself to you. So address someone else about your issues, and just address someone else……..

              • GMCliff- are you kidding me, got to take advantage of the time when the grandiose Cliff is in full form and in a debating spirit. No way I pass this time up, too entertaining to bypass. Keep posting your “expertize ” I’ll fact check for you.

      • Some Good One’s GMCliff

        I believe the Eagles need to Focus on Secondary in the Early Rounds
        then LB and then add another WR & OL/DL Depth, but they need to add
        2 CB’s and probably 2 Safeties for they really have no NFL Caliber Safety
        outside of Malcolm Jenkins
        Right now the Eagles should finish with 10-11 Wins which would place them anywhere from # 22 thru the # 28th Pick and their Playoff Run based on where other Teams finish so getting a Top Stud Impactful Defensive Player at the DE/OLB Position without Trading up is most likely out for those Players go early in the Top # 12

        I am going with a #24 Selection of Each Round..I do believe the Eagles get the Buffalo Bills 4th Round Pick in the Bryce Brown Trade

        1st Rd (#24th) – ILB Benardrick McKinney (Miss State 6-4 250lbs)
        2nd Rd (#56) – Safety Cody Prewitt (Old Miss 6-2 215lbs)
        3rd Rd (#88) – CB Kevin Johnson (Wake Forest 6-0 180lbs)
        4th Rd (#110 from Buffalo) CB Cam Thomas (Western Ky 6-1 190lbs)
        4th Rd (#120) – DE/OLB Preston Smith (MIss St 6-5 270lbs)
        5th Rd (#152) – WR Vince Mayle (Washington St 6-3 220lbs)
        6th Rd (#184) – OL Adam Shead (Oklahoma 6-4 335lbs)
        7th Rd (#216) – LB Stephone Anthony (Clemson 6-2 245lbs)

        Undrafted Targets

        WR – Matt Miller (Boise State 6-3 220lbs)
        OLB – Shaquille Riddick (West Virginia 6-5 245lbs)
        RB – Michael Dyer (Louisville 5-11 225lbs)
        TE – Eric Tomlinson (Texas – El Paso 6-7 265lbs)
        OL – Rob Havenstein (Wisconsin – 6-7 325lbs)
        Center – Shane McDermott (Miami 6-4 305lbs)
        QB – Andrew Manley (Eastern Illinois 6-3 225lbs)

        • I agree Paul, the secondary has to be addressed. But if you bring in that free agent talent of Chris Harris, and Byron Maxwell, your rookies are allowed to develop gradually, and not pressured to start. This year the draft prospects at CB, aren’t as strong as they have been in the past.

          However, I do like the talent of Cam Thomas, he jumps out on tape when I watched Andrew Jacksons highlights.

          I feel Howie has to subtract some inept talent, and add some young Free agents, and pad the roster with drafted players – and he has to draft the right players.

          • I agree, I just not sure that the Eagles (GM Roseman & Chip Kelly) are going to pursue big Name Players with large Price Tags..
            But if the Do, I would like the Following Free-Agent Players pursued

            OLB – Justin Houston – Chiefs
            OLB – Jerry Hughes – Buffalo
            OLB – Sam Acho – Cardinals
            ILB – KJ Wright – Seahawks
            ILB – Arthur Moats – Steelers
            ILB – Dan Skuda – 49ers
            ILB – Michael Wilhoite – 49ers

            CB – Bryan McCann – Arizona
            CB – Byron Maxwell – Seahawks
            CB – Buster Skrine – Browns
            CB – Chris Harris – Broncos
            CB – Walt Thurmond – Giants

            Safety – Tipsahun Gipson – Browns

            If the Eagles can add even 2 From this List, I would be happy
            then Draft CB/S/LB which can be groomed for later success

            • all i want is houston he is worth every penny kc cant afford poe and houston and they drafted ford with the idea to replace houston and they have to go after some offensive weapons so they let houston walk so we pick him up at the higjest paid olb in nfl

            • Justin Houston , and Orlando Franklin, are the only high priced free agents I’m suggesting, but shouldn’t break the bank too bad.

              But Harris, and Maxwell would offset the need to draft corner high in the draft when what we need is a Pass Rushing OLB’s, and Offensive Line Depth.

              It sounds like were on the same page Paul with offseason needs, and the draft buddy.

              • Justin Houston will most likely be franchise tagged. Edge rushers are more valuable than interior lineman ( Poe is more likely to reach free agency ) Orlando Franklin is horrible and will never receive a high priced deal and is holding onto his NFL career by a thread, are you confusing him with someone else?

              • Whether he is or isn’t is not the point.

                The point is they should pursue him, and if he is they move on to plan B, but as we know you’re no expert on that either way.

                That’s your opinion on Orlando Franklin; I disagree.

    • Okay… We need a top notch corner in the next draft. The problem is, we also need a top notch ILB and OLB. I don’t care if you live in Philly or Boone, that problem don’t change….

      • There you go… GM is on it while I was typing…. lol

        • Round 1 OLB/ILB
          Round 2 – OG

          (or switch those 2 picks – don’t care….need more OL/DL)

          Round 3 DB

          Round 4 LB

          Round 5 OL

          Rest of draft….DB, LB, DE

          • There you go Vinnie’s got the right idea….Defense!!

            They also have to bring in Justin Houston to replace Trent Cole at OLB.

    • good for you paul and i mean that but when you start talking shit on the city that 99% of us live in or near you should expect what you got

      i will add that for the things you like about boone are available in many towns surrounding philly



    • Dont kill a dream MHenski lol….I am hoping Andy wants to load up on offense.

      • I’m on board with IJ on this one…He HAS TO be pursued in Free Agency.

        Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Bowe, Alex Smith, and some of their recently signed Free Agents all have heavy contracts that are recently signed, Dontari Poe is up next year…..and coupled with the fact that Andy is horrible as a Football Operations guy……..There may be a better than average chance he may be available..

        • I could very easily see the Chiefs cutting the Chord with Hali and his Big Contract and using that $$$ to keep Houston..
          I just think the chances of the Chiefs of letting Houston walk in Free-Agency are very minimal

          • NFL Insiders have already reported that the Chiefs brass feel Justin Houston is too injury prone for them, and it concerns them to sign him to a long term contract.

            What you say may also happen Paul, but like I said there is a 50/50 chance he could fall into the Eagles lap – if Howie is smart enough.

            • Justin Houston is 25 Years Old while Tamba Hali is 31
              Hali goes and Houston Stays to give the Chiefs Houston on one side and Rookie Top Pick Dee Ford the other side for the Chiefs Future
              A No-Brainer– Justin Houston will not see the “Open Market” so it won’t matter what the other 31 NFL GM’s think or want to do

              Eagles will have a better chance of Signing a Jerry Hughes of Buffalo, or a Ryan Moats of PIttsburgh or Sam Acho of the Cardinals or a Brooks Reed of the Texans than they will with
              Justin Houston


                ITS JUST NOT REALISTIC.

                I NEED REALISTIC SHIT


              • and all four of those you mentioned Paul are no better than Trent Cole at this age…There’s that mediocrity again for me bruh…That’s not a step forward brother….

                They better hope he hit’s the market or come up with plan B, because they need a much more consistent Pass Rush – That’s not coming from Hughes, Acho, or Moats – who is a decent player, but nothing significant.

                It will have to come from the draft – in the first round – not later

              • Hey, I want a SuperBowl for the Eagles Big Mhenski, so I have to put it out there. We don’t really have the talent on Defense to CONSISTENTLY have a chance against Elite Teams….

                So sense we can’t really draft any, unfortunately we have to pay more them because of an lack of eye for talent

                And how many years now have I said to fix the Defense??

              • Trent Cole is finished, there is no upside of keeping him around
                I never said any of these Players I listed above are Impact/Game-Changers for to be honest, there are only a handful of Defenders who truly are game breakers in the entire NFL and the Eagles are not going to Draft 1 in the 1st Round when they are Selecting anywhere from #20-#26

                Who Else in the NFL on Defense outside of N Suh, JJ Watt, Earl Thomas is a Game Changer ??

                You build the best Defensive Unit and Coach them up to follow the Scheme by having about 20 Good Players who can fit under the Cap and where some are versatile to play multiple formations/positions.. It’s how it is …

                What Team has multiple Defensive Game Changers/Impact Players on their Roster…maybe Seattle, the Broncos ?

              • Kansas City, Houston, St Louis, Detroit, Arizona, Cleveland, Baltimore, Buffalo, NY Jets, Cincinnati, and of course Seattle, and Denver.

                But that shouldn’t discourage the Eagles from attempting to assemble a dominating Defense because more than half the league is concentrating on Offense.

              • and I absolutely agree with you about Trent Cole. We spoke about him 3 years ago being done.

              • Who is Texans 2nd Game Changer on Defense other than JJ Watt
                (Don’t tell me Clowney who has played 2-3 Games in the NFL

                Or the Jets , Browns, Bills, etc,etc

              • Brian Cushing is there 2nd best player and he’s a stud…how the he’ll did you not know that Paulman?

              • Really IJ,
                Brian Cushing…, do you mean the same LB for the Texabs who has missed more NFL Games due to injury than he’s played in?
                That same Brian Cushing…
                Get the Fuck outta here you Amateur..






          • I agree Chiefs will cut WR Bowe and be very active in pursuing WR Jeremy Maclin of the Eagles… Eagles better lock up Maclin before the end of the Season and risk losing him

            • nah cant afford poe and houston now bowe needs a new deal to have a shot at signing those guys. cant afford maclin holmes

              • We should have traded for charles woodson like i said during the deadline the guy just makes plays and would have been a good combo with jenkins shit oh well

              • Chiefs Release WR Bowe and DE/OLB Tambi Hali,
                there’s their $$ to resign Houston and Pursue Maclin right there


              • Isn’t the Salary Cap jumping up like $10 Million next Season
                Chiefs will also probably TE A Fasano to save some $$4 and can always re-work QB A Smith’s Deal… Plenty of way to be creative

  • The Sixers and Nets have been in talks to make a deal involving Andrei Kirilenko and Sergey Karasev.
    Russian owner Mikhail Prokorov is probably not too thrilled about this. Kirilenko’s time in Brooklyn is about done and he will likely be waived by the 76ers. He’s not really worth owning in any league.
    Source: Ohm Youngmisuk on Twitter
    Nov 21 – 4:16 PM


    • Who F’n Cares about the 76ers…

      • Lots of people actually and you typically do also. Guess the wind is blowing east today so u all of a sudden don’t care about them.

        • Not this Season I won’t… Put a competitive Team
          Out there and maybe I would follow them a bit..
          The entire NBA is a Joke and continues to
          Reinforce why I lost interest as a Fan..

          • 76 losses is something to shoot for it will match their name

          • Paulman you’re a joke lmao you know nothing about basketball

            • The 76ers & the NBA are a Joke and I have Zero Interest
              This Year in Following either…
              The College Game of the Power Programs are becoming the same
              Way with all these 1 & Done Players .. There’s little Tradition, fan or alumni connection to Players who play 1 Season and leave for NBA
              F’em all is what I say…

              • Lmao shut up already

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