• January 17, 2022

Thursday Night Football Pick

jagsTennessee @ Jacksonville

The fact that a game like this is scheduled for prime-time so late in the decision is proof that the NFL is full of terrible, clueless decision makers.

Of all the matchups to pick for Week 16, the league chose a pair of teams that entering the season NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, would have expected to even have a .500 record, let alone be in any kind of playoff contention.

If you want to give the Titans and Jaguars a prime-time spot, do it early in the season when the two teams can at least pretend like they have something other than pride to play for.

Now we’ve got a pair of the league’s worst on display with both teams potentially playing backup quarterbacks. The Titans are down to Charlie Whitehurst, and the Jags might sit a banged up Blake Bortles in favor of veteran Chad Henne who was last seen in Week 3.

In a battle of the league’s garbage, I’ll give a slight edge to Gus Bradley’s club at home.

Pick: Jacksonville 13, Tennessee 6

Denny Basens

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  • The Titans are the only Team the Eagles could potentially make a Trade for
    To move up in the Draft to try to get QB Mariotta, but the Price would be steep
    And probably have to include QB Foles,TE Ertz, the Eagles 1st & 3rd around Picks and a Future 2016 High Round Draft..

    Is this worth it to move up from #19th to 1st or 2nd in the Draft

    • How did it work out the last time a team mortgaged the future to move up to draft a QB?

      • I wouldn’t do this Deal at all or make any Deal to move way up for any Player or QB’s in this upcoming Draft.. I would focus on Def Secondary, LB, OL & WR as I have stated in my Mock Drafts

        I would plan on Foles being the Starting QB for 2015, and see how he progresses and then make a Decision about QB after next Season, but I am not so sure that’s what Kelly wants to do… Kelly is soon Start Year 3 and may feel the need to make a bold move or 2 and of course, no one knows QB Mariotta as well as he since he recruited him and Coached him while at Oregon, if he feels that strongly about Mariotta..

        The Eagles really don’t have to rush or panic at teh QB Position (though many Posters think they do) Eagles have Foles under Contract for 1 more Season at very low Salary level and since he’s missed half this Season really do not have to offer him any long-term extension until Foles proves he can play a 16 Game NFL Schedule.. so they Eagles have another Year to use their Cap Space to hopefully fix the Secondary
        and address the aging OL and Add to a very average WR Corps

      • True how would we survive with giving up Lane Johnson, Marcus Smith, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff and next years 1 for possibly a franchise QB. Lol. Essentially all them picks plus another 1st round pick is well worth a franchise QB.

        • Interesting….

  • Since 2009 there have been 15 Qb’s taken in round one, the most ‘accomplished’ of the group would be Sanchez who has the two championship appearances- but there are a crapload (included sanchez) of busts in there! : Tebow, Locker, Ponder, Weeden, Freeman, Bob, manuel are the busts with Bradford right behind– Luck and Stafford appear to be good- Jury out on Manziel (predict a bust), bortles I think may be ok

  • **NFL News***

    Russell Wilson announces that he is leaving his Current Football Agent Bus Cook and will be Represented by Mark Rodgers, who also represents Wilson with his Baseball Dealings and word is that he seriously want’s to
    Test the Free-Agency Market after next Season and would prefer to play
    on the East Coast and closer to his Family, Larger Media Outlets, etc,etc…..

  • **NFL Rumors has that the Chicago Bears will Fire their Complete Coaching Staff and make a real effort to Hire Jim Harbaugh and are trying to work out a deal with the 49ers where Harbaugh is technically still under Contract for 1 more Season..
    Jay Cutler has already put his Chicago Penthouse on the Market
    and his Girlfriend has left him and is now seeing Pitcher Jon Lester…
    (She knows where the $$$$ are at)

  • Paulman’s 2015 Eagles Mock Draft (Version #7)

    1st Rd (#19) – DT Danny Shelton (Washington 6-2 330lbs)
    2nd Rd (#51) -DE Mario Edwards (Fla State 6-3 295lbs)
    3rd Rd (#83) – CB Eric Rowe (Utah 6-1 201lbs)
    4th Rd (#105 from BIlls) – Guard Jarvis Harrison (Texas A&M 6-3 325lbs)
    4th Rd (#115) – Safety Durrell Eskridge (Syracuse 6-2 205lbs
    5th Rd (#147) – QB/WR Brandon Bridge (South Alabama 6-5 235lbs)
    6th Rd (#179) – LB Tony Washington (Oregon 6-3 250lbs)
    7th Rd (#211) – WR Jordan Taylor (Rice 6-5 215lbs)

    Eagles Sign the Following Free-Agents per my Wish-List

    Guard- Clint Boling from Bengals – Replaces T Herreman’s RG Position
    CB – Chris Culliver from the 49ers – Replaces B Fletcher’s CB Position
    LB – KJ Wright from the Seahawks – Replaces DeMeco Ryans Position
    Safety – D’Norris Searcy from the Bills – Replaces Nate Allen’s Position

    Eagles Part Ways with about 15 Players

    Offense – Todd Herremans, James Casey, Justin Vandervelde, Dennis Kelly, Brad Smith, Jeff Maehl & Matt Barkley
    Defense – DeMeco Ryans, Casey Matthews, Bradley Fletcher, Nate Allen, Cary Williams, Cedric Thornton, Trent Cole…


      Seahawks signed WLB K.J. Wright to a four-year, $27 million contract extension.
      Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter
      Dec 18 – 3:12 PM

      • Dang, there goes my Off-Season Plan right out the Window..

        As a back-up Plan —
        Eagles now Sign LB Dan Skuta from the 49ers or OLB O’Brien Schofield of the Seahawks…
        (Seahawks won’t be able to continue to re-sign all their Best Players..)

        • This may have been one of my better Off-Season Plans too ….
          These above Free-Agents along with the Draft would have really upgraded this Defense and still can, minus KJ Wright…

  • Tennessee is tanking for a QB. I would be surprised if they win tonight. When Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez can beat a team you know they aren’t trying to win.

    • Easy Vinnie

      You are adding a 1st Pick Pick to every Scenario listed above

      For Example it’s the 2015 Draft and I have the 10th Overall Pick and moved up to obtain your 4th Overall Pick..
      It Cost me my 10th Overall Pick and Next Years 1st Round Pick, then all I lost is next Years 1st Round Pick.. Correct?

  • Tradeing up for Mariotta is Franchise Suicide.

    Skins gave up 3 firsts and a 2nd to move up 5 spots to #2. Eagles would have to give up more to move from 20 to 1.

    I just read one NFL exec who said: “I’d want a one and two this year, two more ones and Shady (running back LeSean McCoy),” the executive said of any potential trade to go from a top-three selection to No. 20.

    Insane payment for a 50/50 chance at getting a superstar QB…..especially when there is a darn good QB already on the roster.

    Notable “give up the farm to move up in the draft” trades:

    Atl traded their 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd and Tim Dwight to SD to move up from 5 to 1 to select Mike Vick
    SD ended up Picking (Tomlinson and Brees)

    New Orleans gave up 2 firsts, a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth, a six, and a 7 (over 2 years) to move from 12 to 1 to select Ricky Williams.

    Washington gave up 3 firsts and a second for RGIII

    San Diego gave up 2 firsts, a second and eric metcalf to move up to #2 for Ryan Leaf

    Bills gave up 2 #1s to move up for JP Losman

    Skins gave up 2 firsts to move up for Jason Campbell

    Browns gave up 2 firsts to move up for Brady Quinn

    Bills gave up 12 firsts and a 4th to move up for Sammy Watkins.

    Not the most scintillating track record.

    Trading multiple first rounders to move up for a college QB is franchise suicide.

    I want no part of it.

    • yikes! but mariotta is mobile????

    • what did the bills give up for watkins?

      • Bills gave up 1 Future 1st Round Pick and a 4th Round Pick to move over for Watkins..

        • and of course their own first rounder in 2014– so it was the 9th pick in 14, first round in 15 and a 4th rounder in 15..for the 4th pick which became watkins.

          • Yes but by moving up from # 9 to # 4th in 2014, how do you count the #9 as a a loss for the Bills, In fact they Gained Spots in 2014 and got their Pick that they wanted
            What they Gave up was a 1st Rounder & a 4th Round in 2015 by moving up 5 Spots..

            • we are saying the same thing i’m just pointing out that there is in fact that swap of firsts– in other words if i don’t have a first and want to trade next years 1st and 4th… thats a different story..

              • Yes but as a Team trading up – If I go from the middle to the end of the 1st Round up to the beginning of the 1st Round.. I did not lose a Pick in that 1st Round, (I actually gained 10-15 Spots) The “cost” to me is what I give up to you in later Rounds or Future Years Draft Picks?
                I still got a pick in that 1st Round, which now is earlier, so there is not a loss there

              • It’s a swap plus additional picks… Verbiage

              • Yes but let’s be accurate about it …
                This is the new GCOBB.Com… Happy Holidays…

    • Washington Gave up 2 First Round Picks and 1 2nd Round Pick for RG3
      Bills gave up 1 First Round Pick for JP Losman
      Redskins gave up 1 First Round Pick for Jason Campbell
      Browns gave up 1 First Round Pick for Brady Quinn

      If I have the 20th Pick and move up to #5, that’s not a loss of a 1st Round
      Pick… Now the Picks I send to you in the 2nd ,3rd or 4th, etc are a loss to me, or Picks that I give you in Furture Years would be a loss to me

      But If I am moving up 10-15 Spots in Round #1 to get a “specific player”
      and simply swap out spots with you, then that’s not a loss for me…

      • Suffice it to say – RG3 cost the Redskins three (3) first round draft picks, and one (1) second round pick.

        • No it cost them 2 First Round Picks and 1 2nd Round Pick

          Flashback It’s 2012
          The Rams have the #2 Overall Pick and the Redskins have the #6 Overall Pick in the 1st Round
          The Teams swap out 1st Round Picks (both Teams still got a 1st Round Pick)

          The Cost for the Redskins to move up 4 Spots in 2012 was a 2nd Round Pick in 2012, 1 First Round PIck in 2013 and 1 First Round Pick in 2014..
          So the final Cost was 2 First Round Picks and 1 Second Round Pick You don’t count that 6th Overall Pick the Redskins had in 2012 as a loss, for they got the #2 Overall Pick for the Trade ???

          • The moment after the commissioner announced that the Redskins picked RG3, the Redskins had 3 fewer first round picks. Hence, RG3 cost 3 first round picks. 1 – 2012 pick, 1 – 2013 pick – & 1 – 2014 pick….

      • if you look at the above list, it sure as hell is a loss.

        The point is, drafting QBs is pure and complete luck. Sure there are the odd once in a decade sure things, but mostly is beyond an exact science.

        Every one of those teams that moved up and tossed away future picks for Lossman, RGIII, Campbell, Quin were obviously convinced he could be the guy.

        They were all wrong…..

        Being wrong at the draft is one thing….giving up multiple future picks to be wrong is another.

        Trading up for Mariotta is franchise suicide.

        • I agree that Trading up and giving away 2-3-4 Picks is a huge mistake not matter who you move up for whether it’s a QB,WR,OL or any Player …
          Look at the Falcons who were on the cusp of being a NFC Playoff Contender a couple of Years ago and then give up a few Draft Picks to move up to get the talented WR J Jones, meanwhile their Team and Defense and OL have sucked ever since … Jones is a great Receiver, but 1 Player does not make a Team… Never has and never will

  • why would the Eagles need a new QB? they have the more mobile Mark in charge now with his 2.0 yards per carry.

  • eagles got Marcus Smith for Johnny Manziel. who won that trade?

    • eagles did. at some point smith will play and make plays in the NFL. manziel will never

      • Eagles got an additional 3rd Round Pick which allowed them to make a Deal with Houston Texans to move up in the 2nd Round to get WR J Matthews, so the deal to go from #22 to #26 for an additional Pick in the 3rd was a smart move by Roseman & Co .. Now Drafting WR J Huff at #86 was not a good move where they could have selected better Players at that Spot and where Kelly F’d up
        (Players like CB Breeland, CB Gaines, WR Martavius Bryant, John Brown or Dontae Moncrief , CB P Desir, CB W Aikens, DB Dontae Johnson were still all on the Board at #86)
        but what do I know…

    • Don’t know whether Manziel will ever live up to his hype, but at least he played in the pre-season, spot duty a few weeks ago, and last week. He also outplayed Hoyer in the pre-season. Again, doesn’t mean he’ll ever be a franchise qb (or decent starter for that matter). However, Marcus Smith had no hype nor off the chart pedigree before he was drafted. Looked like an undrafted FA out of Can’t Play Univ. And was a reach of epic proportions. Comparing Manziel or any other 1st round draftee to our monumental fuck up with Smith is ridiculous.

  • It’s Late in the Evening and Beer is starting to run low

    My Friend John, has 1 Stella Artois Left – while I have 1 Bud Can left
    I propose a Trade to John that I will give him my Bud Can, Plus 2 more Bud Cans tomorrow for that Stella Artois… He Agrees

    We both still had 1 Beer last night

    John now gets 2 More Beers for tomorrow which is what my “Cost” was to get that Stella….

    Thank You

    • No one with a Stella would ever trade it for 3 cans of Bud.

      • Your right about that Vinnie
        Someone should have told that to Daniel Snyder… Ha …

        • Ha Dan Snyder always takes the hottest chick in school to the prom but is a lifelong virgin. Takes her to prom, he gets his picture taken with her, buys her expensive dinner, champagne and she leaves with someone else.

          • The other guy bangs her in dans driveway, all the while she laughs at him

            • Bud cans. Man you’re one disgusting savage

              • That was a poor choice of a Beer example..
                I haven’t had a Can of Bud in probably
                20 years…

              • Haha just breaking ur balls Paul !

    • You analogy is wrong….that’s not what happened…

      If you want to be accurate, take that Stella Artis and give it to some other neighbor in exchange for his rake… Now you got a rake for (3) three beers.

      And quit being an idiot, RG3 cost the Redskins (3) first round picks.

      Using your logic Fletcher Cox cost the Eagles a fourth and a sixth round pick.

      • Your Wrong about that
        Redskins Stsrting with a 1st Round Pick
        In 2012 and traded it away for an earlier 1st Round Pick in Griffin
        So there is no 1st Pick lost for 2012!!!!!
        What they lost or gave up was the 3rd Round Pick in 2012
        And 2 Future 1st Round Picks in 2013 & 2014
        Yo Comprendo!!!

        • When the sun came up on draft day the Redskins owned first round picks in 2012, 2013, and 2014. When the sun went down on draft day they had RG3 and those picks gone. RG3 cost 3 first round picks…. Period

          • When the Sun went down on 2012 Draft Night
            The Redskins made a First Round Pick losing no 1st Round Pick in 2012
            They traded away or “lost” 2 Future 1st Round Picks
            In 2013 & 2014 but made one in 2012
            Why is this so difficult for you to understand!!!

  • My action tonight

    Over 38

    Tenn +3.5 and money line +175 split

    Vinnie what u got?

    • Make that under 38… Typo

      • I was going to say..
        These Teams getting to 20 Pts each
        Will be a uphill battle..
        Like the + 3 &1/2 Pts for Titans

        • Cmon Paul u can’t put in your picks 30 minutes after kickoff!

          • Henski Paul reserves his right to put in his picks up to 3 minutes after the clock hits zero… And then claim he is right

      • Though I like both your plays.

    • I couldn’t touch this game. Never made a call.

  • Paulman I. Too lazy to look but have you given an anticipated nfl coaching vacancy list and who is going to get the job lately?

    • I’m looking at the Following

      NY Jets – Out Rex Ryan – In Dana Beavall
      (OC of the Seahawks)
      49ers – Out Jim Harbaugh to U of Michigan
      In -Mike Shanahan or David Shaw of Stanford
      Raiders – Out Tony Sporano – In Gary Kubiak
      (OC of Ravens and former HC of Texans)
      NY Giants – Out Tom Coughlin to the Front Office
      In Perry Jewell (DC of Giants)
      Bears – Out Marc Trestman & Staff,
      In – Scott Linehan (OC of Cowboys)
      Or OC of Broncos or Brian Kelly of Notre Dame

      On the Hot Seat
      Dolphins – impatient Owner, wants big name.
      Bills – Due to new Ownership

      • I hate the retread hires! not saying you are wrong but think about the raiders, the pitiful, ugly, disfunctional raiders– how excited would you be to be a fan and they bring in freaking kubiak! yuck
        Shanahan who i can’t stand might be a good choice in San fran but they have a fragile, psyche QB– we know how he does with them!

        • I think 49ers want a proven HC who is strong with QB’s
          They got that brand new Billion $$ Stadium
          And need some Tweaking to get back in contention
          I am not much of a Shanahan Fan either,
          But he would be a good fit for what they have in place

          If Jim Harbaugh does not take U of Michigan Job
          I could see the Bears going hard after him as he would be a perfect fit
          For the Bears to rebuild that Franchise

        • Retread hire alert —
          I think Lovie Smith did the worst job in football this season. He took over a 4-12 team from Greg Schiano and is only 2-12 right now. That is with adding like 50 million in free agent and trading for Logan Mankins. The only subtraction is Revis whom they cut.

          • agreed on smith — free agency is a terrible way to build a football team– the only teams that do well are the ones that needed to add one/two (broncos and pats come to mind)
            agreed paul, the niners need an experienced coach with some cache right now…

          • The Game has passed Lovie Smith and was a bad hire by the TB Bucs
            I could see him as a DC, but never thought he exuded Confidence and Leadership as a HC…
            His First Move in Signing Journeyman QB J McCown and then declaring him as the #1 Starter doomed him from the beginning and made no sense in what was going to be a 2 Year Re-Building job and not a bad Rookie Season the year before from QB Mike Glennon who reminds me a lot like Nick Foles as far as Potential

        • Cardinals DC Todd Bowles will get sone interviews
          And appears to have a bright Future
          Bills DC Jim Schwartz may get another shot
          By someone and of course Patriots OC Josh McDaniels will
          Draw sone interest.. If McDaniels leaves Pats, then big-boy
          Returns as their OC .. The Coach who was fired from Notre Dame
          And Kansas whose name escapes me..

    • PMan had a list up, I know he had the 49ers, Jet’s and Raiders on the list, I don’t remember who else was on his list.
      Every NFL first game has like 6 new head football coaches and like 8 new starting QB from the previous year’s first game. ( Bortles from Henne, Bridgewater from Cassels, Fitzpatrick will most likely be a casualty )

      • dam PMan, you responded while I was typing

  • San Diego Padres are going crazy acquiring players. Kemp trade is official plus they just traded for Justin Upton. Unfortunately Jimmy Rollins’ trade should be announced as official soon.

    • do the padres think they have enough to compete with LA and Giants? dunno bout that! Kemp is a dog with fleas, apparently arthritic but the dodgers are eating $32M– they only get upton for a year… so we shall see…

      • Padres obtained Young 3B Will Middlebrooks
        From the Red Sox along with Cathcer J Norris
        And J Upton’s, W Meyers and Kemp
        Damn, they spent more $$$ this Off-Season
        Than the last 10 Years combined..

  • They also traded for OF Wil Myers from Tampa and All Star C Derek Norris from the As. They are also trying to get Middlebrooks from the Red Sox.

    They are going all in behind Cashner and Ross as their top 2 SPs.

    • gotta try to win… kudos to them!

  • You gotta figure Gyroko is gonna be better this year than last year, so that is a pretty solid lineup IF Kemp stays healthy.

  • when i saw they got upton i thought they were getting the crappy one… but no, a year of the good one is better than 5 with the crappy one!

  • Man that is for sure. Bossman JR is pretty much the worst player in the league.

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