• May 24, 2022

Eagles Release Veteran Guard Todd Herremans

todd_herremans3The Eagles are releasing veteran guard Todd Herremans today according to multiple reports.  It’s not much of a surprise since he’s getting up there in the years and he missed eight games last year with a torn bicep muscle.  When he did play in 2014 season, he didn’t play particularly well.

I saw offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland at the NFL Combine and he spent every moment on the field with the offensive linemen who were working out at this year’s NFL Combine.   He probably went to Indianapolis with the knowledge he was looking for a replacement for Herremans.  It seems certain now that the Eagles will address this opening in the draft.

I don’t expect them to fill the spot through free agency because they already have two members of their offensive line who are well over 30 years of age.  Jason Peters (33) and Evan Thomas (33) make up the left side of the line and they’ll likely need to be replaced in a two or three years.  I think they want to get younger up front.

Herremans, along with defensive end/ linebacker Trent Cole had been with the Birds for the longest number of years.  Both he and Cole were drafted in 2005.

It’s likely that Herremans will be picked up by another team.  He played quite a few years for Andy Reid, who is currently the Kansas City Chiefs head coach.  He was also very close to Juan



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  • Sad to see Herremans go, true warrior but it was time! If I’m the Eagles im using a second or third on that O lineman from Oregon, I think his name is Fisher, he would be perfect! he’s acknowledged by all the draft experts as a top guy, he knows Chips system and is use to the pace since their still using it there, he would be able to come in and be s starter from day one, gotta get him!

  • Sign Iaupati,

    • lion i saw a thing on Iaupati last night saying he is a great guard but not the kind that gets to the second level (what the eagles like) that he is more of a ‘phone booth’ warrior, great on the interior and in the scrum?
      dunno bout that cuz i haven’t watched enough– but…

      • I agree HAC which is one of the reasons you haven’t seen me posting much about Iupati, who is a very good Player but is not necessarily good for this up-tempo,Spread Offense, where Guards have to get out and move down field and to that 2nd Level..
        Plus Iuptai had a Severe Broken Fibula last Year and also an earlier Knee Injury so I am not investing $30-$40 Million for a Player with these kind of Issues

        OL Clint Boling or Orlando Franklin are out there in Free-Agency but they will cost alot of $$$$4

        I say Draft one of the Following OL to replace Herremans

        1) Cameron Erving – (Fla State 6-5 313lbs – Late 1st/Early 2nd Rounder)
        2) AJ McCann – (South Carolina 6-3 313lbs- 2nd Rounder)
        3) Laken Tomlinson – (Duke 6-3 323lbs – Late 2nd/3rd Rounder)
        4) Ali Marpet – (Hobart 6-4 307lbs – 3rd Rounder)
        5) John Miller – (Louisville 6-2 303lbs – 3rd Rounder)
        6) Josue Matias – (Fla State 6-5 309lbs – 4th Rounder)
        7) Mitch Morse – (Missouri 6-5 305lbs – 4th Rounder)
        8) BJ Finney – (Kansas State 6-4 324lbs – 4th/5th Rounder)

  • EHL and Paulman. Another one down. 3 more to go. Go birds

  • Sad to see him go but need to upgrade and get younger

  • Dave Spadaro on Philly Sports Debate: “Howie Roseman ran the entire draft last year”

    • lol… spadaro! now there is an air tight source! may as well have been chip kelly saying it!

      • No one should ever believe anything that Spadaro says. That dude is on the Eagles payroll. Slurps the green kook aid.

        • I stated this multiple Times after last yeas Draft
          1st 2 Picks (MSII & Jordan Matthews) were all Howie Roseman without a Doubt.. The entire key of Trading back from #22 to #26 was being able to move back up to the 2nd Round with Texans to get Jordan Matthews which was all Howie… No Doubt in the mind about this…
          Rounds # 3 thru # 7, I believe, were all Chip Kelly’s with Tom Gambles imput..
          Does anyone really think that Howie was going Pac-10 for Josh Huff in the 3rd Round (with WR’s M Bryant, D Moncrief from the ACC/SEC, on the Board
          Or Looking at Taylor Hart in the 3rd & 4th and then taking him in the 5th Rd and also with Safety Ed Reynolds from the Pac 10 again in the 6th Rd…

          • except for the fact chip openly admits he begged for matthews round 1 and howie said relax we will get you WHO YOU WANT next round, this comes directly from chip. SO NO HOWIE DIDNT PICK MATTHEWS by himself, he may have put the pick in but that came from the coach

            • I also stated that GM Roseman Selected OLB MSII for the very fact that fast forward to now, that Brandon Graham would be leaving and that the Eagles would seriously consider Cutting Trent Cole for Contract Reasons which is why he took MSII, plus the Hopes that MSII could actually get on the field which hasn’t occurred but one of Roseman’s main priorities last Draft was to address the OLB Position knowing that both Graham/Cole’s situations would change this Off-Season

  • Howie Roseman made all the decisions in the draft. He controlled the entire draft. While howie made some good picks and decisions, he messed himself up a few of them, taking some guys too soon

    We’re gonna see how good Chip can be under the gun starting this year, in full control of all personnel and decisions in the draft…

    • This is hilarious….. Just too funny. Eagles pointing to howie … Very transparent propiganda

      • You believe that Jon Hart and I got a bridge that I want to sell you.

        • What happened to Luries copious notes? Didn’t they point to Howie being great?

        • Howie still works for the team, no need to throw him under the bus. Its all true, Howie controlled the draft

          Why do you think Chip fought for all control?

          Because Howie had to much power and made too many personnel decisions including the draft

          Not farfetched at all

          • because spadaro said it after this shake up… it is SPIN– 100% spin-
            just last year Mr. ‘Copious Notes’ said Howie was a great draft guy–
            obviously they are blaming Howie for Smith- and that all may be true, but you don’t go from a ‘great draft guy’ to taking the full heat in one draft– did Howie get them Johnson, ertz and sproles? Matthews? —
            come on this is 100% Spin— I’d be surprised if even spadaro could say it with a straight face! I’m sure he had his fingers crossed behind his back!

    • good reporting hart so chip had nothing to do with us getting matthews, huff, hart or ed reynolds.


  • I’d rather have frankin then Iupati……only because franklin would be better scheme fit


  • Its also been reported that there is a massive sale on all Nick Foles signed items on the Eagles website. Chip better know what he is doing.

    • everything that has his signature on it is discounted , while his shirts and jerseys remain full price. think its no big deal, just a supply and demand thing – who buys autographs nowadays anyway

  • I just read espn’s analytics report on all professional teams……the sixers are number 1 and the phillies are last damn Ruben sucks….well at least we got a world series out of it

    • those analytics are paying zero fucking dividends for the sixers. that organization on this day is the worst in philly sports history and that is the worst philly sports team ever assembled and its downright embarrassing.

      did analytics play a role in deciding to build their practice facility in one of the worst cities (maybe the worst) in the country? im pretty sure that choice is going to make draft picks run and free agents laugh in our face unless they are building a private subway/rail/duckboat line that goes right into the facility and bypasses driving through that sesspool sewage city

      • we are in a rebuild process henski very unfair to judge the sixers now…..it’s only year 2 in the rebuild….I guess you were happy with Spencer hawes, evan turner, and andre iggy getting us a eight seed every year and getting put out in 1st rd…..in two maybe 3 years from now you can judge the process but now is a terrible time to….shit the phillies will suck for the next 3 years at least

        • What little patience/faith I had in the TANK went away last trade deadline….

        • all reports say they wouldve moved embiid. noel sucks, they traded mcw. im reading reports cousins was available and with multiple 1st round draft picks mcw, noel, embiid we couldnt land a star to build around? we have nothing, zero talent, except maybe embiid and if he blows this is the biggest disgrace in sports history.

          and the choice to move practice to camden is as dumb as it gets. real teams have their facility open 24/7 and certain players love that. NO MILLIONAIRE IS GOING TO CAMDEN AT NIGHT TO SHOOT HOOPS

          • Reports im going to hac you real quick did the gm state that or just some report…..hac do u believe the report on emblid trade rumors or are you listening to the tea leaves

            • I read that they listened on embid .. That’s ok.

            • heinke dont talk man cmon. embiid added on some weight man that guy looks like a legit nba center that will crush people. i hope he pans out @!

  • is franchise tag deadline day this moNDAY??????

    • Yes this Monday 3/2 by 4pm is the Deadline for Teams to Place “Franchise Tags” on Players and then have until July 27th to either Reach a Long-Term Deal with that Player or to go ahead and play the 2015 Season at the “Franchise Salary Amount”..
      Player can no longer be Fanchised Twice like they used to be…
      In fact, I expect very few Players to be Franchised at all for it’s not a real good move by the Clubs

  • Shot out to Taraji p Henson looking great sweety. She is truly getting better with age.

  • Once again fellas you guys are the only reason why I even glanced at the combine. The scenarios that you guys come up with, are a lot more interesting than what the Eagles will actually do. Go gcobbers.

  • With the 20th pick the Philadelphia Eagles select………Bryon Jones from Connecticut lmao

  • He jumped three feet his measurables are off the charts

  • the most relevant part of this story was the fact the Eagles OL coach spent the combine looking at O Lineman – some spot on journalism there! Maybe he should have been looking at potential cheerleader replacements? Did anyone really think the Eagles were not going to draft a guard somewhere between rounds 2 and 4? Both Mathis and Hermanns missed time last year, both are up in age – In addition to the two starting tackles the birds also liked Barbre and have 3 other tackles on the roster to compete for tackle #4 and 5 – Hermanns didn’t play that well and the guys that replaced him did not either – even if Hermanns came back they would need a guard –

    • All true

  • **Eagles Free Agency**

    Raiders are releasing S Tyvon Branch possibly monday. He will be very hot in a weak safety market. He signed a lucrative deal in OAK not long ago. Hes only 28 years old and when hes out there playing, hes very productive

    I see him as a possible option for the eagles

    • Just another familiar name not worth the attention given. I wouldn’t want him on this team. You’re totally overvaluing him; and no he’s really not productive, he was part of that secondary that gave up 7 TD’s to Foles.

      He would bring nothing to the secondary we haven’t already had, and will not be bringing back. So why kick the tires??

  • Always wanted this safety on the eagles.

  • Yeah, injury prone, underachiever, that will come on the cheap. Branch is a perfect fit!

  • To be Honest…
    The Eagles are probably better off re-signing Nate Allen
    There is not many Safety’s in Free-Agency and this Safety Draft Class is pretty weak to say the least as far players making any impact their first season or two.
    I believe Nate Allen will be in pretty strong Demand and offered some bigger deals from the Redskins, Colts, TB Bucs, Falcons, Texans…

    • Forget that! You get rid of him just because of the perception of him here, you let the new secondary coach recomend someone from his former team, maybe their was a guy he had who was ready to breakout but was held back because of all the money the Broncos put out for Talib n Ward.

  • wr -Harry Douglas released…

  • **Eagles News**

    According to a source, the Eagles are “determined” to make a trade for Marcus Mariota in this years upcoming draft

  • Here is the latest on what Kempski is hearing regarding the team’s pursuit of the quarterback:

    Every day, with little things I hear, evidence continues to build that the Eagles are going to make a strong play for Marcus Mariota. To note, this is something I had previously thought to be unrealistic, so as bits of information have trickled in, they’ve been absorbed on my end with skepticism. But it appears the Eagles are determined to get their guy.

    Kempski goes on to say that although the team is going to try, the move is no “slam dunk.”

    Head coach Chip Kelly’s attempt to get his former quarterback is starting to become one of the worst kept secrets in the NFL, as more and more analysts start to project the Eagles moving up to get him.

    • Absolutely perfect, and completely in line with this franchise who clearly never wants to win.

      1 – Get Mariotta by committing franchise suicide. Wonderful option. Oline? Who needs it? Depth? No one gets injured – we drink shakes? DBs? Safties? LB? 5th and 6th rounders are all we need! We’re going to DOMINATE the rookie FA market!!

      Trading what will need to be traded to ensure Mariotta will gut the franchise and ruin it for the next 7-10 years.

      2 – Fail to get Mariotta. “2nd choice” Foles leaves as FA after 2015 season. Eagles enter 2016 Without a QB. and probably another mid-round pick after going 10-6 again. Franchise struggles under new rookie QB for another 3-4 years.

      Eagles, to the glee of twits like yourself who think running QBs are saviours, have painted themselves into a “no-win” corner.

      I see nothing but problems with either options the Birds now have in front of them. Oh well, Here’s to the 2017 draft when the Eagles will actually have another first round pick, and will be drafting high enough to get a QB then without shredding their depth.

      • Forget that. I meant 2018. Eagles are going to have to give up 2015, 16 and 17 firsts to move up to #2.

        Here’s to the 2018 draft! First pick overall coming up!


          By Mark Eckel | For NJ Advance Media
          on February 25, 2015 at 6:30 AM, updated February 25, 2015 at 3:44 pm

          There are currently two types of Eagles fans — those who want Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota and those who do not.

          Actually the latter group wouldn’t mind him. They are just scared away by what they think it might cost to move from the No. 20 pick in the first round of the NFL Draft to where Mariota will land.

          To those people, I say relax.

          Here are the five biggest myths about the Eagles and the league’s next great quarterback.

          That’s right I said it: Mariota will be the league’s next great quarterback.

          Myth No. 1 There’s no way the Eagles can get him. It’s a pipe dream.

          Have you been around Chip Kelly? The Eagles coach gets what he wants more often than not. Ask Howie Roseman the next time you see him. If Kelly really wants Mariota, and all indications are he does, he’s going to do everything he can to get him.

          Myth No. 2: They’re going to have to mortgage the future to do it.

          I’m not even sure what that means. Mortgage? Are they getting a fixed rate, or an ARM? If they get Mariota they’re getting a great arm. If the Eagles can get Mariota, he is their future. And he would provide them with a chance to be good every year the way all great quarterbacks do.

          Myth No. 3: It would cost too much.

          Can you really put a price on a franchise quarterback? There are only a good handful of them in the league. And what would that price be? Say it’s three first-round picks. Would you give up Brandon Graham, Danny Watkins and Marcus Smith for Mariota? That’s actually three firsts and two thirds, since the Eagles moved up to take Graham. I’ll throw in a second as well, Jaiquan Jarrett.

          Myth No. 4: Look what happened to Washington when the Redskins traded for Robert Griffin III.

          It’s easy to assume the Eagles would have to give up an RG3-type package to move up for Marcus Mariota, but it’s just not accurate.

          First of all, Mariota isn’t RG3 and the Eagles aren’t the Redskins. And what exactly did happen? Griffin, playing under a coach who didn’t want him in Mike Shanahan, won the NFC East as a rookie. Then he got hurt and has never been the same. Meanwhile, the Rams, with all those highly coveted draft picks, have yet to reach .500. Why? Because they don’t have a quarterback.

          Myth No. 5: They can’t trade for Mariota. They have to fix the defense, especially the secondary.

          Do you really believe in a draft with one good safety and a few OK cornerbacks the Eagles are going to “fix” the defense with the 20th overall pick. If the Eagles are going to “fix” the defense they will add a free agent, or two, before the draft. And by the way, they may have gone a long way in fixing the secondary when they hired Cory Undlin to replace John Lovett.

          Follow Mark Eckel on Twitter at @MarkEckel08. Find NJ.com Sports on Facebook

          • this is by far the best comment posted all offseason..kudos to EAGLESsaslanded for putting all the talking points for Mariota naysayers out there.

            the reality is we can’t win with without a top 5 defense and it’s not possible to get the pieces in the draft to become a top 5 defense.

            Mariota gives a dynamic that actually helps the defense by being able to move the chains on 3rd down.

        • yeah….and maybe we can get another Marcus Smith with the 1st pick in 2018.

          Here’s to the 1st pick knowing the Eagles usually get a guy no one really cares for ending in bust.

          When was the last time the Eagles drafted a first round perennial 1st rounder?

          • I dont think you can be a perennial 1st rounder

          • You’re thinking makes no sense.

            firstly you rail on and on and on about how the Eagles never make a good first round pick….and in the same breath you want the Eagles to trade numerous picks so that they’ll only have one 1st round pick in 3 years. All eggs in one pick! (again, a pick you say the Eagles suck at. A pick that they…”usually get a guy no one really cares about” – your words)

            Why do you rip the Eagles for all their first round picks…….except this one?

            So when Mariotta is a typical pick that “no one cares about” (your words – remember you’re the one saying the Eagles are terrible at their first round picks)…..well wouldn’t you w3ant a bunch of second and third rounders to fall back upon? “cause they’ll be gone too….

      • So, does that mean you are out on Chip if he believes Mariota is the key ingredient that will lead the Eagles to the promised land?

        I mean….We should trust Kelly to do the right thing after seeing 2 years of Foles. We must trust the head coach knows if an upgrade is needed at QB after examining Foles from the time Chip entered the NFL.

        Will you now go against Chip if he finds a way to get his guy while trading Foles in the process?

      • smh…well in my little absence…I see I haven’t missed much.

        Vinnedaloser still bawling like a baby over Foles!

        Still desperately holding on when its obvious….Chip doesn’t believe in Nick Foles.

        Accept it Vinnie…just face the facts.

        Its over for Foles..he’s finished here as an Eagle…he had a shot and Chip just doesn’t feel comfortable with him.

        Chip’s assessment of Mariota is that he is a franchise QB and if you have to give up our entire draft this year and some picks in the upcomiing year for a guy that you believe is a franchise QB…you make the move!


        Chip sees the adjustments that defenses are making, he sees that a slow thinking, slow moving, oft-injured QB like Nick Foles cant win in his system…no need to hang on to Foles, trying to coach around his deficiencies…he’s too slow-physically and mentally. Give Nick a chance to catch on with someone else…trade him…but its clear-its time for Foles to pack his bags

        I believe Chip is going all in to get his man and if he cant get Mariota he’ll take Hundley…but he’s moving on from Foles

        Its Chips call…time to get with the program and accept the reality…

        • Thanks for the update Songs.

  • No defense on earth can compensate for the number of 3 and outs that come with Foles at QB.

    The 3 and out percentages are staggering under Foles.

    • The 3 & Outs are staggering under Chip Kelly
      Whether it was Vick,Foles or Sanchez playing QB
      Maybe Kelly needs to mix it up some and not
      Be so predictable

  • Vince Young will attempt a comeback next month at the veteran combine.


    • naw, Mariota will do. I would rather have Mariota with Vick as a solid backup,which would be a vast improvement over the Foles/Sanchez debacle.

      • If we can trade foles for a 1st rd pick or a high second then im good with mariota but we gotta fix the defense in free agency hopefully chip knows what he is doing

        • nobody giving up a 1st or 2nd rounder for a lame duck qb… shady would likely be the guy being moved

      • Vick!!!


        • No matter what you think of Vick, he’s a serious upgrade from Sanchez as a backup.

          The Eag’es win the NFC EASTand host a playoff game if Vick is the backup after Foles gets blasted out for another season ending injury.


          • God i truly hate you songs vick are u serious shut da fuck up

  • Again, Here’s where the “get Mariotta!” arguements always fall apart:

    From Eckle: “It’s easy to assume the Eagles would have to give up an RG3-type package to move up for Marcus Mariota, but it’s just not accurate.”

    Yes it is accurate Eckel (king of the twits). History tells us its true.

    The Tennesee titans have the Eagles over a friggin’ barrel right now….the entire Philly universe is ragin’ about Mariotta, 4394 articles today alone.

    They ahave the Eagles bent over, and they are going to pump hard.

    2 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 players for SD to move up 1 spot to guarantee themselves a QB (and this when top picks were less valuable because of the extreme cap implications)

    3 firsts and a second for WSH to move up 4 spots to guarantee themselves a QB

    2015. Eagles must move up 18 spots to #2 to guarantee themselves a shot at that QB.

    Negotiations won’t even BEGIN at 3 1sts.

    Titans will ask for wither 4 firsts, and 2nds and 3rds AT LEAST.

    This isn’t speculation.

    It isn’t hope.

    Its History.

    The titans are going to say to the Eagles “4 firsts and Foles and Cox or we’re taking him” You want him? Then you have to pay.

    18 spots to get to #2.

    In an era when the top [picks are worth more (due to salary restrictions) than they were in 1998 when it soct 2 firsts and a second to move up 1 spot.

    Mariotta, and hey I’d love the guy.

    But not at that price.

    That price cripples the franchise…..guaranteed.

    • According to Philly Voice’s Jimmy Kempski, “evidence continues to build” that the Eagles plan to trade up for Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.
      We’ve followed Kempski’s work for years and can’t ever remember him being wrong. Most notably, he called the DeSean Jackson release well in advance. Kempski acknowledges he previously believed Philly moving up for Mariota was “unrealistic,” but now “it appears the Eagles are determined to get their guy.” Moving up from No. 20 into the top-two picks would likely cost Philadelphia most of its 2015 draft class, in addition to a 2016 first-round pick.
      Related: Eagles
      Source: Philly Voice
      Feb 27 – 1:53 PM


        Shady and #20 pick to the Jaguars for #3 pick
        Foles to chiefs for #18 pick


        Shady, Foles and #20 pick to Titans for #2 pick

        • In scenario 1 Eagles trade Foles, Shady and the #20 for the #3 and #18??

          Does that guarantee them Mariotta? I don’t think so.

          If that trade did guarantee Mariotta then Every Eagles fan is jumping for joy and does the deal….which tells me right away there’s no way that’s a viable proposal. Eagles jump on scenario #1 in a heartbeat.

          Foles and Shady for Mariotta and a move up 2 spots to 18????

          Even I’d do that deal in a second…..laughing.

          The second rumour is getting closer to something that makes sense….but its not enough…..

          Shady Foles and 20 for the #2? Throw in another first and maybe a second and we’re getting to the ballpark of what the Eagles will have to give up to get to that #2 pick.

          Can any Eagles fan honestly say that:

          Mariotta – Shady – Foles – #20 pick – 2016 pick > Shady + Foles +#20 +2016 first??

          I certainly don’t.

          • in rumor #1 CHip then gives #3 pick #20 pick and next years #1 pick to tampa to pick #1 and take MM

            Post draft all NFL gms who were picking in the top 10 admit they were not taking Marriota at their pick

            • TB can’t do that. They need a QB.

        • Are u the new fraud man

          • I was thinking that hac did mhenski take over pman rumors

            • yes i wanted to try and be the paulman today. but on the real i cant see a scenario where if we are moving up for the duck that mccoy and foles arent traded also

              • No one wants shady for the same reason nobody wanted to trade for desean… Contract

              • Latest Paulman Rumor (I just can’t let Mhenski get away with this)

                This only works if Mariota falls in the Draft which I think he will

                Eagles Send QB Foles, RB McCoy , the 20th Pick in 2015 Draft plus their 2nd Round Pick in 2016 Draft to the SL Rams for their 10th Pick (Mariota) & RB Tre Mason

              • That is the dumbest trade for a player that is totally overrated..

                If he does that we won’t make the playoffs…

                Tre Mason stinks what does he bring of value???….You love that mediocrity don’t you??

      • You really can’t go on the past because those teams didn’t have a pro bowl QB to package for a trade.

        Now throw in a QB one year removed from an historic year with a pro bowl birth who could prosper in a conventional offense…package that with a swap and 1 st rounder and a second rounder.

        That’s feasible and actually more than prospects that may not pqn out.

        And I’m still waiting for you same guys to explain why the Rams sucks ass and haven’t had one playoff birth since they snookered the skins for all those high picks? in exchange for the RG3 trade.

        Right now, it seems the Skins still benefited more by taking a losing team from losers to a division title and playoff birth in RG3’s first season.

        Did the Rams do better?

        Anoteer reason no on can compare RG#’s situation to Mariota’s is the fact Mariota didn’t have reconstructive surgery on his knee while playing in college..

        • skins D is on the come up songs because of those picks. will be the best d in nfl in the next 2 years

          • Rams d not skins d whooops

        • Wait…now you’re saying Foles is a pro bowl QB one year off a historic year???

          The least you could do is stay consistant.

          If you actually believed that, then you are calling yourself an idiot….because you want that guy shipped.

          And shipping a historic pro bowl QB would clearly be an idiotic thing to do!

          • yes shipping his ass outta here is the best for the Eagles because his slow ass is hindering Chip\s offense but Foles can still be an asset for an conventional offensive team….So again…..

            you give up far less packaging a qb one year removed from a pro bowl than trying to trade up like the Skins did with nothing to offer outside of draft picks.

            Chip can get his guy Mariota without selling the farm by adding Foles in the package.

        • Because the Rams Play in the Toughest Division of all of Football over the last 2-3 Seasons
          Eagles would go 2-4 Every Year at Best playing the Seahawks, 49ers & Cardinals Twice..

          • Excuses excuses.

            The Cowboys were in one of the toughest divisions in football when they received those picks from the Vikings for Hershel and began to kick ass. So spare me the division excuse.

            If those picks were as valuable as every here claim they are then the Rams would be contenders but they’re not because of the QB position.

            See, it’s easier to build a Super bowl Contender with a top QB.

            What was the Seahawks before Russell Wilson? We can talk about the defense all we want but that team wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl without Wilson.

            A very good QB can carry a team and not the other way around.

  • Wow – why not just take Hundley in the 3rd – big strong fast cannon for an arm… even if we can;t gat a safety – and some mocks have us picking the guy from Alabama – or a CB – we still need a Guard, OLB. ILB – maybe another WR (assuming Smith gone – and they keep 5 – someone to take over for Cooper if they leave MAthews in slot) wouldn;t you be giving all of this away –

    1st Round – Safety/CB or OL
    2nd – OLB/ILB –
    3rd – Hundley or one of the holes still left

    I have heard Hundley may drop even further –

    Hundley is bigger then Marriota – go with Foles as Starter – Hundley being groomed as BU and Barkley holds the clipboard for another season – Foles plays out his rookie contract ad if he kills it – extend him. Rodgers sat for a few years – Young sat for a while too – if not, year two or if Foles gets hurt –

    That put blinders on a horse so it runs in only one direction – I think you can address a potential Foles meltdown without mortgaging the future. And a solid OL will go one hell of a long way to helping any offense (look at what Dallas did) – if you drafted a stud RG – how would you attack the Eagles OL – through in Celek being the best blocking TE in the NFL – depth ont he OL to prevent what happened last season early on – and a QB in grooming should there be an issue with Foles – use FA and draft to fix DBs

    • That makes too much sense inno never ginna happen chip gonna get hid guy bust a move lol

    • i would be against drafting hundley in the 7th round. HE IS AWFUL

    • A QB dropping at draft time and you want him? Why?

  • I would package both both Foles and Shady to swap up for Mariota, which would limit the number of picks we’d have to give up.

    • so in other words you would do what i just posted?

      • I would also do that.

        Everyone would do that.

        That’s why its not going to happen. Its not enough.

        Foles, Shady, 2015 1st and 2016 1st and the Titans will think about it.

        BTW – do the Titans want McCoy? I think they’d be asking for a player like Cox over McCoy.

      • There is a major over evaluation of shady here on gcobb. Great player , huge price tag and 26-27 year old RB. Teams would rather take a back in the draft.

  • We trade for marriotta I’m starting # Fire Chip Kelly and # Fuck yourself Songs….less is more

    • LOL

  • Get your guy Chip! we’ll get there faster in the long run with his franchise QB then focusing on any other position, I said this on here yesterday, look at the Rams, all those good quality players they got in that rg3 deal n they can’t get to the playoffs, why not? No QB that’s why! the Skins get right in in his first year, before anyone talks about injuries yes, it could happen to mariota n can happen to anyone else too so save that weak argument, bottom line is this, Chip needs his franchise QB and he should do whatever it takes. One more thing to add, it wasn’t the rg3 deal that set the Skins back, it was their cap situation, they had millions they couldn’t spend cause of the violation plus bad cap management, we don’t have that problem so giving up future picks won’t hurt us like it did them.

  • I read where Chip Kelly is going to have a “Fan” select the Eagles 1st Pick in the Draft since he’s on Record that it’s a 50/50% Shot of Working out to drum up
    some Excitement about the Eagles Draft this Year

  • NBC Washington’s Dianna Marie Russini reports the Cardinals will release DE Darnell Dockett.
    Source: Dianna Marie Russini on Twitter
    Feb 27 – 4:02 PM

    • Ha ha pman i told you dockett would get released

      • Yes you did,
        Word is that he will sign a new Restructured Deal in late March back with the Cardinals which helps them save some $$$ before Free-Agent and his Roster Bonus which was coming Due in early March as a lot of Roster Bonus’s are

        • Profootballtalk reports the Cardinals released DE Darnell Dockett because the sides couldn’t agree on his market value.
          The Cardinals attempted to extend Dockett after he refused to take a pay cut, but were unwilling to meet his asking price. Dockett will only return to Arizona if he can’t get a better deal on the open market. The Cardinals are a projected $17 million under the 2015 salary cap.

  • Dolphins just released Brandon Gibson, isn’t he the guy we drafted who went to the Rams who played good for them? If it is I would take a shot at him, he’s definitely an up grade over Brad Smith, Jeff Mehl and whoever else we had at the backend

    • Yes he is.. We Traded him for their MLB whose name escapes me that played 1/2 Season for the Eagles when Jamar Cheney was injured…
      Good Grief… I liked Brandon Gibson..

      • Will Witherspoon was the LB traded for Brandon Gibson

  • Every time i watchef a dolphins game they always hated on gibson

  • #FireChipKelly #SongsGoFuckYourself

    • haveacigar can go fuck himself even harder!

      • Why the anger

  • If Eagles want Mariotta so badly….well obviously they would have known that months ago.

    S0 why roll with Sanchez throwing 36x for 292 yrds? Why win that NYG game?

    Why not start Barkley (could have been easily explained as an ‘evaluation’) and run Polk 30x?

    What did Eagles lose there? 4? 5 spots? They would have known about the “Quest For Mariotta” then….so why make the quest more difficult?

    • No one on the team is thinking along those likes at that point in time. If the Eagles had one or two wins, they may have considered playing the backups… which would have likely resulted in a loss to the Giants. I just don’t think Chip gives a damn about draft picks…he just wants his guys and will pick them where he wants to or do what he feels he needs to in order to get them.

      • that would make chip the worst GM in history and prove that he is shortsighted. if he needs MM send him to what ever team picks him for next years whole draft. then let our OC be HC and if Foles does not show you he is the guy you get a real NFL coach and GM in Here let Foles walk , get a high pick and take your QB. we compete about the same time as we would if we had Mm and no picks for half a decade

        • When a lot of new coaches go to a new team they want to build the team in their image and win with their players, especially at the QB position, unless the QB is elite, ala Luck, Manning, Wilson or Brady and Brees a few years ago. Other than that all bets are off. Chip is playing with Andy Reid’s guys. If you were all in and believe n Chip before this Mariota talk, be all in with him if he gets Mariota. Fuck it…if that’s what Chip wants…then he should get him. I’m all in!

          • if he wanted Mm he should have traded every vet he could prior to last year and TANKED for the 1st overall…He knew then who Mariota is and so if he is worth the future he would have been worth the present and past. #Shortsighted.

            • Every one stated that the great thing about Chip is that he sees and does thing differently, until he does something they don’t agree with, then it’s a problem.

              • He is welcome to fail elsewhere. My choice would have been Ariens….I think I was right then, unfortunately.

              • Only time will tell Regal. They are tied 1-1 head to head in two seasons.

            • Exactly my point. Could have easily pulled a “colts” and tanked it.

              The real issue is that last game. Nothing on the line except to lose draft position.

              All the talk is Mariotta is the target….then he would have been the target then also. Winning the game is (if Mariotta is the target) absolutely detrimental to the franchise.

              Yet they thres 36x
              McCoy was featured
              They put on a punt rush and blocked one for a td instead of sitting
              They threw more than handed off

              Winning that game was detrimental to acquiring Mariotta.

              And yet everyone insists Mariotta is the target.

              Any intelligent franchise targeting Mariotta would have lost that game.

              • Wouldn’t that go against developing a culture of winning? Chip is high on culture…right?

  • #TradeChip before we dip

  • I want you guys who are refuting the report about the eagles moving up for Mariota, to keep this in mind

    My source along with Jimmy Kempski was all over DJax being released well before anyone thought it was possible.

    Point is, this isnt a smokescreen by the Eagles or mere bar talk. This is legitimate.

    They want Mariota and theyll do whatever it takes to get him

    Im glad too, hopefully we’ll finally have a QB that can run this offense to its fullest extent. He has good footwork, quick in the pocket, makes smart decisions, can read a defense, has smarts, has speed ran a 4.5, is mature and well spoken, not all that nick foles rah rah i love my teammates nonsense every press conference and one very important thing, he can run the zone read, and he’ll get us 10-20 yards not 3 or 4 like Foles

    This trade will be franchise changing and in my opinion, change for the better..

    • And there you have it boys and girls mariota is not coming here, it’s official.

      • Lol

      • Somewhere, Songs is looking for a Bridge to jump off with JH’s Statement that Eagles are all in for Mariota

    • They want Mariotta according to whom?

  • Jon Hart: “not all that nick foles rah rah i love my teammates nonsense every press conference “….LMAO! Hearing this did get maddeningly tired….especially after he would go back out and commit the same errors he did the week before.

    • Yea EHL It was like nails to a chalkboard

      He’s like a broken record

      Same thing every week. All that talking doesnt change the fact that hes as slow as molasses. Cant freakin move in the pocket, cant run the zone read effectively, makes poor decisions with the ball, instead of taking a sack or throwing the ball away he’d rather throw it up for grabs

      I’m over the Foles experiment. I was in his corner until now. He just cant run this offense to its fullest extent.

      “Out with the old in with the new” right paul?! Ha

      • I like Foles, it’s just that if Chip can upgrade the most important position on the team then he should do it. I am more tired of the Folesian society that believes Foles is untouchable and blames his erratic play on everything else but Foles’ bad tendencies. Anyone can be replaced. Nick is not Joe Flacco, but the way some on here act you would think he is comparable. He’s closer to Red head King Pin (Andy Dalton) than Joe Flacco. Dalton is good, but I question if he can get Cincy over the hump.

        • WHy won the meaningless NYG game if Mariotta is the target, thus raising compensation required.

          Why throw 36x?
          Why feature McCoy?
          Why no Barkley?
          Why block a punt instead of playing for the return?

          They went all out to win a meaningless game that made it harder to move up to get a guy everyone knew would be top 5……..

          The only intelligent move, if MM was/is the target was to lose that game……..

          But the Eagles did the exact opposite………..

        • No one thinks Foles is untouchable.

          Anyone can be replaced.

          But replacing Foles with a college QB that will cost the franchise 4 first round picks is stupid.

          • Who said it was going to cost 4 first rounders? I seriously doubt that would be the price.

            As far as losing the last game, it is not in Chip’s DNA to lose on purpose. As I stated, he will do what it takes to get a player he wants, he just needs a trade partner. The Jags want to trade out, I suspect Mariota to be there at #3. That would be where the Eagles would try to slip in at.

            • in 1998 it cost 2 firsts 2 seconds and 2 players for SD to move up 1 spot from 3 to 2 to ensure they got the QB they wanted.

              In 2011it cost 3 firsts and a second for Wsh to move up 4 spots from 6 to 2 to ensure they got the QB they wanted.

              In 2015 the Eagles will have to move up 18 spots from 20 to 2 to ensure they get the QB they want.

              You can “seriously doubt” that it will cost 4 first rounders….but history says it will. The Titans have the Eagles bent over a barrel right now. The internet posts a “Chip love Mariotta” article every 7 seconds,

              How could you possible believe it will cost the Eagles less than other team’s have paid in the past??

              They have to move more….they’ll have to pay more.

              That’s where I get 4 first rounders…..

              • Dude, there is no standard template. You have the Jags who want to move out of the third spot. You see what they want in order to get in that spot. It is all negotiable. Chip will have to determine what is within reason. Stop curling up in the corner with the dooms day scenario. Toooooo scary….lol. I hope Chip is more of a shrewed negotiator than to give into what you ate suggesting. But, at the endof the day if he determined that the price was worth it…oh well. The Eagles ate not winning the big one in the next couple of years in my opinion anyway so what ever. I do not think they would re -sign Foles anyway so we would be looking for a qb next off season anyway and would probably be giving up picks to move up so he my as well get it over with and get his guy..if he is in fact his guy.

              • are..not ate. Now that is a typo as the r and the t are next to each other. Damn cell phone keypad can be a bitch.

              • The Jags pick can be had, without giving up the future whatever the hell that means, but the Titans are the ones that can screw up this entire scenario by drafting Mariota. Hell you offer the Titans a couple of ones and a two and either Foles or Cox and in my opinion that gets that deal done. Just ride it out and let Chip do whatever he wants to do.

              • EHL,
                I do believe the Jags want to trade Back
                From #3, the big question I have and I hope Chip Kelly has,
                Is what other Team wants to move up to #3 and trade Future Picks
                specifically for QB Mariota..
                I just don’t think there is a big demand for Mariota
                And that the Eagles can wait as he slides down the Board
                To where the Eagles will not have to give up as much
                To get him..
                The Eagles move up to #3 after the Titans at #2 pass on him would be ove of the stupidest moves ever in a NFL Draft Day Trade

                In a nutshell, I believe the Eagles are only competing with themselves,as far as Teams,wanting To Trade Up for QB Mariota

              • Exactly..was not that the sentiment when Kelly let go of Djax…some on here was perfectly fine with Kelly doing what he wanted to build his team. It was all about culture and scheme fit. Boy oh boy how things change in a year…lol.

              • Pman…all that you stated is well within the realm of possibility. I see Mariota is slipping in mock drafts…I only see him no higher than six now…and down to ten. We will start to get a clearer picture next week as FA starts off. If Eagles go in heavy on defense and take a guard…Chip may be setting up to give up the draft picks. If the Eagles are not active…then he probably will not be looking to move up…that far anyway. ..Gotta read the tea leaves..lol.

        • Damn EHL I gotta get my nickname game up, Redheaded kingpin? You killed it with that one. When hip hop was fun. lol

          • Lol…I was waiting to see who would recognize that one…You gotta do the right thing was my song. You are alright in my book Big…always have been!

  • DeMeco Ryans – LB – Eagles
    The Philadelphia Daily News’ Paul Domowitch believes Eagles ILB DeMeco Ryans is a candidate for a contract extension.
    Going on 31, Ryans counts $6.9 million against the salary cap in the final year of his deal. A two-year extension that lowers his cap number this year and offers Ryans some security could work for both sides. Ryans is questionable for training camp after tearing his Achilles’ tendon early in November.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News Feb 28 – 10:49 AM

  • LeSean McCoy – RB – Eagles
    The Philadelphia Daily News’ Paul Domowitch said it is ‘not likely’ the Eagles want to keep LeSean McCoy at his current $11.95 million cap charge.
    McCoy has already said he is not open to a pay cut, but a restructuring that kicked some guaranteed money down the road could work for both sides. The Eagles could also conceivably cut McCoy, but that seems unlikely at this point. McCoy rushed for 1319 yards and five touchdowns on 312 carries last season.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News Feb 28 – 10:45 AM

  • Trent Cole – LB – Eagles
    The Philadelphia Daily News’ Paul Domowitch expects the Eagles to restructure OLB Trent Cole’s contract.
    “Unless the Eagles sign a big-name edge-rusher in free agency, they likely will try to restructure Cole’s deal and bring him back for at least one more year,” Domowitch said. Philadelphia certainly wants to lower Cole’s current $11.625 million cap charge, but Cole has been too good the last two seasons to cut outright. The two sides should be able to reach a deal.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News Feb 28 – 10:34 AM

    • Shady wont take much of a cut…….i believe ryans and trent will restructure their deals…….shady could be a trade chip at this point…..if he is i like tevin coleman in the draft to replace him

  • This Shady contract situation along with the DJax contract (which is why we couldn’t get anything for him) and Cole all falls on Roseman and that’s another reason why he should be gone, everyone is worried about Chip setting us back if he goes after Mariota, that wouldn’t be close to how Roseman has us in a bind with these crazy cap numbers that now we can’t even use these guys as trade bait.

    • Tyvon branch is a interesting player…..he has been injured for the raiders for the past two seasons but was pretty good for them before that……Id bring him in on a one year prove it deal….but only if we dont get searcy or mccourty….but id still draft someone anyway

      • I’d take a shot with Branch, 2 yr/9 million. A guy I like in round 3/4 is safety Clayton Geathers from UCF. I don’t see him as a starter this season, but an immediate contributor on special teams and could certainly play in dime package roles.

        • I like Safety C Geathers as well, as a 4th/5th Rd Pick


    ***This would be a 3 team deal that would land the Eagles the 1st overall pick and allow TB to “still” take Winston with the 2nd overall pick.

    Eagles- receive the 1st overall pick from TB and safety Goldson.

    TB- receives the 2nd overall pick from TENN. Receives CB Boykin and DE Vinnie Curry from PHI.

    TENN- receives Foles and Cox from Philly. Receives Philly’s 1st rder in 2015, 1 & 3 in 2016 and 2 in 2017 to TENN.

    **I personally would not like to give up Cox in the deal, but TENN was terrible with their run D last year, they play a 3-4, so I think it would be needed.

    4 Vets ( I don’t see Boykins, Foles, Curry back in 2016), and 2 picks in 2016 and another in 2017.


    • Don’t think there has ever been a deal like that in the NFL. Nfl just doesn’t operate like nba and mlb

      • Agree, but nobody by the name of Chip Kelly has sweet talked to other NFL teams before.

  • Philly would be giving up way to much in your trade Jeff I think mm falls,all the way to 20 now with browns getting McCown rams don’t need him cause Jeff fisher needs his job in 2016 the only wild that might take is Andy and the Chiefs but there in win now mode also and getting him doesn’t do nothing for Andy or that veteran team he has…

    • what is way too much.

  • Mariota is not falling to pick 20. I’m not convinced Tennessee doesn’t taking him after his pro day. We are going to have to swallow the tremendous amount of pro talent and picks we give up to get mariota. I give it until his 9th snap in the preseason until he does something that makes you forget all about what we gave up.

  • Rams take Foles and number 20 for the 10th pick, from there it’s a lot easier to move up, that was the best sounding rumor I heard, theirs no way Fisher doesn’t walk out of this draft without a QB, preferably a QB with experience, us fans might be down on Foles but theirs a lot of coaches that think he can succeed in the right system

    • It would still take more than Foles to move up 10 Spots in the 1st Round
      Rams need a TE and would probably demand a 3rd or 4th Rd Pick also

  • Eagles must get to 2 to ensure Mariota

    Stop all the “Mariotta will fall” BS because it ain’t going to happen.

    Titans call Eagles….”trade ____________ or we pick him # 2 “Pay us now”

    Titans have Eagles over a barrel.

    Either 3 firsts and players….. or 4 firsts…….minimum.

    Deal with it.

    Stop dreaming all other fantasy pretender “it’ll only take…..” scenarios because history is laughing at you.

    Want Mariotta??


  • reality….

    The Eagles have the 20th pick in the first round. They would likely have to move between No. 3 and No. 6 to land Mariota. Based on the draft trade chart, which isn’t the trade law but is used as a gauge, the third pick counts for 2,200 points on the trade value chart, while the sixth is worth 1,600 points.

    Philadelphia’s 20th pick is worth 850 points. That would mean a deal up would need an additional 1,200 to 1,350 to move up to No. 3 and 800 or so to move to No. 6. Based on the chart, the Eagles would have to give up that 20th pick, next year’s first-rounder (I used 25, which would be a value of 720), their second-round pick this year — No. 52, with a value of 390 points — and a third next year (No. 89, with a value of 145 points).

    That adds up to 2,095 points, so it’s in the ballpark to get to the third spot and enough to get to No. 4. It could be amended based on the negotiation, but you get the idea.

    That would seem like a ton, especially for a team with holes on defense. The Eagles finished 29th and 28th in total defense the past two seasons.

    But franchise quarterbacks cure your ills and average ones expose them. Mariota might not be a great fit in a lot of offenses, therefore the ability to cure ills is at question with some offenses, but in Kelly’s system I think he would help overcome a lot of issues.

    Mariota isn’t my style of quarterback, but he certainly is Kelly’s, which is why the deal makes sense.

    We can look at the past five drafts for an idea of what the Eagles would be giving up if they made the bold move to go from No. 20 to No. 3. I looked at all the players taken with the 20th pick, the 25th pick, the 52nd pick and the 89th pick from the past five drafts.

    What I found was one Pro Bowl player, and that was Chicago Bears guard Kyle Long, who has been to the past two. That’s it.

    There have been some good players selected in those spots, including rising New England stars Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower, but on the whole it’s a group that would have one lean toward being more inclined to make the deal to get Mariota.

    Pete Brisco CBS Sports.

    • There is a interesting report on bgn about why would chip push for all this power and not do something diffrent by going after mariota and the article went on to blame howie and chips relationship on mariota…..this could be true but we will never know

      • Do note that the Eagles Trading up from 20 to let’s say 10 or 6 or to 2 would pay a premium more than these “charts”show for very one pays more in a trade for potential franchise QB and especially in this case with it being a weak QB class to begin with and the ChipKelly/Mariota connection
        These other Teams know this and will gouge Chip Kelly in the process

  • Unless he’s drafted if I’m chip I sit back and watch him fall in his lap

    • I think the rg3 trade helps a lot because people will be scared to take a dual threat qb…thinking they dont want their qb injured all the time

      • That’s BS! Kap n Wilson are doing just fine as duel threats, look, Chip is going after his guy and I say he should do it! All these other holes can be filled with the later picks n FA, Graham goes, Cole goes and you pick up Worilds with his money, Williams goes and you get Maxwell with his money and what little u have to add, all this talk about the sky is falling and it’s gonna set us back is nonsense, one more time fellas, Rams with all that talent they got in the rg3 trade still hasn’t got them to the playoffs, no QB is the reason, rg3 took his team in his first year and the only set back for the skins was their horrible cap situation, had nothing to do with losing those picks, it’s bad when u have no picks plus no cap space, we don’t have those kind of cap issues therefore losing some picks wouldn’t hurt us like it did the Skins so let’s get off that comparison.

        • Wilson is kap isn’t. Kap blows.

        • Yeah kap has been figured out…. He will be cut after this year if he doesn’t improve…. SF is in trouble
          Running QBs are coming down to earth now that the nfl has caught up…. There was a blip for a few years but it’s all settling back in…cam, Krap are really showing wear and tear and are looking very defensible …

        • Oh and rg me going to playoffs year one and then horrible 3-13 or something the next two years … Is that acceptable? Really? Forget about the draft picks…do we want to be the freaking raiders of the east?

  • Eagles will have to move to 2 because the Titans are going to call philly and say “we’re going to take him – unless you give us _________________”

    Eagles will not be able to call they bluff and take the chance of losing Mariotta.

    More Eagles rifts?

    Roseman yesterday:
    “The history of trading up for 1 player, when you look at those trades, isn’t good for the team…”

    He’s right.

    • Hey vinnie what else did he say just dont put down the part you want pilut it all

  • If he falls we move up if he doesnt then its foles team

  • I actually believe what roseman said that is true

  • Roseman? The one that gave out those horrible contracts that put us in a position that we couldn’t trade Djax, can’t move Shady if we want cause of his cap number, the guy who it’s now confirmed picked those players last year that couldn’t get on the field, who now we need an OLB cause the one he picked in the 1st last year no one has faith in, the guy who had one good draft out of three, that’s the Roseman your talking about? Ok guys, if he said it then I believe it! Anymore kool aid left? I want some!

    • Dude andrew you are going crazy calm down…what he said about teams trading up for a pick that high generally doesnt work out….i dont care much for roseman but thats just basic truth….aint nobody drinking no fucking kool aid

      • Z, first of all, Roseman is not in a position anymore to give his opinion on what should be done in the draft, the dude is straight undercutting Chip, you gotta be blind not to see that, what other cap guy on a team Did you see ever gave his opinion on what should be done in the draft? Wake the frigg up! The guy is gonna cause nothing but trouble if he stays, he’s gotta go!

    • Dude those are normal contracts wtf are you talking about.
      The eagles are in solid shape cap wise…
      If you have problems with the draft that can be legit…contract wise the guy is pretty good

      • Have, your missing my point, what position were we in when with Djak contract when they wanted to trade him? Could we get anything? Why not?If they wanted to trade Shady they would get turned down, why? Cap hit would b too high! We have no leverage cause of these bloated cap numbers, that’s on Howie, that’s my point, not overall cap.

        • Listen it was a normal contract.., understand it was given under the previous regime….DJAX would have been fine but chip told him, look you can’t do those same things in practice and meeting rooms Eric that you used to do…the new boss said you can’t do it…DJAX tested him, chip cut him…no biggie…
          Look around the nfl no one has leverage because of cap numbers…it’s not the way business is done… The key to the FO and leverage is non guaranteed contracts…it’s simple to cut guys but next to impossible to trade them…. Peyton freaking manning was CUT for nothing! Let me repeat….PEYTON MANNING was CUT! Oh and btw took a team to the SB the next year….

        • By all accounts chip is the dumbest shit in the history of the Eagles organization in the draft and you are excited for him? And hating on roseman ? Wow.

          • Based on what I mh? This is the mans first season in charge, so far all we have to base anything on is him cutting Casey n Herremans, as for Howie? The man never recovered from the dream team FA splurge and was shell shocked from that point on, you can’t lead like that, everyone wants to talk about FA is not as good as the draft, ask the patriots if that is true, they go and pick up Revis n Browner and win it all, it’s about who you pick up, that’s something Howie couldn’t do, he had more misses than hits in FA, same with the drafts he ran, I’m all on board with Chip until he proves otherwise, so far he hasn’t had that chance.

        • It’s not Howie’s Deals It’s the way Bonus $$$$ are wrapped-up in these Deals of today that are prorated and make it difficult to Cut or Trade Players those first 2-3 Years of a New Deal…
          Once the “Dead $$$” is gone on a Players Deal, then you have a shot of moving a Player..
          As far as McCoy’s Deal goes, No Team is Paying the $10-$12 Million per Year for a RB.. Lynch for Seahawks perhaps , AP ? D Murray?

          • AP is due to make that… But will be cut…
            It is standard operating procedure…nfl contracts are fairly standard, there are no bad contracts by front office standards…people, bitch about cooper, 5 for 25$ it will not even be close to that,
            I’m not sure what people are bitching about trades of big name players rarely happen in the nfl..this is the reason why.

            • Every single team has the exact same issues as Birds have with McCoy and earlier MeSean.

              Nothing to see here.

          • McCoy deserves it, just as good or better than both Peterson, and Murray. Stop lying to yourself, and chuck that RB’s are a dime a dozen crap. You will find it very difficult to replace McCoy….

            Stupid call for mediocrity….when his deal can be reworked to benefit both he, and the team.

            No trade down throughout the draft, trade Connor Barwin, Vinny Curry, Evan Mathis, Brandon Boykins, and possibly #1’s in 2017 and 2018.

            1a. Alvin Dupree – OLB
            1b. Ereck Flowers – OT

            2a. Marcus Peters – CB
            2b. Eli Harold – OLB
            2c. Quinton Rollns – CB

            3a. Laken Tomlinson – OG
            3b. Stephone Anthony – ILB
            3c. Jaquiski Tartt – FS

            4a. Donovan Smith – OT
            4b. Ali Marpet – C
            4c. Tre McBride – WR/PR/KR

            5a. Jarvis Harrison – OG
            5b. Senqueze Golson – CB/PR/KR
            5c. Terry Williams – NT

            7. Brandon Bridge – QB

            Free Agent signings – Jason Worilds or trade with Chiefs for Justin Houston, Byron Maxwell, Orlando Franklin, and Davon House.

            • And if possible I would pursue D’Norris Searcy….

              Release Trent Cole, Cary Williams, Nolan Carroll, and Riley Cooper

  • Rumors that Eagles are close to Franchising Safety Nate Allen…
    Details at 11pm

    • Lol good one pman late allen hell to the nah

  • Interesting tid bit on trading down ,it’s based upon hard facts .the “hit rate “in the first round is 60% ,as such 4 out of ten 1st rounders are a hit ,and the others possibly marginalized,or a complete bust .in the second round finding that guy ,drops to 40% …6 times out of ten you go off the rails in the second round.if you stay with the 20th pick and the board isn’t screaming at your draft board ,I’d assume the statistics say the Eagles should trade out and get addittional 2nd round picks.if trading your first for two twos you now have a 64% cumulative chance of getting a productive player ,only now you have two chances..you have a 36% chance of missing on both picks,16% of the time you hit on both 2nd round picks,24% you hit on the higher 2nd and miss on the later pick.Doing the math you add the 24s together and you have a 48% chance of hitting on a player in the second round??and 36% you miss on both second round picks?This is howies formula that Jeffrey has in his copious notes ..Chip is on the clock ,howie is using numerology as usual,and chip has the ultimate GO FUCK OFF card …do you really think his ball sack isn’t priming for howie..then you don’t read the tea leaves..I’ll say this ..there is zero chance one or both these guys aren’t here in the near future ..the press releases ,the statements howie made were at MIT in Boston,Jeffrey’s backyard..smells like chowdah..

  • This is New Year’s Eve massacre redux..howie speaks ..in Jeffrey’s backyard and slings numbers at MIT ..what great theater of the absurd..This is a high stakes poker game being played out ,you can’t stoke the flame any higher ..does chip stare down the barrel of numerology and go get his guy …does howie now hold the key back into the castle ? Jeffrey was warned of this co-habitation …will someone physically have to be removed from nova care ..or is chip about to put the weasel to sleep …

  • The only new year’s massacre should be of these worn out, tired old posters who repeat the same old mantra, foles sucks, trade alerts, ,mock drafts ,stats out, the ying yang, how about something original mother fuckers

  • Jake …a tad angry dude? It’s the first time howie has gone public just yesterday ..I call that new news

    • Jakedog of GCobb.com gets banned to Cleveland,Oh and becomes a Browns Fan … No Details needed!!!


    Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

    *Trade: Washington gets Philadelphia’s first- and second-round picks this year, and first- and fourth-round picks in 2016. Washington could be moving from five to 20 in the first round by doing this deal, with GM Scot McCloughan scoring points with his new boss for not giving away the store in a trade, but rather acquiring the store. This has so many poetic points to it. The Eagles gave Donovan McNabb to Washington a few Easters ago; now Washington would be giving a longer-term quarterback, theoretically, to Chip Kelly. The Eagles coach would be reunited with the quarterback he recruited out of a Hawaii high school and helped make a star while both were at Oregon. It just feels right, though Howie Roseman will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into giving up so much draft capital for a player with some question marks.

    • That article is over a week old. If you didn’t spend so much time signing in and out as Koolbreeze you might have read it earlier.

      Eagles have to move to 2 to get MM. Can’t “chance” that Titans don’t bend them over, or another team with more ammo moving in front of them.

      Its 2 or nothing. Enjoy the insane compensation.

      • just exploring the possibilities.

    • No way does Washington only end up with 1st & 2nd Picks in 2015
      and a 1st & 4th Rounders In 2016 for Eagles to Move up from the 20th Pick to 5th Overall pick from a Division Rival who would be allowing a Rival to get their QB of Choice… No Way Jose….

      This would be a Steal for the Eagles if this was all they had to give up

  • And for the Record
    Eagles should simply be patient and see if Mariota falls past the Titans at #2
    as I and many others believe will happen..
    Then Mariota is dropping to #6 (Jets), #10 (Rams) or #19 (Browns) or right into the Eagles Laps at #20
    There is little chance that the Titans at #2 will Select Mariota or even a smaller chance that another Team moves up to #2 to Get Mariota before the Eagles do… It’s the Eagles or no one, they are not competing against any other Team here so giving up 4-5 High Draft Picks and Players is totally unnecessary in my opinion..

    • Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chip found some way to get that #1 pick in a package that sends Foles to the Bucs.

      That’s probably the first option on the table for Chip to ensure he get his guy.

    • Paul you promised me three weeks ago that MM would continue to fall in mocks, you said after the combine yet he hasn’t fallen at all. As a matter of fact more and more have him going two….and none past six.

      This is starting to remind me of the Ricky Williams hype 15 years ago… All the fans were sure AR had to have ‘his’ guy, a bruising back…lol. I love it when people say ‘chip has to have his guy’….no evidence at all about his desire for Mariotta… None!

      • I just don’t see how this is a “wait and see” option.

        Titans are going to call the Eagles (or already have) and say, “we’re taking Mariotta at #2, so if you really want him….what are you willing to give u….”

        Whether they’re bluffing or not….its its not a bluff the Eagles can call. IF they want Mariotta, they have to fold and pay for the #2 spot.

      • I have seen a few Mocks where Mariota has Dropped down to 10th (Rams)
        Draft is still 8 Weeks away and plenty of Time for Players to move up and down as the Pro Work-Days begin this Week..
        Remember how poorly Teddy Bridgewater did in his Workout that it almost knocked him out of the 1st Round last Year after being viewed as a Top #10 Pick all Draft Run Up…
        I do expect Mariota to have a good workout though..

        LAte April is

        • ive also seen MM drop…

  • Chip feels Mariota’s football IQ is similar to the likes of Peyton Manning the way hoe processes information, but have the speed a receiver.

    The QB position can secure the Eagles chances to compete for a Championship for years to come, like Reid’s McNabb……

    Chip needs his guy.

    • He answered a question about a young man he coached. It’s coaches speak.
      If Marriotta is Peyton manning TB would draft him at one and adjust their system. The same way Denver adapted theirs for the real Peyton manning …two coaches in Denver have done that (fox and kubiak) and then if TB is dumb enough to pass on the next PM then Tennessee surely would take him….teams don’t pass on Peyton manning for crying out loud. Draft him, institute a hybrid Seattle/eagles offense and go to the SB 8 out of the next 10 years. I’m pretty sure that TB and TN both have SB aspirations… Don’t trade away Peyton manning!

    • I’m with you 100% Songs! I’ve been saying it from day one, he needs his franchise QB, vinnie above you thinks they have this plan to hose us, like we have no clue, listen,, Chip is gonna give up his next three 20 to 25 sloted 1st round picks for the next few years to get his guy, who gives a shit! Your not winning without your QB plain n simple, go see the Rams, how many times did they make the playoffs with all those picks from the Skins? Cole is redoing his contract as we speak so that’s one less postion we have to spend heavy on this year, would like to see them get Worilds though

      • Um you do understand that with a rookie qb they won’t be 20-25 slotted?
        They get MM and they are 6-10 next year…
        And as I said above if he is this great why the hell would anyone not take him?

    • How would Chip even know Peyton Manning’s Football IQ ..
      What a stupid thing for him to say for he’s never Coached PM and
      Meanwhile Mariota mastered a High-Tempo 6-8-10 Play Oregon System that simply runs College Teams/Defenses into the ground with Pace and Tempo since College Defenses are lucky to have 1 to 2 Professional Athletes/Defenders on them at most…

  • I also think MM falls to 20 the teams don’t add up to drafting him.
    Titans- are the wild card but with all this love I keep hearing about with Zack mentenberg I don’t think they go MM route.

    Jets – they just drafted a young qb 2 yrs ago it makes no sense to draft another who won’t fit your system and geno as bad as he is he got better last yr from his rookie yr.

    Rams- Jeff fisher needs to win now not 4yrs down the line cause he won’t be there 4yrs from now if he doesn’t win this yr he needs a vet not a rookie to do that.

    Browns- the just drafted Johnny football last yr in the 1st Rd not gonna take another qb in the 1st back to back yrs nor matter how much Johnny drinks he’s there qb when sober.

    Chiefs- same boat the rams are in Reid has vet team and are win now mode there pick needs to be a wr or oline not a qb who’s not gonna play.
    After all these teams pass on mm the question then becomes wil chip pull the trigger or pass on him like he did Johnny football.

    • The people who drafted Smith are no longer with the team so these new guys are not obligated to him so I would watch them , I think the Titans are gonna go with their guy and the Browns just signed mcknown for three years so they might pass on a QB this draft, Shu didn’t get the franchise tag, I see the Raiders going after him, if they do then they don’t go after Williams from usc, that opens the door for us to make a move with them

      • Everyone, even mccown himself, knows he’s not the type of qb to take a team to the promised land. He is there as much for being a mentor than anything else.

    • i dont believe for second titans will pass on MM b/c they love mentenberger – a qb drafted in the 6th round.. no way

      not to mention the other guy they would pick is probably leonard williams who is not a cant miss prospect. titans will take MM or trade

  • Metenburg is a late round pick, smith is terrible, the browns have made it known they are not counting on Manziel. And again if this guy has Manning football IQ teams will see this in interviews etc…anybody that passes on him is an idiot

    • Cigar all these guys that you name are terrible to us not to there organizations I would’ve never gave up two 2nd picks but Andy and the Chiefs did as well as giving him a nice contract extension. Abd how did the Browns make it known by getting McCown lmao he will be there staring qb opening day.

      • The owner and the GM have said Manziel is not counting on him moving forward.
        There is a new regime in NY and they have not backed smith at all. (I was referring to g. Smith not A. Smith)
        And again almost no matter who your qb is you still have to draft a manning like qb….

  • in obvious news :

    Chiefs placed the franchise tag on OLB Justin Houston.
    Houston’s one-year tender will be worth roughly $13.1M. It’s a very fair deal for a player that has emerged as a truly elite edge defender, leading the league in sacks with 22 last season (just a half-sack short of Michael Strahan’s NFL record). Over the last three years, Houston has ranked first, first and fourth in PFF’s 3-4 OLB grades — and he’s just 26 years old. The Chiefs will continue to try to get a long-term deal worked out, but they were never going to let Houston play anywhere else in 2015. If Houston had hit the open market, he would have rivaled Ndamukong Suh for the richest free-agent contract.
    Mar 2 – 9:42 AM

  • surprising news:

    The Lions announced they will not use the franchise tag on DT Ndamukong Suh.
    Due to previous contract restructures, franchising Suh would have cost the Lions an unruly $26.7M. So now it’s official: If there’s no long-term deal with Detroit in place by March 10, Suh will hit the open market as the NFL’s No. 1 free agent. He’ll obviously command interest from cap-rich teams all over the league even though he wants to be the NFL’s highest paid defender — topping J.J. Watt’s six-year, $100M extension that included $51.8M in guarantees. The Detroit Free Press speculates bidders will include the Lions, Jaguars, Jets, Colts and Raiders. Suh has been a top-4 tackle in PFF’s grades in each of the last three seasons and anchored the 2014’s No. 2 overall defense.
    Mar 2 – 9:44 AM

    • No Surprise at all Mhenksi for those close to Detroit..

  • Just looked at 12 mocks… MM went 1 in two of them, 4 to the eagles in 1 of them, 8 times at 2 and once at 6….. They were all the big ones except I didn’t get kiper because I’m not an insider ….
    He ain’t dropping. If he is good teams can adapt their offense. Right now I would not be surprised if the TN offensive staff isn’t spending 20-25 hours a week working on a new play book. Bringing in some spread consultants done deal

    • Lol, since when do you place any credibility in mock drafts? Both Manziel and Bridgewater were considered top 10 picks last year all the way up to the draft. Smith was considered a mid first round pick. We see how that worked out.

      I see the Titans selecting DE Leonard Williams #2 overall. New DC Dick LeBeau will push for this..imo.

      • I don’t recall seeing Johnny Football in the Top #10 as it was closer to Draft Time .. Or Bridgewater for that matter

        • Go refresh your memory then….old mocks are out there. Check out Mel Kiper…he had Johnny Football going #1 overall.

  • I absolutely believe a team must have a “franchise qb” to win in the NFL. Esp in the playoffs.

    I also absolutely believe that making a “all-in” deal for said QB would be a disastrous mistake.

    The only way this works is if Mariotta can come in and be a star right away.

    History says that doesn’t happen.

    It takes 2 years for a QB to develop. 2 years.

    Eagles take Mariotta….he does what the vast, vast majority of 1st year QBs do and rolls out a solid 14 td 12 int campaign, goes through all his regular rookie struggles and pilots the Birds to 6-10.

    Ok fine.

    Year 2 he improves to 21-12. Eagles improve to 8-8. Looking up…..except there are now cracks…..

    Peters, Mathis both now ‘late’ 30s and done. No replacements. Shady is done (if he hasn’t been traded) The D is still the D.

    And who is replacing those guys? Some nice solid 4th and 5th rounders.

    Good times.

    BTW – anyone consider that there’s another factor that could make this even more catastrophic for the Eagles?

    What if Mariotta does what all rookies do…takes his 2 years to work out the kinks……..and Kelly gets fired……

    What then?

    Do you think the Eagles will be bringing in another RO guy? (My feeling is the RO will have gone the way of the chuck and duck by then, but I digress)

    What then? They’re going to bring in something completely opposite to Kelly. Maybe a D guy. Certainly a guy who will install a different offence.

    And Mariotta, with no experience running a pro offence in either college or the pros as “the guy”. With no depth behind him .


    Odds of Mariotta coming in here and becoming an instant star (the only way this hair-brained idea works) is what? 20%

    This has got long term-disaster written all over it.

    • Dom and Gloom…the sky is falling..lol.

      • doom

        • History says its a doom and gloom scenario. So I’m rolling with history.

          You can hold to some “in Chip we trust I will still hope in the face of overwhelming historical evidence”. But I don’t think that’s a good strategy.

          • In Chip you trust…roll with him now as you did last off season…oh…and don’t look up….because the sky is falling.

            • EHL I’ll tell what is most funny to me, folks acting like a trade for Mariota if he doesn’t pan out will set the franchise back for years and years to come, umm can someone tell me when the Eagles last won a Super Bowl and why exactly the sky is falling? Hell the sky fell for me when Mr. Glass got hurt and bum ass Sanchez came to kill a season last year.

              • I agree…When was the last time we won a playoff game? Wasn’t Donny Mac the QB?

        • Eagles are very likely to finish 6-10 in 2015 Regardless of Who is Playing QB.. They will have a Rebuilt Secondary that will take 1/2 Season to play well
          They have one of the bottom 10 WR’s Corps in the NFL, (and that’s even if they Re-Sign Maclin) and an aging OL that’s a injury away from being average to poor if anything were to happen to LT J Peters
          and then have a HC in Kelly who believes in only playing 1 Way to be successful at the NFL Level for that’s all he knows (A Snap every 18-20 Seconds) Good Grief, I can’t wait to his Chubby Ass & Dumb Looking Smirk are back in College… Hurry Up 2017!!!!

          • Typical fraud nonsense

          • Paulman I don’t like Kelly myself but he can cut Foles and have Vick and Sanchez as his QB’s and they wouldn’t go 6-10 stop with the nonsense.

    • Vin, Have to disagree, first, something like this has never happen before so theirs nothing to base your stats on unless you can tell me what other head coach drafted his college QB he recruited, had flourish in a system that won him a heisman, I don’t remember any college coach who succeeded in the NFL who had this opportunity, As far as it taking two years? Again, him coming into a system that just won him a heisman? I think it will be a lot faster because of that, only thing he would have to get use to is the speed of the game, it won’t take two years for that, if it did take two years, that would be a lot faster for us to get to the next level then without him, let Chip do it!

      • Excellent points andrew p…

        You have to make logical comparisons not generalizations to Washington with RG3 or what Mike Dikta did ions ago.

        This is a unique situation…the Coach knows the QB, he runs the system that the QB has been successful in…the QB physical talent far exceeds what you have in Foles.

        Its a no-brainer

        Go for It…do what you got to do…Get Mariota!

      • andrew,

        Steve Spurrier had great success at U of Fla with quarterback Danny Wuerffel (who won a Heisman Trophy). Spurrier went out of his way to get Wuerffel to play for his Redskins team…. Both Spurrier and Wuerffel went down in flames, along with Spurrier’s great and innovative system.

        The situation with Spurrier at Washington is very similar to Kelly – with regard to drafting a bunch of players from his college team.

        Mariota is not a sure thing no matter who he plays for.

        • Irish, nobody but Spurrier regarded Wuerrful as high as scouts tout Mariota and Spurrier was stealing checks from the Skins and didn’t want to put the time in the be successful in the NFL. Nothing to compare about the two situations if you look closely.

          • Was Weurlful considered an top 5 draft prospect?

            You know it’s bad when cats start comparing Danny freakin Wuerlful to Mariota and Chip’s situation.

            When the Spurrier come in the league and win 20 games in his first 2 seasons implementing a new offense without his kind of QB?

            Eagle’s situation is uniques and can’t be compared to other scenarios of the past.

            • Is Mariota considered a top 5 talent?

      • Andrew….

        Every coach drafts the QB for his “system”. That’s what every coach and every team does when drafting QBs.

        The results:

        Bridgewater 14td 12int
        Gabbert 12 and 11
        Ponder 13 and 13
        Tannehill 12 and 13
        Smith 12 and 21
        Manuel 11 and 9
        Weedeen 14 and 17
        Bradford 18 and 15
        Palmer 18 and 18
        Flacco 14 and 12
        Stafford 13 and 20
        Eli 6 and 9
        Brees 17 and 16
        Bortles 11 and 17
        McNabb 8 and 7

        Each and every one of these guys was drafted because the coach thought he’s be perfect for his system!

        Each and every one went through growing pains!!

        Are their outliers…like Brady and Wilson? Sure, but that’s all they are 10% of guys are superstars right away.

        The rest struggle. Its what happens when you toss college QBs into the NFl their first year.

        To think a guy is going to come in and rip it up is pure, complete baseless hope. Regardless if he “knows” the system or not.

        When you look at those players above, then Foles 6 and 5 looks just about right on for his first year. He went well above the curve to 27-2 year 2 and came right back to about where a guy mid second year should be at 13-10.

        That is what to expect from Mariotta first year. Its what happens to the vast majority of 1st round guys thrown into the fire….each and every one drafted because the coach thought he fit “the system”

        The difference here….the new Eagles QB will be struggling along like every other 1st rounder…..BUT….the team’s draft picks to replace his Oline, DBs etc eill be gutted.

        A fantastic combination.

        And IF Mariotta really struggles, again, like the vast majority of rookie QBs do….then what will the Eagles be stuck with? A new coach who abandons the RO but has a RO QB and a bare cupboard young talent wise.


    • Stop whining Vinniedaloser…

      The real doom and gloom scenario is the one that you want to choose for us…staying pat…keeping bum ass Foles…not getting a franchise QB…taking a chance on a draft with average CB’s and only one Safety who will be long gone before we pick!

      Taking a shot with an injury-prone QB who cant beat good defenses!

      Staying mediocre with a mediocre QB who doesn’t fit your system

      The real doom and gloom is found in trying to stay pat..blowing another draft like our terrible draft last year…getting more average players that dont elevate you to championship level

      You cant have it both ways.

      Either we go with Chip…and give him the players he believes he needs to win…starting with a QB that fits his system

      Or simply stay mired in mediocrity with a QB that it is painfully obvious cant beat good defenses

      Its a easy call!

      Take the shot…make the move and give Chip what he needs!

      Give Chip get what he feels he needs to win-a franchise QB in Mariota!

      Go for it!

  • ***Eagles News***

    Former Packers ILB Brad Jones is visiting the Eagles today

    • No he suckd

    • A Nice Player, Solid Special Teamer & Back-Up ILB Type..
      He will probably be the Biggest Name the Eagles Sign in Free-Agency

      • lmfao. he isnt a nice player at all, the guy may be worse than casey matthews.

        • Why would you think hes the biggest name for us i highly doubt that

          • I think the Eagles now have “Sam Hinkie Disease” and will stay pretty quiet and close to the Vest for 2015 and then go all-in in 2016 or 2017
            depending on what happens…It’s just becoming a way to Manage Sport Teams in the Philadelphia these Days…
            It is what it Is…

  • I pray the eagles don’t sign him pure,bum.

  • **More Rumors**

    Eagles Trade QB Nick Foles & TE Zac Ertz to Denver Broncos for
    QB Peyton Manning..
    Coach Kelly wants to finally see and learn how Smart Peyton Manning Is

  • Ed Marynowitz has sent an E-Mail & Memo in care of Chip Kelly to every Eagles Player over the Age of 29 Years Old about having their Agents contact the Front Office about having their “Contracts Re-Structured”
    Jason Peters en route to NovaCare Ctr with a Baseball Bat in Hand
    This could get Ugly before it gets Better

  • Here goes some info on Brad Jones, I say we pass on him, have enough of those kind on this team already

    Poor play, highlighted by an excessive amount of penalties and missed tackles, saw Jones go from starter to backup to rarely getting any snaps at all. He did get some playing time near the end of the regular season and in the playoffs as a single linebacker in the team’s dime package.

  • Non exclusive tag for Wr D.Thomas.

    Maclin only top tier Wr left. I’m being told Maclins deal is “all but done” so we should hear something today or sometime this week

  • Franchise Tags

    Cowboys – WR Dez Bryant
    Chiefs – LB Justin Houston
    Broncos – WR Demarius Thomas

    Raiders Release LB Lamarr Woodley
    Packers Release CB Jarrett Bush after a Public Intoxication Charge, even though the Charges were dropped

    Eagles Brass are Contemplating Franchising Safety Nate Allen is such a Poor Safety Class in Free-Agency & the Upcoming Draft that Chip Kelly was heard saying, “What the Heck, Playing Safety in the NFL is nothing but a Crap-Shoot Anyways”

  • The Eagles will have to spend big time this year if they wanna keep Maclin, Graham etc

    Tags are flying all over the league, setting the market

    • lmfao. tags setting the market??

    • Eagles have no intention of re-signing Graham and have stated so…

      Each Season, a Few Players from around the NFL get the Franchise Tags which has less to do with “Setting the Market” than the first “72 Hours of Free-Agency” does…
      These are “Mutually Exclusive” of each other..

  • Just read they moved Howies office to the finace department, so far that’s the best offseason move they made, kinda funny it happen after he just had that interview about not trading up.

    • Mr. Analytics, that’s why Chip did not want him around….clearly not a football guy.

  • NFL salary cap was increased to 143.28 million

    eagles have 26 million in cap space and can free up a lot more. cutting bitch ass cary williams and restructuring trent and ryans could get as closer to 40 million… eagles have plenty of $$$$$ to do whatever they want

    • Dick in the booty ass cary williams you mean henski….lol

      • haaaaaaa

        wants again spitting amazing sayings!

    • Which is what I’ve been saying since the end of the Season…

      • careful paulman. rumor has it too much back patting can cause serious injuries

        • Dude I love midas whale…..this white dude I hang out with says that shit so fucking much….I can’t stop laughing…..he so friggin country

  • I heard if we release cooper on a certain date we actually save 1 mill…..is that true?

  • Great news guys the patriots assigned the franchise tag to their damn kicker and not mccourty……we gotta get him asap

    • good coverage safety. graded out as best safety 2 years ago. unsure how he graded this past year. id be concerned we would be a little wimpy at safety with him and jenkins but that would be way better than the last 5+ years here

      versatile cover guys in the back and a strong front 7 could be nice…

      id be a fan of that signing

      • Id spend big money on him then at corner pick up hpuse or culliver who wont demand as much as maxwell…..and have a draft pick and nplan carroll fight for other corner spot

  • How did the patriots not get their kicker signed longtime…..he can’t want much

    • pats are cash strapped…

  • Eagles signed Brad Jones 2yr deal


    • Book ‘me Dano!

      • Damn auto correct..should say ‘book ’em dano’

        • haaa

          and its danno

  • **Eagles Just Signed the LB Brad Jones who was Cut from the Packers even though they have a Need at ILB….
    He’s 6-3 – 242lbs , 28 Years Old and not a Big upgrade in my Opinion…
    Here we go again….Different Folks in the Front Office, same Old Garbage..

    • Goddamn another guy soft as mixed baby hair….great start chip

  • I have now lowered the Eagles Wins for 2015 from a 7-9 Season to a 6-10 Season and a 3rd Place Finish in THE NFC East behind the Cowboys & Giants

    Chip Kelly & Ed Marynowitz really have their Work cut out for them…

    • Then Fraudman will flipflop and hope no one checks the archives for his asshat predictions

  • The Patriots did not assign the franchise tag to free agent FS Devin McCourty.
    McCourty will become a free agent when the new league year begins on March 10. He’s far and away the best safety on the market and should land an annual salary somewhere between $8-10 million. The $9.6 million McCourty would have received from the franchise tag was more than New England was willing to pay. This is considered a weak draft class for safeties, which makes McCourty in even higher demand. It’s no secret McCourty’s twin Jason would love to play alongside his brother in Tennessee.
    Source: ESPN Boston
    Mar 2 – 3:47 PM

    • If he wants to see his career end he will go to tennesee

      • I see McCourty Playing for his Hometown Team the NY Giants or possibly the Redskins, who will overpay for him….. But Eagles has a legitimate shot at McCourty who is an East Coast Guy and likely to remain so..

        The Raiders and Jaguars both have $55-$60 Million to Spend
        Remember the 3 Year Time Frame is up for Teams now and they must now Spend 95% of the Salary Cap’s as madated by the last CBA Agreeement ..

        • So to recap the ‘I will be right post’… ‘I see mcourty in Ny, Washington or Philadelphia ‘ and if that’s not correct I see him in Oakland or jax

          • I think McCourty Stays on East Coast (Giants, Redskins or Philly)
            But the Raiders,Jags have $$$ to Burn, Burn,Burn and could bowl him over with an Offer that he can’t refuse…or the Pats can pony up and Re-Sign him after releasing Vince Wilfork..

  • Say Goodbye to DeMeco Ryans and his $6.75 Million Salary for 2015
    Next Signing will be WR Brian Hartline when the Eagles fail to re-sign Maclin
    and then Sign Ted Ginn Jr to Replace Brad Smith and so it Goes..

    • Wait a half hour ago you were whining that they would over pay for maclin! God damn you are a two faced fucker

      • The Fraudman FlipFlop at it again…..

        • No Flip-Flop here.. I stated the Eagles would not use the ‘Franchise Tag” for that’s not what they do and it looks like I was right… … I don’t care if Maclin stays one way or another to be honest, but I surely would not pay him more than $8-$9 Million Range at all and definitely no more than $10-$12 Guarantee at most … He’s a Solid # 2 WR, No More, No Less and a Dime a Dozen in this Offense

          • You have more flip flops than Pacific Sun Fraudman.

      • LMAO!!!

      • Lol its pman hac what would you expect

        • Fraudman and JH are always correct… They both predict both sides of an issue… Recently Fraudman predicted 6-10 for the eagles at some point he will predict 11-5 and the NFC champ game… And he will be correct…Fraudman wants to buy powerball tickets after the drawing!

          • Eagles take another Step Back in 2015 with a weaken Front Office
            and still issues at QB, Age Along OL, New Secondary and ?? at WR

  • and maclin is a free agent

    JON HART FUCKING MUSHED US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In all fairness jon did say today or some time this week

      • did you just join this site? you dont know he has been wrong with virtually every single post/prediction he has ever made? you know he doesnt really have sources that arent twitter or internet right?

        we have a problem. maclin is now the best wr on the market and will gather offers and give us a chance to match… 50/50 at best now

        • I know henski i love hyping his so called sources and love when he confirms it as soon as any rumor site already has it…the guy is fun to hype

        • When is JH wrong?!

          You got the wrong guy penske

          • Sources say you are always correct after it has been posted on every site…that according to my source

            • hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

              • remember when jon hart said the sixers were having a secret meeting with lebrons camp at university of penn???? Haaaaaaaaaaaa

                sixers controlling the draft..

                eagles trading up for johnny drunk, eagles taking johnny drunk, cowboys taking johnny drunk

                literally every single prediction you have ever made has been wrong.

              • JH, I know that you don’t always get the internet from your jail cell but please give it a break




            • According to my source, its about time for you to haveaseat

              • Jon Hart
                June 7, 2011 – 9:35 pm

                I got my Wade and Bron Bron jerseys today!!! Lets Go Heat!!!!!!

              • jon you totally mushed exums career that wasnt cool man

              • Jon Hart
                June 24, 2014 – 9:53 am

                This is what I said, I said that Andrew Wiggins was the Sixers top target and that Joel Embiid was the Cavs target, those two guys are still at the top of those teams boards IMO. Nothing has changed there.

                Jon Hart
                June 24, 2014 – 9:28 am

                My list of guys hasn’t changed 1 iota.. I mentioned Wiggins, Exum, Smart, Embiid, Vonleh, so dont try it, been saying these guys for months, while they were still in college..

                These are guys I feel that the Sixers have interest in and will look to target this Thursday night..



                THIS ONE IS GREAT

                Jon Hart
                June 24, 2014 – 10:33 am

                LeBron will not be a cavalier nor will he be a New York Knick (main reason why he won’t be a New York Knick is because his wife Savannah hates New York she does not want to live there wants nothing and no part of it), he is going back to Miami and he opted out early because he wants to allow the heat time to acquire more young talent around him. That is it nothing more..

                But he is going to allow teams 2 entertain him with offers and sit down with him and talk deals and things of that sort and one of the teams will be the Philadelphia 76ers

                hey who knows, the Sixers could really wow him and he could sign here if we can guarantee trading or signing another max guy.. Hinkie is a very bright well spoken forward thinking guy with a vision and Lebron loves guys like that and organizations like that..

                Lets try to wow him but everything is pointing to him signing back with Miami

              • Jon Hart
                June 24, 2014 – 2:17 pm

                Also a NBA general manager has compared Dante Exum to Kobe Bryant. Said he’s the closest prospect in this draft to Kobe and that if Dante would have gone to college that his name would have been mentioned up there with both Wiggins and Parker…

                Shouldnt say I told you so but I will, I’ve been telling you all that this kid is a gem, he’s going to be a beast in the league and I would be happy if the Sixers selected him..


        • Free-Agency doesn’t start until March 10th
          The Eagles can still sign Maclin or any other Eagle by March 10th
          or any Player who was recently cut like they just did with ILB Brad Jones.
          Today 3/2 at 4pm was the Deadline to place a “Franchise Tag”, but this doesn’t preclude both sides from still talking or coming to an agreement by March 10th

          • obviously correct paul but maclin gambled on himself and he is gonna see it through

            • Which is his right and I have no problem with him leaving for greener pastures.. I believe I have been pretty consistent in stating that Maclin was going to do just that… Test the Market…
              I just don’ t see the gloom and doom where the Eagles are forced to overpay for a Good WR like many on here want to see them do.. He’s just not a Game Changer in my Opinion..

              And Remember- the Eagles do not “Franchise Tag” anyone, anymore, It goes against the business grain of Owner Jeff Lurie..

  • Forget Maxwell/McCourty etc…

    SIGN SUH!!! LOL!

    • nice post Jon!!!!!!! we have a shot at maxwell mccourty fellas!

    • N Suh will be going to the Raiders who will throw the Sink at Him
      or to the Bears to get back at the Lions twice a Year…
      No go to Philly, Not even on his Radar

  • Just read the reason why they didn’t franchise McCourty is they have a deal in place with him, he’s not going anywhere especially since it’s rumored their not paying Revis 20 million

  • I heard that the Maclin deal is “all but done” and we should hear something “today or sometime this week”…

    But what about passing on Maclin and signing McCourty, Maxwell and Suh!?

    That would mean us not signing Graham, cutting cary williams saving 6mil etc. Just give Curry more reps and draft a young good corner…

    But having Cox and Suh on the same line with a secondary that can cover would be amazing

    Unrealistic yes… but amazing to think about and to consider…

    Can you say the modern day Reggie White and Jerome Brown??

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