• August 15, 2022

Saints Mark Ingram May Be Eagles Replacement for McCoy

MarkIngram1Chip Kelly believes he can design an offense, especially a running game, which paired with some outstanding offensive linemen, All-Pro’s Jason Peters, Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce can generate one of the best ground attacks in the NFL with or without an All-Pro running back.

He believes he can do this with a one-cut back.  He doesn’t want a back like LeSean McCoy, who may decide to take a dive play up the middle, outside.  He doesn’t want his running backs to dance in the backfield like McCoy does.  He wants a one-cut like Darren Sproles is, but the running back must be bigger.

A former teammate of Sproles in New Orleans, Mark Ingram is that type of back.  Lyons Yellin of WWL-TV in New Orleans says the Eagles are rumored to have interest Ingram, who played at the University of Alabama.  I say that because Kelly is good friends with Alabama coach, Nick Saban.

Ingram is getting ready to hit the market this Saturday and it will be interesting to see if the Eagles go after him.

They may be in for a fight because New Orleans head coach Sean Payton said he wants to hang onto Ingram.   I think the Birds, who have cleared away tens of millions of dollars of cap space with the departure of McCoy, Todd Herremans, Trent Cole, and Cary Williams, would able to make a much better offer to Ingram, than the Saints.


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  • Our O-line coach was with him at Alabama so he knows about him, if they go after him then I think the coach feels he”ll be a good fit, nothing like having people on the staff that can give input about all the little things you don’t know about players until you sign them.

  • Booooo a bust up until this year which just so happened to be a contract year. Guys never rushed for 1k yards. Pass

  • This is garbage the Eagles can find a more than capable running back in the draft that fits his system, it will also be cheaper for them to do so. Save that cap money for the defensive side of the ball.

  • Just found this article, looks like we”ll get our guy and Foles will be that player that goes with the picks, Makes perfect sense all around.

    6:43 pm If Marcus Mariota is available at No. 6 in next month’s NFL Draft, he likely will be taken. But a league source said the Jets, in desperate need for a quarterback, won’t be selecting the former Oregon QB there and that the Eagles and Jets would make a trade if the scenario plays out.
    Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a highly-placed league source termed a potential marriage between Mariota , the Heisman and Maxwell Award winner after a stunning 2014 season, and the Jets as “highly unlikely.” The source said that the Jets aren’t in the mood to pick Mariota with their sixth pick and that if the Oregon quarterback is available, the “Jets will be shipping that pick away.”
    The likely landing spot?
    “Philadelphia would make that move and pay that price. We’re talking multiple picks and a player,” the source said. “The Jets would be open to moving the pick and the Eagles have internally prepared to move up in the draft. There are contingencies in place and they know that Marcus is that perfect fit.”

    • He won’t be there he is going 1 or 2.

      • Bucs goes Winston, they are investing so much personal time with him vetting him, Lovie wants him, it’s a foregone conclusion in the NFL circles that Winston is going to the Bucs..unless he does something to screw it up. The Titans are looking at Shane Ray, I think that report is bogus though as I think they will take Leonard Williams. Mariota will be around at 6…I believe the jets want to build their defense up so that is where a trade could happen.
        As teams have studied Mariota it has already been determined that he is a 2-3 year project in a traditional offense.

        • bucs are spending “so much personal time with him…” they had him come in for a visit and marriota scheduled to visit next month… time is going to be equal

    • Andrew just read the same thing it’s stupid because if the Jets don’t want him yoy know 7,8,9, isn’t gonna draft him either so you let fall to 10 with rams and give up much less most likely only foles&20 that’s what a smart gm would do.

      • Its not stupid because what if another team between 11-19 wants to jump up to grab him before #10?

        • It is dumb let him fall to 10 then make yhe trade nobody is gonna trade up the Browns just used a 1st Rd puck on a qb not doing it 2 yrs in a row no matter how much Johnny drinks the only other team they may want him would be the Chiefs and Andy is in win now mode now win 4 yrs down the road if the titans don’t take @2 then he falls to 10

          • No it’s not dumb, dumb is what we did last year thinking that one of the 5-6 players the Eagles targeted was going to slide down to them, then New Orleans jumped ahead of the Eagles and took Brandon Cooks. Sitting back on our hands got us MSII.
            If you want the guy, go get the guy…don’t F around with it! Procrastinators never get the prize..or the girl! Patience is not always a virtue!

            • Ehl I don’t want him I’ve seen enough running qbs here to know you can’t win with them the expecting is Wilson with the Seahawks but his defense was crazy if I’m them I keep foles and build around him the pocket passer just beat the runner in the superbowl.

              • But it’s about what Chip wants, maybe Chip feels like you gloomy….I doubt it tough. Lol, you are basing your want of a positional player based off of what happened in a 60 minute SB game with 46 other players involved in the games outcome….ok?
                I can’t “F” with you as far as that philosophy…I just can’t…lol!

              • Don’t want nothing to do with a running qb rather have a pocket guy.
                Ej manuel
                I’m sure it’s more but they all stink.give me a pocket passer anything day of the week

              • The most successful QB in Eagles history has been mobile. Dude, it’s about the time they put in developing themselves. I notice you left off Russell Wilson, John Elway, Steve Young, McNabb, Andrew Luck…students of the game! I can name a ton of pocket passers who suck gloomy…shall I?

              • Oh, Aaron Rodgers is quite mobile too..You don’t ike him either? lol. Don’t get caught up in the hype!

              • like ….not ike.

            • Exactly. Whose to say the Giants at #9 don’t say hey lets take Mariotta and let him sit 2 years and he will learn behind Eli and be his predecessor? We will develop him with Beckham? Who knows what other teams are thinking.

              • You know the Giants can’t afford to pick him they defensive help as well as oline help to protect eli there not taking him.

              • Whose to say, if that happens it happens. That is why Chip gets the big bucks, to have a pulse on some of these things. The Eagles can’t base their efforts on planning scared. The Eagles have been quite aggressive already and I think it will carry over into the draft, they must plan in case that happens if in fact they want to move up, but if he is there, yes I think they pull the trigger and move up. For the record, the Giants need serious help at linebacker and that is where I think they will focus they’re attention, or o line.

              • there…(don’t know what I was thinking).

              • their…

  • Eagles News

    Im hearing that Demeco Ryans is expected to be back this upcoming year and his recovery is going well and hes on schedule. Should be ready by training camp

    • If he does come back it will be at a reduced price which I’m sure he knows after seeing what has happened the past few days

    • Heard the same thing csn philly sports talk

    • How does Demeco Ryans come back from a Achilles injury in 8 months and Ryan Howard runs around the bases like Babe Ruth for 2 years? I don’t get it.

    • I heard the same thing from your source.
      Doctor Howard…. Doctor Fine…. Doctor Howard……


        • I didnt have this much disdain for you cliff before as much as I do now

          Especially since you falsely and quite embarrassingly for you, accused me of being Izzell Jenkins, now youre backtracking saying zilents is izzell jenkins

          Which one is it?

          You called me abusive unwarranted names

          All because Izzell exposed you

          Nomore respect for you cliffy

        • Now you post a”hahahahahahahaha” across the screen to something that dcar said that wasn’t even funny, not even a little bit

          You guys definitely are friends off the site

          Try to be less butt buddyish, ok?! Haaa

          • Don’t be butthurt, tootsie boy, Lil Bron-Bron, because you get clowned for your idiocy! Stop posting like a delusional whack-job, & nothing will be pointed out to you. BTW, I don’t know gmcliff, so don’t assume shit! I told you before, you have multiple delusional disorders, that need to be addressed. Also, how did you get paroled, for stalking the news reporter, & your exes?

  • I’ll pass on Ingram… I’d be interested in Gore for the right price.

    • I like the Tandem of Gore & Sproles for the 2015/2016 Season
      and have Polk/Draft Pick spell them from time to time
      Sign Gore to a 2 Year $7-$8 Million Deal with some incentives

      Have Gore with 15 Carries a Game
      Sproles with 8-10 Touches a Game
      Polk or Draft Pick with 3-5 Touches a Game

      Gore is a 1 Step and Hit the Hole kind of RB that Kelly likes and wants
      and is great in Short-Yardage/Red-Zone which McCoy struggled
      and Gore is probably the best Pass-Protector at RB as a Blocker for the QB in the NFL which McCoy was also not very good at
      Sproles would be the main Receiving RB out of the Backfield but Gore can Catch pretty well also…

      Then Draft a Young RB in 3rd Rd (TJ Yealdon, Jeremy Langford, Storm Johnson or David Johnson) to groom behind Gore/Sproles and learn the Game the Right way behind 2 Pro’s and the Eagles would be in Great shape….. Keep RB Polk on a 1 Year Deal in Case of Injury to Gore or Sproles

  • Does everyone realize the great 3 days we will see from April 30th to May 2? We get to watch the NFL draft Thur, Fri and Saturday. Then you get to bet on the Kentucky Derby on Saturday May 2nd if your into that, then you end your night with the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight Saturday night. Damn that’s what Im talking about.

    • boxing blows. its all corny technical nonsense. ufc or nothing

  • And all these reports I see of demeco coming back makes no sense at all is he gonna be a backup @6.9 mill that’s alot to pay a guy who play special teams unless they restructure hes,not coming back.

    • gloomy, he won’t be ready for the season start. He either comes back at a steep discount & 2 down LB, or gets the guillotine. 2 Achilles Tendon Injuries, to a 31 year old is tough. If he is going to be a back-up, he’ll have to play ST’s, & that ain’t happening. He’s gone!

  • Dion jordan will be coming

    • Omg no we are not getting dion jordan

      • Dion Jordan is coming it’s already in the works buddy.

        • How the hell do you know that i see no reports

  • ((CHUNK))
    Just threw up in my mouth, sorry. No freaking way. Total waste of oxygen. He stole enough $$$ from the NFL. I’ll pass!

  • I’d rather have Spiller, & that’s saying something!

    • No to CJ Spiller, He’s too Soft …
      I’d rather have Frank Gore or Justin Forsett..

      • paul, I don’t either, I’m just saying I’d take him before waste of talent Ingram. Frank Gore is 85 years old, with too much wear & tear. I’ll pass.

        • Frank Gore for on 2 Year Deal…
          15 Carries a Game sharing the Ball with Darren Sproles would make a nice tandem, An older Tandem backed up by a Draft Pick and Polk

          I do see the Arizona Cardinals and Indy Colts going hard after Gore

          • No, I’ll pass.

            • Pass.

            • also pass!

          • Gore..NO
            Just paid Polk 1.6, sproles is at 4 I think…. Third back will be a rook.

            • Probably so.. Maybe they will Draft one of the Studs at #20
              (Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley)…
              I would like to see them Trade Back with the Colts at #29 and let the Colts Select Gordon and get the Colts 3rd Round Pick in doing so and then can grab a RB in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds

              With the 29th Pick – Eagles then Select CB Marcus Peters
              (This would be a Smart Move by Chip Kelly)

              • Paul even I am convinced the birds are trading up for the prodigy….it came to me this morning, I was making a cup of tea, some tea leaves floated to the top and magically formed MM…ugh

              • Pman if we do this trade peters might be gone to the ravens at 26 so i say take a olinemen if peters is gone

              • Ravens definitely need CB (they Asked Cliff’s Boy CB Ladarius Webb for a Substantial Cut since he’s Hurt all the time and if he balks, he will be Cut
                If Ravens Lose Torry Smith and already Cut WR Jacoby Jones, their WR Corps becomes very thin after 36 Years Old Steve Smith, The Ravens could also Address RB…

              • Lol dont believe those tea leaves hac….stick to your guns man no mariota

              • I still don’t believe that Chip is enamored enough with Mariota to
                Move all the way up.. I do believe that if Mariota falls to #10 or so,
                then He will be all in to get him.. But not at # 2 or # 6

              • Z44..I believe HAC was being facetious…lol.

              • Lol it sounded like he was….you cant let songs win….songs is a goddamn skins fan….no mariota

            • I agree on the 3rd back, I read the birds like Alabama rb TJ Yeldon.

              • I like TJ Yeldon alot , He reminds me of the Packers Eddie Lacy a little bit but is longer and probably quicker and I think will make a nice Pro RB…
                Please don’t Pursue Mark Ingram of the Saints… Lacks Explosiveness, Not much of a Reciver and Can’t Pass Protect…

              • Did the Saints release Mark Ingram? I know they let Pierre Thomas go.

              • That does scare me the most with ingram the fucker cannot pass protect to save his life…..yeldon would be a great pick up

              • No ingrams contract is up

              • Eff Ingram. He can’t stay on the field in a shared backfield. He has played all 16 only 1 of 4 years.

                No thanks.

          • 2yr deal for Gore? Paulman didn’t you say he was done last year and was being phased out for their backup?

            Forsett would be a nice pickup. There’s no need to sign a RB till after the draft.

            • That was last Year IJ,, but Coach Harbaugh bucked the Orders of 49ers GM Balkee who wanted to see more of their Rookie Back more but Harbaugh Played and Ran Gore hard all Season and he played well for them..He’s getting up there and not the Same back but splitting Carries with Sproles would work for a Season or Two…
              I actually this will be Sproles FInal Season also

              • Yea i thought last year they would phase gore out a lot more with the second rd back they took

              • Harbaugh was like “F the GM”, I am going down with my Players
                Remember I stated after the 2013 Season that 2014 would be Harbauh’s Final Season and no one believed me…

              • U did pman u did

  • **Patriots Decline the Option on DT Vince Wilfork’s Contract which now allows him to be a “Free-Agent” on 3/10
    He was Due a $4 Million Roster Bonus and a $4.5 Million Salary in 2015 saving the Patriots $8.5 Million off their 2015 Cap

    Remember that any Player that is Cut can always be Re-Signed at a later date which I expect to happen here with 11 Year Veteran Vince Wilfork and the Pats, that’s if he even’s wants to still Play…

  • Darnell Dockett signs two-year deal with 49ers

    • Watch Frank Gore and 1 of 49ers LB’s sign with the Cardinals

      • Yea niners dont want um anymore

        • 49ers going young and moving away from Costly Veterans like Gore,Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Iupati, WR’s Steven Johnson, Brandon Lloyd, .. They have had some nice Draft’s the last 2 Years and with a New Coaching Staff will turnover this Roster big time in 2015

          • What the hell is wrong with vernon davis he just feels mentally out of the game….he has that ricky williams in him

            • He had all the Tools to be a Great one.. How does a Guy like him only get 26 Catches last Year.. That’s Unbelievable ..
              That like 1.5 Catches a Game….. (James Casey Like Good Grief)
              He’s making some $$$ too… I think he’s a Goner ..

  • Breaking Eagles News***

    Listening to Maxwell on first take

    He said Philly, Atlanta and of course Seattle as possible landing spots

    It sounds to me its Philly all the way. He really really likes what Philly has going on especially scheme he said. He said their scheme is similar to Seattle’s and that “Chip will win”

    Maxwell is big on “culture”

    • People love chip man

      • Go ask Mike Vick, Desean Jackson & LeSean McCoy that and see how they Respond….

        • Paul you can go ask them and we all know what they would say…but as you pointed out, all three were destined to be let go by chip. Chip truly believes in an ego-less player. Celek, Ryan’s etc…

          • I agree 100% HAC and have no problem with Chip Kelly’s Philosophy as long as the Roster is Full of Talented Player who can Execute his Schemes..

    • hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa


      • Lol at least he didnt say his source

      • Back off pal, I’m doing my job

        • Holy shit u get paid to look on the internet and find eagles news and post it on here……how much is gcobb paying you……Lies and deceit

          • My source says that he is getting paid sweatshop wages.

        • LMAO!!!

          • He is getting paid indian customer service rep wages for comcast

            • Brandon marshall is on the trade block would you give a 5th rd pick for him

              • Too old, Too old, Too old!

              • I would Wait until the Bears Cut him and not take on his Salary for BM is kind of a head case, but I do think Maclin bolts next Week in Free Agency and the Eagles need some Playmakers at WR .. ..Add Marshall with Matthews ,Huff & Cooper and then Draft Tre McBride of William & Mary in 3rd Round and that would be a pretty good WR Corp

              • Hes 30 but yea i guess hes too old

              • Thats what i was thinking pman his salary is too high for his age and injury problems but id trade a 5th for him if he would take a paycut

              • ***NFL News***

                Bears Trade WR B Marshall to the SD Chargers for a Mid Round Pick
                KC Chiefs about to Release WR D Bowe if he refuses to Re-Structure his Deal

                Indy Colts have the Inside Track for DT N Suh per Sources

              • ***NFL News***

                Ravens about to Release CB La’Darius Webb due to refusing a Re-Structure of his Current Deal
                Cowboys and CB Brandon Carr are in similar situation
                Dolphins to Keep WR Mike Wallace which is Strange..

                Eagles Post Advertisement on Eagles.Com for any former University of Oregon Player, Student or Faculty Member to Fill Out a Application for a Job with the Eagles..

    • Cary Williams has a visit set up with Seattle, they don’t expect Maxwell back, that’s one less team to worry about

  • Now it’s being reported the Chiefs are trying to trade Bowe and will release him if they can’t, that’s now their third starting receiver they released, the writing is on the wall, Maclin will be going home to play for the coach who drafted him, bank on it!

    • I’ve stated this since last Year Andrew… No Surprise here at All…

  • After doing more tape study on Florida State QB Jameis Winston, NFL Films’ Greg Cosell came away concerned with Winston’s “decision making and ball placement.”
    “The more I watched him, the less I liked him,” said Cosell. “Winston was not a very good decision maker within the context of his offense. And the other thing is, his accuracy is very erratic.” Cosell noted a “loop” in Winston’s throwing motion that too often caused Winston to miss high of his intended targets. “My guess is that’s the way he throws,” Cosell opined. “I’m not sure you can change that.” Winston remains the favorite to be drafted No. 1 by the Buccaneers, but there’s still time for Marcus Mariota to catch him.
    Related: Buccaneers
    Source: Ross Tucker Podcast
    Mar 5 – 1:19 P


    • Jaws said a lot of the same thing. However, if you go back a couple of years ago during this time there were critics of luck…it is natural at this time of year for these talking heads with nothing to do, no life, and needing ratings find every single wart and even make a few up….
      Winston goes 1 or two….

      • he sure does. marriota goes 1 or 2 also

        tenny has no offense and metteburg blows. they arent going to just get someone on D they need buts in seats. they need to move the ball on offense…

        gotta blow tenny away or they will take him book it

        • to believe they believe in 6th round draft pick metteburg after he proved he wasnt shit last year is foolish

          • Actually Mettenberger’s start as an NFL QB was comparable to Nick Foles’
            ZM 8 TD’s 7 int’s
            NF 6 TD’s 5 int’s

          • Top 20 Picks of the NFL 2015 Draft

            1) TB Bucs – QB J Winston
            2) Titans – DT Leonard Williams
            3) Jaguars – OLB Dante Fowler
            4) Raiders – WR Kevin White
            5) Browns – QB Marcus Mariota (Browns Send the Redskins the #12 & #19th Picks in the 2015 Draft plus their 3rd Round Pick)
            6) NY Jets – WR Amari Cooper
            7) Bears – DT Danny Shelton
            8) Falcons – OLB Vic Beasley
            9) NY GIants – OL Brandon Scherff
            10) SL Rams – WR Davante Parker
            11) VIkings – OLB Randy Gregory
            12) Redskins – OLB Alvin Dupree
            13) Saints – OLB Shane Ray
            14) Dolphins – CB Trae Waynes
            15) 49ers – OT Andrus Peat
            16) Texans – DT Malcolm Brown
            17) Chargers – RB Melvin Gordon
            18) Chiefs – WR Jaelen Strong
            19) Redskins – DT Eddie Goldman
            20) Colts – OL Cameron Erving (Eagles Trade Back to the 29th Pick and gain the Colts 3rd Round pick by doing so # 93)

            • To be clear Fraudman I had the browns going to 5 to pick MM a couple weeks ago

              • That’s fine HAC, I will Split the “Snickers Bar” with you…
                GM Ray Farmer of the Browns is going to Ruin Chip Kelly’s Plan
                but Scooping up to the # 5 Spot which the Redskins will gladly trade Back to any Team as long as it’s not the Eagles..

      • HAC…spot on. It’s that time of year where the paralysis of analysis takes over.

        • Jameis going 1 no doubt

      • Yeah Jaws also said Kap was the best up and coming young QB, and another point. Why is it okay to look at Winston’s stats and film from last year but not the year before? Be careful how you answer all you but Nick went 27-2 the year before fans.

        • Speaking of Krappernick what if all this freeing up cap is to get him or rg ??? God I’ll jump but think it’s possible

        • It’s all just blather none of them know crap… They have to fill air time.
          My point is they just go on and on.,,Winston goes one, the prodigy goes 2

          • Funny thing is Cigar, I watched every FSU game and my concern with Winston is this year he looked unfocused early in games would hit a switch and boom be a different guy. That won’t work in the NFL.

            • Drafting a qb is a huge risk… A necessary risk but risk non the less.

            • My main two concerns with Winston

              1. The amount of interceptions/erratic play(flip switch)
              2. How he will handle criticism(my opinion kid has poor character which will only show worse if he doesnt get off to a good start)

            • Wonder if J Winston got bored of the College Game and that it wasn’t challenging enough mentally for him to stay focused?
              I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing…

  • And one of the best RBs in the game if not the best at one point(11)…retires at 31….after a dominant 5 year stretch then a cliff drop last 3 years….

    MJD and McCoy usage right during that time eerily similiar….

    This move makes more sense by the day.

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