• July 3, 2022

Thoughts On Miles Austin Signing/DeMeco Ryans Extension

MilesAustin1On Miles Austin 

Well the Eagles have added a veteran receiver, signing former Dallas Cowboy star Miles Austin on Monday.

Austin, now 30 years old, isn’t exactly the same player he was five years ago that caught 31 touchdowns for Dallas between 2009 and 2012. He’s been slowed considerably by injuries, and at this point in his career the best thing he’s got going for him is his name.

The Eagles obviously had a need at the position after completely botching the Jeremy Maclin situation and allowing him to hit the open market, and while Austin isn’t going to replace Maclin by any stretch, he’s veteran depth that the team desperately needs at this point.

Does Austin have anything left? Very little if anything. If I was going to compare this signing to anything, it’d be to when the Eagles signed former Green Bay star Antonio Freeman at the end of his career back in 2002.

Freeman was a third or fourth option that year, and gave the Eagles 46 catches for 600 yards and four touchdowns. I’d expect about the same kind of season from Austin, assuming he stays healthy.

Austin is strictly depth at this point in his career. The Eagles are going to give Josh Huff, Jordan Matthews, and whoever they add through the draft, every opportunity to establish themselves.

Austin is just a veteran insurance policy who gives the team a guy with a little big-game history to turn to.

On DeMeco Ryans’ Extension

The Eagles extended DeMeco Ryans’ deal through 2016, prompting some to further speculate about Mychal Kendricks potentially being moved.

I don’t think the Ryans’ deal is directly tied to Kendricks’ fate. I think the deal was more about freeing up some additional cap space for this year by lowering DeMeco’s $7 million dollar hit.

While I don’t think the Ryans contract makes it any more or less likely that Kendricks is moved, I’ve already believed for awhile that the Eagles were and are planning to move him regardless.

Ever since the acquisition of Kiko Alonso, I think the writing has been on the wall for Kendricks. The fact that they didn’t immediately dump Ryans and his deal combined with the fact that they haven’t started extension talks with Kendricks tells me he may not have a future here. It just doesn’t make sense for the Eagles to keep all three of those guys around.

Denny Basens

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  • I like the Freeman reference, agree with the projections. He will have that one big game..6 catches, 85 yds and a td which will have everyone hitting the waiver wire and picking him up in FF.

  • I would have preferred a Brian Hartline instead who signed a 2 Year $6 Million Deal with the Browns, Or a Jarrett Boykins who just signed a 1 Year Deal with the Panthers or a Cecil Shorts who signed with the Texans earlier in Free-Agency..


    The Eagles have not approached ILB Mychal Kendricks about an extension as he enters the final year of his rookie contract.
    Kendricks is just 24 years old, has difference-making sideline-to-sideline ability and can really cover from the inside linebacker spot. But the Eagles didn’t like the way he rehabbed off a calf injury in 2014, and have since traded for Kiko Alonso and extended DeMeco Ryans. Now there’s speculation Kendricks could be part of a draft day trade, something we can’t rule out with hyper-aggressive Chip Kelly at the controls.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Mar 31 – 8:45 A


    he is an upgrade over cooper right now so while i dont care about this signing either way I believe Mathews, Austin, Huff looks a whole lot better than Mathews, Cooper, Huff. Then again Mathews, Vern Troyer, Huff looks better than the cooper line up.

    • Didn’t like the way he recovered, but you bring in nothing but injury prone players all off season.

  • I like the Austin pickup, a good third or fourth receiver, if he can catch for 586 n 2 TDs from Hoyer and that dysfunctional O then he will at least double those stats under Chip, as for Kendricks? The writing is on the wall, Alonso, Jones n now Ryans are all locked in beyond this year, I see Kendricks maybe going to the 49ers who are in desperate need of a linebacker, also hearing that Miami is interested in a player on our D, maybe they swap Kendricks for Jordan, nobody really knows but Kendricks fate is sealed here.

  • Kendricks could be an attractive trade chip to the right team, but he could also be a great help to our team this season. I don’t see us trading him until the draft, where we can move up a couple spots (49ers, Dolphins) or flip him for another pick (2nd-3rd rounder if lucky). I like Kendricks, but I don’t see us signing him to an extension so we really can’t assume he will be on this team come June.

    As for Austin, I don’t mind the pick up. God forbid Jordan Matthews were to go down for an extended period of time, there’s no way we would want our WR corp to be cooper, huff, and a rookie. Miles Austin brings a veteran presence and will hopefully stay healthy since he doesn’t have to play every snap. Plus, its not like his contract is guaranteed he could easily be cut if he doesn’t show up in training camp.

    • not that attractive really- he only has 1 year left on his rookie deal which brings his value down significantly–

      • Just the opposite HAC… ..A Team in need Tades for him Season and if he performs well you lock him up, if he doesn’t, you are not committed to big $$$ for Kendricks..Most Teams would love this SiItuation which actually increases his Trade Value (as it would be for Boykin & Vinny Curry) … When you think about it where are Teams going to find Starters on Rookie Contract Salaries..
        Would Teams rather have a 3 Year Pro with lots of Starts under his belt than a 2015 Rookie Draft Pick Playing who would cost you the Same amount of $$…Not even Close…

        • it devalues the return of draft pick without a doubt paul– now if this was last year when he had two more years of rookie contract…maybe–
          essentially lets say a team gave the eagles a 2, kendricks plays lights out, wants franchise type money–
          you want YEARS on the rookie contract not just one year paul– please learn to understand the market…

          • I disagree. Any team with a need for a linebacker isn’t looking at the draft for immediate help. Very rarely can linebackers make it on the field in their first year, let alone be effective. The middle linebacker is responsible for making the defensive calls and anticipating the play, another thing you cannot expect a rookie to do.

            Kendricks was a 2nd round pick that has proven he can perform at a high level. He still has one year left on a deal that pays him next to nothing, and any linebacker needy team can have him for one year to see if he plays up to their expectations. I agree positions like D Line (Curry) and O Line (Mathis) aren’t as valuable to other teams because you can plug in younger/less expensive players and still see results. Linebackers, quarterbacks, and corners are another story.

            • Let’s Look at the last 3-4 Seasons

              2011 LB Bobby Wagner – Day 1 Starter and leading Tackler for Seahawks
              2012 LB Luke Kuechley, Day 1 Starter and leading Tackler for the Panthers
              2013 LB Kiko Alonso – Day 1 Starter and leading Tackler for the Bills
              2014 LB CJ Mosely – Day 1 Starter and leading Tackler for the Ravens
              2014 LB Chris Borland – Day 1 Starter and leading Tackler for 49ers

              SO it can be done, but make no mistake LB Michael Kendricks would be in High Demand from many Teams around the NFL
              (49ers,Chargers, Bears, Broncos,Cowboys, Giants Vikings, Falcons, Saints to name a few) and the fact that a Team would get him for 1 Season on his Rookie Cheap Contract is just gravy to the Team that would Trade for him further increasing his Value, and not diminishing it…

              • A 3 maybe a 4…. That’s value?
                Alonso returned shady McCoy Paul….a top 3 back.why. Because he has two more cheap years…teams don’t want one cheap year…I challenge you to find such a trade in the last three years.

            • You can disagree all you want, I’m just telling you how NFL GMs look at trades. One cheap year devalues the pick. Now they might be able to do a player swap of a player in a similar situation..”NFL very rarely would give up much for a one year of rookie deal….

          • Eagles will never get a # 2 for Kendricks, most likely a 3rd Rounder at Best.. Players are like Cars at a Dealership, once they play their First Season, they typically drop 1 to 2 Rounds from where they were originally Drafted unless they are an All-Pro type of Player at a Postion of High Demand (QB, DE/OLB ,OT or CB) ..
            and Interior OL, ILB, Safety, RB just do not return
            I understand the NFL Market very well HAC.. Remember that Rookie Deals are 4 Years in length, 90% of Rookies don’t even become Starters until Year 2 and 3 at best, therefore leaving very little amount of “Years Left” … This is Not Baseball HAC…
            Getting a Proven Quality Starting Player, Like Kendricks, even for 1 Season on their Cheap Rookie Deal is not very common in the NFL and has Value

            • Find me one such deal

              • Paul…you won’t find any deals and if u do plan on maybe a 5 for Kendrick’s ….

              • Kendricks to the 49ers, Colts,Cowboys or Bears for their 3 Round Round Pick.. These 4 Teams would jump at that

        • Its the years bro…

    • Kendricks is okay…he’s no All-Pro talent that dominates games, you may be able to get a third rounder for him. I’d take that for Kendricks

      • Koolbreeze, Kendricks is also extremely young. He was a 2nd round pick and has proven to be at least that. Why would we flip him so soon for less than we paid given how well he’s performed and his upside?

        • You never get back the same “Draft Value” as where a Player was actually Drafted… The Draft has that “Built-in Potential” for what that Player may turned into

        • Because he’s an idiot who only likes “flashy” players.

          If Kendricks was a guy who was out of position 75% of the time, continually missed tackles, but once every 6 weeks stripped the ball or caught an INT, and took it back 60 yards backflipping into the endzone as he did so…..well then Koolidiot would be in here daily announcing how great the guy is.

  • I’ll be extremely disappointed if they trade Kendricks. We cannot just keep trading away proven players. That being said, I guess I would need to hear what they get in return. I just don’t see why you can’t have Kiko, Ryans, and Kendricks. Ryans is by no means going to be 100% come September and Kiko has enough injudry concerns; as does Kendricks. The three of these guys seems like a great ILB core, much like the RB by committee of Demarco and Ryan Mathews.

    • “Proven players”…proven what? I dont think Chip Kelly cares much for smaller, undersized players as linebackers..I dont think he likes undersized corners like Boykin.
      Chip Kelly has to get the players he likes…its his ass on the line…he may as well go for what he knows and pay no attention to the so-called value of guys like Kendricks…he’s not an All-Pro dominating linebacker…he is good, a nice player…but certainly not a guy who is untouchable…if we can trade him a pick up a good Offensive lineman in the draft…lets do it!
      Time to face reality! These guys haven’t gotten the job done…there should be no anguish about getting rid of them!

  • Greetings fellas from Puerto Rico!!

    I like the Ryans extension for veteran leadership, and experience. As an Eagles fan, I have to hope Kiko Alonso works out for us, but I have my reservations about him; He’s not playing in front of Marcel Dareus, keeping Offensive Lineman off him on the 2nd level with the Eagles.

    I also don’t know if He is a guarantee to have the same statistical season, and production coming off his injury.

    It would be in the Eagles best interest to draft Linebackers – OLB, and ILB.
    What happens if Connor Barwin gets hurt, and is out for a good portion of the season??….Who is his back up??….What happens when Brandon Graham continues to prove he isn’t a starter??…Who do you replace him with??

    My desire is for the Eagles to draft Alvin”Bud” Dupree – in the 1st round – even trading up to get him if possible.

    We also need WR’s early. I love the idea of drafting 2 or 3 – Doriel Green Beckham, Breshard Perriman, and Tre McBride.

    • Cliff, I love DGB but his off the field issues will likely have him removed from the Eagles draft board.

    • Nah…too inconsistent…maybe if he falls to 20…but trading up for Dupree…nah…we have a bigger need at Offensive line…we should grab Andrus Peat ….let him play guard…with some coaching…he would help our O-Line keep Bradford healthy!

      • What’s your Deal with Andrus Peat KB… He had a Poor Combine and Plays way to soft and he appears with whispers that he is not a very High-Energy Guy which is not going to work for Chip Kelly …
        He sounds a lot like OT Jonathon Martin, who also came from Stanford to me..

        At #20 –
        Lane Fisher, Ebreck Flowers, Cameron Erving or DJ Humphries are all better Options with Players with more Upside that Andrus Peat who doesn’t appear to have OT ability at the NFL Level where the Players
        I just listed, all do have OT Talent at the NFL Level

        • Peat has good size and good feet-the kind of athleticism that Kelly likes from his Offensive linemen. There is some knock on all of these kids…Peat has some of the best athleticism you see.

        • Paul, I love Ereck Flowers but I think he is more of an OG, than even a Right Tackle…..

          Would nlove to see both he, and Laken Tomlinson in an Eagles Uniform .

      • I respectfully disagree Breezy…..Alvin Dupree is going to be a star, and the Eagles will regret not pursuing him with scrubs like Brandon Graham starting…….and what depth do they have at OLB, if either were to go down?…..

        It makes sense actually to draft 2 or 3 OLB’s, and 2 ILB’s, Alonzo, Kendricks, Long, Goode, and Ryans are all possible injury risks, we could stand to reinforce the entire LB Core….

    • I like Dupree’s upside GMCliff and see him like a Aldon Smith, Whitney Mercilus Type and will go in the Top 12 So the Eagles will not be getting him..
      He’s has the strength, length and size at 6-4 269lbs that the other Pass-Rushers in this Draft don’t have — Beasley, Ray and Gregory all go about 235-245lbs which is not going to get it down as an every down player in the NFL
      The Pass Rushing OLB’s are overrated as a Group in my Opinion..
      Gregory has fallen with his Failed Marijuana Test, Shane Ray has ? with his Injury, Vic Beasley only goes 6-3 242lbs and will be giving up 50-60 LBs to NFL OL
      Another Pass-Rusher I like is Preston Smith from Mississippi who goes 6-5 270lbs and has really jumped up the Draft Boards from a 3rd Rounder to a late 1st/early 2nd Prospect… I don’t think he is a good Fit with the Eagles 3-4 Scheme but put Preston Smith in a 4-3 like the Cowboys, Giants, Panthers, etc,etc and he will get Pressure on the QB

    • Beautiful beaches there bro enjoy.

  • As far as the Eagles LB Corp goes…
    The Eagles will keep 7 LB’s maybe 8 LB at Most

    The have long-term Deals with C Barwin & B Graham so they aren’t going anywhere, they have D Ryans who they just extended thru the 2016 Season the have Kiko Alonso who they traded RB McCoy for and Last Years #1 PIck in Marcus Smith II .. This is 5 LB’s then you Add Free-Agent Signing
    Brad Jones and you are up to 6 LB’s all with NFL Experience…
    So when you add Michael Kendricks that’s 7 LB’s all with NFL Experience all under Contract plus Back-Ups Braman, Acho, Goode and Travis Long and Hepburn

    Unfortunately I don’t think the Eagles Draft a single LB this Draft for unless they Trade Kendricks, or Cut MSII or both, there is no opening on the Eagles at LB

    • Paul, our LB Core is average at best. If Kelly thinks Kiko Alonzo is going to improve it by himself he really isn’t the man to be the personnel guy…

      Acho, Goode, Breaman, Long, MSIII, and Hepburn are all Special Teamers, and can all be upgraded and replaced. They are not depth at all in my opinion.

      Alvin Dupree, Eli Harold, even Randy Gregory despite the failed test, are all major upgrades, and more potentially talented than any member of our LB Core right now.

  • I wonder if chip is thinking about trading cox cause he doesn’t have a contact extension either maybe that’s the trade they send to the titans.
    Cox,kendricks& Bradford for #2 pick

    • Cox is not going anywhere and Kelly will be giving him a nice extension by the time they break Summer Camp

      Kendricks, Boykin, Curry & Mathis will likely be goners freeing up more $$

  • Truth be told paulman none of them outside of mathis is really getting paid anything

    • I agree, but if they don’t fit what Kelly and Billy Davis want as part of their Defense, then they are goners..

  • Miles Austin:

    ““I didn’t visit anywhere [else],” Austin confirmed. “This is the only place I came.”

    And then under his breath he added, chuckling, “So you’ve got to believe how frikkin’s suprised I was when the Eagles offered me MORE than I was getting paid last year!! No other offer from any other team….not even a visit lined up anywhere. I would have signed for a mil, but my agent dialed me up and said they were offering 2.3!! I mean, at first I thought that was a joke…it being so close to April 1st and all that…..but nah, it was true! 2.3! Damn I love that Chip Kelly”

    • Chip Kelly is going to spend all of Lurie’s $$$ every Season.. He is not concerned about long-term Fiscal Responsibility, He’s here to Win Football Games in the Playoffs to compete for the Super Bowl… And when this doesn’t occur by the end of his Contract (2017) The he’s going back to College… Oregon with Lead Booster and Billionaire Phil Knight and his bottomless Pockets, Chip Kelly had no Budget to learn about…
      He’s like a kid in a Candy Store, eating too much Fudge…

  • Just heard a short Miles Austin interview… Quite sure I now see chips crush on him….guy seems smart and not an AHole….
    We shall see…

    • Miles Austin is a very bright and articulate Guy…
      He probably ends up working in the Media after his Playing Days are finished

  • The guy is a backup WR…who cares

    Vinniedaloser still has that sore ass and embarrassment over Foles getting dumped….now wants to dump on Chip Kelly for how much money he spends on players….

    Stop the BS, Vinnie

    Its a one-year deal with a little extra…he still has to make the team…if he plays close to potential, Chip Kelly has got a good veteran receiver to help the youngsters along…and we may be drafting a receiver as well.
    Instead of being cheap, Kelly spends a little on players trying to cultivate a good locker room environment…and we are STILL in good shape as far as resigning players that we want to go forth with.

    Only a hurt butt like Vinniedaloser wants to hate on Kelly for how much money he is spending

    Dumbass, Vinnie…stop it…quit while you so far behind..

    • 3 years from now Koolidiot heads to a dealership to buy his first car.

      He’s been riding the bus on the way to his fry station past this 2004 Ford Fiesta with a lightning bolt on the side.

      Day after day Koolidiot eyes this beauty, which for some strange reason just sits on the lot….no one seems to want it.

      ‘Cept Koolidiot. He’s read the reports on how Fiestas are pretty unreliable, but that lightning bolt on the side just holds so much promise.

      Finally, after years of saving, Koolbreeze enters the lot. Looks at the window sticker and sees $800.

      “Ridiculous!” Koolbreeze exclaims, “I’ve saved up $1200!”

      Koolbreeze enters the dealership and offers it all for the broken down beater he’s had his eye on for so long…..

      The reason this is a problem is because it demonstrates complete incompetence.

      The Eagles have thrown away over $4 million (more like 5) on useless Miles Austin and completely pathetic Sanchez…..both players that no one else in the league wanted to touch, and both got raises from the Egles who were the only bidder!

      I don;t give a shit about Lurie’s $$, what I care about is this Eagles management team who is displaying complete incompetence in regards to most of their free agent moves.

  • I think the whole LB conversation is hysterical. 90% of the posters on here complained non-stop about how could Casey Matthews still be our 3rd string LB – those people with any time of football IQ stated – hey – decent stop gap, decent special teams and guys got hurt –

    now the eagles have 3 solid starting capable LBs plus hurt guys back and now you all want to cast off a top quality ILB – maybe – just maybe – Chip realized the 1) Kendrick missed games and 2) Ryans missed games – that maybe he need 3 solid ILBs plus his upgraded back ups??

    Why not shift Kendricks to OLB – Connor, Kendricks, Graham as 3 OLBs

  • The elephant in the LB room is the lack of talk about smith …let’s see if year 2 he can make believers out of the coaching staff..

    • If MSII fails to improve or impress the Coach’s I bet Kelly Cuts him in Camp..

  • Vinniedafool with more absolutely meaningless babbling

    First, fool ass Vinnie drawing analogies between a massive corporation like the Philadelphia Eagles and a guy buying his first car is absolutely meaningless and ignorant.

    Let me lay a few facts out for your fool ass!

    According to Forbes magazine, the Eagles are worth 1.16 billion dollars.

    Even if we were to accept your dumb ass contentions that the Eagles have “throwing away $5 million”, for some reason, I dont think Jeff Lurie is in a panic mode like you over how the Eagles spend their money!

    Now the incompetent, stupid, and idiotic move would have been for the Eagles to follow your suggestion!
    If Chip Kelly and the Eagles decided to sign Nick Foles to that “Colin Kaepernick’ like contract that YOU wanted to give Nick…we would be giving Nick Foles a 6 year, $114,000,000 contract including a $12,328,766 signing bonus, with $61,000,000 guaranteed.

    Now that would be something displaying total and complete incompetence…what you Vinniedafoolass suggested would have been the dumbest move in the history of the Eagles organization!

    Now that would have been the equivalent to hiring you a below average McDonald’s burger flipper to be a Neurosurgeon at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Stop whining over Lurie’s money, Vinniedafoolass….Lurie’s money is safe as long as Chip Kelly doesnt have anyone around him who thinks like you!

    • Its not about Lurie’s $$ meathead, its about the Eagles’ all-college management team demonstrating they understand how the NFL works.

      And so far, after being fleeced in the Foles trade, and then throwing money around at over-rated injury risks, they’re proving they’re not even close to being up to the task.

      Other GMs around the league have got to be howling at what the Birds are doing right now.

      You don’t understand this because you are 13.

      BTW – your little neurosurgeon crack doesn’t work unless you put a comma before and after the earlier appositive.

      You should learn that before you sign the contract on the Fiesta.

  • Also…with all of the babble about Miles Austin contract…no one has stopped to ask the question…how much of that money is guaranteed?

    Stop the panic..

  • LOL…fool ass Vinniedaloser…smh

    Your ass still aches for Foles!

    People who are scared to death of Chip Kelly’s high octane offense were desperately hoping that Chip would sign Nick Foles to that big money deal you were calling for….tie up millions of cap money on that bum.

    Kaepernick money for Nick Foles! Chip earned respect from GM’s from around the league by getting rid of Nick Foles…they knew then that the Eagles are a serious force to be reckoned with due to that great move.

    If we did what you wanted we would have been the laughing stock of the league…. Kaepernick money for Nick Foles…LOL.

    Again…get some cream or something for your ass crack ache, Vinniedaloser

    • Hey dumbass….have you ever looked at Krapernick’s contract? Of course you haven’t….you have your mom read you the ESPN headlines and take them as Gospel. Its why you still think the 2nd round pick the Eagles gave up can actually magically return….

      and why you actually believe Kapernick got 60 million “guaranteed” That damn small print sooooo difficult for an illiterate like yourself. That “guaranteed” $$ resets every year shit for brains. He gets $10 to $12 million of it every year on April 1 IF the team wants him that year….if they don;t, his “guaranteed” 61 million vanishes like your sheets before your mom has to do the laundry.

      His cotract is almost entirely fantasy $$ that he will never see.

      The contract that lets them cut him at any time after this year sans cap penalty?

      The contract that he will have to re-neg after this year else he gets cut with a penalty less than what Miles Austin just received?

      Is that the contract you have been touting for the past 3 months as the one that would have “tied up” money for the Eagles had they given the same to Foles? The one that would be disastrous?

      Buddy, that was the most team friendly QB contract every created. Signing Foles to something like that would have been irrelevant for if he had sucked they could have just dumped him like the 49ers will be dumping Kapernick after this upcoming season.

      You illiterate twit.

      I gave you a whole month to read up on the damn thing on your own….but I guess that was too muck to expect. and so, you continue to hang yourself with the same pathetic statements.

      It would have been a fine contract for FOles because, like the 49ers with Krapernick, it would have allowed the Birds to get rid of him at any moment if he had a bad year.

      Again putz….I gave you a month to research that yourself….but too much. Mom’s headline reading is apparently all you can handle.

      I guess you better stick to the fry station and your dreams of the Fiesta.

      The Miles Austin contract is stupid.
      The Sanchez contract is stupid.

      Every Eagle fan save you understands how stupid those contracts were….save you.

      I’m inclined to believe the Murray contract was stupid.
      And giving a cornerback with 19 total starts in 4 seasons the 4th highest contract ever at his position???? Probably stupid.
      Re-upping a 31 yr old LB coming off an achilles if it means trading away an up and comer like Kendricks? Stupid.
      Throwing in a 2nd round pick in the Foles trade for a QB that STL was going to release if he didn’t take a salary cut to 5 mil? Pretty stupid.

  • koolbreeze,

    I can’t understand what it is that you like about the Bradford trade. I understand that you hate Nick Foles but besides that, there’s not too much difference.

    You and many others have screamed that Kelly could not use a big part of his offense because Foles was not a threat to run. That has not changed with Bradford…. You can talk about accuracy and arm strength and some other things, but they are mostly things that Bradford has not yet shown.

    To me, Bradford has a lot to prove. He has never lived up to his top-pick billing…

    • Irish Eagle,

      I screamed over and over again…Foles biggest problem was not his slow feet but his slow head!

      Chip Kelly didnt dump him because he couldn’t run the read option…he dumped him because he processes things too slowly…he cant read defenses, he is late with throws, misses wide open receivers-consistently AND he cant run a lick so instead of finding a way to get positive yards…he’s throwing interceptions, throwing off of his back foot…
      Bradford has shown enough to have teams wanting to give up a first round pick for him…who wanted to give up anything for Nick Foles?
      Bradford does have things to prove…but getting rid of Foles is addition by subtraction!

  • Both QB’s J Winston and M Mariota have decided to stay home instead of
    attending the Draft Ceremony in Chicago this Year and the NFL Commissioner’s Office is not Happy about this..
    Both Players want to remain home and celebrate with their Families

    • Winston is too busy writing his “I am the best player” press releases, while Mariotta is too shy to have that many cameras pointed at him.

      • not fair Vinnie– both men will be moving away from family and friends very soon at a young age. In Mariottas case half way around the world…I think this may be a trend the nfl doesn’ like… I mean mariotta and Winston have given espn and the nfl network a lot of programming since the season has ended, given gcobb many hits. And we all know cameras will be in mom’s living room and some NFL flunky will have a bunch of hats stashed in a case some place…

        • Just jokes….

  • I don’t like the Bradford trade either but what the hell do we got to lose? At least Bradford has Peyton Manning potential… and if he turns out to be a dud, Foles sucks anyway and it’s not like we often hit on stud players in the draft. There’s prolly a better chance Bradford becomes an all-star than us drafting an all-star in next year’s second round.

  • And who gives a damn about the money being dished out. The Eagles have more than enough money to get through this season and next year there’s gonna be plenty of players off the books.

  • Romo redoes his contract n saves Dallas $12.8 million, Adrain Petersons contract is $12.75 million, could this be happening? Scary thought with that O line.

  • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Vinniedaloserass

    You are truly an ignorant ass

    Kaepernick’s contract is team friendly for SF….so what!

    You are moaning and whining about an extra million that the Eagles have extended to Miles Austin. You are crying that they overpaid for Maxwell addressing their needs on the defense. Yet, your dumb ass wanted to give Nick Foles a massive raise that is so far over his market value!

    Fool ass Vinnie!

    To show how stupid your suggestion was fool ass, where is the brand new contract that the Rams are giving Nick Foles to lock him up and have the same benefits that the 49ers are getting from the Kaepernick deal?

    Why haven’t the Rams done what the Buffalo Bills did with Shady??

    Why we dont hear any talk of the Rams signing Nick Foles to a Kaepernick -like deal with a $13 million dollar signing bonus??

    Why is that fool ass Vinnie?

    Its because he’s not close to being worth Kaepernick’s value and this is by any objective standard…its why the Rams are talking about drafting a QB with the 10th pick…

    Stick to burger flipping you dork….Foles is out, done, finished…you were so desperate. Now, your ass aches over Foles…LOL

    Fool ass Vinniedaloser

    • “Why is that fool ass Vinnie?”

      Because he’s under contract dimtwit.

      • BTW – I know the whole imitation thing you’ve got going is very flattering and all that, but don’t you think your insults would carry more weight if you didn’t just recycle the ones I used months ago.

        I mean I dropped McDs on your 13 year old ass 6 months ago….and now you’re trying to roll with the burger flipping bit? Please buddy, get some of your own material.

        Maybe write something out on the dashboard of your new Fiesta, or between MV7wins faps late at night.


          HE IS TURRIBLE

          • Word is that Kelly is Offering Bradford, Kendricks & #52nd Pick to the 49ers for Krapernick….

            • LOL in your dreams. No way Kelly is giving all that up for Kaep. It’s either Bradford or Mariotta for us this year.

              That would mean Nick Foles, Michael Kendricks, a second and fourth this year, and a second next year for Colin Kaepernick.

              No shot in hell

            • Throw a first round pick in that deal and that basically Mariotta

            • You and that little voice in your head paulman …..even in bizarro world you struggle with market value, although it is acceptable in that world.
              SF would suck LLCB’s dick for such a trade…. Krap has been exposed…

            • Hey paulman is this a April fools….

              • Every day is April fools day to p.man

  • “Why is that fool ass Vinnie?”

    “Because he’s under contract ”

    Dumb ass!! So was Shady

    Teams give new deals to players quite often fool ass! Why wont the Rams give their new starting QB a new team friendly contract like Kaepernick got with SF ? The same kind of contract you thought the Eagles should have given to Foles…Mr 27-2 and 14-4 and all of those other ‘stats’ you were throwing out there for Foles?


    Your all baffled, dazed, dumb, and confused Vinniedaloser!

    Since he was under contract…why were you ready to cough up a massive new deal to him…dork!? For what?

    Fall back burger flipper…your shot out and all confused.

    You first had the Eagles handing over a massive, pay raise to Foles with a $13 million dollar signing bonus-far exceeding his market value.

    You had the Eagles locking your man in and handing over the keys to the franchise to Foles!

    So of course, you were ass out when then Eagles sent your boy packing!

    Now hurt and despairing the loss of Foles after all your claims about his stats and how good he was, you are left with the dumb look. So what do you do?
    You turn on Chip Kelly and the Eagles to bash them for spending a little extra on free agents-despite the massive pay hike you would have had them extend to Foles!

    Your a two-faced hypocrite Vinne and a sore ass loser! LOL

    • DId I think the Eagles should have kept FOles?


      If they had kept Foles should they have signed him to a contract similar to Krapernick….one they could have gotten out from under sans penalty?


      AM I excited about Bradford? Not really. I think its a very lateral move at qb. Bradford has done nothing in 5 years in the NFL.

      Do I think the trade was bad….in that the Eagles paid too much?


      Were the Miles Austin and Mark Sanchez signings completely bullshit?


      I think that covers it.

      What is your point again exactly….other than you spending your 15 min breaks expressing both your man love for Vick and irrational hate for Foles?

  • It’s appropriate on April fools ,we digress ,and recall what we’ve been through ,as fans, since New Years eve .Lil. napoleonic kelly marched home from the Rose bowl and he dared Jeffrey to keep howie vs me ..jeffrey blinked .. Now with a rubble of jerseys hanging at the Lincoln.financial field shop are ex players jerseys by the rack full.we don’t dare print and sell bradford jerseys as this madman is capable and culpable of anything..None of us weatherd football veterans ,have ever witnessed this type of devil may care attitude in philadelphia before..perhaps the closest to mind was buddy ryan ,he was a swashbuckler but chip looks like the full militia compared to buddy ..he takes the shit and just blows it up..no other way to slice it..and he’s not done as we know..nothing he did on FA will come close to how he’ll dissasemble the draft in unprecedented ways ….his debris ,will be analyzed ,and scrutinized by the draft gurus ,whose heads will explode trying to figure out chips first time at the big dance ..the good news is ..if it all sucks ass ,or not ..there’s only one explanation ..not even chipnochio..will be able to talk his way out of…I’m on board the train ,I just hope the tracks stay connected ahead …

    • desert….they are selling Bradford #7 jerseys at eagles.com…$100 bucks– I can’t see them flying off the shelf at this point.

      • I noticed the Bradford Jerseys have the Eagles on the Front and the Cleveland Browns on the Back.. It’s some kind of a new Reversible Jersey..

  • “If they had kept Foles should they have signed him to a contract similar to Krapernick….one they could have gotten out from under sans penalty?


    This proves my point Vinnie

    Your an idiot and a fool…that’s the point!

    Your ass ache for Foles leads you to downright stupidity.

    We know about your tears for the kid and his family…and a bunch of other bullcrap you have spewed in your irrational love for Foles.

    We know how blinded you are that you would give Foles a contract that NO GM in the NFL would extend to him.

    This goes beyond our arguments about Foles…anyone with half a brain who looks at contracts and player salary issues in the NFL will tell you the exact same thing. If anyone really believed that Foles was that good there would have been significant offers for him.

    Only a complete idiot would believe Foles is worth what Kaepernick got…

    Only you Vinniedafoolass….only you!

    You wont find a single GM in the NFL who would give Foles anything remotely close to what Kaepernick is getting. He’s not worth it. The Eagles shopped him to find out his market value and found very few takers…and no one offered anything significant for Nick Foles.

    They are not even thinking about giving Foles an extension in St Louis and there was no way he was getting one here…despite being one of the worst paid QB’s in the NFL.

    Chip Kelly was offered a first round pick for Sam Bradford…he has much more value than Nick Foles

    Miles Austin contract is more team friendly than the Kaepernick contract that you are praising …a one-year deal with no guarantees…no signing bonus…he has to make the team.

    Yes…it is covered, verified, and official

    You are an idiot Vinnie!

  • Kool ..give it a rest ..why would the Rams or the Eagles (when he was there property) ,step up to accommodate Foles with a contract extensions? He’s signed ? He’s also coming off a shoulder injury ..As the draft is four weeks away ,why would the Rams add dollars to Nick foles ,as a potential trade chip? They won’t..It has no semblance of an argument..Get over the Nick Foles ,hatred ,and move on to sam I am …

    • Foles has yet to play a Full Season and has absolutely no leverage to demand any long-term Contract from anyone (The Eagles before and now the Rams) 2015 is an Audition for him to prove he’s a Starting #1 QB in the NFL who can play a Full Season…
      Basically the Eagles Traded a $1.5 Million Contract Gamble for a $13 Million Contract Gamble in Sam Bradford with a 2nd Rounder to boot…

    • desert,its your boy Vinnie who wanted to sign Foles to a $126 million dollar contract with a guaranteed signing bonus of $13 million….I would have been comfortable if we had cut Nick Foles.
      Foles is not a valuable chip…the Eagles assessed his trade value and teams were not giving up anything of much value…so Foles is not a viable trade chip.
      Stop the Chip bashing over Nick Foles
      Bradford is by far, a more talented QB than Nick Foles
      Its a good gamble and if he stays healthy we have a viable starting QB in Bradford

  • sam I am ..greeen jerseys and ham ..I’m being paid 12 point nine …im drinking chips science juice ..but still my knee is loose? I want to be sam I am greeen eggs and ham ,but chip said,not so fast ..not until after the draft. I read a defense ,in the speed of light ..I just wish my knee would just work right ..I am sam I am I am mile Austin ,many miles from my best ,but along with others im gulping down shakes ,hoping to put the brakes on my downward career spiral ..all the while cashing millions of Jeffrey’s dough ,and drinking from chips fountain of youth ..that’s my story ,and that’s the truth…. Dr Seuss ..

    • That’s $$. Well done.

      Has anyone thought about the fact that…by the end of this year, Bradford will have been paid $78 million dollars.

      Guy’s got to have $30 million sitting around in investments. He’s beyond comfortable. Set for many many lifetimes….


      • our only hope is that he is intrinsically motivated to prove he was not a bust– because as of now IMHO he belongs in a sentence with: russell, Shuler, A. Smith, Leaf etc….

      • I’ve heard some rumblings that he’s packing it in after 2015 Season and is only hanging around for his Final Year of his Rookie Deal to collect the $13 Million, as he was under the old CBA Agreement where Top Draft Picks were all overpaid
        I think Kelly really screwed up with this Deal plus next Years 2nd Round Pick..

  • Spot on Paul ..Kool has been blinded by hate ..it’s senselesss argument with no foundation..

    • Its unbelievable how the Foles fans have turned with venom and hatred of Chip Kelly and the team!

      Now the Foles team wants to attack the very character of Sam Bradford.
      So before he has had an opportunity to take a single snap, he is being subjected to bitter grumbles and unfair rumors and claims…smh!

      desert, vinnie, haveablunt, paulman…I understand you all now hate Chip Kelly….but he was the guy who evaluated Foles after every game…he knew where the ball was supposed to go on each play and what Foles was supposed to do…

      Not only did he get rid of Foles he gave the Rams a second rounder to take Foles off of his hands…and decided that it would be better to take a chance with an oft-injured Bradford…rather than stick with a cheaper, oft-injured, and much less talented Foles.

      This is the coach who likes Foles…cares about the guy as a person…Foles is a real nice kid…but Kelly couldn’t dump him quick enough!

      Dont kill the messenger because you dont like the message…

      Its not me that hates Foles…it was his coach!

      • Correct, Kelly shipped foles out

        Time will tell whether it was correct

        • jakdaracist….you’ve crawled from under your rock!

          you should be forever shipped off of this forum

          you are a disgrace

      • Is this just the eye test that you say that Bradford is much better because he really hasn’t been that much above average as a pro. Is this where you make excuses for him because of his O coordinator or lack of talent? So are you going back to college comparisons, because it is pretty easy to see that Bradford had a much better supporting cast around him in college than Foles did. So he has a lot of potential that he hasn’t reached at all right?

        I wasn’t sure on Foles at all, but you are burying him with a guy who has proved nothing in the NFL. NOTHING.

        And he is not a mobile QB which was what you have been clamouring for this whole time? Get your your guy Chip. Open up the offense. Isn’t that what you have been saying?

        Stop trolling dude. You got nothing to bring to the table except Foles sucks.

  • dr. desert…childrens author!

  • serious question to those that follow–
    I remember the dream team all the signings were like July 29ish…. yet this year the FA hot time is march– did the CBA change the FA time or is there another such round of cuts coming? I know a lot has to do with when teams can cut players to save cap room and stuff– and I seem to remember some guys get $ April 1– others maybe June 1????

  • pman..any guys in the draft with bum knees or torn ACLs? That’s our guys..I truly believe chip is starting a rehab center at the nova care facility ,in hopes of patenting his elixir..if it weren’t for a bum wheel or a guy years on the decline ,we have no design in our forming a roster..it’s truly the chip ego ,on display..like the apostle ,chip will have a line formed of the sickly and disabled looking for a sip from the magic juice..

    • Yes there are plenty of them DesertEagle
      Eagles 2015 Mock Draft (Revision # 18)

      1st Rd – RB Todd Gurley (Georgia 6-1 222lbs)
      2nd Rd – OT Cedric Ogbuehi (Texas A&M 6-5 306lbs)
      3rd Rd – CB Ifo-Ekpre Olomu (Oregon 5-9 192lbs)
      4th Rd – Safety Anthony Harris (Virginia 6-1 185lbs)
      5th Rd – Guard Miles Deffennbach (Penn State 6-3 305lbs)
      6th Rd – WR Cam Worthy (East Carolina 6-2 211lbs)
      7th Rd – QB Connor Halliday (Washington State 6-3 199lbs)

      Good Grief…

  • damn i just read (my sources) that Perriman out of C.Fla is 6’3” , 215 and ran a 4.27… damn…remember the opening to the bionic man in the 70’s….’we can build them bigger, stronger and faster than ever before’– yikes i’ve not seen him play 1 minute of football– but that is impressive size and speed… wow–

    • His Dad, Brett Perriman was a Miami Hurricane and a hard-nosed Football Player and Teammate of Michael Irvin… I believe I read that Michael Irvin is Godfather to Brasheed and has worked with him on his Receiving/Route Running Skills.. The Eagles need to get this Kid..

  • I have the mock down 1 – 3 rds…..round 1 bresshaud perriman…..round two OG laken thompson or jake fisher if he is still there….then we trade up in early 3rd rdvand get CB byron jones from uconn…..i think we use curry….boykin….and evan mathis as trade bait to either move up in draft or for straight up laer rd picks…..side note im hearing josh huff is shreeded and working his ass off to get better….i need this guy to become our randall cobb

    • Nice One Zilents
      Here is a new one

      Eagles Trade Back with the Colts and go from #20 to #29 and pick-up the Colts 3rd Round Pick in the Process which is #93
      Eagles then Trade Vinny Curry & 6th Round Pick to the Raiders for their 3rd Round Pick (#68)
      Eagles also Trade CB Boykin & OLB Marcus Smith II to the Dolphins for OLB Dion Jordan and a 6th Round PIck (Approx 190th)
      (Both MSII and Jordan need a change of Scenery)

      Eagles now have the Following Picks

      1st (#29) – OT Jake Fisher (Oregon 6-5 307lbs)
      2nd(#52) – WR Devin Funchess (Michigan 6-4 232lbs)
      3rd (#68 – from Raiders) Safety Cody Prewitt (Ole Miss 6-2 218lbs)
      3rd (#84) – WR Tre McBride (William & Mary 6-0 212lbs)
      3rd (#93) – from Colts) – Guard Jon Miller (Louisville 6-2 303lbs)
      4th (#113 – from Bills) – CB Eric Rowe (Utah 6-1 205lbs)
      5th (#145- from Rams) – DT Letarrius Walton (Cent Mich 6-5 320lbs)
      5th (#156) – WR Tye Montgomery (Stanford 6-0 220lbs)
      6th (#190 from Dolphins) ) – TE Nick Boyle (Delaware 6-4 268lbs)
      7th (#237) – QB Cody Fajardo (Nevada 6-1 223lbs)

      Remember the Eagles Traded DE Curry, CB Boykin and OLB Marcus Smith and Picked up OLB Dion Jordan

      • u love that tre mcbride guy pman im with you on that i think he will be a good player in the league

  • Rumor has ir that chip is in love with byron jones.and paulman I didn’t see a Kendricks trade in there.

  • And paulman Marcus fits the dolphins less than dion jordan. I still see them putting marcus at ilb long term maybe you put Kendricks in that trade instead of marcus

  • Come back from Vieques and no internet for a week…and I see you fools are regurgitating the same nonsense.

    • Go back, & stay off the internet, if you don’t like it! You regurgitate your baseless nonsense all of the time!

  • Izzy welcome back ..

  • Pman Does devin smith fit the desean jackson spot in your opinion ? Where might he fall to?

    • Devin Smith is a Talented Play with Deep Speed Ability which his strength and also Special Teams in the Return..
      I see him going mid to late 2nd Round..
      I am not sure he fits Kelly’s Offenses where Receivers are running more shorter routes and doesn’t block that well
      I see Teams like the Ravens, Steelers
      Panthers, Chargers all taking a good look
      At Devin Smith..

  • I wonder if the Browns are dumb enough to trade 12 & 19 to move up and get mariota then flip him to the eagles for Bradford and Kendricks.

  • Redskins acquired FS Dashon Goldson and a 2016 seventh-round pick from the Bucs in exchange for a 2016 sixth-round pick.
    It’s amazing the Bucs were able to get anything for Goldson, even if it is just a late-rounder. Goldson has been a massive bust since inking a five-year, $41.25 million contract that included $22 million guaranteed prior to the 2013 season. The Redskins were so desperate for safety help that they’re taking on Goldson’s $8 million cap hit. He’ll be the favorite to start next to new SS Jeron Johnson.
    Related: Buccaneers
    Source: Rick Stroud on Twitter
    Apr 3 – 9:48 AM


    • I rather have Wolff than Goldston he can’t cover isn’t very fast he is Strictly a hitter we no cover skills to speak of Wolfe has more upside than goldson… you people want names but don’t study there games …

      • Exactly…keeping listening to paulman and mhenski and that’s what you’ll get

  • Philly Voice’s Jimmy Kempski calls Eagles RE Fletcher Cox a “budding star.”
    Cox, the 12th overall pick in 2012, hasn’t missed a start the past two seasons and has been a complete stud the two seasons he’s played in the Eagles’ 3-4 defense. He graded out as PFF’s No. 5 overall 3-4 end last season, dominating as a run stopper. The 24-year-old is entering the final year of his rookie contract, but should be a player coach Chip Kelly wants to lock up on a long-term deal.
    Source: Philly Voice
    Apr 3 – 9:19 AM

  • Jordan Matthews has been working with Cris Carter in Florida this offseason.
    Matthews has been focused on speed and weight training this year, in addition to position-specific drills, after not being able to hone his craft in the pre-draft come-up last offseason. The second-year receiver already has the reputation as a tireless worker and is out to improve on his 67-872-8 receiving line from 2014. Matthews expects to see more opportunities on the outside in year two.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Apr 3 – 9:01 AM

  • The 2nd pick on the draft trade chart value is worth 2600 pts

    The 12th pick value is 1200
    The 20th pick values is 800
    You throw in Kendricks and let’s say a 4th next yr I’m not saying it will happen but it adds up evenly
    The key would be getting the 12th pick instead of the 19th pick for Bradford.and if the eagles make these moves it wouldn’t shock me if chip signs kurt warner to start after those over are made….
    I know people are gonna say warner is old but If he can still throw who would you rather have starting him or Sanchez he won’t be asked to do everything the eagles have everything warner never had in Arizona oline,te and a running game.

    • yo bro take some medicine!

    • ***NFL Reports Deal between Titans and Eagles being worked on and almost completed***
      Eagles Send QB Bradford, 2015 1st Round PIck, 2016 1st Round PIck
      and 2017 2nd Round Pick for the Titans #2 Overall Selection and Take QB Marcus Mariota

      • Paulman ia this real

        • yea done deal gloomy

          • I don’t see any reports Henski where are you seeing this

            • paulmans madden 2015 playstation memory stick

              • Every day is April fools day to Fraudman….he truly hears about trades in his head…

              • i love the guys that believe paul or say paul what do you think about this or that…

        • Hey mhenski this is actually a believable trade most of his trades are crazy but I still don’t see how Bradford stays at 13million he’s not a 13million dollar qb.

  • Dude I would take Bret Favre right now over sanchez

    • Chip Kelly really likes Brett Farve too…

  • If Sanchez played 16 games he was on pace to throw for damn near 5000 yards, 30 tds, 20 ints, a 64% comp rate and a 90 qbr as a back up. Hmmm

  • All that and never ran the system

    • He would of broke every Eagles passing record as a backup being in Chips system for 6 months and you criticize him. Unbelievable. Hes a backup.

    • Daggolden if you say so I guess with those numbers if was no need to bring Bradford in then we should’ve just went with bum ass sanchez as our starting qb…
      Sanchez sucks him and Bradley fletcher are the reasons we didn’t make the playoffs last yr… funny how foles hot sacked less with the neat up oline and Sanchez got sacked more with the real one..
      Sanchez has no strengths but I can name a bunch of weaknesses he has
      1. Poor pocket awareness which lead to those sacks he took
      2. Candy are can’t throw longer than 15 to 20 yds
      3. Doesn’t know how to throw with touch at all that’s why sproles suffered with in there.
      4. Never really came off his 1st read which most of the time for him was Matthews that’s why maclin numbers went down with him in there .
      5. Never seen the whole field theee were guys running wide open the seattle and cowboys Game.
      6. Throws behind people to much
      7. He had a nack for timely interceptions in the clutch
      8. Dude he just sucks
      9. The only reason he’s here is cause jake locker retired
      10. I can’t wait til the 2017 season when he is gone.

      • Obviously the head coach, you know the guy that is a actual offensive guru, the guy who matters strongly disagrees with you. Whose evaluation is right Chips or yours?

        • Sorry we don’t know if he disagrees with me or not cause jake locker retired and it was nothing else out there so I mean hell we had Casey Matthews on the roster with chip the past two yrs and he sucked…. Sanchez is a bum and 2017 can’t get here quick enough. And if they trade Bradford for mariota I would welcome kurt warner here with open arms.

  • **NFL NEws***

    Buffalo Bills Reveal that WR Sammy Watkin had Hip Surgery over the Off-Season and no timetable for his Return has been Determined at this time..
    The Bills do have Robert Woods,Percy Harvin & Chris Hogan..

    • lmfao

      are you really jon hart?

      ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports Sammy Watkins underwent offseason hip surgery.
      Watkins injured his hip in Week 13 and was limited in practice the following week before missing just eight snaps the rest of the season. More than likely, it was a minor scope for Watkins, but any lower-body issue for a receiver is cause for some concern. Watkins should be fine for a mostly-normal offseason program, though the Bills may hold their No. 1 receiver back a bit until training camp.
      Source: Josina Anderson on Twitter
      Apr 3 – 11:15 AM


      • I didn’t say he was out for an long or extended time, I am just passing on that he had off-season Hip Surgery which is not minor and always a concern…

        • Dr Paulman

          Hip Surgery which is not minor and always a concern…


          More than likely, it was a minor scope for Watkins, but any lower-body issue for a receiver is cause for some concern.

  • Oh and for all you guys that whined and cried about not getting this FA or that FA the last couple of years…deshon Goldson was traded after two terrible years and lots of money…Goldson and a 7 for a 6th….fA is a terrible was to build a team.

    • Dashon Gholston was a Product of a Sound Defense and Scheme with the 49ers as I stated he would be back when everyone wanted the Eagles to SPend $40 Million on him .. I hope this is not the same case with Byron Maxwell with the Eagles .. Time Will Tell… Build thru the Draft ..

  • ***Draft News****
    CB PJ Williams of Florida State was arrested at 3am morning on DUI Charges in Tallahassee,Florida
    Williams is Rated as a Early to Mid 2nd Round Prospect who is bound to
    Fall after this News.. Some Draft Reports have him listed as the 5th CB Prospect in this Draft though I think he’s overrated a bit and more of a 3rd/4th Round Prospect…

  • Hey Koolidiot….the other day you wrote:

    “Miles Austin contract is more team friendly than the Kaepernick contract that you are praising …a one-year deal with no guarantees…no signing bonus…he has to make the team.”

    Now that you know Austin got $1 mil guaranteed and will be on the team this year….guaranteed…..at a RAISE over what he was paid last year……

    Change your mind at all???????

    2.3 million for anybody?? A washed up never was???

    Still all good even though Eagles only bidding against themselves and Austin would have been signed for league minimum in a month?

    And 4.5 for Sanchez though no other team bidding on him and could have been had for 2?? I know you still keep spouting this “Sanchez is better” bit,,,,but that has to be an act does;t it? Sanchez is beyond shit.

    And the 4th highest CB contract ever for a guy with 19 starts?

    And re-upping a 32 yr old LB coming off an achilles when it was unnecessary? Especially if it means the end of the more talented and much younger Kendricks.

    And trading Foles AND a forth for a $13 million dollar QB who has done nothing in the NFL for 5 years, completely handcuffing the teams ability to re-up Cox and Kendricks (who it looks like they;re going to dump in another stupid move)

    And 11 million for a RB that had a completely unprecedented 497 (497!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) touches….even thigh everyone in the universe knows what happens to RBs over 370 touches…..

    All is still good?

  • “Austin gets nothing guaranteed”

    “9 is 16” (and again…why such celebration from you when you thought Sanchez got 16 anyway???? Sanchez sucks.

    “Sanchez is better than Foles”

    “The 2nd pick isn’t guaranteed”

    “Kapernick got 61 million guaranteed”

    Fuck dude, every statement you say in here is wrong!

    Dude, you’r about O-fer 10 on statements “of fact” this offseason.


    Still have your poster and Ford Fiesta going for you though….

  • Yaaaaawn!! Really Vinnedaloser!

    Yup…all is much better for a simple reason Vinnie…

    You were dead wrong about the big one…

    Ya boy Foles who you yearned, cried, pleaded and begged for the last few years here is gone…

    Yeah, your All-American boy who you proclaimed was ready to lead the Eagles as the franchise Qb who you thought was going to get a long term extension with a fat signing bonus like Kaepernick…was dumped by the great offensive mind…Chip Kelly.

    I know that’s got to hurt bad! Your ass is so sore!

    So now every minute point, every dollar the Eagles spend, every decision they make is subjected to your shrill, moans, bitches, and whines…

    Like the braying of an ass your going to whine, cry, and moan…smh!

    “They gave Austin a million dollars…waaaahhhhh’

    Now…every minute point, every single dollar..your ready to whine…

    Go in the corner and finish your crying and sniffling, Vinniedaloser

    Chip is going to get who he wants, keep who he wants..

    There is plenty of time to sign who we need to sign, the draft is coming up..and its a new age Vinniedaloserass..you lose a few player in free agency, you get new players, the salary cap rises every year so the Eagles will have what they need to sign the players they want to sign…

    So cry and whine your eyes out Vinnie…but you just have to face the bottom line…

    Foles sucks, so Chip got rid of him

    I was right about that buddy…LOL

    • One out of ten ain’t bad. Congrats!

  • A lot of people on here did a lot of complaining about all the FA signings, they said we are making the same mistake as 2011, the question is, did we really? Below is an article ( not inuding trades) that says we didn’t.

    According to a post from NFL.com’s Gregg Rosenthal, the Eagles actually rank among teams with the fewest signings in NFL free agency. Only four teams signed less players than the Eagles did: the St. Louis Rams, the New Orleans Saints, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Green Bay Packers.

    These are the nine players the Eagles signed (including re-signings):

    RB DeMarco Murray – (5 years, $42M)

    CB Byron Maxwell – (6 years, $63M)

    RB Ryan Mathews – (3 years, $11.5M)

    CB Walter Thurmond III – (1 year, $3.25M)

    ILB Brad Jones – (2 years, $2.85M)

    OLB Brandon Graham – (4 years, $26M)

    QB Mark Sanchez – (2 years, $9M)

    ILB DeMeco Ryans – (1 year extension)

    WR Miles Austin – (1 year, $2.3M)

    There are a few reasons why this total number of signings is a little lower than expected. For one, the Eagles arguably opted for quality instead of quantity in free agency. They opted to sign players like Murry and Maxwell to big contracts instead of taking their 2013 approach where they signed a number of players to cheaper deals.

    • I think some Fans are questioning the amount of $$$ they signed some of these Players too..
      Brandon Graham was a recipient of Eagles panicking after Frank Gore got cold feet and reneged of his Deal…
      Then the Bradford for Foles + 2nd Rd Pick Deal
      CB Walt Thurmond has Played 36 NFL Games in 6 Seasons out of 96 Games) most backup CB were getting 1 Year $1.5 Million Deals
      Most Veteran WR’s signing 1 Year Deals like Austin, were receiving $1.5 Million
      Most Backup QB’s were not getting the Deals that Sanchez got..
      I am not real sure if there was a league wide interest in some of these Players that the Eagles signed due to prior injuries..

      • Some fans?

        The majority of these deals are ridiculous

        4.5/year for Sanchez? No one else bidding. Ridiculous
        2.3 for Austin?? No one else bidding. Ridiculous.
        Maxwell…4th highest CB contract ever…..a guy with 19 starts over 4 years? Strange at best.
        Thurmond – 3.2….because………??
        Murray…almost 9 million a year for a guy with 497 touches? Unheard of.
        Re-working Demarco? Why exactly?

        Also, the Kelly/Roseman relationship….this is a problem……..every NFL agent is laughing their ass off in negotiations with the Birds right now. Kelly asks (demands) for a player and Roseman enters negotiations about $$.

        Everyone knows Roseman’s balls have been cut off. He says, “we can’t pay that…” and they have to just start laughing….”Yes you can….and MORE!” Roseman HAS to get the guys Kelly wants, and every agent knows this and is making the Eagles pay through the nose for it.

        The Eagles are overpaying for everyone, and its going to bite them in the ass a year or two down the road.

        • Soooo when EHL and I were saying this front office situation was dysfunctional you said why all the sky is falling stuff it’s like this with every front office relax? We saw this nonsense coming a mile away and it didn’t take these ridiculous moves to see it coming.

          • the only reason vinnie even cares is because his love affair with foles is over thats the only position he cares about…..if we made all these signings and kept foles he would preaching the same shit about the sky is not falling……he clwarly only cares about the qb position….he is a terrible fan

            • To review…..Zilents hates when I posts about Foles, saying its all I does, then when I post about other things, its only because about Foles.

              You guys are funny.

              I can friggin’ guarantee you I would have disapproved of Mark Sanchez (at any amount of $$), Miles Austin and too much $$ for Murray and Maxwell if Joe Montana had been the qb.

          • Exactly!!!

          • That is not what I said at all and you know it.

            All I said was that it was ridiculous the way the Philly media was reacting to a front office shakeup.

            Clearly the Eagles shouldn’t have gone 1/2 way with the shakeup…should have gone whole-hog. The front office, the way it is configured, does not work as evidences by these pathetic contracts.

            That doesn’t mean the Philly media should have gone into hystrionics when Gamble was fired and Roseman “promoted”

            • Vinny, that is not what you said verbatim, however, that was the basic message you was sending..and you know it. Stop with the revisionist history.

  • Zillents …there are many layered reasons why I care ,and none of them have to do with foles, .What we didn’t do ,to me ,is more telling than what we did do.i have said since the very onset to this coupe de tat ,that I prefered ,checks and balances in the front office..Any organization , run by a coach and GM ,need a voice of reason and dissent ,if for no other reason ,than to have a common sense discussion,prior to making a deal .Here the focus isn’t on restraint or even the future .In giving big $$ to FA and bidding against yourself is fiscal insanity.It also doesn’t adress the future $$ for Cox and others deserved ..Eagles.I predict after the draft the Eagles will be faced with holes ,and then they must embrace the need to fill those .Fiscal restraint will be brought to the fore front at that time,as other assets are released by other teams .lets end this by looking at the quarter back situation ,since it seems vinnie vs Kool songs,have looked at the obvious ..Yes Foles was a question mark ,as was and is Sam I am ..one had a palatable price tag ,one has attached $ 12.9 ,and no $$ for Cox .Its a different approach ,perhaps with a fiscal voice in the organization chip wouldn’t be undermined ,but at least the owner could say,No..This petulance,and disregard by The GM ,is very predictable..he’s rearranged the deck chairs on the titanic,he’s taking a huge gamble with seemingly a disconnect as a novice GM,and an egotistical coach..On this holy day ,I say as a fan ,we need resurrection,of knees and needs..

  • I feel strongly about my desire to end the drought ,if taking this Devil may care ,approach yields a parade I’ll be humbled ,but….until that happens,I am not worshiping this Pinnochipio ,and not kissing his ring..he’s already shown a total disconnect with the pragmatic approach .I truly believe the shock value of his moves ,are inexplicable ,and done with a swiftness that thrills every agent out there ..when you move guys in less time than a half hour sitcom ,it leaves a laugh track throughout the league ..just because Chip rearranges the deck chairs ,doesn’t mean the iceberg isn’t looming ..BTW ,did anybody ever give this maniac a psychological evaluation? Just wondering?

    • I respect what you say desert you make sense and actually dont hitch your wagon to one position….you have explained your side of things and I agree with you…..I just don’t get so end of the world with chip kelly doing what chip kelly does…..just let him do what he wants….ain’t like we got a fucking super bowl….this team can win 10 games anytime they want….chip is trying to switch things up build a culture and win a fucking super bowl…..Now will all this shit work…..who the fuck knows….but I refuse to bitch and moan like chip ruined some great fuckimg team…..WE AINT WON SHIT….so let him fucking run the team and bitch when the shit don’t work out….until he is no longer our coach let the shit fall as it may….WE AINT WON SHIT…..let him do what he wants

      • Zilents…you have finally said something that I agree wholeheartedly ! The moans, bitching, and crying about ‘fiscal’ sanity and ‘prudence’ is so damm stupid-I want to puke!
        Spare me that bullshit!
        We haven’t won a playoff game in years while Joe Banner and his protege’, Howie ‘managed’ the cap. Always patting themselves on the back for how smart they were in having money ready to spend but saving it for a damm raining day or something.
        If some player was available and the Eagles couldn’t be competitive because they spent too much on Miles, Sanchez or some other fringe player…ok..that’s a reasonable complaint…but these guys are bitching because the Eagles are not saving money…are you kidding me!!!!
        We haven’t seen a playoff win in years not a single one and guys want to moan about how the Eagles paying an extra million to Miles…


    • I just can’t stand when a fan just bitches about one player and when that player is gone aka foles you fucking change your whole outlook on the team because one fucking player is gone and now the whole front office sucks ass and you care about shit you never cared about before…..this all points to vinnie…….a terrible fake ass fan

    • and u actually care about the team….your thoughts on billy davis still being our d coordinator is a perfect example……you think him still being here is bad idea so do most fans…..but at least you have facts why you don’t like him…..vinnie won’t let the foles shit go and it ruins everything he says

  • One disturbing thing to me is QB Sam Bradford’s Contract Situation which is in his Final Year at almost $13 Million.
    Let’s say Bradford plays well and the Eagles win 9-10 Games again but lose in the First Round or just miss the Playoffs ..
    What do you Pay Bradford in 2016 and beyond… $15-18 Million ?
    Has he earned Elite Status Pay, of course he hasn’t, so if he leaves in Free-Agency after 2015, then who is the QB of the Future
    I think we will look back at this off-season with just too much change where there could be 8-9-10 Starters out of the 22 Positional Players on Offense & Defense to really contend in 2015.. I think a better strategy would have been to rebuild the Defense (Safety & Pass Rusher added along with CB’s)
    Then extend your Core Young Players in Cox, Kendricks & then Lane Jonson, Ertz after next Off-Season and then Eagles could have used upcoming Draft to
    Draft OL, WR & RB for the Future..
    Not only do I think the Eagles took a step backwards for 2015, but I think their Future has more Questions Marks in Terms of Production, Depth and $$$ locked up to often injured Players…

    • paulman you gloom and doom analysis just doesn’t add up. If this team gets t good Qb play this year your going to make the playoffs and win. Of course, we have to let things play out but if you get good Qb play …you are going to keep Bradford and him what a franchise QB should get…if you dont win your QB play hasn’t been good enough then you are in the exact same situation you were in last year…you have to get a franchise Qb.
      We’ve rebuilt key aspects of the defense…we went after McCourty with a good offer…he decided to stay in New England…but we upgraded the secondary. What good pass rusher was available?
      The change was neccessary…there is no need to extend the so-called core players who have been here a number of years but haven’t won anything….we should establish the core based upon super talented players and players who win playoff games…not simply ‘good’ players.
      The Eagles took a bold step toward resolving the main problem…QB. Instead of kicking the Foles can down the road for another year…Chip Kelly has made a bold and decisive move that gives the franchise flexibility

      • Not Gloom & Doom Koolbreeze, but I think a Smarter Off-Season Rebuilding Plan on Focusing on the Defense would have been the smart move instead of Changing both sides of the Ball…
        New QB,RB’s, WR Corp is Unproven and no Upgrades to an aging OL

        Instead of the $13 Million Spent on RB’s Murray & Matthews, couldn’t that $$ been Spent on a Top WR or Keeping Maclin
        Instead of the Huge Contract for Maxwell, couldn’t the Eagles have added a good CB and a good Safety
        Resigning Graham to Big $$ when he’s never played more than 20-25 Snaps a Game, does he have the Stamina to play 60 Snaps a Game..
        If Bradford Fails to Win or Stay Healthy at 2015 at $13 Million than what good did it do trading Foles and his $1.5 Million Contract and a 2016 2nd Round Pick for only to be in the same place next Off-Season in needing a Young QB…
        I see 3 New Starters in the Secondary which will take half a season for them to start jelling and playing well.. No new Pass-Rushers.
        Basically I see the 2015 Season as a Step-Back for the Eagles

        • paulman…what you and others are doing amounts to no more than nitpicking over minor issues and completely missing the boat. Running Backs are a priority in this offense…Chip wants to run the ball more than throw it…so prioritizing running back over receiver is sound football planning for this offense.
          So getting Murray and Matthews your getting good value at that position for what you want to do…you weakened your division rival.
          Let’s face it…Maclin is ok..but he doesn’t give you what DJax gives…he was not worth the money KC signed him for. The draft is stacked with good wide receivers…Maclin is clearly replaceable. As to receivers…more emphasis should now be placed on getting Ertz the ball! We would be fine with our main receiving targets as Ertz, Matthews, and Huff with an emphasis on running the football!
          We went after the best corner and the best safety available in free agency. What other safety was available outside of McCourty?
          You can’t sneeze at the move of getting the best available corner in free agency.
          Resigning Graham to nice money is no problem at all…why cant he play a few more snaps and give a few more snaps to Curry in obvious passing situations? Who says Graham is going to have to play 60 snaps a game? We need to get Curry on the field more anyway!
          Do I have to go through the Foles stuff again???
          He stinks and the Coach doesn’t believe he’s a starting QB…Why lose another year with a QB that is not a starter.and cant play?. Chip Kelly is taking a calculated risk with a QB that has more talent. If he gets hurt and dont play much this year we get the second rounder back…if he doesn’t play well…we have to get a young QB next year….if we dont draft one this year.
          The Eagles needed a shake up! The team has constituted was not a playoff team and Chip Kelly took an aggressive approach in Free Agency…and we still have the draft to improve the club. The money argument is meaningless…the cap goes up next year, more vets will come off the books and players who get cut this year will be there for the minimum salary and we have plenty of room for that….
          Lets face it…the Eagles plan is a pretty good one. The only major mistake Chip Kelly has made in his tenure is cutting DJax…outside of that…his other moves have been sound!

  • The problem is that things are looked at with too broad of a brush.

    This front office has made mistakes…the biggest and most nonsensical one was getting rid of one of the most productive and dynamic receivers in the NFL…DJax. However, it has made a number of good moves as well with the best move being the dumping of Nick Foles to give yourself a chance to get a franchise QB. I didn’t like the Shady move but you can’t argue that they didn’t replace him with some good moves…Murray and Matthews are good running backs and you weakened a division rival-the hated Cowboys.
    However the most moronic and ridiculous of arguments is the ones being postured by desert/regal, Vinniedaloser and others about the fiscal policies of the Eagles…
    Who cares…When assessing the Eagles’ contracts your not talking about a team that has won playoff games and that is on the verge of a Super Bowl. There are no untouchables on this team. Are their players who are good and it would be nice to keep…yeah, ok…but untouchable players who we have to make a real major priority in keeping no matter what…NO…and that includes Cox,
    The Eagles will have money to redo Cox’s deal when the time is right..
    Again…the Eagles are taking some risks…if the risks pan out they are a significantly better team…if they dont…they will remain what they have been the last few years a team without any playoff wins.
    I challenge any of the naysayers to tell me what “safe” and “responsible” moves could the Eagles have made to move the team into a playoff winning team?

  • Eagles Improved the RB Depth, The CB Corps
    But have taken a step back at WR,Safety, OL
    and the QB swap of Foles for Bradford was a lateral move but Costing
    A whole lot more for an unproven, often injured QB

    • Paul, I have to disagree that the CB Core has been improved; Outside of Byron Maxwell, there are no improvements…..and I’m not trying to hear you on Walter Thurmond…….

      • I Agree Cliff that Thurmond still has a lot to Prove, but the CB Tandem of
        Fletcher & Williams was Rated as one of the Worst Tandems in the NFL Statistically over the 2013 & 2014 Seasons…
        Thurmond has missed a lot of Games in his 6 Seasons and has only Players 36 of out of a possible 96 Games which means he has missed 62.5% of Games In his 6 Year Career so I don’t even Consider him as a Starter CB to be honest.. I see him more of a Nickel CB with Nolan Carroll, Boykin or a Draft Pick getting a Starting Nod over Thurmond
        A cheap 1 Year Deal on Thurmond is what he received for good reason

        • Right Paul, you see where I’m coming from…

          Are there any possible cap casualty CB’s that could be released before the season that we could pick up??

          • I see a Couple of CB’s that could get Released for Salary Cap Reasons/Coaching Changes Reasons, etc,etc that could Help the Eagles for the Short-Term

            CB D’Angelo Hall of the Redskins
            CB Brandon Carr of the Cowboys
            CB Dee Millner of the Jets
            CB Captain Munderlin of the Vikings
            CB Morris Claiborne of the Cowboys

            • Morris Claiborne, would be interesting. He has something to prove.

              Carr would be a true stop gap.

  • Eagles improved RB depth, CB, they have the draft to improve the other positions…and the QB swap is clearly a bold step in the right direction. The Coach instead of waiting and hoping on an oft-injured, ineffective Foles-made a decisive decision that he’s not the guy. Getting rid of Foles is is the best move of all the moves the Eagles have made…even if Bradford is not the guy

    • Kool, if they draft a CB in the draft that doesn’t improve the CB Core. That player, if he doesn’t translate his game to the NFL would still leave a void, because he would still need 2-3 years to become efficient.

      You don’t exactly know what you’ll get from CB rookie prospects. Look at all the highly rated CB’s over the last 5 years that have not lived up to all the hype going into the draft.

      The Eagles really needed a viable stop gap veteran across from Maxwell. I’m hoping a salary cap casualty is cut mid offseason so that if a rookie is drafted they won’t be set up to fail, because he was pushed to start too fast – and that includes Trey Waynes….

      • gmcliff, Thurmond and Maxwell constitutes an upgrade over B. Fletcher and Williams. Every team has holes…we have taken a step towards filling one of the holes

        • Based on what???…Thurmond’s extensive track record???

          He hasn’t even proven he’s any better than Bradley Fletcher as a starter as of yet. At this point, the only difference is that he isn’t Bradley Fletcher…that’s all…….and it doesn’t support your argument that it constitutes an upgrade

          Being different in name doesn’t constitute better…

  • I wonder if chip would trade Bradford to the Browns for the 19th pick then take Brent Hundley and byron jones back to back..

  • Kool,you’re so deep in the forest of common sense ,I’m hoping you find your way out..soon..your words above states ,”who cares” when morons like regal and desert and vinnie bring it to the discussion .. the fiscal policy is paramount in any hierarchy of any business ,it consists of fiscal restraint ,fiscal responsibility and analysis ,as to wether you got value ..after all ,it is a business ..So as for your question ,if youre going to call a person a moron for expressing a cogent point ,is mor ethe kettle calling the kettle black ,my friend..Look when low hanging fruits fall ,I want fiscal capacity to have the option of picking up on a player with experience ,to fill holes ..O line …safety , A savy corner (not a hit or miss ) ,and a desean clone , to see sam I am and his strong arm and mental accuity..They as an organization may have whiffed on last years number one ,that yields even more pressure to not repeat your transgressions back to back..That’s crippling to any organization ..So we have a 13 million dollar qb in sam I am ,who likely was going to be released and what if we whiff on back to back ones ? We traded next years two to get sam I am ..You FAIL to conveniently leave that little fact out of your rants ..Let’s get past the draft and watch the 3 card Monty ,and see if we all feel we’ve adressed all the obvious holes ..what I don’t like is creating your own holes ..aka Desean …possibly a guard or two ,maclin..we should after the draft offer sam I am a cap friendly deal ,and show some fiscal smarts .. Allow that $ to get falling fit ,or at th every least reward Cox…Kool if you tell me a top 5 guy is disposable ,then I contend you are all about following chip down the yellow brick road …o

  • i ask this draft guys ,of the obvious holes we,have ,what draft pick (offensive lineman), is the most serviceable ? I contend Safety and corner and number one receiver and at least one guard ..that can’t conceivably be all answered in a draft (your very first ) ..grizzled vets ,don’t roll them bones ..
    So that means spend on vets ..if you overpay for guys and strap yourself ,there emails no plan B .we had back to back 10-6 seasons ,not 4-12 ..who’s to say what a 1.5 million dollar Nick foles might look like on draft day …I contend we may find out from the Rams..what if he brings a lot on draft day when novice coaches contemplate at one ,two ,six ,12 and 19 ..what they’d rather bet on a college kid or 14-4 Nick foles..you tell me Kool?

  • I said what was the rush ? All along …and a 2 is a pretty hefty price ..I know cleveland of all geniuses was offering a number 19 for a 13 million dollar sam I am …perhaps they left out the fine print …if sam renegotiated his deal ..just saying ….would that have hurt to ask for if they wanted foles so bad?

  • desert, the ‘fiscal sanity argument’ is simply ridiculous. Its not your money, its not my money…the business is worth billions. The Eagles have won the ‘fiscal responsibility’ title for years and it hasn’t transferred over to playoff wins.
    You and many others whining about the Eagles salaries act as if this current batch of Eagles who have not won a single playoff game is absolutely essential to winning a Super Bowl.
    You and others have greatly overvalued many of the current players on this team.
    There is no player currently on the Eagles that constitutes a priority right now in resigning…none…not one. The closest is Cox and there is plenty of time to do a new deal with him…and if he raises the level of his play next year you can franchise him if necessary…
    This year the Eagles improved the secondary, added depth to the running back position, weakened the Dallas Cowbows, and addressed the Quarterback situation by getting rid of Foles

    your long ramblings here are simply baffling. It has been well established that the Rams were offered a 1st round pick for Bradford…so we sweetened the pot by giving them a second round pick which is protected if Bradford gets hurt again.
    Name one player the Eagles have lost because of a lack of money? McCourtney turned the Eagles down

  • It’s not at all what I said..I’m saying spend ,but spend with due diligence .its indefensible for you to not grasp by overspending and not giving a damn about $$ can cripple opportunities ,you very well may be forced to pass upon..you have fiscal restraint and checks and balances ,in a normal setting, this is easy thing but normal..can you grant me this …if you bid upon nobody ,why are you upping the anti? Was anybody rushing to sign Mark Sanchez? Did I miss that ? All I’m asking is someseblance that what they don’t spend means mor Ethan what they do ,in theBIg picture ..will you grant me that? That’s my point ..

    • Once again…what great opportunity are they forced to pass up? Who is available in free agency, or will become available at this point that would constitute a major upgrade for us anywhere? Sanchez sucks…as a starting, franchise QB…he is at best a backup..what better backups are available?
      There was general acknowledgement around the league that of the available backup QB’s, Sanchez was probably the best in the bunch.
      Chip Kelly moved aggressively not worrying about saving money, just worrying about getting the players he wants to win.
      Again…none of your naysayers are citing a single player that’s available that would significantly upgrade the team that we are now unable to acquire because we spent too much money too soon.
      The arguments that says…’well you could have gotten Sanchez or Miles at a cheaper price are irrelevant red herrings that should mean nothing to us as fans of the team.
      Now if we could NOT offer McCourtney…a need position at safety…a very good contract because we spent too much money for the backup QB or a backup receiver…then your argument would have validity…
      Short of that…its a ridiculous contention…it has no merit..because you are only talking about money that the spending of it does not adversely impact the team in ANY way at all!

  • Face the facts desert…Nick Foles does not have great value now and he wont have it during the draft…his film means more than that 14-4 or any stats you can quote about him.

    He stinks and the majority of GM’s across the league thinks he stinks.
    There was absolutely no buzz about Foles when the Eagles dangled and shopped him around.

    There was more buzz about Bradford…the Eagles and the Rams were offered a first round draft pick for him!

    No one is denying the facts here…Chip Kelly has taken some gambles…but they are smart, well calculated gambles that makes a lot of sense. He knows Foles is not a franchise QB…so he takes a one year gamble with Bradford who is clearly a more talented QB…that the Coach believes will excel in this offense! We got value in Shadyj’s spot and weakened our division rival the Cowboys…the wide receiver spot of Maclin is no great loss-he’s replaceable by way of this deep draft for wide receiver…we have improved the defense with Maxwell and added depth to the linebacker spot.

    Good, solid moves and pick-ups without a single significant loss

  • time will tell …Kool.

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