• May 27, 2022

Kurt Warner Tells Us The Whole Truth About Sam Bradford

KurtWarner&SamBradford1Eagles offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur was also Sam Bradford’s offensive coordinator when he came into the league.  He told us part of the truth about Bradford.  He told us the positive side, which focused on his potential, but he didn’t tell us the whole truth.  It’s understandable.  Shurmur’s job then and his job now is to gain the confidence of Bradford, so that he has his trust.

Bradford’s former head coach Steve Spagnuolo, who is again the New York Giants defensive coordinator gave us part of the truth about Bradford and he too gave his potential.  You knew Spagnuolo wasn’t going to say anything negative about Bradford because he’s not the kind of guy that’s going to verbally attack a youngster, whom he likes and wants nothing but the best for in his future.  Plus his Giants defense will be battling Bradford two times in the upcoming season.

Thankfully we finally found former Pro Bowl and Super Bowl winning quarterback Kurt Warner, an expert who closely watched Bradford during his five years in St. Louis and he gives us the whole truth about Bradford.  Warner likes the youngster and tells us that in the interview, but he comes totally clean on what happened the youngster during his time in St. Louis, then he tells us how it affected him.  He finishes his comments on Bradford by telling us what he’s going to need to do to overcome the challenges he’s facing.

Everybody else talks about Bradford’s knees and the two ACL tears which he sustained over the last two seasons, but that’s not the only thing that’s been damaged during his five years in the National Football League.  Nobody knows about what the battles that go on in the mind of a NFL quarterback than somebody who has played the position and played it at the highest of levels.

“I love Sam”, Warner said to PhiladelphiaEagles.com’s Chris McPherson.  “Great young man.  A guy  that I believe who wants to be great.  I believe he’s got the tools to be great.”

“I think the biggest thing that I have seen with Sam in his short career is that I want to see him get the confidence back that he believes he can make every throw on the football field.  I think there was a time in St. Louis where he got to the point where he was more afraid to make a mistake than to make a play.  He managed games instead of playing up to his potential.  I believe if he plays up to his potential he can be a really good quarterback in the National Football League.”

‘I just think that after maybe a lot of hits early in his career.  Lack of success early in the career has maybe led to this. That’s next step for him is to get back to the confidence level, to throw caution to the wind and go back to playing the way you played in college and the way you played in your rookie year.  I think there’s a huge upside for him.”

I think you’re going to see Chip Kelly try to bring Bradford along slowly by stressing the running game early in the season.  Kelly is easy on a quarterback because he’s never going to abandon the running game, like Andy Reid used to do.  This is a great atmosphere for Bradford and you know that’s one of the reasons Mark Sanchez stayed here.  Bradford is either going to make it here or hang it up and retire.

That’s brings us back to Shurmur.  He was Bradford’s offensive coordinator during his rookie year before he lost his confidence and became “Check Down Charlie”.  That phrase describes the quarterback who will only throw the football to underneath receivers.  He won’t put the ball up deep to receivers downfield because he either lacks the arm strength or the confidence.

We know from the comments of Zach Ertz, that Bradford has the strongest arm of any quarterback he’s ever played with and that includes Michael Vick and Andrew Luck.  Obviously this means Bradford’s problems is a lack of confidence in his ability to make plays downfield.  That has to rebuilt or the Bradford experiment could wind up being a failure.

Kurt Warner didn’t cover it up, he called him “Check Down Charlie”, which is another word for a “scared quarterback”.  Bradford is scared about his knee and his ability to make plays downfield.

Another challenge for Bradford is going to be the criticism he’ll need to handle in Philly.  He didn’t hear the type of criticism in St. Louis that he will hear in Philadelphia, if things don’t go well.

The truth of the matter is that the Bradford experiment is both a physical and mental reclamation project. I don’t think the Birds should rush him back to action.  There’s too much hanging on the line.

He needs to step on the field with both a healthy knee and some healthy confidence. They want to get Bradford back to the level he was at when he came into the National Football League in 2010.

The Eagles need to take this thing slow and not try to rush it despite the demands of the fans and the sports media.  They don’t need to roll this guy out there in the preseason until he is definitely ready.  I don’t want to see this thing get ugly.

If the Bradford experiment is ultimately successful, the quarterback, Chip Kelly, Pat Shurmur and the rest of the Eagles will be holding up a Lombardi Trophy, so if it means waiting an extra month or two, that’s fine with me.


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  • They say it’s hard to address a problem if u don’t know what it is, since they (hopefully) know what it is it shouldn’t be a problem to correct, one thing about Chip, he plays to his players strengths n brings out the the best in them, I see this being a great situation for him and us.

  • Thiis is no revelation. No QB in the NFL can function if they are getting pounded. Ask Manning vs Seattle and Brady vs the Giants in the SB. They are both different QBs when they are getting hit. Now the problem may be that Chip knows Bradford needs confidence and needs to be protected and damn sure better know what he is doing with the offensive line. Every one of there draft choices and FA signings are irrelevant if you don’t have a QB. who can produce. If we had to struggle at WR and on defense for 1 more year and addressed the oline for Bradford then we should of done it. Stoutland is the most important person in that building this year.

  • I’m willing to give him a chance, but I would like to see it work.

    Those knees are a definite question mark to him achieving that level of success.

    • You don’t have any other choice but to give him a chance lol.

    • Not really Dag, I could just say, He’ll never work, or be a bust here – I do that when I feel positive about a player – but I have reserved that until I see him work in this Offense which may not happen if he can’t recovery from his injuries –

      He still isn’t ready to participate in Training Camp, and may not be ready to do anything until week 4 of the season…..

  • What an appropriate memorium…here’s a cold sport science drink toast..to “wounded knees” and broken promises ..let’s hope it’s,a reclamation ..from the gateways arches to the west ..to the parade down Broad street …perhaps the heisman trophy can take snaps under center …we have 3 ..

  • Im a firm believer that Guards are a dime a dozen you just got to find the one that fits your system ala Evan Mathis. I personally wouldn’t spend a high draft pick on one. Its the Eagles job in the personnel department to scour the waiver wire this summer and bring in another Evan Mathis or to coach up someone on the roster. They have like 15 olineman on there roster I cant believe not one can start and be as good as Herrimans was in his 10th year and do a good job.

  • I have one big question ..if we are willing to allow for the fact that Sam was taking a pounding ..what about nick ?

    • Deserteagle heres your answer

      Pro Football Focus has begun their annual offseason “QB in Focus” series, which I always find pretty interesting. Unfortunately for the Eagles’ sake, Sam Bradford was injured last year so there isn’t really any data on him. Instead of looking ahead, we’ll look at some of these numbers from 2014 to show why Chip Kelly rightfully moved on from Nick Foles.

      First is the topic of pressure. Some Foles defenders argued that the quarterback was dealing with more pressure in 2014 than he was in 2013 due to Philadelphia’s banged up offensive line. According to the data, that just isn’t true. Foles faced pressure on 33.3% of his snaps in 2014. The NFL average was 33.4%. He also faced pressure on 34.3% of his dropbacks in 2013. In his defense, pressure may have been getting a little quicker to Foles last year than it did in 2013. Still, it’s not as if he was facing a situation he couldn’t reasonably overcome.

      Foles actually wasn’t terrible when pressured. PFF graded him just below the NFL average. Believe it or not, Foles was actually way worse when he faced no pressure at all. Only seven NFL quarterbacks finished with a worse grade.

      Then there’s the topic of the blitz. Foles really struggled when facing blitz pressure in 2013. On the other hand, he was lethal when teams blitzed but didn’t generate any pressure. These two qualities don’t seem all that different for most quarterbacks, but he was especially bad and good, respectively.

      Foles’ success against the blitz (with no pressure generated) in 2013 may have caused teams to play him differently in 2014. Last season, only one quarterback was blitzed less than Foles: Aaron Rodgers. Teams were willing to rely on their regular rush and drop defenders into coverage instead of blitzing. The result was that Foles finished with a below average grade when not facing a blitz. Only 12 quarterbacks were worse, including Mark Sanchez.

      Did Foles have the most ideal offensive line situation in 2014? No, not at all. But to suggest it was the only reason for his struggles is off the mark. It’s clear Kelly saw a flawed player and decided he needed to upgrade. Whether Bradford works out for the Eagles remains to be seen, but moving on from Foles wasn’t a mistake

  • Dag..time will tell..I saw heart in the redskin game ..I saw a player leave the field with the lead in his only playoff game .. I saw him live in AZ..a foot from the promise land ..I’ve also moved on from nick Foles ..he’s no longer my QB..I just hate that Sanchez and tebow are..

    • I saw that game to. But I also saw the games where he was backpedaling and throwing the ball like he was scared. According to the experts that break down every play Foles sucked when he had pressure, He sucked when he didn’t have pressure and he was excellent when they blitzed and it was picked up. Teams figured him out very quickly. Thus his removal from the team.

  • In the games Sam did start in 2011 the Rams were 1-9.. In the year you’re referencing nick Foles 8 game record was 6-2.. Isn’t winning games “the bottom line”

  • I’m not dredging up the kool and song debates ..I’m just saying ..I’m an Eagles fan ..I bleed green and I am hoping and praying we can look back with a happy ending and not with buyers remorse…

  • BTW dag it serves us better that Sam never plays a down in 2015 ..we’d be given a 3 back for our lost unconditional 2 ..2 number 3-s plus the 3 we obtained in the draft from the lions so 3 …3/s will get you back a reasonable 2 ..for a great 2 if we stink up the joint..I’ll scream it again ..why we didn’t do a conditional 2 still baffles me ..if Sam wasn’t a trade chip I’ll eat my hat …this imploded after chip went on homes.com and found out he couldn’t afford the driveway,let alone the house..

  • I’ve said since the Bradford Trade that I have more concerns
    About his Mental Toughness & Leadership Skills more than his
    Knees or shoulder.,
    I truly believe that 2015 will be Sam Bradford’s
    Final Season in the NFL..

  • Does smoothies give you courage to throw the ball downfield? Bubble screen city here we come lol.

  • Pman ..you have stated that all along..I also contend that shurmur is the snake oil salesman here ..how significant this trade ,if a renewed deal hasn’t been constructed..talk is cheap ..money talks in this league..

  • Big..only if they’re a BIG GULP

    • I think it’s ridiculous to be talking about confidence with a 5th year vet, 1st overall pick Heisman winner. Too much work to be done at this level to be building confidence if you scared get a dog or join a Church, but get off my damn field.

  • “Kelly is easy on a quarterback because he’s never going to abandon the running game, like Andy Reid used to do.”

    Really? Are we sure about that?

    Jax game 50 called passes, 32 rushes. 61% passing
    Indy game 41 called passes to 23 rushes 64% passing
    Skins game 45 called passes to 21 rushes 68% passing
    49ers game 45 called passes to 11 rushes 80% passing
    Cards game 64 called passes to 23 rushes 74% passing

  • Read any STL blog from the past several years and the #1 complaint of Bradford is that he “plays scared”

    Bad body language, constant checkdowns. Rams fan was done with it.

    Can this be fixed?

    When the going is going good…sure. Just like Sanchez last year. Looked great early and against a Carolina team that had quit 2 weeks before after selling out to beat Seattle and losing.

    But against GB? There was the old Sanchez. Watching him walk onto that cold GB field and I knew Eagles were not going to put up a fight. That game was over before it began and Sanchez looked the part of Mr. Defeated from the moment he ran out of the tunnel with his hands in his pockets and his chin on his chest.

    Sanchez came out of Cali with the rep that he was a “fair weather” guy…and was exactly that in that GB game, and the other “big” games down the stretch.

    Will Bradford suddenly “toughen up?” I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • A Lombardi trophy… With Sam Bradford…

    Wow… This team has fallen so far this past offseason that even the great “G” is throwing up air balls of hope… Love ya “G”, but Lombardi trophy? Bradford? UGH…

  • So in summation ..$12.9 and We get check down Charlie ..ok ..let’s throw in a non conditional 2 ..let’s rehaabilitate his twice blown ACL on the same knee…let’s temper “rushing him out there”.. Let’s be real..”Sam I Am” needs grow a pair…we traded nick Foles for Bruce Jenner …and you have her holding up the Vince Lombardi trophy …in Vince’s famous words “what the hell Is going on out here “

    • Forger the money, it means nothing

    • Desert, I just read the eagles need a new director of scouting in the southwest…. you should put in for it! that way we have a gcobb person on the inside of the machine!

      • Which is mostly the Pac-12, Mountain West Conference Schools…
        Chip is going to be relying heavily on your Scouting Reports…

  • I don’t know if Bradford is scared or not but if he is Charlie check down how can you blame him he has had no oline no rb no wr no te and poor offensive coaches hell that killed my confidence just typing this…… this season will tell us who Bradford is due to him having the most talent he’s ever had in his career so there is no excuses…

    • Gloomy that was funny as hell I’m still laughing, killed my confidence typing it. Hahahaha.

  • 821

  • 821 lmao

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