• August 17, 2022

Was Allen iverson Drunk During the Famous “Talking About Practice” Rant?

AllenIverson1Was Allen Iverson drunk when he did the famous “Talking about Practice” rant?  I remember it distinctively.  I was there sitting ten yards from Allen and I thought he was lit, but I couldn’t prove that he was.

Local television Channel 6 ABC reports that Washington Post writer Kent Babb has a book coming out soon about Allen.  It’s fittingly titled, “Not  A Game”.  In it he claims Iverson was drunk for that infamous news conference.   Babb goes on to say that team President Pat Croce watched the news conference on television and was suspicious of Allen being intoxicated.

He wouldn’t let those two phrases go, “We’re talking about practice”, “We’re talking about practice”, “We’re talking about practice”.   “Not a game”, “Not a game”, “Not a game”.  It was great theater.  You never knew what Allen was going to say.  Larry Brown was always trying to keep him in line, but that was impossible.

I was a sports reporter for CBS-3 back then and I used to go to all the Philadelphia 76ers games and news conferences.  I could tell you some stories about Allen because I was with them throughout their trip to the NBA Finals at the end of the 2000-2001 season and during the subsequent years.  During the playoffs, I was on the road with them and it was wild.

I was in the same hotel as the team during that stretch and Allen pushed the envelope.  Despite whatever he did at night during those years, he always showed up at game time and he was ready to get the job done.  He was a warrior between those lines.

The “little kid” as Brown used to refer to him, was amazing.  He played without fear.  Allen could have been an amazing football player.  I could imagine getting caught in a one-on-one situation with him on a punt return.  It would have been like getting caught in open field with Barry Sanders.


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  • Yeah that book, I’ve seen a few excerpts. According to that book, horrible father and husband. Abusive to kids and wife.

  • Damn I thought he was good being a dad and a husband considering he owned philly when he was here

    • He owned philly because he was out on the town not home with the kids! According to book told one kid ‘you ain’t no nigga, your a spoiled little white boy’…beat tywania etc…always out drinking and fucking…
      Guy would eat four hot dogs just before tip off! Imagine him with chip!
      Really is tragic. Such talent if he could have accepted coaching and alliowed good scoters on the court with him, what might have been. I always say he could have been a turbo charged Isiah….

  • Great memories of him as a player. That championship series against the Lakers, great memories of his play. Imagine how great that he could have been if he wasn’t an alcoholic and actually worked on his hame. I will be buying this book. Tragic story in the end for his wife and kids.

  • You know whats crazy the dude waz just as talented at football as he was bball, shame

  • If people want to be entertained and hope that guys are just as wonderful off the floor or field or ice or stage or screen they will be disappointed every time. My oldest son’s favorite player The Answer, My 10 year old’s favorite Vick, my 7 year old’s favorite Djax. Guess who they look up to? Me!! They watch sports and watch movies and listen to music to be entertained. Period, not to pass judgement on their lives away from their profession.

    • As chuck said, ‘I’m not a role model’

    • Big, you stated that perfectly!

    • Big you are obviously correct BUT your kids have a DAD! not just a father but a DAD!– everyone has a father but many children that look up to athletes don’t have a dad, And it is those kids sometimes who look to AI etc as a role model

    • Great post Big

  • Big you are right. You can key on certain characteristics and habits of players to reinforce what we teach to our kids but to let them idolize these guys is dangerous.

    I always loved how fearless AI was. He was so small, but not he was not afraid to take it strong to the hole against 7 footers.

  • Bron Bron! Bron Bron! Bron Bron!!!

    LeBron Greatest Player Alive James is 2 games away from making history

    Where’s all the Bron Bron haters at now?!?!?

  • LJ is Cementing his Legacy as one of the All-Time Greats Players by putting the Cav’s literally on his back, while en-route to their 1st Championship… Good for Him, Good for Cleveland and Good for the NBA…
    Golden State still not Mature, Experienced enough to Win it All, though they are a very exciting Team to watch and will be legitimate contenders for the next few years to come and hopefully can win a couple games to make this a Close Series.. I say it goes 4-2 the Cavs

  • Cavs will close this thing out on the warriors home floor

    Bron Bron smells blood

    This team knows they can beat the warriors

    They have taken the heart out of them

    This team is nothing without steph scoring and he’s on lockdown thanks to Delly

    Cavs win the next 2 and closes this thing out

  • There is not one player in nba who can carry this team of misfits like lebron james has……he cant be stopped and will put them away in 5 games by himself….its crazy because warriors have so many great and good players but I knew steph would be mvp but lebron should just get award every year because he is that great

    • Warrior’s just don’t Rebound or Protect the Rim enough to be a Championship Team.. If their Jump Shooting/3 Pt Shooting is not on, then they struggle in the slower half-court game which suits the Cavs right now with their injuries and allows LJ to conserve some energy in the slower half-court game..
      Golden State needs better pressure on the ball and needs to rum,run,run at every opportunity for 48 minutes a game for their best chance to win

      • I agree. Their only chance is to wear down LeBron with their depth. Also more Lee in the next couple of games. Don’t know why it took Kerr so long to get to him before.

  • Live by the three and die by it and warriors are dying and for real cavs should be 3 0 they have dominated every game

  • I think Joel embiid is an injury prone bust

  • The Sixers must find a sucker during the draft and dump embiid asap

  • I hope that the lakers take Russell so we can take jalil we need a power forward to go along with nerlens

    • Diddy, we don’t need Okafor, Russell, or ANY Player from Kentucky – ALL FOOLS GOLD,,

      Emmanuel Mudiay, should be the pick- He is the best player in this draft

      • This 2015 Draft is a mediocre one at Best …
        No game changers or impact NBA Players starting out of the gate from this Class.. Okafor or is probably the best versatile Offensive Player
        Towns, Cauely-Stein, the Bosnian will need 2-3 Years of Development
        Guards Russell, Mudiay, jones, etc will need 2-3 Years of Development

        • You really don’t know a damn thing about the nba haha

          It’s hilarious that you think you’re giving us insight on development when all prospects entering the draft usually need 2-3 years of development unless your LeBron James!!!

          Nice job of stating the freakin obvious genius

          Stick to mlb and Nfl bruh

          • With only 2 Rounds and 65 Olayers Selected, there should be a good 12-15 Players a Draft who contribute and make some kind of positive impact and not
            Just 3-4.. The NBA Sucks at Developing Talent

            • Psultan once again showing his clueless basketball knowledge and is only posting because he needs to see his name on the main page.

              Stfu already about basketball, you know nothing about it,

      • Ok Gm as long as we get somebody who is going to contribute this year. This shit is getting ridiculous.

        • Diddy we are at the point where we need to start thinking about bringing in Mega Free Agent stars, and supplementing that with what we can get in the draft, and start breeding a winning attitude, and pedigree…..

          Those starts won’t be inclined to consider Philly unless we start proving Hinke’s plan is getting closer to fruition..

          Money talks, and the Sixers have more money under the cap than any team in the league – That won’t mean anything if they can’t get what they need to potentially bring a championship here – and the draft the right players.

          Give me in Free Agency next year : Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Giannis Adetkumbo, trade for DeMarcus Cousins

          – add to an already drafted Emmanuel Mudiay(2015), Mario Hezonia(2015), Joel Embiid(2014), Dario Saric(2014), Jaylen Brown(2016), Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk(2016), and EC Matthews(2016) – and we a much closer to a Championship team…

          G – Emmanuel Mudiay 6-5
          G – Kevin Durant 6-10
          C – DeMarcus Cousins 6-11
          F – Anthony Davis 6-10
          F – Giannis Adetkumbo 6-10

          G – EC Matthews 6-5
          G – Mario Hezonia 6-7
          C – Joel Embiid 7-0
          F – Donatas Montejunas 7-0
          F – Jaylen Brown 6-7

          G – Ish Smith 6-2
          G – Vicilic Micic 6-6
          G/F- Jordan McRae 6-7
          F – Robert Covington 6-9
          F – Jeremi Grant 6-9
          F – Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk 6-8
          F – Dario Saric 6-9

          • That’s a Pipe Dream Cliff…
            The 76ers are really going to sign 3 All-Stars in Free-Agency which are probably 3 of the Top 10 Players in all the NBA….. Check on your Medication Cliff for its not happening …

            • Paul, anytime that scenarios are absolutely possible, it isn’t a pipe dream. If you want to say you don’t think it will happen then please by all means say that. But what I stated is not a pipe dream

              But the Sixers have more money under the cap than any team in the league – and money talks. So it is absolutely possible. whether it happens or not…..who knows. I don’t expect it Ciggy because GM’s, and GCobb posters don’t have the same vision that I do of a real Championship caliber team.

              In my post, Cousins is traded for – not signed in free agency, so the focus would be on Durant, Davis, Montejunas, and Adetkumbo, who would be the cheaper of the four.

              What’s sad is Paulman will criticize, but would want someone like Gary Harris to be our starting point guard like he did last year, and swear his vision is worthy of more respect…..just laughable my friend…

              • So we are trading the mascot for cousins?

              • Who is missing from my roster above Ciggy….not the mascot – along with future draft picks…

              • Who is missing? Noel, who you say stinks! Why would anyone trade for him? Also I see first round picks on your 17 man roster in 15,16 and 17

              • It’s simple Ciggy, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; Some sucker would take Noel off our hands expecting him to do more than he is capable over an entire season, and weight that potential against the headache they have in Cousins….

                I still don’t get your point concerning 15, 16 17, because even if they are drafted in the 1st round, they still have to develop; What better way to develop than to be brought along at a pace that doesn’t put pressure on you to be the man right now when you aren’t really ready – behind more experienced players like the veteran all stars??

                and when those players price themselves out….Guess who is ready to step up??

          • all due respect cliff but you sound like an idiot thinking we could get durant, davis, and cousins. plus miraculously us finally getting the #1 pick and getting jaylen brown. getting 1 of those players would be nothing sort of a miracle and you think we could conceivably get 4 of them?

            durant goes to dc or stays in okc
            sac would never in a zillion years trade cousins plus if we traded for him surely we would have to part with jaylen brown (ie #1 pick and then a hole lot more)
            anthony davis is the 2nd best player in the game and new orleans aint letting him leave

            • Henski, the sad part is he will be indignant when it doesn’t happen . ‘The sixers should have followed my advice’

              • Sounds Like another GMCliffs Dream like the Eagles Getting 4-5 of Top 50 Players every Draft by Aggressively Trading and ending up with 2 1st Round Picks and 3 2nd Round Picks for every Draft, which has never occurred in the History of the Draft I may add….
                Cliff sometimes forgets that there are 30 Other Teams, GM’s, Front Offices and Owners in NFL & NBA …. Good Grief…

              • i actually hope embiid doesnt play and we tank again and somehow get lucky and get ben simmons

              • Ciggy, I never get indignant, because I expect it.

                My vision of a legitimate Championship team is different than most Gm’s, and they generally get it wrong, and can’t figure out why their vision didn’t work…

                For me it’s obvious…so no sense being indignant.

              • Your scenarios are impossible… For example I pointed out that ass eater Collins was officially taken from all draft boards… Making him impossible to draft(look up the definition of impossible) yet you stubbornly with indignance said the eagles should have drafted him

              • It isn’t impossible….

                Your analogy of Collins is irrelevant to this conversation, because, all it took was some insight, and some balls to pull it off; The reward was greater than the risk, and it COULD have been done. That has always been my point to you about that.

                In the case of the Sixers it still isn’t impossible when they can absolutely afford them. Meaning until those players say no, it is always possible.

                Stop arguing with me about non sense you cannot guarantee with legitimate facts. Is it possible they could blow the Sixers off if they attempted to sign them…YES….But how would YOU know for sure until they offered them a contract???????

                It would be stupid not to explore those options, sense it would be there for them with over 80 million in cap space…

                Why do you like arguing with my vision all the time? What would you suggest my friend?? I’m curious to here what you would suggest they do….

            • Big Mhenski, you know you’re my man, so I’ll take this as constructive criticism, but before you call someone an idiot, make sure you have all your facts in order.

              Sacramento has been trying to trade Cousins for a few years now. That’s not a secret.

              Jaylen wouldn’t be the overall #1 pick next year – that would be Ben Simmons because of his size, and skill set – he may not even be #2, or 3 – but top 5 yes, and the 76ers will have another lottery pick or 2 – or more next year…..But they will be in position realistically to draft him…..I respect what you’re saying, but I don’t get what you mean….

              the other picks are mid to late 1st round picks – again within the Sixers drafting range……Again, I shrug my shoulders to you……I don’t see your point good brother.

              • cliff didnt say ur an idiot just saying you sounded like one with that post. its unrealistic period not even in a video game could you make that happen. cousins hasnt been on the market for over a year. news about him today:

                Vlade Divac believes DeMarcus Cousins needs to be a “leader.”
                When asked about where Cousins needs to improve, Divac had this to say, “Well, I think he just has to be a leader, make sure that he makes everybody better on the floor. Everything else, I think he’s right on target. Divac also added that Cousins is not on the trade block (unless it’s for Michael Jordan), stressing the need for the Kings to share the basketball and for everyone—including the front office—to be operating on the same page.
                Source: NBA.com
                Jun 15 – 1:22 PM

                points are :

                durant wouldnt come to philly

                davis isnt leaving new orleans and if he does he isnt coming here

                cousins isnt being traded and kings havent been trying to trade him either otherwise he wouldve been traded by name. every team in the league would want cousins

                i messed up on brown/confused him with simmons. however the point remains if you got cousins you would have to pay at minimum your #1 draft pick this year/next year + players and thats being nice.

                anyways that team just is not possible.

                the only thing realistic is us getting brown and thats it but im rooting for tank 3.0 and us getting simmons. we get him and its go time

              • Big Mhenski, I would give them Noel, and a future #1, and as many #2’s as they wanted…

                If I were DeMarcus Cousins, and I was playing with a bunch of scrubs for years – I would be cranky all the time too…

                Put him in this scenario and I guarantee he will be what we want him to be.

              • and Divac is no the GM so and what else is he suppose to say????

                He has been on the block for at least 3 years. The asking price over the years was extraordinary. The closer they get to the end of his current deal, the likelihood the Kings would deal, because he will not sign another contract with them ………..but guess who were in those talks in the past???…..The Sixers….

              • Sacramento gm would die of laughter if they were offered 1 1st round pick and Noel. Cmon.

                A starting point for cousins if he was available would be 2 1st rounders Noel & embiid. And then what cousins in miserable with the scrubs here? Cmon cliff get real u sound gloomy and his Eagles trades

              • To be honest Big Mhenski so would I ……LOL!!!

                But you have to start there….

              • and I’m speaking about Cousins teamed with a Davis, and Durant…

                Please, me and Gloomy can never be mentioned in the same sentence when it comes to thinking, or reasonableness – and I like Smitty…

  • And in cliffs plan the sixes can have 17 on the roster

    • petty thinking, obviously someone would be inactive Ciggy……really??

  • 5 guys would be inactive. You say Noel and a future 1 but you have the sixers drafting 1st every year…
    It didn’t take vision to draft Collins… It was impossible he was, by agreement UNDRAFTABLE…

    • The Sixers will be drafting in the high 1st for the next 2 years with the deals Hinke has already made. I never said they would be the overall #1, what are you talking about??

      Ciggy, I’d rather not even talk to you about Collins. Do you have any viable proof that says there was an agreement that drafting La’al Collins was off limits??????????….If so, please copy, paste, and share…..

      • First round … You have them drafting guys in the first and using firsts to get cousins.
        Proof… NFL draft, first round lineman, gets passed over 224 times by 32 teams all of which can use OL help… If that doesn’t say it then you are too stupid to continue.

        • Yes, one first from next years draft 2016, and from the 2017 draft; They have potentially 4 #1’s in 2016, and potentially two #1’s in 2017…..what is your point??

          That isn’t PROOF Ciggy, that there was an actual agreement; That just says teams weren’t willing to take the risk per the situation. If that’s how YOU want to understand that – that’s on you. But that in no way is PROOF of an actual agreement….

          During the draft, there was a statement by his agent, that he would not sign with any team if he wasn’t drafted in the first 3 rounds – so teams considered it too much of a risk to draft him in the first 3 rounds, and didn’t bother in rounds afterwards, not sure he would sign with them after his agents statement…..

          Agent: La’El Collins won’t play this year if not drafted tonight

          Posted by Michael David Smith on May 1, 2015, 5:40 PM EDT
          2015 NFL Scouting Combine
          Getty Images
          LSU offensive tackle La’El Collins, a first-round talent whose draft stock plummeted when police said they wanted to question him in a murder case, plans to sit out the 2015 season if he is not drafted tonight.

          Collins’s representatives are saying that if he’s not selected in Rounds 2 or 3, he won’t play. If a team drafts him in Round 4 or later, he’ll decline to sign with that team, and he also wouldn’t sign as an undrafted free agent. Instead, Collins would re-enter the 2016 draft…..

          There was no agreement not to draft him. Teams weren’t really willing to take the risk, not knowing the full extent of the situation, AND per his statements, otherwise he would have been drafted at least in the later rounds….

          There is nothing stopping a team from signing him to a more reasonable contract although he was drafted in the later rounds, if the team wanted to be reasonable about the situation, and base his contract on his perceived potential…

  • La’El Collins simply does not Fit Chip Kelly’s Culture, Period, end of discussion, and time to move on the coulda, woulda, shoulda..
    Collins is having a difficult time on the Right Side per most observers and has actually lost Reps to Cowboys 3rd Round Pick OT Chaz Green behind Starter Doug Free.. Collins has gotten Reps at Guard but again has struggled per Reports…

    • Yet he WOULD be starting with the Eagles…..

      I have never read anywhere that Chip Kelly didn’t think he fit his culture Paul. You do know the Eagles were in pursuit of signing him as an undrafted Free Agent right???

      Sometimes, I think you confuse what Chip thinks, and what you think….

      La’el Collins drawing interest from Eagles, per report
      By Brandon Lee Gowton  @BrandonGowton on May 5, 2015, 6:47p 364
      Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

      According to a report from NFL insider Jason Cole, the Philadelphia Eagles are one of seven teams showing interest in undrafted free agent offensive lineman La’el Collins. Via Bleacher Report (bold emphasis is mine):

      “According to multiple NFL sources, LSU offensive lineman La’el Collins will receive interest from seven teams.

      He has already received interest from two initially, starting with Buffalo and the Miami Dolphins. However, those teams are going to wait until the investigation by Baton Rogue police is completed and to see if Collins is completely cleared in the murder of a former acquaintance and that acquaintance’s baby girl.

      Now, those seven teams that have expressed interest, aside from Buffalo and Miami … you have Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans. Those five in addition to the initial two, again, Miami and Buffalo.

      This doesn’t come as a total surprise. Chip Kelly said Collins wasn’t on Philadelphia’s draft board, but the team did show some interest in him leading up to the draft. Not only did they have him in for a pre-draft visit but they also worked him out privately. Kelly personally attended LSU’s pro day as well……

      Yeah, I’d waste my time with someone I didn’t feel fit my culture….smh

      • Not on Eagles Draft Board per Chip Kelly himself , end of Story Cliff…
        Are you going to blame the Eagles all season for not Signing La’el Collins
        I already told you Collins/His Agent were not interested in the Eagles,Collins wants to Play OT and not inside at Guard???

        • Once Story broke about Collins potential involvement in his ex-girlfriends death,
          Chip Kelly removed La’el Collins off his Draft Board…
          There is no news here..

        • Paul, you couldn’t read what that man was really saying??

          “This doesn’t come as a total surprise…….. Chip Kelly said Collins wasn’t on Philadelphia’s draft board, but the team did show some interest in him leading up to the draft. Not only did they have him in for a pre-draft visit but they also worked him out privately. Kelly personally attended LSU’s pro day as well”

          This doesn’t come as a total surprise – Because the guy has come to know what kind of Liar Chip Kelly is; That’s what he said but his actions said different…..

          That would mean end of the story to you, only because you look at the surface of what he says – AND ARE SATISFIED. I know when he’s full of crap – and he loved Collins no matter what you say….LOL!!

          • Wrong Cliff,
            I looked at what Chip Kelly did by his Actions or in this cases didn’t do,
            Which was to pass on Selecting Collins every Round…
            Case is Closed … Yesthey brought himi in for a workout as they did many other Players, yesChip Kelly attended LSU Workout like he does for every major College Program, do note thatLSU had a half dozen or more NFL Prospects in this Draft as they usually do… The man passed on Collins 7 Times
            End of Story …

            • No Paul. Not wrong…

              As you know, some say more than what they are really saying when they speak. I’m not talking about Kelly – although that’s obvious – I’m talking about you.

              I hear the same personal demeanor, as I have heard over the years with you in reference to DeSean Jackson, and others…….what else is new..lol….

              You can say you see Kelly as you see him, but it’s not Kelly’s preference that comes to the forefront – it’s your own – and you know I’m right – You would prefer some mediocre, overrated prospect choice of yours….That’s why you made sure you gave your take on how Collins is doing in camp so far……you are so transparent….LOL!!!

              Really all of this could have been avoided if they had drafted Kelechi Osemele, and Larry Warford as GMCliff had suggested over the past few drafts….

              and if Collins becomes an all pro Guard, then what would that say for your evaluation skills – and Kelly’s????

              • Stupid argument from both the bopsie twins… Collins was undraftable, not on any teams draft board so that makes both your points moot. As far of whether or not he was on the draftboard prior to the investigation- you don’t know and you never will- you can’t come out and say ‘we took him off because of something that may or may not have happened…’ —

  • I stated the 24-36 Hours before the 2015 Draft when the Story Broke that
    La’el Collins was taken off all the Entire Draft Board of all 32 NFL Teams.
    including the Philadelphia Eagles, I stand by my Statement..
    If Kelly and Eagles were previously interested, it became a moot point once the Story broke, Collins was not going to become an Eagle..

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